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Indy over KC... Classic Comeback or Overwhelming Choke Job?

Jan 6, 2014|

We discuss the incredible game played by the Patriots opponent in the divisional round as the Colts come back from 38-10 to beat KC. A lot of folks differ on their view of the comeback, and we discuss and debate it.

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And -- happy inauguration day to all of you soccer hall here on WEEI WEEI dot com as well. Can't believe the first thing I read and heard this morning. Wake up. Thinking about what a great weekend of football was three great games plus the phone excuse the -- and Andy Dalton. In the first me first thank you read today. Peter King right that Monday Morning Quarterback Dan Patrick talking about on his showing as is the fact that the NFL wants to immediately expand. They wanna expand the playoffs add an extra team in either league in either conference. And not I think it makes the play I'll tell you because I don't know that I know what money money money monument -- golden goose -- -- that story three that ferry to go back. Forgetting about what it does to the playoffs tells -- that makes the actual playoff weekend for -- in the playoffs that much worse to have an extra game or because the competition and be down a little bit. I don't think we'd be worse off that Arizona and Pittsburgh -- both made the playoffs they -- think that that puts us in a -- or spot. But I do think it significantly reduces the importance of the regular season when you're adding an extra team that you don't need that. I think at times. This administration who's to blame for maybe it's a bunch of people on an easy target is Roger Goodell. -- a lot of people -- Have have. Maybe over. So many different ways. To screw up only what is going just fine. And it. One day talking about an eighteen game regular season schedule another time another floating rumors about a Super Bowl and -- that super Wal-Mart and this American tradition. Let's take it somewhere that means it's much or maybe an NFL team in London expanding the Super Bowl. Let's take away all kickoffs let's take away special teams but -- keep going -- what you've got to get things going. You'll have got the greatest and it is greatly. I think it's the best -- had a out of North America only support major sport is the best one by far. Beyond in -- improvement. It's tinkering it's meddling it's stupidity. While -- and what's the -- are obviously using its money -- -- right that would be the only reason to do anything like this but that that the other question is. Is -- things they've tried to change. Actually hurt them on the back -- right there's room expands so far and so far beyond its reaches that it starts to crumble from the inside out. And if you're in the NFL that's the one rule that's the one thing you should be wary of is is ruining your game from the inside out how many hits can you take. You've taken away kickoffs OK fine you can handle that. You're making the game less physical there's less heating in the inside. Less hitting the quarterback there's less hitting them a defenseless receiver. Can we withstand that -- I think we can withstand that. We're gonna expand we're gonna do this we're gonna how many things how many hits can you take before eventually people saying. You know what this is no longer the game that I fell in love with. Now may be as long as the other three sports continue to muddle along the way they do. Unless baseball actually has some sort of vision with the next commissioner to try to jump back into the public I am a hockey does something which never gonna happen unless basketball changes some of the way it's it's played and viewed etc. Made the political focus and have a choice it is going to be number one no matter what happens they can tinker all they want they can add playoff teams they can add eighteen games that schedule they can do any of these things it won't matter all because what -- they what -- -- Pick the Super Bowl lot of North America and I think that might which you know watch. I don't know should watch out and of course you really watch like her members that on Friday asking the wrong guy to -- restaurant guy in the wrong business from and a half. I have to watch but does that does that diminish the Super Bowl super Super Bowl is played in Amsterdam are -- thought about it. Yes I think you would -- yes that would in effect. Of all the I have talked about that or -- -- maybe yesterday and that -- doesn't bother me the eighteen game season is the one it's always driven me crazy I don't need more of the NFL just -- needed on Thursday by Super Bowl in Geneva. Not always wanted to suitable to be engineer is being very to neutral site via. Of course. It's an ultimate -- -- their way to make it fair to make its ultimate ultimate neutral site were stamping the Geneva. I don't know if this is the only thing I do like it -- -- -- they got it right this week I hope they hope cooler heads prevail hope more intelligent. Heads prevail. Because this weekend. Every. Damn good football with other script football -- football it was dramatic it was intriguing. It -- and add to my -- -- -- accuracy. For most of these games bad games the so called that game Cincinnati San Diego. I'm around see how that -- -- for the Cincinnati Bengals at an all stupid. All of these games. War or came down to the fourth quarter you even -- the even if they didn't like the Bengals games seventeen point -- deficit for the Bengals were still watch -- came -- to play. Was that I I was disappointed by the Green Bay San Francisco game like because we had built up I think we exaggerated or were told that the that the weather was going to be worse than -- one. Clearly the weather was bad but I was expecting the -- they're getting in the midwest today to -- yesterday. It was not negative fifty with the wind -- was not negative fifteen temperature wise that temperature for the most part stayed above zero they're talking about wind -- being in the negative ten to negative fifteen range not that that's not freezing cold and -- they were miserable and cold and all the rest. But it was not the drug drama of is this gonna surpass the ice bowl it didn't actually come close and that's I found myself kind of disappointed. Also I think those guys -- Breezy for notoriously tough luck college operative who is from Wisconsin. Now after the game into the interview with -- enters. What's the story with the sleaze he says it's not that cold. What -- I -- not at all. If it's a mentality I'm not shore guys get a big advantage from it but they think they'd do psychological thing I don't know any event I don't understand it was -- today with my movement of its dead. I think again to a -- had a little bit more if he's where he sleeps with cold. But ultimately it and it isn't