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Pierre McGuire, NBC Sports: Discusses the Bruins struggles

Jan 10, 2014|

Pierre McGuire joins Mut and Merloni to talk about goalie fatigue in relation to Tuukka, Stanley Cup hangovers, and the loss of Seidenberg.

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How much load on a 37 WEEI. Tough one for the Bruins last -- tough road trip so far we'll get back -- patriots Larry rocker reactions after 1 o'clock. But -- -- Pierre McGuire joins us every single week to go around the NHL Pierre is on the AT&T hotline today -- my little -- you. And very Wal-Mart get -- and you know wrote a little bit Pierre Pierre do you believing goalie fatigue for being a reason why goaltender with struggle. Yes they do believing goalie fatigue hit it more and more in this new NHL because guys shoot the puck so much harder with the newfangled stick with. More time and space because zero tolerance and obstruction guys can elevate the puck more goalie have to be quicker than ever they have to fight through more. Slot area traffic than ever before bigger bodies than ever before more times on travel and her before yes they do believe in quality. Especially come -- took an estimated the first question Buick stick -- right goaltending great goalie but. So talk about the backup goaltender Unita took arrest because last year is up there every single day shortened season was outstanding in the post season but. Note 45 that have put 34 years ago was his high five years ago how concerned they get that find his backup goalie -- they can use a little bit more to keep fresh. No I think that part of it also think everybody you know look at you can listen he wasn't good last night everybody knows that he wasn't great Anaheim. But I thought Boston deserved a better fate man behind you cannot treat they were the better team many think that a lot of -- -- game. But I can't look too good he meant I had to get chemo wouldn't overreact to small sample sizes and -- -- fines the group. Obviously dealing with some key injuries Seidenberg you're not getting back Kelly you're gonna get back at some point. But I. And the one thing that say that this is that to cool before I truly believe -- cool -- and I just think people are a little upset because of the fact that. You know in two games on the West Coast against quote quote unquote potential Stanley Cup. Final match -- you play -- Well it's interesting idea of a sample size of games work Tuukka has not play well here and -- coincide with Seidenberg injury you mention that I think the time. It was a case harder place let's let the youngsters have an opportunity -- up the minutes for -- -- -- -- the rest of the younger guys do. In the short term I think the result has been OK we don't have back got to replace side amber let's go trade market again would you. Is Mark Stuart the -- going to be the guys or somebody else up and use. -- in the united sedition I mean I watched Marc play the other night we've gotten Titanic hit the fight did real wall mat with Ryan Malone. Pummeled them in this commission play as solid game against Tampa. He's not trample on the game -- and what it -- not a great team they're a shot of the central position. The march 3 of the character player you music capital of the world junior team won a gold medal in Helsinki Finland 2004. He's a guy that brings no maintenance side to shows up complacent and that it is good -- Dennis Seidenberg -- but it is useful replacement potentially yes if if in fact the -- about that. Well another name -- Dan Girardi. And in that the people -- outlet. True the Rangers are enamored with wanted to make a deal with Boston for. The triple whatever -- and I thought they let you know many many moviegoers are repellent. Jose and you see the legendary chosen as you know they did that feel like I don't feel love affair wanna make a deal between New -- -- -- -- the Rangers and Chicago the other night but we'll have to play the Rangers -- like to start the snap out of that they've played a very solid game and real -- Building their back in the playoff time. -- factor basically knocking on the playoff door with Carolina. In the metropolitan division along with the security so. I'm not sure that the Rangers -- in the mood to really dumped injured at that point. Here requires joining us I want ask you about the Canadian Olympic team PO was announced this week but -- -- go about one more on grass because we talked about he said goalie fatigue. I don't know the exact depth chart of how to work right now -- we know Tuukka Rask in a play for Finland we always on the Olympic team -- I make a lot of Bruins fans warning is to get us started up with a bulk of the minutes because of these. Getting to his games played for his career level right now on the NHL -- goal play in the Olympics. -- their days -- big fatigue effect do you think you'll start -- is he the favorite to start. For Finland in the Olympics. I think there's a real good