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Rob Bradford and Alex Speier are back in on the Hot Stove Show. This week the guys have all kinds of news to talk about: Jon Lester saying he would take a hometown discount to stay in Boston, the Red Sox signing Grady Sizemore, and the Yankees landing Masahiro Tanaka.

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But home Alex B yeah. I ain't going to embrace -- Tsotsi. I'm going to embrace the big debate I I wrote three out I appreciate his lead in. -- right around 6 o'clock every Thursday. It is bring us into the hot stove show which is where we are at right now I'm rob Bradford WEEI dot com. Would meet Alex idea Alex are you doing. I am and it's good and we -- team back from. The Westin Copley is that as the western crop with a Copley west go west and up okay where where tonight is a big league to view. A big gala the base Boston baseball writers' dinner. Always a great event for good cause was the -- again. The Boston baseball writers chapter. Yes August Charles which has charitable undertaking that contributes to. In part but it's not it's a celebration of baseball it's it is a great event it it is a kind of extraordinary. I mean to win terror. Ensemble. Of luminaries and in important people in the game and with the Red Sox fan and beyond and it gives me an opportunity to break out some might find schools distinctive clothing -- Which is always a treat for everybody they actually installed a red carpets this year specifically because of how -- you. I couldn't get over to act and get to -- but that's next time. I again I'm rob Bradford that's Alex -- this is the hot stove show we are going to be taking your calls they -- -- is because there's so much talked about. Usually we have a cavalcade of stars a -- -- we have some sound from over at the media availability over the the Boston baseball writers' dinner a little earlier today. But we want to take your calls or the clock hearts though we haven't done that a while. So we want to do it 617779. 7937. That's 61777979837. Or on the eighteenth he tax line. 37937. Or that little bad call -- Which you can reach me at Brad Bo and Alex. At Alex Spears SPE ID ER anytime you have to spell the last name it's a winning handled -- Historically this up to the Phillies don't underscore. Yes you know now I don't have an underscored that was DJ who at 20/20 years ago when ice tonight -- underscored took -- a whole -- me has -- so against excellent 77797937. If you wanna talk some hot stove stuff because there's is a lot to talk about. Things are picking up by at least we have this this a lot going on this week. It started with Tanaka horrid start with Kershaw we did -- -- -- look -- a little thought likely candidate we got to -- to knock it to -- with a huge topic of conversation through while. The offseason that has settle itself obviously with a contract with the Yankees and then last night the Red Sox actually signed somebody. Which turned out to be Grady Sizemore which is another interesting conversation. Talk about all that throughout the course of the show 7 o'clock or leading right the planet Mikey. I wanna ask you Alex we just got back as they say we just got back over from the media availability. What was your take where I should know who was there. Jonny Gomes Steven -- John -- -- sharing in Matt Harvey of the Mets on cloud violent. And credit -- Craig Breslow and the guy that every once seemed to be focusing in on which is Jon Lester what was your biggest takeaways. Jon Lester you've heard it probably here earlier in this in this winter of hot -- show's Jon Lester one point made very clear look at once in Boston. Today. He went you know he went kind of like you know -- -- burned up the agent played eleven yeah by the agent play -- you can see Seth Levinson whose agent somewhere. Just yelling at pressing his face against the window saying I. Oh yeah last we have yet before we're we're gonna talk about that patio to get ready this down. From Jon Lester if we do. We're you know we're gonna play some of that for you which aren't exactly what -- is talking about I'm Lester going over the top. In regard -- his intentions heading into the season. And its. Not available just yet that I don't believe it's out of the double to separate here's some basic here's some some memorable highlights Jon Lester saying. I don't like change that Doug Lester saying my kids keep asking when are we going home when are we going home to Boston. Jon Lester saying I understand that I won't be negotiating a contract as a free agent. And so I will be leaving money on the -- contract it was a very it was entirely ridiculous reference to Pedroia contract it'd you can either go for the money or he can do -- could be dead. And -- he briskly said he can either go