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A wild Wildcard weekend in the NFL

Jan 6, 2014|

Gerry and Kirk opened the show discussing the weekends NFL playoff action. Gerry is looking forward to a Andrew Luck Tom Brady duel in Foxboro.

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You know -- Sox. I mean -- Wake it up before I am now Monday morning -- -- spot I don't know how you like to have a good night's sleep last look at happy to via. What's sixes -- the get a week of on Jackson's. And Micheal Irvin yeah in match whoever Deion Sanders Deion Sanders and fifty different guys I just want these games start again. And bill that -- -- that -- it just I just I just wanna see Andrew -- take the field against Tom Brady and the patriots had just wanna see Philip Rivers go in there like he's all fired up. Going to Denver yeah -- right -- is he Drew Brees strangled the Seattle and -- -- seats while -- Burdick says that it didn't you know says this all the time like everytime you don't watch pregame shows his you don't want pregame shows it's at one day because -- was like you. It was post season last year that up like Friday. I'm -- watched pregame shows. On says probably Sunday. And he just ran ounces every day you don't want pregame shows unfortunately I do and I'm with you which is it's so tedious especially. The aforementioned Tom -- And and I -- by the way I got a new that we ought to -- list. Ray Lewis just worthless awful I was just sit in the list that -- and everything you said there's not a single worthwhile nugget. -- -- -- Nothing but they build the whole show they don't sit there -- deflected it is not -- All right right right it's their cast on ESPN and I don't mind key. And I don't mind Chris Chris Carter tried the engines. But -- -- -- director Ray Lewis that the most worthless drivel you can get from either neither of them has ever said anything. Worthwhile and what they do and and we collect this is they say after seven days of other people say and it notes and to be some efforts. Usually columnists. As you know used to be one columnist say. Say that hasn't been -- right that hasn't been written into this is hard a couple of paragraphs seem to want to thoughts. Jennifer -- Ray -- money ever liked it is mind but I mean if you're Ray Lewis. Why -- mean to you know challenge and -- no estimated time of my cellular Cray -- it's great you look noticed. -- shirts with him when he was last year during the playoffs but he says it will be natural and then in the Booth and people -- you can -- -- for a -- -- may -- -- If he's not teach the bunch of hot -- and -- As I tweeted it's amazing NFL network let him get away because he -- she even likes the NFL network NFL network which you'd think could have the best analysts like elect Mike Mayo is it. And he -- He was the -- and goes to combine to analysts have these ghastly Deion Sanders and Warren Sapp who just. Just -- and I feel bad for marry each year so. Base there and it's just let's take turns giggle and -- and and and and saying nothing is gonna play along to some extent of injury you're in there don't do it doesn't -- -- seemed like he belongs in that crew yes I think ESPN is trying to do the same thing while. All issues. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- This -- it's exactly what he guesses what can I tell people a blow whatever game that they have minority heard. He does trucks he's dvi and cry. Tell you so you haven't heard I think Chris Carter tries even those kind of abrasive yet people in England and that's fine. He tries to take some may be you have not heard before the best -- guy heard this week probably was Jim -- again he did -- great -- as the play by play. Caller guy in that game with a smile line chips Cole said. Said the best I've had since way before on this I don't say train. Please you every said the best organized Jim -- I agree -- right capsule. We don't get we get to your door for I think Gumbel and useless. To -- doesn't kind of -- it's a dollar and enjoyed the -- boy you know. Here it is if I had never in my observation which you stole I'm that's what happens when you said that -- -- problem. We use it that big cheer over there you can steal my stuff. It's that it's true and and but -- it's it's almost. Blatant he he will be. A play or something will call for analysis right and and sensibly plan was belly buttons. And it's missiles stepped in and say that's a bad call -- him ago. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah look. As the plane -- -- -- -- play yesterday and now that the moon but it was yesterday with the news. Whether and when they it was the -- and some back and forth on the replay it was like it or five -- finally you know -- -- you -- -- -- but -- -- a -- -- Call it doesn't compress the file full speed. They'll take it slow down the Booth and don't take a look at what else -- with attached. Watching it knew that that was a fumble pop idol or is it to stop yes. But what it does he just says whatever the sense there's pure raw. As a matter I guess remember. I don't know maybe -- -- offend. Everybody in America due to Gerri would you watch given the pain you -- there at that point. Question on the Alaska -- replies yes teasing and yes he's it's a play. The one on the sideline the last play of the first half -- that he didn't Wednesday. Kept the clock -- and -- the receiver was hadn't backwards when he went on about a few bottles -- he didn't finish the play and they -- short of that Calvin Johnson played millions. It looked just like. And -- was lost at that point completely bewildered pundits called his own net net but it was a great call because. When you go backwards. The play is over. As soon as you go out of bounds right you can't drop the ball pretty gold forward in the end zone. You have to definitely could play right so I'm sitting there -- -- -- was it did call for a lot of explanation it was a big plate got. I don't know the bagels a freak -- reports that the field goal but did were you curious as to what the rule was missing at that point yet. But do what it is -- -- producers in the year as they must in the its optimism belies posits Sims may be just eat -- -- -- It eats -- looping in his -- Amir have you that he's playing with that are right. That's what he does handle economic and to a flying airplane. Like. That but here's why else. The next five days since it's going to be TDs lot of hot there. Including right here from 6 to 10 am of course now the BEI. Times. Excellent excellent. But. It's what we hear when we go to Mike. Ditka or -- all already but he -- year. You know you've got a lot on the ball all right stop the image turnovers that's important yes that's important. What was the game of the week and that would be in the old emergency escape with the B -- into the post one of the greatest games of obscene second greatest. -- comeback in the post season ever in the coming out party for Andrew Luck I loved it because. I was rooting for Indy I wanted to see. Indy here so I like it's gonna were absolutely. I'm just looking at right now the chiefs. Beat. The colts in every. In everything. Except the final score obviously. The chiefs and more first do better on third down. They had more rushing yards their quarterback. At a higher rating their quarterback didn't throw any picks. Alex Smith the colts quarterback Andrew Luck the next great 13 picks. An -- rating well behind. Alex Smith mean that that the colts. Ran the ball for only a hundred yards they only only two guys -- in the ball. Richardson had 11. Character -- for zero yards Donald Brown ran for 55 and then lock. -- for 45. The chiefs balanced attack -- that all the time right what ballots. Here in the afternoon bail out -- -- else -- rare for a 115 yards. They threw for 378. Yards these Euro. Total net yards 513. Yards from the chiefs it was great. Smith was great program and asked them in that grounding penalty was a killer about. All four all. Al Smith a humid day a minus maybe he human upgrades -- -- more time -- to chiefs chaser policy. Any other categories one echo a time of does that red zone efficiency chief for four or five mean for you for -- There for. A good school. It. Where's words which penalties here penalties. Chiefs had two penalties for fifteen yet. The colts at four possessions one. Everything time of possession dominated by the -- 37 -- 22. And a couple colts won the games all week. Shouldn't alarms go off when you hear people say when they got to run the ball on the -- -- it's crap. In ordinance quarterback. Even though adjustments to approach with a quarterback to quarterback one that gave them when you agree yes the quarterback. Lost the game for the Cincinnati Bengals -- yeah I would say that definitely. And it's it's and I think at the end the angles were on the brink of -- defenders -- support to Pakistan when he wants to do he Sox. Inside the the chargers had six points off those returns. Mean they did the defense that great job and old putting them turn the ball position that was the worst. Before obviously by the quarterback this week a lot of bullets or let's say I know I picked the -- guaranteed -- I'd lost the bet you did what would win too bad well. A W a billion dollar. Finally got one right this is like the first pick you that right as anyone -- -- -- culture it's a good one yup I had the colts to us. Yeah. It's 31 actually we did not difficult to know you work. As the spread was two would have perpetrators now you don't not on this show now you were 22. Take 13 was -- to a two yes two were the two didn't get the colts right the chiefs lost by one. Colts