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Are we greedy? What do Patriots fans want out of this team in this time of transition?

Jan 23, 2014|

Are we greedy, spoiled or just demanding of greatness? Bill Belichick weighed in on the future of the team with Salk & Holley, and the fans react to him.

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Salt air -- -- in Bristol Connecticut today at ESP NS he did numbers never lie with two mill hill or -- talking to you guys 61777979837. Yeah we're talking football all day three departures now and maybe a fourth with Josh McDaniels. From the patriots coaching staff talking about Bill Belichick act. Over the last ten years or so what is what his record looks like if you remove the first three Super Bowls. The first five years here in New England. But also just quickly want a touch more on the idea of Rajon Rondo likely to stock. To Chris Forsberg says they probably can't get anything done right now just because of the CPA which by the way is dumb I hate that the MDC VA doesn't allow a team and a player that wanna get involved in the long term deal to stay in that city it won't allow them to do that makes it makes so little sense. Jordan -- you can do it just a matter of what you can do well but they're little lucky in Russia Rhonda wants to stay here. With the city immediately is a part of -- whole goal of their CBA two to encourage players franchise players to stay in the city that they -- Well -- in the whole CBA is designed it. For that right and the -- and it just just it just be clear exactly here's a lot of people who say well why is MBA have. Have so many rules and Somalia all all the small print. It's because teams if they don't all the rules are reaction to teams trying to create loopholes. From the CBA. So it's not like you're just sat around and said well let's create this let's create debt every time something comes up. It's a team trying to get around the CPA and so they had to come back and make amendments. It and make all of that and make all of this is very. As very word he him Byzantine. CPA. Because people are trying to -- That's why do but ultimately at their core. I czar stern that's one good thing about him he wants to make sure he was. Make it so stars get to stay with their original franchise that's why. When your LeBron James or anybody else -- decide to leave your original franchise you don't lose money but it doesn't stop people from doing. Right because they can make their money elsewhere and if you instead of what you can make -- Cleveland there's so many more things open to you win in Miami or it's such a small amount of money you're making so much overall that you don't mind giving it up because. -- tell you go to Miami cynically. And in some cases here's another loophole we don't lose money -- how -- we to a sign and trade right you don't lose a guy anyway. But Sosa journalism you get some assets. And we get you say you gotta make the same money. That's another way but either way the Celtics are in a position with a Rondo where it doesn't make sense for Rondo to sign a deal right now he would rather wait. -- a you know a couple more years right until until after next year when he could make more money and sign a longer term deal with the Celtics or. Go out on the free agency market try to get a lot of money somewhere else so it doesn't pay for him to sign right now. And also -- I'm most surprised that the Celtics wanted to sign it right now. It feels like Darian parents such a period of meeting flexibility. While the white tie themselves down to anything right now even in up to including rush. Can you believe it may actually. Wind Rondo to be a part of their their president and their future. We look at it and they understand they they have to build around him they have they have some other pieces to be a championship team but they look at Rondo and say. Why would we want to move on do you think that he's that good a player. Honestly let's say it is I don't I don't feel great looking -- a franchise player no I don't think he's afraid that's what I mean well -- talking about but how many guys are. You know we were talking today today on and so on numbers to rely. No Kevin Durant vs the -- James -- shorts -- is is direct play at a level where he's gonna win his first MVP or should maybe. -- It Rondo started that level and 98%. Of the players in the league aren't that level so I think you have to look at. The best players and only then go a step down stay in my guy grow into being. A player on the next level below the elite superstar level and I think he can't. That's our wonderment I I watch Rondo play and to me he's a really good complementary piece. Right he was incredibly successful when the team around them was excellent. I'm not in the category of the people that I know you were fighting with last year who said look at how much better they are without Rondo he's terrible he's that the he's a detriment to the team I'm not in that category. And and I don't think that about Rondo. But I also don't think that he's got your building around. I don't see him is like OK what's our bridge to the future all its Raj on Rondo plus whatever you know we're going to do in two or three years. In a couple of years he's a few more years older his game is built around speed. I just don't he's never been a shooter and he's never really shown that he's going to develop and to being any sort of a better shooter. I don't see them as being somebody that is going to be -- necessarily. For when this team is ready to compete against I am just confused if you tell me can get amid at a mid priced deal fine. But you're talking up paying -- franchise money which is what Chris Forsberg was just saying I don't see why you would ever want to do that. He has improved as a shooter especially from the elbow he hasn't improved as a free throw shooter which is something that you wanna see. I think he's more than a complementary player. You look at some of the some of the top point guards in the we get into these arguments that changes all the time. Was he top five point guard always had yet he -- he's playing at his best. There are a lot of guys who could do what he does so one of the people who was consistently ranked in front of -- the tough I was was Derrick Rose. -- it when he's healthy. Yes the Derrick Rose now there's some real questions about his ability to stay healthy Russell Westbrook was ahead of them. Russell Westbrook is out right now and you know there are some injury concerns now Russell Westbrook that weren't there three years ago