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Jerry Sullivan, Buffalo News, joins Dennis and Callahan to preview Bills-Patriots

Dec 27, 2013|

Jerry chats with Dale Arnold and Ben Volin about what the Patriots should expect from the Bills this Sunday. Sullivan also predicts that Bills’ quarterback EJ Manuel will not play against the Patriots.

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Our number 3-D NC Sports Radio WEEI. Dale Arnold and -- on the Boston Globe filling in for John and -- and Kirk. We're very happy now to bring in the fine sports columnist for the Buffalo News Jerry Sullivan is on the line Gerri it's -- Ben how -- But I do you guys period -- from around the court. -- -- from Rhode Island but for the Buffalo News now you had a great point that you made on Twitter. Yesterday I guess. That that the bills have an opportunity to do something that is not often done winning the second game of the season. Against the jets dolphins and patriots in the same season. Yet at that point it is actually I would just -- -- the trio vote bill that Gillette Stadium. Which opened in 2002 which you know and it never won there a particular could do that -- Whenever you -- the bill that I'm here this all treasure trove of memory and in fact that you can pull out. Whether they're finished with three straight wins at the end of regular season are any achievement and since OJ it's 2000 year but that doesn't fully -- the Super Bowl we'll be back. So Jerry. I think and we seventh seeded team -- to go two ways -- a team that's not to make the playoffs like the bills either. You know we're we're gonna leave it on the feel it's our last game to make an impression were -- show. We're better than our record says went ahead in the offseason the right way we're on a two game winning streak and the bills are gonna break out all the tricks in the book. Or they could say it's week seventeen do not -- -- to not break your ankle blasting -- wanna do is get her atlases. Get on off the field and go home how you see it is bills team. Reacting in and taking this week seventeen game against the patriots. Well it can -- -- figure that became an owner's -- will start to impact I think there are motivated. Doug morrow made it very clear that he thinks it's important and that can out. Just like happy talk everyone says that but they have one tuna -- -- -- really I thought. -- it look at and they're the worst in the league and they've bounced back and -- -- them for the importance that we can build on you know I don't know. -- Putin doesn't roll into the ultimate -- they played at least be sorted with the Miami they that we. Now to go on the road New England I think they care but sometimes I wonder -- In the short term they get up when they're out of the race and then picked it because without them late. The world will find out but he didn't annual that this is big issue here because. When did he get hurt before the Miami game. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well he talked about tyranny yelled at one guy I don't think it should play. -- what's your god. But how does your organization feel about this is it worth getting in the -- -- is today and Eleanor escape. I think it's more political thing I've been release I don't think the public that they're desperate for -- finish that he's not a seat that is third knee injury. Go back training camp. And there's a lot of questions about he didn't handle as a quarterback OK at the rookie but when you start to injury prone label. And the people that are on border really ready to saw your way and that's what they're dealt with so I think that's why he. Stupidly had a hard -- percent because he just couldn't that the occupation is scared and limit the Austrian haven't met another two game. -- would I don't think he will play at my gut. That Lewis -- taken reps through to through Thursday so at this point I don't see why you would send him out there against a team they're really. -- -- -- play for and and rest some kind of further injury so. That lewis' two and two was a starting quarterback for the buffalo bills' Fred Jackson said we have 100%. Confidence in Lewis. Is he tell on the truth. Well they have been believable and I've been reopened the can guide you back and we can -- -- -- -- -- -- now. And it they believe that Lewis gives them a chance to win them. That is the game. Tonight all will -- that let. You know isn't the typical mobile six -- the nipple -- and you get turnovers but. -- Fred Jackson is the real leader I think production but -- up as well alternately annulled. Solid all Barnett I'm a projected maybe equipment broken ribs last week on the charts. He would sort trying to set an example for younger guys that every game matters protect the data. He put it in the minor -- mentor -- in late that yep I'll appreciate every moment. And fragile unlike most of these kids so it doesn't surprise you that he would get on the court but if you you can rattle Lewis you're you know. You get somewhere but. For a guy who was undrafted out of the -- he thought -- -- the issue here a lot of people -- better than annually. That's