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Headlines, Headlines, Headlines: Media catfight

Jan 14, 2014|

The top stories of the day as recounted by Kirk Minihane. today the guys discussed Abby Chin's critical comments on Jenny Dell dating a player she covers.

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Have a lot you know I was just I realized something what. It's fine am I it's not a big deal but this is mild -- a real -- yet arrived but you have your copy -- my opening Mano over in Europe. I don't by the -- for it's I don't mind what did you bring up I just noticed it's by no jobs. Spot just 73145. -- all of your job for somebody as well that is wrong he's these violent new boundaries. You know I am these things I -- have a skeleton -- that you know I sat at the port and you guys have got that he wanted to -- line I've got to run the show I got to pick upsets I -- we don't have not sure I could do -- -- it is time. I let him do that carts and pushed around not a good thing you know -- -- it under contract market like copy under whatever specifics of the but at odds brought to you by AT&T the nation's fastest in now most reliable four -- -- -- they could be and by precision fitness equipment shop with a pros. A good contributed to the opinion pages in the united dot com yes -- -- big good idea I great. Try or that did you -- you filmed yesterday by the way I was taped yes what was that we've got a car yes. -- -- -- I had no I always happen good and we told it's what we can -- apps -- fine. You're of the opinion -- My opinion is that Somalia and behind the scenes look at the show could be on WBI -- others like hard -- WEEI -- seven it and that his -- out and that an official -- -- river. Behind -- we were discussing. -- behind the candelabra. -- all the -- -- -- just an Obama today you know they've gotten us -- just shoot the -- it's going to be on -- -- and he dropped an F bombs talking about -- key -- everything behind the -- -- -- Internet -- start -- And to be here you but the big idea was to catch you back for vacation they got -- he might be a little ornery I got out of the car got out of court swing -- at some. He's shooting for and I realized who was yeah yeah well we told -- had to be little piece of -- -- recognized as a forum familiar face because I'm afraid he -- that club that you be exactly that got hit pretty stick. And needs counseling and yeah. Which should be good paparazzi yes. I don't what is that going to be available and it's. And it's this chance could be described them most of your next Friday -- I'm I'm I'm just executive producer for them so he acts like I would mark -- are gonna help -- a speaker Mark Wahlberg. -- justified homicide often. He knows you know when you do yeah well advocates protesters is understandable. A dispute over cell phone use partly screening of lone survivor and let the fatal shooting the man in the wounding of -- female companion. -- movie theater in Florida but twenty miles north of Tampa court local TV reports. Shooting happened around 1:30 PM. Monday he called Cindy's for sheriff Chris knock goto the station the man his wife from -- to watch a matinee of lone survivor -- to be a target the couple front of them. There was altercation because the victim was using cell phone use texting. And making a lot of noise it's not a verbal altercation. Verbal altercation escalated our nation go. The answer one question. Who got killed the -- get this person pissed at the Texas Tech texture and this is just one person has the techsters 71 year old former police chief. Police commander of their tactical unit while -- a little edgy but. I don't blame nobody should kill them now maybe she showed little -- charm of the -- area should like. Shoot him in the leg or maybe in the text and finger blow office to upset and they're saying because AMC theaters now while texting in the back three rows real. But they they make it pretty clear and I just went to lone survivor and it was full and I hateful movies out that he -- in there and hope that the people behind you won't and the guy behind me was loud and talked and -- and you could totally blows like just on the dinner yeah. And he's. That any group or as well the turnaround declare -- wanna -- -- movie that -- -- -- not the previews but as the will be split now at the -- where it was full and we were there on time and we watched fifteen minutes of trailers. And he was talking to map and then he was talking a little bit at the beginning in the movie has said please god don't let and I thought about the glare but -- to do the glare. Just cause tension for the rest of the movie. Your award that's yeah I so here I am hoping that it's 'cause toward the -- comedy I -- walked out this guy would have been noxious but he is so and it's. Tense and intense that he shut up and watched and I was like thank you god because he would rule and it and he didn't because it gets pretty tense yet. Can't -- giggle and there's a lot of small talk but they. Post that no texting no calling -- a five priced right in before the movie starts so it's pretty clear that you can't beat text and how many minutes into the movie was he still talking. Just a couple just the couple getting in the glare. Yes but the clear creates tension I can't actually also shuts them up the shot up I said I said you know marks the -- and -- accompanied -- Ever glared at her gravitas and it would -- at all why don't you -- -- with tickets you've been acquired I would let him I wouldn't say -- -- he's talking to the previous episodes taped to your wife or whoever. It doesn't look good like to see that share has always comments about the once the movie starts got shut up folks via a guy just just leap up yet that's what medical. Many political long it would have been -- same thing I -- to pick I would talk. Everybody should go to movies are everybody that's definitely the guy was going with my father and we were respectful