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The Patriots are held to a higher standard... and are victims of their own success

Jan 21, 2014|

In no other NFL city would a loss in the conference championship game be considered a lost season... but here in New England the Pats are held to a higher standard brought on by their own past success. Fair or unfair? We discuss.

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Blame Tom Brady for not goal of the probable. But as we get ready for another foot of snow tonight into tomorrow. There is something annoying about somebody saying no thanks to a free trip to Hawaii where do you think years somewhere better here why. Think he's going to be here I think he looks at Hawaii you know like him I can do better do you think Tom Brady's doubles. Now do you do you think Tom Brady. He. Has a snowblower that he uses them. -- -- -- anything outside and he is a team of people come in in panel. Was the last time we think are pretty well we'll let everything. Michael have people that committed to all the work for them there's no way Tom Brady's work but you know reserve. Homer older but they also don't make twenty million a year plus whatever his wife makes like a hundred year. On its clinic likes the outdoors at about a California boy went to Michigan. Cold weather like the cold weather go outside and outside the snow -- double that. -- upgraded -- immediately as -- kids in the snow I don't think any reason why he would need to go out there due to a snobbery is ever so. Yes. Early in his career much early victory remember he's the Kindle or is a backpack in the press conference and he was like your average everyday guy yeah so. -- believe a 100% whatever the whatever the narrative is whatever was presented to me. And I'll just buy a despite like you do are Manning. By -- with Tom Brady and heartbreak in light of apartments but mr. via. All season magnitude all of these competition. As part of it is so. What. Have some way manner Joba balance of -- their training that people go by. Just checking out top -- -- do you wanna you want him shot in the might get back or something but it seems set out some of the old girlfriends or -- too shall -- ball. Reid is thinner than national I mean like she couldn't go out there and physically pick up for -- and so on now. -- I hear from that every happened to -- -- -- I -- a matter. That are in all of which -- -- all elevator -- an -- hello -- treatments I was -- -- just isn't an elevator and what have you lived in my -- building in in LA. She now she was sold grows and person it was it was it was after the plunge post's Tom Brady. It was so bad you couldn't even marketer but she -- an -- She looked so out of it so drugs -- -- reminded there was no reason even tried her eyes -- is completely collapsed and guys are -- Texas'. Has -- the restaurant in town. Went the snow melts. When it hit Brady's property and maybe the same actors that you'd drive. People and you some. In war. And then the thing is that Soderbergh at the back so I think. -- or like -- snow -- Where to where do you think he has been in the -- well Dexter great idea Pebble Beach. Is that the time that -- -- -- the Pro Bowl would be pretty pleased. That many -- so some and so I ought to soon. From timber. To South America then you get up off some -- between dietitians like twelve states and -- really well. Washed up. Well with day one and each country in South America she's got a great one in your way wanna hire away one in each day I guess when in Venezuela. The ball is one of those things to. Note guys go out if you're if you're selected to liberal Pro Bowl may have -- second possibly third time. You're excited about it after that. I think it's that players ought to be recognized for their work to be selected but they don't price. It's pretty at all of it pretty you know I think they wanna go to like if you're young players are here to -- if you like third or fourth round picks up some money you're not making you know crazy banking -- And you make pro bullets a free trip to Hawaii with a bunch of other football players why wouldn't you want good especially if you're not married yet. -- -- the married guys especially like you know things that radical off my wife my kids and subtleties of the guys. But if you're not married young guy in the NFL wouldn't wanna go to comparable white for the week. -- and then and then after that is something you did you move if it is completely from the sports. Football. A lot of guys will come with an excuse for making the rubble. Talk about him being. Kept Garnett has been 20 -- has been selected as of one year when he set of hurt. And it -- what they're saying oh but it's like there's not a moment you've been to the and the author of course and it's a -- it's that they are the enemy and it's it's. You guys NBA people everywhere it's sort of their equivalent the Super Bowl was the difference. What can get in our program. In the finals -- for whatever reason it's always in the -- to the NBA is such in such. He built around store hours more than anything else. In some ways those all star teams compiled more people than in the semifinals -- all the stars in the game brings in all stars of the game news -- on everybody to be around all the stars ones. Arab leaders -- actors rappers the old deal. But did say they don't miss them they'll miss the media availability and sometimes. Blood the game. I think they wanna be recognized. That not recognizes all stars so why -- we baseball players seem to be too much ego I mean Manny certainly Guido was not into all. And every opportunity for him to bail on the all star game two quake. Carmen element so many grandmothers. And an agreement he called out there are many. Couple oversees about 45. All of -- she died -- -- the field Saturday again you passed what happened over the we know of course gotten here or not I'm still not ready. You're still angry you're still bitter you're still honking -- people who don't deserve it today is is yet another day or is it time to start looking -- time to start thinking about what went wrong in how can -- they mean is it time to start moving Ford -- he's still analyzing it and and look a lot actually what I what I -- remarks about -- see your question are are you over -- I thought that was all part of the what what what do you do next him. How do you perceive the patriots and how much time is left in this Brady Belichick union -- -- not -- not being -- irate is like I'm still -- even talk about bats Todd don't know don't know how it it comes to that. -- that's fine now that's all that stuff is all fine talk about in the game was. Time to get over the game during the game. Did you knew it would -- that it is such aid. Methodical. Drained and that it just rallying the patriots it was it was sinister almost. Like