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Mike Francesa is an Arod stooge

Jan 14, 2014|

No matter how much evidence piles up against Alex Rodriguez you can count on Mike Francesa defending him.

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649. In Boston. 63 degrees I -- and boy I'd you've got some things out there as wishful but it it. People out there are lines and I couples disagree what are your says 44 and minds is 454 -- half OK I would defer. You'll -- Iowa -- 45 degrees in Boston. Does it matter what it is embossed. Most people aren't living off one. Saint Andrews Scotland have -- 37. That morning part -- afternoon GT. 37 the whole whole whole whole 37. What all what on your iPhone your -- five I believe cities debuted on five I F five via a I have Boston. I have Fort Myers. I believe in anticipation -- by the way it's seven in Fort Myers but raining today I have 770 my goodness. Saturday and Sunday at fort Meyers same temperatures Denver. The sixty it's not as to come and I've got Miami Beach has spent a couple of days there. And and Thomas. Coaching them with a five -- I have Winchester. I have Lexington also pretty similar Kennebunkport. Carlsbad California -- used to live in Sioux City, Iowa my daughter was born. Five what's the temperature in Sioux City, Iowa today Kirk it's -- to a bowl -- the cold again -- -- the old field far side cartoon -- Step on the glue -- too far so good characters and when experiences. -- again minus twelve and daughter was born with -- help now what book what you care about. The city in which was born orpheum Barbara and we still think about them look at some are still have a daughter had an AMBER Alert an -- an accident at the flood sparked your darkened blackened heart. -- back in there again yet and Jerry you have Boston Saint Andrews have all kinds of things San Juan mine my wife and just went there -- -- -- -- of that now what for I've Saint Louis from the -- mobile I'm in the World Series. It's thirty. And Saint Louis twice a school it's twice as cold in Saint Louis is it will be in Denver on Sunday. Yeah yeah. Com and get to this you stick by your nomination. Biggest media rump swab local or national being -- -- yes I'll pick lebed to Uga Uga got a good music national -- -- the -- local rams' walk off. Mexico plug it national. At a the biggest one else say Palmer and all because I think hugs -- he's on each other -- best bet that was power that is not how you -- let's say it was sell now. I've snowed over all children all excite you missed this on oh you're you're way -- it was a it was Adam and Robert. National champ was. That the Rose Bowl I think. Oh is a measure of state coach them Michigan State coach after the rose yeah -- He interviews him on the field right and then as a realistic -- on reaches over hugs all have -- -- -- as some kind of hug. Eighty Mickelson like this one time -- after a cold meal yeah yeah I mean I would say -- these ropes on the next and classes like look let you talk Lipitor that's like -- -- others. You know the big tough media critic problems always said I brought up talent or you know he's pretty good are. Topic was something that happened yesterday as us and going into the break I think this retires the lifetime achievement award. -- princess. This is more embarrassing the falling asleep in denying it's more embarrassing than not knowing. That he did not know. -- -- -- -- He thought Al -- -- Albuquerque was -- made a -- -- you know the coach was of the Rangers and the Rangers Rangers right at -- this dump them on that any thought that whoever needed a quarterback should go with Gary -- Columbia yeah those things. Were put those together one barrel and yes. This is a guy who is paying back the debt. To Alex Rodriguez after he stormed out of the MLB hearing and ran right into the loving warm bracing -- -- Of Mike princess that to give him an interview and yesterday on the heels of reaping what happened to erupt on the weekend might princess that embarrass themselves. He was asked to DM against -- there unsettling not game up and if you're actually I like we believe the second part what we should question gosh -- -- we have white we believe them now. Well but why do you why do we might -- him and then rod and I say and present I -- never. It is -- is seen getting this question is this. Okay the hole in my case hinges on bosses. Testimony. Seems to me there's two issues here and they are very distinct a lot of people don't get past the first one. It's not just about whether Iran did steroids as he did steroids. Like everybody else with the -- a first offense fifty game suspension. Maybe they should of had -- Francis. On