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Pats get ready for the Colts

Jan 8, 2014|

Greg, Gerry and Kirk began the show discussing the upcoming Patriots Colts divisional playoff game.

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We in the air. Good morning Dennis and Callahan on -- on Wednesday. -- a -- frigid Wednesday on a -- We do weather and it is time and temperature here all week it's not yes 60325. Seconds on a Wednesday morning there and Dennis and Callahan hold on hold on we need to get the temperature and that's my Joseph DiMaggio. Icrc or the dollar -- its -- -- the wind -- -- I can do it's it's wild woman -- NC it was 27. Its start in Austin it's nine. 99 degrees really -- right so we shall probably about a minus. That's well worth the team right. According to my weather here AccuWeather. -- whether it is 52. On Saturday -- try to yeah. Mean whether I guess is not a factor. In this game which is good and you weak -- opening. It would be one of those job I -- all of us this fancy I was cut open was going to be. Minus fifty I'd like good quarterback play and when Aaron Rodgers fingers of freeze -- off that. Takes away from the experience to make. What do you see the Tom Tom Brady struggled and now what I whether I want bull I like an even playing field mobile quarterbacks that. Becomes the real deal I want them to be at their best that are excellent I wanna see a 4544. Game I want. Andrew Luck to whine and cry like a baby -- Peyton Manning goes I don't want to be comfortable do you think Tom Brady whines and cries now. I can't let. Maybe privately. No one -- -- whining crying to refs and teammates -- -- -- that I thought about the -- just I want to be uncomfortable when it looked beyond comfortable. Like Peyton Manning is he's a I know he's a golden boy because -- look. Just -- enough yet to handle the weather that if he -- you wouldn't feel right -- usually let loose pants that's it that it -- like Mark Sanchez is actually no evidence other than his facial region believe what we don't have numbers from the games and -- usually pretty good actually outdoors and that. It's not a huge samples now but we talk it's going to be fifty true. Right yeah and -- -- well we'll be fifty to kick off tackle low below both 48 it's going to -- about forty electric off. -- wetness but. Fifty degrees at school and I'm glad for the fans to a -- -- and 7000 people don't have to freeze to like they did -- and he. He -- up -- costs us about it tells people to self don't rebels' offer it gives you it's -- it's your boring it's football weather in the north east. It's supposed to be 72 degrees and beautiful box crow for 48 that's like by bill Belichick's -- with the panel Tom yeah probably not and I want to Doug is Doug. Well Brady drove us a couple of weeks I was a little surprised at all quarterbacks always wanted to be -- is nicest possible that's the -- quarterbacks thing. He said no he likes it cold not that he likes it. He likes the other team to be uncomfortable. I didn't think quarterbacks that way but against Brady does he knows. Specially against the guys like Manning. -- There's usually one you want that added element. And it's not just the physical ailment that you think it's his mental his exit is all that's yet it's physically that it's the mental side he knows the other guy doesn't want to be. In Anbar is not comfortable with how it's okay. Today is way Wednesday's eleven days -- were you know were eleven days away from the AFC championship game -- it ms. -- look at the ten day forecast. To see how it's going to be in Denver when he hosts the patriots. -- he's the -- that worries. That McNamee -- not the only. Guys on the device like this single necessarily does it. It may not the only one looks at long range forecast exact. He's been -- 32 degrees Fahrenheit in the football it's a high of 54. On that day. And eleven. Are already weathered -- -- his -- and out of bed with a smile asbestos like Dickerson did this morning. Michael let. I really feel about a -- race. He loves that go to that that right now Manning's and -- could give me -- -- -- Wednesday Sunday stickers. -- this Sunday it's going to be a high of fifty but there's a chance of snow in the afternoon it's gonna drop like 32 but nothing -- -- without that's -- Denver Denver and Denver 32 was fine thirty -- he's afraid of thirteen it was thirteen to kick off last year. When they hosted the ravens and lost in double overtime. And he had the two gloves on in the frozen face. And you know -- -- is that you get older the -- the picture more hate more that perhaps I read literature that if you've already got an updated here gusts of 35 miles an hour wind that day and Sunday the Sunday and -- -- Sunday it's a high of 45. Real feel 34. Com but it's a very windy. It's not a good reflection pause for reflection amendment he's hosting a steam from San Diego. And you think they get the edge if the weather gets bad and I'll -- the San Diego guys you don't worry about this for guys winner of a dent -- the Denver quarterback you do