YouTube you felt like you were. You're watching some updated Frankenstein or something it was just some lab they put him in the lab and do whatever we want to you don't even know comic. We going to do whatever we want you can't stop us and that's what was happening in the game so. That time we got the fourth quarter with just a matter of possessions have you people say they couldn't stop them. And they are running avatar to do anything effective. W pinpointed sometime everybody now that the now that the season is over and you kinda again got over some of the irritation or anger of about the actual loss. Kind of look at a certain point okay where did this year go wrong I mean it went a lot right. They ended up winning thirteen games including the playoff game. They they come within winning one more of going to a super also plenty went right. But the same time something went wrong so are you looking back at the year and saying OK what do why learn from this is it. That the team needed to have even more depth than they did it -- just a bad -- unfortunately there were some injuries. Next year you won't have as many -- -- -- is going to be great maybe it's a Super Bowl team. Are you looking at some of the moves they made in the off season and the lack of weaponry and the outside or the lack of pass rush that they got from there you know available people that were. That you -- brought in to try to help -- pass -- defense of -- that are you looking at depth are you looking at top end guys are you looking at the draft everywhere you looked. Can now -- you start to think about the patriots future well you have to look at. The guys I think everybody starts -- -- That's that's that's for getting the most attention the office they'll weapons of Tom Brady so you have to look at the young receivers. And ask yourself can -- receivers. Step up enough to be. Consistent to be credible throughout the season. I say the young receivers because. I think we know pretty much to Danny Amendola it is hard I think. I don't Julian Edelman does that thing I like the I don't think he's hit his ceiling. -- a great season maybe there's more improvement would -- entitlement. Worley and decide if you wanna sign Julian -- when I first I mean I don't buy a majority spent some of that money on Danny Amendola and on the general manager in position -- ago. They don't let -- say they showed why. -- that plays into that because they have some similar skill set I think that that one of them has been a little bit out man that whenever he's been on the outside it seems like counterproductive that both of. Now but I think I think in this case you can't say they made a mistake. On -- Danny Amendola he's not as good as they thought he wasn't even if he's a decent player whether he's not worth the money that they paid them. So you can't make another mistake -- and -- Danny Amendola who was not worth the money. Julian settlement is not gonna cost that much money but since Vietnam and don't know -- adamantly does make sense bring them back. He's been up this time inside out of his time outside now. If you if you if you develop Aaron Dobson -- boys actually steps up and is a good receiver in year two. You're probably right you put adamant back -- side but I think it is -- it's going to be. If he's asking is that to happen in three million dollars. I think you gotta bring them back. And and just admit. That you know you know you missed on on Danny Amendola unless they don't feel like they -- spots at any that he had some injury and they don't talk about injuries and they feel right. If he comes back. He's completely healthy in 2014. He can be declare that our. Would love so much to know what they think of the years that a few of these guys had been Dobson boys to be to them. Are -- happy you adopt them. They think Aaron Dobson is growing into being number one wide receiver on the outside they passed on guys like Keenan Allen in order to take him. So are they happy with a -- announced going to be the -- -- -- rookie of the year now may be kind of a jerk. Right you may not like the pointing at the back of uniform but he also scored two touchdowns. Against Denver that San Diego game and Aaron Dobson at two catches. -- you're looking at two guys who at least in the rookie year seem to be on completely different planes or you are are restored early though it's early for ball about a understood so so I would love to know what they thought of the development of both -- and -- Because they think those guys are on the verge of turning into a big part of their offense next year and beyond. But I don't really wanna see them going out there are doing too much and in terms of wide receiver weaponry in the outside I rather see the focus on the defense find extra defense of linemen. Find another pass rushing and find somebody can help on the back in terms -- secondary. Prime I think there's other places that you Google and Tryon and try and build up your team build up -- gap even build up your top line talent but what do you think our current guys on the outside -- closest. This is the difficult part about it and it's not just the patriots problem it's the it's its efforts to score forty -- problem you. Last year. It was a Atlanta Falcons problem when you lows in the NFC championship game AFC championship game. You're pretty good team and if you're not a fluke I mean you've been an Atlanta this year fell off but for a while -- becoming. Make make the playoffs and number one seed couldn't close the deal that finally. They wanna game in the playoffs and lost in the championship game -- had typically. This year 49ers. Blaster for -- go to the Super Bowl and lose this year. They lose an NFC championship game second consecutive year the patriots lose and AFC championship game. That's it's hard to make. It's hard to make dramatic improvements. When you're at that level. So where do you start -- that I think the number one problem this year for the patriots number one more than anything. Number one was. The curve ball unexpected. Not a problem still for me I'm when -- say that he's in jail he was not allowed to watch AFC championship game. May be listened on radio WEEI may be listen here. But it was -- and -- Aaron Hernandez. Jail. -- lose ground injury. York two pillars. Europe -- receiving pillars of your office. And then Wes Welker to Denver so. He could've avoided Wes Welker -- -- that was a bit of a curve ball -- can he wound up taking less money there and he was offered here. But the two things you couldn't do anything about Aaron Hernandez and Rob Gronkowski. The two biggest issues of the season. Then you can start getting into defensive line depth and I'll quote you it is is Alfonzo better capable of being a good number two corner and it is Kyle Arrington got to improve in the slot in the -- a hard hitting. Nasty crazy. Donte