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Tom E Curran, CSNNE: Pats fans should be a little concerned about Brady missing practice

Jan 15, 2014|

Tom Curran joins the show to discuss Brady missing practice, Wes Welker's impact on the Broncos, and Peyton Manning.

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Yeah. And then. Then. -- And you know my nine Leno and bugs on the -- on -- seven W -- know I hate Israel and -- -- nineteen -- -- -- -- -- handled by. Tyler Perry and Comcast. Slowly they'll -- flowers. Tommy -- -- every single week when he does -- occupies the is don't care doctor doctor Robert Leonard called 100 get here 1800. Get hair mr. current model or are you. Really credible or perhaps -- exactly sound incredibly that a couple seconds and I can tell is going to be one of your best. -- radio appearances of the couple hundred you do. Every single week across the country we are just debating. -- legacy right and and it's kind of the bigger picture thing this this week and in Denver today they brought spy game and the question became for -- and I who's. Whose legacies impacted more -- winning a Super Bowl this year Peyton Manning's legacy or bill Belichick's. Legacy who sort of needs it more for there. Football resume in your mind. What Clinton sit there and -- and that'll be decreasing in terms of legacy that until cloture. Has already established themselves. It easily the greatest coach in the modern era arguably at -- here and the only thing that argues against him being. There's not really fighting for the personality. There's some like -- or that they were hired as a coach in Minnesota who saw tweet after tweet your story out the laudatory. We. About Mike Zimmer being named as coach from national media the reason like -- the -- So could everybody this quarter so who create a legacy. Like he's created by the media the national media and political culture because it doesn't kowtow to them as easily there's. Other coaches in other cities. So it's -- belief that the legacy -- thing I think is. And -- Levy investigation. Galleries through as far as bill was that people of Iran -- no I think I hear it's that people keep -- and -- And bring ended up in bringing it up and it's like. You know people question the validity of what he did in New England those years almost doubles your question is accomplishments patent -- fail but he he's failed it's like. People question whether this guy did it right or not but it got hurt us. Well I I think it does if. If you put if you think the people Erica finally there. You're -- in the moment in the in the -- other right now that still has the patriots. Try to play a loophole. They got caught again on the floor. Exceedingly well on the pick apart -- but that doesn't attract more global technical was. In the people who are detractors and I consider the tenure -- -- eight years it will retires. Our. But right now I don't think that's gonna happen in England a couple of legacy this week if you don't have enough information. On April -- Hey merry -- concrete. To still be feeling at the polling fox. With a curtain drawn wondering -- you're gonna include -- in these individuals. I don't know what you want and I can't help. We will get -- -- thank thank. You or in this 2001. Culture in the third. What sixty minutes -- electric. It it'll it'll change that the amount of Super Bowls may be people's RD of this of people lord decide public is set all three. Of these guys have you decided you know what happened today with Tom Brady we saw the reports he was not. Up president part of the media portion of practice they postponed. Or canceled together his media availability is presser at 1 o'clock. Any big concerns about Brady missing today's top. I think they're good marketers reason for mild concern and -- leader of the put it that way I think that. Well reporter earlier tweeted that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Cause for positive attention. So. I haven't yet been -- on the record or. How well he's feeling. So he -- do that -- You know respect the notion that practice is important in this is one that. W look back at that the last meeting of the obviously the big comeback for the patriots. Going into this week because -- I don't think raised at all fifty times helping gazed at all 450 yards but he could be -- -- the other way around as far as running attack goes what do you take out of that last game to bring it to this one. Also in this film that Hulu -- in the early portion of the game it's hard to take very much on this so many different components. They're gonna be on the field at work last not just Juliet are mr. Cheney called. -- -- You know up all upfront for Denver Kevin Vickerson. And not here but the guy to step got a solution that is good player -- -- and so what to what happened in the last -- -- by product. A score in time and situation look at that point we're not the patriot fortunately that were able he'll be a little the first slot as well. Because. You know they had thirty minutes and -- to make that time that they didn't have much more you know they didn't get to a point where they're completely one dimensional. But I think they're not a part of and regret all the -- situation. In the lineup and remove all -- -- -- -- expecting -- industry Katrina effect order. I don't know but I that's why I think it came with a New England Patriots to order Arctic loose ball completely depend on the second. Is secondary -- -- -- -- for -- to win the game. Electrically pretty good -- Michael. We're talking atomic sort of Comcast sports net does that include Jamie Collins and the coverage of the guy just mentioned Julius talisman lose called and JC I give -- now it's a guilty JC JC yet he had JC out there are later in the game Saturday night can -- Be that guy in the secondary Tom I guess trying to match up against a very athletic tight end and Julius Thomas. And so what information we don't yet have a vote came because -- first what should not -- well I think the real peace and image. One interest in the Olympic regret they appealed the daily but I think it would Denver could do is let's see how you react -- years. In terms of the regional responsibilities we put this player flat and we drag somebody else. And has still mentally. Are looking at the and that is the Patriots defense get in the situation we're stressed mentally and Castro rely upon. Thought I -- in Steve Gregory at courting all three of them and make sure that he has corporate responsibility correct I think that will be during -- -- by product of what goes on -- the 08 inning despite -- what it called late last week. It's still single. That you look at more. Thought she put in effect -- look at Denver's front seven