worry about. What -- got to worry about it tickers and fallen like nationally. There's a lot of people's and I -- charges here I really liked -- they -- the pick and they did this thing on ESPN where. Herm Edwards in Tedy Bruschi -- pick. The team the visiting team with the best chance to upset the home team. They picked I think Bruschi picked the charges over the niners. The niners are visiting team that's favored the charges of visiting team that's at ten point underdogs. The hot thing right now it's a really nice because that that the darlings of everybody because it just came off an upset. Against them -- -- are it was a great day out and -- weeks ago -- -- can -- meet -- again second time funds area likely agree publicly -- -- -- I think -- get a little carried away I would also agree that this is sort of you know you talk yourself in the -- as the -- price on obviously -- disclose the best chance to win these -- -- just -- when the Super -- absolutely and I I -- I thought they weren't in -- count them. In alike that would have the other three as the other three big underdogs. You know -- a breeze and and rivers it was the best the quarterback with the best chance to win on the road. And I thought whoa oh and he picks the -- Which. You know -- you mentioned at the Darlington I do think to some extent Greg but they're not hot eight. They've. Played at home against the Kansas City Jamie's and that was a gift from the officials. They blew that call the barely won that game that there was post when he easily and then they played Cincinnati. And -- all just -- -- -- game for them -- their offense did nothing. Philip Rivers completed twelve passes in that game he wasn't like he lifted up the way you know he did he normally does he brought for you watched the first half of that game they were triple boring. -- wasn't much debate the -- edit. It was Andy Dalton it was time to watch the game watching -- -- for the football he took. It was going to and and I -- and duke is defense gets credit they forced a fumble on due Rania Bernard but. Don't know what touched him when he fumbled and the -- fixed the real ones in the flat. We're just awful decisions terrible rows they were gifts what what do you remember that game impressed you about San Diego. They stay out of the way as we brought imaginative enough that -- -- receiver what an olive oil. Where did it with -- would have liked to would have scored again it's K. It's important to any of those would that qualify as a winning formula you weren't Edberg sport it -- under president artistic people don't trust this and I don't trust Manning -- the plants which. If you look at his track record is totally justified I'm okay would not trust in Denver I say you wait a week on that. That's the way a look at -- -- week on the at -- at ten point favorite. Phil rivers and and the charges are not pot I don't think at that and -- and and as -- said yesterday. When you watch the wild card game Greg did you agree that the would you agree that the by means more than ever these gave us -- -- painful I forget or heard it actually hurt somebody say. Here on one of the national shows. -- weeks that's not that important. Wanna get all want to win the wild card game and get on a roll. That they were carting them off the field left and right and it because they were so violent so physical. And as a suggest that one of Kansas City at one and they almost did. It can be become -- here that have in -- you'd be eight these guys pass to running backs right. I have eight guys waiting for the doctors in the baseline testing can they be holding their breaths and could all these guys who -- -- -- -- Play and I would would you ever pick the chiefs after that game knowing they'll know why would require so many people giving locked departures champ. Because people like -- he can do he's different he's a different the last couple years. Johnson wrote about it yesterday a couple of days ago that your Tebow come in here terrible -- the Texans coming internally and no chance. What presents hope for people who hope that -- -- to lose the other thing is people always remember what they saw last what do they seem out of the patriots the last two weeks. Nothing I didn't play -- beat a bad ball bad buffalo team. At the end of the regular season it's the same reason why -- a lot of a lot of people would jump on the charges bandwagon. Because they saw what they did last night they beat Cincinnati now all of a sudden you see. India match -- Indianapolis come back and is unbelievable comeback over the Kansas City Chiefs in this guy and Andrew Luck who's going to be a future pro bowler. That's why people are attaching their wagons -- and it was 38 to ten and you said. It's over and he brought him back and we all watched and everyone was glued to the TV. Once said that got special you know he was a real kind of coming out performance -- -- you know -- said the -- the day had the defining moment when he crossed the goal line with the ball stretched out on the fumble. He said and he's got he's got the we all