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Patriots coach Bill Belichick joins Salk and Holley for his weekly conversation on Patriots Monday

Dec 30, 2013|

Bill Belichick sits in with Mike Salk, Andy Hart and Bob Halloran at Gillette Stadium after the Patriots secured a first round bye with yesterday’s victory over the Buffalo Bills. Bill explains how he approaches the playoffs with a younger team and he looks back at the performance of running back LeGarrette Blount.

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Bill Belichick joins us right now our conversation with the coach brought she was always by SB -- do Tedy Bruschi did you get affordable dependable life insurance from SP allied company that is protected over a million family since 1907 go to SB -- dot com today coach. I'll start dispersing congratulations twelve and four certainly your team is. Has dealt with quite a bit how does it feel to finish a year twelve on foreign to be looking ahead to a first term by. Almost every. Area -- -- Remember Bill Parcells. And coach. Ticket and sometimes that might be Windsor. It. -- -- -- Team. Now. Well I don't know I think you know as a coach should try as there's still so do best you can every week and you know you gotta take each each because accounts. You know and try to take the best didn't take advantage of the opportunities you have contacted -- opponents of us that you can't so. And not really no problem. You know. Put an expectation on team it's a week to week thing felt like every week we played we had a chance to win. Well listen and went all wrong but on that we competed well he tweaked so. -- somebody else just against. Bill this may be a minor thing but it seemed that you made the differentiation between. Winning the body and advancing to the second round of the playoffs as -- are you turned it with -- us in the media is that just me. Or analyzing things or did you specifically phrase it that way for reasons. On. I don't know and -- -- -- then we don't the oil wells in the sweet bird in the second round of the playoffs -- It's -- -- -- I don't know. It's not a message to your team that this is not a week off you you know you inn -- vacation you learned not mentally not one yesterday we -- -- plan this week. And now it ought to do that so. It's those -- We're talking last week about your defense specifically but your team in general it's a fairly young team younger than some of the teams that you've gone to the playoffs with that in the past. How how do you how much consideration do you give that as -- preparing them for what they'll see in two weeks. -- not very much and discuss a little season football also. I don't they came as a rookie anymore after sixteen regular season games here you know that that's a lot of but experience under the belt so you know I think it's about the teams and that that play well this time here right now I don't think it has anything to do -- experience and number. 2001 we -- affected them and experience and analysts do championships on. I don't think that's the criteria conspirators planned well. It'll all operate under pressure on as a team and and perform while critical situations and that's that's over and tried -- how do you think your team is doing in those in those areas right now. Obama. Movement or told informants and in anything your birdies around zero and move well so. That'll be about the next -- open and how we do on that. On an -- week from Saturday night. You've got three possible opponents coming out what happens this week do you spend any time on those three opponents to you. Divided equally in thirds com or do you just work on your -- this week and get yourself ready and fix your own house. -- -- let's -- in a little bit of all -- probably we certainly there's things we need to work on -- -- and we place that's going to be important force. We wanna get some preliminary work done on all three opponents. We really don't know who it is until. The Cincinnati. San Diego game on Sunday afternoon so. You know I think it will it will do little that'll work but. You know we we really can't zero in on anybody until we. Until we get past weekend so. Well prepared be prepared for when that moment arrives will have all worked and so we can really. Dig into it. I don't -- say we would ignore those -- that's certainly -- record annual will work on three possible phones but not likely. Would if we knew who we are gonna play. Obviously one of the stories of yesterday was was there blunt and the most productive games these these patriots never seen as a franchise. When you traded for him. What what did you think you were getting what did you envision he could be for this team as he earned a role in the built element here. Well you know -- motorists play Italy for three years so I mean I think it was quite a bit of film and -- doesn't -- looks at him in different situations as as the football player and I think. You know he's he's shown that over the course of this year for him actually -- of the enemies of big -- that has good quickness and running skills and vision. But I catches the ball well congressman durable. And he can get tough your burden and he can create -- earth and space. Think he's got a good compliment to our football team he stood on wall locker room