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Dec 27, 2013|

Rob Bradford and special guest John McDonald talk about Red Sox offseason and preparing for 2014

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All right well this is rob Bradford but no Alex -- Alex Spears on assignment. Alex Spears on assigning you the hardest working man in the mystery as we know -- because he's on assignment the day after Christmas good for him. I'm rob Bradford of derby I dot com and we are privileged. Honored to have. Great -- and -- spear that's John McDonald. John McDonald. I I want I can't remember the -- I do and you're free agent right. I and yes I guess tactically tactically when you have -- you pick -- like this you think you always want to be identified with without a tight season and pianist. Yes small part of of this season I was with the Red Sox. I think you wanna still be identified that way. I mean you're a fan of baseball and now we really appreciate you coming and we can be up all the way up until 7 o'clock. Doc and all things hot stove all things Red Sox all things baseball in in -- a huge fan of the game obviously. If you wanna know how well rounded John McDonald is understand that this guy it was. With five different teams last year. Tell you you're not only looking to all these teams you actually play for teams. Like to say that it -- on the scene at the playoffs this year even though tools and kick me out the door before where they degrees there. Well and not only on -- to have John I don't hear in the hot stove show brought you by the beaches of Fort Myers in San bell on the school's distinctive clothing but. We also very honored to get right out of the gate 'cause we got a great show ahead there's a lot to talk about the right -- the game we have another. Friendly New England at New England at your computer from Connecticut greatness and now we're. Yankees fan growing up the laws of the where but it obviously when you're -- duck boat that is not an election is a long time ago. -- we're not only ought to have John McDonald here by JP are starting executive for the Mets. Has also joined us the tick off the show to this -- into things JP are you Dillon. That's an amazing JP in eight years is -- not only a great time to be on here -- it's a great time because you are on the Moya beaten voyage. Of John McDonald's. Went when John McDonald is the very very popular radio host in twenty years from now as his career isn't done. But when he you can say that you were on the first show in the graduation. Well I think are brought it right now. JP JP got like three -- going for my trade from. From Cleveland to the Toronto and and I really got a actually BOB a big leader play Lama baseball's and I'll a lot of that middle part in my career and actually extend and lakers' party JP so before we get into his JP about the come landscape was going on baseball. Tell us when you identified where do you get as he said get his career going how did you do that how did you identify this guy was in the Cleveland Ortiz right. All we know we you know we know that's not gonna play as. A player Providence College so like I have a long if you're watching the flyers -- You're depriving Munich police director of the minor league scouting and then. Obviously when you're in Cleveland we get to see him. And you know it just it's like helping the baseball small world you never forget ignite a light. And it was an opportunity for us we get a got a and utility player you know we needed to utilities where and I did an absolutely great -- and you know -- at least it never. You know not not only the only people have but he used quite bad at the earth and I think that degrade into like they had that -- all the while all of because. It only good -- what he does but. He's a great guy immediately how I get better. Especially the younger players but -- at -- -- fortunate to have them with Bogut in there and now. You know we have a lot -- going to be good coach someday if you don't want to go to room. Well -- -- -- -- the difficult when he the cut cut -- right now that's our. And a well I tell you I was looking at doing go with the -- -- Wikipedia page which actually has him on. Red Sox Webster on the -- is updated and now it's -- that he won the pole one year for most popular player. With the Blue Jays beating out Roy Halladay. Are you -- JP was was he really that popular there. Well I hate -- at night we stop in the ballots that. But not a great brought into the and paper and it was the -- went silent. Ominous day gut from what every night and make an idiot you know island real place effectively -- -- I did it because like he's that he got up there and play a lot and you know people that there really is skilled so he's got a great or. -- supposed to switch over from John McDonald the baseball player that -- free agent to John McDonald the baseball failed in an analyst in and I'll I'll kick things off JP just about. You look at how old what everyone's talking about right now around here is the shortstop market. How do you guys it's the the shortstop market will you talk in specifics but how do you see the shorts start market shaking up because he's you guys have a young shortstop. It was thought that you guys might have interest in a Stephen Drew type. How do you see this kind of -- -- Well I think the one thing you look at it there's a lot of teams that have struck up in place so what that is set. Somebody could just supply and demand and I think right now this is not a lot of demand what short so it's it's just funny how. I'll work it. Sometimes it is there's a lot of opportunity appreciate it up on the market just a little bit of the overall I think in this case there a lot of shots but they are like. Are you guys freed up time. I think we are I think you know the young -- and you know as -- can tell you a lot of young players who get deflated the big league level early in his career. A lot of don't realize how hard it is to play every day a lot of -- realize that they play every day and I think. A bigger -- case you know we got a lot early in his career. And to not realize you gotta work a lot harder than it has in the past -- bet that in its credit -- But at the young where I think so I. They they get to the big leagues and something happened -- Andy to get out that it stated I think you know he's -- -- -- in this current I think I think Dexter is going to be a better player than what has this previously. Sure you know the more that -- the most they play the -- young players play whether it's in the mile these are the big leagues the better that they're gonna get it when you showed in the big leagues to go back down in the Miley is never. I don't see is a bad thing to do is go play more you learn more you learn more through playing. And sometimes without struggling and you're struggling you don't learn. An awful lot because -- -- frustrated with how perfect you feel you have to be in the big leagues. The JP I NN I another kind of kind of -- question Korea. -- -- and Jon Lester a lot of people pair of them and ask me questions about Jon Lester the type of player he is the resurrection assign a long term. Then it back with Toronto he signed Roy Halladay to an extension. How did you go about identifying. A ruling that it was time to -- to an extension the right the right timing for and how long to wait -- to jump trying to jump on an early. -- question I think in Detroit it is that it it's to expect and I think. -- first and what we we knew that he was going to be a record for. And as your belt playing in Toronto it's not easy to get guys on the throttle. And we thought you know be real advocated for us that. -- really be proactive that Roy. It suits up that early where financially we take care on the part of -- that we we want you brought all our ticket Roy's case. We never really let him get to that last year was created we try to do things. I think two or three years earlier. Trying to lock for number one no we don't know yet but you know the ultimate for -- you know put on the innings analysts and not. Particular just are being proactive and identify the quality guys. That you could and you -- on every night -- -- quickly say this -- not -- -- -- probably -- aren't there and. It goes as JB is John says that. Is it what you with -- about Jon Lester was gonna happen and going forward by the the pitching market this years have been kind of bizarre and I know that you guys have been proactive little bit. But has how of the pitching market unfolded surprised you at all. Are. You don't know every seat in that something goes -- it never surprises me. I think. You -- we go in with one right here but the market dictates and other things so some years the pitching is. Off the charts and you know you don't jump early in my -- anybody. Sometimes it's. -- and LA they exit and it's still out there and in Paris is still out there and argue stocking don't it to January. Which is relatively late but where does that tell -- so. I think every year the market is a little different. What you -- look up to see those two guys still out there and Jimenez. -- this this streak quality guys that the. And we keep on hearing that that these pitchers are tied to knock out. There was waiting to find out we went to knock who's gonna be posted we all know that he that he was posted. I don't in my communicate. I think. You know there's only so many teams are going to be able to get the ball with the aka. And now let's go to saint teams that are in Gaza and it's and -- I -- -- that would be slowed things down a little bit. But you know it's an -- is going to be. Obviously the twenty million dollar posting the