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NFL Sunday: The NFL Coaching Carousel is Underway and Josh McDaniels May be Getting On

Jan 5, 2014|

Dale, Chatham and Price take a peek at the various open jobs in the NFL and some of the candidates available. They discuss Mike Munchak getting fired after refusing to let go his assistants in order to keep his own job, Bill O'Brien accepting the Houston Texans gig and if Josh McDaniels will make his way to Cleveland. This leads to the boys talking about why guys from the Belichick coaching tree haven't had a ton of success once they've left New England.

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Number two NFL Sunday Sports Radio WEEI. My name's Dale Arnold Chris price from WEEI dot comes across the table Matt Chatham former patriots linebacker is here as well. Tom eat current CSN any dot com will join us later on in the program a might -- Trout will also join us -- next segment he's in Cincinnati. Where the Bengals host the San Diego Chargers. It's very simple here okay patriots fans if the Bengals win that's who you play next Saturday night -- -- stadium. If San Diego wins you play Andrew Luck in the Indianapolis Colts next Saturday night here at Gillette Stadium a -- to talk this signal a little bit about the coaching carousel. Up well in the NFL but it's also kind of in a strange way tied him. To perhaps in college jobs as well. Yesterday the Tennessee Titans fired Mike Munchak now Mike Munchak was a long time player in the Houston Oilers organization. -- coached for years. An assistant coach coordinator ultimately got the head coaching job. The ownership and it's a strange ownership group. Where Bud Adams grandson has condom running things now when I -- Tommy Smith flies in from Houston to meet with munchak. The bottom line here is apparently munchak was told by the owner economics and changes on your assistant coaching staff. By the way this exact same message I think it's being delivered a Rex Ryan in New York with the jets right. Munchak says no you know what I'm not gonna do that if so my assistant coaches got a -- and I gotta go and they fired him. I have a lot of respect for a guy who's who's willing now is assistant coach they're gonna get fired anyway. He's just not going to be the guy who delivers that message and survive the carnage he says now they gotta go I gotta go on out he went. If Cuba for a guy who's given more than thirty years of his life to that kind of organization but it clearly is we've seen over the last decade plus it's a dysfunctional franchise that that needs to be. Restarted -- he does he need to hit the reset button from the topic I know that they had a terrific run of success. In the early two thousands where the winters who bully in the outcome of -- short unity. Did they keep you guys are going Jones exactly -- if -- did you guys a couple of really great playoff games over the years they're really glued to -- -- -- I ever benefits according event just. The patriots Tennessee playoff game here I always think that's the coldest I've ever I would think back to Tennessee teams as kind of liked her immediately and hawks in the 1980s. Were they were really good time there -- worst -- people because there were so many other good teams out writer. The pages the blazers have some of that animal that Korea where he's just we've just got good at a bad time right in I think that's what did Ruben -- I take away from Negroponte. I just that that franchises or dysfunction and -- matters a Betis that it existed that the titans just smell like six and ten year after year after year that the team you don't wanna play. But they -- and -- had some difficulty you know turn McCormack scheck's closing the deal you know -- ago that you look at his record nine and seven that first year and I think that got. Kind of fired up that OK this could turn you know he's. Fishers go longer going to -- way. You know it's half Smart team there just a player two or three way the may have to step back to six intent. In 2012 now. This year they improve that went to seven and nine and did most of the year without Jake Locker went down early so they did it without their quarterback. For sort of a local perspective I thought -- was uninteresting that you know. Now gosh bring an album black on the name Matthew. -- -- Vocal possibly mass Matt Hasselbeck so Hasselbeck -- has been the below the back up that sort of met her locker in the first year. Makes the decision that your -- gonna sort of assailed the son -- thing an element Adobe who locks. The blocks back up over and indeed. It kind of fishing off -- way and they make the decision to go to a little bit more higher priced. Supposedly certain thing -- it's been a long time starter in Fitzpatrick so fits comes from buffalo goes out to ten Tennessee gets a pretty decent deal and you'd think that in the event that locker went down and he was a question mark -- was like a sure fire thing this is going to be your star guy. Locker goes down you think you'd be you'll pretty well offered to -- whether anything that would column and they didn't -- one. So it would be interesting to me for if you religious needed someone to drive the boss that was Smart to could run the offer to be efficient not turned over. I wonder what hassle -- quoted Don and that who knows what kind of juices got lefties and older -- that's an adult he's -- a wonderful back -- I think new York Republican forget Joseph for guys 234 games. I think he might be your guide but I don't think you said it was just started. Let's let's get some of the other coaching moves yesterday. The reports by the Josh McDaniels interviewed. In Cleveland with the browns with Mike Lombardi. To be in the next coach of the Cleveland Browns it almost seems like. Like pre determined in Cleveland the Josh McDaniels going to be the next coach I think giving him hopefully guys who wore. On their short list to beat the angels won in the united I just today I did a couple of interviews up there in Cleveland this week people wanting to know about Josh McDaniels and which. You know overall evolution you've made since he was head coach and -- -- to try to sell by the way browns fans that you're gonna get a patriots assistant coach to keep your head