players -- it's like them. And he's been an out their force every day and given some good solid day's work on a on a regular basis so these -- never disrespect. Certainly -- load yesterday house. It's a pretty impressive performance as good as anyone I've ever been apart of franchise record. But he. He puts team is back and he cares a long way and -- number 31 -- good write up when you're assured. Talked to a key before we. For for a made the trade and you know -- I think to keep you know. Made some comments -- and that he you know there everything keeps says it's exactly what we hear it's fun. What did he mean what really tell you had a mean what does that conversation like between -- and keep. It's fun indicate that you know had been on the team without him -- with a -- daily basis and play against them and practice sessions that kind of thing. Knew it was like that I have on team and he felt invigorated this and his team which you know space allotment. Player wants. Don't want somebody -- on the team and thanks a -- teammate then that's worth something because he's been with them for three years. These players ever give that scouting reports that he's innocent act as a real picture we need him. On at times. Product and it does say something about your perception of key. That you want his opinions as a -- weren't the type of player that you and I most respect for. His opinion might mean as much bluster to I don't think you solicit necessarily. You know everybody's opinions on everything but there -- some players that. No more than you do over there was some people just you know no where you do have better experience and you do when you take into consideration. Don't look Garrity he's he's kind of an interesting case because he's so big for a it was a really big back but. They want to play -- and you hear commentators especially and they always wanna talk about him being -- big physical rumbling stumbling type of back. And you watch admin and he does cut quite a bit you mentioned that he's got pretty good speed for back of his size. Do you do you coach him a little bit differently to try to bring no one side or the other of of those two qualities that he just that he's got to do you try to push him in one direction or another. I'm not not a really you know little but sometimes situationally. But I think for the most part. You know player like. Electric chair who's had a lot of production experience on the ball. -- -- on his instincts and those are sports section decisions he has to make whether -- try to run over a guy run around and in the move. Out Ronald. And then those are just based on the in -- angles and relationships and what -- season that split second time vote. You know certainly there's our coaching points about run the ball relevant to pad level and sudden moves and take advantage of space and Indonesia blocking patterns and so forth and so on that are federal part of that book. I think he has pretty good running instincts period but you know we've tried to do the best we can't think coach for your business and -- Josh McDaniels and coaches have been with -- you know trying to you know help -- get the most out of -- you know what he has -- To guess a lot of natural running ability and instincts he's Smart football player so. You know. So that's a lot of it's really am. You know I left here last week I told a lot of my friends that I don't know I just get the impression from coach Belichick that. He really likes this team like navy he sees something special about this team. And I heard Rob Ninkovich talked yesterday about this being the most mentally tough team that he's played on. Is it if the first part is true is the mental toughness one of the reasons why you think this team might be special. Although world votes were to find out yet at the -- this is the time -- year when. 11 play won a state. One right decision to make a difference in your entire season so. There every team plan at this time a year and it's those same challenges ahead of them mumble we'll see how we're able emblem -- Well we've we've done a lot of close games have been a lot of tough situations. We've been competitive has always been perfect hasn't always worked out the for the most part we've. That's an -- always you know we've we've been there at the end from punches. You know honoring in the last round. -- homeland of a lot of them have and so. You know hopefully it will always -- in a position to competitive. Councils -- standing there with that big beard and made me think of the reds and how they can you know put themselves together. What would your reaction be if your entire locker room starting grown in the big Red Sox veered. Would that be great team unifying thing or which you view. You know and and razors and I think that. -- shall at stated I got -- Company and I think. Chances -- and those smaller raises than the -- locker room players' and coaches' locker room. The -- -- clothes and -- of the I'm seeing one who haven't mentioned you know just. Assume for refuses not a -- -- though now third. -- There grown up there for a bigger than -- adult Gillette sponsorship to Africa and after renaming the stadium and that's how it's just different here. Few of to me speak and toughness the obvious question is is for Logan Mankins yesterday come