used bolster what they're there with Rondo and it. Oprah no no no they're not now they'll be there with -- Rondo if he comes back he -- he's working his way back from this injury he suffered another injury and he's out for. You know another. In -- five to eight weeks then you have to say okay what's the story going to be here. Gerald Williams. He's a guy when he's on his game when he's right his head is in the game sure he's very good. But a lot of times it has not in the game and sometimes he's out of shape and sometimes doesn't play hearts over -- start thinking about point guards in the NBA. Comparing these guys to Rondo Kyra we are rings and other when -- like him a lot but. Yeah it's hard to find guys. Who can do what he does when he's on his game lead on his game he's fun to watch and he makes an impact. The question is though not just whether or not he's one of the top five point guards in the game but is he somebody -- building around is -- somebody worth giving the Max contract to baking in your franchise player essentially turning him into what Paul Pierce was the guy who rides through a couple of bad years as your standup franchise guy. And then continues to be the man if and when you bring in some other people. Now only know the only no I have is Max contract only to have given the mex. To get it done I don't think you have to give him the Max. The highest amount available. But the other answers yes I yes he is worth building around. And the the only question about it now is. His attitude that was -- question before does he have the right attitude is -- but sure enough. So far it hasn't been playing but so far he has said and done all the right things. 61777979837. Go to Andy who is in New Hampshire high end. -- -- Gunfire on the subject to too much but what I've seen over the last few years especially with the victory taking one shot. It that you need a guy like blog what I -- an alarm. You know a -- -- piece. The fact it's not many people I don't root -- -- position equal. He's got worried and one approach someone with -- -- well his guilt sat. You get it and. Only only if he plays nicely though and he's got to play nicely. Because it's so. That's yeah well last year I wasn't -- I wouldn't say that as a selling point -- geyser. Guys are seeing -- wanna play with a Rondo. Maybe you. But maybe late is that the skill set is not justice Joseph. And the guys who might want a player Rondo last year in the last couple years you don't want them here in one comes in Detroit right now adjustment. Cards so they played high school ball together. An awful adjustment I actually you know I don't wanna -- in. But maybe in this whole. This whole campaign that he has in his -- in this image the re imaging of Rajon Rondo may be does become a guy. Who other players don't play. Eric quick -- the opportunity again in the big opportunity to make a play that in fact that's right. You need to be building. On a ship peace in that trade. It barely. From a -- -- the -- -- -- it can achieve that I. Particular that you would eat seals which I think the team that put the signal and you'll. We want to program. You know let the coach let it shouldn't it be -- her. And yes -- -- -- on -- but but I think I understand your point which is hey you know what -- on Rondo when he feels like everyone else is getting the attention and it's not him. Vs Russia -- when the team commit students as you're our guy. We're building around you here's the money here's everything now -- stand -- guy does he rise to that challenge I think is the Amex. -- and I cheating a little bit with -- say. I don't think the hate this from patriots I don't think the Celtics are saying. We want to build around you. I -- -- Thursday when we win championships you're still going to be here I met on site. Kind of dance. Not only it is I think that's a really important distinction that's the difference between the Max contract and saying you're the guy verses saying it. We want you to help us ride this out you'll be part of things but no you're not the and you're you're one of the -- one of the top three men. But not necessarily coming yeah. They got they've got plenty of assets in Iraq -- home if your him when -- -- that. It's a yes that I yes pre shared past and what you have the opportunity after next year to just go would be one of the people in an all -- all a team that's already contending. I still fun. Really it seems to be the way of the walked in the NBA and what -- -- open -- all the work packages go over there and join a bunch of other all stars and try to compete maybe Russell Westbrook never does truly come back from the injuries he's had. And they say hey wanna go play in in Oklahoma City. I won't be a Boston won't be in the fourth most valuable franchise but hey you get you to play with Kevin Durant every -- you wanna go do that out of the debt. Except that this is the case and a lot of fans have complained about Rondo let me do this what you do that one thing July. And that worked your vantage. And you won't won't you won't want Rondo it's the changes that he's kocharian. So if -- if the trend in the league is to go to another team try to chase a championship. He's under the opposite of what he does -- does that practice or broke last year. One of the coaches tell me hey he he likes to challenge himself so who do things a little different like everybody else. Is is working on this kind of shot helped work on something else and he just. He he he do that degree of difficulty doesn't scare him. So I guess that's one of the good things about seeing the situation now with the Celtics. -- a street before last night to -- wind wasn't seventeen losses in nineteen games. That's pretty difficult. When he's not scared off by. That's for the Roger crush on -- situation is right now we're also talking today hello Bill Belichick didn't and the way he's viewed via text earlier -- ripping the last ten years. Of the Belichick regime saying it's been a failure and clearly that's wrong it has not been a failure and how you would look at and say it's been a failure other than that they haven't won Super Bowls they've done everything else they -- in position every single year and I think is a fan. Especially as a fan of the team that has won within the last fifteen years you want your team to be in position year in year out right. And then if you start to get greedy eventually -- I understand but it's not failure. Or try to come up with a comparison say OK -- if you were to get rid of those first five years of the Belichick era where you have the first year then