inadequate your contract after that so. You know you probably can eliminate cap in baseball coming up with a forty million. What sort of postings so you know that some pop up probably interest didn't go out there and sit -- but that it may -- secondary guys. It was an apple and are. Well is -- to the the draft pick compensation question which is from your perspective. And you're you're you're you're an interesting market on an interesting team in New York Mets. How much do you guys weigh in the draft pick compensation when you went to get a guy you got granderson. How valuable is that do you is it is it. Really really difficult to say that has to be the right guy in or less only to pay the money but give up the draft pick. -- you know I think. What one of the things that happen in baseball right now but I think he's Israeli. It is a -- and it it. -- the young players have been so overvalued right now and I think that that's all it would draft picks that analysts and I get it. You are built built built for the draft not built to beat you at the build a team through the draft -- possible that it all worked out. Which can supplement -- system and I get all that. But -- elevated to hit it Curtis Granderson. Over second round pick. But the Celtic Reggie it would proven Major League where. As opposed to maybe I -- college he would bat. May or may not become Curtis Granderson now you know I expect point -- to go back and look what exactly where they were drafted what capital but. -- And I guess maybe it is 34 years of professional baseball. The Major League player of the proven Major League flair has a lot more value to me and you know the double it triple hitter in the draft so I. Wouldn't hesitate to give up the draft pick. You know obviously Astros -- public -- that -- building -- might not be as. Engaged to do it but I'm a club that's looking to get close to being good I may be more inclined to do it. When you were sitting in the draft room in Toronto. As GM. Watching these watching them go all the players watching the film on the junk players that you have no idea how good that they're going to be how much you shaking your shaking your head now looking back -- -- -- as. That's how sure you guys were or weren't on players you gonna draft in the top five. Well I I think you know a lot it's. I think every team in baseball considered I think anybody in baseball I think anybody who was drafted. And you know big part of the draft is -- part of evaluations conduct we go back they've meant to stop this guy. Every week we got on my stroke and you know occupy exactly where I said that the McKnight he's an air a lot of thought it might throw the -- like throughout -- I don't know I don't know. And -- like Chara served out the cricket bat so a lot of close at some point stroke and you know it's just just the nature of the business but I'll say this John I went back and look at the other day in he would throttle we drafted. We -- -- guys like that that we tried draft so you know that that guy that late. A week -- guys who played 567 and -- the guys who have you know what so sluggish that also heard that ought to see it different. The current reign of errors but you know I think we we did really well drafting and developing but. You know it's still it's still a crapshoot and you know there's no guarantee it's gonna work out. Thought our guards -- I totally agree because you look at some of those players on the on those lists on all the teams it's only guys you'll do -- -- know that he would play that long and mild surprise this guy didn't make it so many guys yet yet. It thrown into the ocean and you never know who's gonna come out of it it's it's preaching to see how that all works every year in what you guys go through. Trying to put together the best possible draft that you can't. And in how difficult it is because you just don't know. Not a -- spoke about the same thing is the Qwikster. The thing that occurred at all I'd like guys with talent we -- that would make up the work ethic and I think you know the work ethic and does that make up really. A good player as great split and not surprised really make the -- a little better and that's -- every play longer and but. Love you worry more about how JP drafts ago back to the literary classic -- for Steinbrenner. Which of course is where an -- Tedy -- the year anniversary JP. You know it it's -- speaking of launching careers thank you very much. But obviously -- -- around JP here in Toronto and the you know his first year 82 I can tell you how talented and hard working to JP. By JP but his whole staff in Toronto was in so. And now you're taking it to talents to the Mets and guys you guys done. You guys got some work to do Stiller. I think we've got a little things that we can do. You know the one thing over here we are really good pitching -- a system and I think that's one thing that cannot. Be able -- allow -- -- it back a little quicker than than maybe. Without the pitching but don't go to the right direction we got a lot of things going in the right direction and you know -- it just takes time. Not an easy six anywhere you go. You know we look at it seemed like the Red Sox really. Yeah they've got great ownership they've got great leadership. You know they're able to plug and all air like an old -- You know you realize. That that doesn't happen everywhere so you kind of sit back and take note that the that there were really well. Legit view doing a good great job appreciate you Jonas in. It was good to get you to back together and you and I think. Ground ball out -- definitely. I I think I'd. JB thanks it's. GM the Toronto Blue Jays -- John McDonald's. -- In Toronto. Obviously you know cheap Buehrle well but would have advanced the conversation JP talking a little bit about. Stewart's stock market a little bit about the pitching market we're gonna talk more about that. Specifically I think are really wanna get into where this Red Sox stand at the shortstop position because Jon obviously has a unique perspective of that. If you wanna join the conversation 617. 779798376177797937. Or the eighteen tee -- line. 37937. I'm rob Bradford Cindy Crawford meet John McDonald take all your phone calls getting. WEEI dot com Alex spear my usual post. -- Is on assignment somewhere it day after Christmas hardworking guy voted for him we're honored to have John McDonald's. Job adult he. Very soon of the world championship ring. I like a boisterous but they delivered to you UPS guy and you know the day -- -- -- you thought you were supposed to get the day after the season and -- and that's OK as long as you get it and we don't know we don't know where you gonna get it right and is one thing does digit winners started joined us thank you very much JP Pretoria is. A lot of insight in terms of the free agent market in terms of the landscape of baseball but we -- chance to give people an update on the John McDonald's. Offseason. So real quick I don't you don't wanna talk it -- about about what's going on when you. I'm just waiting for went for the right opportunity -- mountains. It's always hard pre -- are so she for a player in my position I'm 39 years old -- -- utility infielder so on the guys that you know. The last piece of the puzzle if you know players tee organizations are putting together. They're at their teams are rosters right now and that they need to figure out who's going to be starting -- who they want to in the major damage on their team and at the end. They go to the guys are gonna fill in in you know -- each. Indeed huge Hillary preaching gonna fit in India into the system and what they wanna accomplish for the year and -- for guys like me fall -- so I'm just waiting seat. In what trades happen over the next couple of weeks you never know what opportunities are gonna all the sudden opened up and you wanna jump on something too early and and then lose out later on I'm waiting to see how it's. And really Elliott Harris offseason status oldest coach. Nancy you end up here in Red Sox on and I don't know fifth if you think it depends on the -- situation our. War that has any kind of affect on paper I mean but there's a chance you'll end up backing your getting your ring here it's a but think to and I think the way last season was in and had played -- teams last year in an up in Boston. And -- from more than more than a month more than just September and October in and working and preparing with that team. They're in the playoffs of such an experience for -- like me up one that to get deep in the playoffs as the first odalis. When I was younger and having it all entries are renewing and you dream about -- the answers for the for the Red Sox Yankee Francona up more baseball fan just. I was one and a always wanted to be on the field at the end of the World Series with the Jamie sixty's and we know did you ever go pro on the you have one of the cameras. I didn't Iowa loss victory -- the other end of the day as I was pretty puzzle that was basically what you're -- I think when -- car jumped over the offensive and I -- race on street in front of them when they're racing in the pile. Which was was pretty neat to seeing it in picture I see innate. -- It's pretty surreal -- eighteen just one closers via an -- is that -- did you have the feeling that you thought you would I always ask is I always find it fascinating because that's the image. That we every time we walked down the hallways in Fenway Park CD humid of the pile up the mountain and -- holding up the finger and everything else. Was it what you thought it would be is there it was more news is more it's still hard to describe now. I'd jump on the pile the end how my feeling