back out there I mean he goes out. He could you could hear the collective groan and gas ball all around New England is to really worth -- other major injury. He said after the game he's as tough as anyone you've been around what does that mean. Announcements on echoes of 39 years and you know played a few years. Poorly before that political. He's you know he's just done an incredible. Amount of fiscal mental toughness and they play an entire season notoriously ill. You know he he wants to be out on the field practice and he wants of these it was teammates. He can certainly. Has a high pain threshold and he -- it'll play through a lot. Nazis pretty rare men and -- lots of players and months and he's the toughest but I'll put him right up there can't think of any video put ahead of them -- that way east. -- you know amazing toughness and grit and passion for the game. You know when -- on it carried off which that in itself was pretty usual for Logan and he rarely needs assistance. Though wasn't a good sign and then to hear the next series -- -- straight back and that's -- and Mediterranean. So but again -- you can never count commonalities. He special courses on the list. Lot but Lawrence Taylor there for sure. Does -- Taylor played with. Injuries that. And play wells. Differently and there. You mentioned the self scouting aspect of of this week here leading up. One thing I looked at and and I don't know if there's a concern -- you know I just I found interesting that. Julian settlements complete catches as related to Brady's completions have gone up from 38% to 50% 64%. In the last three games those -- numbers of those concerning or. You say that's our number one receiver that's again it was open that they making plays we won those games where do you say we're too. -- -- Well I think you go back and take a look at everything and it's you know those -- kind of those kind of questions that think that we we -- of the film and find answers to the you know -- says on papers. In those facts but then sometimes the circumstances of it and and that type thing you know I know yesterday it was a -- the game where. -- conditions weren't great you know we -- on some slip screens well. Obviously he is the receiver on those plays he's gonna get the ball it's a pretty high percentage play a slow. You know that's a lot different than thrown you know post and go patterns and so you know. Notes they sometimes. You know the stats. And not dispute the stats but you know you gotta give an attempt to somebody and sometimes quarterbacks -- honorable way sometimes it's really not a legitimate attempt. Announces they have put somebody down that's in the direction of him persist in all -- that's really. But you know legitimately a complete -- ball so they'll go all those things on the passing and the running game. Defensively red area insurers goal line. You know kicking game all of that and Trotta. -- see if we can find anything that it then within their -- -- sincere and find ways to. Improvement. And play our best football week from Saturday night that's the goal which is a player best. Just a follow up on him he has always been a guy and I know I go to post game every you know -- asked about the game and he's always. Deflecting from him to the team he seems to be a great team first mentality. But he also put forth of a pretty impressive season in sixteen interstate helping hazardous is you know from your perspective as a guy who watched him. Succeed when healthy but seem to always have an injury -- not being. How enjoyable is it to watch him have this season and finally be put it all together. I -- as great -- nobody works harder than Julian I mean he he's he comes early stays late. Worked hard on the field he's a tough kid he gets banged up and you know he's not a 100% and it it takes a lot to keep him off the field practice field as well and he loves to practice and you know returns care expendable in the kicking game. You know First -- game he comes in there and you know block and Leonard I mean he he doesn't take any plays off. So. You know you -- -- that have the kind of success and as she says he's the sets and setbacks along the -- in his career but. It's never -- derail him hasn't taken it must work ethic and you know than this year and in a lot of ways it's come together certainly in his best year most productive year and you gotta be happy for guys like that that worked out power and and then you know have the results to. You know to show for. You know I remember when we -- -- at the John and see. Got hurt his first couple years in the you know we're disarmament in the first round Austin you know Campo you know Gooden you know get rid of them all and and that he you know he went on to you know lead the team local championships and then just a tremendous career and I'm not saying it's the same and a sense -- situation where sometimes it's. Not just one year it's it's two or three years and then. For whatever reason those those injured days are kind of passed and and now player comparable and is just really no way to know how that's gonna go vote. You know Phil went through a lot of his first you know 34 years with the giants and you said it had had just a tremendous career there so. You just never know. Excuse my football ignorance I know