for the money we can do Pedroia and what I'm going to do. And that is take a little less or maybe take a lot last dole did stay in Boston here's Jon Lester. As a competitor you always probably for competitive team. You know never been the type of guy that's gonna take more money from somebody else to go so I want to that coming -- on. A lot of women. If that means taken Pedroia deal where you stay here for less money to be happy and be competitive and win every year. Let's do it was get it done. Just thinking when every target and laboratories. Now we shouldn't quote. That they have the same agent out Seth Levinson Levenson -- same agent and they've done a lot of long term deals with kind of franchise players pre free agents long term deals and every single time they'll say -- -- -- a ticket that -- rejects all of them that they already -- ahead of them millions of dollars on the table but it really was striking to me it's not hyperbole Europe and he really was striking out over the top -- wise. In regards to how much he wants to stay here how willing he -- to take. Up a lesser number in the contract he magically -- shots contract predictably saying. That's that's an exception -- disguised 25 years old. It's you -- and hit 250 million dollars and mark he knows. He recognizes that of course you know it's. I just thought -- was so refreshing it's so rare that you hear a guy who's. Who really hasn't yet to begin a contract negotiation. Just making clear. I mean -- puts honestly a lot of pressure on the Red Sox because Jon Lester has size really said. You know I'm going to do just about anything I -- to resigning here especially because the Red Sox are going to have as we've pointed out before eight ton of financial flexibility. Half of their payroll is coming off of the books this offseason more than that there's more Jon Lester. My guess I don't stay here I mean this is this what I've known I've grown up in this organization. Clinic at times and play him at times here. Yeah I enjoyed my family loves it here almost on talked about is going home Boston and that's what he thinks is home so we wanna be here. I just can't really about them signing a piece of paper like it's not -- dealers in me personally -- that is completely out of the room but. You know if you look at these deals and it's just it's out of this world listen you can't even imagine until -- actually is but for me so until that day comes it's hard. Part of talk about it but the stuff you can't talk about staying here wanting to stay here compete as we wanted to. Now what they've got -- -- -- for Jon Lester has yes it Baxter for a -- Fractures or is perceived as the other number one who was gonna hit the market next year -- Jon Lester knows that. And and I'm guessing that you marketed here those type of comments from Max Scherzer. About staying in Detroit even though. By all accounts he likes to be in Detroit Scott Boris is an agent. Max cursor. This is surely not a lot of free agents who were gonna -- like Jon Lester did about an hour and a half ago startling startling when rob have you ever heard ever. Anyone who is with the Red Sox talking about the possibility of negotiating through free agent years in that kind of oh no I -- I haven't because. EUU here in vague. Terms you hear de La Hoya and I love it here but it's a business I love it here but it's a business. You've heard that from Dustin Pedroia you even hear that from favorite to -- the guy that everyone feels like this is where you're in riots right Boston. But. Jordan hit eight we'd keep coming back to it Jon Leicester -- was not positioning himself. In the world of the big bad business of baseball today he was positioned himself as listen I just wanna get a deal done if that's the other thing that I took away from what he was talking which is. He wants he doesn't wanna get a deal done that he doesn't want the distraction of of the chaos that comes with a contract -- a negotiation during the season. I mean let's put it this way I think you'll be shocking if Jon Leicester makes it past the home opening series in Boston without having and announced the contract extension right yet. I agree he doesn't want it hanging over him for over the course of the season as he said. He likes certainty he likes stability he likes what he knows it it really is he said that Alaska on track to. But that contract we know that extension was different because it all leads into this is the big contract and best this worldly yeah me just say this -- mean he's got to make his money. He's he's gotta make he's gonna make more than -- of -- him again we're getting into the U shaped curve of happiness rob there's there there comes a certain point where. We're not only in there there comes a certain point you know ostensibly where. Where money just