in my in my life and kids coming on the field after the game excited -- desperate in the champagne in the locker room after the gain that whole. Experience of of the way the Red Sox did they wanted everybody to be involved in it fan it was. Such a family friendly organization. It from day one stepping in that locker room listened to players openly talk about winning -- the World Series here everyone knows that's what you want at the end year. And hear players say no we're winning you're Dustin Pedroia you know yell across the room that will win and -- that your guys jump on board -- if you wanna do -- take -- there and what it would agree feeling of that's all it was about there was no. I really wanted to be with. You are five teams so you probably get a pretty good cross section you've been with other team as well by it. Even last to get a cross section of how clubhouse is are right you mention how the Red Sox clubhouse wise but. Every clubhouse is different. And every it is different kind of leadership that different as you said I think the rarity of last year for the Red Sox was. The junior win okay you know what we're gonna do this either -- hero. And it was -- -- what you wanna be on a team in organization that that feels that way that were winning the World Series which everybody wants to win it. But -- -- step policy -- were were winning it. You know rumored that there's and there's no if there's no guys are coming I'll be nice to win a World Series you know I think. -- in slower diseases I've been any talk about about winning and doing what you can get there and and in indicate quietly say meant to be really nice -- -- -- -- run this year in this separate and Red Sox locker room last year and seeing guys you know that the union and mean it didn't know where we're winning this year this is this is why everybody team in the issues and if we don't win it then it's it's him and know what's gonna make the case -- plans for the into the season. But that's gonna make you mean in November or December is an issue do after didn't duck boat parade. And hear players say that he believed that every game when you lost -- and took to those losses were hard. It's a loss is in September that you just look around the room and says. Ceiling guys he beat nobody wants let anybody else down there they're football loss. And you know I think that's there without having six days -- right for the next game I don't know which which is Harvick -- she walked in and half the teams there -- 1 o'clock in the afternoon in the locker room already and guys are rating. Dawson's RD out taking ground balls for a walk on the field. And I know them and I went into it predate this out 'cause -- ready and he wants to gain the stars whose BP's over recent spikes on he wants the games start. You gravitate toward guys like -- just you wanna be around you wanna learn more prone and you wanna have that same attitude because fact -- matter is he wins baseball games and you want to be around those guys take anything -- -- from make yourself better. And if you enjoy the conversation -- see some calls already lined up 6177797937. He talked about oh. Taking infield with Dustin -- the day after one of the things I think that some people reported in -- there was some conversation about it but the importance. Of your. Your presence. In the last couple months when it came to Zander -- it to -- a point the and then became a 21 year old guy. We understand how talented he was how talented he is that. Take me through when you first got there. Woods Zander Bogart's of what you first saw and then what you saw by the time that you're jumping on the pile them -- Awesome and I saw a great baseball player a kid loves to work. And he's a perfectionist he'd he'd like making mistakes making bad throws -- -- ball during batting practice we're taking ground balls early work. And having that carry over into a game you know I see someone such -- and a passion so to work. Which is great to see young players she just he knows those are two players are only gonna get better. One of the great things about being with the Red Sox is showing it to be coached by Brian Butterfield again my infield coach and Toronto. And I know Brian talks about a lot of things I try to emulate a lot of things that Brian taught when we were in Toronto and help me become a better player. He was teaches in the same things and before I quite got their standard a little bit about our ground ball sessions. And when I got there I got. Be the voice through our infield coach and have another voice but seeing the exact same thing and then actually gets. As I do a lot of things as an Irish just trying to do footwork wise first step wise in not only did he get to hear Bryant say it but he got seeing me. Do it. And put. The mind part into visual. And that's OK I need okay that's remember the first step that's why not by along the first step in. And what what do you back in the balls during batting practice that's why I don't wanna back in it because all work on my feet during batting practice and and that's what Bryant each is. And it's great to see you know mentally what you're thinking a coach is telling you and then seeing it because of the you know some. You know but there's not gonna jump out there and take it to ground balls -- you he would agree Fogg open he's not gonna. Have a glove on and fire across the diamond he -- as a program and you don't love that column Brian and did it. Arm and that whole dynamic of me being another sounding board for -- and watching him work and Piniella being able to take. 5000 ground balls -- over. Two day period he's if it was a lot of fun and we had a lot of fun -- we challenge each other we put a game almost every day for offer service after or something and drink. It was gonna make them make the least amount of mistakes during BP and men and -- when he won. He but you know that I'm here about a dog him long so and in laws are pretty get -- enemy in fairness of it is he -- perceived as one of the best defense of infielders. Game -- he deserves a -- of I told me being any better -- does not gonna happen at. Real quick before we go the break. Where's he right now. Was so that the conversation with the Red Sox in the -- he's really revolves around the shortstop position and Stephen Drew should come back we know it drew can do we know how excellent he was defensively. But for us we still don't really have a good grasp on Bogart's as a defense at shortstop. From your perspective heading into next year where he's yet. He's a great young player as you know he I think I am thinking the same things you need to see somebody play out over the course -- 62 game season. When you watch for Stephen -- this year it's shortstop he was tremendous defensively. So you you can't come out and compare the two that they're two different types of players in the Sanders got so much potential as an offensive player. And Stephen is a very good offensive player. On they're just they're just different -- is gonna have more range. As enemy and it may have a better arm on the scene is a great arm. On the season playing with such a for a long time so mentally he knows what's gonna happen before it happens he's he's he's meaning. -- he does so many things well that you can't compare the -- so. You need to watch Sanders and learn and Italy and you learn through the mistakes team -- playing in he makes mistakes -- let it happen again. He's a growing young players so what's he gonna go through growing and growing pains and any young players go to. Be able to say how is gonna. You know pretty have a you're -- and that's how people want community -- -- to -- -- -- so -- one of the things I love about -- -- I love I love death and you know I I -- And it's a little course like rears I went through all three options when Ellis when I was coming up an Indians organization and I love my I went back down and -- played AAA and I learn more about baseball so when I got the big -- knows better prepared. Off for players they needed they need to play more in and sometimes and we said JP you want guys struggle you want in the learned a sometimes -- put too much and it's had its attachment to their development. You want them to. Gillick take their their long but also be able to sit and watch I learned so much I'm in -- on the bench a lot my career. But I learned a ton from watching from watching batting practice from watching guys take on balls from watch plays develop in the field so when it something happens when I'm in there. In I'm not going to be fazed by its -- I've already seen it happen and I can make that mistake the summary -- just made and you know I think more centers around big league club. -- watch in the bettors can get. The good perspective in -- dive more into that talk a little bit more -- ball Bogut for one also getting to. To knock because that's a news today because these phone calls lineup -- Micah see all of -- 6177797937. If you wanna join the conversation. Our Friday. And of -- ago weigh is who's here filling in for Alex beer was commenting and close you -- Munich clubhouse. Have a ticket up a notch but I I didn't show opened a certain time today Esiason is a Soliai allows us Saturday and address and and then I didn't know Oregon TV tonight I -- -- Go to Gould's always sent me. The Tokyo and RO Blackmon delicate Margaret lasted of the best I'm rob Bradford Debbie -- dot com as John McDonald filling in for Alex -- This is a hot stove show this get right through this get to the call Lotta people wanna talk a lot about baseball and read JP started early -- earlier on talking about Matt's a little offseason landscape we talked about. John