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Where do we go from here? Patriots fan evaluating the future of the team after AFC Championship loss

Jan 21, 2014|

We discuss how the Pats should proceed for the future after losing in the AFC Championship to the Denver Broncos.

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Are you fix the patriots are -- get them over the top fixes -- write us -- -- they receive clear the record. Claire hicks isn't right they don't need to be gonna strike that we're gonna start their from the record got a broken teens go team that was one win away from going to the Super Bowl they are not a broken team. But they're also not a team that. Right now is able to get over the top. AFC championship losses last couple years. One to the eventual Super Bowl winner will see with Denver in -- and a few weeks. But they don't have a ton of top -- talent they've got guys who were really good contributors. And and I think we would probably passed over -- -- text earlier from somebody 37937. They don't don't leave out names like spikes and Ninkovich in enemy guys who were higher pay and and really have done something right have been. Big contributors pitcher Tim wasn't bad. You kind of forget about it because of the way they lost and -- and Jones are both terrible in that game did nothing but you know what. They were pretty good this year they got to the quarterback at times I think they need to be I think you need to add two on with you Michael I think you need to add to the defense side of the ball still. More than the offensive side but I also think it's probably time to bring in something else right. So maybe this is something they've they've never. They've never done. They've never said all right. We're gonna take this first rounder. And we are going to. -- trade our first rounder to. Eckstein who wore this this veteran pass it. 47 year old 28 year old player our first round pick now the -- the first round pick. For Bill Belichick who. But I am and I had a first round pick taken away from both. Today first round but I don't think they've ever trade over the subject and with -- from from rush to write that I've taken the right of his mind. But I Iran on the day it traded one other man so that's -- that's what you're talking though not necessarily mean you could use that first round pick on a on a tight end. Now there's a premier -- and I'm not gonna pretend like I started looking. And knock hyper juniors you know big board yet but if there's a he a high quality pass catching tight end at the you're gonna get what what they can have the 29 or thirtieth pick. Yeah I mean I'm coming out I'd be interested now would you. Somebody is going to be that secondary weapon to go with gronkowski. And then maybe you find it doesn't need to be Larry FitzGerald maybe just a good. Why Sarkozy letter you know I mean some. An ideal but good things how -- you upgrade if you're not willing to do that. These guys are just out there free agency. If you're not willing to trade a guy. -- -- first round pick for one of these top players -- -- -- the Larry Fitzgerald's not a free agent. Jimmy Graham is getting its franchise tag so. You've got to do something you gotta be creative work over a bold going to be very bold to make a play like that or. You do the same thing to do it with Randy Moss and Corey -- get a guy. When his value is down second round pick for -- fourth round pick for Randy Moss and then you just bank on that guy coming to your system and. And get it right but it doesn't need to be incredible wide receiver I think that's the point I don't know that you need -- Tron. I mean look at the wide receivers who are potentially available. Right from the get to a potentially available in free agency and some of them could be franchise tag Eric Decker -- is just the Yahoo! list. Eric -- Jeremy Maclin Hakeem Nicks. Settlement Golden Tate James Jones in one -- in the Andre Roberts a manual Sanders Riley Cooper that's their top ten. I doesn't need to be to the top two or three guys there. But I mean somebody like in humble and somebody like Golden Tate maybe he's gonna get paid Riley Cooper's another name it obviously becomes little bit of with a little bit this question as a baggage questions -- in the failed did some things against you. Jericho Cotchery always scores touchdowns there was not a great receive outer banks are -- that there are guys out there that at that but you know what that's not typically but there's -- -- on that list -- really. Maybe you know hello does but that's my point it doesn't need to be somebody that makes you go oh what am I just somebody's a professional wide receiver. I mean you're talking about spending some some resources on the defense of side of the ball and bring it in some pass rushing and bring it in some some some help on the secondary. And then maybe drafting a tight end. OK I don't mean it doesn't need to be somebody doesn't need to be Larry FitzGerald some of those guys at least a good receivers they're pros. Our goal to take a professional wide receiver is -- the -- instantly Null -- the professional wide -- I was Emanuel Sanders. And I