always a fun to BA -- to a notice the dolphins this year that he might be single handedly responsible for keeping the dolphins out of the playoffs. Number didn't that we don't know about you -- intrigue out talking with Jerry Sullivan of the buffalo and diesel bills pats talk. Jurors look at over the the bills depth chart gathered at a get a good feel for what the bills are coming in Foxboro with and could believe how many starters they have still in the same spots in week seventeen that it did and we won I mean other than quarterback I've never seen a team so healthy. In week seventeen maybe ever what they put in the water down there rule what's going on with the bills and their lucky injury situation. I think it's and obviously -- -- -- -- -- this year in the league who like to learn a few more guys and injured reserved. Custom and locked him up. That's another reason. A lot of big -- regret about this year. I have to say when I can look into Ambrose repugnant pick and tree and thirteen I didn't -- a lot of bombing but they've they could easily be 87 right now that you -- book game. For the chiefs here without even by 260 yards to the you know that was a jet pool at quarterback. Little bit injury -- quarterback and hurt them but that's another question or not the question you detained illegally in fact that the police LP. It's like certainly interceptions impersonators in Russian and -- -- or not. Bulk appoint a quarterback play and you wonder why it what do you wasted -- -- you -- all our defense and in good health and help him an award to hamburgers. They're good Gilmore back who know the really good about quarterbacks your right. There have been -- and they are going to be kick themselves. Are they second guessing the selection of EJ -- and buffalo right now. Absolutely and I don't second guess I mean I I wonder about. In the same way that he was drafted we thought he wasn't the first complex cubic elementary school but there -- would consider that person expect. You know abide by the experts so I mean the people who weren't inclined to believe -- starter -- So let me get into -- And the big question about pollution they draft a quarterback you in the first I don't know. Arnold and unprecedented but I can imagine remember any other team doing it that's how bad it is here people look at -- A lot of what they're seeing before. It comparison a lot when you're -- these guys the ball up there and get drilled in -- I can move Trent -- and actually got sometimes. He's a little too commitment is who weren't checked down. Yeah I mean. -- that those are some of the rookie growing pains are gonna go through. And I understand why some people say he should just keep drafting quarterbacks now with the CBA added the money isn't as prohibitive as it once was but it's still not. -- good use of resources you get out of first round pick elsewhere I mean I think they just need to keep building and often the blind. Mean he find him some more resources at tight and wide receiver I think he's got to find more help uneasy Emanuel is bad defense pretty nasty and I really like what. Mike Patton and and Don -- of put together an outside the ball. They can get their quarterback figured -- seems like the bills could be dangerous team next year. Yeah and a -- courses he would go out and get a I would upon them that they'd been up to get a better backup. In there's been a lot of low for Chad Lewis. Federalist where I keep seeing -- with it and Buick. Thad Lewis because -- doubt on manual and the like military tree reading about -- annual average about ten minutes are a lot of questions. But yet if you have a defense again that legally in fact. And and that and -- really top running game next year meet the kid gloves after -- maybe you're wasting time here. You do get a strike that balance and it went and that's what lost -- an -- five when they open three weeks into the season because a bunch of veterans said look. It worked in the line here we have a shot at the plight -- what they disagree with a good defense this kid all the aspects -- -- you know Kelly Holcomb there. So let's hope they could do better than Kelly Holcomb made Kevin -- still build these up for discussion that'll get him. But you go get somebody some people want to go get Cutler. Our our content of those guys because if you put. But the good quarterback you know the fifty rated quarterback in the league whose professional quarterback on the team until this team next year. The lead in and did that and I say that the defense they looked good on paper. But did -- a lot of big run a lot of average facts they give a hundred to -- -- -- by the way football like they've been excellent. They've been mediocre a lot especially on the road. Like nick how they're. Well running back to a -- on their top three games against them as well let them make them up in the 73. -- -- -- they're curious we've heard guys. -- got like well at least five -- all candidates and their front seven. And make it -- that sometimes mean we'll look at some of the stats hot and had a hundred against them. In that they ran on them that -- and Jackson added that -- -- to