is great knocking about Bogart situation where he's at. This go to Mike Connecticut Mike are you doing. Very good yourself good thank you I'll be all happy holidays CO. General graduation there on your championship the Red Sox thanks should the I just sort of tell -- Narnia the more I have followed your career. I had the fortune the privilege of watching him play legion ball in Britain high school. Our but I wanted to relay -- a -- sports weekend I ever had. A good friend tomorrow and we -- Dixon -- His friend is your uncle. And you've gotten tickets for that if they celebrated. The World Series team in Arizona. And a lot church -- that porn gay had a great turn. Yeah aura that's thank you for that at all sort refereed football with your father a great manager Manny is everything -- departures drop my. Certainly appreciate it gig got a question or comment on what who go and Oliver territory where are. Reporter -- -- it as good job must make you feel good thanks for the call. Make you feel good right absolutely every day it's someone -- So that you did that much for one person and the more you can keep a closer in the game. And close you as a person I think the better off experience playing baseball is yeah I tell you wise is a lot better than some of the stuff that I get on the AT&T -- line. -- -- -- that out of it up and -- divert my head it's okay skidded into the conversation sometimes someone thought you were doing on the about. Who's in the studio and clearly you're not. Now is is a slightly better than you have a utilizes commits a data now but can field he did all right at first base but I think that if -- -- -- -- competition -- you would Bogart's that you're talking about. I think that you're probably can win. Let's go back to the phone calls 617779797. Darrell. Your New York are you -- Darryl. Again at eleven you wish you happy holidays and a happy and healthy new year and John thank you for bringing us. The championship that we go to those -- that. Especially winning here at home and then wait. I want yes huge would you be willing to sign a minor league deal with an invite to spring training to be so -- and so what you report card game. And since he's been injury. -- a -- take that I think the depth thing every organization. Is is is huge and got some that I've done -- thought about it as I I live live south of Boston. So it's not it's Friday about the same drive for me to Fenway -- Pawtucket. You know something that I would that I don't have to think about and now -- organization but. But price -- in Boston just because how much fun it was put on the uniform and on and live so close in. So that's something -- a -- not have thought about it's definitely I would be on the failure you know a lot of that depends on the Red Sox Red Sox after. You have to have a need have to have a want for a player like me and -- if now we come together some I think that. The great but. Me you never now you know the boards it we -- JP Rashard you laments on earlier and more talk -- -- doubters -- stuff. But it's the perfect is exactly what they should be lucky he had John McDonald played for the Mets I know that you're resisting it lobby for that position. But that's what we're talking about you talked about what you did with -- Bogart that mean a guy like how it's perfect. -- can lobby for things like that Jason organizations they've you know player like myself they've they've seen me enough gals from thumb on their radar and then. You know that's held the big thing you know these. Analytical now yesterday I mean I don't I don't wanna put your an awkward position guys I -- what to say that it. The more he talked a part liked it he would utilities that right -- But you know we're talking before the show about. Different things in baseball is going on and and and we touched on the pitching market a little bit earlier. It really is amazing that you have we've gotten to -- that today December 26. We -- December 26 in the list of pitchers free agent pitchers who are still there. It's amazing and we understand I think you're onto it before that a lot of this is being held up as the darkest situation but you -- on the list means Santana. Garza -- is through all three guys we got out Burnett. And and we're Arroyo Arroyo it is right Bronson Arroyo and from your perspective because you have a good one. If I ask you this before the show which what how would you prioritize it -- they're all different but if you were gonna say all right. This is that the next one in line not knowing exactly what we have the knock him the next one in line that you're gonna. Basically hope that they would fit into the popular TH is there one of these guys that jumps out. You know and not on jump out of me I mean I think they're all great guys to have. -- and in your rotation you know I can sign any of and to be at the top your rotation to go to. To -- their state easily your staff although they could write this and they've all had track records of not gonna make two Eagles season injuries caused them in a part of it and they can c'mon abdominal surgery baldness. As -- the dumbest RC it's possible last year I mean if you will he was very good he's also went through some periods where where he wasn't which which I'm sure teams are gonna look at that and say well I don't know. You know I don't know how far how -- -- wanna go and in my pocket. Four players it's gonna have his ups and he showed a little -- did very well in the nationally in Colorado and then had a down year got treated as an up and down. With the Indians so is a lot of questions for. You played with AJ Burnett -- trying to think of those guys that you would play the way you play with -- AJ Burnett but he was perceived as a lot different probably when you played with them. Compared to now he goes to -- its Miami's a small market right. -- -- He really loading the Pittsburgh. He talked about I think he'd -- to -- to play at this -- play longer they talked about retiring along last year Ohio shipman has that consistently year. You retire and he enjoys it too much he he really enjoys being -- staff -- and work with young players and he's a different way to go body and get on you pretty hard. He expects a lot from is from Asian players expect -- from itself. He did a really good job with a Pittsburgh staff he he elevated the level their performances I felt like a lot over the last two years. Are just go back to the phone calls here how and share and how you doing now. -- well. -- -- again Iguodala graduate early and I. Yeah I'm really proud of how well our way in the world championship. -- should be proud that he's in the studios of WI right now. Mean I don't think he's I don't think it is -- grad has has come through these always ever. All of whom you have about what they. Always thought that our job will be good -- there and you'll like that. I think they do not know -- to. I think we've we've got a little bit of crashing it and that's why am I wouldn't -- the kids aren't. I think I have been -- and incentive. Go with an opposite -- and I got to get a guy who can -- and senator. Especially if -- about it. Dad is a good is a good a lot of conversation now thanks for Colin. -- since you a rod for the Red Sox and you've got a taste of some of these players that you knew about the Johnny Jones he knew about the does Pedroia is in. Was there anybody who you kind of introduced besides in a vote ours we work with a lot was and when you kind of introduced to on a daily basis. That really impressed you a release struck Q&A on the way that may be mean to be expected. -- Shane Victorino in the impressed me. A lot with. Oh how well he played right field -- -- big right field and Fenway it out in the ball went off about a the editors that. And he's already moving it and how well he moves in the off Phillies he was a game changer for the -- our team to -- the stretch judge Coby. It was a play in that corner a little bit in the outfield and if they took away so many hits how well they. How will she comes -- he goes back on balls how hard he plays. Is his will to win. He talked about a lot but what it was like to win -- in Philly. And the mentality that they hadn't and when it was gonna take -- to get back on top and and it it definitely was it was a game changer for a lot of players that played around. The united really -- you'd mentioned Shane Victorino team victory and we we've got to me a couple of them. As in spring training we said has yet rough spring training at the beginning. It's always a lot of I had to cut you off the spring training no I know I thought I was gonna say that we didn't but we forget it every year. Forget like don't judge frank -- in about week now open. We can't help it but just -- -- right well. No it's just it's it's it's spring training because you know and -- -- legs underneath -- and younger players are gonna come and extremely prepared they're gonna jump on first pitch fastballs that wanna see pitchers they know. The the last thing. That pitchers wanna do in spring training is throw balls you don't wanna walk anybody they're not gonna throw you three if you break and -- 332 heater. Again pitches pitches to hit you try to work counts. It's okay to struggle the younger players. There are a lot of younger players every year that had great spring training that that it doesn't a signal that volume Christiane you're in another camper Jackie Bradley and his. All electric unbelievable spring training. The the move goes in the major leagues all the sudden. Every single pitch his load inside him there was a hole a swing he had not fixed yet. The -- commodities minors he fixed it but nobody's doing that on a daily basis since -- and that's why he hit like 800. I think you know you'll see better bullpen sessions out of some pitchers and you will there there mound activity during the course of a spring training game. So makes it makes a big difference sit there and you watch you watch guys go -- they just wanna get their work in you know as far as starting pitchers. So guys are gonna get and that's that's OK pitchers that. Don't walk in the locker room after spring training -- five rounds mean that the. Are righty. Special -- hot stove you know I love it I love it. Judge -- McDonnell wants to hear me do Michaels distinctive clothing re began to be set at different points. What I -- and I thought it was a that was tape and -- is actually talking while. I -- -- fellow scribe for the mountain tops. About how great marvelous -- -- That's John McDonald Red Sox free agent I'm rob Bradford RBI dot com we're gonna go all the way the bottom of the hour. With more Red Sox tied -- -- great time to join the conversation. And as much as they appreciate. People thanking John McDonald for the favors that he did -- -- do a lot of favorite for a lot of people. This -- again let's dig into some doctors say. So why did the Red Sox do this or why didn't the Red Sox do that there or Texas the ATP Tex -- 37937. Like the top one this is a great taxed. Great radio tonight guys -- -- -- natural I don't disagree with that. This is but this dig into the conversation 617. 