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Salk and Holley's 4@4 - 1/14/14

Jan 14, 2014|

We discuss four topics around the greatest individual rivalries in Boston sports.

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Our -- for brought you by see beyond your technology ally you got a business to manage one outlets seem beyond and manage your technology banned all individual rivalries today. Well that's the theme of the shows -- -- will be -- team afford four. Championship weakened features an established quarterback rivalry inquiry beavers Manning in the developing rivalry in cap and experts Wilson. Outside opinion Tom what does the second best quarterback rivalry in the NFL right now. I just named it. I guess since I guess cabernet -- vs Wilson because of the division and these guys are in the same division my Peyton and Tom used to be back in the day. Not only that they're they're both young quarterbacks of the future of quarterbacking in the league. And the other thing is. These teams hate each other they despise each other so it got all the elements at least two. The patriots and colts used to play the game publicly. Even -- silently they couldn't stand each other these guys are out there the last time and you you know the -- the last time. Seattle it's -- sisco played Sampras Cisco won by two. Your boy Dick Sherman said after the game in -- it will shoot them again in there will be a different result Earl Thomas said. We've got to win the next time I guarantee it. All of the elements -- -- Wilson. The only other I mean I agree Hewitt so called -- reducing both these things on display on Sunday. The only one that I think we've talked about for awhile but I'm not sure it works is a real rivalry between the -- -- would be Matt Ryan and Joseph Flacco. Really just more the comparison sick right drafted the same year were both sort of similarly viewed I think for awhile who is better than both have a lot of similar characteristics. And what's funny is now the Joseph Flacco was won a Super Bowl. And Matt Ryan just had a horrible year I still think most people think Ryan is better -- Flacco. Yeah I don't even think about them I don't even think about them as as rivals. -- again I don't think their personal rivals and it would just two guys we compare a lot. Do we get one this weekend so. -- -- Cam Newton and he took the man's game it could be and they can celebrate so similar that you would like to see a rivalry develop their -- Now -- schedule bit more in terms of what is team he's got to be there are few more times. And before we have that conversation what's interesting. Is Dick heparin can Wilson party won't play -- games right can't predict Texas team all the way to the Super Bowl last year wins another one this year another two already this year Russell Wilson won one last year as well. In the same division I think you're right that's the number two reverently. Yes we are Michael. Individual rivalries aren't just limited to opponents sometimes they can happen on the same team there's been some good ones here in Boston Schilling and Pedro didn't like each other. Bledsoe Brady in 2001 inserted a robbery Rondo and Allen. Which was the best individual right -- on the same team. Yeah. I guess who would have to say. Either either Schilling are Schilling Pedro or or Brady Bledsoe because. The president of one guy pushed another win or advice for his kept going they kept pushing each other. The fact is done. Drew Bledsoe wanted to his job back Tom Brady knew that. That made him focus even more on the job as a young kid I think he knew we eat. Wanted to be the starter but -- -- that presence of a of a veteran or like Bledsoe -- passionately. You know angling for his job back. It helps you raise your performance and then give blood so credit as angry as he was at Belichick he didn't let that distract from. -- the big picture with Tom Brady he did help them parents -- -- Schilling -- -- mean I think those guys their competition. They're silent competition. With each other helped them both. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It was a much of a driver is most beat the crop back I was gonna say the hell out of my way. -- Jim Rice and Joseph Morgan -- The -- about -- Ramirez then. Kevin Youkilis. Ball. Yeah that was you know it is but it was a bad thing that was of that was a real bad -- problem Tim Thomas and all of a statement. That was after the fact of -- But -- doesn't count as -- reverent but. I would say Manny and you love Manny. But that was dead between Youkilis in the in the same year he smacked Youkilis during the game or they -- hit them. And then he goes after Jack McCormick. Saying you gotta go into the mini run. Couple Glen Murray Michael Connell. Got so angry after McConnell treated -- that. Rumors persisted to pursuing out of is that true. -- apple I didn't say that a lot of rumors persist I wasn't there that are better if you're gonna go at the rumors about you know Tyler Sagan and marked as so his teammates. Nathan Horton how about their castles and his teammates yet. There's a lot of rumors out there. Boston New York have been rivals since the Babe Ruth trade sports wise. There's been many intense individual rivalries in the Boston New York feud but which individual rivalry was the best. I love this question so. You got. A-Rod verses -- war of words. A-Rod vs Trot Nixon -- war of words A-Rod vs -- A-Rod vs Varitek actual glove in the face he got Fisk and Munson. -- -- -- don't forget about Clemens Clemens Nixon. And an entire 99. Yeah and the 0:3 PM ordeal three yankees Pedro and Jorge Posada Pedro cream Garcia never amateur wise to Robert nobody knew reverse it was. Later Pedro and -- Verses -- number one. It's. It. Now this is this just Red Sox yankees there was as any Boston. Boston -- Belichick Parcells is a huge one Belichick Mangini sedate them. -- -- -- -- Now now I'm not the same level not here. I'd say Belichick Mangini would have been better if it means you may want to get that yet but it even on the victory all between those two guys that -- time. Leading to spy -- That might be the biggest rivalry of any of these yeah Belichick ourselves I think it's probably bigger -- it seems like those guys kind of Terry -- Eventually they don't -- each other now I'm in. The Belichick Mangini thing led to spy gate. Yeah he just puts you know a guy who did the fact -- you guys says I -- -- To drop a dime and you get a drop a -- -- embarrass you but he's the that it never win it or entire. Legacy and is. -- is only mean it. And genie is not in position. To be the coach of the jets if not for the three -- and that number. One Eric Mangini Bill Belichick biggest New York Boston rival. As we've been talking about we know Brady's main competition over the years has been Manning. But who has been Brady's second biggest rival at the quarterback position. You are trying to quarterback position. Itself. I think. A question that obviously answers you -- of these easily to vs Eli. Proper order at such a Ganassi team. Maybe what team any non patent team would be would be Baltimore. Maybe -- the -- or maybe it's the job adjectives in question Huckabee the jets and it's always been a big rivalry while mr. could be Pittsburgh know. -- -- -- All right I absolutely but still just in terms of the importance in the number of big games they've met each other and I think you know to me you don't pay mentioning typical. I don't know if you agree. But a rise of -- a rivalry to really flourish. You have to know your rival can take something away from YouTube rival. Have to have had. Taken something important for you a chance to go to a Super Bowl the chance to advance in the plant -- taken anything from -- know. Well okay her. Yeah. Well I guess the only thing is. He had the undefeated regular season. Over Eli thieves but so give that back in the day that -- back any data or. A Super Bowl yeah -- right so maybe four from a pitcher's perspective. The giants arrivals the giants hadn't seen. The papers never done anything on us for four and forget what that's all good individual rivalry --

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