you up three Super Bowls in four years. Since then what does he look like he looks like Andy -- it looks like Marty Schottenheimer. Somebody else had Marv Levy really got a tweet here Michael that's ripping the that's ripping the comparison to Andy Reid because discussion -- look at Andy Reid for the last ten years since 2004. He's four games over 500 Belichick is much better than that works fine the comparison is an exact but look at Indy read between 2002004. Right now at five year stretch. Eleven and 511 and 512 and 412 and 413 and three goes to a few NFC championship games wins one of them to lose in the Super Bowl. -- that the timing is not exact but that's that's a pretty rough comparison to what Belichick has done here in New England for the last eight or nine. And I and I guess is that question -- if we're if you're playing this game of taking away. What made Belichick Belichick you know three championships in four years you take that away are you doing it. To prove that it's been a long time -- who is here or are you don't get support those are up to you why do people think the people think he's lost it. Since he won his last one. I think there are some that do it I don't know that -- is a lot of our but I think there are some that do I think there's some that think that he inherited a lot of bad defense even though he helped build it as the defense coordinator but -- a lot of that was inherited he was the perfect coach at the perfect time. Tom Brady came along they won those three championships in four years as a dominant team but did his efforts to replace those guys because as we said there's only two players left from the 2014. Right Brady and Wilfork and the Wilfork without Brady was the only guy left. From the 2014 everybody else has been brought in a sense that all speaks to Belichick -- not just as a coach but as a general manager and clearly they've been really really good to. But not incredible. During that ten years they've -- -- -- during that eight or nine years they've been really good but they have yet to win a Super Bowl during that time as an analogous to Indy race. I'd I really don't want that shut down a conversation excited that this is interesting to me I think it's. I just like I like to hear how how people think about these things and you know if they're frustrated. -- -- know why they're frustrated they're angry I wanna know why they're angry so my question would be. If if you think that about Belichick that's fine you know that you that your opinion let's roll with it and have a conversation about put. My next question is. Who's better at it like what -- if you don't like the way he's doing it. How should he do. -- -- -- -- I don't know just on Mike Mike Tomlin approached the John Harbaugh approach. If Jim Harbaugh. Pete Carroll. As if you don't if you think you know Bill Belichick has has let you down Norris failed due for a decade. There's got to be somebody that you wish. He would be more like him who is that person. I don't know who would possibly be I think it's more that they would like him to Alter his philosophy a little bit and not necessarily to be like anyone else. But just to be like the perfect version of himself this was bill. All of -- yesterday Michael you asked him the question would he be willing to essentially go for broke short term even with some long term ramifications. Every year you with the team on the field that you can understand and that. You know there's so obviously got its own between -- moderate ones getting on up your salary cap and -- and everything else. You know once these. I'm talking about but within reason. You know doing all the things you can do. The most competitive in that you but we don't we'll continue to do that. The question is I think their a lot of fans that don't think he get that. A lot of people said no you didn't do everything in your power to have the most competitive team possible you were more concerned with the York county. You were more concerned with making sure the long term ramifications -- problematic. And that's something though. Your complain about the big you really wanna complain about. The coach general manager. Who is thinking about the long term health of your franchise. It's just public complaint about I give you think too much about the health of this organization. Screw tomorrow. We wanna win right now well I don't wanna ship but you can't Garrett hit and that's the other thing I mean it's it's hard it's. And that's what I was saying yesterday about Jim Irsay -- is just. People who have tasted success. Do you think they they haven't respect right how difficult it is but it's just the opposite major -- makes it sound like. Always easy to to win multiple Super -- even the teams that did it can tell you that it wasn't easy nobody. Had an easy road could take the patriots out of the giants who wasn't easy for them and this wasn't easy for. The Steelers twice or even the the colts the one they got was difficult -- Anyway what you come down to is is is looking at your best chance to win a Super Bowl saying okay which gives me a better shot to win one in the league in which it's not four -- -- seven. Right it's -- league in which it's one game and almost anything can happen in that game in my better off on a scale of one to ten over the course of five years. Having 210s. As a team. And two and 34 hours. Or my better off having an 85 straight years. Right I mean that that's really what -- what it comes down to is saying is an 85 straight years going to give you an opportunity to win a Super Bowl in one or two of those five. Vs 210s but then to teams that are three teams -- -- gonna have a real shot hit a good question right now do you think Belichick clearly thinks it's there it's by dates that that's the way to win. Do you think well and and then maybe he doesn't think it's five -- but is there some debate on what makes them a ten. If we if we said in the offseason. And before you know about the injury did rock. But let's say -- back this time last year lose to the to the ravens in the in the AFC championship game. So at that time if they can what are the patriots need to with the patriots. I need some help -- corner. There's a when Talib went out. They didn't do well and they probably need another pass -- So senate getting out the conventional pass -- to accept Tommy Kelly now what if he had picked up Tommy Kelly and cliff April at the time. We -- said that's perfect without thinking about Aaron Hernandez without thinking about ground. Without think I'm about. By the way it's still would have been