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Dec 21, 2013|

Doug joins the show to discuss the upcoming Patriots-Ravens game and offers his insights into the game, and how important healthy players are for this coming Sunday.

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Choice all up all start here right perfect -- starting here. First I'm looking right at you type it out on. All I want deceive the listeners supposed to -- industry secret amnesty seekers be passed notes through computers. -- John Ryder shows Scott's account -- until midnight fill in for mr. -- 6177797837. 79837. Is the AT&T tax line. I'm looking for patriots -- predictions. As well as your top moments from the sports world in 2013. -- it's not about the Auburn field goal return for a touchdown. It also mention of course the the the first Bruins game. After the marathon bombings in the National Anthem that was a crowd. At the author related could be. Anything from the sports world at a collar -- for Manchester cult. In the Ray Allen three pointer that NBA finals game and come back I'm Andy. 82 -- Austin area person not not so much top moment but. Sports. For the year 2013. It was a moment especially the pictures of the man leaving the game. Mac game. It was. It was pretty funny. Anything -- about the moments. I'm not really up on I heard about not via. Soccer. Overseas soccer sir Alex Ferguson. Is your manager -- united. The only really only soccer follow. The guys the end -- -- US -- Actually work were. The off breakers. Soccer ball. -- a prediction the 401 of its excellent at the stands strong at the end the win seven. One of the one of the few people predicting the patriots away. -- -- head over to the -- hotline and we have. Doug Qaeda from -- dot com who is. On the line in Doug. On a couple of times -- -- -- back in. This week it's like it's gone forever hasn't it it is game already hatred rated it's about that play right. Yeah I couldn't. I've been waiting for the game now all obviously reach that yet but it's probably in the -- -- -- this season so far. So. Looking looking at this game this without even not even. Looking at numbers just this from the outside the data and as a patriot support patron supporters patriots fans are all. Pretty worried I mean most predictions out there. Have the ravens when he in this game and in maybe rightfully so it it's it's against the ravens need to win. More than the patriots I guess you could say even though it's an important patriots game. But what what's the pages had to do immediately in this game to set the tone. And obviously sort touchdown would be great on the first play from scrimmage but -- what little things need to do to put together a good start this one. I think really terrific -- is that they have forced her in the game. The defense and force -- -- in ten quarters now that the special teams in the last game the dollar is really just an unforced error where the ball went off. But the total alters. Head essentially states. So being forced out and did before to turn over I think the first that -- said the zone. Get off to an early lead and then just obviously the second half. If the bill that enough lead -- about it. How would that call and that'll go along -- but it. I -- hinted that he didn't quite -- the crowd being stopped what what The White Stripes on the global market across the nation army. Yeah -- need to. Quiet the crowd right away get data out there and just played her game ball. What what's what's it about Baltimore the defense that. Looking at this numbers in the last six games at Tom Brady is -- against -- what what it's about them that. Makes -- struggle so much six touchdowns nine interceptions the last six games. I think that there -- some intimidation there. I think it'll telecheck. Sure I used to driving the players a look at -- -- about how good rate Willis Willis how good that he's centers. Those two guys are now -- into silica by those big names are still around but also around and so the other guys like. I think Dupree played much better game this time around this week I think that we'll probably see the increase in the past are six weeks. Even a crock -- there and I think this is going to be a different type game. Obviously every future -- game. Is this a game at the horse and at this point but. It seems like the mood in Gillette Stadium pretty -- this week which is a bit of a surprise -- and. Well -- is funny you mention calm today was was a little strange that the schedules. Does the team met with the media before practice. And after practice I assume they went just extort throughout the movie theater there and they when they see that the loan the lone survivor with Mark Wahlberg. That's right the the Peter -- movies as Riggans from Friday Night Lights and it's all actually. You know you -- It was odd because I look at the schedule leading after the today and side. Haywire and other wise old -- going to be over for us. Attempt fifteen and then it started out afterwards that old you went to a movie a little field trip for Bill Belichick and the bullet shell us. Really a field trip just next door they go