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Christian Fauria for TE coach of the Patriots?

Jan 23, 2014|

Christian Fauria and Matt Chatham talk about the coaching vacancies that have opened up on Bill Belichick's staff and if either one of them would be interested in coaching.

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Watched on our about -- ID 37 WEEI Christian -- Matt Chatham recovering. The salty challenger calls stuff throughout the show on football 6177797937. AT&T text -- 37937. Guys -- patient. Delegates your calls here in this segment ideal. What do think I joked before the the break here. Christian Fauria in the patriots tight end position becomes the third coaching position. It's opened up here -- pepper Johnson and the announcement he was going to leave. Hiding coach leaving last night legal Houston -- at that right he's leaving. And not -- Scarnecchia. We'll get to use coaching tight ends but -- you guys -- thoughts on Dante Scarnecchia first formal site. I can't imagine coaching as long as he did and it in this league in particular. Staying of one team as long as he did you guys ball were on teams were dot disconnect it was a big part of it curious. While overstating what they -- that it's going to be a big loss for this team trying to replace Dante's -- Let's have like a similar question -- you -- I personally don't know the answer. Obviously over this is going to comment on the -- you know bill reference -- -- so I guess -- that they've had conversations the past they they've been talking transition for awhile. Who's that guy who was it in house that's been working with the optimal I don't know the answer but I'm curious -- -- -- what -- dolphins assistant offensive line coach of somebody on the staff spent. Sort of putting their focus -- At times it's not just it's not just unique to to -- but the offensive line coaches often that the assistant head coach. You really in you -- -- understand sort of the offensive side of the ball. I'd be curious to know sort of what the plan -- so when you when you hear they hired somebody 'cause they did hire Merrill offensive line coach Dave. The -- clear -- deprive pronouncing that raw -- but -- but Davis. The Google where the least the patriots he's named on the coaching staff but I guess a lot of people -- if he gets plugged in and he works with. The offensive line but works with -- that's you know what I mean there's a mentor -- -- somebody that -- translate the system they've been militant action real thing that was interest -- immune bill's comments. Was that he talked about Donte' staying on for longer than we have discussed a few years ago and they talked about transition I wondered how much of Matt -- departure and the decision to draft -- older ruling early. The sort of part of that transition Namibia has nothing to -- I don't know but the idea that your general invest in the left side protect Tom and you brought in some new people. Was hey stick around because we gotta get this sold our water that was part of conversational. -- what's funny you know you -- suited -- earlier. So he's the assistant head coach -- usually. The -- coordinator of the defense of coordinator. Is the assistant head right it's a guy who's in that Barbara -- hey I'm not going here -- the -- corner is. Usually. A candidate for head coaching job for him to be the the assistant head coach. I mean I thought was unique in itself to a. Is San Francisco's assistant head coach as the special teams coach. I think there were times where. Oh my quest offer special teams guy was was assistant coaches think under under Herman may. I think I think a special teams coach makes a little more sense today because as you understand the Bible ross' -- you do what everybody -- all players off the line. It is really only dealing with his office -- he's not really going to feel -- talk to the to the tail backs we'll talk to the tight -- if it's specific to work with one of his guys you know or. But really you know Ivan fears of the gathering coach for the sugar team guy who's in charge of third down bullets. -- wasn't and thought he was in charge of raw and install that he's come up to install. Do short yardage go line done. That was that would you -- those years didn't bill. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You respect. His body of work his ability to coach his. His ability to last so long. I mean it is read into this is right this bill budgets -- NFL not for long wolf for stock disconnect it was -- -- -- public all the coaches the different coaches that kept him here. Because of how good he wasn't in at a place. That yes I love the -- -- -- but I think. I think that probably makes me. Opportunities peppers have been around so long pepper even though he was a coach he was more in my opinion. Player that he was he was more player that he was Cody. The translator he was the ask you as the vessel he was the guy down in the guys and that's important have a big bill. Believes very strongly and -- in the need to have someone like that -- -- Time Warner. You know we -- the whole go down in New York thing -- was sort of trying to replicate Mangini was to replicate the patriot thing and he brought Brian -- him and I always felt like. You know he was the translator -- he was a guy. Talks. When that guy I don't know how I -- not as cannot play. He was coach that was him out today that would you know Eric real Erica reported -- -- -- up but. Do Eric would put in the scheme that was unfamiliar to the guys but Brian have also played -- -- -- he could to Egypt and convince them to buy into exactly so you know a guy that had played both sides of the fence it's important I think from the coaching -- point of view. The have a guy like that -- group. So they lose their offensive like coach they lose their pepper Johnson -- lose George good CU these tightening coach and -- or -- just poll question today is Christian Fauria do you think Christian Fauria. Should apply for the fighting coaching -- just opened up for the patriots next -- answer yes or no to 37037. Right now I can also place your vote online at. At WEEI dot com slash but reloaded but Maloney poll. Present by pop -- -- -- Bob as you know is now -- buffalo chicken pizza and lost barbecue chicken pizza. He -- a small party platter it's got wings toasted ravioli twists. And more. You can order all lot of pop deals dot com let's eat -- Christian Fauria should apply for a night and got a degree and -- what shall I -- until the present and I think. Seven but the gestured out at 37937. I'm not going your neck on what is. Disagree department now you guys ever wanna come -- coach and linebacker any interest to coaching I worry. I would love to coach but I don't know by K I mentally Allen had to talk myself into I guess. The lifestyle. Because it is a -- Qatar as a player Michael players leave the coach -- state till 2 o'clock in the morning. They've created during the season -- don't really have a life and that's all they do what I loved what I like to go out Lotta love to buy. And I'm lifestyle aunts and way album love to but you know it's it's kind of a thing that you always -- through I mean I went up the MBA Babson -- my I think my. My interest might even be immoral you know if I ever went that route Nazi and I'm I'm I'm there right now but would be more front office stuff. -- more appealing going to be a general manager as opposed to. Coordinator. As a sort of -- referral line I think I'll blow we'll deal Alex -- -- -- Wheeling and now I. Get ahead of ourselves -- big story but again in order to kidnap position. -- you have ago. Back word but it's there with the coach and they renewal of our bodies Hitler is those down there in August classic in for a lot of miss Larry's assistant special teams coach. Braves were back in position coach of Ohio stated -- -- -- -- -- -- on the dot but that it's it's huge interest in -- look at guys like -- cliff he. Who's still around 830 -- government it's a solid what's the way to running Texas Tech gadgets for music videos out there yet -- but I -- it it's -- in the next question is what would be easier to coach K and European could you cover college football college college football. Would you think would be easier okay -- pro coach. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- He shows up in his car and let the guys do their thing but my point is. Like recruiting college. It's got to -- But like -- he's going to be on the road and you're just popular Sotomayor as a fifteen year old -- -- want you to commit too early yet they completely hold all the ball. All the leverage in -- completely at their will and yet there. Ability to change the mind and a moment's notice. The mom you do with the -- And I was like. That's why would blue chips your blue chips to by the data track and a -- about it tractor it -- -- apple money for what it was about. You know I think I had a regulator disorder there would be BB AG. I -- he didn't mediate the Nokia but the -- court. That's an easy but we'll find out people think about that 617779. 7937. Paul's a Holbrooke talking about a key to leave today at all. Like I dorms as a -- uptake version. They're pretty good tight end apple. He got tight -- coach speak now we get defensive back coaching. I mean. I'm a vehicle OK and call me and saying but that means. For a -- cannot stop a third down drive in that game. Now now the -- -- -- her last -- Turkish ship attacking all the pot. And one of them I think all the pot because it was a black coach and knocking. At his -- Yeah but that tobacco I mean the police and the only. That another team. Now it's heading and how would you comment on that he's in a Christian get most of the votes nearly done about the likelihood that. -- It. It would result was that he and suggests it was the coaching that if coaching were better. You know that they would not at the coaching by the patriots were better the patriots would be -- -- -- Lorena. There