perfect even after all the votes they felt teams they'll would have a better Vietnam that. Better but still playing today or or at home I don't know with liquid I don't -- make that I've -- -- he's probably I don't know how to make a difference. Which you only got with a little bit better. But you can't give. We're talking about one guy if if you save their salary cap didn't spin to their cap if they stand to their cap. You want them to -- and not spin -- their cap with three more role players -- one or maybe what Ford guy. Who was an impact player so -- you who do you pick in is that -- the difference between. Watching. Somebody else go to New York where you go in New York yourself. Six -- 777979837. Go to Mike in April on my. Hey guys -- -- -- not -- side at least. By the end trapped in crappy player -- -- -- it when you should be drafting defense actually I rushed in secondary. Also the whole Oklahoma is that true. Wanted to get in past -- -- But we didn't have specifics might -- -- passion and I don't wanna take that away typical economic -- what you're saying -- -- -- a gimme some specifics. Well if you give any and -- a quarterback time to not throw the ball. -- I know and I know that we haven't they give me give me mad and incisive what are your plans though is that Jim Jones and Rob Ninkovich aren't good right. Now I I like those guys understand over the past we're talking you know the past ten years and they -- suitable they really -- -- -- what -- -- actually need to eat and just. Neglect that I'm also Charlie Weis and Romeo now I don't. -- -- -- Don't let you don't want to check your car yeah. My my my better than this mad. What do you -- I don't know what your point is let. Okay you have to we can debate the quality of the players. But first round picks and they won a Super Bowl Chandler Jones is part of that Jerod Mayo was part of that Deborah McCord is a part of that. I like I like so what do I like those except our they are doing right and you're drafting defense. I don't I don't think -- -- it and I. I'm only now got enough credit we haven't won a Super -- and those guys go on and Tom Brady's biggest strength is shall mark the warm up. He can't pass the union and offensive coordinator -- -- -- -- Not not weakness not prone -- spots -- -- deal. Evidently they don't take many shots the I don't think they take many shots might they really don't they -- they took a -- And they had a similar play in the AFC championship game last year of people later or two years ago people hated they. They want to win and a game but it was a terrible pass and -- double coverage I'll force later. And the ravens picked out in the past was right after. Brandon Spikes to come up with a big interception. Tom Brady came back for the kill shot he missed it what you see that very often. Since since Randy Moss left down. It really remember all the deep shots that Brady is taken has been a much. Yeah I don't like I don't like Mike's analysis of Belichick in the draft but I do think there's still some question marks and I think our next call get to right after his Richard Rhode Island has the perfect word to describe Belichick's philosophy infamous we'll do an axle -- WEEI. We're talking -- Bill Belichick in the last record over the last eight or nine years since the previous Super Bowl. And there's frustration understandable frustration mrs. This is this a region that demands excellence or Michael as part of what went -- like or love about the disruption a lot of frustration with only two Super Bowl appearances and no wins. And all the EC championship appearances but. No Super Bowl wins in the last decade or so again that should be it should be fresh -- at this region apart from everywhere else the question is. What do you do to change at what's gone wrong and and how do you fix that riches in Rhode Island yeah go ahead rich I'd like Rich's work to get rich okay that. Well I think fans are frustrated -- two -- -- The Biotech. Is conservative the way -- the team. You know -- And everyone spend a lot of money -- free agency. Which is an artist and and -- I never turned up and addressed most -- straight imbalance. In the draft. By. You know it they weren't Super Bowl 2000 elevenths twelve animated today it's championship. And then their music rocket Hernandez that. What the court also decides Brady. So take away that and that's a big step back. Form and then yet to assemble a team about it doesn't this year. That. I don't think it has been a failure. The -- have been. It just. This but -- or so -- -- to do. -- sure ability will be Watson. There are Nazis in the pitcher. Elect our Michael conservative is is I would Belichick is he conservative. Yes it's fiscally conservative yes absolutely -- this team I mean he's I don't talking about his opinion on. You know abortion rights -- they -- -- not -- with our team he's he's pretty damn conservative I don't know I'm talking about yeah I'm talking about that the management of the cap right. And the way he looks a draft picks mean there are some patterns you can you can determine here. Is Bill Belichick has two picks. In the first round generally they'll use at first. And deal the second one onstage say you know -- folks to tell you save money. Stadium audio I would go to economics and save your money so that's what it -- he's like. He's one of those guys who stays for another day we'll spend some today and we'll say if he has an opportunity to do it now. Does this surprise was 2012. When he moved up twice. In the first round not that way out but moved up to get Janet Jones have moved up again and again Donta hightower. There's another live look at a conservative do I agree with all of your definition but the other one in the draft does not just where you picked. But also the type of player you were trying to -- Right are you are you looking for guys with high upside high boomer -- factor or you looking for guys that look. This guy may not end up being a superstar but I know always going to be good player the risk is just not that Heineman beat the patriots have have. Always tried to alleviate risk. As much as possible right yet is first round and I think that makes cents. Your first round pick should be able to play second round pick and he's explained this before we'll take some chances and sector around -- that's when you look at some of the Boston. Look at Chad Jackson. Second round the -- Bethel Johnson second round. You know he's willing to take some chances there in Deion Branch second rounder worked out. Brandon Spikes second rounder worked out. -- their times of you