worldwide something that is not mind over matter. Like if you're in a situation -- being outside -- exposed to -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- maybe it is because those guys seem to be -- -- here for four hours with -- -- -- -- none of them died none of them got exposure none of them got frostbite as far as I know. On their arms but I would think that eventually that would just happen. I don't think you can just say I'm half therefore I'm not gonna get frostbite you know one of those things just kind of happens. -- -- -- if you're moving around really it's that these interim around I don't know if your activists adrenaline everything's Garland John -- Chatham had a good point decent a lot of the guys are cheating. They were saying they weren't wearing sleeves but they are wearing extra long -- -- elbow pads so yeah you're not wearing a sleeve or your elbow thing goes from about an inch by your up by your actual shirt -- to about your risk. Well commentators calling jeopardy didn't have any doctors -- no. Once all the tax. He was out there now on the side -- for the field goal yet to indicate -- them. And I he had on that ski mask but. Quarterbacking is not there would mean no sleeves on was unbelievable and a lot of guys are like. And and you know it's of these games are so funny because it's happening throws that one pass in the final drive it's picked off. It's going the other way maybe even for six but at the very least Green Bay has the ball with a chance to kick their own field goal at the end instead. I dropped the ball capita has -- sweet scramble on third down the next thing you know their field goal range in the whole thing ends that way I am in the margin of error is so slim on either side and is on one play in either direction almost always made by the quarterback. Is going to be the difference in these. Anybody -- -- -- think about all of these your your rightness Sampras physical game that happened I mean think about the game of the weekend and -- as close as all those games where we all know. The game that really jumps out. Is that Kansas a gain of 3810 in the third quarter and wind up losing by a point. But think about even the final play of game all the things you talk about Ortiz all the things talk about. And training camp all the things out during the season this is why -- when my favorite clips from Bill Parcells -- this is why you let. All those waits in the -- on the side I on this guy's arm up. -- how many times do you make. Our receivers coach -- an -- coordinator or somebody throughout the career throughout his career Duane both mindset and I absolutely said to them. Hey you know what separates good receivers great receivers. How they negotiate the sideline. And and having having lever maintaining leverage when the ball is in the air. And being aware of doing little votes happen a silent in the why don't -- -- he's open he makes that catch and by about two or three inches he's out of bounds in the game is -- so what came down. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Slowly -- there's no question. -- -- don't know -- horse drugs yes absolutely is that what he did yes horse tranquilizer I was doing all sorts anything that you are trying to horse he's going to do. At Ohio State probably with 230. At the end by two -- looked like upon current climate. History it was true but. But I mean when -- is has he is the prototype for an outside receiver in the NFL has got the perfect build the speed the hands everything else but he's dumb. I mean I know people played with a -- cities dumb guy doesn't really understand the Lawrence well there doesn't spend a lot of time trying to get better at that stuff and at the end of the day it's not just his lack of understanding of the offense as you said just now. It's his lack of paying attention to the finer things in the details the situations the things that are gonna matter that -- gamer loser many doesn't do it his team loses the game. Taylor you can Wear with -- dumb guy play if you if you have met the right position. Document dump quarterback. Probably can't win with a -- left tackle right tackle you certainly can't limit the dumb senator. -- don't corner yet she. You know what the dumb receiver yes well you -- until comes down to the final play I don't -- don't but I don't think I don't think that's it I think usually you can say it was a few things -- line. -- not don't -- up on doing those hard thing -- Like calling one. What you want. On fourth down that's a choice. While I want it more than the Andy Dalton throw deep down the sideline on fourth and three other that was the worst play call the entire week of tiger weekend all four games and there are a lot of dumb ones but that was one that stood out to me. Do while walking out -- I wanna put the ball on to win both hands my best playmaker Tapp point right. I mean who else you gonna give the ball to there. Well don't a lot of guys that they could've they could've gone to. I'm I'm saying it's not don't throw -- to poke us in that didn't gain brought the they had no -- his form. You know coming into the game I was watching the watch an NFL network. Well before the game maybe two hours for a game. And their playbook show was great love social sterling Sharpe is there and bald anger and Brian Billick are going on. Are some of that goes on the they're talking. About Bo and first Indianapolis and an -- with Casey. They were pointing out it. Apple's doing things especially get to vote. Treat him like a guy. OK they may have done that game one. And gotten away with. In game two they weren't getting away with it. I don't think you're just sitting with two Romanoff. Even on that last play of the game Salk didn't have any don't know -- all it was a. Unwinds don't -- one Dwayne -- one on one I don't know if not is that the -- you wanna make is that the is that the only. Play for well -- -- -- on the I was thinking they were out of timeouts right so they needed to they needed to stay near the sideline or to try to get out of bounds to have enough you know to have alternately definite time. -- Think they had time I have let -- -- it would have -- forty seconds to blanket. Am -- could've gone through it if they completed a -- back and look and when completed a pass over the Arctic was like. Is about a minute. About a minute left -- to project someone. He completed pass over the middle. You can take your time. Giving up the line of scrimmage to spike it usually. Hey guys this despite play look left and they both fight like in the if you could take -- spike in play it's time for a field. It is always -- any time -- NFL team tries to make it more complicated and needs to be adding the sideline in makes it more complicated than it needs to be -- -- -- another element but that that that the players -- -- -- at the -- but all of a whole lot that's