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Mike Petraglia, WEEI.com, Joins the NFL Sunday Gang Live From Paul Brown Stadium in Cincinnati

Jan 5, 2014|

Trags gives the boys a call live from Cincy to give his thoughts and analysis on the early game today when San Diego visits the home of the Bengals. The guys also discuss if a coach needs a big time QB to have success in the NFL playoffs.

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Might -- your from WEEI dot com will join us from Cincinnati in just couple of minutes we'll get an update on. The weather forecast there is the San Diego Chargers. Take on the Bengals we've told -- it's very simple scenario here Bengals win. You play the Bengals here next Saturday night San Diego wins you play the Indianapolis Colts here next Saturday night. All we know is that you can no longer play the San Diego Chargers is one of the three possible opponents that we went into the playoffs with. One quick note here and tried wilderness just couple minutes a text -- on the AT&T text line brings up an interesting point I offer -- freer. Your browsing. You guys ever think the reason these coaches you mention haven't done well in other places is because they don't have Brady. They all done great things in New England but when they leave they have no success may be just maybe. If not ballot check and it's not -- check in the system as much as it is Brady in New England responsible for the except for the success. Everyone seems to conveniently forget how terrible ballot -- was before Brady. He got Brady men and you saw what happened just putting the theory up. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Is -- about it. On it's it's MB update their helping one there but that's how does football coaches -- all -- all places. I think if you look at any of these coaching changes look at -- -- like look at a lot of these guys -- lose their gigs. It's not because of a cold relationship with the coaching tree that came from it's because did you have a court I really think that. Whether or not you have bad guy. Really sort of helps -- -- John Fox looks like a genius right now while Madonna's gonna look like a -- -- you know exactly don't because he's got that statement and you know though it's helpful for this goes off the the topic just a little bit but -- idea that you're still only -- he used to -- to be able at least to where we -- at Washington you know -- -- of the central franchise. Good quarterback -- what don't hear result exactly no guarantee you still have to be able of petrol and football's just don't play you know you -- -- use a chemical work. And I think what we've seen it. In the patriots did -- the network is the fact that. Everyone knows exactly what the need to do. Don't want overstepped their bounds everyone knows exactly their responsibilities Belichick notebook that coach Brees the quarterback there's no overstepping the boundaries that are I think. That delineation of responsibilities. -- at work at -- -- but I think it brings up an interest in ideas or an interesting thing worth researching it is -- a situation that either of you can think of across in -- fell. Historically where someone has -- and changed the organizations. Sort of fortunes without a quarterback overextended retirement mean without a nothing -- I mean with what talking without a back half you know liquor. A 45 there at 42 there and they -- like. -- literally those things tend to track together. And -- does that mean all time guys but also a stable. Not in this era without an exceptional before the first name that comes to mind is Baltimore which one would -- -- in the idea of it you know Dilfer wasn't an excellent quarterback but he once the new generation off. And they were able to do some special things on the defense are what's engine before the -- were able -- especially the defense side of the ball. -- but he got by without -- put the book what's been yours that they'd -- manager. That allowed him to win a championship you know you can you can beat the -- -- Brad Johnson and debate but it don't think from 2002 law and you know beautiful being what it is now -- -- Victor Lee got -- I don't think that we can go back to that point NC that there's ever been and team managers -- everyone can just try to think of any any new. -- the NFL reclamation project like Seattle mean in the event that Russell Wilson and it on with the B whether -- I'm trying to think of a place where there's been a coaching change someone's command. They've they've. Dramatically change the fortunes were there were part did it without court I don't think that's a matter exist. Released not one that stock stable would that be great but stuck with the for the next 4560 years -- -- I think it is usually happened so. Is is earlier Belichick conversation as much as news just where the games that it what you need is a team -- organization well GM. You say it's -- -- Jim Harbaugh goes to San Francisco. Jetsons. Alex and Ryan let's look at Colin data manually good he he cast his lot with cap predicament it's but he hit -- executive don't want us to restore I mean you sort of wasn't given but had he been an OK guys again. So if Capra nick was that. 43 quarterback in the NFL -- their fortunes be -- they're -- non. It's just rich -- talked for an example where somebody's getting by with the bottom and quarterback -- lower half quarterback. And continue to win immediate police and attack set aside dude it's a big league a lot of history of the last 81015 years but. I can't think of an example I think it also goes back to we talked about your 23 training camping I think you need a quarterback