has no additional value for in terms of happiness for for most people. And I think that Jon Lester clearly. As a sense that that's true the U shaped curve of happiness which is recruited to him. I'm at length in mount that's going to be actually -- Akamai at Brad votes Easter yes street terms happened yes things thing on the top side -- it -- happiness right. There in Malcolm battles book most recent book David and Goliath he talks about -- there comes a certain point we're having too much money. Actually becomes a detriment to once happiness because that becomes harder to reinforce values that I'm able to Jon Lester of that book -- -- -- -- you are talking about him that I Korea. Yeah wait until you hear about the U shaped -- Well you can you weigh in on this because it's a fascinating conversation with Jon Lester contract when we get the spring training and that's Columbia -- -- month the couple weeks from now. This is going to be the thing this Dave Ortiz -- contract. And then you know -- diskette -- you Jackie Bradley in a -- Grady Sizemore all this other stuff. But build the contract stuff is always the be -- and when you get spring training Lester he talked on the show this early in the offseason he talked today I don't know what more is gonna say -- the he used to be the picnic table on the banks in Fort Myers. But you know this. I didn't think he would save Ortiz settled the show that he took it to the next level. Maybe there's another level that Jon Lester will take it while I asked her as his that -- -- to say I was everytime we gets one of these artists so desperately wants a -- the next level just -- scan right back. Are we gonna continue the conversation if you wanna -- 6177797937. Will continue to talk about what transpired over the again Copley Weston that what it is -- -- go west and -- -- Copley -- excellent effort yet Westin Copley the Boston baseball writers' dinner. You -- -- -- that is tonight we just came from there we talk about more from their Jonny Gomes. The smother people whether Farrell Greg -- yeah well going on and we'll also talked about. Other news a couple other news the -- to news items that everybody in baseball talk about. One Boston centric the other New York centric will talk about this after the are ready hot stove show. Rob Bradford WEEI. Dot com along with Alex spear the exact same organization some housekeeping. As to what happened today in the hot -- The Tampa Bay Rays have -- grade now for. Reliever. But to be going your heels until there are some physical issues Gordon took the orioles' Corey Orioles anyway yeah two years at twelve million. And then you had Matt Garza sign with a four years fifty. In. Fifty something. So I think that's actually how it phrase in the Contra fifty something yes or is by target that we knew this could happen to knock a signs bowl. 52 million dollars thank you patio. Not the signs pooled their ego markets that freed up I actually thought that wrote this I thought it. The Yankees are working assigned to knock it which they did that would open the doors signing guys like Belfour write -- they still need help in the bullpen and it would be going over the luxury tax threshold. So they today they would throw caution to the way and Alex and say we don't care about no stinking. 189. Million dollars we are spending money. But scoring to what they're saying right now is that they're not big they're. -- has spent much money. Yeah I mean they don't just because they're paying the tax for to knock it's get ten knock it does mean that they're going to arrange it for other guys -- total for the offseason it was so 40503. Million if you're in the hosting media. By this that's impressive that pretty good I guess you can't say that you're going on the cheap if Europe Europe they would not be accused yes of five going of chipping out so before the break out we talked about couple news items to happen. -- Yesterday -- snapped yesterday -- that our -- earlier in -- -- that I loaded the latter which was Grady Sizemore which happened about 67 teen. Broken on at Bradford -- You know put it. When you have the teacher you know little well not yet calm. But yes to that happened a little later in the day. But it was surprised you were on there you have this on your radar. The Grady Sizemore and made a lot of sense for the Red Sox. It was a good fit. Lefty hitter. Some back up some depth. Talk a little bit about your perception of -- -- nothing in before you do -- -- to say this site that is during the break I was shocked the reaction. Of people saying well what does this mean for Jackie Bradley -- mean anything for Jackie Bradley I mean he could on the road but in the short term. I have a hard time believing the precise -- and hit his pride out of the gate need to say here's your starting center