Whitner likes safety to replace Stephen Gregory because even though his teammates say he played Smart. Or he he's Smart in the film room and always placement. And then always make plays he's pretty -- this is a lot of tackles and the smallest and you -- -- -- -- -- -- you're -- he's -- a guy that attracted -- Iran. -- right you think that is supposed to -- GQ like what you see are there things got terrible while they need a crazy. Crazy sixty. I think it's a -- -- so funny America's there's there's a belief that that crazy safety so much less valuable than it used to be because the NFL's taken out all so many of those and yet you watched Donte -- you watched him chancellor you watch these big time that was -- at strong safety scare -- and they they still have an effect on the game they usually deal done Dante -- hit area I was telling another about that there. He never went through that though right causes a Jersey to justify diversity he's gonna do for next year next year his Jersey will -- hit her on -- -- -- returns to open 61777979837. Go to -- to -- started. In wall to opera. Out on that. And hey you know I can't get that couldn't get over you know you're talking a boat it'll pop -- and Marcos you're Hernandez then and local even you know. And but I really -- well now to -- took on -- acquisition you know -- it last year game they work. You know impacted greatly mentally out of all. Game plan change and that's what kind of opened up last year and you are the same exact thing that you -- all that -- point. -- And then I think wants to lead went down again. You know all keep that changes. You know without him I don't think -- up that gap that the opposition. I'm like somebody the other team to do some of these other defense. And they -- poll we'll keep it down and it's it's not that they know. That one quarterback. On -- team. It's just go -- no real -- Yes how to get the guy. I mean is that is that a draft pick because I think is that you know I just part of -- -- At the -- it hit bottom I don't know what he'd get it but. I think they've really got Jules. You know out that -- that -- while all the other injury they're not -- well what they were able to to mom. You're to compensate. In an Easter. Label are really barely opposition by you know now that that really. I mean they they they were it appear if it was compensation it was it was minimal competencies. They they were easy to run against. And the numbers say your eyes say they raised very easy team to run again we are right they were easy. -- where they were you don't have to buyer drinking easy I mean they were they were easy you know -- you can take her home. It was it was simple right. I could run on them but you know it didn't think of present too big of a problem no I would agree more -- the call don't think so they went twelve and four I mean that nothing was that big of a problem. Defense -- celebrate until it was a problem the final game of the year but the final game in lose that game because they got Rahman and they give -- 400 yards in the air. I ended that there were problems all over the place they also are run on OK some bad tackling and I gave -- a regular guy that is what that's one game art. In the last game of the year they pass reform -- pass reform right they gave up 500. Most ever against the patriots Bill Belichick defense in the post season. So they when they lost that game of the gave up 500 plus they wanna game gets the same team. In the 225. To one point four to one guy on the ground. It blows. On defense a lot of times we say pick your poison well what you gonna defend me. The Broncos was how we -- this team. What you don't really want what moto we and today we wanna run the ball on the ball on problem at the patriots if the -- want to run and patriots. On Sunday could have done. If they wanted to mr. forget. I don't want I don't wanna give to Mary's Thomas -- -- run here. Wanted to block went Eric Decker to block. And I want no -- to do -- thing. Bring him -- I don't think they would have had some success doing it but I don't know that would one probably it probably would went Howland because they had success doing it the first time they played against each other and they didn't win the game the patriots. Were able to do something they were able to allow them to marched on the field but not score touchdowns they were able to to eventually find ways to get off the field on third and long. It was a different kinda gain them we saw last week unfortunately 6177797937. Reign of. Year. And I actually think they -- that multiple needed. I know what I had actually put the top blitzer at the tackle. In the fact that he would no acute tackles over the age thirty either the next event. And I actually think that the people have been gone several years particularly collapse it the championship game. In the Reagan dominated the defensive line and you know Flacco perhaps that will as a result. Where did that to be the primary need that we -- are meant that the quarterback wide receiver. And out. And all that and that could hear how they do it but it didn't let the draft. I think that need to look at -- -- out that -- that he broke up their checkbook a little bit. Beat temple bar -- actually extended twenty -- out more cash this year -- the patriot. It could actually spend over the if you want to get on the third. And that -- obviously the night that he had all of them quarterback with the window and practically had been speculation that they've got to be present an elaborate more on that front. Asked you to represent everybody but I dissenters here in your opinion on this -- that is -- -- good point. And I wonder what what people know what I wonder what you wanna start -- and -- -- went the question -- other other folks to them with in the weigh in on this. There's no question in my mind that is if Bill Belichick said forget it I don't care about I'm black I'm -- like any other coach. Who who's general manager has a different agendas in the head coach -- pretend like I am just trying to win today and I don't care about the future of the franchise. Do you believe the Bill Belichick could take. Could -- built for one year and load up for. -- here. I think he could -- don't you. The big -- -- care about future first rounder does that take everything I have right now. I'm gonna build a super team are you asking me funding bills capable of doing that yes no I think there's like a personnel on matters -- I don't think you can only there's any part of that would allow that I know it's not wired that way -- cannot -- intellectually. As if -- fall I -- putting -- -- right now. I don't think anybody can and why they are out in the good that they already have I think you cutting -- Gregory earning good coaches could probably -- And people wanna go play form he can go out and try to do that for years yes. So is that is that people want at this stage where you're if we're talking about the window the window is two years would you be willing to. Cash and for 2014. And maybe. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Enough of this. -- a -- they won a championship since 1960 shot. And I think Philadelphia nothing nothing in football are Pittsburgh went to listen the giants jets stuff. 96 and they get on you anyway and you know what -- about another Super -- don't matter anytime anywhere under our Super -- your shot but there -- not they're still annoying voice chirping in your -- you must understand you get my voice -- in your -- Hampshire very annoying but I'm sick -- if you're Sampras just go -- Pittsburgh appeared -- -- if you have some type of history of -- some type of legacy yourself that -- living up to the orders went six Japanese are still the people that you need to try to shut up are you take Philly outtakes Julia I just a lot of cities in the north a lot of it's still people littering your your 617779. 793 sevenths alcoholic WE. Noted an unsuccessful. -- and then you know looked like we always was I -- A group that ultimately you know we played pretty it's. Championships in a row on the -- he gets here another you know they got to try to close the deal. A lot of things that play into it over the course the -- earlier marketer aired in sometimes bigger than others and yes they would have taken a great effort are -- -- and we just you know we just came up short. Lot of patriots talk today including. One change they are gonna make -- Mets pepper Johnson saying goodbye after what 1514 years. Here with the patriots pepper Johnson will leave this offseason spent -- -- 2000. About that is we talked to him -- fifteen minutes from now on the Boston blitz let's stick with your calls -- 6177797937. -- then John is in Mansfield. -- -- They don't want. Think that maybe wait I don't know. Which guessing about that but do they need to develop the run game a little bit more it seemed like this year. You know when a guy out he went down and everything like that then and started worried about the run anymore you know -- and -- like that help out. They need to develop that -- take some of the pressure off -- I think you ask a question that we could even make you into a bigger question than that -- because maybe you're right maybe around the bigger question I would ask is kind of -- they wanna. Did they water BA running team if they wanna be a power running team that still has Tom Brady and reserve. To make the key throws in in play action when necessary then does that what they need to build they need to. To try to build a team similar to the Seahawks are -- Seahawks are built like that San Francisco is bill like that neither team wants to throw the ball forty times a game they have a big powerful defense they're set up that. Way right less interesting because they've always been an in this is another question they've always been one of these teams that says. It's Greg quick game plan specific. And it would be such a an altering of bill Belichick's coaching philosophy -- that we're going to be. This team. Because they've never been one thing you know one week they might. Throw it forty times of 45 times in the very next week to come back and -- and they'll run it forty times. And -- so I think they've always look for players who can do a number of things are in position versatility. We've had that drove into our heads for more than a decade because that's what they've been about what they changed that now do they have to change that. I don't think so I think they'll continue to. Pass it if if the opponent is horrible in the secondary and try to run it if you have somebody like the bills or the colts who just can't stop the run. He would be able and then you really need to have serviceable or better people a lot of disease that's right one -- The one nice thing about turning into -- -- -- team with a specific identity is that you build up that part of your game and if some other -- offer than Soviet. The -- in the patriots have obviously they have their style has worked for very long time the longevity of it is incredible talked about it over and over again the sheer number of years they've competed for Super Bowl this year include I mean they've been in the conversation for Super Bowl. In the playoffs winning playoff gains virtually every year for fourteen years on. But that challenge and it is. You're your your your needing every single part of your anymore every single part of your roster to be so strong. And then you don't have that one thing that you know he can always hang your -- The Seahawks know what they wanna hang their hat on the niners know what -- wanna hang their hat on right at the end of the day this is who we -- affordable lose we're gonna go down. Being who we are at the end of the day when the patriots lost to the Broncos will not even sure who they wanted to be on Sunday. Right and they wanna be a passing team they wanna be a running team were they trying to be balanced. What do they wanna deal offensively what were they defensively what is it that this team says this is who we are this is what we can hangar at a because of the week. That's. And I think you're right you're fine until you run out against a a crucial moment unless you -- what it is you're going to do is pretty difficult. Right what are we gonna do today while I don't know this team's pretty good and other facets also who are way. What are we best that. Not just what are they about that what are we best that an amateur they always know the answer. -- I think gut pick this year mated this year was very interesting too because of how many times had changed their identity. -- I think with the with a healthy team and admit we're getting a fair anymore with the help the team. Because of -- comes back is -- Is the kind of player you can count on for. It -- sixteen can got to ground for thirteen game I don't. I don't I don't think he counter I don't know how you could build that into your philosophy yes I'm counting on him or Wilfork or Aqib -- you -- you can count on Aqib Talib. Aqib Talib and Crocker the questions port is not a question because. He's not an injury prone before inquiries one big injury I don't -- for big man but. I don't think he fits into that into -- on category until. Another injury happens that you say are a while in our eyes on on the wrong side of thirty in. We're talking on a nose tackle and how much longer can give me can -- withstand this but it. I don't put him in that category aren't I go to sterling in stone I start. No clue what's going on. Well. A long moment all that all of that that the pictures into brilliant Belichick or rehabilitate -- -- -- low and it buddy. Here's -- look at buffalo had pretty about it that it made the playoffs. But we