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ESPN's Cris Carter: Rings are standard Quarterbacks set for themselves

Jan 17, 2014|

We talk AFC Championship and the legacy of both great quarterbacks with ESPN'er and NFL Hall of Fame Wide Receiver Cris Carter.

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Our got wanted to talk about and some really interesting people to talk about it with. On the line right now is pro football hall of Famer. ESPN Sunday countdown panelist. Cris Carter. Who joins us about once a month to talk about all the interest in things that happened in the National Football League in Chris. All while what a match up we have here on Sunday Peyton Manning vs Tom Brady Broncos vs patriots. I'm sure you've been studying this thing inside and now. What has your research. I told you and and how are you feeling about this game that the match. I think we're in -- you know all of the Euro. Cup years. On the field not the greatest ball. Spark can play decent overall. But the stores it was Peyton built the lead is paying at all and did all they could make for not being so -- this year. In ingredient Belichick in the story of that in in them being in championship game you and all so locked in recent everything -- and there are. You know and a bill 49ers. In Tokyo in a bill in the plane and they really when it. You know because. Of football -- getting better. He can say they've been there right Caribbean. Or. I was gonna say I think you've hit the nail on the head these are the four teams that we work. If we were rooting for four teams to be in the conference championship games we'd end up with -- east -- in the patriots Denver game. When you got to quarterback says as proficient as these guys are and to defense does is beat up as these two why are. But that lead you to believe you're gonna see a big shootout here. What they don't know score points is going to be perfect conditions the pro football and you know you're. -- doing and I and they believe they can go -- -- at Denver's secondary they know they got the four point. Around because they know there because there's not -- -- -- McCain can -- the men and all the appeared. Core guys you know for the whole game so I think you're in will be in the third. Chris the patriots passing attack in the last month has recently been Julian Edelman and and not a whole lot else how hard is it as a receiver to. All of a sudden be a part of the passing game -- you gotta think if they're gonna throw the ball over the field to win this game it's going to be more than adamant. That could be Austin Collie Aaron Dobson how hard is it to just all of a sudden be a big part of the attack at keeping quiet for a month. Well when you're in New England you have thirteen pound you don't try to do whatever trade could be -- and there are. Their best air tribute are the -- and -- Tom Brady hit ball field as late breaking. -- our inability to take over football game with at all that line and also the article there's the travel football coach. Bill duties on tape personality of halting the mine too often -- learn from the dropping back -- partner than now to be parking garden in the break. That is the permit YouTube built train on earth back in the year king so. It could be you know they normally. They don't care powerball turnaround they come in they are -- but -- -- planting -- whatever coach tells her. This game plan that we -- all the old -- not a Laker star players. I'm very happy with the situation that they had. Now Chris. ESP n.'s NFL nation confidential to the survey more than 320 players. They asked two questions if he had -- team with one player who would beat. Which player do you respect the most up Peyton Manning was a top choice for both if you were asked that question and our man I'm gonna ask that question. Who would your choice -- I wanted to operate. I'm always said that I would take -- You know immediate -- and an important. And I think that he's a better leader than people ever given credit for heroic figure Belichick brought it back. You know as a lieutenant or sergeant in or go to any top military -- and you've got -- order -- -- -- -- You've got to do it you'll you'll general and stuff that building could pick out -- to. In a military can make all deputy premier. I beauty great. Leaders here and they blocked some good leaders. But it never really talked about Brady his leadership and the ability to act all the personnel and they'll make any excuses so. -- here I gotta have one -- talk. What do you make of all of the in this as it's happens in all sports but. While we talk about a mostly in football with quarterbacks. Know Dan Marino never won a Super Bowl so. I guess that's minus four on its test or minus three whatever it is not you know Charles Barkley and basketball. -- what did you make of the emphasis on the rings for football players in general and quarterbacks in particular. Working -- quarterbacks among themselves they kind of started. You know do that burst and you know your great quarterback you're gonna win championships. You don't. Go back and you know Bart Starr. You know the greatest quarterbacks were the ones -- the -- they were the ones who want. Mean they're catching the ball. They have more important the game and any other player. And you don't run give all the credit them all over the -- upon the blame we got to put the blame there -- So championship -- important step in if you have out. I mean you've been number one of the several times number two seat in in you have and you come up short like you -- -- group of you know -- -- critical but that would be hard to know how all of this whole career. Like no one -- in pulled -- didn't like you know. Told -- you know we -- out of all the numbers. Indicate inning victory in the I don't like. No that's his real tall like we're going to try to avoid that no and he loses that game. You don't allow Tom Brady needed to go to the civil war record six star and so not only -- playoff record deacons will. But Tom Brady and the -- -- acute need this help -- about it too weak to boulder you know you know that'd