fielder after taking two years off. It is hard to believe but nonetheless it is something -- if he does resemble the guy who used to be Grady Sizemore. Then you know then it does -- -- -- in fact I talked to Craig Brett about that because he was teammates with Sizemore is in 2008 when he was with Cleveland. And at a time when Sizemore was at his peak years of press. I remember. Really dynamic player. You know what probably a guy similar. -- varies thirty home run you know hundred RBIs here. He was a guy that hit it anywhere in the lineup. Just I -- it really dynamic player who's who's a threat. Relative to the dog park. Wouldn't you know it wasn't like guys to get on base. -- hit for a high average was solid defense and I would really really hard part of the reasons he struggled so badly it's helped his weakness. He would play through all kinds of injuries he was was complicated question Victorino tied for Dustin -- type guys. To think it's a great move because. He's a guy who can help you immensely kitty thank you can stay healthy technically -- -- And I take a few minutes and Niskanen who the little read the column I wrote that it. I'm gonna paraphrase. I was hoping for dramatic reading -- adrenaline -- -- -- that's the old school big show dramatic reading which I will not do right now I always enjoyed those. By now I had I'm gonna paraphrase the column Cairo which was the how he -- Sizemore ended with the Red Sox he was. Very very close assignment yet another team we presume it was Cincinnati Reds. And as it was explained to me seconds away you working out athlete performs he's taking a year off he could -- at a Major League contract. As early as last September and another offer around the winter meetings the Red Sox don't give in on Sizemore until early a couple of weeks ago. -- formally. But. -- offer on the table from this other team that he's about two weeks out. Right before he accepts it the Red Sox have the indirect who is we're firm -- a better term is as the the head physical therapist right. Bob good way to put it out. Best known for his work of Larry Bird got Larry Bird Barcelona the Olympics. Got David Ortiz LP yeah I got David Ortiz on the field kept them on the field did direct goes out to Arizona at athletes performance. And takes a look at Grady Sizemore. And the message that -- diary gave Grady Sizemore which was. I know what's wrong with -- I can see was -- view and here is the plan that we would implement to get you back on the field the way that you want. That was a message to Grady Sizemore had not. Heard from any of these other teams who were going throughout the performance a looking -- -- that left an impression. They go. Red Sox become leader in the clubhouse for Grady Sizemore. And when the other team to saying hey what about us the answer was too bad you'll have -- and I. It's somewhat reminiscent of the Red Sox signing Rocco Baldelli a few a -- seat a few seasons ago I think those for the 2009 season at a time when. Baldelli was it was doing with I was doing with. I'm a mitochondria all illness he. The Red Sox said this is a medical partnership we want to get you as healthy as possible we want to understand. Did the dimensions of this of this issue there aren't really well known. And work with Utah to get you back on the field to whatever degree. We can and that resonated with Rocco Baldelli they ended up signing him he'd end up being a very productive hitter for them. In a limited role I think that that would be a good scenario for the Red Sox with felt with Grady Sizemore a great -- for them. Is that he's able to come back after not playing at all a single game but velocity. Number 2011 dad and and I figured John -- had talked about this over at the baseball writers' dinner tonight. That there is a bit of -- or sharing in that they are maybe gonna have the restrictions that a ball Delhi that. They're gonna give him an opportunity to -- him being Sizemore get an opportunity to really show his stuff. As long as he's not a breakdown worries at ease as an economic cautionary tale that he had to deal. Sure you let the guy you've that you've let the guy play to whatever has a bit until whatever all right. Ethic I get a sense in the sense are going to be interesting to see how much to how well in place and her. Among other things really well we talk about the story lines in spring training and we talk Lester Ortiz and we were wondering what the other ones can be Sizemore asked to be one. One size wise to be used what is going to be guy everybody looks at an elective Ortiz last year. All my goodness he looks like he's walking with a lamp and everything is -- Korea sisco the Kolb via the phone calls are lined up appeared in 12 in the conversation. As well 6177797937. I'm rob Bradford RBI dot com when Alex beer. And