they're rushing defense you know we look at him and say while their seventh in the league you put that on. We've seen here right Peyton Manning in this offense did not hot or or is this really good rushing defense. So what -- that rushing defense when you look at the numbers. Are related to team's situation -- and -- -- and filibuster -- affirmed the art or a large Kerry because I think that. The better measure. Of -- watching these senses these yards per carry in Denver. Reporting not. Particular you know overall yards sixteen point six -- -- and so they do have good guys that detonate it turns people open. The net portion of the game. And it has to run the ball up against an -- routine did not run applauding its problems especially early in the year when they were averaging. Fortunately for the first. The only care what is rightfully getting a lot of -- accolades for what he did he a blunt force trauma on the regional cover of SI this week in T shirts everywhere. I take a step further I'd look at that offensive line I thought the second half of the year. All the injuries they had the job that Scarnecchia did to put in somebody named Josh Klein something named Josh Klein and this offensive line kept going to now work. I I saw them with some nastiness in fact gala on. A Saturday night Tom what do you thought of that progression this year from -- group upfront for the patriots. I think it's been great and I think there -- no agreement. Cut right entity -- O'Grady mentioned the Indian. I'm other radio that you gave -- go forward struck down by the fear it sure they'll. Talked about the fact that you'll have plucked directly except the except the except the oil from the east central front and back. We're running. -- fire -- line you get older you get -- into some. Linebacker or if you all the around in the air and you're having trouble running back find out -- that breaks the one thing about -- -- -- game it. In this city NY in the game going to be vital is. They have to be able to remain in contact or was. With the -- Because if you learn returns. It forty get to you don't want your pocket. You won't be able come back on the field. Still in the same school which is great and not think. What's report more. Because wanna be viewed the repetitions in the morning -- -- -- them down which is what we are. For the patriots were the other teams got LB players. To defend the run that from the patriots get to the ropes and beat you down but it's fair game in which I think it would have elections thirty rushing account. I think that's probably not a feel for the. Don't we study show we're talking about Wes Welker is in much thinks that you know maybe it did Wes Welker they'd be playing at fox for the weekend in Denver. And obscures your thoughts one year removed a couple things and welcome and -- settlement. But they've played together in this office if they chose to keep him with the settlement but after one year how big of a difference will treat with the upcoming -- I think one -- The patriots set the record they didn't rule we're within one game at a Denver Broncos 41 very important reason. Let's welcome Orchard Park. I think that that's not negotiable patriots -- extra win because west well screwed up -- In doing what they gave them an opportunity to kick he wouldn't feel. Particularly I think if you. A couple -- hypothetical. So well towards the component of the conference at odd guy. -- -- still. What can custom list pre games as a result that could you have Eric Burton. That it would have to carry your New England physically. And I am against outlook are not questioning. Its ability in -- overall is looking at the player as he is now could look at Welker in Oakland. But when Wes Welker set of testing the market and Wes Welker made it clear was -- aren't going to market. Picnic at the resume the debate in New -- -- to. Look at the patriots say well. Although we -- let welcome group market. In the eighties only nine million dollar not an act that. And meet people leading Welker it would go as well well now we have Natalie who don't have tried right now we don't trust and say help. Think -- our future. So all the hypotheticals. Are looked at an active got a look at the situation there are enough to look at the situation 2006. In Hannibal and record he has no growing. Social. -- I would look at require that. Those kind of important. I'm not a local replaying a few years at least they have the other -- under our. Under contract -- what do you pick up. I think you're right about acute debate the -- aspect of enemy fumbled upon the patriots won because of that you know can -- go back and look at. The it's the first time since 2009 were Brady had two games are under 50% completion percentage -- go back five seasons. Four seasons to find that and Cincinnati in the -- gains in particular. 47% each game -- welcome would help them win one of those two games yeah but you wanna take -- that the Broncos game. If I'm gonna play my dumb hypothetical back and forth but that's always have to do I just think -- And that's it's it's it's fine for that particular illness and that's just I kept -- -- -- see who goes into default. How would 890. Wes Welker has changed those game. And I believe he probably wouldn't have radically you can believe that he would have. And I don't think you'd order the regular -- -- in Iraq but it is still a fascinating. Conversation -- Real. A QB hit on the NFC game is -- Seattle San Francisco what team represents that conference and super -- I think Seattle post -- because they are so. Wrong. And the -- recover so much ground that they can probably limit called cap and better than any other defense in terms of scrambling ability. I like Michael Crabtree in particular lot and I think Vernon -- figured out is it good tight end. But I think the ability inning -- Burnett. That apple corporate numbers he's done that very much got nearly I think that's the -- Saluki. But I think Seattle so much. Yell about in the affordable. And whoever makes -- Denver Sunday bicycle club you're gonna have the African Union league. Outside two physical teams who Tom great stuff as always I I enjoy Belichick and a couple minutes we'll talk decent. Are brought -- Tommy card Comcast sports net joining us here is he always the Seattle. Like Seattle Iraq it is Smart guy I don't wanna promise by your cover a way around he covers the front side I wanna isn't Mikey -- pokes his post -- picks and in health Tom makes picks publicly so. Are you -- talk to Seattle. Should have asked that we liked all of get a break welcome back you'll hear from Bill Belichick will be at the podium at Gillette Stadium live right near 937 WEE.

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