and coach who wore on the same page consistently and I think you ought to be able to put him in situations where. You can maximize his strength in that we saw that you're in NC to school last year plus in -- it. I don't think were ever going to see at least with the NFL being what it is right now I don't think we're ever gonna see back and quarterback like a Brady -- a situation where. No -- -- Pepsi for about that your legacy team. -- a suitable with the middle of the road quarterback that lets you have reached the position players around him or you have an extra special -- I look I I do think that you'd have the aberration here in there you know you have. Doug Williams wins the Super Bowl you know yet and I won't say Joseph Flacco is an aberration but he might end up being. When all is said -- done he has this other worldly play off performance where yes -- single pick in the playoffs meg wanna in the Super Bowl. But I think your point about. In didn't she get logged to the Super Bowl championship based on the played your defense even more than the play of the quarterback you get that aberration here and there but for the most part. The great coaches in NFL history. Are all. Tied at the hip with the great quarterbacks in NFL history Don Shula Dan Marino. I mean Vince Lombardi was great coach. When he had Bart Starr. Hell maybe not so much in in Washington. I mean you think about it that that that coach quarterback marriage is the thing that matters more it's like. It's the starting point. It's it's the it's easier access -- to give in and then you get it yourself with a orchard there in the that really old beach into the great coaching status level. But I think it has been proven over and over that if you don't have. It was good it's going to be tough it's going to be excellent. IE out and got I got this one guy down on the text machine just adamant but I admit that I made a mistake -- did -- miss ball. The patriots couldn't of played the chargers it was Kansas City losing yesterday got eliminated from the three -- please forgive me. I mean I can only limits that I can only strive to be as perfect it is. As the guy in the text machine and obviously fall far short of that but I I apologized. A thousand times to Utica. Are that's -- that's. Only only a few of us here would get. Let's go up to Cincinnati right now where the -- the pride of Cincinnati that are known as Mike Trout you from WEEI dot com joins us right now tracked how -- yeah. I'm going wild bill hi guys could ultimately. Made obligatory greetings to that native spoke here that I knew back in the day itself. I got that battle right now it's all business. Drags are we gonna see freezer bowl part two today what are the conditions out there. We are not there was a lot of Chris there's a lot of dire forecast even as late as last night -- went to bed. That would get three to five inches of us know. That -- temperatures would drop -- drastically -- throughout the game. That these that -- need to be covered in ice but no -- such -- He beat Albert -- forecast has changed. -- -- one to three inches but well after the game is over. Be partly cloudy pretty much all day long. Very little wind to speak out so the Bengals and chargers got a bit of a -- I I think the chargers salons. Very grateful that that a mother nature a post on her. The plans for the -- We were talking about Andy Dalton and and it times he seems to be a turnover waiting to happen but but. I'm Matt correctly pointed out he'll go three or four games general without any. And then he'll throw for like he did last week and win anyways improbably. -- does that make people in Cincinnati a little nervous which Andy Dalton is gonna show up today. App. So locally jail I I think you not know about Andy Dalton and why people here in Cincinnati gets so frustrated let them. They're catching. The Baltimore Ravens right up metal in the fourth quarter about to put the game away last week at eight audible simple line of scrimmage to a past. AJ -- newspaper target of course in the left corner of the end don't get picked off. Well when you're running through a deep and and your quarterback doesn't know not just can't adopt a law -- straight up the middle what you've got to -- expects to put the game like they tried to get too cute. That's why people are concerned about Andy Dalton -- on the map. The Al in the world in terms of the weaponry now but he didn't apple last to seek employment law the first rebel playoffs. Each time I think there's a sense that. You're it's -- classic run the setup the play action and I think that's but the Quebec liberals really have to do today. I'm you know everybody associated record for the Eagles last night the Bengals got their own version of that. Somebody you know Matt Chatham probably remembers James brought back in the day I got to really wide shoulder -- Yeah. Be -- -- -- look at the number elaborate laboratory -- -- art is certainly one of the most dynamic players I think a potential -- around any roster -- lost in the. Well drags Dalton is in consistency aside continue make a case today for the chargers. Absolutely because they they our team that has -- and urged I'm a possessions. Of over 36 minutes the last four games they play if they do that. And make and run the ball they wanted to a lot of the same thing. Are the Bengals do. And they may have a very good chance of winning that game and the Bengals special teams -- -- but the bulk of giving up the big return especially on kickoffs out of Minnesota Vikings almost beat among on special teams or the couple big Patterson returns. And that's another thing I'm sure of the chargers fan and patriots that