we're gonna go all the way up to 7 o'clock the great planet -- -- coming up after art show this go to gym in the card gym how you doing and I. It's a little grudge don't show what -- him. I think it's very great -- great baseball -- wouldn't agree. It's a great baseball name well I think that's an effect on a different line than we've got -- part of a decade ago but it's cool it's cool well Corsica either Kevin Costner movie or catcher. Any theoretical call. Him. -- OTA is -- let me ask you this quick diversion at the worst the worst. Catcher and any movie. The worst catcher and anymore because I get to candidates jump our ball order. And I got one worse I have one worse off John Q Indian Brewster millions. Fair point or -- C. -- in enough for the love of the game was no bars what are you ready we will a coach or what he got. Anyway I just wanted to related story. My Brothers represented a number of former ballplayers. In the -- careers order broadcasting and put out there and that is Mitch and him. -- were talking to what former Red Sox player will mention his name but I respect for his. -- -- -- -- -- He had a contract negotiations negotiate to the Red Sox in the 1980s. I'm new to outrageous which meant to choose so -- Massachusetts roots. He would -- came and cheered. I think it was a million dollar. Difference between what the Red Sox are offering what you are that. Being and he ended up going to another team. And my brother spoke afterwards -- -- I was slim and I think we really miss miss you should wanted to stay as Brazil only was. Then he should blow you know we're not a million dollar difference in -- supplemental -- slumping after taxes. And you're eight B what would you ended up. And the -- bit ago about Trenton 5400000. Dollars worth -- In the -- closer to them -- them additional let me ask you. Was it worked for a thousand -- the lead Massachusetts and so you know it wasn't this could well. What did you traditional nobody mentioned that committee -- -- and so of course where guys sign in -- much -- music and -- Invade the players you know they don't think about what special player every you're somebody like Leicester or or Pedroia. Saying they want to stay here I think they've got their priorities straight. They wanna go like they want who they don't need to make fifty billion Barkley can live with twenty million the -- Yeah I know Jimmy is a great point and and I the one that jumps to mind for me going back a little bit with -- Bruce -- Bruce Hurst was the guy went in Diego. -- I think he regretted it because of the the intensity in being in Boston. Sassy add here before and while he could have been in and we stand by it. We go back to Pedroia in -- again same -- eleven seasons aces now. And as we said before. When the contracts are done the agents are saying I could've got more money -- got more money but. I'm not gonna do why go against the wishes of our Klein right there the bus it's up to them. And it's up to the agent offer information and tell them this is the best deal that you can get. In terms of financial. And for the players that have to wait and we should note that. Why everyone thinks it that would never happen with Scott -- -- was carport absolutely I'd Jason Varitek Jered Weaver Greg Maddux. They're Boris guys who very much as much as much as we pretended Boris never gets guys. Extended before they entered free agency he does is certainly -- I think that. Most recent evidence about being a Sanders -- so now you don't Mike. There -- guys I don't know that the it's one that happened that everybody on this Grady Sizemore singer meat sometimes. Everyone gets caught up in the names and the -- attack -- play eight years and years ago right. But he's not there anymore he'll like -- -- she's a great guy. But just can't get on the -- just yet they help the you know seen and all of them and -- there's lots of guys like that salt. I was -- and Arnold burned out I mean -- kicked in sixteen games this year maybe. Aaron -- that the trainer here I believe that's part of it who might even get it on. You guys Mike you should be noted beauty you brought a -- Jamison went through the trainer for the Red Sox. He was a trainer in Cleveland with size or is there were -- of the bench coach was also a minor league. Instructor I believe minor league manager Rick who -- had sizeable size -- -- a -- John Farrell. With the farm director who was the first guy to have any interaction. With Sizemore when he was traded from Montreal so yeah I'm glad you brought that up. Yeah I'm just trying to say anyone thinks this guys gonna make it different -- really be anything. I would chat and I mean if it seeking giving anything -- be all that I wouldn't be surprised if he. Believe it or not it is -- on the club amidst these cell number I'm not