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Peter Gammons on his Hall of Fame ballot

Jan 8, 2014|

Peter Gammons joined the show to discuss his Hall of Fame ballot. He said he voted for Curt Schilling among others.

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Our number three of Dennis and Callahan. Era WEEI Kurt -- and Gerry Callahan I'm Greg Dickerson in for John Dennis. 6177797. ID 37. These text that's on the text line 37937. Baseball we find out who's going to the hall of fame this year later on today and Peter Gammons joins us. Peter you've got a big event coming up in just a couple of days were talking about that in a few minutes shall we go talk about the hall of fame first ball -- -- you do in this morning. I'm doing great yeah it's done this sort of Monday I mean. What's interesting about but the whole fame balloting has its big problem such as universal event to wall baseball -- become such an analytics. Event. That they're guessing a lot of artists and hatred I mean somebody will say. While I saw this guy or bomb. All pilot kept -- -- press writers and countrymen candidate reward great piece on on Mike Mussina times of the day. Eddie made a point out here schemes. Have a third highest winning percentage. Of any starter in baseball history in games he started. -- -- -- -- your entire career in American League east it means something. And the putter werewolves filled up with he's an old man -- you know wins don't mean anything but finally you know greeted back of somebody. You know actually the World Series is decided by which team wins the most games. Even though he's the winds are are relevant deleted in the government -- -- very angry thing at that point. You know I understand that but that's not a bad thing this is one of the great debates in sports no one's gonna we. I was gonna get shot I don't think maybe someone at Florida might but in general can be any murdering him but -- tell -- this beat is. Kevin Garnett we can turn Beckham assuming is a nice guy -- -- circling the -- they are circle micro in this instance he's a fool either there's -- defending what he did in this and all in his ballot this year. Now I mean the way I put it somewhere Peter responded but I just you know I've known for wall atomic considerable friends. IA -- have a right to disagree and I heartily disagree. On the -- -- pick now. Mr. would you have -- I thought the worst hit these guys. All on the ballot that. That fight and I sort of extra and sell all called or considered these guys do the breakdown and so forth problem. I'm excluding. That the heaviest all of these guys who tested positive since they were some drug -- this. In place it in 2005. Or. About Clemens also group you know I still. Struggle with. Both on the outdoor fifteen guys. That's very important votes -- under and I -- we haven't had a starting pitcher elected to hall of fame. All came up later than 1972. Problem and there so -- -- to me. The and that would have proudly means so he gives you an opportunity -- to at least. Dabbled in baseball history and effective and I don't agree with -- format. I expected that might be more. I give him credit for coming out there admitting the same time I. I'm I was disappointed I. This time. I actually rather than just sort of doing it. Their names are actually did it in my mind they're rated one through camp. Before I I've -- my ballot just to make sure that I thought I was doing what I believe was right. I'm guessing dramatics was number one actually. Well -- wells was on there. That it won't be seen in eleven Tomas. Killing. This video travel. Might be out so it can range. Like Tim -- it I've yet to be convinced like Tim Raines the hall of Famer advancement. -- total that put that he's. I will say this but you bring up our mutual I have believes competence. In there and and I I nearly -- Larry Walker. And I realize that this dispute at home -- split. But people played Colorado will always explained to me that. -- OK you know he has unbelievable numbers at all but -- make a lot of the world with a football but nothing ever moves it in not in Denver. Go down the road and I had to adjust to hitting the ball running out of the strike social force. That's actually of a very difficult adjustment we've seen three years Holbrooke spoke for the Iraqis. And -- more colored. A great pace -- Great outfielder. And I probably have less competent to batted in in any other war with Iran itself -- -- without question. When I. When I look at Schilling and I'm glad you vote the former a look at chilling vs Glavine. Peter and I take away wins which is significant to go away for second showing us a better career you are a better -- -- plus better -- much better strikeouts per nine strike for. Walk ratio is not even close. Post season schillings one of the best World Series pitchers. In history Gladys and get 9495%. Of those who -- at forty top top 1520 all time bugs get chilling you have 38. 