7797937. It's a great tiger Bruins gathered around the McDonald who may have LeapFrog gather around the radio right now right. It has nothing to do the after my kids are -- -- the radio thinking where we're Izzy. The older kids. There's three and sit well at five what what was your go to give yeah -- I I don't wanna do the radio for the last half our. But what was your -- gift that you -- this year. What was your woes among my -- are my thoughts in my family got me. -- picture of of our family on the field. Playoffs ask which means win you can't have enough stuff like that one on. How much I tell people I guess the question a lot of oh what was that like imagine. He has to open New England. What you think it would feel like. To win the World Series he -- drew -- go to games at Fenway you like on the field really badly you wanted to take BP. That's just hang on feared it would be great and then run out of the dugout -- not a pile. And being a part of something like that how you -- pretty in the -- I would that's the thing right that's why I asked you know but that's the kind I don't know there it's it's. Probably the most. Amazing thing you -- Possibly do on a baseball field I can't think of it in ticket topic and you know what that feels like you don't it the fault too. Is that people understand that you win a championship in August bucket to win that championship. But also you put so many hours into it in people when -- right in the middle you don't understand I always default to the image of Ron Amadon. Holding up the Lombardi trophy this is going back to it but the elation. In his face. He -- in my clothes the same way after a remember seeing him after 2007. All of this -- guys being in a place where I never being morally. I just won't that's a place that you have visited. The guys I think its sense of lot of accomplishment that baseball players such a game of failure that the accomplishment the end of the season to know that you they did it when. -- top of the ninth inning rolled around. -- the first out and I think it was either after the first out of the second out. I'm sitting next to Brian Butterfield in and is on my right and to my left some of the coaches in and John Ferrell and and as he was up the first down on nine did it on the knoller. -- overdose the -- and put Zambrano was sick and you know congratulations you know. That that feeling pretty cool feeling of of of we did it world we're about to do it this is what this is why you. Been in baseball as long as you have this is this is why I wake up every morning. To know that that is is come to an end in and and you did it because it. For a lot of people it's never happened and as long as guys opens my fifteenth year. First on the derby even been that close little been able to experience itself the -- you know. You live in New England kept it think about what it would be like Q -- victory knows. I'd go right oh yeah and -- didn't have a sense of of what that of what that was like Russian on the field seeing it through somebody else's vision well but that's what it's that's eight as much as you can. How -- when you think it is it's try that little bit more. You know you. You talked about you so you got the big mural of union failed field. I got the big mural Reed donning a five hour energy at 4 o'clock in the morning recovering from right keyboard. Those are those are those are -- nights it's it's it was good trustee TARP for everybody but we're moving on and as we we talked a little bit about your future. About where you stand in the offseason we talked about widget to your -- earlier. -- the landscape of the free agent market he got into a little bit about the -- shortstop. Situation with the -- being there because they were always the team every time I went talked about Stephen -- where is the market for Stephen Drew -- putted the fall into the Mets and then you'd still hear the -- they were not coming go there. -- will be interesting going to get to the phone calls right now. 6177797937. Jeff. In Connecticut how you doing Jeff. -- good tonight congratulations on winning the championship the Red Sox Yankee. Excellent. You know I can't relate to that stroke I'm curious what -- -- point fourteen. Or your options are. I'm going to be honest folks on the Yankees they have a -- Connecticut that job for I would -- -- -- -- -- up the Yankees -- infield they need out there. Any insight as to where he might be next here. They -- guards Jeff while they -- picked up bomb. With the pace. And Bradford and right side again Kelly Johnson -- But it you know they still have -- right now there's second baseman Kelly Johnson O'Brien -- pitched -- about Brian Roberts on our got a lot of depth death right now it's got. I'm not sure they have a you know and finally stood and Nunez is still there by you know -- in I don't know -- if you feel the same way about the Yankees. And now -- you Marines say if you follow the same way because you're still. As we know it in the mix for a lot of these teams. By look at what the Yankees did and -- -- line -- is very very impressive it's. Good for them for getting these guys but to me this operator is still the pitching that. We don't know what they're gonna do we don't know the -- America we have -- against these other guys but there's still the pitching right now is separated. -- slowly -- a pitching dominates and you know any team any any team that goes on. -- -- in the playoffs can go deep into the into the playoffs is because fishing yet strong starting pitching you really get back into the bullpen. -- that's one of the reasons why the Red Sox were -- be so good this year is the death as they had in their starting pitching obviously the back and was was tremendous the second. But he plays fair have you faced a week of march. Unknown -- not only vodka I mean if this is obviously with the Red Sox have right now with coach -- -- week it is our. That this and we talked a little bit about last week with John Farrell but the strike throwing ability. Where those three guys is as an infielder. That's that's a pretty good combination that you level guys is thrown strikes the year -- you're ready for every pursue the ball to use it you're talking earlier about -- -- he tells one of -- -- A pitcher like Daisuke it was a little. Tougher to watch bits and I used to watch him pitch and think man must be frustrating for some reason Felix takes his time throws a lot of balls. And C Boston in its tougher to anticipate where the ball's gonna go when you're not seen hitters swing all that much because they're they're taking pitches -- -- Yet a little bit on your heels on you try not to look but it's inevitable the wrong -- -- at bats go when you're in the fifth inning and that's -- that a hundred pitches. I think that's a great points as the years you write a infielders are very reluctant to admit it. Because you know they don't wanna throw their pitchers on the bus but we there was a lot of pitchers that came through here which took a long time and and you do your best as an infielder by you can only do so much sisco back to the calls. Neighboring Quincy how you doing David. A good ally good baseball article -- straight. Thanks pretty young -- a couple of bank or stop. Had a feeling I think we're -- my enemy Bob -- Arturo while we're at really -- -- what do the Sox had about it but whatever it bought back. I kind of bank it's almost an attic area coming on a last year almost everybody come back. Yeah -- it it really is an interesting offseason and are you MLB trade rumors guard -- are you and lots where where guys love baseball so -- -- -- it's amazing bodies of four for and Davide and John and its former Ryder respectively it was bizarre. Because not only did you have that that extra month that you took out because of the World Series which we didn't have to talk about anything offseason but you also had. A week one week where the majority stuff happened. That was it. That now we're sitting here -- -- too late for Stephen Drew but if they don't sign Stephen Drew. You know he still Bogart's there that it's been a bizarre offseason. -- epic Natalie hit it to your question I gotta stop. Are you -- top of the batting order our package out at state and -- Jacoby -- No