assumes that started you know we didn't have -- more small -- senior like it. Capsule that again I'm not polite with he -- -- that you can make you think it old school and that's lap you know is I asked -- was once upon Kate -- eight dollars and luck getting. Now two girls when they're not -- out -- -- -- will be nothing nothing first bull that was line and I my wife is one of those people pass the popcorn. Michael Kessel line again now we have to get it. Secondly we went out to eat afterwards in the 99. And talked about the movie which is what you have to do all right Richard is absolutely. It's a couple of the measures. That. Electable broads you know I now we are just that kind of what you don't say a word the whole movie even when it's over you kind of like. In stone silence in the and you sit down relax in order a beer and talk to talk on the card did you know you know -- the movie theaters right there and I mean we had separate -- Actually walked and -- and exit 45 minute wait. Palestinians and with the ninety minute set down to beat them it's. To do. I will say this in the guys and and I you know I'm not spent much time on my trip animal -- -- negatively positively the only negative thing about my trip it is. We're stuck on the tarmac sitting in the airplanes three and a half hours or so are they the -- -- twice finally got to fight and -- of opportunity going the only negative even to that was. I'd taken with a about a third of the book to read. -- survivor with me. Took killed three and a half hours on the plane I want to read the book on a -- is in trouble right on the right intercepted by the time we landed in Miami I was done with launch of. And yet to carry -- terror hate that you had to adjust suck yet to finish a book and if that's the worst thing that happened on the trip there such a bad. Not so that -- hasn't ready yet he's too cool to read it again that's that's -- trend is its two books away I'm finishing the Richard -- book right now agree that's important -- we spent a lot of time out to -- like I can't I can't read for violent oh it's part of the job and we have a -- and I'll read the book. We have Mark Wahlberg on already yeah. And wouldn't nobody asked you saw that TV and saw the tape the knowledge of it was not a Glock nine if I was right I was met we have artists and a mask and about to -- -- -- now a -- -- a boat whatever Marcus -- in the battle on the -- march shoot the file -- holders and dale is too I mean dale -- is too. And what does he -- I. Yeah yeah -- -- well you know we got a good idea let me -- playlist and maybe listening remember that. Be careful what you say about. And the Rihanna -- -- about it because here David Crystal Smith auto route we took our came in the Marshall anxious tell Courtney misty Jenny. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It. This is so scared at six. 45 and LA time yes yes. And he was just laying in bed talking a -- and reeled them off he could not have those names regularly so -- did that didn't sound like it there at the summit there mounted a biscuit US some good question the we have to talk about other things. Because you don't you didn't read the book I didn't see the movie so it took one of the things. -- anyway we rolled off the tracks we have. Cat fight. I've got a Catholic really this year he was talking again hearty foods even sexier -- -- FEMA can't fight our female cat fight. -- -- Has -- he wound what do you like face off. Well depends what the -- -- film that we hijacked and are able to comment at this abduction tickle my -- -- Comcast now. -- stays away for the chief -- might. Fetish is on the shows what she sees me she can oh yeah you're so that look we of course yet didn't we -- Dickerson on the field and -- -- you know and he said that she stabbed them in the back school's job I think that's true not open and to -- that we -- so he's not a big fan of -- now -- her hatred -- -- -- effort. So Abby was on ESPN radio in New Hampshire yesterday there is such a thing I guess so up and was asked about. Jimmie dale and her relationship with will Miller Brooks and if she is a female. Sideline reporter thinks it's appropriate. Relentless trees on -- it's been. New Hampshire girl if she talked about it she says when she uttered every quarter guidance. Swear to god -- at a aren't cute -- any other generation I know for me and my mind that not even an option I mean there's nothing. That could happen -- that what happened that evening. Begin from need to go down any Democrat I have fired back. Play completely -- -- for me personally that's how -- -- -- that. They read it and it didn't interesting business that we're in an at the unique position that most women it -- and an. They thought that reporters he traveled with the team often times I am the only email and act apple -- What notes I would say about that. That's dedication to have that pathways actually closed. Brett beach and to do that I don't chizik I'm guessing that takes like a hostile I have to give -- take -- literally. I figured she but it accurately if you ask job and don't you start -- a moment ago before she government will books would you ever old boyfriend we met that equipment to. The -- of the that guy. Wouldn't she said the same thing I mean. The problem exists in just love that we do this for a couple years -- grizzled. Texans is good stab in the back to Portland for awhile. Oh she's you know -- At least now respect up all kind of discussed this -- -- -- kind of ethical question. This happens then what if that's our guests dale did a fine job defending -- did yeah. It's got a real reporter. And the minute and appropriate term on Twitter and says reporter -- let me ask you this this is rather -- -- example. But what in the World Series game in Saint Louis where will middle Brooks got called for obstruction and they lost that game. On the most bizarre bizarre place. And it was not a nationally televised game -- was doing it. And -- had interview will on the field after the blew the game with the obstruction call. