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Adam Schefter on the coaching carousel

Dec 23, 2013|

Adam Schefter joined the show for his weekly visit. Adam said he expects there to be roughly 10 coaching jobs available this off-season.

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3-D. NC and Kate on a patriot Monday Brady will join us later in this first to what what we saw yesterday would Manning did. -- break the record as having a phenomenal game probably secure in the first seed. Does that do anything dissuade you that all for thinking that he's gonna that Brady and do -- going to Denver. And -- a market sucked in again know me know I'm just refusing I'm done them in a statement things -- -- -- -- -- all this. Manning as as -- -- in god like figure because. In those big games in under that kind of pressure it just doesn't usually work of preparing the way. Captain coffee with Cumberland farms farm house blend coffee with football insider Adam show after fall in love with a surprisingly delicious taste and it's amazing price. Just 99 cents any size only at Cumberland farms as always Adam joins us on the AT&T hotline. Happy always -- Christmas happy nuclear power you Adam I'm sure everybody you know everybody out there they I think. What the two areas we wanna look at today coach coach of the year and fired coaches and bear with me if you would for just a second so that. Read and Rivera and Kelly will get the requisite votes that they may or may not need to win this thing but I'm reading from Tom. On Sunday the patriots walked in Baltimore. With their left guard playing left tackle guys nobody drafted at left guard center and right guard a left tackle they selected in the fifth round because he came down with lymphoma. A sixth round pick -- quarterback to undrafted wide outs to undrafted running backs a fifth round I didn't. Whose name nobody can pronounce an undrafted -- back three got drafted defensive tackles and an undrafted slot corner plus a seventh round pick another quarter. That's the team that went into Baltimore and one. -- -- Do you think Bill Belichick gets any consideration for perhaps the best coaching job of the entire fourteen year career into England. I read a great job this year and I'll say this that. You mentioned those cooks your candidates you also excluded a guy and that was devoted to Bill Belichick the second that I think is where these embryos in Brazil France. And Bruce Kennedy -- took place and -- at least think where. -- Arizona where it did -- they would Seattle lost 68 nothing and then yesterday going to become the first team to beat Russell -- Seattle it. OK so. Lieutenant in the minority that there are so many good coach -- -- -- and android that this week. Like comedies conduct now but Bill Belichick is done as good if not better job than any other functionally this year and you just watch. The way they operate every year and I think it comes down to resist that Syracuse. Continually find ways to beat themselves other teams make mistakes the on the field off the field. -- breezy not -- to -- -- to flawlessly out of me -- But they make so many fewer mistakes than anybody else right now and it's almost if you do it. All the teams -- -- slack they hang themselves in the patriot just generally don't do that particularly given the course again. Then they get uploaded they get -- they may not have everything go their -- but they rarely make the mistake each other teams. Make like. Detroit collapsing on the stretched Matthew Stafford. I think since week six is the lowest rated quarterback in the league in the fourth quarter the cowboys -- you know they won yesterday but. -- -- -- He just didn't seem to remove those kind of mistakes now saying America. Neighborhood is doing great this morning in right athletes should -- it when it's been reported rape is the worst loss hysteria franchise. And we were getting better as the plastic clothes are doing when. Is close to locking up the number to see here may be an abortion to poke considerably Debra. On Sunday. But again let's not. To forward our conversation last week where the margin of error this team has. Been reduced with all the injuries this effort and it's not gonna meet debt -- saying that again -- to go on and on. They are really good they don't make mistakes they've given themselves a chance. To get where they wanna go and there's nobody in that conference. That would make me nervous about it but nobody. We each week -- and the and the other part of that. Pueblo amber how far will try to guess number coaches who are losing jobs in the came with about eight SA -- out this weekend one guy. Despite a -- when these jobs bill O'Brien right and it's going to be your reason why they knock that bio from almost 296 million. Yet I think he's gonna make it you know now my interest in the issue of the -- does -- do disability status state -- -- approached. But I don't think you pitching go to pro last year. And a -- that was close to twenty million dollars and seek a trickle is amended and restated during the summer. There's been discussion. Have -- buyout be reduced even more. And I've been all the signs point -- -- going is going to be enough teams that are actually in him I think. Houston is going to be -- him I think Detroit is going to be interest in him. And I think he's had some opportunities to go put some good teams -- go to Houston with a more particular Detroit. With Matt -- and get him back in shape. Certainly easily get to tell the quarterback. There's going to be some good opportunities of the Albright in my sensitivity is just dissension that ultimately is gonna go that route in that direction. Where whereas Rex Ryan gonna go next year and who will coach the jets atom. -- A great question obviously -- take keeps everything close the best -- You have to think of his roots. He's from -- he's from Seattle. Now. I believe you look at Lovie Smith in Tampa. That they'll make sense to me. That would have some appeal in Seattle we were quick game Quinn the difference according dealt doubled up its coordinator there. It's gonna boom I believe an assistant. That he can grow mold. That's gonna be that guy but he can grow as an act if he decides to go in that direction I don't -- to -- an -- -- got. If -- will he end up AD coordinator somewhere will he get another head coaching shot right away Libya TV. The -- to a people I believe I think Adobe opportunities -- to do that the other thing is. I think any. He with the deepest corner opening jobs were absolutely want -- as his guy I mean he beat the number one defense quarter candidate out there. And and you wonder. You wonder if he would get a crack it and take coach I think he might because. -- the question at this yourself if there are used to meet it head coaching openings now we're back last week. I didn't metal back every since 2000. There have been on average. Six point eight head coaching changes per year every year since 2006 point eight. And I keep your -- to -- the place is where there are. There are questions about where they go to -- All the dramatic change but some of them well and I think right now -- rattle off places where I think it could be openings okay jets. -- in Houston. Washington Minnesota jets. Oakland Tennessee. Detroit. Maybe delegates. Giants have a decision to make general -- happens there that's nine campus to question it and -- it was a surprise. To be eleven. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's amazing it says there's just Hillary or six point eight per year -- so the entire league turns over. Basically an average of once every four years almost. And and build just keeps going on -- -- At a -- touched on this I wanted it up or down a little bit deeper on it in the east the NFC east you have a strange alignment where you may have the coach of the year in Philadelphia and the other three guys Dallas giants and Washington. Might be on the hot seat -- that 12 and three who's most at risk and -- least at risk. Between Dallas giants and Washington. What -- -- -- exchange will look at them want to -- and and and I I think it Dallas certainly in play a bit. Maybe don't -- -- night and it and they go to playoffs and winning game be very unpopular like them to do that but he seems strange things happen. And it could do that -- Garrett got an opportunity here to keep his job I think mean we all would agree that. The judge adding that there is some organizational meetings about the direction that they want to -- it. But I don't think it -- fire top cop when the question is -- you -- -- -- in his -- -- I think you will I don't think he's a lot of there's no. So my guess is he back and and then of course utility in total is -- What what what they do about -- -- will they changed the rule this offseason because no one knows. What pass interference is anymore -- It's a tough -- right I think that the that they've got to know find a way to be more consistent somehow someway and I think that'll be appointed that -- when the competition committee goes to meet. And Florida sometimes I believe in now February and march. And don't try to reinsert those rules and -- owners meetings in go over the what he refers colonel regulatory change anything you sort of -- -- a very clear and decisive message to the officials to be consistent with the cold they're making. And and go in that direction. We look at the in the AFC playoff race Adam with with this coming up here. This weekend when you look at that I should simulate a Miami you've been released on those teams -- Tobin told lead now remove missing -- -- though. Smart thing is is if it never happened we talked to him a month ago accused -- and lose his job and now he's secure right. -- just. Asked their purpose so that you know which he says she has yet to be played very very well I think -- -- -- -- a very good job. Good thing is I don't think that report. From port. It's gonna there are some -- -- -- come until around or after the Super Bowl okay so. So if -- Miami. In let's just hope that something unbelievably wrong and I've not heard Rubin given any indication that the case. -- I don't see them make nimble with him right now now couldn't make a move the process that's possible. But I I don't see them doing that would go to study your Childrens gonna survive this season. But a question -- who finishes second in the MVP race. I would go either. With Jamaal Charles and LeSean McCoy. One of those two guys you get a suggestion from me that's better than that now. Not nick falls in the polls. Nick pulled an interesting one. That's a very good luck I don't have a problem that that. That's really good guys. Doesn't matter though the only vote for one name right yeah -- there's not a first second and third place votes I think it is -- has ever been -- unanimous MVP. Yeah Brady Brady was unanimous and I shouldn't shouldn't you know yeah Brady was the first legally innocent -- -- one. I think in this event co MVPs school MVPs from Steve McNair a far enough Barry Sanders the record two point yet but I think and we take him out there again we await their -- an idea -- any other year -- -- of Russia yeah men. It's. And and and he's a question in my because. It was a Russell Wilson also -- exaggeration moment. Happy holidays that -- -- to talk to you that you can appreciate you appreciative and happy I was severed their -- -- Tbilisi talent on the AT&T -- our conversation with Adam's been brought -- you by Cumberland farms fall in love with malicious farm house blend coffee today and DCU digital federal credit union what can DCU's debut and Michael Ganske insurance. Trip Monday it rolls on Tom Brady joins us later.

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