were 122 and a he didn't get that seven week and so -- we're gonna get that some big dateline's. -- spreads I including. The -- goes by and -- was ten point favorite over the charges. I'm -- that the one. I think people missed charges offense and look -- -- and you think. Think with the losses mean did you think. The chargers to win rivers -- look for congress was 56 in the first half for forty arts it's. Six passes in the announces world. Credentials -- Twelve for 6812. Complete passes. Philip Rivers. It's like a quarter typically -- it's the other way. Was that bad -- like I guess he did but you think he can win in Denver. By complete no -- -- between twelve passes -- know we can't. Mean they're capable when we saw that as true a month ago as true. I don't post this and feel like and now. It feels like. Things -- break in right for the patriots because you know this is the way it works -- got to buy. And home game it's going to be cold going to be nighttime at the -- dark -- I should be dark dark. It's not it's far away at too much is more likely happened in the thirties they're gonna beat Indianapolis. I know that. -- -- Are they going to Denver early planet I think. Which is fine I love that out -- believe how many people. Tweeted that me. As I've I hope the core I hope the charges win since and he just so weak it's like -- is Brady has just. -- -- It's so much better and Andy Dalton and the angles commitment to doing one well I know your patriots and you'll hear the story. You about it -- -- you want to you don't want that it is one of the biggest comeback ever. We in the -- -- suitable back Odyssey -- sucked. In the second round that story line is east is. A thickness with slide seven seven what would beat the Cincinnati Bengals were prominent. Something about the same so you have just as good chances winning a golf course but I mean you are little more. These were scared your luck I'd use prison now look I'm not presents. I think the -- few more issues and -- -- us and homeless. You know I am not. Marvin is. Supposed to feel the same way Barbara -- all for five only one the worst. Record for a coach in the post season without a win. Since Jim -- -- all for six. In his first six post season games. This -- is all for five who knows of another shot you thought the code quarterbacks yesterday. The Bengals went. Rivers it's. Absolutely so apps apps possibly Marvin Lewis for that. I'm what you I was taken the same thing a lot of people kill him loose and it's fun and easy city's east easel for five that's pretty bad he's been there for over -- -- second longest tenured coach. That's fine -- what you if you don't just amid the the the picks were bad to the two in the flat. Two picks in the -- terrible chips off amateur hour and this guy's been around for three years yeah. Played jesus'. Third play of game. These three. One touchdown seven picks and the color and that's not notice that -- color analyst -- -- Jim Nantz said yesterday right to fumble was a big plate again Bob and that's unforgivable for slide a -- -- fumble I mean -- touched. Die for no one touched -- he just -- four and gave the ball away. Now -- -- embodies Bernard his fumble was forced by the defense. Not good either on the ball. Just gave up just go and pick the ball as saying values and you slide forward for first. And what is your short game to its seven packs. -- three yesterday home. Seven picks it up and and I understand your patriots fans may be that that's an easy game but it's a much better defense Cincinnati then Indy. This is just going to be too great quarterbacks one in his second year. In one in his. Fourteen year. Yeah yes that's. Sets and and I hope it's a nice day or night host because you'll read news that's fine in her 40s30s forums that's fine that's good hope -- does -- factor. As it was in Green Bay obviously never comfortable. Look at the 51 below it now as it was bad but it wasn't as bad as the ticks ticks away from the game I'm sorry but -- Looks uncomfortable privacy Aaron Rodgers in good condition like quarterbacks. Maybe I violated my one big you know -- -- the better quarterback. Because that hill last night that a quarterback won every game first three games yet there almost with the we played. Yeah. Two are obviously rivers and -- -- but. And Dalton I am notes are an overload last week we beat it into the ground but I thought the defense was so good. Notes -- San Diego struggled to beat the Kansas City Chiefs JV team traveled across the country. When halfway across the country you're -- -- rooms and -- -- -- feel good about that if you -- right now. I had taken him here's why it'd have to be fair. I picked a visa that reports that at the big game picked it because of the quarterbacks so I guess in the sense right because dole was so bad. Rivers did nothing but when the coach and the quarterback has significantly better in a matchup I usually out. And they're tough to go to Deborah thinking it. -- liberal -- and -- fourth quarter. Seven minutes ago that could be a close game in Denver. 