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Headlines, Headlines, Headlines: Terror threat in Sochi

Jan 21, 2014|

The top stories of the day as recounted by Kirk Minihane. The guys discussed the constant terror threat for the upcoming winter games in Russia.

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I'll get to the calls here and -- it once again were loaded -- brought and we just agree that Brady's -- and uninteresting in and his enemy doesn't. Accused of the team room in. Jokers as entered chokes. On his opponents. He hasn't publicly come Monday Wednesday. In many media worker. This interest and sorry. The bigger things he believes in the us and say in the course of the interview -- So he's being dishonest. Scientists. These its culture and shallow echo Alex and the coal Belichick way Belichick. Through Welker under the bus boy there's a -- want Belichick did he violated the Belichick well. I headlines brought you by AT&T the nation's fastest now most reliable four GL TE network and by precision fitness equipment sharper the pros do precision fitness equipment. -- 733 I've no idea what the temperature is that's sort of relevant that old ninety miles some users twelve point seven mood nineteen at my -- well point six -- Run for your life storms coming. -- when we get an alternate and they want it incredible that these that the only place the weather is that you don't know where don't know where else to -- away. If you are right for Sports Illustrated still. Publisher editor at the time was. Bill. Colson was the editor. -- -- on assignment was a -- job seated together at all the first day I met and to -- for -- and highs set in for a meeting. When the editor said the big fight in Mexico City. And I was in the quarter observing and just among them is that might you know might. My Blackmon blue suit with -- big shoes to hush puppies on and I was like flies down to make them watch it. And he looks in -- there have been a Mexican Seneca. Wallace is good and they sent me to Mexico it was awful I would Don King for a week -- And it is a right after the proposition when it was called them -- California -- denied illegally leader benefits so you want to welcome analyzing spray -- and run across street like fried chicken vandalized. I went that went on getting a ticket that you French equipment. -- -- The he hit the ball who told -- you did not have a passport we'll send you generally and bring your time was channel seven who would send you well -- was -- was -- would be -- and -- so. I would always and -- deals Harvard Yale but -- wanted to do would you be would you would you be -- Gary ghost associate. Are you feel if you got iPhone well for me. I would I would quit I would get sick I would. Find a way that's -- in somebody died that would come up its mind this looks like at least appealing assignment in sports journalism history. -- -- -- That's true but unless it's not a Muslim terrorists all know in the streets of Little -- I felt safe. Russian security services may be looking for is minis for black widows dispatch carrier terrorist attacks related to the Winter Olympics including at least one woman. We could be in or near the Olympic city of -- US and Russian sources told NBC news. Monday night she slipped in the area into the city while they were busy running a gay guys yeah right now. -- man she poses straight response I issued to write them. And it she describes having lived her right leg left arm it is not an appeal bony forehead scar on her cheek. -- department doesn't bend the elbow. Should be hard to find it good colts got a artistry of pulpit -- It's a holiday drive. So it's yet this is this a lot of security issues going on a lot of faith in the Russian people now -- get this done it's going to be. A rough couple weeks I have more faith in them -- do here because on a -- and -- Don't you think it's Putin's -- You know give a damn but there and I'm not sure they have the technology in the wherewithal we went landed -- we. Did you -- a Boston firm McCain I think I came which firms charge of a security over their cause there are high tech got cameras yeah I'll pick. It with the social epic just three weeks away we -- over the weekend. Promise to gay visitors not face any discrimination in the country if he just said you know he said that. I would it's OK which leave the children the children plus a -- at a gave visitors can feel safe and free here but please please. -- children appease the pressure doesn't want them recruiting. The recruiting the kids that they thought like Johnny Weir was in the storm and elementary school yet round up some kids enough just to tell them but the you know the benefits -- an alternative lifestyles backward persuades I I have to be fair about this it's fine advocate that but they want that's okay. There really thinks that that's that's that's the big issue to -- kids alone. This is your ambassador to the world in three weeks. That's how much of the world thinks -- and to break it to you understand it's it's it's not correct thinking is it. I guess I won't provide expert analysts. Which I don't -- money on -- air crew teaching her cub scout troop Harrison's accounts as decades because he's creep at least create. He's with an Eddy -- indices Johnny where -- Richard Simmons is keep those freaks away from me here's we're. I'm a gay American I married into a Russian family. And that -- I've got a lot tech supporter of process the culture of the country the language everything about about Russia. And while this law is that is a terrible thing that you can't be game publicly Russia. I I plan to be there have been supportive of our Brothers and sisters there and that not be afraid if I get a wrestling interested not not great. But our presence is needed and probably would you have worked so hard to boycott is just. The worst thing to do all these young people. Did you know he was. I wasn't aware that anywhere and it's bisexual. Plea plays which you wanna watch and -- Kerrigan Tonya Harding no. I have was about saved it wasn't bad it's worth watching. Quick so. -- Boston area. Before five which is not much self -- -- hammered yielding 45 is as much now that's not that's not -- can -- a winter storm warning is in effect it's Easter mass -- by the end a blizzard watch she is in effect. But the Plymouth County coastline Cape Cod and the islands snow begins about 1 o'clock this afternoon. The first -- lakes will be the areas well to the self. On the south coast Cape Cod and islands run for your lives. By the evening commute the snow will be expanding and coverage now enveloping a good portion of south eastern Massachusetts. Ten to twelve south. And on the K six to ten around here and three to six. One final on the wolf of Wall Street which is a great movie everybody should go see -- -- NC had not seen it should see it. It's crazy it's hard -- -- almost B and C seventeen there is a cut of wolf of Wall Street Singapore right now there's so many swears. So many sex -- it's a three hour two minute movie the cut is 44 minutes. Yeah how much -- a thing I'd like to see that version three hours too much it's good. In the theater three hours. Want to read out your team got father and -- yeah that's different places the godfather I is that what you don't put this in the class of the -- no that's a very very very good. I that's and I'd like it mixed reviews on this little. My father hated -- and that's that seems so limited that wants it seems not mix on the it was going to be like walls -- Jerry Jerry Kelly. Michael Douglas and great Charlie Sheen yet I was going to be like it's not like that. That's the typical Russian movie with the tendency out -- PO. He loved lone survivor would you Nicholas by Kirk. I'm -- passing judgment on the it's beneath its -- That's true that's. That's such it's one of those -- rush pro American war movies I hate and they do not know want to risk and go list yeah portrayal I keep hearing we're gonna get trounced here -- Serb -- bubble this excuses why isn't this impasse in the I know he wants in the -- -- -- currently Xeon. I don't have a confirmed here's what here's what I know Marcus said he will -- -- Kirk seized the movie. So you're the linchpin here are right are -- that's fair. And it doesn't I think you should go fast and that we get DiCaprio on policy wolf of Wall Street immediately go on on out. Still a lot of interviews listening. That's true with the guys that environment at that scumbag that he played in the movie Jason Jordan and yet -- -- -- did you hear him talk about him. Because some hero -- example is a great merit totally brainwashed and I don't blame the victims of Jordan what's this place for for being offended by -- could still make. I mean most drivers who have -- yet. -- Barbara could be bad movie. A -- a real hero when you can make a great movie about Scott meanwhile survivor doesn't -- great because the guys this is awfully. Six do an interview at Augusta but the virtues of -- it looks -- an infomercial but it looks knots I totally agree totally agree. That they were trying to get these calls -- -- somewhat mobile abbreviate you have to like I liked what we get brought by AT&T. -- nation's fastest and most reliable now four GL TE leader.

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