know Patrick Johnson I guess that's a mixed bag Sebastian Vollmer definitely worked out. It in the second round Darius Butler didn't that was another guy who very athletic you know it is. Numbers you know jumping off the charts literally jumping in his abilities leaping ability was crazy. Didn't work out so I think he'll do that in round two but not in round one. Charlie's in the car what's up -- I -- Richard a question. Think happened at RE. -- and -- Belichick this year at a more up Al you. To the team are going to be more about making an impact they don't. They don't seem to be moving forward he notes for the big game. You know I think I was gonna say before rich you Rhode Island came on the great thing about this discussion is that. Yes there there -- five different answers and and who knows if they're right. I don't think it's been one thing if you look at the last decade and why haven't the patriots won the Super Bowl you can't point to one thing. I like rich said well what about that. I have spent money on 2007. They did -- have brought an elite talent in 2007 they did on defense and on offense he spent a lot of money. And they gave Brady the weapons. And they didn't win they win because of of lack of talent no not know seventh but 2011. We have sterling Moore and Patrick Chung trying to make a big play. On Manningham. Critical moment of the game. Well you can say well why sterling Moore in that situation you know I think he can make it at a talent argument there. Question I wanna ask when you say that about 2007 is okay we'll also they went for broke in 2007 at an all this talent. Was there a problem a few years later was very drop off to be sacrificed 2000. Ten and eleven or 8910 whatever because of going for broke in 2007 but I stopped myself. They really go for broke. I did you -- and -- on -- terms we -- bosses were as much as he was only player and as much as there was a huge risk factor there didn't cost them much Ryan is a fourth round pick it's not like they gave up first rounder or paid through the nose in -- let -- and -- here Wes Welker they give up what second rounder. In order to get him but again they didn't -- through the nose in order. -- Donte' Stallworth great contract to one year contract. They had all types of incentives and it -- get out after one year or so was one year rental stalwart. -- Thomas that cost him some money. That you brought him and that's what you're talking about. Really I mean you you have to went for broke he gave up a second and a fourth rounder and you paid for -- towns right. And that that's essentially what they did in terms of of of spending resources that were available to them. And I don't think it hurt them long term deal if they were they were they were it's -- setbacks because of what they gave up for any of those three guys. And I don't think you heard of long term but. When we talk about going for broke. Used to talk a lot of good teams like. It's the browns. Host it's a good team too though I mean you know it does what does your otherwise -- something equivalent -- 107 right that's my point. The browns are terrible team so when you go for broke with the Cleveland Browns you've got a lot of work to do. To get that level through the patriots. I go up for you what you get the AFC championship game a year before 07. I mean do you really have to. Are you bringing in eight new guys were a team that played into championship game here before know we eat so that is their definition of going for broke him -- -- -- -- San Francisco they make some changes. It's not going to be an overhaul that. -- play away from going to the super balls on how much work yet to do. Did divas in the car -- do I think you'll like the problem always picture actually got a technical. Orders. Oh Ortiz or stardom it's great players like for these people. Are right. We -- at a time one we did say that the time. We shall we say it now now it would be that. I agree with high that I agree that they were. The best team I'm just telling you. For effect in the place I'm -- right now this probably is guilty as anybody. We're looking at the patriots and saying. I don't know how they win. You know the San Diego Chargers for example have mortality but the patriots continue to get to the Super Bowl what they were not perceived to stars even though I agree they were stars we just like -- On the part of being a plucky underdog who overcoming all the things I watch TV can go out there and wins. The big game which we haven't done all or. Dave I would love to hold on a second -- I would love just for a moment to play your comments. 1444 fans of 25 other teams. And to hear you say is -- patriots fan I'm sick of playing the plucky underdog. We all around the country what laughs -- ask thought that I. DM or not that we're not that I don't -- Understand that the lucky underdog with Tom Brady and Bill Belichick and we Mike. What -- dark here. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't like you're talking about one game they were not be underdogs year after year you can't say I'm tired of being the plucky underdogs. One -- one game. How -- -- also around the country they couldn't believe that the patriots where could they work. Given what everything that -- Right right -- this year this year Jason you're tired of it that was this year that's not generally not 2007 or 20082009101112. Last year when some crazy crap happen. Why didn't it did when they the other OK it's -- -- so it's a bit about this very this is named Dave yes they gave. -- -- -- -- -- -- In 2007. They didn't win the Super Bowl that because they were under dogs they -- in an -- They not favored to win the about how well that's. Not to let you know I know that -- Dave I know I'll admit I do that argument. Then I'm losing to not to. How do you change and I always committed to -- in your mom's gonna change the subject you said you're tired of being an underdog where -- the underdog in Osaka and. The 2011. Knows that every other children at public 2011. -- -- -- eleven. Now you're I think all people were predicting the giants. Know they really work well. Giants were nine and seven and the giants were nine and seven estimate even more frustrating you guys a year. Nine and seven are lovely idea the patriots as the perennial underdog not true and by the way I -- a lot of fans would kind of prefer that I think that's one of the things that may be sheer fun. The endless frustrating there's no doubt but one of the fun parts of this season that's been missing the last few years is that the word underdog. We talk to Belichick yesterday