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- What if this is them less benign example they're coming home from a meal. They had a bottle -- to get stopped. And run rung up on do you why. -- report that now now now now. Problem on it it's that step to massive conflict of interest which -- has yet to address maybe they will. We'll see what goes I don't know what they're doing right now but -- off the quietly at beach in. -- would never updated player I believe what we expect today right. Ideally you'd say I would never -- that how right you never know wild card players. As to what the outset this press conference twelve years ago. Heart wants -- ones. He says the suit is. An absent Huskies and yeah heart -- -- one out. A couple of wave at lunch lady. The heartland ones which you -- -- you -- her and she seems like the slower on the crazy low. It's a matter that's a quick note here in -- report committee. Newsroom final season announced yesterday the season -- -- last year newsroom news room. In Pizza Hut is finally start selling individuals. Think Christ. It's. That's fine that's fine that's a heck of an idea and prices yet like I guess sausage from -- -- double just what you need to slice it up and that's in the I don't have to you know hole -- How many slices would you order -- fury. Probably three I do your diet by the way haven't checked in with you one that the holdings were rushed. During your order against his -- exactly on the mile relay yet on the number that goes -- he had a he looked at 345 recording Ohio's lost anything you know I haven't weighed myself since then and got -- as he used the membership. That he got all these generously our friends at the new balance. Which a fitness centers that are in fairness to help commute from the all the way across the street John Street along walking gets windy it is a lock to get to yeah. Just and that I want is right -- not once I have not. It's free. They haven't done a good -- debuts at channel yeah -- even said he would provide for her personal trainer personal trainer for you to get to program -- up -- probably good looking girl never seen anyone radio turner turned and -- really. -- -- the triple over the just introduce yourself this week. I can't stop it -- all -- -- maybe get inspired sees them. Hot chicks and eastern coastal proportional on yet you don't just as they might say this jobs too big for the same stories chipotle which I love you guys like that place. They're doing the same thing for pizza pizza business you can watch the pizza being in front of you start that opinion this year to -- it doesn't happy to -- -- gonna start their own pizza Bryant were to sit there and a pizza bottom. Places available just. It just seems like a market this article I don't doesn't have lied to go through the make of the pizza Friday picked yeah watchable I go to sub welcome a daughter or -- the pizza. It's not really good. I don't know if she likes it plainly summer's greatest -- plain pizza subways -- put on it it certainly is that's right point. And I love subway there are we done were done. You ever read did read -- brought you by well it's Rogers I said before by AT&T in the nation's fastest and the most reliable four G. The LTE network if you're patriot fan out of me rump swab of the media or patriot or member of the organization if you artistic patriot fan out there and patriot nation do you like it. When national media. All walks choose your team to win the Super Bowl or do you prefer the underdog we don't get any respect card or do you think it -- issue where. I think the players coaches like disrespect yes I think self but the fan -- fan boys and you know some more work here when ESP and picks come out in the overall pick and against -- are certainly you know us and ticket problem. What will it hurts when we get that day how many are on the gently ESPN. 05 on everybody's fourteen all put him maybe sixteen. And they have lower east clerical. How many will pick patriots -- -- more you think that it can be I don't I think the patriots have sort of comeback team. And I think there's it's a two -- curse it's not just rate. Who makes great makes -- peed on his leg which is Belichick or infected more ballots yeah. And go back and look at that November 24 game forget the overtime decision. Before that Manning was plain scared that's how he plays against Belichick and -- In and may be. It's good enough to get good and others and others to leave and now others local database. Status one Miller and if -- Develop grown crazy -- an element. Or. Make up what about the most -- on the team. I looked up those guys is always somebody -- yeah. Yeah -- -- it has emerged as the leader he went to the about the running game off the left side I'm sure. It's -- there were pockets he sets the tone for all of us for me and when you look at these football focus kind of guys breaking it down. -- Blown away with the progress of the offensive line and in -- this resurgent running game on -- but also the quickest -- chess match. Patriots right yes and you'll. Do bullets and it's in the angle lost -- touched it touched. At the end of three quarters had 73 -- have to -- one yard passing did nothing for three quarters. And were within a touchdown. All of Peyton Manning the Broncos. At their place a pre eminent NFL writer in this nation has chosen the patriots who not only win the AFC championship game. But to win the Super Bowl will tell you was what he set back. I handed just bought my mom to me and -- Experience. For her sick kids have a normal job I mean she as a job. But it's not their normal kind of. Greenhill lame he -- you're supposed to do and you need they need to leave -- every one I hear this and -- keep blanking. For answer until he used to hearing she doesn't have to. -- --

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