one of the bottom line yes Europe 38 and you should -- back you had any more and more -- about that on -- that -- and that that's one thing too is I'm sorry if he's going to be your best player you're number one wide receiver he was given a throw that was good enough. For him to catch the ball and come down in bounds and if he is -- if he's got. A little bit more presence if he's got a little bit more awareness if he practices little better a little harder and understands kicking situation better than he does. Admit he makes that play any should be expected to make that play if he wants to being number one receiver to be counted on at the end of a playoff game the -- at Kansas City Chiefs are they good. I still believe it I think they were faked a team I don't good but they're not that are very good team. I think -- I and I think now there's going home this -- -- at home they are now. If they're going -- good -- ago they lost what six of their last step nine games all of these teams all of these teams in the playoffs. Even the team's going home you can make -- case for all of the port. Of separation separation between the colts were coming and now. And the Kansas -- was eight point. The separation between Cincinnati and San Diego pocket that's a big one for fiscal Green Bay you know look at Philadelphia New Orleans. The final four teams right now and AFC. Won it. If I don't know -- an -- certainly. They execute AFC championship game could be played here. Championship game could be played an Indianapolis won't be surprised by neighbors. On I understand what you're saying but my point being that that Alex Smith was not in the same league quarterback wise as those other four guys -- one. You're looking at the six quarterbacks that played in the NL I -- a lot. It's our -- hate it if he wasn't as good as the other quarterback is Elena lost its part it's one of I would say it's the primary reason the pro cornerback -- better. The other quarterback -- not that he was terrible wasn't terrible the other quarterback was better third the other quarterback was able to come back from 28 points down and make every play he needed to win it is a quarterback driven league and when the chips were down Andrew Luck was a better quarterback. That Alex Smith won that game. No I think your game is if you're down if I spot I don't care who would side. What's the biggest gap between quarterbacks remaining but the best when left let's say the best and -- -- either Brady or Manning can't or breeze. And then it was the worst moment. The worst quarterback remaining in the playoffs right now either count predict or -- -- OK if Andrew Locke and his program the kids' channel which one are if I spot. The the best quarterback in Italy. -- if I get the worst quarterback he's got a 28 point advantage he's got -- tees it up. Defense and 28 point advantage uncomfortable -- Republicans Peyton Manning or Andrew Luck sorry it's not on Alex Smith. Yeah we got a point lead in the third quarter omelet I don't hear break your quarterback is better. And this is -- that -- on balancing that Alex Smith might not make it that I'm not in that and Alex I disagree with under two point exactly I disagree with it. It's about more than the quarterback absolutely. No way it is a quarterback thing man when the quarterback makes the plays at the end of the game and your team wins and unfortunately the end of the game Alex Smith didn't make enough plays Andrew Luck made every single place he needed to make. He's a better quarterback -- Al -- he was better go and -- he's better common out the -- loss for a couple of reasons but the biggest of them is very simple just quarterback thing. The quarterback and not as good. Their defense. The difference in defense whatever OK that guy this principle and he came down to the final few minutes the defense was good enough that it came down to the final few minutes -- finals -- and it -- Cities up. Yeah. A two minute they have a chance and I winner will write Arabic at. All want to drive down the well and win the game and -- well. On the show -- what. I liked. What he. And at the beginning of the third quarter of game they got 45 and be happy about -- -- could put that -- If not you of course it'd always historically bad the NFL it's in it's that you've seen that. We're live in 1987. -- was asked if -- had just a few times in your lifetime that won the biggest compact and history of the game that is not -- -- -- that it. History it is becoming more and more the NFL 21 when he points teams get downing you don't turn it off because you know the quarterback is fully capable going not as soon as he gets back out there but that's the way this game is played when they open it up and they wanna start scoring and and there's nothing left to lose. Andrew -- Russell Wilson calling -- -- -- Peyton Manning Tom Brady Drew Brees these guys have the quick strike ability to go up and down the field 617779. 79372. Guys involved -- alcoholic WB. There I'm not -- police. What you get into the game uranium anyway you're you're you're warmed up runaround. -- focused on making plays and -- -- they get those you know. (%expletive) And an airplane on the they're and Jim on the sideline they're not out there so I mean aren't out there. Well not just for this reason but he's obviously a tough from and the media to Rob Ninkovich don't think. Much -- show earlier today saw -- here and patriots Monday Bill Belichick will join us in just over half hour. We aren't fox Ronald I mentioned that earlier were in -- to Bill Belichick will join us here person not just after 3 o'clock. This afternoon get his take on now what we saw over the weekend what we can now expect heading forward. His team will play the colts I guess the debate really comes down to -- the colts win it. Did the chiefs lose it I think it's a little -- but I give the colts' opponent credit because -- Andrew Luck did everything he needed to do we got down big he threw a couple of picks early. Some were at fault some weren't. But -- managed to rally his team when they absolutely needed it might take on it is and I'll say it again it's -- I think Al Smith played a bad game he didn't over 300 yards. I was a 190 point four touchdowns no picks me to did numbers wise everything you would need to do. But quarterbacks in this league are judged by not just that the -- by quarterback wins and in the final drive when his team need to go down the field and kick a field goal. You can do that. That's that's a game where he did not do what Andrew Luck get blocked it. He did not and and just because they had a big lead it doesn't change for me the fact that at the end of the game get the ball in his hands and the failed to capitalize failed to score points. Well I think personal cult I hate that argument. Europe they're reminds me of around the holidays always producers which