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Fantasy Football Podcast: Week 16 Sits and Starts

Dec 20, 2013|

It’s Week 16 of the NFL Season and for many of you The Championship Game in your Fantasy Football Leagues! Good luck! Jim Hackett and Pete Davidson of Rotobahn.com are back with a deeper conversation on this week’s Starts & Sits and with some advice on the players and strategies to deploy as you prepare for the BIG weekend. At the end, you’ll learn about what’s in store for you during the Fantasy Football off-season at Rotobahn.com too. Good luck this week!

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This is the fantasy football. My kids and Pete Davidson in the -- Does he flew home. Presented by a Mohegan Sun -- and don't. Welcome to week sixteen of the NFL season in this week's. W guys fantasy football podcast for many -- you. It's the Super Bowl it's presented by our friends at Mohegan Sun a world that play I'm Jim Hackett and I'm joined as always by our friend. And over WEEI dot com and with Radovan dot com it's a fast track to fantasy football domination I donated eight feet. -- would wish he'd already dot com. Are we are now that's right yeah right -- that's that's a -- up. First putt that's anecdotally we are -- Treat you can't expect Clinton I don't know. Should do very well. Yeah it's not Blaylock it's Friday of the weeks Eckstein that as a football season NFL season and for most of us out there there's a bowl game this weekend right. Yet for most of us not only don't get into our personal life drama on this but. It's it's a big weeks though you know I wanted to and I think you are in alignment here with me is is is really take a deep dive. Into the article that you put up on yeah -- dot com today that starts -- -- article. And it it's never more important in this week for those who are still alive and in their respective championship games and -- really dig into this article. Gets -- insights may be out some updates on injuries and penalties for those of us who. Didn't make the finals we've got some good information about the offseason talk about it. Yeah yeah I would let let's do it I -- get the -- and -- I definitely made an effort to try to get some guys in there that are at the margins that there's a high profile player to win there. But yeah obviously the one thing I encourage people and I believe I mentioned in the article. Forgive me for not remembering pirates some that are about five serious more. But yeah destruction -- It is certain -- throwing darts at a board which is the one thing I say we never do it wrote about. But you never know who's got who when their team you know I don't know all the teams are still alive in our group which players they have divided I know exactly who to put much starts right now. But until you're hoping impacting -- taking guesses so the point of this launch greed here is that if your players and covered instructions said. The -- nobody -- this afternoon or tomorrow or Sunday morning and what you'll find in our lineup rankings. Is essentially a really comprehensive look at the players. You know. So you know circuses and I think it's guys that we have a you know a real fuel and for that week sure. We did every player for the most part there really isn't a lot dispute societal weekly basis and a lot of breaks architecture of the -- are always there for our readers. That's right in those and those rankings go top to bottom. One to as many as you can think of it would even be in the bottom of your roster may be night and roster but. You have quarterbacks running backs receivers tight ends all the money positions that are really gonna make a break it for you this week. He does great job playing -- -- outs they're there they're available and -- be updated. Yeah and I'm really excited this week not to have to move players to -- Thursday down off the list you know I don't like doing it's paying bribes and just you know to -- since -- it's but you know I didn't want to just do the rankings feel more organic and everybody ranked in and I -- people up and down and -- it and it's also you know and -- we've been through this but ranking players before Friday night. It's almost pointless really in a certain sense of the Friday practice supports are so important. And the ripple effect with certain players don't play other guys you moved up to a starting receiver doesn't play. That that has direct impact on the starter opposite that receiver activity. Good thing that I think right because the -- you know -- the number one receivers out. That number two receiver in theory gets better but the number one quarter can slide over there's dominant corner -- -- always want to. Know that information could got a lot to do with where you put people. Exactly and in the impacted is that as a lot of example let's look at the patriots right alive example. Limited practice this week for Kimbrel Tompkins and Aaron Dobson what a difference both or just one. -- would make it you know in Sunday's game but even last Sunday's game and they came down the pats him down that last drive. And there was nowhere to go at that field shortens up so much to do such a great dot job driving down. You're using the middle of the field in getting open but when you've got 56. Ten yards where the space and cattlemen and Amendola and all the image it's a running around trying to get open it's tough you need that big that it target not pumpkins are Dobson -- back. But -- -- yeah especially Dobson in this scenario you're giving because he's got the ability to elevate. Got the ability to make catches and more than one way. It doesn't necessarily have to be open. That's -- tutorial on the football so yeah he definitely. I mean obviously -- the guy I've probably. So I need to stay on and we're we're definitely expanded that wrote Obama. And it's it's really shame you know what ever happened to his foot -- like I I'm still unsure exactly when and where it happened quite honestly. You never know that the kids are going to be back illuminate. Thanks for rest but it's it's nice to know it was a really serious injuries. And I didn't -- the patriots get a lot of spraying bullets. Yeah and I think I think there's something there I mean. I think it's just random kid you know in the last you know and brings heat suit. Asks that three -- last year you -- it. It -- different with Fareed as I remember when he did it. And when I saw all the liberal like oh yeah it was one of those opposite which I think was the last increasing the -- mr. that there preceding game last year right. Definitely try to do little jump cut at all -- college football. And -- to last year I think O'Meara in. The Ridley island -- Re definitely not what -- is is closely you know obviously when it comes to lower leg injuries stretched its lead to believe he can -- they just -- And obviously I you know it's I feel like I would be injuries become