putting any stock. In great it's a great innate by it all -- a terrific bowl. Right now I'm hoping I'm hoping he's faking it he'll brown is going to be -- I. And we can just let the -- play and he'll be fine by you know you never know a lot to ask you guys have Balkans. Stephen King it's very interest being with me. Because. Or else all the great -- -- -- Really screw this thing out I mean not seen and they are right I'm gonna give up first round draft I can't police. He didn't sign -- and the fourteen million there and the clock I don't kill anybody sense. That was gonna pay -- a multi year deal. Now what Scott and -- as the only can come back to Boston there's no or -- this guy can play at the Red Sox a spot. Your compare actual won your -- -- will bring it back and -- the Sox are out of their mind. Well thanks -- call Michael it's you know we talked about the call final offer and the conundrum becomes aware of those players tied with it. And I've said this before that it's it's it's a flawed system because you're daring. The agent. To. Today you take this even though the example I use his team in -- -- it's Nelson Cruz and Nelson Cruz goes from eleven since -- Adam attack. And when Adam Katz gets Nelson Cruz. He's saying you're gonna be a free agent. This is what I'm gonna do for a -- get your contract. Well then the target comes the first week of the offseason shows up to present with fourteen million dollars. And how can he take it because then the agent saying well you know what all that stuff I was talking about getting a contract forget about it we're just gonna take this one -- fourteen. Yes very difficult for any player to -- to jump at that particular guy like drew who after deal after going into last offseason knowing that he was going to just be looking for the one year deal. Felt like he had done everything. To put himself in the best possible position that maybe he's ever going to be in an hour delay and a multi year deal via free agency that may be true. I just don't think that frankly I didn't anticipate the degree to which the qualifying offer which -- market and we should exercise a little bit of your question about this Michael Bourn. Michael -- or even later Kyle Lohse last year -- signed in March. Andy got a three year thirty plus million dollar deal boards four of four years or for 48 -- Indians last year he that was in February because on my Valentine's there's a February. Fifteenth via -- it was. Yet that's the thing and I understand calls like that saying was he gonna do where's he gonna go -- I'll always temper this -- -- when it comes to drew this way. That that the story has yet to be told it might end up. But he comes back to the Red Sox but let's wait because teams getting antsy specially when they miss out on some other guys that they might want. I promise that we were also talked about. The other big news of yesterday's -- could knock the Yankees. And we see all you lined up Henry bill Keith joke -- to get to all your calls really talked to knock out we're gonna get to all of it right -- But the Sox. -- -- -- You -- -- the best. It's a top -- karaoke I still show. Patio Shelby the on the glass of rob Bradford the BI dot com without spear. We promised we'd -- a knock out we probably three talk yankees note just throw a right now we get to the calls the second door right out. Right now as we sit here. I know you don't like predictions Tatum -- you Bjork to predict you just have to analyze. Better team right now Red Sox yankees. It was funny Jonny Gomes I think was the one who mentioned last outing yesterday as the Atlantic -- well he mentioned that last year at this time everyone was picking the Red Sox for fifth place in the NL east. In order to note I agree with the fact that predictions and to be crap. In part because we don't know how health is going to play -- -- etc. Look what we have with the Yankees and is an organization that is committed to be expensive high end model and -- had done a terrible job. Of their player development so they were in a position where their only option to fill all of -- take personal -- -- that. I mean I guess deep seeded team coming out of you know I don't like actually I don't take any offense to it it's actually striking not just with regards them but with the Red Sox well. How little those two organizations got out of destroying slot recommendations. Before MLB really -- -- because the Yankees really tried into after the 2006. After they saw Barry Zito signed for seven years and a 118 million dollars or ever. Brian Cashman. Got the organization to commit to destroying slot in the draft saying look we don't wanna have to be in that position of overpaying at eighteen million dollars a year for Zito. The reason why we had to sign Johnny Damon and top of the top market money