10% in most game I -- -- I thought watching this week -- and oh. Teams who play wild -- weekend have reached some -- every year last would have is for five years. If ever felt watching the Kansas City in the game ever felt better about getting them by the patriots for the Broncos. Which is cart off every -- and watch and a scene from Braveheart every few minutes every click. How many cheeks -- cost they should put a list they have no linebackers that would just be that they award in the clearly in this day and age. They had to leave the game about them the that crazy. Tackle for green today. Pushed his way back on the August 2 point pushed the doctor out of the way it went back on the field that sixth when you're number 69. It appeared on grass you know your little -- Even any player to play. As for deductible -- was silent reporter animal animal reported that NFL could not. Like that. That he had a concussion he clearly hoping you could see him bank and and he pushed his way back on the few extra point rate. Now after that he was right on the game a summer back in the locker room you'd have to chiefs were accustomed weren't allowed to return. Maybe -- want to -- didn't including Jamaal Charles. Chiefs team I mean they're tough they're good team and the dangers. If they were coming and win -- this week. Would you come -- let's say that to bank -- to bank. Two big YA week one team capable of beating England whose team to sell this weekend is coming right I mean they can. They have wins over Seattle. He beats him but Cisco integrated -- -- And and here's -- the reason one this week. His -- Five days 67 days of just worthless analysis from everybody including -- so you know his own people abuse weakest were -- well. Color me -- it's. I mean look at. I do this Olympic Games -- that's why I liked. Cincinnati or -- as they just beat them it's just struggled against achieve these agencies look at things like that right. Look at him on Indy schedule mean if some great two wins are going to -- -- can go with -- bit -- said of the strangest loss of San Francisco at Sanford Cisco. -- -- of the strangest loss of the season for a really good Saint Louis that's Austria that's that that losses it's 388. Apple. Against it Louis. At Arizona two excellent 4211. That crushed. By the -- every Thursday night at Tennessee in between data come from that was in nineteen parties up the box I was that night. I was watching it in his -- Where you. Pitino's attention it was up now they were outweighed Downey came back in your thought about point. And they got blown out at since I was the game after that and you thought their season was over they were right right and they're not nice try and come back beat Houston. They beat Kansas City at Kansas City and the -- -- immediately get more good. More good bargains. At separate Cisco. Against Seattle. Denver -- in the -- -- Qaeda that's at the group right now as we sit here right now. Those are probably the do you tolerate him he could pick three teams go to -- as part of her part of your new deal you have to -- power -- news every every day not every week every day every day below lists and it actually. -- rankings I would be with I wouldn't do Myron let's say number one team Seattle. To Denver precepts as -- -- -- -- whatever. They beatle for. All and my favorite factoid obvious that is the 314. Left in the AFC on the Denver Broncos. And the preteens who beat them. Three teams that beat them this year which estimate. Men and felonies and accused thrilled with doubts -- rivers beat -- couple times in the playoffs. Beaten mr. -- he's not going to be scared that's that you now. And I was scared for your room we have Philip Rivers creeks and rivers he's he's fun. -- You can play the Rhode Island Records in the past it differently as. The basis as we wait we have to mention how disappointing it is for -- office that we have not seen tweet from -- Collins can happen well we have been out since the ship assess that sale rational we saw when it on the boat I'm guessing he has no service. Pictures of of his girlfriend who looks like it's almost hostage. Kind of just sort of looked enough like you know a -- that -- and says well cabin. On the boat looks a lot like aerial Castro's biggest hits it if it's an. And but for the last day after they set -- we've heard nothing. Between. We did what he birdies tweeting and yes most certainly doesn't know 300 of them -- -- we have all won this is about. Like not delivered but you know it says that the right text that's true leader and he doesn't -- -- -- this is just so