chance you gonna start the reason -- there's a real good chance -- get this started because you don't have. A real important player attack Iran and now I will say this afternoon and he's very good and cars Lleyton has very good so they've got two other good goalie for the fans. But attack Iran it was there I would say no problem decorate a start but because the way it is. I think to -- got a chance to get. Significant time now that's not to say he will because both other guys are good and acting Emmys won a Stanley Cup -- Lleyton played extremely well. The fire to do in terms of rating north thought would be 12 and Korea have Rask won -- -- -- and Lipton three. It was sort of all that break is gonna affect a team's off season guy's gonna have more than others the Bruins have their fair share but. Now this is it's starting to I know it's on a couple of games but it's maybe worth watching. Here after the Bruins won the Stanley Cup you know a big goal in New Year's -- one of the best teams and in hockey and and January 500 team mid February 500 team is it just. Mentally starts to Wear on new and physically we are seeing with some injuries. I'll break you down no question. Went through wants them we won the cup in 91 who won a cup in ninety student and the team won a president stroke in 93 when they got the first child last night for the second out last night really get near ground there's a lot. In the game seven in a major upset they just ran out of gas it is very very very apparent that stuff happens to call the Stanley Cup -- -- I think both Boston and Chicago. Has really handled their trips to the final last season really really well especially considering how -- -- -- about her for both teams. What do I think it could be a problem not salute I think you could be a -- Chicago they get ten guys on to the Olympics says Saint Louis at ten guys going to the Olympics so it could be a properties that that. Bachmann got the chance to rest some guys and to be part of the positive for them. If your last one for me the Canadian team announced earlier this week last week you told us that the USA team. You put on a mix but you know I hope not not the number one team is it fair to say that team Canada. Is not number one in the Pierre McGuire Olympic -- rankings and is expected to bring home the golden socially. I do that generated the paparazzi. The bigotry and wise or depth on the -- I mean when -- -- this. Just give me the names off the top of my head and he certainly what you think Sidney Crosby. -- get John taveras who Jonathan Toews Patrice Bergeron justice center. That it's all. Number one B port Giroux didn't make that team because he's a settlement. Voters are odd personal legal or not he didn't make the team because he's a Saturday and he's not a real good Winger so they have put monarchy. They've moved Stevens and causes the natural center than to the wing the plan right wing. So I mean you just look at the team in. And how deep they are help help that they are down the middle is pretty scary not to I think they're gonna have an easy time winning all because I think the Russians are gonna do some really good thing during the this -- are going to be some things there. The American outside the that the thing to watch the wingers can play an attack oriented game. And overcome some of the weakness the American tab on the middle I think the American could be very dangerous it is great -- -- puck moving defenseman. And very good size and speed them -- You think Canas beat team could actually medal in the Olympic. It would have a chance it doesn't have a good now the one at the other thing about the -- people are talking enough about. This is the group on defense to speak -- getting the torch passed to them from -- buyer and from stronger. And from Scott Stevens and from Raymond -- so. This is a different kind of defense and what candidates have in years past so it can be hurt if he helped market were blacks feel that out and he had -- deals with a hope he case too bad deal with this is -- -- Randall how he deals with a -- mr. how he deals with a top. This is a different kind of situation for Canada used to have been the real big stellar defense and could physically just pound you into submission. It also gave moved the puck. Does this is a different kind of thing for that. The year great stuff is always enjoy the weekend and -- for talking next week. Harvard Yale tomorrow -- I had the privilege of doing that from MSG. Nice we get an -- -- -- fairway -- and NBC sports network and had a huge game on Sunday night near crane in Philadelphia. Those who interviewed like. Yes and a note I got some of the flip over to Saturday night during the -- -- gold Harvard Yale during the breaks -- here. -- black and all the all the people in the past. -- -- -- worked -- thanks -- then they have a good -- is the best Pierre McGuire NBC sports network joining this year on the eighteenth the outline.

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