a lower leg. -- that would not be me. Yeah exactly they -- their turf specialist over there apparently. Which is an open sponsors. And opened opened sponsorship category of someone and it's our specialty business. The other problem isn't -- unique sponsorship opportunities for like the patriots injury report really is no company that specializes in ambiguity yeah I'm not sure that there's got to be a connection or somewhere but it. But I would before and asked Belichick that you know that's probably one of the reasons and out of the room but. Help or I we heard over the leg injury can you. It was a little more information on that he'd probably just what did you like in the Thomas may have just -- it is severe. He might appreciate the Smart ass in this and I think. You might have probably not reject -- that's. I mean you're right you're probably talked about this. Seven years ago. And and it's you know about how ridiculous the patriot injury -- -- really. -- there was absolutely no trade after the draft. We may have had a beer. Some work to -- but I don't. And yeah I -- basically saying what's the point of doing an injury report -- to put sixty people questionable all with general lynch. And Tom Brady probable right shoulder and that questionable right. It's that would question yeah that's the committee I think he's got to have the record for people who played. Consecutively on a questionable that night they have to have that record. A shout out to one of the globe writers a couple of years ago -- -- Chris Gasper. Mike -- one of those two during a press conference and he actually -- Belichick on -- you know. Tom Brady questionable. Right shoulder kind of ridiculous is and it's been -- Twenty weeks in Iraq -- -- look at how it's it's just well there was no one here I think the NFL I can remember exactly what they did that they didn't find the patriot to warn the patriots you know about. You know getting people on the injury report right so they -- on the side of caution after the team was question. I have number idea out. But you know like the point -- make you way back when it was you know what if everybody surged to it this way. Getting -- Tennessee football owners have got to lock you would know what to do. Right and ironically enough that's pretty much what's happened I mean you probably have instead of just the patriots -- it this way there's probably seven or eight teams in the NFL at a given time. The pretty much stick and NSA approached injury information. Again you know I'm getting. The thing I have a problem with is the fact that the NFL allows some teams to do it and in other teens are straight up with their information you. So it seems to be that of the teams that sort of follow the spirit of the rule themselves. So I think I might that might take could be. Which have all the teams you know put out the -- in your information the same way. It's if it's something you're gonna be able to get away with getting basically no information that would not. Expect anything to do with anything at all you know I don't get why you wanna cover up some of -- information I don't think it's Belichick just being -- Now I think he's -- he's purpose and -- yeah he's purposeful and everything he does and also today a little mystery. It's a little bit of cat and mouse there I think I think you know. -- -- enjoyed the fact that it is going to media. Yeah I think it's all those things and -- public takes it to an extreme with the cat and mouse thing but I think that's what most of his decision making. Is is fueled by. Yeah I -- my thing is I think it certainly if the player has a right knee injury and you wanna hide that fact to keep people from shooting after the injury on the field. OK I get. But at the same time. Just I think especially at the people on the inside I think this information does get out I don't think there's any way you keep the opposition from figuring out what's going on. So I think ultimately it's just sort of always the time I'd like to see all the teams be up you know upfront with this stuff and then the other side of the coin is best I think we knew. Hide injuries but let's just say are ambiguous it you know ambiguous when it comes to injuries. That the that the trend I've seen the last. I don't know maybe three years is that. It's a significant injury. -- -- the player make sure it gets out yeah yeah because they don't want their -- being perceived is not coming back. Not like Jay Cutler one of those guys. Exactly what the player has an injury that he ultimately plays where he's playing a -- or 2% for the team did you make sure that injuries no because he doesn't want other teams. Perceiving them as players playing poorly. You want to see dapper some violent. Exactly they want that information out there you definitely have conflicting priorities based on the public you're dealing with so I don't to me I think. Just put this stuff out there be honest give all the information -- the players got the ligament injury -- need or patella terror whatever the case we're very. Yeah I'm I'm with outweigh. The effects of very good so. Three we got on that track just you know basically with two of the names we teased our Aaron Dobson and -- Tompkins who. To play a really big role in this weekend's patriots ravens game do you have any insights about them -- based on what seemed morning. Well I mean I you know it's exciting Dobson. From everything I've heard from him it's so much you can apply -- last you know I mean I'm expecting -- to play. I don't know I don't think the patriots. Players out there when they can't help them right you know I mean if if if they're letting Dobson on the field by assumption would be that they think -- can. To pick -- -- blitzer so you know I mean I think Dobson conceivably the guy you could play this week but. Gosh you have to be a pretty deep. Yeah and then that might be something it exactly and really deeply to maybe have a need. And it's a great way for right right now to tease the live chat scientists have come back to W yeah and I come on Sunday. As you do every Sunday at 11 am. And those like chats are going longer and longer right through in the inactives are coming out which is very important if you're at all yet you're on the ball get it right you know so. Come check us out there. Yeah and then by the way to anybody who may be got a one word answer last week. I very much apologize for that but what happened I mean I started out to chat and you know I had acute twenty or so questions -- a -- -- -- time here I was giving you know fairly. Reasons expanded answers. And then I looked early Q are -- particular 48 questions in the air -- it's all right a lot of talk about great but I realize -- -- -- the only -- -- answering these questions. Is if I start you know getting fast with the so one thing I want people know if you're in the chat and I and you ask me you know. Rivers are Cutler