was because we didn't have a center fielder to replace him. Guess what. They just had to sign a top them -- at center fielder and they had decided out of the market that you know. Also we're about the Yankees farm system is that you talked about some guys the trade obviously but -- made some trades but you can't. Some drawing can't think of any who would release said. I'll admit to that back -- you know to -- -- -- businessmen part -- was supposed to be this is not terrible. Yes that that. It's so much animosity -- you know -- -- Austin Jackson really get it -- and yeah he has had his moments out what you have done that your -- -- and it's in and it's been in the day in March Atlanta and took the roundabout -- Mark -- absolutely 100. So. You so because you won't say who's better the Red Sox yankees right now I would say that thing I'm most fascinated by is that they have completely different operating models. The Red Sox of the organizations predicated on depth. And avoiding the types of I don't know what you play off. Right now in this and a well I don't know any that thing is the Yankees have wild I would favor the Red Sox clearly in one game playoff. If you knew that Jon Lester was gonna value what he does -- and you have no idea you just at the end of the day that's the thing went right at the Kuroda works and -- our. Sabathia had the worst year of his career. Kuroda finished the year in his last eight starts going oh and six with a six point 56 ERA in some knocked out. He could be really good that I know what kind of evaluations you heard on him I heard number three or number two that are -- out. Yeah I mean it's it's you'd hear about that split that split that right away and and how good it is in. -- and we will see if it translated that that would Daisuke him and he couldn't -- yeah but if it is weird to hold the darkest thing is weird to me and others say this is another -- Red Sox yankees. I will say this is the Yankees have. If the darkest steps up -- I think there -- a better team right now if they're healthy if they're healthy but be aware because we haven't even talked about the bullpen in the bullpen. The Yankees is not a good bullpen aren't you right now would be terrible it -- yet infield yes yeah but that offensively and yes absolutely by -- -- you have. US news it's starting pitching I said offseason. Separated for the Red Sox was starting pitching. And if an archive isn't that top rotation guys to give the Red -- yet. It's just bizarre. That cannot get held up this whole offseason because this isn't even Yu Darvish. This is it leaving you Darvish did he help up the entire offseason I was saying this to what the Red Sox guys the other day which was. If another team and I look at the Garza's stuff Amanda is the Ervin Santana is these guys who everyone's waiting. I value one over the other even slightly I make a proactive. Move on up. Yeah if you think if you aren't sure a few days if you unless you are certain that you wanna pay twenty billion dollars a year. For many many years to a guy who's never thrown a -- Major League Baseball. If you. You like you if you have a pretty good feel for any of those guys -- you do it but. May -- it speaks to what the secondary pitching market was behind soccer and how big gap was between him and never went. You know it body will be fascinating going for biggest knock I would be surprised he's very very kid. I'm sure out of the gate there's a lot of element of the you don't know the pitcher and and his -- up its size it was not as good on as a kid yeah and even the second year meet fourth in the Cy Young voting in. I know was a little skewed by a the walk and strikeout and and bases loaded and unconventional way of getting through things but that you get used it for the first couple years overseas and -- is. There's so much uncertainty it is baffles me that this guy held up the market. So let's go to the -- the scope of the calls that all right but Stewart aren't as. -- -- -- -- -- -- out -- -- after rebels are you I love the hearing the comments today from last. And I mean it and does that mean that they they've really Eid Al can't start to have -- -- when you got less step Pedroia. Both kinda guy. Signed that big big -- going to be able to build out from it. Billion wanted to Lester comment again one of our list here one more time. As a competitor you always probably very competitive team that never been the type of guy that's. Can take more money from somebody else to -- -- I want to that coming -- on. A lot of women. If that means taken Pedroia deal where you stay here for less money to be happy and be competitive and win every year. Let's do it let's get it done. That's Jon Lester of the baseball writers' dinner -- bill bill the early today bill I hope you enjoyed that yeah I was