the Bible's. By the Patriot Act Saturday will be purely an audit is trying to take advantage of the Bengals special -- But if the chargers are Chris. Thank god cannot really control the -- controlled the ball all the clock I think they've got a decent chance to win that game. -- I look at the chargers in the wave their bill and yet just you'll buy an artist this news sort of thing in the insurgency -- -- we can't forget about oral buddy. What head out there in San Diego in the -- he really kind of that players well. And you look at the way the Bengals are built with big you know birth perfect and end Michael my -- -- Maualuga hit its all okay go to James Harrison and James Harrison's with these are fighters users golfers these are big dudes but. How to get a match with the Antonio Gates in the day would heads in the guys again kind of went on the inside when in the middle part of the field. I think that's actually a fairly decent matchup for them you know based on what Cincinnati is gonna put up their frontal. Well the last time they played perhaps back in December 1 in San Diego they -- spread their defense they dropped. Five of six. Players on defense Mike Zimmer did the ankle defensive coordinator. And they made sure that guys like any would that didn't get to the outside -- probably expect to see a lot of the same. Back shops today. One of the bundles my backers in the right out of -- -- and that's one thing the angles were really exposed. Against last year in the playoff against Houston Rey Maualuga was playing essentially a one -- And they as Ben Tate had a huge game and that Houston Texans running back had a huge game I think the Bengals are more prepared this year. They're trying to think guys like that like and what had to make sure. That they. Not stay between the tackles. I have made the point in the past that Marvin Lewis has the great good fortune to work for a family that just never makes change. Because based on his coaching record over the years with the Cincinnati Bengals I'm not sure how many organizations would have kept him around this long if he's a one and done. Is it possible the Bengals finally -- Marvin Lewis on down the road. Well -- would move them down the road -- the people here in Cincinnati tell me they would connect I think it would be a good move -- move up in the front office where he has. I think our our policy used the term so talent evaluate its tremendous. But the only way I think he gets that that happens is if they get embarrassed today. Again. Before a national audience and -- -- you know 31 and they just don't show up. -- -- grossly unprepared that's the only way I see market losing his job I will tell you that well I've written it many times. The thing about Marvin Lewis he comes into the game as a -- -- and your head coach. In NFL history without a playoff victory is so good or and everybody knows the pressures not only on the players. Reform but Marvin Lewis -- get over that hump -- are a lot of people here since Saturday that believe. I would get that first playoff what have they are dangerous team. Going forward in the playoffs. -- there I know that a lot of us down in Foxborough this week we're looking forward to the the belief down there -- it's going to be a putrid Pringles divisional playoff for a week from yesterday. How much can you realistically take from that 1 October game because it's my opinion that the these two teams are really about as different as you can be. Over the course of all what two plus month stretch now as opposed to where they where back in October. Well I definitely a very different I asked Bill Belichick this week if it helped the ball in his preparation should be deep space the Bengals. These -- now October's along time ago. The Bengals are are different -- it -- and they were back then were different type of game. Other one similarity though that it would patriots did not of course our Rob Gronkowski and -- -- they won't album. Should be to meet on Saturday night at -- and that's a big advantage for the Bible's terms of defending the -- -- Bundles of very good at defending the red zone and they're very good at scoring and the rest on an -- Something that the patriots have to find -- way actually salt well next Saturday night. Before we let you go is it your guests that the patriots play the Bengals next Saturday. I do know I do think that jail I think the angles and that's. Pretty motivated to get this victory before their home crowd as well they -- -- bosses who lost in front of all season long their perfect eight mile along with the patriots. Actual stadium so I can about angles powering -- like. -- lack a twenty to thirteen win and advancing to Gillette a Saturday night. I'm very happy to have you join us from Cincinnati but I gotta admit -- been a lot more impressed if the game -- in San Diego and and the dot com he sent out there had to watch the game. That would really impressed me. It would it would also -- over a playoff budget or. Kelly at a high and released on bomb plot that would kill the -- -- -- -- you're gonna drive the Super Bowl and a -- him drop -- point about a fifth two hours -- services that you -- -- -- -- -- we -- time enjoy the -- out there. All right I thank you very much to your doubles -- Mike the drug from WEEI dot com joining us from Cincinnati he thinks the Bengals beat the chargers. We'll find out what these guys think later on in the program Tommy current from CS and any dot com will join us later as well here on NFL Sunday. Presented by the plan's key insurance at a Penske they shop so you say -- at the plant -- dot com today.

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