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Dan Marino Hall of Fame QB: Manning doesn't have to prove anything to anybody

Jan 16, 2014|

Dan Marino joins the show to discuss his legacy, his upcoming interview with Tom Brady, and all things AFC Championship Game.

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Plot elude ID 37 WEEI here -- get you set for patriots and Broncos AFC championship game. Federer got to break it down. Quarterback by the talk about it all week Dan Marino hall -- they were nice enough to join us on behalf. Other good folks -- -- will tell you about jiggle it just a couple of minutes -- Dan -- -- Boston power you. A withdrawn guys they don't always go up there the other day well we don't appear -- cannot do what they -- -- for a with Tom Brady would it'll sit down of -- show sort of NFL position. I saw you had -- eager interview -- couple weeks ago interview Tom right now is that. When people ask you that as Alec asking your favorite kid when people say it was the better quarterback Manning or Brady when asking a guy like you play the position at such a high level. That these who's favored which which player would want my paper. You tell us they asked electronic pick your favorite kid you're talking they're banning all right -- -- I've known him for a long time and not played against. Peyton won his first couple years and him you know all right yeah I'm not pick one. They obviously the match up over soccer ball in -- legacies and debris in and Manning and it does seem like there's more the table here for Peyton Manning. Do you do you sense that -- he talked to him do you kind of feel that the some added pressure given the team that he has and what he did this -- the regular season. Yes you know I don't sense that he I mean. The pressure's going to be there regardless. You know he's already won I personally think -- an -- approved another thing anybody who's trying to prove to himself you know he's already won the Super Bowl. You've been and no one. He just broke every single season passing record as possible -- it is you know 55 touchdowns. But you know the basic thing to me is that he's actually the -- is it. 37 new rule and be awful four -- surgeries and he missed the whole year that that's more impressed about because it's always the winner of The -- global. We say it does America's he already won one it was interesting the other day you Shannon -- right on your set and -- you were Christian and every week it's great pregame show when Shannon says matter of factly. You can't be considered one of the greatest ever if you've not won a Super Bowl and you sit right next to one when he says that united. -- -- -- -- -- -- Didn't say yeah he did. He is I I I I listened to three times to make sure it's at right to your right to boomer and I was curious because that that's not the only time -- -- you are labeled as the best quarterback ever. Not to win a Super Bowl -- you are left are you offended by that when guys like Shannon say that he hear that from radio guys like -- what. At -- and animal -- You know I'm not offended by it because. It's really it's it's. The feeling that I would've had -- that's the but every other -- you ought to do as a quarterback. And you know for me. To walk off the field on Sunday know that wanted to execute what that feels like back. What do you know that flight I would be able to accomplish and and yet I think about it -- especially when watching some global. What -- would think about it. You know wonder what that felt like that. It's not gonna change my life at all -- -- you know me you know this flowers -- personally I mean but yet you don't think about that for sure. You lose talk embodied in in when you say it out loud and most. Almost feel bad does he get introduced to people would say that is -- basketball time on what acceptable and put on one -- at the delegate that that that end Clark does that sort of take away the compliment to you people say that. It would look ultimately you're the greatest of all time but others that last are. But you do -- the -- well you know that's that's part of life are gonna build it. It's part of life you have dealt with it and he belted out talking about these two quarterbacks and I know you can't eat you don't wanna pick between the two but. When you look at the two what's the biggest difference we know what the same that it is about Manning and and Brady here the day and we know that they both. Very Smart we know that they go to line to call the -- replaceable what's the biggest difference in your mind between -- are. The sole -- -- say that there's a difference the difference now probably pro football a little bit you know long but. They're both guys that could call no call didn't know a lot of the line of scrimmage. You know Peyton Manning like as the orbiter up there. In Brady's been met wait to and he and it was just -- this year I mean I think is is the force -- concerns. -- -- they would do with young guys in you know -- receivers. And it changed attitude and -- sentences maybe one of the best as he's ever had. You know and you got to give him a lot of credit for you know adapting. The situations over the years so. Amenable. Very similar in the same respect because you know the bulk of the rural America. Miller Park capacity that'll run around much very similar way I've played him. You know I have number respect for both. It really look at some of the the greatest of all times that a lot to answer attached to a hall of fame coach as well and -- and obviously Don -- we talk about Belichick and Brady. Talk about that relationship like this is a great coach helped quarterback the great there's the quarterback make the coach great. I think you're both you know what they give you that -- mean I'm sure he's been a lot of problems Belichick -- I remembered. I. -- -- interview a public some -- spent more time to -- in my life you know. It's. So I I will tell you that the evil pure coaching. You have a quarterback acted the play at a high level prolonged period of time obviously when a lot more games. And it makes it looks border and at the same time if you know you're a quarterback -- getting guys you know deep counts put good people -- you'll and if you look at the winner week it is going to be better for you so it's them that