am fired up fired -- -- and that whatever -- -- that he was in on the street you know you're out of Miami before -- about last flight out. He talks I had breakfast on it appeared he had breakfast in the middle of the street -- Picture earlier cars sort of nothing better with the eggs Benedict the truck exhaust itself exhaust fumes but -- that. -- But as you said for -- years that he's the best fall on Twitter because it's so wacky doesn't know you've. You know what's come but that's a good -- you have a good trio like that we put your -- and but I know but I know that we. You can get its. But you have no idea what's that. Not and and he said I'm in he promised was gonna tweet out every step of the way and the screw -- you what else did promise which I didn't know about congratulations to both of us. There's going to be DNC cruised to yeah I wish include the date I clear my schedule and ask us but I guess forgot. -- just yeah. You realize now you're gonna have to lead this fight because. You aren't the -- -- -- guy I am not I have to tell the bunkers but not about -- deal for years -- a total of two things you know you -- read lone survivor and you gotta go on the crew was. And I don't it's a backward. Just came out as well. -- -- When he gets back he's gonna look at me and say you know what you have to go on -- cruise through and you have to read lone survivor and go senate TU five years ago. Yeah give any desire to go on Christmas. Now out and and besides that I like I care but the show now and it's right. I care about the Chicago. He showed me an absolute mess you've heard this from foxwoods were right there right -- multiply that by a hundred atop the chaos factor things will happen here exit you know he'll just double will be -- -- -- -- to you know be crazy and you I'll be off the way. A real audio signal for a public RD -- is the fall -- -- can't even tweet from a crucial that we're gonna do was show from one. I know I think he believes that yeah so you're gonna have to tell he's inviting almost seasick. I'd like to Google's epic fun men -- on the year's cease deal -- it gets the stop him from. He's keeps winning that importing fourteen he's gonna wanna cruise to Israel is that it is point fourteen in the use on a result of the show workers yet -- the same here is the one recruits. He can when he gets back he's cruise is planned like once a month. Is going to be as new thing. I told them this for a columnist for fifteen years that you below. Anything -- me just we've botched would be that -- you'll love it love you'd be the king of the crews would be. -- usually be the center to center and here is says everything. And we can't get his tweets because he's -- the middle of the ocean and I'm surprised the cruise line. Hasn't made accommodations and the tweet from like the bridge we're out with a -- Be sort of forcing him you do. Something that -- okay -- work that we're we're way past time now or not we're not gonna stick to the clock and give the time temperature and we're gonna play. We get back Philip Rivers crazy Philip Rivers. -- a lot of fun to watch a lot of fun here and low unbelievable. Call bowl and it looks like backward and that's what he has seven kids. Do. These bodies that it does he does he does he live on off the land -- pretty sure -- -- them shouldn't. Gives up -- he's. It. -- -- Phil Roberts it's a millionaire too -- I know. But he looks widget that Philip Rivers -- -- owes her as a -- country. And you know from North Carolina. Over Alabama. Went to North Carolina State mean he is a red neck and he's probably. That system that's -- Muslim because he's -- watch a lot of quarterbacks and quarterback play and mrs. Everyone says already next week and cannot top this weekend. Maybe in the you'll get a game is good news maybe in the case of the Kansas City Indy game you -- story lines but don't actually. That this that doesn't feel like it's going to be fascinating in you know that's the -- -- always the NFL -- the greatest product they somehow get. I mean I understand that half the Kansas City Chiefs will -- -- brain damage but in the -- putting. -- is a player that's that's but if you could somehow lineup Jerry gonna do you -- period to get to Denver new England and Seattle San Francisco advocates even. We are as bad as Joaquin Phoenix in gladiator which is what I don't -- you like -- Octagon. Dogs is out of the -- that's rough where it. Those dogs 220. In the -- to blasted them an awful news. It's your chance Dennis Rodman has been duped here quite strong and they go -- women it is possible starting Middleton. -- Possibly the the those I would imagine. Those rings. Are. On. A 6177797937. -- -- mourn the colts patriots all the NFL stuff Tom Brady would join us in the show was well.

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