want guys that -- that we all. Kind of root for match you know -- at the children and us. It's like a Christmas. Eve night you dad I don't really pursue an -- you you know -- for imagine that that I don't -- for magic generally. What the guys name is locked. Mean don't you think that's something and they don't know and that is just as -- and -- yeah no I don't weapon it was. Parents and his grandparents by name that analysts and Panasonic it's about America and it is great grandfathers and father man I don't every bit as -- and -- unemployment is an NFL playoff. -- father play in the NFL don't you think it is a bad moments in high school and college where he was. You know magical -- his last name is -- you wouldn't have now is like -- bigger scheme and Amanda and I met no particular reason but didn't you watch that say while he has it. He has. Windy and no I mean I don't really understand what that is it's that of intangible. I don't know the hazard. With the lose by twenty points as we can get it later it's gone on way pretty happy when they lost the game or most thick of that when you pick of magic in the good on magic as you magic man. He has froehlich a weak -- like so there's no had a for a week that would minister and a -- a pistol that that guy. This guy has it from a -- get a little bit longer we don't diving I'm Catholic report I'm not saying. It lasts forever. But right now Andrew Luck has -- -- Manning have it right now about what is called the old enemies to do this all the time. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Luck as Dwayne -- I had asked me about any -- -- -- you note -- you see what I agree with that you know if you see it's a stupid hall of fame voters. You really do applicable and Iran are ready to. Shall I said and I've said for years that I give the baseball writers group that usually get it right and they may. They've made as a whole. Lot but you want to single out one or two idiots. Boy can we do that will do that's Philip Rivers habit. That's a good question I'm such a stupid question is that it's the whole thing is fine let's say no he does not have if you're gonna play that you don't think he has yet. Watching him play. Watching what he's done was playing at a this year -- -- if he talks beats Denver -- that already -- exactly -- that in a written LaDainian Tomlinson was just -- actually yield on the jacket over if he wins this week capsule has policies play for it does he play for it you went right for all semantics 37 almost thirty years old still playing for the -- suitable rivers has. What has won one playoff do we have to go to Google front office if it's you can't find a -- -- know -- -- there. And I'm mature if rivers as I'm not sure of -- -- or Newton has. Obviously Brees has it to a -- right -- it's enough breeze has won once Super Bowl winning streak which -- post season numbers he comes through in the clutch the -- that the the moloch. He may have that he may not have that what he doesn't have. Guys around right that's the most amazing thing about Andrew -- and you look at the rest of the team team not just offensively but defensively. There's not much there I know I know and what you get past Robert Mathis used to be you'd say free -- as Bob Sanders yeah. And Reggie Wayne Marvin Harrison MOR and Edgerrin James Dwight Clark. -- -- you got Troy Ellis Richardson. You got Trent Richardson is one won't carry with one fumble amid a good can you -- Y Hilton is -- you know -- he doesn't have it but he's a nice receiver. I'd like to have T whale might. Number three wide procedure Ron Waterman who got better weapons. Grade year lock. It's close it's close it's cold I. I sit here is as close. It's not often that Brady -- on the team a good team a playoff team and has better weapons and the other guy. Much or does but. You look at -- -- right you look at the rest of the Indianapolis Colts -- week -- the patriots is being beat up. The rest of the colts their beat up they just lost a defensive linemen they just lost. One of their starting quarterbacks and other defensive back has been out for a couple weeks out that the body you know who said the -- devices helped me because that that as a political. He's probably -- not vote like Democrats. I don't -- -- local. Once it was just a little shall assign it to Warren -- objects are on track after a -- texas'. Actors -- system. Or system. The use. -- This has -- come to -- yet but could not close to. -- -- passed away grab the tunnels. What system. They Obama the way the unit he said all of the colts. They love their coach. Said if you want an expert in the players. Affection for article Scioscia that's that's the guy he sees as -- -- mark -- think about these colts. The -- there too that's probably a good thing if -- patriot fan right you want the team told blown. Their coach is here obviously as dogs -- their -- they love their objections ever spoken to a single colts player vote. Their faction are trying to no -- -- remedy -- -- -- but he watches them I hug him and I've and it knows that he host -- strong a guy