come to find out that's not true. How do we find out that's not true then -- or -- -- also are your rocker husband. A little bit about how do we find out that they would no one they wouldn't make the plays of the bills and by the let's say the same thing about John -- to run. Even have a particular slot I don't know what. But I like the patriots live by the -- economic trailer for the patriots but. -- do that and that you know it's like we're talking about pick one. Olympic on the -- packaging and get after it got broke what that brought to get your. News I think our twelve our twelve years old respected team can't be an AST to let me speak -- I'm OK they're thinking -- your problems holiday love it. Rather early and important to listen -- -- -- heating Broncos fans with this is all I'm saying is it. Military trying to blame Welker particularly. Really tell -- like -- -- -- that was the -- they never -- cute that you. Player or coach ever do in my life. You have a 105. Pound guy trying to think that'll eat -- -- -- and ask. We talked about it he'd tell you about a person's gonna volatile -- -- -- the day about better man. Manning all week apparently. You don't need to open up that you know -- it electric. Well apparently -- I don't listen to anything yesterday I think clearly you were very active all around you listening to me the show yesterday Lawrence. That's secondary guys got me back to root for Dick Durbin would Sue -- yesterday I was referred groups for patent. OK with that -- back you know root for pain can you really root for Peyton Manning to win the Super Bowl. Still aren't you -- -- -- -- -- way you can yesterday decorative and then how about this my man Dick Sherman stepped up is that. I've I apologize for my attack on Michael Crabtree talked on the rest of his career to get your I will continue to top bottom. But I apologize for packing it. So. It's also in their -- Sherman. I might be able to get a a sermon Jersey. Bring back Madrid's. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Bryant in Dorchester -- -- without Breyer was going on. Larry -- disgruntled plan. OK okay. Well perhaps even a little upset that that that checkbook. Ticket to -- -- -- associated should probably meet Korea. I want to another. No rookie team that -- seeking out their plan. So -- look at the draft that the who -- you -- Here's our look I agree that they'd they'd they'd probably need to do some -- you don't wanna you know the young team that you're going through the draft. That was it doesn't want nothing you don't wanna go I want to decide freeagent. You know what the draft picks. I think the draft pick that -- but it seemed to create into the into the backfield and -- -- human. Indicating that -- compete to be what -- play -- tobacco plant. It was a back. Millar went out to be totally lost. Yeah a little slow but. Yeah how would Syria and if if you look at the secondary if you focus in on. What to do there. -- start with. I would restart Charlie. That I bring in a safety. I you know I did that Gregory position. To talk with Tommy -- about this he is he has been mostly disappointing. At safety so how I would start there and maybe you do have a a number two guy is is can Logan Ryan wrote to be number two guy. Is is Alfonzo battered number two guy gonna have who have an interest in the offseason and go to jail. It is a little she's got a little part of it affect you fast subject -- We -- -- little faster it goes to jail literally it helps would be offset by training camp -- to shuttle runs every day in jail and he's working on his quickness his agility. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't here's -- quite serious questions not not the on -- jail thing that. The gold standard now in the in the NFL. I called it team if you're if you're Cleveland appeared Detroit. If -- Houston. It's always easy when you're terrible. You're picking in the top ten it's easy to look at the teams who made the playoffs maybe somebody in your division right. Your division winner or the Super Bowl participants the conference finalist. That the top the final four teams in the league and we want that but if the patriots. Or you modeling yourself now. Our model yourself after anybody -- -- brought the patriots is that is is always lead don't follow everybody else is moving one direction. In a copycat -- go another way and try to find is that Halliburton average ever been announced -- I don't think -- -- -- they'd be more like democratic Denver's -- solution -- we have we have Peyton -- now maybe it's -- because you have Tom Brady and got pretty the only other guy like that -- -- you can model that would -- you've built the team that. You get that. Right you did that 20072008. You lost Brady one of those years the other year he won eighteen games. I mean you've tried that model and in that that team is similar to what Denver has right identical but it's a similar model right. You've tried that. I don't think that they're going to build a team like San Francisco or Seattle I don't see them building just a bone crushing defense putting all of their resources into the defense -- side of the ball and any big power running game and -- and when you have to do. I don't see the patriots do when that. So I -- needs a good question. I just don't know whether or not they really think that way we'll come back to -- that question at 3 o'clock up next a Boston with including Tom -- some good questions for him it's alcoholic WE. Take stock of what happened at the end of this patriots season. -- compared them to the other teams left late including the two that are going to the Super Bowl. It brings up a lot of questions that a lot of comparisons to be made Mike we make a good point. When you start if you're gonna look at trying to design your team like somebody else if you wanna or borrow something. From a one of the other successful teams is doing Denver makes a lot of sense. You have Tom Brady and Peyton Manning it's working went up for Denver why can't work enough for you to -- his load Tom Brady up with the weapons the same way you did in 2007. Or. You look around it's a while you know up the ballot Jack is the other most important person here. Defense of ingenious defense of schemer -- try to turn yourself into more of a power running team with a great defense like Pete Carroll's built. In C down in the two teams that are out there interest in modeled. Anyone else's style because it's not like. They have done something that you can't figure out in Seattle. You know made the Super Bowl for the first time in -- nine years and they got their 2005. So the patriots have figured out how to get to suitable they haven't gotten there like Seattle. And we and we don't know many of Seattle wins it that's one thing but of Seattle loses the Super Bowl. In New England. I give you a nice little maybe. Pat