and I just type Cutler. Yeah it's brief response but I understand a thing if I give you one word answer. That's -- that can't. Yeah that's of that you you this is what you need to do. The rights to the north if you ask me you can retrieve that I could prove she won back. It might not make you feel all warm and Fuzzy inside right. But that means I have clarity of thought on the issue and and and I I feel strongly about their recommendation another thing to remember if there's more information that you want or if you -- Get more of what I'm thinking for -- which -- be a first you know. Yet again go to the line of breaking the robot I tend to throw the links out there during the chat yeah. -- usually go to that to underscore one of two things that these players are insanely close. You know if someone asked me hey you know do you -- -- should I played Roddy White leadership they Riley troop. -- that's it's a dead right on this on that particular weekend of the rank 26 and seven right now. That goes back to -- you ansari was. -- says that goes back to the age old. Comment we make many many weeks just go and you've got now. Yeah I mean that's a situation where you unlike other years because my gut has these guys ranked. Very very close to the point where they can't be separated. So you know essentially the best information I can give the person there is I have them both doing very well. Check my rankings you can see why I have one ranked over the other but you know it's it's always better to have to rise or fall -- your own gut. Yeah I agree hey let's jump in Hausa speaking of that let's get some decisions to make. Van damme has always like the starting quarterback. And that's where the article often starts at that that she posed. And down -- such a key position now -- you hold as we said three -- I think I am quoting your am paraphrasing parent quoting. It's a big bullet you know when you wanna spend at the draft on that quarterback and it's go time right now so. Let let's go to to a few and one of the names on the list at the top of the list. Is one that wouldn't have been talked about at draft time throughout the season but given the circumstances in Washington and RG three. Being on the bench Kirk cousins is listed as a sit this week Redskins cowboys always a big game even double teams kind of stinking annually it's a big historical game and you like the matchup. I look I mean right now the cowboys are road apple there's no way around you know and you know I think a lot of people are looking at Kirk cousins and they're saying backup quarterback. Which is where -- Kia is but. You know backup quarterbacks are backup quarterbacks saw -- are like really bad like if you go to the jets right. You know to the starters are any good I think pretty sure backups to do next but if you go to a team like Washington. You know that when the starter goes down. You lose something in terms of -- Josh right think in terms of excitement but they don't lose a whole lot in terms of competency. Yes cousins is a very good you know quarterback I mean just any time before it. You know but really accomplished NFL starter capture and absolutely but the thing I I would just make sure people know. He's been in the system that I was RG three and he said the ability to actually sit and learn where his RG three's been running for life at rehabbing and all the others I. During the offseason while while RG three was rehabbing cousins was in camp. Being the number one quarterback yeah. So this is the guy who's got command of the offense not just being thrown into the fire he's also a guy's got a good arm good head on his shoulders. And you know he stands tall in the pocket he makes the rose keeps side they'll feel because all the stuff that you look for in a quarterback -- not incredibly athletic. You know that would probably be either you know the thing you'd look at but by no means is -- eight. Less than average. In you know if you -- -- not a bad quarterback in terms of of -- athletic and he's just not that we see so many of these guys now where a guy like cousins you know. Don't seem that athletic. And that scrutiny -- Arctic and you know all these you know and joining -- and seal and all these quarterback just breaking the bowl wide open. -- a little bit more classic quarterback. That's like watching Phil Simms after watching Ron Amadon. You know twenty years I don't I thought I was really boring but it did okay well. Yes and then. Pick a different era yeah I mean it's. Or or or or like watching Kenny O'Brien after you watch John -- exactly of course always -- everything's good but anyway but it's your point online and I just security -- but. It's not my stress level rise -- it. -- -- -- -- -- -- Part of Iraq constitution in public. Let you know back to cut. Her tactic cousins. Vs the cowboys another thing to remember is on you know under the the white spotlight of Monday night Josh held up the cowboys pretty well. Yes and I was in horrible already incredibly cold weather. -- -- granted Josh -- As. You know. Should die for offensively. Yeah I mean between Martellus Bennett -- -- -- and Jeffrey. And Brandon Marshall I mean that's just. Obscene. Coterie particular receiver position. So you you know and and account obviously complaints were pretty solid football it was trojans offense. But you know hey this -- -- profits. And it's pretty proven system as well they're gonna have a running game that he's going to be able to work off of I see Washington running the ball very effectively and and really setting up some major plays in play action. Cousins to me. Has really you know it's it's ironic given the situation but to meet -- is that he's actually got a really good for -- You know because I didn't and I think they say in the article even if they committee even if Washington elites say the first two touchdowns end up being. -- touchdowns right up so you know what Washington to fourteen nothing at the end of the first quarter. You might be thinking yeah you know they can sort of control this game with a rundown problem block I'm not sure that they would do that I don't I think they would make sure. That this -- feature because they want -- Obama. Other wanna develop on the civic gets something -- -- is that guy now. -- -- -- -- -- they have developed them and now what they wanna do -- show people you know the finished product if you will -- -- and they like it keeps thinking all right. Do I want to move up in the first round to get a crack at quarterback who's never played in the NFL. Or won't use my first round draft pick up something -- desperately need. And you the second herder who knows maybe even force if you get lucky. Or some combination of -- a foursome player or whatever and get a guy like cousins who could probably step in tomorrow and be your quarterback yeah. So you know it's. It that you did he -- some of the players in this year's draft. In