outward that 10 I don't want -- sort of what he does not look like. Well there is a good question thanks for the call and John you have a good perspective of this week talked about your perception of guys that you witness for the couple months a year. And the impact they had on the game you mentioned Victor Reno. Jacoby Ellsbury as a lead off hitter. How typical is he going to be to replace because what they'll tell you is that they're -- prioritize on base percentage. But to me the difference is you get on base but was Jacoby you're getting to second base almost automatically as well how hard is that to be replaced -- your estimation. Well softer pace that type speed that type of base stealing ability -- not think. But the Red Sox have so many guys that can get on base that you're gonna score runs you know whether or not your leadoff hitter is coming up that inning -- not leading off that in so. In a lot of ties the Red Sox score 456 runs innings when coach was coming at 67. So -- going runs is going to be Pia is to keep scoring early in games and I'm having. Coach can won't get a walking Allison is on second marketable argument in Europe won enough in and haven't really fast it happened a few times this year where I looked over -- -- while house -- The -- was a perception of him any different. When you played against him quite a bit in Toronto couple other teams but with Jacobi who is. We saw him in 2011. And how dynamic he was he was hurt the the following year but. What you saw him last year wasn't the player that you thought he would be not only in terms of stealing bases and was right out in front if you bought the behind the scenes -- I -- a banged up player trying to get through and the season. -- on the DL. In agreement sample against Tennessee came back and play at -- enough in two or three games right now in the last play in Baltimore. And and just seen how banged up he was -- it was winner whose hand was swollen of this and went in the magazine today. What I was in the playoff early -- his -- -- banged a good bit and I can go on perform. The way he did and he got some really big hits in the post season was was impressive a lot of that I appreciated. How. He got through all that and and -- he stepped up the play he he performed with the big part of that -- -- were you aware that drew eyesight thing. You know after the fact I guess he gets his contacts last game or opening the very thing you I. No I didn't know -- and I knew wasn't the ball park one day for awhile and news he was enough. -- in the low -- fixed but. Is he still works better off I don't think it. He's a good hitter regardless on you know you sometimes slopes -- just a part of the game this -- -- -- frustrating it's it's it's. -- it very hard to do it very hard it is now. So let's go back to a phone call 61777979837. We get some more minutes facing us here heading up to the bottom of the hour. And it's great I appreciate you hang around job it is less it's great to talk baseball league big guy who call earlier said the coal -- is good to talk baseball. And the great thing about it is that as he said this award was a week before -- Red Sox it's not a lot of holes to fill with a Red Sox. But that doesn't mean we can't talk baseball and in his great great time to do it's it was good Georgian Malden. George are you doing. Every college -- -- do you. I want him recently about programs. Or. It's probably being a hitter. You weren't. Always so -- separate games and the World Series each of world war worked a walk. To -- that side in. Somebody who. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You don't vote but it. Built from the ground balls. It's one thing to be told something once about it is you're -- -- actually do -- That's why you're going to be veterans such beautiful one of the many reasons -- just let you have the -- to. Yet they for the college origin but I do think that the inside that you provide in terms of Bogart's feeling those ground balls you approach he -- Was I guess who were being urging the Red Sox as. What George said originally we know that he came back from 02 count to walk we know that that showed a lot of potential. In regards to -- that was the in regards to how he approaches his offense. But we don't know what he's doing -- getting better defense of and I think you offer pretty good inside there. And he knows he -- laws to where at least 21 years only here as Bruno over there I was working hard announced. Don't wanna watch. Watching watching young players come up and everyone so many young players have a different. Mindset of what it means and what it's gonna feel like to be in the big leagues and when you looked -- standard. You saw someone that really. It didn't matter if he was in in triple -- back home. Or in the big leagues this is how who's gonna work and he wants to get bettors have been around guys like that. That's gonna rub off on younger players ten years from now that's why Alexander's people the what. Things that we were talked about the break which is it of the topic conversation came up. Throughout the offseason are you said it become a slope I was -- Dominican Republic in one David Ortiz talks about his contract. When you heard that what was your thinking man this this doesn't have to be a ver. Because it talks about the landscape of baseball talks about what type of player of our hardest to find. Would you heard about the David Ortiz contract thing what was this as a as as a fan I guess what was your thinking -- -- can go either way. I don't think a whole lot of it I thought it. No -- if -- Red Sox and and there are gonna come to. You know and understand he's going to be on the Europe but that's that's great -- mean one but he's done for. We did in the locker room this year. Got to watch. Is his -- -- -- value -- as it was that was that are in eye opener for you was that different than you -- are expecting it's what you expect from one of the better hitters in the game you know it's almost got a passion to get better you know he's training prepare any. He's frustrated when he doesn't do well he wants the when he wants or first team. Wants reform efforts -- teammates. They haven't. Prepared hitters in the middle of your lineup that are ready to go a minute in the biggest situations he wants in big situations before the game against price USC to the game. In and I was impressed to be in the locker when he locking his -- today. You know -- there's. Well traveled played in east your suit on and he'll Wear it for us he worked as -- on the podium and I mean that's. Really it's I mean he's. He's a championship guy so. Whether or not you know Red Sox if he's gonna you know be around for a long time he's going to be able to play baseball until he doesn't -- -- Well you said is hard to find hitters like that but it's hard to find I've said this a million times but the hardest thing to find his teammates -- baseball is a guy -- hit the ball out of the park. Like he can I dated this it it is so difficult the five. And you and you not surprised it in those situations that came up in the playoffs I was surprised you -- run in noses guy that. Loves to be in that spot is gonna get good pitched it -- Mark Ellis. Even in the game against partner at saint Louis the first inning with a double down the line. The world dugout thinking nationally on strike -- in it was a strike in. Which is in his -- Ortiz. He's he's a roll right now those amazing right there where you guys talking amongst yourself from -- saying. What are they doing what are they doing that and know the press box -- what they -- saying you know there's an anticipation in our in our dugout you know what was you know his skis you're gonna play along with a nor are they gonna. Not pitched David in -- after after Johnny. Com you know letting -- put somebody else on base because. -- like Johnny loves being in that situation in. And they have to know that you know I'll think it matters if if some of these hitters on our team raised over twenty slump you put them in a big situation in a big game and that mentality that everybody had did that. This team wasn't gonna lose and watching that watching them play out was puzzling and was there. Thing was there anything in that World Series run when you're looking at the scouting report now there were throwing it that you guys were able XQ that you know that you were able to execute. That maybe wasn't just right out there in front of everybody in other words we know the Detroit series that OK -- -- -- Cabrera gets up. That strategy was to that as Alex comes in and throw the outside fastball. Good luck hitting it on the year for the physical condition and that Saint Louis series was everything starting report wise that you guys are able take it -- so. You know it's a better question for somebody like -- -- like like Bonner. You know are some of the some of the hitters that where. There were face and what did you take the scouting reports and now another level a man they did you can't you can't get away from. What you do to be successful they mean the all the reports is is a guide you have to. It's us against guys that you that you haven't seen or a repeated time you know you don't want to over coach at least some at some point he's -- you know we're gonna let our guys play and make small adjustments. And guys have been then you don't wanna change anything in. And micromanage at that point and I think that's with one of the things that our coaches staff and and John Phelan. Did so well. Was to let the guys put them in position to be successful let them play and let them do their things and make minor tweaks here and there. RID. Also show bonus edition. Bonus