on the back. If I'm if I'm reading this correctly from patriots fans. You're not impressed with Super Bowl losses doesn't sound like. I was telling you it's not a Comcast given night so they had a chart a graphic this is another patriot season has ended in the last nine years. And -- you know a couple losses in the Super Bowl and they're couple losses and AFC championship game and then there was that no divisional round loss to the Broncos in 05 and there was that wild card loss to. The ravens in the divisional round loss to the jets to me. If you look at the last nine years it hasn't been anything to be embarrassed about is probably. A run that. 28 teams in the league would take -- But a few of those teams have once even a giant took it with a giant state that it would would you take two Super Bowls. Over the course of four years for five years and then not make the playoffs were patriots fans be OK with that Bill Belichick says all right. I don't load up the 2014. Is probably gonna make. Me a little Ole. A little light for 2015. And we may not make the play. Maybe 887 and nine I think it was 2014. I think at this point -- I got a Super Bowl would you say you know what Tom Brady -- -- -- so many years left over at this point need to super why understand why you didn't know six or seven whenever. But now it's 2014. The Tom -- was 36 years old you know what with me you know Super Bowl before this whole thing ends. The value of long term and long range thinking made a lot of sense by 678 years ago don't wanna call eight you don't want real long range there's not that I don't it's just that that time is start to run out on -- on Bill Belichick and -- more specifically Tom Brady. And their time here together not that it can and next year I don't mean to say it bracket them very very very end but it's not where it was 567 years ago right. I mean -- been all these years where you've competed come close but not one that that you want to win one more almost at all costs 61777979. Or so have. I do remember a guy here a -- top and talent to keep tabs on radio -- and I'm not sure. But a few years ago this the guy who said the patriots should MO emulate the -- At the jets were -- at the right where house because. Rex Ryan got to. The AFC championship game twice and loss. And that the jets were on the same level with the patriots and forget about the cap in the jets didn't pay attention -- They were going -- right now they moved up to get there are guys Mark Sanchez they spent freely liberal laying. In free agency. And the jets. With that freewheeling free spirited Rex Ryan and that's the franchise. Obviously that didn't work out for the jets right I mean they came close they didn't succeed and now they've been paying for -- ever -- and with the young quarterback like Mark Sanchez that makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. At this stage for the patriots they're a different stage in their development right they're not who they were few years ago. They are now looking at the final few years for Tom Brady and if it takes that to get you over the top one more time for the whole -- ends I think at this point I would support a few years ago. But now that I think you almost half the bills in Tampa Bay hi bill. -- -- Erica at that. At Zagreb I on cliche a long time -- you know upper -- our orbit but hey I'd call that fit right now. -- to order franchise to lead. Then we're gonna go over to treat our first round pick the read. And elect and then on top of that old one of these gains known pretty big body that -- -- -- -- But I can -- around Burton Burton at and political and get all only eight I don't care how -- now. Okay -- get a first Robbie get Revis -- first round pick. Yup because -- can't figure we got your team. And they wanna get rid of them work and too much money. Don't drag you out of there and he didn't have -- and you said did -- -- a real regrets now added I Anwar. For Revis -- credit for the patriots first round pick in the twenties for Darrelle Revis shore. -- We're detector Revis yes you would visit her history shallow and I think just the idea of having him in to leave for a first round pick of course not gonna happen. Because then he's. I think it would look pretty good and you -- in terms of having a third fourth quarterbacks right in its standard Logan -- -- gonna be -- three -- four. I feel pretty good about that right Arrington and if if those guys are gonna battle to be you or your nickel and dime quarter after a whole lot better about that I wouldn't mind seeing them get a premiere. Cornerback and I think we're seeing what -- what kind of effect can have when you also have a good defense -- -- what Richard Sherman does on one side of the field when you also have a pretty good defense around. You know what's interesting now is that. Discount like when the Red Sox made their deal. When he made the big trade with the Dodgers and then they they made these these in middle class free agent signings first everybody was unimpressed. They won the World Series. You heard some people saying well. How it worked last year go out and spend a lot of money your pre pregnancy and you -- -- so long ago when the Red Sox are being criticized for not spending. It's it's amazing now for Bill Belichick Bill Belichick. It sounds like you are giving him Bill Belichick do you have a unity. -- today if you want don't save your money. Don't think about the future. Big reckless if you need to go and bill for right now don't worry about five years from now that's amazing. But how many how many franchises have that permission. From their fan base successful franchises if there's something they've never really done before even in 2000. -- usually unsuccessful franchises Bryant had that because like ago so desperate for anything. But the pitcher during this unique position that it's actually -- the right thing to do what you want an act out of desperation not desperation I just wanna see them build something to win one more time before Tom Brady's done and that made up being next year. But the idea of hey everything here is about sustainability while. How about how about coming up with a team that is going to be good enough to win another Super Bowl pats and JP how pat. Rory warm -- that -- -- -- I was thinking as I was watching world championships in about about patriot right. And specifically. And -- tell me on the interpreting here men. See when Carol patriots yet. You are the way I've read your book made it sound like part of his billiards because he and Bobby Grier were -- At odds and Caroline and control your score. So okay and now he does and this is what happens so maybe we get into short credit that's a question. That is that there. -- a long way he he went through a couple of -- it was quite a bit of time that passed between. Pete Carroll new England and