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Salk and Holley's Four at Four - Divisional Playoff Edition - 1/06/14

Jan 6, 2014|

We tackle four topics that will take us into this weekend's divisional playoffs in the NFL.

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-- now word excel and holly story. All right roller board or -- for. Fun cleaning. Green card. Well we solved Kelly and sports radio and W. Tough days. For Reche Caldwell. For four brought you by see beyond your technology ally you have a business to manage why not let's see beyond -- manage your technology -- We have to. Well wild card round is over and that means nexus the divisional round there's not a great match -- Seattle New Orleans Carolina San Francisco Denver San Diego and of course new England and Indy. Outside the colts pats game which game interest you the most. Other go to Denver San Diego. They play in the same division. San Diego has knocked off the Broncos. They hit it less than a month ago. And there's also a mean and selfish motive -- -- if you are patriots and patriots observer. Oh yeah I -- -- -- to -- that -- are nowhere. Here's the other part. If the patriots take your business and home San Diego knocks off the Broncos. You've got to AFC championship game right here so vertical boards and Peyton Manning in the playoffs again. Here it is the number one. -- This -- from the field. If it moves me that this as art meant. The top one off for. -- all four games we Canada would you agree I do and if the one game this past weekend. The Cincinnati and San Diego real internal watch -- but I'm not nearly as excited about it -- these. Some of them love them enough for me it's going to be Seattle in the world intimate spent so long watching that team go from nothing to where it is now that I Stovall vested interest. And how they do and Russell Wilson be in my favorite player so excited to care. I definitely care course like I did shot ultimately is an oil -- that crap yeah of course I can't -- to watch that -- go from nothing to where they are they there. So I lose you -- it will -- -- show you won't -- and no I don't -- you won't be so emotional now I'll be able to -- -- emotional. -- -- don't see why isn't there something between what you might care but not the emotional. Why can't I care but not be crying afterwards. What you and I want the team to win and another team to lose without wearing their hat and Jersey and thinking everything they do was perfectly thrown into this thing in between Romer director. -- something in between I don't understand why it has to be so black and why I -- macros supported Jersey somewhere. What might be that don't have enough. What this is the Carolina game couldn't be realistic and I mean Carolina team is underrated I underrated them I think almost everybody here did they went -- a hell of a run to finish off this year the defense is legit. And I have no idea Michael I don't have a clue. What Cam Newton is gonna do that game he could be other worldly. You could do everything that predicts done in more or he can come out and -- flat and you only and it could be anything well I only good but I thought it throw four picks and now a lot of fear -- could always carries out of the wild card -- who had a nice little things of and that's what about. But I think separate Cisco Carolina. Is going to be game for the coaches that the coaches that -- game a game for the rest of us would be. Seattle. New Orleans Denver San Diego and I think it's going to be one of these low scoring again defensive battle. Oh look at the -- plug the adapt their night that the estimated that for the coach. -- He has three. RD has eight career comeback wins or the colts. Both -- -- meanings comeback record which currently sits at forty yes he's gonna break all Manning's record just give the guy time. He's gonna break them all this will include. Well in two years it's got four year. You know we didn't get the fifty. Well if he won't have to if if they build the team the way. Jim Irsay has been talking about so what do it different way -- one -- -- all this money. Well on off its one distributed more evenly -- wanna win some more championships -- you do that if you have a more balanced team won't all the come back and that would -- Manningham on -- -- as you know Peyton Manning. Those numbers are otherworldly I think heir Andrew Luck is going to be good it's good but probably not applicable -- -- -- The colts and patriots had many memorable games over the past decade plus which pats colts game was the most memorable. Something go when. Oakland's right -- -- but this is a no brainer isn't it -- it is that the 23. Is going to be twenty green. Divisional play a good one it's not the most memorable to me even though the my most memorable is not the biggest game they don't get me started on my favorite place that you started. To -- show one. Teddy the steady -- you don't get it started and if about this don't give me -- but the speech he gave after the after the game you achieved rules -- post reply. What's. Michelle -- Antonio. I think next year we're not perhaps know. Love love that comment. My favorites the regular season game when darkness with the stuff Padilla and run off the field was nominal and unfortunately. -- listen to that game had to listen to the end I watched almost the entire game and I had to bomb I was getting what you. Well 2003 degree I still lived in LA so I was on a plane might have been Thanksgiving week and there's nothing -- jetBlue well I was sort of a measure and Hossa Holmstrom hustle. To get to the airport to my dad mr. I mean the airport. And eventually we have to leave my -- believe the reports seven hours before the plane actually takes off. So they're really particular note I believe like that equipment that don't. You gotta get airport filled it up or drive in and listening to the very end of that game and groups grossed an. That my father. Completely -- -- until. Like jobs reach into all just it's killing all okay. And that moment was like no more than. A quarter of a mile down on the road almost pulled. Out that he noticed that the last known as well cardinal and talk about their -- that are rated the local radio call. I -- president national ticket you're the guy used to scream in the -- -- -- national what stood out but it was a great -- of that game. I said earlier -- the Carolina. Sampras let's go game is with a coach let's stop. It's all for the coach no no sport that what they did there was amazed shut them down notes at Washington. At