retrospect that may look like a shaky decision but I guarantee you with at least have to quarterbacks in this draft it'll make it look brilliant. Chair and on up practical application for for this weekend you know it's -- -- most cases it's it's all week for the championship. You're in the Kirk cousins market if you have a -- if you have someone down most likely right a wedding album in the rankings right now the. I gotta tell ya I I I I I. It was a decision I made lightly lead but I've got to rank pretty -- I've got to rank with the QB wants. OK Betsy and is a close to my top twelve quarterback. Right there. Yeah I mean it's just one of those things where I -- you know I want it to overrule myself and just arbitrarily banging down the rankings a little bit yeah. Maybe just because I didn't wanna put myself out there I mean there is that element mentally to the -- you don't really wanna put my name on this yeah. But I mean I've got cousins rank dead Brady. Interest and now I'm bringing in the. -- -- I think Tom Brady is a really good chance of playing winning football this -- but statistically against Baltimore first career have been mediocre. Been tough let's look at the playoffs right I'm. -- its look at the playoffs Brady against the ravens. And you take the ravens out is touched on interception ratio. Is as good as it always is in the regulars but that Baltimore does the series of Baltimore games and that changes. There will be at their pressure defense in -- they've generally been good getting there and had a lot. And you know there's a chest and I take some pride in knowing that Rex Ryan was called the plays and some of those games but. And I started pretty -- as a QB one this week but to meet on the edge. Just. It's agreeable to like that if I breeding cousins who might just start. That's that's an insanely tough call but I gotta tell you I publisher -- -- Just -- in particular I remember I think people have a tendency to sort of like get on their toes when you say that right. It's just Tennessee football I'm not saying that cousins to play -- is gonna play better than Tom Brady are the opposite is gonna have more marketable statistics yeah into the -- And you know I just again. She had an offense with a competent quarterback is going to be hot makes for better against Dallas right now -- just no way around it. That's you know -- I mean it's. I think the way to really. He sort of underscored this I'd like cousins as quarterbacks. But if you put it really mediocre quarterback in there which if you put Rex Grossman right in -- this week against LS. He would have an excellent chance putting up cumulus. They -- gotta you -- quarterback that you have some faith in and -- In a really good match up I don't. Yeah I start Grossman over Brady. Took -- because you never know corrections can be Iraq's right. But I'm I'm just trying to use him as a way to underscore yeah like and then. You know cousins who have very solid guy so it's it's it's I mean I it's one of those really outside the box things territory and just don't see very often. You know player coming out of nowhere like camps and that being as good or for the -- that the others. It's. If that was -- was playing Dallas this week he would be tough to figure you know if if Clinton were playing yet even if -- Louis and buffalo were playing ballots. Didn't they looked pretty could be viable he had a problem -- -- exactly out of it and that's how. At dallas' bench and avoids LST. That's the other Clinton yeah. -- avoid the Dallas the light. Yeah -- like you always. You know. Wal-Mart Black Friday tickets that. Good example -- so I am reviewing this list that's up on WEEI dot com what the stats and sits and I love the quarterbacks because all of them. Throughout the year. Have been. On the edge players on our -- rifle through some of the names that you listed. And by the way if you go to our quarterback rankings once they had some really clear about is that. If you go into the middle teens in the ranking -- end at sixteen feet 1718. Even the difference between eighteen and eight. It's very small there's like 21. Real solid plays quarterback this week -- -- sit there look at our rankings are like our man. You know -- the guy wanna play is that. Is it and and you know and and don't have a guy wanna play that takes you eighteen it's at a guy people want to play is that is that fourteen. Fret not those guys are separated by percentage points so again what you're saying before go we've got. -- good news and that that's good news right this is its money ball time so you want to. You won you know you get some points at this very important position is a couple guys. Although a lot of attention and so on and awards. What interest is. You can go to the wave or via wire right now. In the championship game and compete with Drew -- while you're playing -- Drew -- at Carolina. And you -- -- -- and pick up. And it is played -- -- you could easily outscored the guy would breeze completely -- market. There really is. Does this at the next three people want to talk about what's in the each Andrew Luck. Andy Dalton Alex Smith all starts this week. But they've all been. In in certain weeks up -- down all season long so here we are. In the big week and any of these three finally if you're an owner you know -- probably at QB to on your team Alex Smith to be QB to -- definitely a one. I'm saying -- coming into the season. But all these guys are a viable and have favorable match -- and look at all against the vikings that's not what with a lot of lines for his team that's a sexy option. Yeah it definitely is an -- and obviously I think all of these guys has equal parts risk and reward right I mean Dalton certainly can get sucked into it -- gets up to too far too soon. And they put the pass away then you know I think to -- that how you fail in that case if you start Dalton that's the risk is that they believe that they kick the vikings. They kicked the vikings but too badly yeah. That happens in the -- absolutely quarterback isn't throwing in the last third of the game just trying to kill clock I mean it absolutely happens. So you know it I think that's the risk with a lot of these guy. You know I think conceivably. I mean Alex Smith I think could run that risk yeah you know if if if they did they smoke indeed too badly. It and -- that to me that's also one of the reasons are sort of like Andrew Luck no matter how bad things get for Indianapolis to Casey this week. They're not gonna go into a shell they're gonna keep trying to attack it's. Their offenses their offense like the patriots if you have Brady he's gonna throw the ball deadlock on -- we got the ball. I think that's true extent and in the look at the other thing how much can they possibly run that they only got one running back left right so. You'd like to meet -- is just one of those guys were you such a good decision maker he's got eyes