is. Okay. Did this team win it sort of that humans now the team that won won the game a -- credit in the world for women in the -- winning you don't nobody gives you win. What I'm saying is. As great as Andrew Luck is an an as impressive as that that he was very impressed by the way. Not just what they did on on Saturday but what they did in the regular season home victory over the Broncos over the 49ers and over the Seahawks. That's that's pretty damn good -- But as impressive as that team is you've got to -- -- Kansas City Chiefs if you've got guys. If you've got pro bowlers got an all pro safety -- error vary you've got guys like -- -- Ali you've got guys like Houston and he got hurt again. But you guys who. Have have put together some pretty good numbers for -- and defense. And spot it went to a 28 point lead let's understand. I understand it fits you don't win by twenty. -- you and I can if you went by the -- but she'd got to expect. In the second half -- that they can't be happy with themselves they can't be saying I don't. At the end of the -- is the quarterback's league we've lost to a great quarterback. Now you guys underperformed. When it mattered. They may not be staying up and it doesn't mean that there wasn't more than Alex Smith could've done at the end of the game Robson Charleston and I rob. -- -- -- -- Given him the benefit of the doubt when you're right now called the Seattle that is trying to -- the opportunity but he has confirmed and activated your -- at the -- It's all about defense. And -- they -- they lost that game I know Michael Michael agreement that either. But they -- a lot back in 44 point should win you football game at any level. Well sorry that -- you know Alex lifted the best he could do. What he doesn't stop the other float like pre shared the scoring I'm -- -- the show. Why don't understand my problem on -- and -- -- I don't know anything would just answer me this. If it's all about defense -- in the cold one after giving of 44 points. That while Alex Smith didn't make the -- to play when he needs to houses just about defense. Every. One is the come down on offense and every facet of the -- -- strike or. What or. You don't score -- point you can not -- It's not -- you can. Without without -- we did it with your doctor off as well as your defense -- point oh yes that's. So it's only about defense because. Our idea generator you and -- how would that there's a -- football or seven years and one minute addition. One minute circuit or records object for example if you cut out the game. And and felt the -- What we want to talk to. Football get so that we all the -- certain amount of whether it's football baseball and it chased and beat -- like -- is more important. In baseball and it is hitting -- -- the idea that Ethiopia critical that you get a little what is the objective is to score more points in the it or not that's what -- will be our goal is to look -- the -- for the play -- -- all the the score at home you all it's all the other people weren't. Is this -- what you thought we. You know is rob -- name and Iraq bureau my side but it's not accurate defensive -- yeah. You're defensive -- More than okay are -- because I didn't because that coach that we that we -- to. Always it. You know your job is it if it comes on the point scored points out your job is to. It's -- Wharton the other team by any means necessary -- I think. It in this case yes. The Indianapolis -- latest opera made stops -- to give up six points to six points in the second half. Thirteen with a thirteen in the second half -- you -- when it was 38 to ten at that point -- points. A verdict in the third quarter and six points and we gave them three points in the fourth quarter -- -- but some work amid some of that is is going to be on Alex Smith have the ball on the -- I understand the defense factored into this I don't think that all happens in a vacuum I understand there's a big picture here but the end of the game. The guy who I think we all would have agreed was the fifth or sixth the best quarterback in the AFC probably the -- is in the -- was going to be number six no matter what. The guy who was the second to worst quarterback left in the AFC at the ball his hands with two minutes to go down the field and only needing a field goal and failed to do so. This is exactly why we trust Tom Brady in this town it's exactly why I have a pretty strong confidence that the patriots are going to be able -- -- defense. The correct me if I'm wrong all the defense of people up his pitcher's defense great. They're anything but great they're hanging on the they're put together with with duct tape and some thread because half the guys are into -- -- -- not a bad defense but this is no great defense they have Tom Brady and they're able to keep games close until the end. And allow their all I want to. -- right -- and -- and look at but the the problem is. Before the last two minutes of the game -- something in between in between 38 and in the last two minutes of the game. I will knock Alex Smith for not being aware that he was about to be strips to act. Gave the the call to possession that -- out and get back into the game a little bit you know given some confidence. But there are a lot of things that happened between 38 cardinals' final two minutes not gonna end this on Alex. And in what his ratings are rankings are the quarterback. I did not think I think he did. As much as you can expect probably beat -- and what people expect him to do games Alex commitment in the office. It was 44 today. Now in Kansas City. You're 44 and -- -- most of the game without Jamaal Charles. All right. Particular defense can hold on and I also what I settler guard Jamaal Charles is overrated from the beginning. Notably I don't I said last week and I still politically that Jamaal Charles is over that it took you last week in what way and then look at the way I just want to score 44 points about yet so these are running back he's OK he's good running back he's very good. Running back -- -- -- -- -- be terrified because they have Jamaal Charles and another team doesn't yeah I just don't view it that way you can have Jamaal Charles and -- Davis. Are these guys are pretty good to know Charles is better than them I understand that. But without on the score 44 points just how important was that tells you that with the meticulous scorched and hash every amid the come up with maybe maybe they come up with that field goal maybe they have another option at the end of the -- Sean Sean -- -- -- believes -- -- I'm not ripping my just think he's -- he's OK he's good running back there running -- and all pro running back -- -- -- a very good right you don't. Don't like that position and my partner I ever. I know that you had something different okay were good running backs are fine while Johnson's car -- have -- on. -- -- already get it. -- -- -- stop I gotta disagree. I mean. Yet but I'll announced that line bakery in there. 