coach -- he gets much success. In the past well I think I -- I think the Lombardi connection. There is strong and and no look Michael parties run the show in Cleveland and he earned attributable Belichick with the Cleveland in the early nineties and he clearly still. How the connection -- in it thinks that he wants to rebuild the browns in that same. Bowl and that was to take the portal team building template -- in -- etc. As I've heard this talked about a lot this you know I understand completely why Mike on party is going after Josh McDaniels the whole Belichick in action. Working with -- all -- I understand completely. It's harder for people understand why record Josh McDaniels you take that job right. You you'd took a head coaching job in Denver and you've failed at OK let's beaten being nice about it if failed. You got an opportunity go to Saint Louis that you got a chance to come back here and be the offensive coordinator for one of the greatest quarterbacks in history all that stuff. This next job you better be right ask Eric Mangini when it's going to be like -- that second failure in a row. You better be right on this one you're Josh McDaniels do you take these -- -- That's the Alley with it no -- know it it is like failure going to be an idea I don't know I like it's like. If you're New England going your offered to be demanded of the of the Red Sox offer you to -- -- -- Please just it's different it's just he's he's an Ohio guy. He was raised there he'd meet his bones is is it is now in its just -- you exactly it's just. It's like it's it at the grown up here in new England and me into the Red Sox it's what every Ohio cute won't even more dramatic it's like DeKalb slick if you group also Foreman you know in the middle. Denton Texas or whatever and to be in the cowboys -- coaches that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'd like to job for Josh to get that job I think he deserves an integrated mar I think he really knows both sides of the ball while. I think that I would -- I -- I'm curious though without really the best -- I don't know enough about it. But that I hated the way -- -- he was just taken in one year drop that makes me think chaos even though what Islam Martynas -- and dirty in the in the room. It got to me has a little bit of give you pause kind of situation beyond what the record to be and beyond all those things are you -- you're gonna have an opportunity to draft quarterbacks who's gonna have a chance to. The sort of molded his way if you goes there. But the one thing I would ironic those that might be Johnny -- well. I mean if you think about it I where they draft that we -- is gonna go to Houston right yes absolutely I mean that's that's a given for the nearly a Brit homily from UCLA which -- he's kind of a runner -- too yeah what did we answer total portal -- -- -- guy from Central Florida. But because. Michael -- is -- of the of the guy from LSU had the UCL -- he's your big tall probe protect our route to pick in four rounds of the fourth while it. Millions of -- hope of each that's a huge huge huge body. And -- let's assume for the sake of our discussion that Billy O'Brien grabs Teddy Bridgewater and I think that's that's again. So agitating in -- a second night. Yeah you've been so how how does not act. The ramseys I think you know hyper and -- you have -- -- -- if you get a -- good saturation natives AM and left tackle him like -- his name right now -- highest rated tackle league average or not been there he was a new high conversation -- for the cup overall pick. There's a few of the guys a walk and but the second overall. While the do -- for short answer but -- -- we -- -- it twice yeah and then the word. You know quarterbacks is available -- -- what was the better your the flip side is the -- if -- if -- Michael board you say all right look we're gonna take optional investment number two on right now. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Did you guys have a problem the way many did with him leaving Penn State after two seasons ago. Because it did -- see the column but it was up and live column which went with either -- seemed a little self serving it was a little thought the record I'm gonna tell you on the record what it was so you really know what's the idea that's but it this. Time he had clearly reached a breaking point with his time at Penn State saying did you know I've done all I can to support these -- people -- I've haven't gotten any support and I'm just I'm gonna move on -- weather going to be looking for new -- In so he clearly reached a point where is like look I can't do this anymore I can't be in the situation. This is -- situation he did everything he court to take a franchise that was near death penalty status in turn him into a seven and five. And he left the program. In as good a shape as you can run out after two years there which is worth mentioning to be -- munchak thing earlier that's a really high candidate for the Penn State job I think the thing that makes Billy. That made him extremely. Attractive to to Houston was not just the Belichick tree part of enemy that certainly helps but the idea that he'd taken crushing hacker. Bird which was one of the top prep guys at all college football it's him to -- on -- -- -- -- even under those sanctions. And has him as a freshman starter and the impacts and quite a bit in the turn of ago players of the idea that. He's mentor both the best that ever was and Tommy. He has all the sort of Belichick a background of ground it's been in a lot of assistance he hasn't been only about what's your -- guess -- -- sort of a diverse background. What he's worked with with these work with the renovations or product project and and state indeed -- -- young quarterback. Jews rule the kind of guy who's done a switcher now and ask him to go do you use -- I ask the uncomfortable question. Name somebody from the Belichick tree is gone on -- success Ozzie Newsome. The trial while I don't Thomas talked or other -- -- from Coca a name coach. Who has come off now you talk about Parcells tree. And come up with great success in coaches Belichick off one who want not. Name somebody up the Belichick tree was gone on -- success not as head coach. I think that's probably fair but you know I