in the in the back was head. Eight I mean are you looking to play luck this week though I don't have him as a top twelve be right there and yeah actually should look to avoid in the either. The other thing just on that with the chiefs who had done this a few times as a Jamaal Charles owner myself. Is they've they've they've gotten up a few times and and Charles always been and it and then they just shut him down and that they're obviously gonna be in the playoffs. And Natalie Davis the back of -- and carries last weekend. And that's the kind of they're looking to get touches or because you never know they're in need of a lot. Writes something about you know in terms of I would like yeah it has over the trickle down effect this -- interest in those guys all guys -- could play. Of the three you probably like -- the most of because the the dynamic of the offense. -- okay we're talking about no luck luck Dalton Smith. Yes I think so yeah but I mean again you're talking about. Just you know a three -- pin or whatever I mean it's you know -- as bad. Expression but I mean that there are also close I mean I think any of those guys want to be -- -- serviceable start this weekend go to -- -- to work from. So let's point let's they had to kind of a quarterback quandary all year and Matt Ryan was a guy. Hunter in the ball. And in spite of your quarterback play you know RG three guys eating. And having exactly the immediate RG three area I'd like Matt Ryan. You know Matt Ryan's been playing better lately tough matchup this week he got him as a sit -- the niners obviously. I'm not getting anywhere near Matt Ryan when they're playing at Frisco is no way. Now any of three of those guys like Andy Dalton and Alex Smith likely him the dam better than him correct. Oh yeah absolutely not it's to -- it's a no brainer. I would bet I would bench Matt -- this week in. I think it's hard for me to go to the scenario where I would not that should -- This. And has not to do it you know like a Matt Ryan who by the way I've grown I think I've gained a lot of respect for him this year oddly enough because I think he battled. But I think he's played some pretty good quarterback in games where a lot of guys would have been able to deal. -- has logged in as the wind either which you know that that was an obvious. You know you see that a lot more -- -- all this unfolds so badly so quickly and so early. There hasn't been a lot of chatter out of there and then that I think that says something about their coach and quarterback. -- -- played out the string but they played -- yeah I dig you that given some credit and on the I did I agree. Come -- over -- -- over the running backs. There's one name that really pops off this list that you put up today NW -- had to come with stats and sits in its Dennis Johnson the Texans of all get along. The error they're third on the depth chart back here we are in them be in the finals. I think almost universally with Tennessee football you like him as a start this week against the Broncos. It's I think it's certainly when you look at teams that are playing for their championship in their league I think there's a lot of teams who. We should keep a guy like Dennis Johnson on the bench this week so they're really good however. If your team where's your strength is at cornerback receiver right and you been mixing and matching running actually -- well. Continue to mix and match in this case is a guy can help this week and the basic the basic premise is -- right foster's Golan. Ten K -- garden on. Did you reserves at some level there's very little threat to -- to his job right now and his his his one week job. You know then you look at it and you say well the Texans actually in terms scheme they're good running team. And Dennis Johnson its directory -- -- rankings and a -- like that -- smaller she's got a perfect player by any means. He felt that if you give kids are running lanes -- someplace similar to a guy like Bobby Rainey. You know or or or -- like Todd that you know you it's there's so many talented running backs -- there that you give a test basically to make plays and Johnson's all of those guys he can make some place. -- and running the ball against the Broncos. Any thoughts. The Broncos. Theory should have a pretty good run defense but by the numbers they've been you know just -- -- Don't you can break some big plays -- Chris -- Did -- -- because they can be data there on the road to. And good segment that it was Chris Johnson is he's in the Earl pardon in the early. Well not early -- from like week one to week and Chris Johnson was a guy just you know. It frustrated as soon as button in the in the back cap as he predicted that Audubon dot com three draft. You're right on the money. Under the sun in my got a trade for got a trade for got a trade for frustrating owners and then boom. The schedule lightened up and in. Here he comes in right now. It's the titans at the jags you know on the jags defense has gotten better the last few weeks actually picked them up in the league but. Run pretty well. Yeah they're they're different services is just solid. And but but you you see him as a potential stud this week -- new -- going back to -- Exactly I mean it. Did they think the reason he's in there and I'm sure somewhere there's to be somebody read this article go to our -- thanks thanks retaliation circus Johnson did that compare responds yeah. But the thing is I'm going through I'm I'm sitting lineups in the once he -- the that still lives for many as I had a rough wildcard erupts semifinal round that you do as well. It's getting worse by the day until I felt better about it last week nights at its peak and. I wanna talk about Jamaal Charles just for the -- podcast you know my. He. He drop any -- they had McCoy -- that we before. What comment what we talked. Out to Chris Johnson -- do -- could duplicate Johnson and you know he's on the bench in I think it was 23% of the league's. That I was looking at comic well a lot of people benching Chris John. A guy who lockdown as fringe or be -- on other generic week and I still have him with -- the top 24 backs this week so. By my numbers. This is the guy who should be in line -- this week. And like you said. The jaguars haven't played two decent defense but this is not a team Johnson doesn't know. He's played against them many times. And I you know and I think sometimes too much is made of contract years and probably why do you think that's something we can talk about too much is especially in the short term. But having said that. I think Johnson is a guy where. With all the rumors about him potentially being cut in the off season because he can't play them because they're paying in and an absurd amount of money. He knows that if he doesn't close the year strongly. It's gonna have a huge detrimental effect on the signing bonus he's gonna get from his new team if indeed he gets