Pete Carroll. Current coach of the Super Bowl participating. Seattle Seahawks. I -- there was some time away from football. Then there was USC. And then it was building it up in Seattle so maybe by the time we got to Seattle after USC and that's quite a bit of a run at USC. He figured out how to do it the second time I think and people say that -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- that the criticism he got -- -- We were the most part was fair he he got it and he deserved it. -- yeah I'll I'll agree with that sort of with -- through the -- of memory. Second question in terms of team building going forward. It feels like Belichick -- built you know we'll take -- can be yours more accurate BR dot way of thinking. Do we. Think if you're thinking about shortly and that you guys talking about do we try to Hillary lane with. But this -- to beat the Broncos next year who looked to be Manning stays healthy. The running favorite letter they -- Super Bowl not a need to load up on quarters or do we continue what's worked up until now. Well the first thing you better make sure patent doctor's appointment goes OK because and Peyton Manning out on their pick apart right I want them what are you have to worry about with the Denver Broncos and governor leaves that are. I don't earlier Taylor making your team for anybody but I think you are looking around to -- interfere with the best teams in the league are one thing we know is that the best team is this year does not necessarily equal with the best team is next right. And we saw Baltimore went Super Bowl -- -- make the playoffs this year as not the first time something like that does happen it happens pretty often. In the NFL so trying to determine which team is going to be best next year. It's not always the easiest exercise and so just designing team for. 441 other team in the lead on on what -- what I think there. The couple is as far as AFC KFC is concerned there a couple of teams that get my attention obviously the Broncos who if Peyton Manning comes back the Broncos have to be in the conversation. The Houston Texans. Have a number one pick in the draft they have no business with the number one pick in the draft they are not a terrible team they've got off a lot of good pieces there. And now if Billy O'Brien can coach a little bit now are at a championship contenders now but -- to be watched team that is that is out of it. That will be in the conversation next year Houston will be in the playoffs Indianapolis. Just beat them. Third year of Andrew Luck what do you get out of that and then -- the the final team to me if the Steelers got a very good quarterback. He had a great season the team didn't have a great season. They have got off to a 1014 start and finished eight Nate. So both of the teams that you have to watch I don't think there are any -- any big surprises. Lurking out there and answer. Little Bernard who is in Rhode Island I'm Bernard. I don't know what's going on Bernard. Like well actually I let him earlier this separately. You know that we the pats needed to win in -- to solidify Brady's legacy. I don't know I don't. It solidifies legacies of lead -- to win another Super Bowl how we hit it -- it another way. If Tom Brady's career and right now he if he also goes to a doctor's appointment. Along with Peyton Manning and he says you know I'm just tired I want to play football anymore my hand out my beautiful supermodel wife. And I go to -- dollar and can dance and talk about how wonderful it is how do you perceive Tom Brady his career ends right now what is. How to record -- what. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- global -- Belichick. Bill Belichick went. I see. That it was good -- and soul winning the Super Bowl beyond spy game it will. I. Is that having a bullet time could -- this I don't know. This despite a conversation or is -- a fourth Super Bowl conversation. -- -- One -- like create more and more local gaming. I don't think that's necessary forward for you to look at Tom Brady has a great one. Well look who look at him as a great well obviously but it didn't play well I think banning him. Because what I liked it because -- Play better right now. OK so -- a Bernard you know on on to try to -- it -- so he's better he's better than him right now on January 21. What if he loses a Super Bowl. In New York is Peyton Manning still better than just your with your rankings is Peyton Manning still better than Brady. If if Manning loses this super ball. Right now. Follow me here. If Manning -- -- Manning loses -- Super Bowl. Not my ear as I am I -- they respect it assembled out same and I'm not -- until all the championship I'd suspect outlook like it's the Wisconsin election I want them. -- -- If Manning doesn't want to Super Bowl this year -- dead -- -- Manning or Brady if he does not anything I don't want it why. We can do that. I've spoke of fuels by you. -- -- a real real possibility. Tightly crap about it. And then maybe you're right but I don't think that I can't. Having a Super Bowl and he's got one super boulder Brady's three -- Tommy Brady's got a win afford to be great. Which -- gonna go with the guy who's got one over Brady. I don't understand. I don't understand and I'm not our -- to talk to me like a whole. And -- -- I'm gonna win that every time broad you totally not blown up China tells you lose right now it doesn't seem like time has it may playing better than. I understand it better at all -- even -- well I think it's just us every quarterback at this point in time. I think he is certainly when you got to see them both on the same field the other night Manning was better if we ask this question a couple of weeks earlier after Brady brought a steam back with gronkowski in order to beat the Broncos. How many people were were saying that following Monday or Tuesday so you know luck. Right now I actually -- -- -- the year -- the Peyton Manning had this year was -- -- was -- he had all of our receivers he had the whole offense -- everything worked flawlessly but the most -- -- -- in Denver I was wrong I thought -- see this one before and as soon as he got out there at the end of the year -- would make a big mistake and that would be -- he played two games in great weather had no problems whatsoever and he's marching into the -- won't -- loses he -- of -- to the best defense in the league this year bar -- In the Seattle Seahawks though. I think right now he's right Peyton Manning is playing better football -- Tom Brady's more accurate way he is what -- and even this year. He's playing better football than Tom Brady right now and and I think you can make these arguments about the last few years of Brady's career where it's -- what happened to the guy. He started off fast the guy who just found a way to win a championship. Contact not important is is context I don't know how odd that just are are we allowed to go deeper than the steps in week actually look at. The characters who were on the field. Is the argument that Tom Brady is supposed to because -- Tom Brady. You're supposed to play well with any body. Anybody ever -- -- talking earlier about receiving options. And they were talking about the possibility of Larry FitzGerald off the character again MPs. Much said something like well three roster spot to take an already. Tompkins -- And Dobson or a second why. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Throughout that no he's not. Men and boys we seen it before where. He even though he's got to be in its second year if they don't think you're ready. As a second year fourth round pick. Not necessarily guarantee that topics here before but but so he's opposed to because he's Tom Brady -- just Alter wrote that make you want to. It's just that enemy and local Peyton Manning didn't we are talking about all these guys being great weapons and there's no doubt to Mary's Thomas when he was drafted was supposed to be he's turned into one no doubt. But Eric Decker. The two years before Peyton Manning was his quarterback had six receptions as a rookie 44 and -- second year and the Peyton Manning chills up and it's 85 and 87. I mean it's not like he was this incredible recent upgrade in the Tim Tebow that -- like he had some superstar thrown on the ball and got a superstar -- -- -- thanks to our superstar. But he's a good receiver. He's gonna -- Peyton Manning doubled his perceptions yes he and Peyton Manning's probably twice a quarterback that can absolutely I loved -- he doubled his receptions coming your eastern look at what Peyton does. And I know it's difficult to Decker because that's really is only year there but you know before patent dot dot the right and. -- darker and darker. He he improved you all had a connection with Tebow -- -- this wasn't. That's honestly he's not a great we know that he's not he cannot agree to grow a little bit -- can throw the football better than altitude lucky to according to do it right so. America's Thomas -- me first round pick you know Decker is forgot it once Welker. And. It's OK to say he's got better weapons that Brady does that excuse me. It -- game plan is that that it excuse some curious decisions from patriots on Sunday no doubt. He definitely has got -- when he does have better weapons question is are they so much better yet this conversation has to go that Jose is are they -- -- there's no question are the I think they're better I don't know how much better they -- -- -- We'll play that well I really better. I don't do I don't. No other better a lot of debate the -- the latter but how much better. I don't know that that's how much better Jose's in the top and items. -- but I'm gonna go up at one -- -- -- that you guys establish first thought that. The other -- -- -- I'm trying out the clock is -- rate not to go in a lot of element like good quality it looked like -- I'm definitely running out a -- A I think at the patriot. Movement in the right idea that going in the last which was. End of the art I -- they got a Wes Welker. You can do you think the accomplishment. Smaller -- big -- -- -- -- look at. The potential accounting degree. A tight end in ballot Courant in Hernandez. It and the option to bring other guys in a bigger and meet the -- Lol oh yeah. Now it could afford to opt out like that because you know obviously it would -- -- -- unfortunately not -- injury. But. How that they capital approach that he -- -- the are heating up between 20062000. I'm happy -- quality Ebert go get the ball up and eat -- can not all the long. How how are -- like -- bold -- and -- a guy who bought into markets and that -- is Larry FitzGerald. Now. But. You know he can show the kind of guy. And try. Talk about action the point of complacency. But not in the article like a local call one to really get it like a monster. -- the country that don't need to cut back up the truck the last show -- -- it -- I look at it two weeks away but all of those picket line in the country to everybody. Because the clock is I'm old. Yeah post I agree with that except you know Arizona was when they -- -- -- six solidified. Where eleven of 500 but the playoffs are eleven to five team didn't make the playoffs. That they probably should have -- -- six best teams in the in the NFC -- to work out that way because of teams have to be the playoffs right. I just don't I don't see how they would be eager. To get rid of Larry FitzGerald. And may it may be tough to stop the same old Arizona Cardinals where you expect them to do something. Really really stupid with a good player. I think it's not. It's going to be tough for him to be available on how do you get Larry FitzGerald. -- I think you want to leave. I think -- -- the leading -- -- never had a six there were times but never do a Google. Search might show up at your gobble it all you've done. I every -- did a Google search on Larry FitzGerald you'll also see some things about domestic violence that won't make you too happy as a fan either so. Amid some other there's some other issues with with FitzGerald that. That that don't make it a no brainer but attitudes and a guy like Larry mr. -- is also thirty. AME you know you're not talking about getting golfers age 31 season that's about how old -- muscles when he got here it was in the thirty. 3031 I remember exactly but he was somewhere in that same range you can back it up for him and and Sandra you know one or two good years maybe three at the most. You know some of the same issues that that that Randy Moss has you don't expect him to in three years become a bad team meeting might drop off. Skill wise on the do you expect him to combat team in all of a sudden. And find out what you got a look Arab problem that he could find a way to get Larry FitzGerald here I don't think you can. But if you could find a way to get him here in the short term to give Brady that kind of -- weapon I'd be into it. And I never what -- said that before but after loosen this year and realizing that I think they need -- renewed Gulfport as soon as possible to try to make something happen before Brady's done. Yeah I think I would probably Larry FitzGerald could learn in the office do you think so yet thinks he seems like a Smart guy. Smart receiver at the very least what if we couldn't put it -- -- just -- for jobs are just don't get us to a radical left. I'm supposed to I just I just don't understand that if he doesn't get a decision for you for your thought as the thought about. Sight adjustments and I -- it does go off just along we'll get go along we'll find a way to go to volunteer because you draw -- and -- are done right -- is that god and getting to draw the alcoholic WB yeah.

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