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Mike Reiss, ESPNBoston.com: Previews Patriots Colts

Jan 10, 2014|

Mike Reiss joins Mut and Merloni to discuss tomorrow AFC Divisional playoff game between the Patriots and Colts.

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Even Mike -- -- ESP in Boston joins us here on the AT&T hotline. Mike it's not little Dario and what are we doing today where excellent let's start with the the injuries we get there at some what -- the every single all the time. Let's start with Aaron Dobson who has not practiced all week and it seems like when patriot players don't. Practice the most of the week like this they will not play is that your filled with -- and Saturday night. Most certainly not that I wouldn't expect to see him I think. Looking at this situation now -- The fact they haven't played him on injured reserve. You know look you know that they're holding out hope that maybe he can come back at some point. I don't think that point is. Tomorrow night eight and I think they realize that whether it would be potential AFC championship game that might even be too early -- the type of thing where. Hey let's see how this sort of unfold here and if we still have time that we don't need the roster spot maybe we could weeded out. If they even get to a Super Bowl tight situations I think that's the mind that would Dobson right now certainly not looking towards seeing him tomorrow night -- -- I'm Mike when it comes those weapons in the -- -- before -- begun in those years in Baltimore secondary coast that's coordinated globe gets Wes Welker Tom Brady. Does -- look -- a -- and adamant and say all right I gotta have somebody else beat us and then who do you look to if you lark Tom Brady. So whip McConnell that the thing that's sent out to me -- is that this is sort of about a much different defense. Like you sit -- and what we've seen from the -- sort of that ravens' style and I think that means mixing up here -- looks mixing up your coverage is sort of a lot like the Rex Ryan take defense that we see that sometimes. I have given the patriots problems other times Tom Brady has shredded it. -- that's secondary that was discussed and banged up players there I'm not sure they. They they they have a guy that you can look at and say hey we're gonna we're gonna take this guy out and I mean I guess you could say if you wanna. No double team at home in I'm not sure they'll do that. I think they they got -- their biggest they have to come from the front seven in the past stress. They need to first stop the run which is what they've been talking about all week and then pressured Brady I think that's where they have to win the match up because. Looks to me like that's secondary really really struggled last week. Which leads to the question Mike what's the offense of approaching your mind the -- -- that would Garrett won ten times to start the game or is it -- spread out. With rain in the shotgun and let's go pumpkins and Andelman and -- dole and throw against Siskel defense of -- trouble against the run in the past. Think it's one of the other mine and I think that weather factor have to come into play here a little bit closer to game time and you start hearing. Forecast of rain may be fairly heavily maybe the wind. You know upwards of twenty miles per hour at times I think that that have to factor into the discussion here. We know how much that can change and you can they be here one thing immediate becomes something else but. If that's the case. I don't see any reason why -- come out and spread it out and sort of let that -- your bread and butter you can still do that but I think. You gotta do what we've seen the last couple weeks in that attack on the ground that you give him the semblance of balance that you want and then it kept up. Play action opportunities to me that's when the offense is that it's pessimistic about some of the devastating losses they have under Belichick in recent years. To me it -- where they are trying to spread it out too much they don't control the line of scrimmage and Brady's under duress. But I would've known the patriots -- little game we'll fill in the blank Mike. The patriots win this -- football game if law. So that they don't stand so to me Lou is that these two teams they did two -- least penalized teams in the league. And that two of the best in terms of turnover differential so what I've sort of put those things together. I look at it I think these two teams generally don't beat themselves they make you beat them. So I think to answer the question the patriots. Win this game. If they have fewer penalties and fewer turnovers -- the colts a team that generally has fewer turn over them and fewer penalties in the opposition I think. Should deal well played game yet to make the plays. To beat this -- because generally they don't beat themselves. Is it as simple as say it the other way the colts win this game if they win those two -- talked about or I do more. Is that I think you get from the very good chance because I I I happened to the -- I -- think the patriots to the better team but I look at. The two players they have interlocking control -- game -- and that would scare me a little bit from a patriots perspective and Robert Mathis can disrupt the game. -- sort of like we saw a couple of years ago when the ravens came in Terrell Suggs had an early -- strip -- Turns into -- score. Next thing you know we're down early in the complexion of the game changes so they have too dangerous players to me. I'd focus on those two got