be pretty careful. Peyton Manning has had an unbelievable record breaking season the numbers are are you know like you play in Madden football or something. And yet when I watch him throw the ball Chris it doesn't look as though he's got quite the same velocity same zip on the ball. But he hasn't passed maybe that's to be expected as you get older do you find the same thing when you watch improbable. Will you never thrown a pretty ball sometimes you can be deceit but he can. This ball is not heard it is unwind a little bit that's why when it gets colder compared to top compensate on the probably the ball and -- spiral. Improved to win. In that like you can play in any type of work. But keep the ball has always been that way of your plane imperfect conditions in Indy don't. You know in Benton county with a neck surgery there was some nerve damage you know bit. If he did didn't some believe he's got -- -- back I mean but he never had the type who aren't like some of the other -- Chris just to circle back to the championship she talked about it from a quarterback's perspective. What about other players aging players Wes Welker you know who has that drop that everybody talks about and has appeared previously York Champ Bailey. How much are they thinking about this my last shot this is all there is we gotta get this done. I mean they're thinking about it but it's not just I mean. They're just trying to win that and you know this kind of you don't study their game plan they focused not make it about them group is not about them -- part of the overall store. But the but he played there -- yet but they have fewer opportunities that smokes. You know -- it up late they have come up short chip. I've got to expose them last year you know he championship game against Baltimore -- put -- in -- very effective in doing that it could hurt the most part this year. You know he's had a fabulous career you know yet you want -- -- would -- -- the ball courts and west. You know although stat they had in the remembering -- people don't realize that he won't. And yes they want to win no one wants the league game without can't you book your only not so -- -- This station has talked about that Welker drop in the Sobel a lot this week yes we have published do you think he's thought about it in the time since then. I'm hoping that it. Because there have been a couple of years I mean I mean it. This. I didn't. I'm not decapitated I don't believe in dropping the ball. So. It. You're saying -- I had I had dropped the ball -- beat. Did not say that. I was gonna ask that you look -- there -- -- -- need to let that long ago I might come and -- are not don't matter. And look I don't -- -- Israelis look at that play. And a lot of people we had and we of course as you can imagine Chris we debated for weeks and weeks and still debating it a couple of years later. Some people -- the bad throw from Brady could have been better and you know well Currie was put in the top position. All right I know he's shorter than you are. But he got two hands on -- do you look at as a receiver whether it's a smallish receiver or big receiver acute you just feel like to handle the ball security. Media mania that they'll argue that it but he people just want to be controversy. Like. If you wouldn't expect him not get that and the purpose Wes Welker. 10000 hunter like let's look like -- was -- not that difficult to get. What Brady put the ball right all right on back so you gotta make it. Troy Brown once said to me if I touch the ball I have to catch is that how you played well. -- around Troy Brown. On mutually mutually accountable professional you'd bring a lot of would it mean. I mean a lot of without -- that typical catch. I don't not a typical kids. For -- to read the communique who got the -- to both Santonio Holmes -- that was attached. You know. And so are there before we let you go at it sounds like do you think you like you like the patriots and it's one Broncos really got. Well okay we got to go to music countdown good. Every -- picking up the pace -- that every time. I'd like this week. Like this team like the way they've come together. It's an amazing amazing -- -- the you know one of the left teaching standards. Are sore watching countdown what I've got to be off like five hours this time is that the pregame shows. And -- that's that's some real stamina. To be ready for those shows that what what army guys come and on Sunday. World it -- it will be. Okay known as. As the debate he. Talking about football -- victories work of -- right. -- pollute our Chris Carter we appreciated thanks a lot for the inside. -- -- got a great we are those Cris Carter from ESPN. Talking about things that frankly surprised that threat I love it when guys don't speak. Late yeah. This and I thought about it I don't want to shop and again I but he says if I had. Well. I'd have a hard -- out about it our -- Etc. well. And that at all how to popular. He could not have moved on from as I think about it. Of course of course you'd think about it. Even play every game right we don't play any game and you still remember you can probably remember where you were hurt. What you were doing before the ball was thrown at them play in the game. I've actually avoided it truthfully and Andy plays forming in the office for we came in here you thought it was a tougher carrots and actually was -- I thought it was and then when I watched that went. Like I -- I felt like Chris Carter and because you look at he's right he did put around on the back shoulder and I thought it was a harder catch and I really have not I've tried not to watch. Because it's not like you can on ring the bell here -- But I watched it within me a little while ago when Alan ma man. My cooler -- it was art. He didn't even know he's -- that yet and he said that he called let's welcome the best that's usually really if you get a column that then again it's an open and it was tough to -- the well the -- other eleven guys that go to the back nobody. One guy it's not like they're all just converging on him. They took advantage it will affect the best. At