Michael and asked him about liking this team. More than some of the -- -- had -- and it it sounded to me that he really did our of the got the same sense from him but the sense I got was yeah like this team more than some of the last PO I think part of it is they -- they were underdogs that that that kind of did more than anybody expected them to play that -- positive some -- jacket what's coming -- -- -- W via. You think this is children's music don't you throw -- children's album. I doubt it. -- -- By the way our three kids under the age of five right. You know argument you've never played anything. Terrible right. That's terrible. -- -- there are now. I have not you know it's funny about Jack and he said. Drove for Peter Gammons that this -- to -- -- one Peter GeMS is not writing hockey dialogue so USA. Well you know I just shouldn't be taken was shot -- is trying to establish himself as a hockey guy right you. What happens if he does show up are you saying. That is somebody gonna do something to. And that made the case for hockey a big guy who disagrees who guy who thinks in hockey the miner's -- he shows up. And everybody knows that he's the guy who tweeted that winning do. That'd taken to the room has been -- that you mean that I just think about what a lot like why does the white hate your guts. To say your opinion. So I eat so he goes. And Milan Lucic each boards over -- -- so. Think reminders port -- here yeah I do because I think. The fight the other day -- in -- the other and like the way it went down no one I don't like that about your game it was -- she's -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It comes from fans of the sport people like Jack. And they have the same way at Peter Gammons and anybody else does the same venue he used to put this out to begin with and that's where he's available he's available I don't think he needs to show up at the rink in order to be available on Twitter he's perfectly available you wanna write a nasty messages about how much you love hockey you think he's wrong. Got ahead. -- you're perfectly welcome to do so I don't see -- Peter Gammons is missing out here on the on the on having to defend himself verbally not physically but verbally. So I yes I don't I don't I just don't agree with Jack -- -- all along I just disagree with. That would -- it was funny though and Jackson is not a minor sport in fact that -- -- of course the other clips though Andy wearing since the I thought it was gonna say it's not a minor sport but it's one of the four major sports and -- I don't project doesn't believe that. Yeah we it's one and everything else is behind it yeah. He he took it he took it to the next level was sentenced briefly if you were if -- -- to follow open -- -- Jack would have said something -- quote be even higher for once and for NBC ESPN's Sports Illustrated and every other national outlet that doesn't do hockey justice. Yeah he's a he's a passionate. Defender. Of the sport -- give back to some of these calls are six or 777979837. Go to -- is in the car crash on. Top was a man. Dominique. Decomposed -- an irrational here the driving around now a -- a backpack -- coats. Who. Without yesterday -- that inning and and just sitting in Munich are driving around a bit tired and I think he says. Its current. You all day long on talk radio out your -- in. He he couldn't believe -- -- he couldn't read them on credit on that with being -- don't. We another around their own a huge or shall we are -- you're saying -- he's -- a major test you're gonna say Greg USA. Look. A fan in another market. Would it would just it would kill for this opportunity. I guess that's it that's the downside of limits that downside of anything. 88 if you can take football a lot of it if you. If you are somebody who. And I just want to have. As an actor. I just wanna be in a movie -- being removed. And they -- you'd make your first movie. Then your movies all the time and then you do win all these awards she's used it changes your perspective. It's it's hard. You're almost -- hate to be spoiled if you have a level of success. You will be spoiled. It is is gonna happen whether it's. Whether it's the movies or books or football or food on whom I ever get used to a certain standard. That we don't have it anymore. You lose your mind. It takes somebody else it -- somebody constantly. To keep you grounded who's gonna do that for you in New England you're among patriots are patriots fans can keep you grounded. Are ours our talk radio host. Saying hey enjoy this now. While last because it won't always be that way that's a future -- I didn't think it that way so of course is gonna be like there. They -- the -- and those people in those cities who say I would just over that. You think that now right I Detroit and won a championship since 1957. So they're saying have won a playoff game in twenty years are. Well you know we just want to win a playoff game so he -- a playoff game. Which we get to NFC championship game you do that we just want to get to a super boy you do it. And you win -- you're not satisfied. Now you've got the pace. And you want war I think it's human nature. Yeah we saw text here earlier AT&T text -- 37937. That said you know that guy who we have on our owners complaining about it saying. He's essentially complaining about getting New York strip every day when he wants filet of what people in Cleveland -- That is right and NA it you're right I mean it there is an -- an element of it that is spoiled that is you know how can you possibly look this gift horse in the mouth and that not all this amazing success over the last ten years. But I think I also understand -- yet you want the success you want the opportunity to win every single year. But you also want some of them to work out for almost a decade now. None of them have led to that championship it has been a long time it's no longer like it's just been a year to it's been almost a decade and I can understand some of that I don't I don't think. I don't think people in New England -- will will totally change we don't want him to totally changed but I think. If the patriots are fortunate enough to win the Super Bowl next year or the year after. They will probably be the most. Appreciated. Super Bowl because. We've seen a lot we've seen a lot of things since the last one and we witnessed three or four years. I used to start to get comfortable and very cocky but when you lose when you're eighteen you know. In 07 and then when you lose when. Some little strip receiver to catch can't hold onto the football. You start to see