it's really it's. It's the combination of both for being together and have the same system. And all that helps you win you know and winning you know each and every week. We're talking a hall of Famer Dan Marino when you talk about the greatest coaches of all time and you guys did on your set last week when bill -- sat down with bill bell expect. Do you take away from bill Belichick's career because of spy gate -- The -- I mean there's a lot of that it's. You know happened throughout the year at home you know and it does put a black eye on the little bit and -- -- -- can be honest about it and of that but that's. They -- the -- penalized for -- move on and funneling a lot of great things before that a lot of great things afterwards. -- -- do you think that bill that it would need one maybe get that that the monkey off the back of the people that hate him Hussein you electoral votes are still kids look at spike -- say whatever look at the record after his but the people that don't like them. Will that change their mind. That's good question I mean sometimes people do -- like an adult woman what struck me that matters right I mean but. I think -- I don't think the -- sector is always joke or packet before but it's -- for him about winning ball games in the suitable weapons of. You think your Brady or Manning one of those guys wins this year your Brady would get to a sport to a matchup with Bradshaw put it right there with Montana if if if if Manning wins this thing Danny's the first quarterback ever. To win a Super Bowl with two different and it's one of those portals guys wins. Would you be comfortable saying that they are the best quarterback of all time in -- in that club that's talked about but right which elevate them the number one if either one of them wins the work. Boy I think of their community is you can't say that there's only one guy's gonna be good or Michael have you look at all its different errors in the different. People play at different times and and if you're in a conversation with both of these guys or in their conversation regardless you know that they went at all when this year they have won again. I'll -- regardless of that Joseph Montana and John Elway Terry Branson on all of these guys have done so many great things. In different error and the standard say that there's one guy in the didn't just my opinion there's one guy I'd say okay he's the greatest. Player you know that position -- live it is it is really difficult. Yeah look at Tom Brady this year an excellent story lines of see the pressures of -- to win and and Tom would be look at what he's doing it with this global all the guys that he is miss when you look at the stats aren't there. But you look at this year and watching him play is -- that's still one of his better years you know the numbers aren't there. All in all I think I mean I I think that earlier -- yeah I mean that consider what you know this this team's been through in the offseason and then. Deal with some injuries and little Wes -- and now -- get young guys to kind of change of philosophy and offered to become more power running team and put more pressure on him on third -- to be more consistent on third down and all that stuff. Oh lead -- saying well you know -- Brady's head you know -- of year. With the rules right now the weather setup to cement league while there you could throw for 300 yards right now. Political pass interference in immediate and your era when you play a little bro bro I know you can't I tell you -- -- -- Away with what these rules right now even it if you're not not advanced stage but look at all the when you played. You throw for 300 yards right now against the Broncos or patriot because they call -- appeared stand. On every single play. It is that the they're. It's different it's different than it was. You know years ago and it'd it'd change when it when they change the rules state that all really depends on the players' -- excrement Bill Clinton talk as much downfield. God differently then and now you've probably ought to tell guys. You know Peyton Place culpable errors there and so did Paul little bit and they'll they'll use them you know they'll be flat out to him in you know on is that when they're. -- used to be pretty powerful football malveaux and it's that it. Look we expect -- -- sit down with Tom Brady on CBS on Sunday again. I wouldn't have a good conversation about. You know this year with the team's been through about. You know but him and his career -- about. You know just punt off that ball on the talk a little bit about -- their relationship complaint against each other for all of them will be. It will be great -- it's I believe will be good to an interview but also we've also GPS to it. In our -- field for the game in them excited about it. What can you tell us about vehicle center balance and info -- A it's a game that you play and -- downloaded it people it's an app dot com. And it's. That the game with the highest scoring player. Can win a trip this weekend for the put for the two games I was born player with a purpose of global there's been prizes -- win when you played one season but this as a the big FC championship and impeach him to weaken India. You know you play you predict what will happen next -- through which put your like kind of a virtual coach. And once again I've scored player with a trip to Super Bowl and airfare to -- and wherever meet and greet the New York City with me. And that thought download it but you download -- rule out. Google.com and -- trip up the -- They want it's always it just looked up my iPhone search -- on the App Store boom it's right there it takes about ten seconds. The download -- and -- you'd get a chance to win and hang out with view now. A feel free if Shannon Sharpe says something again you know like you -- my eight. A blessing to punch him if you wanna set up your -- -- -- -- But -- -- -- great stuff we're gonna get -- there's gonna download big gonna play this week for chance to go to the Super Bowl and hang out with you we appreciate your time and enjoy championship weekend. Okay picture -- and Maria I have to what extent Dan Marino -- favored joining this year. On the AT&T hotline -- covering more than 99%. Of all their eggs AT&T rethink possible.

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