cut. So Chris Johnson is absolutely. Would -- to put an exclamation point on his feet and I don't think there's any question about it whose -- Yes you do not have to worry about this guy you know if you're one of the people who touts his work ethic and I actually don't I think you actually push hard the people incredible. Pride. If you are one of the people worry about motivation I don't think you have to this week because I think. Whether he had a big game or not he would consider. You look at the bust some big plays and there's I mean it doesn't matter what matchup this -- -- always have a chance to that the big. -- -- and that's ready that's what he gives you he's what he's all those big play guys and you know. You're in the finals he did a big play for not a bad -- to have I thought oh what would a look at its it was like what you hate to have. And I I don't wanna throw like you know about the reverse psychology whammy on people but got I cannot imagine how upset I would be if I were in the finals and -- -- Chris Johnson lighting up on -- bench. If you get -- -- early and it just look at them like a kid got eleven yeah police trip trip I. Took twenty. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know he's one of those guys you the trade if army drafted him for the for the one purpose that he's a guy to break one -- guy in the finals right go forward. Right and that's an end and -- you make sort of an interesting point because I do think guys like Johnson. People tend to over think it with guys like love or calling you know just intense strike out couldn't see the big play in the trouble. Don't think that -- yeah. Don't and I don't think it is going to either just look at him forty -- he's a guy who can make one or two huge plays every week. And right now he's running well I mean if you look at his stats over the second half this season. Said we can't but quite frankly I I could -- all of -- but I think it turned around about we do need yeah because he stepped up and had a pretty good game. It's tough team like Sysco -- out of respect to correct we actually expected that -- next to him. But he each other indices around a week earlier than we actually expected. So yeah I you know he's he's a guy where. Yeah you look at match -- so a lot of players but you really have to have a monster running game Tibet Chris -- The ticket and if you do have a monster running game -- great pro Russian roll -- out. Now same game. You know but it was just go back and yet week seven against San Francisco seventeen S -- in it but I week when he comes out with 31 against the ramps -- You know 73 against Jacksonville the next week which again expected shut out. How much it was against Jacksonville. 73. And then you know twenty point game eight points and 171015. -- -- who put up points folks yeah so you know again in what you've got a compelling reason. Stick in your lineup and hope for the best and you might as you might end up getting some nice. Great and and I think that's -- it's in the breakdown helps people as they listen and -- -- so. That's helpful. I don't I don't like to just look at results. But when you making your case. Have we do when you're sitting there any yeah I mean obviously if the guys in the guys put up straight one point games that means that matters. What do you think he's good or not you know an end and and our. There are -- where you have to look at the situation like for example Antonio Gates. I watched -- the last six weeks but I take -- look back until Q looks OK I didn't look at the numbers accountable. But when you look at the matchups and you go over -- -- that this tie has said the play. You know. Have to good defense is in football. In an amount that aspect it. -- -- -- And you also have the emergence of the emergence of that there is Korean to. -- why don't I don't think green hurt -- as they are playing together night but but if you look at gates insists is good game against Miami and Miami is. Well -- suffer receivers and tight ends but you know we had a bad game against Casey the -- game against Cincinnati. A bad game against the giants number one thing the judge do well I don't and I said yeah and an -- -- game against Denver. But I so that's pretty you know that's a string of significantly tough matchups against -- -- -- this week the blood so for me. In this particular case I'm not gonna sit there look at the 21415. And 2.3 decent bought more. Public the match up and say you know it is Antonio Gates and play. Yeah and San Diego's plan while coming off a high to. -- aren't so there's a good quarterback and I'm pretty sure he knows where gates. Yeah and it -- they kept coming up the baby two the resident football league. And a so actual. So that -- pianist play let's let's digress a little bit back into the running backs and that seemed gamers CJ is one -- against the jags. The Jackson Jordan tuchman. You know and others. Rumor that MGD might come back but you Khatami as a start I'm guessing -- in in love. Maurice Jones-Drew. Exactly I mean obviously I think it in the Ron Burgundy and -- -- -- out of -- -- definitely wanna do that. Not just because their command to his coming out but because final -- about four months ago but like gosh -- actually hearing it's not bad a good. But I mean it's it's weird to put so much promotion that they had I don't think that the tell anybody that's been completely exactly. But it was six or put them to promote the booklet and -- better. And I you know reminds me out if it reminds me of witnesses for -- I'm dating myself and -- -- the audience likes this but. You remember I think it was the 88 Olympics. Maybe like 88 Olympics. Dan on 92 Olympics have a Dan and Dave Spitzer like the castle eats. I might not think these guys like Wheaties boxes. And had billboards all over the place like these two guys welcome to find out. It comes to -- -- in the united resemble the game. They weren't all parties that won bronze between them at every event that could have on the track and field itself as a little bit of that predicament to. I was almost as bad as that where that figure skater like Dan Jenson Intersil. A desk none of the speed skater -- There -- together to speed skater he's O'Donnell today that he felt his. -- don't know if you if you are sick -- just talk public service to our our listeners if you are. Thinking about considering a career in speed skating -- you don't wanna fall down a lot that's one of the key things. Opposite an American it's active and it's just via your beat you cage movie that accurate speech -- -- out. You might actually. -- -- don't watch your own -- I did I smoke people about it mentioned -- And isn't that graduate job -- limited ability to partner you know. That's the which. John Rocker -- It probably would -- is. She did a sixth because six tactical over the house sit back and one missing in the -- and that's at -- exit. Or. You know Mickey -- rather there a decade you might wanna -- the -- he did he made a big guardian and imprisoned. It's that's get back to couldn't well like booster yeah can. Get them. You know and by the way there was somebody in the chat last week one of the start taught there -- I think it was Bobby -- So if you're listening. So I meant yeah that was I missed that one but you know in my defense she did you get -- -- question you're gonna miss a few. Yeah I know that that sent back -- that that's you know and we talked about in the podcast on MG TNG deal last week but you know. He is listed as if either of them play -- like the matchup. I think I put in the rankings it is -- -- JD's active cut goes down to flex. And still. -- episode came out of -- on the charges we've seen this -- before asking the hard runner. On this thing that scared about last week that he had a tendency when he gets more than two -- -- -- to get -- So I was concerned. Even at the fifteen to twenty -- level that we were projecting. Yeah which you should get that expenses. Well -- can't -- that we were carriers like so you know. He definitely. With a guy that we felt he'd been banged up earlier along I wasn't sure if he was really the place to get back. That kind of touched so I thought maybe Denard Robinson would get involved more need to. But hey you know what did you can't always see this stuff and you know after last week obviously had to get out of as a starter if Jones-Drew is out and you got yourself day are strong flex -- You know -- RB two. Is a practical application of of of this conversation which is. Stephen Jackson. -- ha -- Oh Stevens has as Stephen Jackson's been running really well. Com hormonal league and it's been. Yeah. And it's been also -- with him is up for awhile when as a bumpy year. And he's been finding is carries and in in getting in the end zone getting some points now. With a bit of a tossup you know between Todd -- Maurice Jones-Drew. Yes Stephen jacksons are pretty steady is that really rough matchup that the niners this week. You know would you play a guy like top men. If and JD was active against the vs Stephen Jackson that was decision yet to make. Or the if you if I'm JD it was important to consider it's -- If they're great Shuster is out I start talking over Jackson don't think about it -- -- -- GM right now but that's what I would do that. You know it's funny -- Jackson. To -- The issue. I think everybody sort -- going well you know falcons are out of it now. So you know because of the anti rejection you know. What's the motivation but the funny thing is Patrick Stephen Jackson used to write it was -- -- he's playing perspective this kind of year. Used to it not being in a -- one of the few people that locker room was on it's okay folks but next year so you know I don't think. This situation that the prompt Stephen Jackson it's the opponent yeah. You know and granted he has had overs correction decent outings against separatist group especially before their defense was this good. I just you know I do not want that land line at the right now -- -- playing very well defensively than. -- it was a match if you look to -- if you can. Yet they're ramping up and again at six. Since there with ride you wanna sit Matt Ryan elicits the objects. I would say sitting Matt Ryan is more important and sitting Stephen Jackson yet. I personally yeah. Let's move -- some receivers. And let's consider running back rejection might be you're two back and that's -- she played up yet for the best right discourse and there's definitely to be able going to be in that situation. And I mean I I assume. Our readers are Smart enough to know people that -- thanks to him about why it. It's a -- relatives sent cease weaker this week than he normally would be and exceptionally so in that there's really only. Maybe two or three defense in the entire league digital that you're gonna hear the questions here -- Right and you know what if your if your team is constituted. As such that Jackson's like your flex play well this might be a week to him rather consider four receivers in the. Exactly maybe -- it exactly maybe you've got. Reuben Randle I would play Reuben Randle or Stephen Jackson the. Yeah in innings a start to a great example great example. And Rupert let's talk a little bit about him as we transition over to wide receivers. And look at some of the starts to put up on WW dot com today. -- went Randall giants lions a -- up this year. He's a guy that it is so much upside there and it's it's it's in the equation of when upside meets opportunity. And maybe this week. Then it's not like riddled the guy hasn't been doing well yeah -- really good game playing as the third options but when you put about there's a second option. You know there are some guys. -- they play a lot in the slot or they play as a third receiver to put up there's the second receiver it's not the same player anymore. You know all of a sudden they're playing -- starting caliber quarterback. And they're not getting free the way they do against third quarters to work the door when they're playing inside obviously a lot easier to break free when you can. Cut in both directions from the sideline as the defender so. You do have to be careful when these third receivers stepped up to starting. Positions. Wimbledon -- those guys this guy as number one receiver potential that's the kind of talent he has so this is -- guy where. For all we know that the last time you know we can never be a third receiver again for all we -- you might get -- -- number one receiver for the next couple yeah. Is it's a really interesting there where it's like you know when you're. Like a chewing gentlemen time for him and hello Orwell girl wink from that those guys can get open they've got two weeks ago but two days ago letting go up fielding left thinking that right. -- -- The Quebec played outside most of the time we did make a deployment orders. Yet but that you said you know vs going being number two receiver in the sideline is -- defender. Capsule greatly appreciate that better than Revis watch -- Revis is sidelined against top notch players. He's. Nobody better than Revis when it comes to using the sidelines accord but -- but sort exception of. Now so -- so I guess it brings about. Something to talk about which is. What you look for in a receiver that gets that increased role due to injury many -- samples to be Harry Douglas who was always a third receiver in Atlanta. Not a style slot guy like a long guy and so. When the multiple Douglas is a good example guys broke right when the opportunity opened up. You know it was electric -- by the way -- guy were people wanted to pencil and inside in the -- he got outside they got a. Salsa dancing for two years so. And -- you see Randall was a guy who is probably -- cast in that slot role. Because of his skills the skills that he has the physical skills the strength the