38 its debt how are starting to OJ state. Like not running the ball and -- you block nineteen touchdown back Eric. -- -- Now all they -- I think they got -- Green where it go into like that happy note acting up clock. -- -- And I thought was running the ball that's always what about that prevent it for rent rent for back from winning. I mean these are all things that that you're not wrong about any the Sean I agree I mean there's more of the game but but but at the end of an Al Smith had the ball on the -- right two minutes one point game try to kick a field goal in the game. Stop important all that -- like stopped doing things that are productive. And Intel are pretty. That Alex has played great however that they should ever been a bit in that situation where that terrible that you have. They locked because he came out with a great play -- -- -- a record at turn ten I think I believe that I'm sure wouldn't matter -- it. I don't think it just happened to I don't believe that people just happened to come through when it matters he came there what matters is he's a great young quarterback. And he -- Agree with -- either studied -- right you guys -- I would feel good about going and a lack strike but say that he was great. The ball away execution of it all it. That no wait it out but the -- on out at that -- last minute eating out I think -- in the. OC I think you guys are are not I'm not blaming Alex Smith this is not I think Alex Smith played a bad games they lost and it's in the numbers. Blaming Alex Smith but Alex Smith did not -- with. Why can't you didn't win the game and how much credit can I get the ball and didn't win. One quarterback everybody else is replaceable. -- -- -- -- I don't think -- I think I think your quarterback and everybody else I think it is it is a team game in some ways but when it comes down -- those final few minutes you -- your quarterback. The quarterback to the single most important position and. All of its voice is the most important positions sure it is but in in that game there are a lot of things like still I'm I'm amazed at just glossed over the loss. Of to mulch or. I -- huge part you what do you think he's overrated and miniature light to do that but. He's a huge part of what they do that I'm surprised frankly. That they were able to generate as much offense -- they were without him I'm not that surprised out of he's an amazing player. -- and he easy easy game breaker. More so than -- and Dwayne -- and especially against that that -- -- the way they're playing on Saturday a like Dwayne -- in the matchup that he had. But a better matchup more explosive match it would have been. Jamaal Charles -- in any linebacker they had anyway. And covered vs Jamaal Charles advantage Charles Jamaal Charles running into line of scrimmage advantage Charles means an amazing player. And the fact they -- it was or forty plus point. Is it. Pretty impressed Bill Belichick will join us coming up in twenty minutes gets in his early thoughts on facing the colts on Saturday night -- more your call still to come soccer ball WE. Now look at the gun again and take this man. That's -- look look look he's gonna throw away get fit if he liked yeah. If we had our peak and it's our hope that I had an -- before and I can't wait for a man that I. Did he wind up at 4444. -- throw well we'll play TY Hilton over 200 yards yesterday and certainly -- a big focal point of our conversation this week. Along with -- Andrew -- second year quarterback has won now two playoff games and to come from behind 28 points in the third quarter to get it done on Saturday night so of course -- the Saturday night game patriots and colts this time -- -- Gillette can. The -- join us coming up here about fifteen can you imagine. Being a fan of the Kansas City Chiefs -- mean there are certain. There are certain franchises in football where. Hi how about the current franchises where you say go along with that whole NFL logic then it's a very closely it's illegal parity. Anybody can turn it around from one year to the next. But in certain areas you don't really believe enemies at Kansas City and want to games last year it would have an issue. -- so that's great. -- pro bowlers add excitement you know legitimate coach in there and Andy Reid all this stuff. But you really believe. That your team about your future. You haven't won a playoff game in twenty plus years this what you start to believe in ghosts that's going to start to believe in curses went. Maybe when there was a ten year drought of fifteen year drought is just bad management. -- open to it. A curse curse scissors to -- I don't believe the next step is start believing now if you're in Kansas City you start to believe and if you're in Cleveland. Over and over silly mistake after silly mistake misstep after misstep. Another when it's -- Detroit. Went after what twenty plus years. These drops in the cities it's all. Evident on the Kansas City I guess what I'm thinking today is that we all got a little too high and ourselves that we all thought that our team was better than it really was 'cause they started off with a very very fast that they were great at the beginning of the year won their first nine games mostly against bad opponents there's only one playoff opponent in those nine wins -- Philadelphia. -- -- in week three of the season as they also had a brand new coach and now they get -- at Philadelphia which I guess is impressive but I'm not no other playoff wins and you've. Finish the season losing six of your last eight yeah that's true. -- was supposed to be world beaters domain lost six of their last eight games -- -- I know what the numbers and the worst team and AFC's. The worst -- -- franchise of the worst team that the worst team the worst team that should impeach our 2013 season who was the worst team and Eastern Europe. The team that you can do is most likely rag doll buffalo. I'm telling you this. If you're at it and at that point we can't that it went up thirty to ten in the third quarter. Of import it Buffalo's defense. In one game. Though. Worst team in the they have. I can import yet how bad it imported Jacksonville's defense up 38 -- -- -- -- expect it on and I don't know -- you'd expect women -- You what do I what do I mean I'm I'm reading this book I told you read Malcolm Gladwell I think it's his latest book called David and Goliath. And one of the big the big themes of this book if you Brandon Malcolm Gladwell on these fantastic the tipping point and how wires some of these other books that really mean that make you think about. The way choices are made what's really happening is supposed to what the narrative might be. And this book is very much about how sometimes being advantaged is really to your disadvantage and