this honest and ask you pull -- a spot about it -- -- -- system that's a good point yeah bring in Rome bringing in some some none of the unknowns and you are sure. Yeah brilliant in them Salvation Army get the guy who rings the bell he would have a lot of Yankee chaplain could tell you so there is no better source for. A rods. Illicit drug use in the guy who dealt him the drugs at inject them with the drugs that is the best source you can never that's how coach you get thirty guys that -- -- Forget let's not just dirty guy it's the dirty guy who deal in the -- ahead. -- that analytic adds that even I thought that if bosh as testimony were just testimony. Wash getting on the stand for five days by the way and didn't. -- -- Very expensive legal team have an opportunity to rip -- shred shred limb from -- yes and they did not to five days on the stand. I'll say this -- blocks were just there saying this happened that happened I objected to in the bathroom of fonts and bloom -- club almost opening set and there was nothing else. Then I think that princess -- said might have a shred. Of veracity to that that may cause the bad guy who has that operate rod but when he produces. Document after document 120 pages worth of schedules. And and and drugs and protocols. And bad backs backup Mobil was. 500 Blackberry text message yeah that was clearly corporate A-Rod 2 AM. Come on pretty accessible to the code words you know what that Spanish word for rocket men injection. Gum he was the laws and Jimmy told to the code words that they didn't use in the text what is Francis think witnesses. These hours -- -- why hide himself into hero out of debt and I don't got to on the air for one death. Mean he's not afraid to do it. They'll do little thing as a retired yet his promise -- a partially different generation of those players that's what was created. They want you to forget that that exists. We got to Iraq. What -- good guys. Always created that way about that -- about any of that. Quick idea. Okay as we did get him we got him to get a -- a -- that. Figured I would look the other way we made backdoor deals with the players -- is it to go -- to get a ball and a we stuffed -- pockets full money every -- those guys are just going about their pot. -- -- Look at what they're supposed to do that and Arctic fine they'd -- listening -- -- close arise from holes are paying for the exposed to continue to do that. That's that's what they say they -- they bought the stolen from Gary gray and watched it took every legal fees and all that. But doesn't change. For what appears to be the truth right setting up the truth and -- -- -- and you -- Gephardt is listening -- that says oh my -- let's start out. -- -- what the doctors say it widespread system being so rough on -- a I would -- a microcosm one might guy that's. Remarkable thing is. Iran has gone round the bend you know it's been all over new become kind of a clown. When you -- yourself that's when you get when you suing yourself when you file a suit against the players. And you're one of the players. Benefitted more. From the fine work of the players union in this player. Remember when they made the deal with the Red Sox the maintenance -- he's gonna cut his pay a stimulus. They said now the union stepped -- and I was upset a lot of people upsets seem ridiculous. He turned around and got a bigger deal from the Yankees get the two biggest contracts in baseball history. And -- union helped them he's now suing that you yet. It's it's almost comical and as you as as we know. No legal experts like Lester Munson pixel going nowhere so he's just doing it as an act of desperation. Hoping that someone like princess. Well will join the team and make the case he's gonna show opens spring training in India buffoon in the send him down in the minor -- go do -- -- -- footage and with -- double a single state court. -- hundred media members will leave the mentally correct and goal on -- down there to watch Iran come -- imposed and freedom blows bubble gum and a smile on running various -- he'll be talking -- young guys and did you do that they'll have -- like -- -- don't always -- in the -- on -- to get some dvds -- -- simply talked -- teach the game you know -- of the game of the crystal I'm trying to -- back right. Our two D&C. A Matt -- the Jonas at 805 woody -- the Denver Post at nine old five. When we come back we'll hear from Lester Munson who will tell you what A-Rod chances of a victorious it happens to be going forward and we'll compare and contrast. Dueling columns Steve Serb meet Gerry Callahan both on the same subject when we come back.

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