Washington Maine greatly Rodney Harrison we will improvising with Eugene Wilson on an island Peyton Manning overthrew receiver on another then. Willie McGinest and boats that -- her -- just blow. That would he thought Payton. Thought it was gonna drop in the coverage and he wound up rushing in stopping after games it worked out great out of -- -- Eight teams still standing. If you could pick one player from any of those eight playoff teams to put on the patriots and he has been newest -- Deion Branch of the -- would it be. I'm gonna -- it. -- bar the old man. Of -- Cisco because I think with the patriots a lot of things. Defensively. That you know that that make you cringe a bit I think they've actually their help in the second period and they're pretty good the one weakness they have now. With mail being out I don't think they have a line -- really cover all that well. And Navarro Bowman does everything. I packed machine I got the speed and skills to cover. Really really good and and I don't Patrick Willis. -- get property should yeah but Navarro Bowman I think is right there with them in the past 25 years old wouldn't have won. There's a lot of defense -- an eagle and -- Smith would definitely be one of those guys I mean just think about the difference he would make. In this appears -- -- -- -- constantly and when he's on he's really really -- it was an underrated player that would really help them specifically. Is a guy like. Enemy in the league and players that nobody ever talks about he's one of the better players on that Seattle defense using monster runs. You place or that knows that three technique which still feel comfortable saying yeah incredibly defensive tackle there com. And and he's he just is incredibly disruptive just based on the things they could use. Be pretty. His only defense of players. -- don't look at the good thing about article is about Jimmy Graham. And Tom Brady Jimmy have. But at some of these guys yep which you know -- nobody -- -- Wednesday. A couple of guys we've talked a lot about explosive players. And it's sometimes in the playoffs these guys disappear. AJ green yesterday. Bodies all -- Andy Dalton any Dalton is America's whipping boy -- to Cincinnati's America. Hate it B Dalton but. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Fumbled the ball as he was heading into the end zone that I saw. I saw AJ green drop it like a fifty yard pass yesterday these guys who appeared DeSean Jackson and drew a big pass infertility. I think these these players that we obsess over fantasy football players we -- over. A lot of -- to be either picked -- the game just to show. -- are only gonna show up. Our fourth quarters. That gap. -- that. You know Richard -- Don't want picture wanna. I question his judgment. Not an -- -- question on judgment on the football field just in the left Brady office top five quarterback list and you wouldn't want Richard Sherman playing quarterback as our. You want Richard Sherman took cover do you why -- to -- it can -- -- -- you wouldn't. By whom they could be almost exposed them because it. We're gonna -- this week. No probably in NFC championship game Mike Clayton he's gonna get a grab your craft your Crabtree I'm Eric Kwan -- it. Solid support what you got next sermon common match. You are nobody said west -- cedar nobody said Wes Welker and now nobody wants less well like Russell would pick anybody anybody remaining in the plan. -- spoke -- was the most important person on the -- he's -- -- they ever give us five and Wes Welker doesn't diminish the value Wes Welker but I haven't you know what I can pick any player and the emergence of -- settlement certainly diminish. Our. Don't know I don't know -- diminish the value Wes Welker. Haven't -- Julian cattlemen. Let's see him play a playoff game when he's the number one option and let's start talking about how Wes Welker doesn't matter haven't seen. Julian I've seen them play in the playoffs and seeing them play where in the world these differences are saying we gotta take away that guy he's their one receiver. There were worried about -- -- -- against in the sport and if you missed any of Bill Belichick and replace them for you coming up at 5 o'clock -- -- lot of lot of effort in what. It would it did. But a guy you can pick any guy -- and his. Kids but that's not the guy -- But we're talking about some of these great monsters defense -- my team. It pretty difficult. People saying he was the single best free agent signing this year. Who said. What Peter king's day and cars and announcers say at the top it off topic Peter. He was a single desperate if I -- who operated signing. -- -- -- -- Was not a great kind of statements and -- deal for -- and I thought it would cut out of the back. He's pretty get a lot of play as well Wes -- -- redesigning. The -- and what I guess not necessarily. That's just what I -- Peter King but you know sometimes. So I look around sometimes -- over the Internet look for looked equally as well there's always. Ought to go yeah now we'll kick medium list mechanically vs Navarro -- Malia -- take -- -- And I mean is there any reason I have to make that decision they're both incredibly good at taking when among my team about it. I pick Cam Newton employment another position just as a figure that you'll get writes them now. It is such an athlete. Look at the quarterbacks were going to be left -- this it really is crazy the quarterbacks just. How different they all are you get the traditional drop back passer as you go Brady and Manning. I'll put Philip Rivers on this list he got the young kids who can run all around Russell Wilson I should put Drew Brees on the first list as well. And then you got Russell Wilson and and -- -- nick and their ability to -- make plays at their legs. And in the the person the patriots are gonna face is what I think is so interesting about Andrew Luck. Right in the middle of those two guys he's not gonna run nearly as often as he's got high drop -- is exactly is the true hyper right I mean he's got the traditional build. Although Brady Manning and Aaron Rodgers etc. But his act as athletic as Aaron Rodgers is in the play he made on fourth down with single display the week and that was unbelievable. That he pulled that off and turned into touchdown. I think what's cool can do again is going to be in that running quarterback list into -- is a traditional drop back passer. Who's got incredible speed and what's -- -- -- Arnold there's another guy quite like.

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