you start to see how difficult it is to get back to Super Bowls of the patriots give back and win it I think. Fans to be very great home may maybe even more grateful that they were no one. Our -- about this can do for four coming up next salt and -- here WB yet. From day one in the spring you know met every challenge that we gave them as great work ethic. And the way they were physically and mentally -- we demand under the law they responded and in a positive way. About making excuses or without. Really a -- -- -- bubble in the manner as they just try to do it. And and they improve I think this age as much improvement over the course of the season. That probably any that I. -- -- That was Bill Belichick some of those yesterday talking about just how much he liked this year's team and it's hard to blame. Right I mean I think we talked about Michael and also not really brought a good perspective on this spot -- in the when he filled in a couple of times around the holidays to -- what this team's likable and not only do we find likable -- it's a little bit different they're underdogs playing a different role. But deals seem to really enjoy coaching this team. You seem to like him how many -- did you hear him use this year. You know I'm not -- guys that. Our zone high Ryder high tower zero for dinner honored. He called Tompkins KT yesterday. AT you know he loves the key to leave me he every time he talks about a -- glows when Garret blunt we estimate question and and compared him to some pretty good running backs and what. Column to column LG article because -- -- -- LP MLB and the outcome will be LG LG LG he called tells you mean like he really seems still for whatever reason have a great connection. With this team and it was interesting hearing talk about that. How the team of ball to right and how they they they they were able to get past a lot of the things that were in front of them and that they have to deal this year so okay fine. But the what's the one version. Of the patriots at this year's team was compared to over and over again this year it's 06 right and for obvious reasons is the lack of weapons. On the outside the question is can they make this off season similar to the off season they had after 2006. They didn't go crazy. They didn't go out there and spending gazillion dollars but they got Thomas they got Randy Moss for fourth round pick pick out Wes Welker for second round pick. Are they capable of doing something similar to what they did after the 2006. Capable yes Lilly no no -- they're capable. Of of of making a big switch and and diving in the free agency and make some trades. But and beyond human approach on the spot here clips Panama a lot of -- back to back. If it's worth the pay off. This will tell you his answer here. I thought was very very insightful on on these two when talking about the rookie wide receivers. And and this tells you where they're headed. From day -- working hard or are all and trying to improve in all the years that they need to improve and to be productive for the patriot. They work hard all year. Some of -- with physical some of that was. The learning curve of the off. At all. You know a lot of it was just you know going out there and and compete against guys that world of Yemen and a line of scrimmage that are recovery players. He has much of that college. The patriot this involvement itself came a long way. They'll -- start this year. It's such a much higher level -- they -- in the -- last year and hopefully what. All season. Physical metal readiness. -- they'll be able to. By the time we get through with the spring and training camp practices and and preparation you're rated you know go out and improve on what they did this year how much or little you know. A lot of factors. Went. I think that they'll all be well at work it work this year. There are bingo. Is counting on him and in so if you are. You're thinking about Larry FitzGerald if you're thinking about. And make it Terry would. His buddy Billy O'Brien -- Billie wants to me Andre Johnson get number one pick you know you don't need a hundred yards and more we can use a more and you guys get whatever it is. Unlikely. He has he has put some money in the bank in these young guys and he thinks it's got to mature a bit. Ford's year to -- that they will be able to help more and they do this -- Our look let's let's take a couple different looks at them we'll get into some calls -- while 6177797937. 'cause I thought the same thing yesterday as he was talking about Dobson and -- As he says and he brought up his name is I didn't bring Japanese although forget PT and Josh -- your guys while Michael I agree that I thought the same thing yesterday. But it is sort of throw out two other directions to go here -- one. Maybe say in all that because he wants to help us leverage when he goes out and gets what he really wants which is another weapon AK FitzGerald or somebody else that's one possibility tour but then the other is this it doesn't necessarily mean retooling at the outside at wide receiver. I don't know what I'm talking about doesn't need to just be be mimicking of 2007. Where he went out and got to specific receivers it's just the idea of hey we're really gonna go for maybe it means going out and getting two -- three pass rushers -- -- it means going out and getting a prime time safety in the hunt Robert in the middle. Of the prime of his career and an offensive linemen and a defense of one whatever I just. I just mean the idea of saying hey we need to really make some major moves here instead of just little minor ones and waiting for the next generation grow up it could be at wide receiver terms Tom Brady's weapons. But could be elsewhere as well. It could have you know what I think these guys are gonna develop and get me and you tight end a new defense today and and a new safety and spend some money on those guys were often run. There except. People talk like these items are available at Wal-Mart -- it is gonna get it and that's it. You just go out and get a mark thank you very much frank so is -- money. They have that much money to go out and spend on those guys can -- if somebody you're excited about you know not that you probably don't have enough money to get them. -- draft those guys. You're making trades so you make you traded given up something and get them to whether it's a good draft picker tool or a player -- year when your team now who. It's I think I'm -- you and I know I love daddy but daddy do OK okay. -- they gave up the second and a forced to get Randy Moss and Wes Welker if I see them