have -- like they have those. I don't know crap like I don't know that they deal -- -- they have those you don't think you don't think Aaron Dobson parallel -- to be called a -- National wide receiver and maybe you will I am Aaron Dobson professional Iverson as I said earlier I wish I knew what they thought of the season he had and and work out today -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I prefer a 44 rookie receiver. In this offense. No one ever said he had -- the office. Could stay on the field all the time but he understood what he was doing. Part of Austin young is ought to have Austin Collie listed ahead of -- animals. No we -- That is where it wasn't Austin Collie like signed and cut when he died this year but single strange. -- car about. And it got -- it was a little about. The much if you wanted to kinda responds to a lot of them and bitter you know go out to be adhered to and we need to bounce all the player personnel people we need to make all these radical changes. Where I kind of agree with salt I mean it is not like a broken image team competed and debris AFC championship game. And I think even this year we've had only -- pro -- injured that they did it probably would have been the odds on favorite for the Super -- -- I agree comeback what became quite and art and with a guy like me triggered then and beat up -- -- -- the line and keep him there. I got by Manning I like -- -- -- Manning and trying to name basis. In the hey you know what I Bob and you and I see this pretty similarly and it's not to say that. There can't be a couple of big moves in there that they don't need something to get them over the top from where they are now. The need to go crazy with the kind of picked him right. -- close yeah Keck I think it comes Phelan. I think some -- there's going to be a big move and I'm not I don't know. If it's if it's Larry FitzGerald may -- itself. Maybe is that that I get another. Pass rusher. I mean when's the last time. They got -- pure pass treasury uses don't. Don't have those guys -- guys who can who can play around and guys who can rush the passer and guys can do a number of things. But the last pureed pure pass -- -- when he picked up Andre Carter and and a Mark Anderson in the same year both of those guys take -- year right. But that was a -- Odessa port since rose equal has -- the value pick you know Rosie got hurt right they got him things like 2526 years old equipment depict him. He never became. Are -- hear exactly where your audio was -- because he got hurt her defense and ends that are potentially available free agency in general which ones to be franchise but. Greg Hardy -- it was a plus plus player Michael Johnson. LaMarr Houston Michael -- again Jared Allen Arthur Jones ever seen Griffin Justin -- Antonio Smith Tyson Jackson that's a top ten. -- -- Yeah its interest. Which you now there's value. The so called value pick here the big name value pick would repeat just in to -- This is how much would you really have to. How much you have to give up for tuck at at this point in this drama from how much money -- -- to me I don't. -- can't be that much media always like kind of an inflated opinion of who he is but kind of part of the Justin -- packaged. I don't know I mean I personally haven't we talked about Michael Bennett a few times and the guys pretty good player RT what -- going to the Super Bowl make him so. Much money that all of a sudden he's overpriced and but you know who cares. As we're talking about maybe it's time to just spend a little bit of money -- maybe it's not the best value we need somebody. Are you need somebody is going to help put that defense over the top markets is that the year is it lack of spending money. That prevented them from going to the Super Bowl was that their health. I would go with health over money marks in Seattle I'm mark. Take dad out McDonald Browner -- It was -- -- to take. They -- -- do you remember at LE eight to buy back to the plane into that and still subject to their rule that. They were so I get I understand the rules I just think it's it's kind of weak but whatever that. That you're -- right now -- -- daughters aren't there patriots get tight and I it was a little bit different. I think that you can get and -- who is available. Not necessary at all but conductors and -- Into an IP address the young tight and that he could work has been ready to go out and he could be at the site is pretty easy to keep her. Yeah easier to play again and me personally got to know hey we're gonna play tired of me in the retired. I think he would play or the opportunity to equipment. -- get that would Atlanta. And they get. A lucky -- -- is still good player Dennis hit as a free agent this year now I don't know they franchise camera try to get it done before it reaches free agency. Some of the other name to Michael Finley who's not what used to be. I'm Brandon Pettigrew who had some decent years in one Troy -- and and then -- Garrett Graham Brandon Myers Fred Davis. Dustin Keller Scott Chan was rare player and it Dixon. Nobody in that elite category right I mean Tony Gonzales is an is an interesting name. Find it hard