good I mean because many of senate before in this town. You know Boston has replaced the play. You know you got some great guys that have decided that they don't have to chase the money Bruschi immediately. Even Napoli I think. Made concessions if they don't believe. The day you know I think a little bit he's he's certainly not another one in thanks for the call bill now he's a good example is now -- pretty over the top. In terms of his. Desire to stay in Boston now. Napoli was also another guy every time he said how -- he once stayed Boston who's living in Boston throughout the offseason so forth and so on he would follow up with. But it's a business yes exactly yes. So I do think that it is interesting thinking about that next score I mean basically kind of the the success or franchise lynch pins to David Ortiz right -- drawing is clearly. Entrenched as that for the duration of his career in all likelihood. And you know and maybe Lester becomes that on the pitching and but you do have to think you know how confident are you gonna guys' ability to adapt. Over the very there will be a transition and his group happens over the course of the next contracts how confident are you and his ability -- navigate that I think this year and showed you. Quite yeah I mean that's a lot of -- mean that that's I think in the purging thing if you looking war. Evidence that he can do that because you went from back cutter cutter you threw almost. All the time on two strike counts and all the sudden after the all star break. He doesn't the game in Oakland. He didn't throw one single and two strike count but then he went back to throwing -- right time but I -- I missed that. But he got he kind of righted the ship using this all -- approach. And that shows you I think what you're talking about. That you can -- have the potential to keep in Bedford a you don't he. Hey are you -- and got things. I wanted to ask about Sizemore. He is and I tried in their late from you know the interview with Craig Breslow and so on. Is he. Potential. The front of the lineup -- Kenny hit leadoff or second. I would say yes he was well if you just ladies and write about -- all the 90% of the time immediately off in his career I mean Brady yeah that's what he was he was a 3030 guys who had power and patience and everything he had everything very good one from any spot in the lineup quite frankly. I'm glad we have no idea he's two years removed from playing a Major League game. Yeah so there's there is uncertainty. -- in effect for Corky you know in game that's the thing will come back to Sizemore. This to say that he comes back and he's healthy and he's playing X what like you used to play and that's that's the big reach we understand. So he does I think does it for a month right well though isn't so this is sit service. He hits all incentives. He gets to six million dollars he's that player well you got a pretty good value. In a position you desperately need depth and and in a spot in the lineup you could potentially really need to open which is the lead off. Leadoff spot and you get outfield depth which are lacking look if they don't sign Grady Sizemore then the guys they have sitting in in Pawtucket. As their depth options in center field are Justin Henry and Mike McCoy who are basically kind of career foray players this point. So that's you know a bit this was this is a significant this is. You know this is the kind of bet a low risk high payoff -- It but maybe not a high probability that you know what notably there's the debt don't know let's talk about also is that they have too many health news right now. And I know that you go to spring training and you figured out as Hugo. But when they were talking about Roger Davis for instance one of the read things that they brought up was well we make that move. Then -- gonna have to make another cool I guess that's because you know that Roger I -- gonna play. Right now you have some uncertainty with Sizemore so you go NC for works out you figure it out as Yugo right. Absolutely you you can -- the roster based on the skills I think that's that's the all right Alex well another good show. At brat so thank you thank you from Miami to be in doubt wall they're well treated presents. Well listen it was a pleasure. Were going to be headed over to the baseball writers' dinner always did take. We thank patio we thank Shelby we thank everybody back there -- can't seat. And we're going to be back next week. I assume that week after that. The hot stove show our season is winding down but that's okay. We can continue the conversation. Look for Alex is -- worked -- BI dot com. Look for might be Coker worked the same organization but will be talking to you next week same time same place same day.

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