give up a second and a fourth or a couple of thirds or something along those lines in order to get better in the short term. I don't have a problem at all Robbie is an polio Chiron. I don't get what's going on good. You know I on. A long time now I air. Had a big problem with. Quote Belichick's. You know living. Veteran players go. And it really contributed to this team. And because you know in going for her value -- He -- you know what is you know what is value. You know from what you've had. And there's been so much value let go and then you try to bring. You know the younger players in the -- and do we really care. You know win -- -- These players coming in. Are you talk about Welker as specifically. I I you know in talking about you know a lot of players going back. You know third. For the. But again I may just give me give me a couple of guys and just trying to to see. There's. I would agree with you this if you talk about Welker I'd say yes. -- -- on our side. The Celtics and -- Yes they Samuel was that the that was a it was a financial thing you think they. Where else are moved up so you know -- -- -- we just given him the money unless you get. Let's get down to it do you think it's not to Samuel was worth the money the Philadelphia did that's what that's what it was gonna take. You think he was. Can keep to -- might be a better player. Well you know potentially -- -- -- and accidentally. You know like a song I'm yours and queen right I mean. -- -- -- Yeah I mean I think that's that's that's the the issue is he wasn't available in. The last two championship games but just in terms of you know letting an -- Sanyo that's not that's how one that jumps out at me -- thought that doctor rose Welker that's that's the case could say Deion Branch -- -- may -- And I Vinatieri time tomorrow I mean look at it it will and again eventually Richard Seymour and that it's been Belichick's way throughout. I've never agreed with that line of thinking until now. I've never agreed with the people who criticize spell check and said hey you -- can't believe you're letting these guys go because he's always manage to find a way to replace them. Right he's always found a way to replace them and come back the next year ready to compete and I do believe that. Having a team that is an eight every single year instead of attend for two and then a six. For the next few is a better way to try to compete for championships to try to give yourself the best chance every year -- a ten. It's as a team Miami to general view person a little but -- -- -- -- talk about what team what teams -- The pictures or not it's it's the idea of trying to force yourself into being one for right year got you but what team in the league I don't think it's -- -- -- -- We don't have any supermodels here for our elite I agree I got -- do you agree -- understand that that that logic of you gotta go get got to make yourself into. I the best team in the league goes may be the best is. Is temperament giver might be the best but I think that's unbelievable team know that the best interest of loading up talent there and Seattle. Seattle is very good -- I don't think there are unbelievable either the third and they're really good and obviously they're. And -- the last two teams standing by. I don't I don't know how are you. If this is all fine and and I don't even disagree with. You know going out and getting one more player one more great player connect it's just hard it is hard to get that -- player and how do you enforce it. But don't you think the time -- has come to try to terminate. Go the extra mile to put a little and maybe more eggs into the into the early season basket into right now. Given where Brady is in his career given what's happened over the last eight or nine years at some point don't you think it's worth it to try to go for broke a little more than that out. I think it is I don't I don't have a problem with the way they've done it. But I also think that age and and and the facts in front of them changed the conversation on you Chris isn't keen -- Chris. However you get in the spirit elect called in and I look gutless and every single day. But I've been sitting here listening today in his -- in the completely nuts that. We're we're picking apart -- -- you know -- make sure that the what they've done down in Foxborough is amazing. And then across the board all our sports scene. We're in an era that we may never see again and I don't know what the issue is gonna drop that we're not gonna have the success that we had that with that championship after championship and -- other states. At their contained you know can even come close to the new look at New England area of success has been. And and make major changes. You know we we -- a massive. Group of people this year and somehow. Are you know built a cold spell check when I was able to hole altogether -- assistant to a great leadership. And we are able to get. To. That being right for the Super Bowl you know that that the division championship. In in this is the constant. In -- -- -- they may have to go out and get some players but they do that every year where the second youngest team. You're gripped by a great point great point about the youth because. That's going to be one of the things in the offseason of people won't be crazy about it. Glad that that's -- -- play that clip from Belichick on the receivers. -- young receivers. So. Here too for those guys where where a lot of fans who want an established receiver 789 years into his career. I think Belichick is gonna look at it and and and see something in and and not necessarily Tompkins as much as Dobson and maybe even cattlemen. -- here too as a starter. He's I think that's enough. Now along with the return to health of ground and on defense Wilfork -- hello Kelly. I think those are going to be your big change is getting healthy. I I I just don't see it -- and I'm restore. Its. Absolutely necessary to say what will will we will take. First second and third and maybe even next your spurs to move up to the top five. For a player -- clowning. For a player because time is running out. On on Brady personally don't know. I mean it's. It is running ice he's closer to the end of his career than he is at the beginning but this radiant one more year what PS five more years. So would you load up for 2014. And then lead yeah Brady yeah -- real credit yeah I'm really Brady strip in 2000 yeah I would doubt what he absolutely would not tell -- -- tell you why I'll tell you -- an ex alcoholic WE.

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