edition and and what it did have a Boris decent hot stove show and John McDonald Red Sox free agent when his. Billing for Alex be remiss Alex Colorado put -- -- spot that I could add to Wear a golf course abstain. I apologize a thousand times that none of the dog watch an -- in and the -- and Buehrle or what's that. Besides -- actually last night a -- Watson's situation. -- -- answer to normalcy now you know -- autograph seekers. These -- did not want yes I did it underrated so recognizes me in there than they've they've been watching way too much baseball. I fly under the radar pretty well -- -- not around here and listen in Arizona Pittsburgh Cleveland. All Toronto all this places maybe not here. Do you must when you come you get -- on Nixon with the crown down down. You get -- -- that you see some guys they're there they're taller they're obviously you know. Mean it looked like to typical professional athletes though works the -- Pedroia gets recognized you. He's a legend you know before you know before when he was the McDonald's eating. The ball 22 year old. Now it's it's a good topic you. I said that the trees before so it's they'll they'll they'll feel awkward -- Rip -- -- are probably you know it doesn't matter if you're Boston you gonna get recognized what a World Series -- a duck boat parade. You're gonna get recognized what the cool thing about that Derrick Pope worried. This being on the -- right. Well you get everything you're gonna -- Mil noble my and my wife my thought they were going to be capsized his kids we brought our. Our own life -- jackets from home she's in Haiti and I really am regardless courier and and I think I think fatigue is the only ones that that put like it's under. -- but we loved it. -- -- a great one day you know coming out coming out of the out of Fenway you unquote getting out of the the doorway in center field and ducking down to just make it underneath the parts of the stadium and coming out and not knowing what you're gonna see. Was. Was unbelievable in that scene. All the people around Fenway and -- just have the crowds grow as as you went on in in getting up to the finish on the of the marathon in. Being so close and that was what went wrong with via the all they have. We've mentioned Nazi Victorino by the go pro camera on you look at on YouTube this came out the other today. There's really -- perspective and he has that shot you're talking about where you're ducking down you're coming out this stadium and then boom there's the fans that was pretty cool. That'll that'll there almost almost into it and because I was driving from the South Shore was that we were coming in about 8 o'clock. They almost two -- were we supposed to be there and -- and I pulled through back way at Fenway and I can't get the Fenway because of the police are barricaded everything off and and I asked again on Massa policeman said -- you know one of the players and you to get get on this is. Go back to not be an -- he -- on -- you -- you've got to go up and you gotta go down in Toledo -- -- map and get around -- listening emotionally manipulate getting over there though it's a good luck. And I'm like now now. A month Utley -- let me tell you are your own team I only I thought I pulled it to another Koppen honestly listen. -- -- To get it through years and -- like. -- -- should be set in and they opened up -- barricades went through but it's nice to get through three separate barricades. And -- -- -- three times coming through. Via the amount of security it was -- -- was pretty early is that you'd you'd do the you know who I am. Of how far down and Noah you know you can't go that round on down -- flash something flashed like not much I want my you know. Quietly if we got to that take my player card says that you know as I actually did to get through one of the police officer I am a player -- and I gave -- look at me like. I don't know forcibly views this is actually real cause you're sure it's -- -- -- let's as anybody down there. Well you know it didn't help your cause at all your kids were way in life jacket with a and before we get to the -- -- -- -- lined up 6177797937. Will be -- viewed as the top of the yards John McDonald Red Sox free agent. I'm rob Bradford of the RBI dot com. Die. Before we get tobacco the calls I won you were talking about Koji during the break you told really did -- excited said. That I hadn't seen anything like what coach needed. And I'm not talked talking about in the playoffs. I'm talking about I remember city Hammond Stadium when the twins spring training complexes. And this guy every single time he pitch starting in February. Base -- being ball ball ball mobile -- help pay that much attention spring training because as you pointed out early a lot of guys and do that. But then you go through six months later he's doing the exact same thing but you had a story about. -- -- face that -- squad in between. Once it was the first -- second round and I was -- and unity in and I was about to go -- hit and I turned to David Ross that we know will with the Eunice was gonna start me off with here in. And I mean I've watched him enough I got an idea it was -- through -- years -- put guys lose with a split and he goes steadily attic and I were the years his gets two strikes thrown split. It's really and like I Winokur ball right he says now he -- doesn't throw took on. A walk up there. First pitch he throws beyond dog geared up on here first pitch from economic issues in and try to -- the gap off on and he told me a curve ball and obviously a swing and -- that didn't really see Beckham and I'm looking over the Dario and and just -- Sammy. And he got ahead of me get this thing -- ball off the heater and then through its list with three pitches curveball fastball. Split now is walking back to the guy does not that I walked back to tell -- guy what do I do 1 AM I'm still working on trying to become a better hitter. That's what I tell everybody but a you know as. Of a feel like it's it's good field and -- that day he wanted to make sure he threw a couple of breaking ball is just in case he had he didn't I don't know if he threw. Really any over the course of that now -- he's enough but you know in his mind you want to throw wanna get a feel for -- he had to go to it and unfortunately for me. Yeah I think that's on fire and police he could say if you do well against that was the reason it's a lot of these other hitters can't say that. Odds go the flow calls again if you into any conversation up the top of the hour. 617779793. John McDonald red sex free agent whether it's David Boston I -- and David. It probably thanks. Sean on the pick actually in the World -- thank you very much. -- question I -- and ask you do whatever it's not an. And it in terms of game. Another out of -- complete center steal it right indicate Bradley as. And struggles or is it that it's time. You know it's a good question David thanks for the call arm. The guy I actually thought would be good fit on this team is Russia games you play with them. And -- react guy who is really good. Obviously he fits kind of the base running model that they want. Really could stolen base percentage he signed -- them drawing the line now Detroit Detroit that's right thank you. A news -- next week they aren't going to be gone the other and so yourself. But you bye -- I did think that they need some depth now they're up against a luxury tax here a little bit. So unless they trade when these pitchers you might be limited in terms of what you can do along those lines. But was right off the market we would would. In your estimate that was the type of guy that would fit pretty well. Right now you have to also clear out another outfielder because you do you have Mike Carp the economic Jonny -- team Victorino Jackie Bradley. We also have victory notably senator and that's always a little luxury. But the Sox have right now -- another look to have somebody else sure that that can play out there Roger would you know be nice to know a lot of teams and I'm not sure what the dollars were for his contract -- trip from nowhere that would push push. Yeah -- by you Rick you were as big a good point this flexibility they have and Shane Victorino and -- importance of his contract last year but I also. You can't discount that you do you have these outfielders you you would have to clear somebody out. Mike carpets well there Jonny Gomes is still there they do serve purposes -- where your flexibility is that mean my -- can play first base which is nice. Luxury to have the team. Petrino can go back and forth. The idea of playing guys and guys in the minor leagues that well so it's a good question but -- -- not too desperate right now. But you know -- think about maybe they pick up a lower level guy in. And go from their dispersant depth which is John said depth is basically what led them to where they ended up going. I'd John North Carolina how you doing John. I don't like what I -- as good -- I call out. Enclosed World Series interviews I have heard. Vote sharing and unfair rules say that they were uncomfortable going into the start of the season without more veteran presence. Are you trying to answer my question. You do you think there's enough veteran presence on the right now that they would be willing to run out those rookies. I -- my other question is where it used in making a big. -- Presence on the field or is this a true backup. As for the college -- it's the first one and you have a great perspective on this. This is one thing to incorporate young players but you have to also have the veteran foundation. To know that they're gonna get the job done you talk about him to Bogart's