40%. How is that possible. I think part of it is personal. And they you know I just don't think that we have. Rick hall of fame it's not about we'd like to collegiate -- coming. And I agree with you I'm not -- -- revealing last year -- I feel very strongly about army and Dwight -- is -- six. That's. Seven or eight players that I feel very strongly about being able payment and then killing. Mean it could take that go to war. Area which involve replacement that I take some stock in Vista pictures we're above replacement. And that Clemens third -- -- is eight. Brady Johnson night Pedro sixteen I believe it is receive the 24 killing 26. Glavine 48. To me they're all hall of famers I've worked you know -- with the problems. -- but. -- sort -- was it was a no no -- especially. With all the talk about Jack Morris and certain other people that were terrific. Postseason pitchers. Killing apple overwhelms any of the any element when you win. The World Series rings. In 200120042007. And your major part. That's -- that's stands for supper he was brilliant only patient free. -- series. Arms is -- teams. They hadn't you know and then there's adjustments -- -- -- this -- -- about. How incredible it is that as a guy that was throwing like 98 miles an hour. And 2007 was throwing like 85. It was still living and -- control World Series -- that. That should be weren't subject to be at the ability to make those adjustments. Companies. Like Maddux now one of the most intellectual pitchers that ever played. You know I I I understood some guys vote for steroid goes on to -- those. People I respect they say I'm just gonna on the academic judgment I'm gonna vote for steroid guys Bob Nutting as a column. -- today. Peter with his ballot -- goes a long way to explaining. One wise Knuble for steroid guys and then he says. My ballot and it doesn't include Mark McGwire I mean. You can't have it both ways -- it is what is one thing that bugs me because it. -- -- but bonds and Clemens they were really really good steroid users and marketable for the guys who. Weren't as good even though they by all accounts Sosa is another guy. Would qualify if they weren't painted. By the steroid scandals. I don't think it's it's so complex -- -- about. Armed. Bonds is it was so -- And that there's there was enough documentation. To make you say. If I'm gonna be reluctant to vote for some steroid user the Barry have to the other person people -- very cautious about about voting for. -- -- Roger will play out in time. You think -- those guys get on in the Clemens and bonds will be in the hall of fame in our lifetimes. I don't think -- -- I really don't then. You know -- I see the argument. But I I'd take. The little person Romero. Who eventually many rumors and they will protest after protest that was in place in 2005. I eliminate them. And pretty seriously violent drug policy. Yeah -- that. A lot of people point the bat well and you know I know his. His good friends don't believe -- -- second every time I remember seeing him in the home run hitting contest in the deeply against Frank Thomas Campbell wants. A source said that they would grab that were available polite powered her way -- I just felt they admitted that well it is you get sick possible. The battle -- -- first made the global played. I've been great defender -- slugger and it's. I just played really hard to say OK I think he'd get I've heard people say they will we see out towards small. You know whatever sort of drug test and yeah. Who don't want those other guys did we ever built but. I understand why some people still adamant about it but at the same time so I'm guessing like that and how we know. So the only pictures I mean that that they were -- and -- -- -- -- Five times a week. So that's -- that's a discussion we don't doubt that. And I'm absolutely certain that with there's still question about it about. Lap I was -- say it matters Glavine chilling I have no doubt about any of the well. How is that -- machine and but it is ironic if it until -- Maddux. And armed Clavet were the first two starting pitchers. After the upper seventies to make the whole thing and it would be. Ironic that the guys who did a commercial -- chicks -- the long ball I would end up going golfing together. And the last 2300 game winners when -- great. -- our Randy Johnson going the next here so. They are good you'll -- -- but five -- of the five man rotation are. Actually problems. Johnson. Tom. Glavine and -- seen it. Peter but how people's lines change out of voters' minds changed when. For. Five years they won't vote for Jack -- so they won't vote for Jim Rice but then years 67 and eight. They throw the -- behind them. I think sometimes it is a man and that's a question of people ask -- was as specific as a first down hall of Famer and I say no all the old. There are sometimes what you. You reconsider and you listen to other people's arguments and you get convinced. And that's that would be -- purple island. I didn't bowl caliber level -- 67 times. But or actually got probably -- But those -- impression Lederer it was a purple -- and he absolutely convinced of the only his numbers and where he stood in baseball history and all that. So -- -- -- of that and I almost think that. I felt myself doing this would -- this year. And I also benefit two years we shall. And I don't get the anger back about -- I get so we're feeling and I. You know I. I don't I don't understand this if I may be wrong when I -- is hoping Pedroia walked. You know -- socialists are Gerry assures those guys that when I was watcher pick with the pitcher who's active I just assumed he knows -- well -- exhibit hall of Famer I didn't think this is going to be did you assume that when you watched mussina. I thought he put up solid numbers he was women can never watched let's say that's only helped OJ says this career value in peak. And at his peak Schilling was better than any these guys on the ballot except from -- Right I mean. They Clements a medal count clock speed of about -- of -- he's not going to be unanimously will still not be an unanimous cut the number has been in -- hoping that will be as long as guys like can turn it around. But he may top Tom Seaver with the highest percentage ever. If he's left if he's on. Left off fewer than six is your chance that happened six I. There is this really do. -- east and he can carry so much respect. All right mucus fills those years in the mid nineties when this ER it was too rugged game lord of the actually average -- In the middle of steroid era it's. -- amazing what he did as a picture of me and I mean we didn't have as many -- they