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Headlines, Headlines, Headlines: Rodman has lost his mind

Jan 8, 2014|

The top stories of the day as recounted by Kirk Minihane. Today we heard from Dennis Rodman live from North Korea.

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-- right -- headlines brought -- was always by precision fitness equipment and AT&T. It's 7:33 in the morning Greg. And I don't have a temperature forum based on sites. Well just say it's up seven degrees it's it is cold. It is cold yesterday some of the big stories of the deadliest it was Dennis Rodman. Who when I was growing up. Was this sort of skinny. Tireless under achiever who holds Chuck Daly was like his dad remember that -- was it was -- he was. In that -- with the Detroit Pistons. It was actually relatively normally go back watch those games that you know pop up all the time -- this allowed us an MBA at TPC an old game. And he just looks like a regular guy he's no tattoos. -- the same and he was obviously an unbelievable. Defensive player told hostetler the scene and you and I think. Most craziness it he deserves to be an all out some of fame -- -- is crazy but now it is he is gone certify police on this trip this and he -- of good -- mission I guess. In north grew Italy's former players Kenny Anderson and vin -- Craig Hodges on Greg Hodge at the -- Hodges had he won the three point contest in. But probably 8080 lost -- he's got to be over fifty -- don't -- still if you -- use -- shoot some three mr. around the boy's hat. Against the team -- north Koreans yankees -- the north cricket gonna lose in North Korea. A less. On -- -- Americans are ordered to throw the game yes like a victory yet on the windows. This a Robin yes it was on CNN with that Chris Cuomo and I was a bit unhinged -- the is. He -- teammates -- -- he's not playing is -- he's conscious he's the I thought was opposed to play like him. Toyota to Russell media player cultural his teammates his players were surrounding him. These guys and the most fascinating part of this is these guys or to sign up for the is there all in right. And then they started listening to this lunatic and every one of Ecstasy that was going home on what -- I get myself into here's Robin yesterday. You do have a relationship with this man you've said it many times we've seen it demonstrated -- for whatever reason. Are you going to take an opportunity if you get to speak up for the family of Kenneth bit. And they say let us know why this man is being held that this is wrong man that he is sick. If you can help Dennis and Williams take the opportunity. -- loan officers. And a -- and one thing about politics. Human behavior when things. Did you understand I got. Houston. Put him but he did you can understand. What -- do what you do you know -- country. You tell me what you do and and and don't tell. -- -- -- -- They haven't released it charges cable or at least they haven't released -- -- A little bit higher tournament revenues. -- love these -- this go ahead. You know. We got -- you -- you get ten guys here. Yeah and -- low income families. To help this country has in the sports management. Not taking us all these guys you. Do it. We do and we appreciate that. We wish -- well it was a cultural exchange and I'll send you. But that does not only use them as an excuse for the that your Big -- itself. You just basically were saying that can they did something wrong we don't even know -- charges are. Don't use these guys as a shield for -- Dennis you listen to Lucent. Lesson. That -- shouldn't. Do you want to. All the guys here. Don't want me. We go to America. What needs. To lose you lose well we don't -- -- -- One day. One day. This was -- open. Perfectly reasonable I'm that's born leader of this diplomatic mission. Is expendable -- -- killed us in the keel John Jesse Jackson commended him but he was doing a wonderful thing reaching out to bring -- to Greg Anthony guy who is Smart as any. Former player it would emit green on Anthony as a analyst -- I was impressed he's very Smart well spoken. He's commanding that apps look more. Purdue in this thing that he doesn't even understand. We Greece too dumb to understand the holidays you don't understand the interest yeah. Laughs that's the right as dumb as news what about. Vin baker what about the -- to Doug Christie they signed up they went there in event on pong. With them to -- this. This broadcast that we're standing policy and -- -- -- -- those -- can days now and he's done all right can -- but and they won't have obviously seen in prisons in the concentration camps and I'm and they won't see malamute and just the torture and but. Pretty easy to read a couple little -- -- hundred hours long could make them read up as Dennis he's Dennis Rodman's asking me to do something go to -- look -- -- -- -- go to North Korea while I wanted to go to Ahmadinejad. They get paid much debated in eight. That's about it Pannemon cognac that with the American I don't know it was and -- -- Craig Hodges got 55 years old. Doesn't matter at this moment. Person North Korea over five -- three at all malnourished due in South Korea they averaged like 34 inches taller