the cold. We in the game if -- controlled it and -- techniques that sort of keep altering play. We're talking in my Greece habeas PM boston.com. Andrew Luck is one of the really good young quarterbacks in the league and up which in the spot here Michelman a make the group of and -- I'm missing somebody but it's blocked its Wilson. It's RG three and it's Capra -- you've got to pick one -- to go for with for the next ten years is Andrew Luck that guy. Decisively. Decisively and that's not even putting it on the spot because the court you you think about that stuff. When you spend a week you know analyzing -- and very impressed with him I think. But Smart and it's it's not just. You know throwing the ball he'll be killed with his legs -- when he's big he's strong he looks like he's the right type of leader. So the guys you mentioned to me you know questions about whether RG three can sustain -- Definitely love what you see from Russell Wilson but just from sort of a physical measurable standpoint. You know it makes me think that luck might be able to sustain longer where he had been cap predict. I just think to me maybe I'm a little too much too soon in terms of anointing him the next great thing. -- looks to me to be the most surest thing of the players you mentioned. Mike sending night won all the four games are all over and you look back will one team surprise you the most. If they win this weekend. I think anyone who hadn't have thought let's let's break it down and I I I do think. I think I'll I'll go with the colts and I think the patriots should win I mean look at. Look at what they've done here at home haven't lost this year and they had the bye week in the cold they had -- -- by last week now can't think you'd be shocked if they come in here and win the -- we've seen. -- has been tough for the patriots this year and in and I look at it like why should this be any differently but at the end of the day. I think will be one of ram too soon. If if this was the end for the patriots so I like the matchup format that they should limit their home rested. But pick that one I actually think that think they're going to a Seattle and win that game the fact they've been there are ready this yeah. I think that helped them. They open the school over Carolina I concede that going either way I like the niners in that game. And then maybe the chargers I think that I might be surprised and I put that on the same level as the -- just because. You're going to Denver and do it twice over you know about a month span. That's that's that's asking a lot. You mentioned that these have to at least penalized teams in football like not only that. Pete are always got the call Saturday night -- -- calls nine penalties a game as crews call my penalties a game. That is the lowest about a penalties called per game in the National Football League on top of that. We've already seen a once this year Houston Texans -- England patriots he called to. Help these Mike in that game if he calls them like usually does -- these guys play not a yellow flag -- game. Does that help or hurt the patriots. What orchard does that help more in your mind colts or pats -- has refereed like that. So I think it helped the patriots that think you wanna get physical with their receivers and sort of a throwback but to the old days we don't remember. You know what they did to guys like Marshall Faulk in the super ball so I think. It helps them the one point that would make him and I actually follow the referees probably a little closer than I should guys it's it's a little bit. I'm I'm just fascinated by the whole thing. You were all star cruise so the release total crew. Won't be here officiating in this game two of the additional six officials in addition -- -- -- from his crew but for others -- and one of them. The umpire was actually a central figure in reversing. The pass interference penalty against that game against Rob Gronkowski in the Carolina game so. I'm not sure we can go into this game with the certainty as saying it's. Crew won't throw a lot of flags commitment relief crew that's an assortment of officials -- some sort of an all star tight selection by the league. Or get -- hypothetical some cherry love hypotheticals heading into playoff weakened so. We have this conversation earlier this week if you could bring back one injured patriot Mike can we narrow it down to three. Main candidates in gronkowski. Wilfork and Mayo to plot while those three guys -- guarantee to be healthy the rest of the playoff run at but could only pick one who would you bring back this patriots team. Now while I mean I think I would go. Gronkowski. And it's set top call between gronkowski and Wilfork. I look and here's why when gronkowski specific to the -- -- More of the rowing team and a running keep it together going to Denver look you always want Wilfork he can play any scheme but. Again more about rowing team and a running team. Gronkowski to -- such a difference maker on offense and and you worry a little bit in terms of whether they have enough diversity in the passing game but the weapons they have healthy. In a close call my uncle would gronkowski. Mike appreciate the time is always enjoy the coverage this weekend we'll talk the next week at -- hit. -- he's like Greece habeas PM boston.com. So he's had saints have a shot. Denver Cole a Denver patriots are that same mold of they probably should would be surprised you the colts or chargers win Andy likes this 49ers so. Recent -- the same page.

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