like knowing if you had yet. That in context -- -- coach most got in this day and age of coach pitch you in 1012 wins get to the play it to them in advance in the playoffs. If she says they love them I mean there -- those guys anymore is its Barneys. It just drive someone like dogs to go to the promised me and they generally the coach. News this winning formula and he and they win and the benefits they make money in the win prizes in the Robles -- coach right. An article -- or maybe that'll them over for a Thanksgiving dinner but they generally like their coach -- say that a vote. Every team left to would you say it as any team that hates their coach. They hate their coach -- No and it's that it's all -- -- Belichick who works right now. Budget separate you'd say he works like you had a well like -- office he really -- -- light -- -- if it works if it works and the two separate things when they view critical portion hated but it worked. Everything worked in -- make money in this'll work and oh yeah good boss could say. And all hang out them Padilla like -- As a boss right sure this happens they don't hate Belichick. Thanks so I again I don't know each individual's relationship with Bill Belichick can but he doesn't need. Tom Jackson is neither I know that's right yeah. Want to do that up jump up make up things like Honda running back there after an item. On Sunday he says I resided in Cincinnati it's very hard for me to say about it. It may be time for Marvin lose that's all there on it and -- ball well no I -- I lost like you know what I have to. I lost all respect for Tom Jackson owner of the story about Rush Limbaugh -- on the show and he would pick him in his private -- Like from Florida. -- private jets. -- on jobs but -- about how to access it bluntly. Question asked assets like stick around April -- I've had a -- and got up and then and -- buddies hanging out as soon as things got tight. All that I don't. Or really always like commercial. I'd never trusted I. And they want either. I got on his private plane that time I didn't trust that it's elected in the movie Wall Street and surely she gets taken away I know I. That I ever trusted him. But. Now he just annoys me now -- noise that handled everything you know with a -- got too big. So he has to stand out now. It's like they're keeping her around just because then he sort now at the end -- -- and coach -- I'm really defers to him you know. TJ. Calls it feels -- for life in nine other guys that are rather go to the object right. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Rules -- Ray Lewis is an analyst with ray player. Yet the one good moment this year when he. He's willing to pay the fine forget who was every pulled out of the dark light black art and not a moment I was the one time that I actually. Laughter I like to -- us you know like dynamic. And it does they don't say anything he does have that certain Salem that -- Mary Lewis definitely has it as an analyst don't just pull them yet that he -- Offer some insight why does -- paid laps than the American point of the genre he's got aides who offer. In -- he got paid to be Ray Lewis that's real crazy things dot do you think before they hire a guy like that they sit him down for three or four hours and talk to and say OK -- that's interesting that's a good thought they just say. They can offer rivaling the I say no it was -- a tactic this show that but there's competition right there was and that was. Sure and cameo on CBS and is Tebow and offer any insight on. They are all right Kyra I know he almost called the score exactly missed my point. I want to hear him but Rob Ryan Russell would let him talk and -- round tables stupid -- on he has began to was Michael. Mishmash mega star system -- yet sharp needle. Such as -- which. I was gonna say this I finally found fox sports one. I was at the gym in fact it was on the TV I don't even know if you watched it. Barely you know the first. Two days that came out of -- I don't know why I've set I have to start watching it sometimes he has been and gets tedious -- -- -- -- sometimes you see that. Two things that thing on Trent Dilfer on Tebow yes unbelievably. Embarrassing uncomfortable. In the same feature -- the thing goes on for five minutes over serves as the reporter and the quarter back who grew. He's the reporter in the in the cut to the video when the vehicle that. Of the wide video of him practicing Tebow. And that is he still for as the guru gets worse edit in ESPN cares it's getting all of the game four days' worth a program created a little weird -- don't gets worse Dilfer and people been living together. Room for over a year in just got recorded yet yet they've been kind of keep that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Does exist. Ivan Watson -- -- -- end up watching fox sports one. It's like watching you know whom have to have one of everything cast of -- with a have at this remember and his wife -- the white girl the black girl black the white guy and then Regis. And Regis is just clueless I believe that couple -- and