did it shouldn't -- mention Romeo Crennel just got -- the DC and he's just -- it's perfect for him you one of the best corners of it and it's I wish it worked out form as a head coach twice and didn't -- I'm glad he's back -- coaching he's starting guys love to -- -- But yeah it's a fair question of the managing he's on that list worries still a great coach but maybe not a head coach -- just -- had a two shot -- anywhere and with success that's that's the point -- making it -- initial success -- -- turned. Her at worst team had cordoned. It was it was failing we made the playoffs in the first -- -- their looked like it had -- and then went back the other way and then in Cleveland it was meant to be the same recollection project I guess if you were trying to spend the whole back to Cleveland question about. Using -- Belichick tree guy. The thing that's different is because they want Romeo and Eric that's to really defense of minded guys. What Cleveland has been hungry for through the the the of the -- the Tim Couch here you know but but thirty quarterbacks in thirty years thing or whatever it's -- They're really need offensive energy so if you were spinning that it's not so much that he used to be in the -- to -- that you -- really creative off -- of Monica and those outside of the ball that has really shown. Broke the neighboring in general you were generous re generous profit I think it's interesting though that the that the question would be before Josh you bring a pajamas and self think. Are results -- wanted to keep. So he took he took he took a chance tonight and I got really early on in his coaching code is head coaching crew team and I think that in and I do I I honestly believe he would meet some of the decisions differently. And I think he would surround himself with different people think those are two huge things you have to learn. Mile stretch did -- you better coast through select the point my point is that the least he took a chance in action great draft cynic in retrospect it looked back of the guys that are helping the Denver team -- -- The various promises and those kind of guys in the room it's actually one of the best repeated Denver draft -- -- -- -- moving up in the first and -- -- the first guy but the -- the rest of note this for a number of starters and impact guys -- guys have become pro abortion do really well. But he missed on the high intangible not so fitting the promo -- which is weird because. Belichick. And it does have a little bit differently yet and it's every data comes from bills tutelage doesn't try to replicate the -- exactly its exact. But I think that what's interesting though war war war would be for -- if you were to take that is hits he has that same decision behind tangible -- would like to translate kind of guy who means well. It would be basically making the decision to do that you both thing. Not exactly but comparable again. The guy that was a college. Warrior that. Do we know if this again transit and I mean that would be. Every tough call from to make a lot of mop the only ailing -- believes he beat. You literally from the Red -- did you beat him. You can clearly there to coach -- exec which is probably why the move the pros mates sets the exact I still believe that the Houston then not then -- Really honestly believe the Detroit job would have been a better job for him eagle and I think -- it there's the flip side too and I think he's gonna -- house though for small and I asked for a critical of living is gonna have success in Houston I think it's a good fit formatting to obviously first and foremost we have to do with -- after a different quarterback going forward down there. But I think given his track record -- mr. I think he's been -- well here's the bottom line you've got some college coaches. From the Bill Belichick tree who've gone on some great success -- parents Nick Saban. I'm sorry you haven't got a pro coach. Not head coach but now that's what -- saying I I I -- that want. That I don't have to how archives and it regardless of facts are but you know the there's coordinators I would -- coaches elected Dean Pees is going on and really reestablishing himself and that would have been reportedly in in Baltimore Rex Lee is he's bigger role that you fill the vacuum and do as much or more. But you're right is that the head coach candidate it's hard find out how much it is part of the -- he -- when they say that I mean you have to distinct guys who come off the Belichick tree you have guys who wore. At one stage of their carriers truly ways from Chicago. Only did mean to through Dean Pees Olympics maybe but that's debatable in and you have at the other -- you have of the really super young guys did Josh mean -- that predictable and just judge John mcdaniels -- -- -- -- going to be the next OC here yet you probably yeah when Josh goes to Cleveland I think he's gonna. I think cable will become the offensive coordinator here and I do not for that side of the argument bill has cultivated -- of good -- -- coaches yeah honesty is that they have an interim coach thing it's always. It's it's also to cough or -- -- Because beat their coaches and being recorded it's a different skill set so deputy CEO. Yeah that Steele wrote it -- than a -- -- you know it's injured or not. It's just different and in -- -- -- -- succeed because you don't -- learn under anyone better than bill before what reason hasn't yet one more thing really -- and we're up against the break but it it looks like. That Houston's documents in the room your connection I think that Houston stuff is going to heavy heavy -- and influence apparently George godsey. The patriots hadn't coaches can go to their UB BD OC is well. So it's going to be interesting to see how beachfront we talked about Lombardi trying to replicate Pinkston in Cleveland it looks like -- -- which -- trying do some of this anything done. Well take quick break -- -- -- frog will join us from Cincinnati will get an update on how the conditions are there probably not as miserable as the angles would like them to the with the chargers coming to town NFL Sunday presented by a plan's -- insurance at a Penske they shops or use say it. Visit the Penske dot com today.

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