vice Versa. And I think you can look at the NFL -- -- digging up big maybe 28 is bigger than you would think but being -- being -- In the second half can be to your disadvantage -- because you play the game differently you don't wanna throw the ball. Right because you don't wanna continue to stop the clock you don't wanna make -- mistake you don't wanna turn it over so you change your game you become one dimensional the other team becomes desperate they -- ball hawking their throwing the ball almost every single time and the game set up to allow you to throw -- in the game is set up to allow teams to come back from large deficits. -- supposed to allow you to just be able to sit on the ball for a long time well. I listen who like you I'm I'm a big fan of Malcolm grant wells in the one reviewer at one point some I was doing a profile on him and then only hours books interest and if you look at the guy looks interest. It just looks at the cadets are still very simple question would you repeat what are down twenty well there is no disadvantage. -- To being up twenty points. In the third quarter of a playoff game there's no disadvantage. Now there are things you have to. Think about it is it just it can't -- -- -- with. -- you the girls is outweigh the minuses but that's not to say that's perfect. I mean to beat up big in a playoff game in any football not a perfect it does it does not change the way you play and changes the way the other team I -- not at a disadvantage partly answered. My team leader team by 28 points. -- 28 is probably a large margin but it but it. 151721. Points and and we see this all the time we see maybe not 28 I understand this was a bigger deficit that we're accustomed to what we see teams come storming back and sports all the time -- and especially in football and basketball on the that the two teams to games that really seemed to lend themselves to these great dramatic comebacks. In basketball I don't Nick Price going on about the reasons why I mean everybody makes a run in the NBA but in football is very much that that the -- the style you play when -- up. Verses when you're down and when you've got a quarterback like Andrew Luck on the other side was fully capable thrown for over 400 yards four touchdowns which he did. Ran for another convert another one of the big third downs of his legs. You are not in the enviable position that it seems just because you're all on Andrew Luck especially playing in his building. And we got to see why on Saturday afternoon a wide open Andrew -- offense is capable of coming back against the conservative team. On the other side it's just trying to protect the -- Nobody in that organization. Nobody who's who's as a competitive bone in -- and in his body nobody in that organization has slept well. Since Saturday so if you give any of them an opportunity to do it didn't. I think they take it I think they take. The gift. That they were given. And they say are. Now we know how we screwed up they probably each guy has been replaying something that he did wrong that could have. Tilted up further tilt. The board in their advantage and if you get its own wartime but they aren't won't do it this way and -- win -- go to us spencers in -- -- answer. We'll show as Spencer thank you what's going on there. I mean I think you're right all out on the -- you know and you alone you know. It and Alex I mean I think -- is great I think Alex you know you get the ball to me it's got to make the like do you all credit I don't disagree with that. A little lapses he points did the chief -- ticker. A thirteen OK so now losing Jamaal Charles. Obviously not being much -- -- -- -- I think better than average I just think he plays a position that is has diminished. There's diminish your reasoning to to believe that there that it's that important that's always a great running back. It would escort it doesn't -- don't think it was scored more than thirteen up from one. I just I also think -- good I will I won't I won't ship like cap and say injure you want it also edu. 40% of it was Andrew Luck and 60% was extremely lucky to get you that's go to and that that relate that. All that. Aren't yet Auburn a lot of trouble working openly openly element. Now all regret exactly children and barely touched dot -- though that was like the ball hit the ground at perpich wake up -- every quake. Like I it was -- Auburn light law get a result against BP to win it for that happened in the game it was and I'll give -- some credit but not now. Employed at that point you know you look at it and and everybody has the eight play and that gains -- You knew they were in trouble -- For me it was like 4131. -- -- you don't think of bill coming to them coming OK here it is. But I think how valid the play another reason why that there's like advantages to being down and give him yes. I doubt there's no vanity -- -- there. He just said now you're just said I think he'll fill them college and I just look at kids to make it feel on the Ahmadinejad got it right it's better but didn't take advantage of -- -- mentality it's all of and this is where. This is where you're at your best players step -- this is where your -- to step up and they are not to let it happen but many. When he scored on that play. Just know it's not gonna work out too well for it remind me of the it the same situation same city different building. The patriots up 216. On the colts at halftime in the Hoosier dome. And it is AFC championship game great game 3834 colts but it would play in a game where Reggie Wayne. Caught a pass. He's running you all holes. And it goes right. The -- is -- today I thought sometimes well this terrible but there -- that the and I didn't any break it off off the supply and Cornish game for. Ready for both of them. Didn't affect. Father play in the league now open and I don't know. Yeah collect pocket then click on the executive Hamid Salem which is a lot of aren't you know what can. I'm looking at me like yeah that's what I said five minutes ago could spark a turnaround microphone you can actually hear you way our Bill Belichick will join -- coming up you're just a couple of minutes and get back to. -- calls on what we all witnessed on Saturday when it means to the patriots now -- -- against the colts -- WB yeah. New mayor's fault. We -- the new mayor for this couple glitches in the system. Well well well Marty Walsh after hearing all the time. Hey and the honorable Thomas M and they don't ever get things this way. Tom and don't ever did this why are you -- I doubt it I mean from what from what I can gather. When you're new and you show up -- replace somebody's been around for a really long time a legend nobody says anything like that no not. Nobody would compare you with him here you're a man that -- that way I don't think like wow the period of relative to their Mac. That's crazy -- I don't you heard it or not but the coach is our Bill Belichick should join -- in a few minutes. Is brought to -- -- Mercedes-Benz streaks cakes and by Lexus of -- purity did hear it. -- sorry now you don't twice a -- deal that we're talking a lot of all what was over the weekend. Let's just say that this Sunday afternoon in the -- yesterday was the most watched wild card game of all of all time and it was a great game high average temperatures program is just I. It's what they have right now. And I noticed in disagreement on this but I really believe that they've got greatly NFL. And I don't think the -- is down. A lot of teams have figured out something that teams can they won't. The Cincinnati Bengals it was and the playoffs three straight years they won't necessarily figure it out as an organization. At least in less money -- than anybody else. They have one of those owners who refuses to bring in real general manager to tweak the franchise make the necessary changes but I think a lot of teams. Because of the scrutiny of NFL because of so much exposure a lot of teams have figured out. Okay this is how we should do it we should. Pay attention -- the best way to build a franchise you have more Smart coaches. More good quarterbacks in the league and you had any time you've got teams that are extremely competitive separation is not is great -- it to -- it makes for fascinating product so I think. That's another summer and there -- some matchups I think the ratings. They reflect our -- -- -- -- if you're absolutely Ryan is there's a few things I thought that made yesterday afternoon -- one game of the weekend I -- -- -- as a fan not just to somebody and you have to watch the AFC teams preparing to see the entered a -- next week but just as fans sit back what was the number one game you wanted to watch. Two classic franchises screamed in San Francisco I don't know why that matters but for whatever reason it does a little bit. On the fact it was going to -- two good teams too exciting quarterbacks cap predict. And Aaron Rodgers two of the best in the game and the capital off this crazy. Horrible hole it was supposed to make the whole thing almost otherworldly the -- of that I mean I have a yesterday I got a -- watch this game I have to. I have to see what it looks like when they're playing in negative fifteen -- now that never occurred at social disappointed and annoyed about that. But I still wanted to see I wanted to see how would affect the game I was expecting the brown -- feel well. It was a surprise that. And you guys you guys remember this is like you had to be at Mohegan Sun yeah yeah it was just like. You know look at things I have to do you look at that field yesterday. It. -- out. The graft. Was if she. But. One day in and their next home game on the at that point where. More. Shot at home. That you'd like. Did the perfect ending they were doing was great like a band in Wisconsin. That was great I like that about a media the people wearing their hunting suits. In the in this in the crowd there wearing their bright orange hunting gear I thought the Brownfield kinda added to. Sort -- oddity of the whole thing it means if you're not gonna have snow and have that crazy effect snow fog or something like that. Having the Brownfield I think told the story without needing to see the constant updates on temperature that it was freezing cold that it was absolutely freezing they were steam everywhere and it was all -- this year brown muddy did it. Grass field I -- was great I love that automatic and all the. And what you think that we knew when you think of Green Day. You always think. I think that that I -- this a cold is never right it's never a big story in Green Bay and policyholder. Is pleased to be physical error was a guy was -- Anthony Davis. The tackle for the 49ers. Who was tweeting about they were staying up -- about thirty minutes with Green Day. If it. They -- apple yeah because who could see them Ric Flair Erik Rick ware came easy segment it is believable to come talk as if the people's right to criticize -- right back out now that left it. Make your -- and public life not one appropriate care to look at averages right. My best friend is from Appleton Wisconsin my best friend in the world press men in my wedding was from Appleton Wisconsin and in the bacterial. You be surprised to -- why does not go backwards very I'll get a moment in college where it looked like he might go down the wrong path. And is that it OK you know what you're gonna do this summer. You're gonna work in the paper -- school but he spent the summer working in the paper mill and it's funny the next year he don't want -- -- straighten his act out and has been very successful ever since the idea of staying in Appleton Wisconsin was enough to scare and straight there are no I'm out -- later. Should the program for for young kids who who can't figure it out on kids are listening to organize and view. Throughout organs original work right in northern workouts and worked a land a fond of this let's -- call to before bill shows up 61777979837. John and summer job. You think you're correct there's going to be like Peyton Manning and don't quarterback -- Cuban called New England. I don't think so I don't I have a question and a note Peyton Manning is that guy is Peyton Manning a guy who doesn't play well in cold weather -- I think. Yeah did OK I don't. It sounded normal and have an idea to play and the role they never did you look. -- particular -- its numbers and that I loved the whole Manning Brady debates. And I love nitpicking Peyton Manning but. That's one the numbers don't necessarily back that up he's not about quarterback. Outside or an Alan McLean is good as he is in the -- Well I don't think anybody is as good as -- -- don't but you know outside -- you bring it up John. How -- played outdoors maybe if you look at in terms of what his record is when it out below forty degrees because. Look at his division when he was with the colts. You -- road games and grow games in Jacksonville at road games in Tennessee and I think of pretty good most places so it's not just. Outdoors it's outdoors when it say you know 37 degrees. But do I think pregnant but I think Andrew Luck it's going to be. A one trick pony at one dimensional guy who don't have to worry a bottom. Well when he's playing outdoors no I don't think -- Going to be that guy I don't think so I don't think Peyton Manning is -- I I just think the world of Angela Hammond. I enjoyed watching have a lot of opportunities to watch him when he was in college. Because I was out there and watch a lot of pac twelve games. Got to see in my mirror remember him as as fresh as first year and -- softened its first year as a quarterback. And and he can run. And he's a legitimate running if they decided they wanted to run he read option offense all the time