to believe it's I don't have to write up all of the effects borrowing eighteen to text on everything possible since college -- It was you. Who last -- and it's it's gonna call and say we have big. Atlanta about a person a quick let her -- -- -- you answer you know. Pretty good -- I don't -- I can argue. Understood understood it would be the frustrated. Our roster partly brought a lot of different direction hobbies in the car -- popular to control the bombing. So that -- -- on Bobby I'll I was wondering what you -- think the future hold for the patriots. As a game the I think in the -- -- it -- -- the decline. Are about the patriot and higher than that then create in the the last decade forties why would you think. I think that Brady does well. Went with a lot of action from -- Q being in this that got those graceful way when is brilliant as well. I would I give -- serious and then and then you put up the numbers that have probably -- not a lot. You know two years or you get next year -- fourteen will be good fifteen will be good in the sixteen will be bad that you would Brett Favre like. Far he has an -- didn't like Brett was -- Brett Favre. One of those situations we didn't have a quarterback that -- hard I can. Favre put Brett Favre. -- in terms of his game. In terms of the way he plays and Brett Favre. Is a completely different quarterback in Tom Brady mean that they never played the thing. We want -- we do more likely to be like Brett Favre at that point or Peyton Manning who's a couple years older than Brady and I had just had the best current season of his career. We'll be right. Yeah I look I understand your point is that you're not betting -- Brady being good for five or six more years to seems a little short. Or seen three or four seems a little bit more accurate to me and I just I don't know that you're going out there and finding your long term quarterback replacement. Three or four years before you think Brady is done that seems a little early. So I mean look I don't get a good game on Sunday. I don't know that he had -- kinda year that you hope for from Tom Brady but I don't think I'm looking right now it's in Brady's got one or two years pops. I think he's got a little more right out of the effects remain pretty is above and sucks -- is a much better quarterback. All right. Very well on on main -- started snowing in main -- problem doesn't at all what is it snowing in Maine aussies in the car and I housing. There was a -- -- -- or I got to open that I want to but I applaud Brady. On the different between -- and embrace you as merely has. All that talent around him. -- it doesn't mean Brady -- -- made everybody look good great and pathetic these aren't so you know they want you chips with -- And I think people at the -- you know once they're -- because as you know what the giants did they spent the line destroyed our offer to line. There was deadbeat parents that really want these bubbles and the last couple yet that's what the what is suitable. You know out of the -- The -- -- the computer L article. Pull out there -- -- -- the -- and are you really need -- you know like as somewhat of a pretty good quarterback but it is a great paper I think would be current critical -- pop in the -- and -- -- -- -- now I'm jumping on their property cattle become when two or Google we're. -- the marketplace. You know. Alternate Seattle he had a lot more control Leo Laporte stay on on Oak Hill a local bulletin topic back to go to the difference. You don't -- they -- you even have that control over it it does he get the technical players felt like that in and not exactly working out more and everything. MIT revisionist history though there might be a little revisionist history I know Bobby Grier head. The title. I agree here and am Pete Carroll. Did see some things the same way you know keep in -- he didn't have. -- Pete's -- expertise is. Defense. In the secondary in particular. But as of the first round picks with Canada and -- can do about it don't I don't know object I don't I don't think he just said. All man you know I don't draft draft pick that safety who's gonna become -- -- AP's gonna become a quarter. Don't wrap this this other quarter I hate when you draft guys in the secondary in the first round right stressed about -- look Bobby Grier gets the bulk of the blame he deserves the bulk of the blame but I don't think Pete Carroll was in a separate room. With -- they went -- and we talked about this before her that it's just about the personnel decisions some of it was just about the power right we hear about players going up the back stairway and I told you the stores that's not what happens in Seattle has Pete has the power. Not just draft. But the cut. And we sat right at the began the first guy first thing he did. With TJ Houshmandzadeh they paid big money to the year before. Before -- got there and -- terrible. He couldn't play anymore he was a pain in the ass in the court in the locker me wanna play was lazy -- column to see you later LenDale White pizza guy brought him in showed up late for meaning ams seal later. And he sent the message -- I may be Pete Carroll seems so often