would have made some plays -- -- -- that's what I had to an extent that's my frustration. But the defense and LT is just the defensive backs of my probably the entire defense nobody. Made a play all defense made plays all year and nobody -- the bronco and this goes to the coaching part so a coach can. Slightly lose his job coach can do everything right. Can give you all the information to give you all the paperwork and test 25 different ways -- for the game. You be all the film make she'd play -- arrest Richard home by nine in bed by ten. In the end you're responsible. For what you do OK and but -- coach and the bearing the brunt if you screw up OK I say coach I told them. Cover two I told him you must ought to look out for -- count he still -- -- like so can't coach stupid. Okay not saying that they are. But so the guys so. Ryan has a rough game. Two leaves falling down every now and then he gets hurt he's out com or Gregory is is missed some tackles. Is that -- two cars that. The athlete as a player. Actually I mean I'm I'm with you but did detected even a level further. Think I did an amazing job. This afternoon a great you know new bodies new warm body rookies every week you got -- -- -- -- with that -- I mean this was that yeah this is it's how -- you know we're approaching yeah. I don't know how you can -- a guy that most of the second their first or second year players. There there was a point early in the year where we were dealing with a more -- Cole was in serious time was not even on the roster than. Logan -- making me double plays in the public five picks. I think they got exposed a little bit late because you see a lot of young guy acres. What to say that they were totally dependent -- I think that's one of the biggest myths out there -- on the film I mean I know CBS lead you down that road with the way they've they've they sort of for in the broadcast. Where if you go back and watch I would -- is typical of the broadcasts and watch him covered his guy. He wasn't his guy anymore any better than senator the other -- just a fact or even an opinion damage to simply. Go look Horry was relatively I was covering it wasn't better the thing that changed after as a discontinued editing and discovered something but wasn't as. He was government on the. So we started this conversations begin to leave but we also agreed that cover quarter topped your quarter guys. Atop the list we are in the minority because most people talked about often nick underhill covers the patriots for mass live dot com the any weapons. Kara gory you number one analyst go get a wide receiver this is it's been weapons talk all week guys and I thought that would continue joint alma thought OK the first part of the offseason is -- Andelman back. Carol writes today that it seems unlikely now he's going to be back you guys surprised. By that the Jewish settlement coming up the year that he had a might -- Al and what does that mean for the -- receiving corps he's not here what does he have to go get it to replace him. I'm not surprised at all -- 2000 best bets bets the -- do business as usual in my book on. But you know ethnic and you know am a -- have a little -- something do with that late sign -- -- I -- I -- about me and I did note that element looks at all over the oil contract right Christian you're having your cattlemen. And you say. I want that contract or we're starting there that's -- -- we're starting there and error saying no we're not started at eight. They believe that Abdul can be that guy and he is going to be that guy especially Abdul -- so. Okay what you left review of the bunch of rookies who you know who. Will come out precedes you -- all these guys have been thought go to buffalo McCain can press coverage they can't get open. The drop balls I hit the ball down all the -- intercepted so. But the thing that Tom says it. Mac you talked to use in those meetings also. Is that yeah these guys are young. Like there were able to roll with them as they get older so yeah they're gonna make some mistakes yeah they're going to have to growing -- -- all of them did. -- from injuries the mental errors to just hitting the wall after coming out of college okay. Next year is going to be the real test to see how good these guys to -- now you need. A veteran. Wide receiver you big guy. Not that the bull elephants is culpable for OK because -- doesn't have all of don't want and don't ever elephants are about out you know I want all that they don't the I watch the History Channel a television tells all about you know this this reserve and after all these young elephants are basically terrorizing everybody. All the animals all the -- everything okay. What they decide their teenage -- it's. So what they did okay they brought in a a mature -- political bull elephant in the bull -- basically keeps the younger guys in line. Instead of telling them the it they don't do with the kind of you know -- little of the business though we think about what that