they would be incredibly successful -- -- they don't want to don't want to take the pounding he's good enough in the pocket all the things he does just as traditional quarterback you don't need to do that but he's fast -- -- big enough nimble enough shifty enough. That he could run -- read option offense full time and they would be totally successful. Mean he's -- he's the moves and the any catch -- -- just that the plane at Stanford coming out of coming out of the quarterback position to catch a pass from the right side rent and that is I evening at a -- it was better than blend well if he'd been there on that instead of doing though he probably would have made the governor ridiculous of course it's true he -- made the play Dwayne -- did not. He would have made the plays better receiver than going don't be so he's that it now look come on the record I've said before and good luck has all the skills to good and history's greatest that ever. -- also said before no I'm wondering are you gonna deal with this this week but at beginning of the season yes that's nobody is nobody is imprisoned by their own opinion though that the opinion gave in. In August or September you're allowed to change it and now all of which people would recognize you're up 20. Deficit with a new revelations. Hot in August or September used at the Indianapolis COLT gonna -- -- yes small and I think winning or echo. Well I didn't know it was an all right -- you said Seattle -- Indians who do you think Andy's gonna win this game over the I really -- may not have I mean I think while it looked -- -- football after they have to win I think this I think whoever wins this game noticeable. I don't know who's gonna win this game -- to think about -- more. You're right in the August diversion of me. Thought that Indy was going to kinda get hot down the stretch and -- Andrew -- into the Super Bowl and right now that that's actually working they do get hot down the stretch or an airlock was fantastic. The patriots are not the team I thought they were going to be are they that I mean. I did not think they were twelve and fourteen and that was before they ended up losing all the guys they lost in the post Fernandez. I thought they were 10611. And five team at the at the most. And they've been better than that at Brady has been the when he needs to be amazing right their running game has stepped up Josh McDaniels is allowed to flourish the defense has kept them in games long enough I mean they've done things. That I didn't realize that they were gonna be capable of doing so I don't know yet I don't have a a topic yet today -- who's gonna win the game but you're right it it goes. On one and I really do feel like the haters have a good chance as anybody on the other hand -- did technical. Yeah but he's such a hard. Is such a hard league to -- especially in areas in the real answers I give units and had no idea just an adult I NS. State and I didn't -- -- -- -- maybe the NFC. Is a little easier to pick a mean I won't be surprised. Actually expect. Again. I'll pursue every -- Gordon wrote me and -- -- Carolina beat them home I think Cisco is going to be here this week. And in New Orleans and Seattle. In Seattle destroy them yet knows about a month and that. I go about five weeks ago just in the house looking forward to it. Game and indeed it was disappointed are reported seven I think was. Oh with an affront to honesty Seattle to I don't for the NFC chip and Jeff was gonna and that's whatever but -- wants to see is going to be it is on the NFL to make sure that happens and you know one of the action. I think whoever just goes -- -- the subject that happened I mean they play the way they did yesterday it cannot predict as the kind of -- ability. That he showed yesterday on the other hand. Green Bay defense is not nearly good Seattle's Pete I mean there's -- -- getting fired yesterday yeah. Say they've played they played pretty well better than and I thought they would do you think about that this strange years and for Green -- Aaron Rodgers misses seven games. In they were 12 games with them gone and still -- -- -- in this position on utilizing a divisional I would be playing a wild card game at home yesterday is -- they got to do it at home to play the game at home but a bad opponent from -- yes tough matchup for them and -- beat -- few times now but -- got to play the game at home. Even though they didn't have a good year. He finally win that game more quick call them I'll take a quick break for -- decent web site. Hello Greg my -- -- -- hasn't played two full -- yes yes. And he's going to be the greatest quarterback of all time I instead. -- -- -- I didn't I said he's got all the skills to end up as the greatest quarterback of all time. I don't think he's got all the same skills and Andrew -- it. I don't think he's good thrower of the football. It's and his words Tennessee to play a great idea but I doubt -- -- I think Andrew Luck has so I think he is so unbelievably talented but yet Davies in his second year he's got to play for fifteen of them before he can qualify for that but I think he's got the kind of talent that makes it possible for that took. Hard day before it only got and I imagine in which James Wentz and this is the -- thirty seconds fifteen seconds or the national championship game. Florida State Auburn -- god gave. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Love it over and SEC team about what I did walk -- and SEC team looked like it on the does that happen on -- what -- -- -- stake for a I don't know. -- -- I don't know when I first college football Emma Watson and some parity unless you're tired and watch the entire life. -- want to -- Watkins was that I do I like Clinton or Todd I'd like Taj Lloyd -- rockets are both those guys and they were pretty good. Point did you think he's good NFL player. -- -- know it's it's you know it's it's -- it's still difficult for all of -- all of these guys in -- -- Everybody's going and he's going to be great to be a franchise quarterback the one thing colleges. There's so many. If if you don't wanna call them blown coverages and write this this ain't just. Bad bone headed no coverage whatsoever there's so many things wrong. And and other SEC is the best of the best but. A lot of a busted coverage of -- -- making your little everybody's inflated all the stats are inflated the performances are -- -- how. What the end of that game on in it two picks back to back in the game it's like -- stupid college football like -- just how the normal into the game let's see which guy can go to and do it instead Taj -- there's a terrible -- when he has a chance to win it and then your boy Braxton Miller just takes it is like a throw it right back to our next play notre -- what Bill Belichick joins us next salt -- all WB.

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