you know wanna go out there and and and have fun with the guys instead of being in the hammer but. He still held the ability to get rid of view it -- -- company actually took the took the time to deuce he couldn't do any of that year. Right -- I didn't. He did he he didn't have the power to do it now that you have the mentality -- -- -- that due -- -- knew that that was a fault yet and it seems like he's figured that out and get wrecked credit he learned from his mistakes. I still don't think he's a great -- would what people would be comfortable with here. But then it is a bad coach. George's in war I -- They got that particular policy don't mind before I give you my thoughts on the patriots. Couple things have been talking about. The dirty player yet I'm surprised you didn't bring opera nobody text if we're talking all time to -- Jack Tatum missed. Yes sure yes absolutely different category a million. Yes they -- you're talking about. Guys who were. Trash talker this. The one guy that I loved and submit it won't -- verbally trash talking but I used to love. Paid pro walking off the mound after -- just struck somebody else but the last out of the inning he would be staring at that dialect yeah. That's me. You know it -- nothing by just be staring at the data back after he put more likely out of the patriots. You know I've wondered -- -- best players because of the type of delayed missed talented skilled players. Because of the type of players they need to fit into what they do and by that I mean this game planning week to week. You know I'll always see a lot of the times he's draft picks are. You know. Committed to playing victory there. Did the -- I guess I would look like you know guys that look at tape there there. Educated about the game they're committed to the game but you wonder some highly skilled players that may not be that good. In the video room. Like bypassed. But but excel with the other teams. I think so I think that's the case with the logic you have a direct I think their their teams. Their players let's say it's that's for for lack of -- better guy -- in mind let's say is keen now to -- an Allen. Eight good receiver for San Diego. And he's a fitness system maybe the patriots look at them and say -- you only play on one side of the field. He's only good at running a couple of routes. I's not good it really recognize what defense is trying to do to -- so we think he's a big guy we -- with good hands but what he's going to be if you're right. Now they have nothing to happen but it happens. For a lot of teams normally I guess episode did that happen too often for the patriots you have to make sure they make exceptions. I think you always make an exception for -- an extraordinarily talented player. Maybe didn't think he was worth. Why it also brings a couple other questions are and I think you're right on there instead of looking what a guy can't do looking at what a guy can do in trying to take the most advantage of that okay Keenan Allen just use your example. Maybe there are these three or four things that you want a wide receiver to be able to do in your system but he's not capable of that. But maybe the three or four things he does do he does so well does better -- a -- edit and everyone else and eventually say hey you know what I won't put those positions. Where he's doing things that I don't think he can do unless he learns it. Two or three years down the road in the meantime. I've got a weapon that I can use. I mean look at what look at the positives not the negatives. You know don't just look at this guy can't do this and can't do that these two shorter -- two. Slower whatever but look at these things he does really well. I was thought of that has been a hallmark. Of of Bill Belichick in the early years what he was doing here is that our Mike Vrabel was -- -- -- in Pittsburgh because he couldn't do these things they wanted to -- look at these other things he does great. Let's -- put him in the right position to succeed yet -- dockets and that's that that is part of the hallmark but if you're looking for strength in your system so you still have to play the position -- pure receiver. And you do things very well the things you do very well maybe the bottom five things that they won a wide receiver reduce it was not a system to. Are sort of one more thing for -- an -- pages based on that same call if bill ballot it -- if their system is entirely based on a week to week game planning and meeting to find players who feed into it. Is Baptist thing it's actually holding them back from finding the players they needle hit on that next more your calls -- -- WE yeah. A lot to gain crises like listeners you know you keep players that are really emerged. Ample where are you are a lot of things city. Gain from it on it but at the same time you know -- we're not here I think we've established -- certain level of play and that that. We're not satisfied unless you know where the last thing we could accomplish it this year we. We are part we're very resilient team. So the patriots are looking -- -- guys who can feed into what they're looking to -- It every year you're going through the