receive record needs with those guys the is a leader. Okay not even like not a vocal leader but this is the way we do business here. OK and he's got to be consistent because you can't. Talk about it and and not be able to actually do so I think that would be key especially adamantly and adult not a vocal guy he's gotten to a raw raw thing. Young guys need some more. Some visual evidence -- can't come from Matthew Slater who is a great guy but he's really specialty. While I actually I've really reappointment haven't thought of it in that way be bulls that weigh the blow of course great analogy. But don't don't -- I thought -- -- a public Google hello I thought this great kids figuratively electable bar or whatever. -- But Marco is -- otter is more. It. Eagle you know the idea of having each position group how keep fault or we'll leave or science now or something like that literally lost. The -- -- veteran which was a woman who had his break direction -- -- personality -- -- like off the field and how he is on the field if he was that guy you know I don't know. Maybe that's something is missing from its secrets on the code that can the quarterback beatable. Like -- that room it's a great one great defense workers it's a -- so if he's that veteran leadership but he can't player. A lot receiver group that's when I hit your irons are yelling at you how many times are yelling you constantly you start to lose credibility. As a parent and I don't think he needs to be the guy that police's every millions of residents another brother -- sister -- it was yes exactly or not say anything you just just kind of know. Like listen I think brought me here they had to drop -- -- tight -- OK I know my role as I know my rules it's changed. Once Ben Watson came listen it was like more across the real from the public conference being held a kettle -- cross -- -- elephant. So yeah exactly I don't think a couple -- Brady all the time it should come from -- all the time. Also here I look at the makeup and did to go back him too much original point I think there is redundancy in it was having both element minimum goal in the room. I think it actually affects and I think they'll improve that he might be a little ways optional more valuable to this year's team going forward to -- is tough to grade because I know it's part of part of wisdom always is he going to be injured or not I mean in one hand you say I want a tough Katie played through it still had 600 yard receiving whatever was a much of a factor in the playoff games though all of them you know the able to catch an Indian in the production. The production last week and you wanna say why he played with a ripped up groin but. That's part of it it's kind of what the same thing with the -- Talib argument you can't say while he played much better if he was healthy. He's never Oakley -- -- -- Erica thanks so I think it's the same argument so. They they -- settlement I think on the roster to hedge you know they were losing west it was like that it -- of those -- -- -- it was like a tool for our last year we went either way. -- plays great. Great you can't do two of those Contra army that I think would be difficult -- to those contracts. I like to give back to original point though for more conversations with them in the pre season and all -- Tom sort of exuberance of his really happy about the fact that it. Don't judge us based on what we did done by the end of this year when I'm happy about is an element of the year to -- fortieth -- -- and these guys are too we're gonna grow together so I. I wouldn't under sell the importance of Aaron Dobson growth in this next year you go back and look at all these top draft -- all the guys. This is they did what everyone wanted to blaster they want after one of the top free agents you know the start -- ever want to really -- and made available. And they when he got. Hi measurable -- albeit outside the numbers what Bernard after the second round -- to do they did that -- Allen was there they passed out twice and they want -- -- out I think -- -- comparable career I think Dobson is somebody even when you go by and -- -- never gave -- -- -- was a guy while he was he didn't have to habits are kind of role on this team. I think you go back to watch from watched the problems that Dobson gave a broader Marty got just watching these guys get separation I think he's a -- it'll have a big you want you to jump. But do I want the -- -- -- -- she calls the group I think that's a swarm of 61777979837. That is the phone every can Texas on the AT&T text line. At 3793. Several wanna get these guys take on Richard Sherman. I'll later on this hour we come back Jackie McMullen is gonna join us we'll talk to Jacqui about great column she wrote open letter. What's Tom Brady really thinking when he right surrendered a Bill Belichick what does he want this offseason as a Celtics -- as well the great Jack McMullen will join us next.

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