somewhere else. No I think extort. It's torture might be the alternative waiting get onto a big you know yellow school bus and go somewhere but I know. They must not yen through -- or some sort maybe they have. That entry through the stadium. Yeah. That they did register next. Yeah I was stranger obviously I've -- -- -- or where he's completely rearranged schedule go to movies are note it. Took the step up as well but. Yeah I -- -- that's just part of your -- it's kind of been going on and Belichick you know day in a better duties like god. This paper Christmas song on Wednesday. Praising -- on our bodies for -- -- on me. Really kind of went off today in a way that I've ever seen and he talked for 25. The media in his regularly allotted time fifteen minutes so. It's certainly a bit of a strange week as. Targets you dog -- is the patriots beat reporter for NASA dot com -- getting back to we've mentioned -- Tompkins Aaron Dobson. The potential of them being back in the lineup on Sunday all signs point to them being in action on Sunday how important is that. For Brady and the -- and I said a few minutes -- yeah that's not getting gronkowski back but it's still two options that have shown. I've had moments throughout the season. That maybe if they all come together at the right time is the perfect timing at the end of the season for Brady and the team to put them together. Yeah I think it's tremendously important. Josh was already been ruled out so. It right either I go -- we're gonna see the same -- and corporates aren't yet it but get an adult and witches. Amendola adult men and call him and that cannot happen. Getting. -- and talked inspector it's going to be very important and Dicky Barrett. The only one of them -- one of them starts up again struggled a little bit they can bring the other one. -- -- -- I'm in the cattle are a little bit and that's tackle on the Broncos game where the all star game. He struggled a little that he hurt his -- And -- game and and usually the spark in the second half there so. These are young players. Not all going to be at the top of their game but I think at least one of those guys has a big game on Sunday. Your guess is yours -- -- on which one that is because they are kind of similar players in that there is inconsistent but when they're on the very but I think that while those guys have a big game. How important I mean I know it's important but Nate soldier in concussions back to back weeks. We saw. In Miami soldier went out a game in Logan Mankins is moved over to left tackle. How important is it for him to play and the follow up to that is to. I I've I've heard of some of the few times it to me am I am baffled that he could have concussions -- back to back weeks and and may play Sunday. Edge and it's it's 88. With everything that's happened living in a concussion I I would just expect him to be out in item practicing. Yeah I mean I think it's obviously important order yet it happened. Once -- each other element here but he had a very good year and Logan Mankins was an -- he. You certainly serviceable. And -- -- you play tackle very well. That there were still some moments and -- it in. And has watched a little bit shaky giving up just a little bit too much pressure. I think it is very important sort of back but obviously Bill Belichick got away. The risk reward on of this guy who's who's suffered concussions in consecutive weeks that extremely scary and the -- that he had. Sunday he got -- for cam Cameron Wake and add a lot of the ground I can't think certainty that he got knocked unconscious by. From the -- that might be working the way that it occurred for men. And that's even worse if you. If you got knocked unconscious in our unconscious in the game. I mean personally I thought it went about their bullet. This is a very important into the Patriot Act without. -- Have to win this scheme to make the playoffs and they have to without a seat in the paper but I. You know you really get after it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- If you get the suffering concussions it. Possibly three consecutive weeks. Back. -- -- start talking. Career. Now at night I'm correct that the it's abuse at four in three years so. Mean that's that's not that's not a good rates. -- now there's some quick math yeah I think that it. I think that too but those were actually call itself might be okay -- for years but still they'll ask -- -- right exactly. Now by the red zone has been an issue -- an issue for both teams ravens -- 66 field goals on Monday that winning game without a touchdown but the patriots what. What do you think they need to do to be able to. Punch it in and get touchdowns. Because he's seen in trying to get that touchdown via beginning its Miami is cutting connected and have the receivers and again dobbs that are Tompkins might help -- have a situation. You know who who should be get in the football inside it's one yard line especially from the right back position who should be the guy try to get the scores. But the -- -- actually one thing we need to be more patient with the run game. Once they get down to just -- -- probable