draft combing through players and trying to figure okay. Who's going to be able to play a game to game -- system right that's gonna change every year meaning Smart players. We need to we're looking for something different from whatever but he parents right and what not necessarily versatile players in -- -- it all these things are so I think certain I think you're looking at the same players from teams are very rare parcel here here's my question the the the question why is it. Is it possible that it's harder to judge whether somebody's going to be versatile whether somebody's going to be intelligent enough to figure out everything you wanna do. Is that harder to judge then whether or not somebody has the physical gifts. Necessary to play in the NFL. Right it if what you're looking for as as a as a GM is one big. Asked physical players who hit you hard -- that tournament if that's the senior looking for is it easier to determine if somebody will be able to move from college of the pros with that. As your philosophy senior judging characteristics. Or what the patriots. Now because I think they found NFL players. I we're -- Bobby Grier. Had guys who weren't NFL players. They did make it here it and make it anywhere right -- bad. -- -- say what you will about Pat -- Darius Butler mean those guys on other team Jeremy -- scene and showed up in the AFC championship game those guys. And make it here that they made it somewhere Brandon Meriweather is in Washington. They have found NFL players. But I think the toughest the tougher thing is finding guys who fit your system here's the other thing the other day the big one we're missing is. Guys just pictures of the good guys who can make your team. They're doing. Are this guy is gonna be 83 down back. I'm sure it wasn't. It probably is not a direct quote. -- -- -- -- Scouts are saying this is savoring his account he did he's a track star. An incredible speed he's fast off the field he plays fast you. I think in year one he's gonna contribute to our team in helpless on special teams in year two he should be the replacement for the anyway. Our Steven Ridley. It doesn't get the ball well they didn't ask me do that in college we think he can be a number one back. In the NFL and our system -- contribute can contribute in -- one should be the start by your -- -- asked are you breaking it down Brett and sometimes dismissed. It -- got to be ready to contribute by a year to be a starter and he's not. But. What all that said. As a lot of stuff here no phone lines Tex lines. FaceBook Twitter about the patriots and bill and stubborn and says in the -- that -- in there and decline in Brady sucks. Who is. Who is the franchise. Coming dubbed the best franchise right now on NFL probably answer. Save -- is if it was not the patriots you feel that way and the patriots are not the -- to yesterday's news. Notably Dan Shaughnessy that there of the Atlanta brazen. Want championship for the Braves and they and they went all the time to take advantage of an easy division who's that team who was their franchise. That they should be looking up to him. -- Seattle. How sustainable that's. Look it up to franchises that are. Where they are right now and we're really aren't apps you're right Michael if you know it's a good question I don't -- Seattle in the super ball so you look up to them. Are they going to be I wanna franchise for franchises that -- laps left this year pro the formal franchises right now -- not just because they were the four left -- they -- the -- the four franchises that seem to be built the right when -- -- -- -- Super -- and what tiger -- earlier playoff we got to the pitchers you're right -- the model franchise I don't know I think they -- for competing year after year after year nobody's done a better job of sustainability. -- twelve to fifteen year period than the patriots have it's amazing it's a huge credit to what Belichick has built here. The question is sustainability still the most important thing or as the Brady windows starts to wind down you need to go for broke a little bit in order to get one more these championships. 61777979. -- actors as one Texas as the ravens. And government says the Steelers was all good franchises -- whether the model army right are the ravens the model -- if you're OK with that I would think. And illustrator Paul. I would think. It will be interesting. If you if you said to Bob Kraft and Bill Belichick. -- all the fans are okay with you going 887 and nine every now and then as long. You win a Super Bowl -- You know ravens won two in ten years to when whatever five years. It was longer than the first one was in 2000 -- in -- so -- and -- two and twelve years. Are people complain that they have wanted to go over ten years polls in Hartford you're right -- ball. I don't I did. Not to drive in the met believe it or not but. The thought that let you know you talked about earlier and an older child off will you set a -- you want to create extra sixteen games into play a game I still don't know what they wanna do it what do they do well right. It's almost like they're like a Jack of all trades master of none I think that this. This