don't have the white chick from Australia who is like and -- yeah. Honest to god it's like someone put together a panel is as the arbiter former players. There's as that -- former player it's one show where they have laden like -- pay. Gary Payton is up there -- Andy Roddick Andy -- there products -- football Gary Payton stocks saw Trevor some in big dude. Former and I've ever match no I told him I got Trevor had a story for you to know. I've been telling moment stores to -- -- -- pretty she's told to the worst stories ever didn't think there's -- story was that bad. One major a -- I let it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I tell the truth won't make it up yes yeah maybe at this point more interest and I'm not -- told that it would and with him fighting and hunting and beach just made up is -- Weis okay this week you -- right clues right. You've heard I have ever occurred and occurs if you're enjoying himself was -- -- -- optical picture it's a picture yesterday it will hold that thought please on. 'cause in the finish my faux sport one thing and we're gonna come back and so that -- is I want to hear what you have said it would be. Shock that's fine and we do that sure why not wanting to -- -- -- of the analogy -- -- we doesn't care now these citizens living and I got up from the premise. I'll watch him -- Norwalk -- tells me that. What a panel show and again yesterday and chick and then get this American chick in the big black and little -- oh they have the I don't the the guy with the sport coat with a teacher in the big black classes and we echo again trying to be ironic that you know of that guy. And that they say he's slicks and got a comedian and he's an attorney and make jokes and he says oh it's it's James Winston's birthday in. What happens when he's thirty is what gives him a new pill differs Britain 61 time. -- national championship Madrid this and they -- capital and the guys on the panel to them leading the panel. Is Regis it was a 103. And he says. The amazing thing about -- Winston. He's only a freshman because he's got to play for if he's gonna played Florida -- but everywhere yeah. Said that as he's got three more years at Florida State -- this. And adults mock and ridicule him and go along with -- is not a single fan out there. Who doesn't know that Winston's in the play one more year. With the NFL right everyone knows that. And Regis think she's gonna play three more years Regis thanks football players play four years ago while Regis was young vets. In. Range and finally got all these young hip people called in the guys with that. Featured in the last year Iraq ironic and the Australian chick with a big rack. And why is Regis the choice to be the panel leader whatever. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Just by Dickerson is a process for a week Michael author about a not for profit and I get serious and as I got I got three days just wake up tired I wanna -- -- -- but. So he's the host of this show. Every day and it's like of sports and -- type of thing. They make jokes 82 years old to work every day. The only -- -- -- have a gigantic. Enormous ego might he's Alex a seven ex -- like Larry can. And Larry king's got an eight year old son that it's the -- known at ten year old them. We are -- to play hoops with Larry. Throw the ball on the ground. -- but reconsidered for their grievances network as a 150. -- kidding but this -- on the money off. Millionaire. Dobbs show with what is his worth -- 150 million pennies to an -- little cable sports image shows crowd goes wild she graduated homered in the bio from the site 1953. From Saturday. He graduated 150 million boxing football to me it's an eagle for this -- network that's a lot more than Springsteen. -- -- -- -- fifty no but John -- celebrity network I was shocked Springsteen's working less than 150 yeah. And and it looked like you Bono Albano was worth like a billion. And Bob the ones were public and were public seven million some I don't know how that'll works guy's made bad investments which are divorced and cleaned out. Back yet he laughed and back then Bruce when he got divorced -- she put chino they had no kids she was a famous actress cleaned up though she did his famous 250 mailings were. She took half his money Julian Phillips now that was a long time ago I was after one new idea. Or -- in. Eight. She must filed in California. Did -- -- have reached is still work and even those with them for didn't my -- is so it's a it's a half hour show hourlong show. It probably shows up. He's argument do we -- -- series it's that he didn't talk much the rest of the ironic comedian -- and -- the big you know NFL guys they did most of the -- that's exactly what I plan on going to the capacity without them guys and we -- I don't know I have no idea what to them millions can say about the you know cause I have not been updated on the crews -- both take a break we'll find out 617779. 97937. It's Dennis and Callahan on a Wednesday morning here on WEEI.

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