McGahee had a hundred yards so. Something's not right you know like Kiko Alonso spoke to be the second coming up but just. Sometimes you just wonder whether the whole Lowe's not as good as a part political instincts and I'm per -- I'm -- odors that are. I I yeah I'm curious Gerri what your thoughts were when the bill hired Doug -- on. And if they've changed any now that you've seen him work for a season. I thought I'm side chain have been changed and yet yet it. It is your perception of him better or worse now than it was when when they hired him. Well it as a guy and a and a leader a little better I like that this that I always kept and to get a late in the year ago that the media really really hard according -- times. That -- speak -- -- sense of the terrible TV but he is it good that way field. I was like oh what they've done their aggressive. That got to you know the runner up at a fast pace of those some of the -- -- That's about the best viewed at Mike Patton on defense and he obviously got a lot of big plays from them so it's about coaching staff. I think they've had since. Simply to serve and I'm not -- -- -- yeah I do believe and that's an organizational and to -- your book that I'm. Brandon took over for well -- control they've voted that way really to succeed next -- the younger you know more together mall where it says. Organization. And they believe involved and so that's why this all manual and become even more politically because -- there he's the first big choice. Made by this administration and to admit that he has he not make and it would be would be colossal disappointment I don't see it happening. In this year's draft why they really need. So fortify the backup quarterback position because you know military gets hurt as we get older that. He's about Solomon will get hurt the next here what are your success architecture and I would make Britain and make a lot of the tablets out their distressed thanks so. Yeah I agree Jerry I think if they just had a Kyle Orton or Matt Moore -- one of those veteran types is they're back up. Yeah this maybe be a borderline playoff team -- with. You know the way we see that the -- shaping on the AFC right now with all these teams at 87 and a big mishmash that bills easily could be right there. If they did have the played Jeff tool and in Thad Lewis a quarterback. 90 this is big kind of disappointing and sad season in buffalo and not just 'cause of the record Jerry. Last week he has the dolphins -- the last game at that tremendous Ralph Wilson Stadium press box right. Yeah -- was it was a big emotional ceremony there and you know but equally and I my colleague. Well right now. We don't feel emotional up. I am except an image you know the lay -- Wilson and magic and Larry seltzer who work with but in terms of the this. I don't know I shouldn't say I want to hear that -- nicer more and it gave -- champagne with -- bottle up after the game from their album and writing so I -- Yeah I heard there's champagne -- and and I -- the listeners don't care but man that the view from the press box in buffalo they don't make stadiums like that anymore is just perfect -- -- down low. Along the sideline I miss having seem like -- -- it's sad that you know the bills are gone now wait. I'm looking -- next here on and just couldn't get out of place like Colette oracle in the corner. -- we take we take a lot we have here programs -- a remote copy of the complaining. There's no way are from the press box and -- in the old one. You complaining I find that hard to believe. You are -- to promote our work. Just a little bit at. Jerry it's always fun to talk football with you thank you very much for taking the time is always -- revenue. And what are you are -- I appreciate it thank our -- Jerry Solomon of the Buffalo News who's out. A bit acerbic -- and I love the -- Poll when he approaches things so it sounds like Thad Lewis giving your quarterback I don't think it's got to be much doubt. I mean he he took all the first string snaps again yesterday in practice. Com and and truthfully. I think he'd be in mystic. -- -- -- -- -- I -- what recent Brenda approved that you were right when you set a 110% to play against the paid area of that is not injury prone to -- -- -- -- that's just that humorists and boy that what are what a disaster out -- suffers and RG three type injury just goes -- -- as he bought me think that the general manager at that point would step in and stated admiral I don't care. He's not playing theory not play. Say what you want pretend all you want up until Sunday he's not -- all the football and makes no sense given what he's been gone through this year I. Let him rest one more time going in the offseason healthy. But we've seen it would Crocker suit with a bunch of other players blasting you -- isn't spending their tires burning re having you on the folksy football healthy -- on. We'll take a break Barry Petersen minus and colleague will join us just few minutes we'll get back to your calls as well it's dale and -- ball went in for John Kerry and Kirk Sports Radio WE yeah.

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