whole armed you know peace plan per week and all that Scott I think that's not really Q went in the regular -- and everything we electric powered interplay up and stop. It's really bad we have nothing to do not have not yet not to go to that we have such as excel and I stopped. And the kind of -- -- carpet and -- -- -- that it -- everything I really don't want in my house you know arm. I don't know what's written about that. Yeah I don't know if there are. I don't know they're all that different -- From from patriots teams that you love and if you if you're patriots -- As patriots teams from. Super Bowl winners or Super Bowl participants. They're not they they did the same thing this is what they've always done. So I think they try to do with his seat this year where it. More guys on injured reserve them before. So it looks a little stranger. What the patriot did. On Sunday. They did in 2007. When they were undefeated in the same. It's the same philosophy or maybe you can make the argument is the argument could be. Art what you sustain once you reached the breaking point of injuries once you cross that threshold and you have. It's one more guy that you can't live without him maybe you say. We can't be a game plan specific team anymore now that we have these injuries. We just have to pick. Doors over we all got to pick door number two ranked it -- the other side is may do what you get those injuries you need to be even more game plan specific because whatever it is you wanna do. You are rendered incapable of doing because unfortunately. Injuries have taken away the guys you've built around and so now he's got to try to rely on one of your skills which is bill Belichick's game plan. It didn't work certainly against Denver mean whatever great is Bill Belichick has as a game planner it did not show up on Sunday against Denver what are -- some. More of these answers about model franchises yeah. Somebody says that for Cisco they've been a threat there there on the -- have been in three straight NFC championship game -- In other have a they have won a Super Bowl since what 1995. -- -- -- Francisco's Ireland's economy stemming non winning seasons they have in between those. Another once said the Packers. So the Packers. Made the playoffs this year. Won a division. Lost their first playoff game at home there -- once Super Bowl under Aaron Rodgers regime. And another instead the Steelers. -- -- Steelers. For the it was that second year in the road and make the playoffs. I mean what it depend on what you -- looking for what are you looking for you're looking for. Is that that's why I asked a question can Bill Belichick load up four year I have no I have no doubt Bill Belichick say. Squirrel value. Give a damn about a -- game but the cap what has been. But it's been -- it could be like a dollar fifty left on the cap when I'm done you'll -- to go to the new machine hit some chips I think. Spinning everything argument DM but first tropic would separate topic on trading them. I'm getting aging players who have like a year or two left -- -- going to be stars about when the Super Bowl this year are gonna suck for two more years now you would assume it's got okay. Try to talk to god for all you know. It's not okay like you it is now. There wasn't a -- -- five years ago eight years ago it is now. It is now at the end of it for Tom Brady Michael I I I support the way they've handled it up until I really do. You're right the reason that you look at all those franchises and everyone else that's -- -- franchise you can look at and say while they've really done it as well as the patriots year after year after year. Now I'm in the majors have been in the model franchise in the league for the last twelve years or so. But that doesn't mean that it's not time to go for broke at some point don't -- -- to the end of the of the Tom Brady thing. Unless you think that you've got the next guy did you feel that position is that import. Did you do it for you do it for Brady. Ad at the expense of the rest of the franchise because Brady. It's not going to be around for eight more years I don't believe at this I would be very I'd be shocked if he's. He still quarterbacking at the age of 4445. Well I think that's an argument to but I -- about what Iraq's parliamentary -- -- in the what you need to do is go for broke now. Right out the last two or three years of the Tom Brady era. What he's done in three years you go to -- fourteen UN to put the number one pick and you start all over again with another primetime quarterback. Would you pick up in the top five. I mean that you can you can do that you think you're getting close to the end go for broke -- Brady and if it turns out to make your teams stink after that okay. Good we -- good number one pick and then when will walk again we -- the next quarterback. I did it it's setting you up for today and tomorrow. -- that's why in this this goes back to our conversation we're having yesterday. -- if somebody mentioned it very you know number one pick would you trade Tom Brady for. Into law Andrew Luck of the number one pick. This is this is why. I kind of root against Jimmer said I