than the people in North Korea and the same island. -- Same culture a hundred are good at 67 years -- -- going to be well god don't that they based their starving even in on him. The chosen few guitar player on the notion that 34 once the golf course that the was -- 120. About a ballot but he birdied every single hole the only -- six album in August right. And we laugh -- -- in the more rug and it's -- secure -- in the headlines the more you read the more you realize. Mean this is Hitler he's going to visit a stroke it's been the exact -- backing him at the same time -- spread in the front of him. Does that mean bottom line is he's just too -- on the side John McCain was on drugs and John McCain is -- with piers Morgan witches. For five years -- -- note that you know even on Larry King -- viral moments of idiocy. Morgan but here's McCain last night. I think he's an idiot. And again I think he's he's -- very person that. Not great panel act who doesn't understand that. He really does provide propaganda for when this very brutal ruthless young man looking inward and one way it's almost comic. But on the other side of it it really does enhance his prestige. Lead this people and he's one of them. You know there's the guy runs a gulag of 200000 people have -- its full of unspeakable cruelty. And so. And he also has missiles and nuclear weapons. So it is -- edition -- -- child's game here. That's well said some -- right -- in he's just an idiot he doesn't have great intellect he. Is being used these useful idiot for Kim Jong own who not only has nukes. Has nine and a half million. Active and reserve troops not pain and a half million I guess everyone you know not like -- Volunteer -- but the military everybody -- image of like a savior if your alleged you're in the act like military or reserve I mean it's like million and a half active. Which is big enough but I mean everyone in the countries in reserve he's ready you know he's ready to fight which is gonna happen in -- lifetime -- Is going to be -- war and it's gonna include new actions conclude some real atrocities because that's who we're dealing with that's who. Right now -- was stricken cognac with. Listed the story so far this week -- the weathering the brutal weather all over the place again today year. It it talks -- and Saint -- and you know tweeted. Got a beautiful ex Kentucky where the temperature Q does he have to do that I've ever done he's done in his contract. But much of -- that it's I was minus one with the windchill minus thirty and Lexington. Couple nights ago it was cold enough for escaped prisoner turned himself back in Lexington mass slick and able to go to Kentucky. Forty year old Robert -- of Hartford that's also good. Told the clerk in what -- police he won the terms open escape the Arctic air escape from minimum security prison. Of Sunday's temperatures plunged they say he walked in the -- year by motel. And asked the clerk to call the police. About it is that just in the motel. In the exit -- -- it just came from the like it was like sausage it in democratic businesses are not that good get a room. Package just sit their little moment -- social room at the motel but if -- can't just -- you that you just that it's a little cold outside my car broke down and you're sitting there aren't all just sit there for ten -- -- things -- do you know probably like it needs to be hidden in. It was comfortable in the prison you wouldn't be addressed in prison issued khaki pants shirt jackets -- I was gonna have to do like an extra ten years -- -- figure out that these -- -- saying -- another two years for for decide to go back -- -- really. In the two months left on his to get others like yourself yet. Two months of two months left that he tried to escape a minimum security which is like you sit around watch TV and rebook the and the -- -- you -- -- -- -- Wall Street. Yet now it's like I can't have kids in a camp thinks that. Might anytime he doesn't do so it's it's I have kids he would keep the heat that gives but he does something goes this three hour movie. We all have c.s like the recent he'd get it's that we have to do. And I just on the times three hours long on the same line I use Mike uses an excuse for us as a human shields up. An American classic at we'll sequel news here will finish up entertainment sequel to them number one start this one. Spike Lee and Ray Allen both said they are now. Seriously thinking about sequel to he got game which to me is completed in no need to see it -- It was our news I remember I -- -- name was Jesus channels weren't as his dad is dad was absentees -- back to the -- -- washing his -- the president the right Jesus shuttles -- goes to whatever college and we need -- in in further investigate these two -- -- your -- unnecessary sequels -- the worst equals that's French president and -- -- that -- -- that. I always say in that city slickers and that the for the first one was pretty good this -- was the worst movie ever made. That's -- -- counts is there is Carlos is it ghosts it's not that he's died. Caddie -- -- guys check out what you thought about the gold standard always that way it the Jewish comedian what the hell was