didn't know. Gold gloves and she needed to have as many several seasons as we've seen -- but they're both great at their craft of all of the above that are being killed as a -- also very good -- -- athlete so. There missile strike people -- next you'll get Randy Johnson Pedro probably smoltz. Electable all -- maybe were starting to get back to the pitchers but it is amazing that the -- the the latest update of any starting pitcher in the whole electoral all favorable reply -- Too quick to cook once Manny Ramirez is first year in the ballot Willie get enough to get the second year coming out Rodriguez finally comes along what's his first year percentage in -- I think Alex Rodriguez Cecil B. I can't get enough to stay on the ballot I think you get about 30%. I bet com and I picked it Manny will be. Probably thirty. I think it will be but -- same time bomb I don't see him ever making it and I don't think Kara. -- -- at the world to bomb its. Now it -- specially put all of this transpired in all in the last year I think it's going to be very difficult for our kids. You know what's really does actually loved the game a lot Tyler -- and talk about yesterday it's. It's it's become such sad that your -- all that's happened here. This is war with MLB and Randy Levine you know. I shudder I hope I didn't sit committee emails over the years just lawyers are probably you know -- the New York magazine. Peter it's the biggest jump without necessarily getting into the hall of fame -- you see it. Pretty much every year where somebody goes from 9% up to 40% and sets themselves vote for the following years is or somebody like that this year. I think Fiat good job because I think -- make him so bomb. I think this Fiat is gonna get pretty -- it hit her mind to be about writing I -- about that shot a 71%. Probably a little bit lower and then we -- threat -- And our -- Bryant but just got carried in behind them and then. Go to the next year so I think that got some may do that. So today we find out 2 o'clock. And is search what is the biggest class that was the biggest class then in the world. In the thirties -- what they opened this right but mostly it's been. This -- -- -- -- this could be the biggest one assistant I mean last year was so I don't have said the huge years have been. Call back -- early Winn went in together. Every article at Robinson when they have the same here with this. -- pretty remarkable class but damn business Betty guys have a -- ended up five. And -- the -- all the technique so person this is probably golfers don't think they got everything at a newspaper. Any -- a blogger meant to develop basic keep track commitment. It out just now dropped down to about. 68% or something. Obviously 115 or Glavine Maddux Thomas Biggio right that's probably yeah those four. -- -- -- And yeah. I would think for anybody from the week we'll do now remembers Tom -- playing hockey watched a ball the years indulge them. And they had a great -- for the cautionary at least in my opinion is thought to be professional but. Drivers -- pretty special family and it will be a great thing actually it's great that. You have Bobby Cox dramatics and glad we're all going in the state of the art forcible. -- -- -- here I wish she hadn't come back for the Red Sox. Good point Peter you've got a great event coming up this weekend the hot stove cool music event. Which is an annual event here in Boston tickets are still available. What should people look out for this weekend. Well we've we've actually have one -- -- better musical. -- So we have over how -- day in and trigger -- which -- Joan -- and some guys in the black -- baseball. Project which -- guys from moratorium that the terrific band and articulate blood in the whole bunch of guys -- will be. Playing with that would be in. And the biggest thing and and that's what what really is important about it. Is that it's just you know it's we have felt for a long time it. It's you don't turnaround keep asking the government -- give money to all these nonprofits these people work like 24 hours today. For -- for nothing. And do so -- good in the city and its. It's helped some of -- who have the opportunity to have to try to help them out to raise money and help these nonprofits that are so important city in its. Well I think when we do every year what we do that he Dick Evans scholars program which threw her. Provide college scholarships for inner city kids and and every year that that the mayor always columns and in Norris says -- I think people will love our city you know we definitely but then. A lot of picked -- that's. You know it in some ways she's almost become. The figure that disputed city guy who loves this city and I appreciate anyone -- willing to go -- Just a lot of his way to a and try to make it better. The event starts -- 6 o'clock 7 o'clock giving gets going at the -- -- Yeah I was SA will have TVs all blazers up on Saturday night at the bottom about the boy that second tour of the patriots game may be on one or two TVs there. Yeah. To help you as a role assistant -- Problems that proved to be better than Brady. -- applicable until I think I'm I shouldn't have participated killed and I know that the kid is a great quarterback but. It just seems like they've they've been talking about. Replacing Brady for about fifteen years now. Wait till next week when it's Brady vs Manning one more time the fifteenth time Brady against man. And and there will be lot of people pick -- Manning. Of course Bob -- Rory or are there already are a lot of people pick in the Andrew Luck. O'Toole Brady in this football -- Peter I can get tickets at FT DNL. Dot com. Have a great event on on Saturday night now appreciate the time I appreciate your help a lot.

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