the beginning of the play was the best. Of Brady and Welker. Because they saw the same thing all the confusion in the secondary. They're on the same page about where Wes Welker was -- ago. Ball is up there like all there. And I still do think it's a bad were. Because I still the same exact I give you with everything you just -- -- it remind our these secret -- -- -- Reminds -- of the Miami play. The 99 yard touchdown they had I think was the same thing they saw the confusion boom Brady hit him in -- and it's a touchdown. So Brady eliminated that possibility on this play. With a back shoulder throw I don't think he needs to make I think he puts a little zip on the ball hits him in stride and it's a touchdown he thinks and then the game is indeed is over. That said he's got to catch. So -- Not quite is all in like Chris Carter is but I'm also not defending Welker like. Like Michael or someone answer. Let's get to -- your phone calls with the good thing to do have something to brag about six -- -- there on seven -- 793 similar -- Stephens Stephens and Rhode Island ace even. I gotta tell you the great and you looked and I'd like to take issue with the majority of the panel. I'm thinking that the New England Patriots have the worst storm maybe close to what Seattle stop and think the worst offense left of the foreign maintained. The album. Then numbers for the past three games I'm not going -- I don't care what happened in the middle of the season at the beginning of the season a -- six games ago. That's irrelevant that the last three games that they would play each each of these -- because report in the last three games are telling you. How these teams are trending. And for the past three days. The New England Patriots are averaging 39 point three points a game. -- -- -- -- They're not they're not say what you wanted in Italy five point but if -- packet in at the wood and it six point. And I'm not -- that they don't like my opinion do that this has cut back after averaging almost forty points to gain 39. 39 point -- game the Broncos are averaging 31 point six. The 49ers have -- that that's going 23 point 13 point oh and guess what 23 point. So they're averaging 23 point in the Seattle Seahawks are averaging twenty points. I don't go to great -- don't you have to consider just to be fair Stephen just to flush out the conversational a bit more don't you have to consider the opponents. For all of these -- -- Saying Michael -- thing to Baltimore it's not because that's why they put. No I didn't -- attitudes -- it at all in the David did that you might get you would use language like that you're. They -- actually say that Baltimore Sox. Well I thought you thought more highly of me now that they don't -- But they're Nate -- team that's watching the playoffs from the capital -- Before they came and it's always about losing three of 44 point sign and everybody was saying -- the job of Baltimore you know they get it got a pretty good defense. And then we handle the forty point and all the sudden the not very good when he played -- played buffalo we put up 34 point come -- full. Have you brought this thing you know they happen to the very good but the defense is still pretty -- Anybody Michael. 39 points just 39 point and I don't really -- with a quarterback is all the the kind of kid. All the what the -- NB a previous games without gronkowski. Who who's running and end up happening at the receiver it. -- imagine that the that I didn't -- eight point to doing more than the bronco. Over the past three games and most people want to know more about that that's how damaging to one point competitive averaging forty but -- about the same topic now that. Steve the only thing I think and I think you -- agree that. Except your sample size just the limit and you're also not take yeah you're not taking into account the internet's what. It's because they're coming. -- if that's where David is this fair. Is it fair if you have a sample size. Is it fair to go with three games. -- an end to ignore the other fourteen. Or would it be better to go -- important to ignore the other McClellan went out -- the lateral in the good. Certainly the not I mean why -- you want to look at I lifted it into the -- and I've -- income guidelines you know yeah. -- It's -- what the team is currently trending. And if you think that we don't see it that way about my opinion fine but you're not yet. I. Think that in Turkey argument to say things that that happens. They pay the purchase today you -- didn't -- the Baltimore socks and but I didn't bail out with big event. I have to give it to Steve I thought ball was going to be patriots picked Baltimore but they may be trying to -- some Golan. Defend their title and you sure -- -- Big Apple was going to be paid -- -- hang out on the ball low game. Nobody thought buffalo beat patriots around here but I just think what he's discounting and I Buffalo's never beaten the patriots that electorate. -- I've never beat -- it once and Brady is what 222. Lifetime against the bills right. -- the end of that Baltimore game back in defense of scores in turnovers. And last week I think that's what he's not take into account -- -- -- 189 yards against -- and all I know but the the problem is your attic points defensively like last week right -- dinner -- you touchdown that was a defense that score he can get the points 'cause he went out at the two. I think defense -- score. And I think that -- is -- have a Baltimore game right at a point yet yet he's doing it for 39 points per game. When I look at the Broncos IC most of 600 points coming in the 55%. And whatever touchdown passes has now they're scoring points offensively. And I agree you can arguing it is a better team you cannot argue that when it has a better offense in the -- and I just argument. Somebody well coming up what -- -- 7797. I've got up and got lucky. I just you know totally I don't. I've got to like you're one of its allies trying to turn it seemed like these Steve's there are -- -- -- island wherever Steve's live there in the.

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