that I Jackie Mason rejected -- since the Charlotte Jewish I'm Jewish thing. And not to my knowledge. Right alive and well I know you don't of these stories but I have to do this. And the other one the other quick thing is that your senate votes that he Larry David are working together potential project again with CB. You don't want that you know don't mess with with with the holy Grail. Do -- like cash TV show up within not specific audience at the same don't do that. Isn't Larry is still doing curb. I have a couple years. Bought bottle on the edge to a great album they can't. All up another right -- -- -- twice TV is ever -- -- that TV he did curb after on -- and -- result it was accurate it was side team percent that was on that was last and he did not saying all hate him last -- -- lost -- -- -- -- -- cycle Butler David I think you'll like her. He lost my number he was supposed to put us in his movie. Clear and present danger when it was you guys are dumb and dumber two -- -- we didn't get it. -- tells us is gonna cost to put us in the movies that HBO movie which came and went. It was a great and that wasn't great -- so he tells us these can put a sense of Peta calls them up says you know we're ready when you are. This is we know we don't need you were brilliant planning all the once -- election. Don't expect. And that. And so hangs up and then an ad appears in the paper looking for extras Larry Davidson. At the paper look at correction is when -- called and say what. She was -- and over and pasted -- the -- news. I'll be watching guys do lowered yourself to be an extra that's true you know. This -- guys -- better of him right -- to set your sag card for these well no I've never battle line. He always gets a line that's right what you -- line you get the win over the scale and make residuals and all that. And that originally Tina never was that -- and weasels in -- -- way in this case -- On this. Let's get this -- come this way at least something else to fill out a hundred foreign -- the -- animal that was I mean that was different as before I even -- that's where the it's true it is clear we elect -- 165 pilots -- avatar but he's he's great I think he did agree to that whole interview with Woody Harrelson is ad -- Well let me ask you would have been doing all these years -- Drinking a lot of latitude. Are you still drinking don't know why I don't that's that's behind me now it's what you've done. They just and we and that that's pretty cool to be just the guy up the street like do you know and be part of that death it. I would screw up but that's a -- -- that scene and have to two over and be like Anna Kournikova going to your story and here's the story that -- minute and didn't wanna do but I don't know -- feel -- we have to its delegates from Florida of course half that's up pizza delivery man was arrested after his roommate caught him on tape. Having sex with they're German -- The girl said the dog of an acting unusually skittish. Around the man. 22 year old Joshua -- We're big key. She secretly videotaped them. Unfortunately found out he was this is from a news breaker. He was penetrating to poodles want -- let's take -- set up over videotape. And caught her boyfriend. With they're German Shepherd Dog looking. It's that it would turn a ship as a kind of scary looking but that there he -- -- looks the part he looks at a Florida got this guy like that down the street and -- says -- -- -- That's a problem. Except a point where a similar to male female. Doesn't really matter -- So -- that. -- and the backstroke pastoral female dog that's probably on Russia to edit that and it's socially & Associates that but it took it really determined that -- -- you joke meant him find out what happens to -- guys who go to Sochi. Your job they get tickets like written up like they got there walking on the street holding holding hands the city's Bryant put -- well. With that is significant as it did for example okay John anywhere okay -- he's might be if he's walking down the street holding hands and one half points. -- Why -- it's but it's just a big deal to read these stories the legal in the state to do sodomy or blue million wouldn't. So it on the sidewalk but do it. And that's what it's -- better utilization I don't know what -- what -- Overlook at our annual Ryan McDonald would you be nervous. If you now because any supper rush so protected it's not. -- Insight and answers -- women said that parameter. Walid the other an obstacle out. You external stay in the village you kidding -- an advocate writing would almost -- -- -- on its agenda more they have that that they go to restaurants and bars and party to big party. So if you're gay guys are you afraid that the -- you know. So it's not going to be treated things there's KGB my predictions -- be treated like kings there but it will be an issue in the meet with me absolutely sure you highlight 6177797937. Kirk thanks for headlines. Up phone calls coming up our number three of Dennis and Callahan Peter Gammons. Will join us to talk about the Baseball Hall of Fame voting. That's straight ahead here on WEEI Dennis and Callahan.

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