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Salk and Holley's Answer the Questoin - 1/14/14

Jan 14, 2014|

Mikey Adams teaches us how to survive the Titanic

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Are -- to the question -- brought you by a our -- restoration specialists if your property your facility manager don't have a cold weather disaster plan in place will be prepared. Contact Harris at 8774611111. Or go to -- serve dot com. I'm like hey it's almost -- to get that warm weather disaster plan in order to resist it feels I don't know when he yells -- a few months but yeah. You know -- don't you wonder this if you are property your facilities manager and you don't have a disaster restoration game plan in place -- project. How hot July it's up to get to this position and I am -- why is this happening high. It's happening to you totally ill prepared for all it is part of your read your job description call Bristol excellent Xavier. Yes you see this. Quote from from Nick Saban that I know Saban says and as a tweet from Doug Samuels coach Sam Adams. The only hateful -- he says Saban says the four years he spent with -- check with the worst of his life. Or at everybody body but there are. The only signed he said that they had with the browns in the entire facility other some signs up around. -- or whatever yeah the only sign they had in their entire facility was one sign it's -- do your job act act act. Its worst four years of his life where the four years with bella Jack. It's hard to believe. That's harder that's why they're so friendly now they're away from each other his. You know I didn't have as can be really friendly with somebody -- I don't wanna be hanging around them and and make any sense to all the time. Ultimately be tough to hang out with a lot coming up right there wider so similarly that they must to Germany each other crazy. You think yeah I would I would think so. Things are here -- to account and would you rather give up sex or technology. How technology in sex sex robot some kind of a while you're driving a lot of used for technology thanks Wednesday especially by yourself. We hope is that it is this the decision to somebody estimate now that's easy that's easy you'd rather give up -- to more -- Adam and -- you know which which don't give up at the -- of the woman. I mean -- -- give up the apple. The pair technology's pretty important. That. Family and your answering with your -- that's a problem is that she -- the burden and that next question targeted attack global match up. Would you take the 06 patriots or the 2013 pitchers. Tech broke in -- mobile match. Recently doing the we -- at four point tech or eight play tackle the -- got to be -- -- to gonna be a replay of that's a great question how do I have allowed to have -- available I think you gotta go what you have right now right now -- give you had a team that started this year you'd go with a thirteen patriots. But what about the team you have now now I'll go with him now. Because 2006. The running back. Would you have that we analyze it does sex and the course technology. Was shifted to last year. Maroney wasn't there yet right. He was drafted in 2000 writes he had Sammy Morris. -- -- The area of Corey Dylan and Sammy Morris and maybe Heath Evans a little bit Maroney was there had had to be. Was there -- -- quarterback -- next question. No matter what we throw the ball to on that team I mean think about how bad Reche Caldwell would be. In technical -- brown and he's done basically at that point okay. We have for the Baltimore after they didn't know the Jabar Gaffney was any good and lots of appreciate it could be good intact in the -- argument that gave the controller bright compared to your parents you know what happened in recent -- you see the story you know how he was arrested this -- last week -- gives the -- -- running illegal gambling ring out of my house just for the pictures now that you look at his eyes are -- out of his -- had flown into dozens excellence Maroney had 745. Years Russians -- who -- them -- for. Dylan had 812 yards rushing for two touchdowns. On and it it in my memory the two of them -- not here together on grass everybody's where they just work. So next question how long is too long -- Christmas -- Well now January 1. You're one you can go into into January at all no. Why -- a week after get rid of it I got a friend a friend of mine keeps is he's been known to keep -- up until April made a c'mon. I like that's tacky that is tacky that's a living you just look lazy. That is that is loving the season. Has really -- -- does it put it up that's spending some time reflecting -- what's important if I had put it up like at Halloween. -- -- -- I -- -- anything after January 1 six months of having a tree in your house seems like too many stupid. If the question Chris Kelly or Ryan spoke. For a what are your pitcher is capable primitive -- -- -- got to -- -- -- do though. So this is this is what's happening I think we've set the tone that Brady meaning right decision. Against. -- come over to answer the question religious I wanted to the other I don't think you need to make that choice and Chris Kelly comes back you can put him on the win with Bryant Boehner senate what's the problem. Get -- one not so. How many texts per day to the eighteenth -- text line is too -- How many texts per day April when you have a -- single person yes. Part of for a single show all the shows there are some people per day. Who -- per day of the matter what you do and heard I say about. 25. That's right -- -- T and electric company. I'm too much at temple got something to say ten. I would say and he got a live -- -- -- -- point of -- five texture. And I got. Along the way and it really takes up fourteen I think it's arson means throughout the day though I mean of one tech -- -- -- -- long message about to get a job in sleep eight hours and give -- five -- they shot up the text from that. That. -- edited on -- how could you have survived the Titanic. Not got mom I would have been my only shot. -- Kodak -- are the likes some of those people dislike towards the the women and children on the way it does that go for yourself you that you had a some people did you usually think he would. I wonder about my legs are strike using kind of guy who do stuff like that I love how do you handle yourself under pressure that knowledge to say yes he's died noble death really. Totally I terrified at death just repent prizes -- the biggest fattest woman and climb aboard a of course hope she stays warm to wonder how do they have the original Mikey after that you still have to survive how you -- Our money where your coming up today you know -- but it -- -- Ethic of before. We get it -- Manning Brady that we can try. We on the people are into it you know they argue guy's fault lines straight through that show would not to jump on board that can go for more hours would I think you can go as long as you want to blow Brady Manning. Lose nine straight games and you're still -- close to the worst record in the league and -- -- it to begin with help as the east is just not. And Milwaukee's forget -- come back soon.

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