about what you did with a what Brian Butterfield did with a -- I think they know the answer the question but do you think through various act kind of veteran presence that that isn't going to be. Well yeah. Veteran presence is the son Felix club lacks. Watch in the way the players interact with each other Nolan really. In see anybody walking around -- actually there are bigger than anybody else you know as it was in all we're all here together Rodman when the other Debbie if you're called up if you're called up we need you to play well. You're here for reasons absolutely I want you to we will I want you to play well it doesn't matter if your starter you're starting that day. And then not starting the next hearing your backups want you to play well as you know. Bottom line is you wanna wins -- the uniform on every day. To have as many better players that have won already either here or somewhere else. And have been dominant CP is the guys won it -- -- and he's won a ton of baseball -- he's got a lot of knowledge ability give young younger pitchers -- As many teams in. Perspectives and clearly Jonny Gomes had to be able to help any individual players come comes in that locker room. Young player or players and -- here is is such a bonus. This team you know is there's so much perspective on on things and it happened in this game how to play it how to. How to live your life in in the spotlight how to play in Boston. You use when asked a question you're gonna get an answer from multiple players which is it was just because of that is a lot of veterans but the thing is. In a question I was come back -- was how many. Young players do you wanna avenue on the same time. And you know risk reward that you go through with that. Our rights. -- still show winding down here John McDonald's. -- site free agents still there -- lawyer YouTube you've also overcome the scars of me asking you to stay longer and public four -- The over that -- -- -- -- that although it will be the big winner is what you call that dogs that don't watch -- sideline to the to a last last change in change or -- are really so they're the big winner. I used David you like them. I if you if you pay for once -- go -- there tonight. You there's something on. -- to a conversation the last few minutes here 61777979837. The couple calls lined up also we have the eighteen -- tax line. 37937. I should also mention calm that I'm on Twitter that Brad -- Retirement gave you a lot among them the the numerous things I'm going to pay you win. I want which is -- Bradford teacher. Is all -- it's nice there's nothing like having some notes that the -- -- where it related chest if you look to America -- Now you tell you restart you're in right now I hope now. It relates back. Sure if you love to hear my -- team -- believe me they wanted he can. These guys have yet to attack humans know success and now I -- going to -- that goes way. Ian yet to promote the show much at a mile to promote. That I've earned to appreciate. -- about a for a while. Popular it will mean that means messages. I don't know yeah you know you know what these guys. A lot of these guys it would work we've put him names so they can look you pole what the -- on them was going on news. With the icing of people on -- lockers and -- -- -- in on bro that's how people read stories. And forty care. Read opinions about the article article. With the girls. You read Alex year 101000 words -- even. At the -- on the ball park approach it. Nominal off. La -- -- I would. -- but the tournament. Right. I mean listen you know there's no question what we got nothing out of the last couple hours we know that you prioritize their kids. You don't read stories you you'd you'd delegate your time to raising your kids. And also you care more about them than any player cares about their kids because you -- the only ones that put life jackets on them or. Right. I'd Stephen Belfort are you doing Steve. I'm doing good guys played on good Steve happy holidays. He had met catcher on the ball and I know -- number course you won't he had a bunch but -- -- ninety. You hit it dropped me at Providence College. In the end and I was I was trying and hope for the need. In your words -- little freshman. I'd get up there you know a ball down the Middle East smoke. Right field absolutely smoke never had a one hit a home run -- you're -- -- that way. You never I don't do well in a home run off you have to the point. It only in high school girls. The -- picture school ago go to college. Not good enough in the beginning -- and eighteen so I tried out for PC. Go on down the middle and Johnny blogging and smoke. Young has hit Donald hit that many home runs saw. It's I I feel I feel bad I didn't hit that many in in in Providence on I would not -- -- -- -- remember us the decision about. This I was awesome cause I remember like it was yesterday -- Connecticut are you doing Eric. Well I agree you don't run off John McDonald's -- -- are -- -- allowed to hit it must know when I was younger you pitch that I was terrible. Does that span and we get there. Yeah odds on paper job or not but that was the street came in -- at the -- than not. He's got that scream and pick out a ground ball straight sixty job. Armament game but that was that was a sweet -- there that thanks -- that. And 83 throughout. We need to get you want a horse show here anymore also tones of rob Bradford and tight sophisticated. I think that's I think that's the problem you. Really key for our radio ratings I don't know also owns -- it but it's not a barrack I appreciate that right mayock is request yet sure if for it yet I get on up on not I would never do that. Hit well of the -- or -- might. You think where Oxnard but that they were -- when I drove and I know we're we're supposedly you know. Great pitching area but you never can have enough pitching you think the stock in them well in -- -- -- -- A base for the caller. -- of those ballots of those two questions first and then you can chime in if you like John McDonald these. Infielder. I'm doing my best all -- a point now. So I think that number one and the drew things entrusting this because. You don't get a position as an organization too many times where you can let a guy go out and get his market and it if the doesn't find a market come back. And you'll be OK either way I think they want him back. IRL league is on the season question. Buy -- if there's another team is gonna blow or find a market for Stephen Drew which would included draft pick then they'll say all right you know what if you wanna do that. Then will go -- -- to -- it sort would you agree with that. One the thinking there. Yeah I mean you can't have enough talent so it if you're one luxury to have as if the chance to get Stephen Drew backing in this league organization on. You know I know the players really like some. He plays great defense. And that he he did do your job throwing about this year -- up in gets a shows in the post season. You know what he's not a guy he's a guy that's been in the top line up his whole career to raise it been adjusting the hitting in the bottom says some shows a little different form. Well he's is an asset to have on your club and the depth thing yeah it. Well it's why that's what everyone jumps to Newsday he signed Stephen Drew what do you do with a Willman -- well this is what you do you go to spring training. And you figured out. Yeah what the you don't want I have yourself thing on spring training and hitting every organization knows that you won as many quality players can't and then when he gets down to the end just like our. Starting pitching at six quality starting pitching right now. Pitchers yeah we are we hearing really get to that you're right that's Grammy it's a great thing it in every organization in baseball would love to have those six starting -- she don't want to just get rid of -- for a for another piece. Is inevitably somebody gets hurt somebody's got a little little -- somebody's gonna miss a start in spring training and and and you know you don't want there'd be award because you have -- guys can be right there and even starting the season. You know -- always a proponent of keeping as many good quality. All their arms. As you can right before we talked about U of Al Webster you have ruby dollar -- of these other guys but if you have the choice if you have the opportunity as he said. You're gonna defer to Egypt to defer to having your depth these guys who have done -- before right. Absolutely and bring up your young players when you wanna bring a few young players not when your forced. All right does get the one more call before -- ball Nadia oak note the call went away so anyway. John McDonald. So such a pleasure to be here there's as much as it counted in our focus is for a wow man I thought I was thinking the same thing and I'd expect put it on the tour that which you never saw because you -- Twitter account that no expert. Christmas present this was great. As -- Don and hopefully you know if you ever wanted to if you are you where you. If Alex is here. You can coming anytime you go the way now. You know the way I don't know if you enjoyed it but rejoined now I enjoyed it thanks for -- so that's John McDonald and I'm rob Bradford what's coming up next. Up until nine a -- up until the bowl game will be all the great Patriot interviews that you heard over the last week -- so. Instant replay Patriots style it's great take for all Patriots all football fans. I'm rob brat -- will be back with another hot stove show next week thanks for joining -- just -- good job beyond a class we'll see you next week.

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