want him to -- Harvick were against so this is this this is my hypocrisy coming out. That's it all the stuff about Peyton Manning but I do respect. What Peyton Manning did that tumbleweed town. And that Joker franchise before he got there they were joke of the Baltimore -- hanging out right sabbatical in Indianapolis and he legitimize them as the Indianapolis Colts. And he got them to two Super Bowls you won one Super Bowl and he's echoing what more. -- so if this this whole thought that we can bring him -- it's easy. The number one pick Andrew Luck has all the tools and we'll. All just get through Super Bowls and when line. We want more than that -- hard it is to get through super ball hard it is to win the Super Bowl. But is this hole but when you have Peyton Manning and Tom Brady and I guess we're falling into that trap to hear when you have those guys. If they only get defies. All they went to bring you like Brady -- and now. I am long years in the desert since you won a Super Bowl what you can do better than that in somebody's career has been wasted all -- I think the reason that I don't only reason that I. -- to learn that there's jewelry box cutter rooting against Andrew Luck getting to a -- -- -- -- without them -- the two reasons why I think people think that way is one. What do you think you have so many opportunities you've had so many time in the two Super Bowl losses. The EC championship game -- that there have these opportunities we say. If they just had this one thing that they might have been able to capitalize on those opportunities that we don't know what they've done is incredible the -- there was more than their could've been. Does sort of stick with the -- to this year this region is is different from Indy. There's just higher expectation level here in every sport and that's true right I mean nobody -- like a great job he made -- ball but he didn't read it didn't say that that's where they can -- back against him. But the fans but the owner saying. We wanted to do with the different model. Quote to a different I would hate animate tell us what why don't I hate that he won't even -- striving for greatness you where no body Jim -- Irsay. Your name was mud because you're dad moved the franchise. Like a little weasel in the middle of the night. Moved them to Indianapolis. Didn't care about the Indianapolis Colts took Peyton Manning got here so he brought brought back the respect. Tibetan named to the Irsay name and the colts name right any to a championship. It's so he if you look at going to to a Super Bowls as somehow. Being a disappointment. I hope they never got a very I guess I -- I hope they don't go to Dan in Cranston I'm Dan. Hey let the Michael I'll be you know what. I I think you'd get on the nail on the head as far as that the window here because. We can look at the Ike weakened sort of define the -- -- is ready. And I think the way the patriot to approach it as to what Bill Belichick timeframe -- -- -- -- gonna do is an appropriate argued you're gonna see them be a lot more aggressive if you want to go to another ten years that you are gonna see more of the same. You're great. Yeah your right Dan how you're -- -- I just can't. I can't imagine just knowing. The pass in the ballots cast for football maybe he'll decide when they can I don't. I don't wanna do this anymore but you think about it. -- about who he is who is dad was dad was. It's just it's a coaching -- look at what has kept doing now look at this stuff foundation that he started. Now for four. People world war mentoring coaches. It's a family of coach and what else is he gonna do that's what he wanted to get what he's always wanted to do that we've got -- -- that he will do -- lacrosse -- Eating a Disco -- lacrosse -- across -- current conflicts -- fun if you will Coca go to Wesleyan or something and coach their lacrosse team right. At some point or should we actually retire. In July I don't know. I don't know like I can't imagine him working in the media interview with -- three go away and hold three Rambo three go. Telecheck and -- and there's no way I can imagine him as one of five guys on what the CBS. Sunday show right not to do that. We'll take a look at that guy -- of the compartment on group. I don't know what he would possibly do to -- to write that article for what the New York Times he did he wrote that really good editorial -- grace. After win in the Super Bowl it was it was actually it was a letter to. -- yes it turned out to. Right he didn't know that time help but -- who turned out tonight shivered at the the next guy who has to deal with Jon Gruden. The government of giveaways and really that's them in anyway but their bodies though. Are they yes. That they're there they're very good buddies and tenement and remember -- took -- at all. Other than that both of them seem to local ball they don't seem like -- already males in Colorado whatsoever and Bon -- I want I don't it's the question coming up here just to make major questions any question any subject Mikey -- they're 379837. Is the eighteenth -- -- like tax that's lancer and -- WB.

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