that two record are not in the game that it socket. So I think that for now the most reliable as their -- you're running very well. He's lowering outlook rule that future defenders. Obviously they'll be pretty special network and so. I think the Q the occupation with the run game and the reds down -- could document them then at least is spot on to on the field they're gonna open things. They're gonna take to -- -- little -- and even if Brady can't find them and get adopt them with their height. You'll at least possibly the -- those other guys. It does. It hurts a lot to the ground there because. The other -- options. Are very reliable and they're receiving ability. That people again Michael -- Ottawa nearly engine double the guys are getting open a consistent basis. In my opinion. I think it DJ Williams is that. That third fourth roster is worth -- -- I won't be surprised to see him activities excuse irresponsibly. Try to hit him more involved in the passing game. People -- -- a little bit hesitant to do that so far. -- and there waiting for if you will of the ball got a little bit because. He first came here he was looking very slim it looked like a receiver we'll put you about children buried down. A noticeable couple or genetic traits of a bit more permissive action on the defense. On the offense -- adapt so I think you might get involved that really becomes got adults and tolkien's the guys are both. 6163. They're giving you want to open get the ball there also get people want to look at three things are smaller. Now defensively. By the guy that scares me is guys Torrey Smith and will he be the -- -- B Aqib Talib probably no one on one. The most on the entire game he get that assignment at -- -- I think you know that a sign of the AFC title game and we -- and. Yeah I think it's going to be him again there's always the chance. Paula checked out tries to get a little bit. Too Smart. Against the -- in Kyle Arrington cover Mike Wallace and acute Torrey Smith and Michael are slightly similar players -- -- the more physical bigger guy. So that's why I tend to think that it -- probably deputy guy. -- -- -- -- But at the same time the Balkans the -- -- was pretty successful against this tie it and so there's a slight possibility that we -- to -- on pit. Can take -- in the game at all rely on the other guy's ticket met and then put them according to the top. Obviously. Towards that there's always been looking a bit of a concern -- receivers. And belief and -- Flacco is going to be taking risks averages about. Five and -- passes over twenty yards per game. And yet been overly successful rose. But he keeps doing it eventually got to fight to accept. Eventually those receivers and -- and get the ball and it'd be sent you know -- -- -- -- So that is definitely there is something the patriots are gonna have to watch out for. Completely bought one and probably. They'll probably be -- -- better on the other one by. Keep it there are according -- as president need to be pulling back they're going to be bigger and need to be protecting the people. And actually ready to force turnovers on the deep because if -- -- -- little force turnovers is a much better chances to advocate on. And those are those in breaking -- that'll really just opened things up the ravens. I note that at different circumstance but I. Back in 2000. No I don't believe it was a C championship game when -- -- ripping off the long run. That's the kind of thing can really break up the game -- the big plays. I'd double for -- let you go to questions and asking everybody tonight first thing. You're you're you're top moment in sports does that to -- Boston related but from the year 2013. And I got to ask you your prediction for for Sunday. Top moment sports. You know I would say and keep those signing. A lot of pilots and you know let it you know hung up on my last. It's exactly like the bird. No I think. Probably the -- game after America was was pretty cool of him and the right. As well that today -- -- -- I thought that -- that was pretty special -- political -- especially -- Bought some sports and and as for protection and I know that I'm I'm in the minority on this but. I think that the patriots. Come away with a victory here and. As stupid itself but in my opinion might have been different before allied capital city -- today but. Everything seemed so calm down there aren't everything seemed so different. Teams like the patriots Archie came. The right approach this game I think did it take you seriously being noticed the most land it in their filing. Portable or -- successful road. Analysts was score. Gore also India. When -- rates on their pitcher. All right. Well Doug thanks so much. In a look for it's not you again down the road -- thank you think they certainly. Doug Cognos dot com patriots beat reporter. Nice not to join us here on a Friday night he predicts the patriots to beat the ravens on Sunday. 23 it's one yelling your predictions and your top sports moments of 2013. Boston related or not 6177797983737937. As the text -- to Sports Radio WEI.

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