they both play wide receiver but in your view to -- -- -- -- -- play the same position in your offense. On on what what is the difference what what are what are you looking for differently from each of them. Well it. And you -- artists. An idealist slanted eyes that and I thought remembering football ignorant how tough -- but but I think -- I think most people I mean I think there's an idea that that they were both. Both going to be slot receivers and that was going to be their job. So without getting too technical but I'm just trying to get a sense as to -- how they're different in your office. Well let's say that you know Julian has. And of course in Danny has punt return and kickoff return skills as well but -- -- -- -- a lot of lot of plays at the yards after the catch. And not the Danny hasn't in -- Julian probably you know has -- little more than its vigilance of women on the perimeter. More than Danny has now you know because we operate. At times and a lot of formations or the receivers are pretty close -- -- -- -- actors you know learn of a group. Of on sunset then. At that point I think you know they are kind of saying they could easily be interchange when they're only you know a few feet apart on the field but. When they're not that way. There's you know much higher tendency for him bundled with the inside. And outside. The speaker. However get to the significance of Matthew Slater into the Pro Bowl. My -- securities through to get there that I think about them. How I thought the dander -- General into the Red -- long time ago was among the first to really see the importance of the middle reliever. I -- Tony La Russa might be the first to really see the importance of the closure. And listening to you through the years you the first that I heard really focus on special teams. Like it was an equal third offense defense special teams. Heads that changed and your time in the NFL who Wear the special teams is really thought of as more important and might have been years ago or did I miss that. And with that in mind how important is it to have Pro Bowl caliber guys on special teams. Well. I think those are the second question first I think the call is special teams is always. To a certain degree a function of year here flag here and we've we've been very fortunate here in Denver fortune here is that coach. We have Larry -- who was the tremendous. Special teams player and leader. He was a guy it took it very seriously tan. Got other people involved and and he saw his passion for it and they took more seriously and he got together in groups who watch films and and it's a lot of pride in their. In those units would be kick -- team punt return team whatever happened today. And at that time I thought the Larry Willis. You know probably was the best special teams. National leader and captain and just you know hold players that I ever been around. And moment Austin house in those -- big shoes to fill and would say that you know Slater has done that you know -- he's every bit. Has ever been -- the impact both on field and off the field that. You know Larry -- and not only does Mathieu play his position well -- very unselfishly great preparation. Tremendous. Intensity and and passion for it. But he brings a lot of the people with them and then when it's on the players are the guys in those units. The specialists he's he's a great leader as -- a great player. And helps the other players played better and and his example is just wrong. You know it's really second anomaly he works on the practice field and off the field as preparation. In an -- shows often in laws corruption and he has even though he gets double team. On every -- on every kickoff for their run away from Marty. And we seasons schemes a lot of times he draws. Heavy part of the blocking which is -- in the -- dirty work for other guys that you know. Better opportunities to make plays and yet he stilled as they also. You know to -- -- -- he's gotten. Along the attention there's so. He's you know he's done a tremendous job -- consent of and and that's certainly helps the overall unit because. Think he needed guys more than one certainly we have the guys I would put in that category you know guys like. You know lightning Fletcher and you know players like that that -- -- real solid guys force and you know veteran guys. But you know from my standpoint look from when when your special teams coach. You think it's a third of the game being here really do and so. You know my first years in the league. Like its first eight year currently house in the federal assistance this team's coach. In addition in a literal supposed to and so. You know when that's when that's part of your paycheck and me he he better recognize it or. Down. Here -- missed the boat and so you know I was fortunate to work with some very good. Special teams coaches. You know -- Jerry Glanville was truly an you know an awful lot from him Floyd -- as well. You know and then when an opportunity to to be you know on the coach for instance those teams coach John -- You know my fifth year in the league and you know was -- on them but it was tremendous opportunity and you know the one thing about being a special teams coaches really teaches you. Well a lot of bow number one's connecting with the entire team because in the -- -- -- you know you have third offensive line field Williams defensive line. On fuel Russia's real skill players and you know there'll. And you of the kickers and and so there are all very talent that the world very different you know it's a different coach and -- -- than an excellent actors -- -- -- offensive linemen and as a receiver and and you know those positions at different. -- personalities and dynamics and then and then as a special teams collision also a lot of now. Field position and strategy in you know all the rules and everything and they go into which are pretty pretty complex and and when you're not the special teams coaches on the you know right now some of that stuff can -- policy passion -- -- -- -- so much to it. That it's hard to really stay on top of analysts that your main responsibility in -- and judgment tremendous job for us. As I said as much as I was involved in that early in my career and at times it felt like you know like to be doing more than this but I learned so much. And it's been so beneficial through it for me through my career. You know I'm just very thankful that I had the opportunity to be involved -- special teams. In such an in depth way early in record because that a lot of what I learned there. Has just been indicted for years and just imagining you and Jerry Glanville hanging out -- -- by Jerry was carried out Terry Jeremy out I think here is one of them. You know one of the best assistant coaches I've ever worked -- he just great passion. Theory. You know very good football just pure football coach fundamentals. Had a great great way with the players were a lot of positive energy a lot of enthusiasm. Lot of hard work and that you know still smiles on on the same time -- was he had real good chemistry with those players that Detroit it was good staff with. For charmer forgeries. And Jerry. -- well there are a lot of good coach at Maryland waffles are as he leaves tickets for Elvis yeah. Christiane I mean Elvis and now says all of a sudden I heard it rates -- pretty entertaining. WWF style club battles in the locker room that he pretty well engaged in in -- for media there's some great year and the stories of -- -- look kind of before that -- -- yes that's that's my fitness equipment -- up our and it's time for our coach -- question of the week is brought to you by your local Mercedes-Benz dealers. The all new Mercedes-Benz CLA has -- see them on the web and in the USA dot com this comes from GM. Who's in Medford who notes that there were five football coach's head coaches in the NFL who were fired today. Do you would you reach out to any of them he's -- any time thinking about those coaches or their analysts'. Yeah absolutely. Yeah absolutely. But surely -- speaking with some of them. There's some assistance and that that those -- I mean look when you go through your career and and he spent time with. Coaches and their families. That's somewhere along on whether it's -- their own staff with a moral earlier. You know genome and otherwise. In on a different take the time to reach out on when you know things are going on those and not -- -- when they lose their job. You know can be after you know a tough loss or you know something Nelson and and of that. You know many many coaches do. You know to me as well and really means a lot you know when sums I mean. It's it's easy to get to you know. Tax -- you know congratulatory messages when things go good and you know that's great but it. You know it's a once you're kind of used once really remember the ones one you only get one or two after some really. Native has happened there unilateral you know whatever bad season bad game bad situation. Those that -- -- only a couple of those really bureau member who knows you know who those came from and so in analysts you can have friends there. They're friends who have things don't go alone uncle -- of -- capsule and it's still business that is -- the a lot of people that are you know losing their jobs today in not that coaches that'll look. All the fuel to go with -- and the staff and let's face it on the coach goes and the players the next wants to go so. The new social comment you make a lot of changes will be a lot of turnover and those organizations. As there always is. And you know that's that's a lot of a lot of people that are. Champions. You know. Relocated her you know. Uprooted and one where another so. -- -- but a father coached at the start of you know the cycle. -- it'll. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know from the usual ones at let's look way you are sent. -- two. -- -- we'll tell you know Olympic fans they assist relief for -- this team to take advantage of the opportunity that we Overton we're in good position to. And continue our season. Just really need everybody each one of those each coach each player company involved who's just put on our absolute best in the next. Couple weeks of preparation be ready for -- and -- and the dentist is try to get to rationalize the ability and performance level and I assume that Texas and that's that people physician. We certainly appreciate it we'll talk to you next week happy new year sounds good that in another Nobel check will be back in just moments rockaholic WE yet.

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