speed all that stuff did to get it done on the -- Actually that's used you nailed it Doug that's exactly I don't think I think Reuben -- a -- where. And encrypted when -- when we say he's the third receiver that doesn't mean he works exclusively out of the slot what the giants do -- they move all their guys around the got a lot of priests snap motion. And you'll see Randall lining up outside you'll see crews in the slot and you'll see next in the slot you -- bunch they do a lot of different stuff so. You know seeing -- Randal the third the third with third receiver there 46 slot receiver not entirely accurate. The way you might say about a guy like curly on the jets yeah or Santana Moss so the Redskins are chief of violence on the Eagles. Or or or Welker and a woman who generally work inside the pats. And noble and the planning its lines and lines have that you know that fears front four. But you can you can you can throw against them. In the back if you can avoid the pressure. Yet the key thing with the lions is. You're you're gonna have trouble working from my point the pocket. Visitors who are hydraulic the jets to brush pocket and -- recorded you know what it helps a lot -- your quarterback can move laterally. And you know if you control on the move. But. Yeah I mean Detroit the back end their defense is gonna give you some opportunity especially on the outside. Excellent and and how would you position -- -- this week has become but a good solid wide receiver three. Yeah I mean I think I've got him pegged -- again as a third receiver. A really good slacks -- attacks against. Great flexible and as I was able Portuguese reflects a lot of weeks as the third option yeah -- and good matchup when the giant church. Functioning well the amazing thing about the giants pitchers how little they've done -- -- really I mean I if you put the three receiver side by side. -- Nixon were -- -- circle that was different you know trouble figuring out who the starters. You know it's been academia for the giants and Eli Manning I think you know I mean everybody knows he hasn't played well. But if you look at it you know about fantasy point perspective. I mean it's -- it's it's mind boggling how old war Manning has. Now he's got an unbelievable weapons -- I think you know what you guys who quarterback I'm not -- not Eli Broad if you go from week five was the numbers. These are weekly totals. Thirteen 1412. Bye week 10s171614142. Point eight. So that's the actual believable unacceptable like which is water well it's the only acceptable part of how often quarterbacks get hit that -- unacceptable part. And yeah I do think Eli as. To some extent. Protect himself. You know I especially over the last month I think once the season has sort of been wasted I do think there's a little bit of you know I do think try to play the string out a little bit yeah. And I don't know that I blame them through the you know that they don't have a whole lot to prove in terms of their -- players know that giants I think right now on the larger those players that they need to get the off season. -- they're really action team and Nazis and by the way I am not convinced. The Coughlin survive that. Which would be amazing -- I don't think he should get fired but. As a new Yorker I've pretty good feel for these things it's one of those things -- would still finger put up in the air. To -- the devoted couple Traber right now I at this juncture conservative I think they keep them but French sentiment immediate sentiment. Not with a couple. You what's funny in it's it is even when. I mean he was on the some crackling line. Would play -- -- their first suitable patriots you know and then and and frankly. Yes and frankly he kind of was of -- -- Super Bowl run a little bits and it might not have been as real as the first time so that's not surprising but it its interest -- this does not fall because I mean. There is a lot of talent there you know it and treat cure or treat yet that's the kind of team that can go from like. But what were they when they look at that this year six in 107 and nine they can turn that around to be a playoff team they've got -- right particularly in that. Today's top of my head but I don't expect yet not exactly a cup of 500 of lull and totally ineffective and it's below. It's definitely below. 500 win that division yet there and terrible division eloquently put them plants -- out of its way to but the giants are five and nine total that would -- so a 1000005116. Intent. They -- yeah. And have a chance to really good player is going to be one of the few teams that might be in the top ten portable quarterback. So you know the judge could get they could afford best known quarterback in the draft so. You know. They're sleeper for next year that. Yeah I mean the giants of the kind of -- stage. Get the offensive line put back together if they go riding jet had a really dominant left tackle which they could and it's -- to -- -- -- -- -- this year. They're going to free agency get a couple glue guys for that line up. Yet they could come out. Very good offensively next year just try to energize those they have needs that linebacker they -- -- the back in the defense society just -- successful. -- In terms of what -- we either. Yeah that's a canola womanizer and he's adjusting -- -- it's important but let's get back to some receivers and some nice -- to -- That don't if you oval but anyway but yeah. And sometimes it's nice names to see which is you know -- disappointed last week after having a couple months or weeks is Eric Decker. And done the Broncos are at the Texans at the sweet matchup. You learn a lot about my personality and robust personality this week actually because you see guys like Decker. Who burned us last week and marine who burned us last week and we're still recommending them because. Well quite frankly that's just talk about such as the only rational thing to do sure. Couldn't believe I can't really deep seeded team. Try to take away a running back in the passing game I've rarely seen defense is commit to stopping running back as a as a receiver. But with the dolphins split after early last week and it's a sign of respect. Yeah. And say you know it's. I was I was baffled by I think it would -- some credit worked. If it did. And he was he was not a factor and he's been such a factor since he came back but -- If you look at you guys are making good yardage on those are those receiver screens yeah day and I still. And and yet Kevin don't you know didn't have an update nine yards here -- -- I think one of the reason you -- at most places to their squeeze numbering. Right yeah I think you're right. So silicon to deckers and a good and good deposition this week to succeed as a start. A couple of interesting names at the bottom of the list. As starts to -- all players are really like -- -- -- Obama likes and you'd like Riley Cooper Emanuel Sanders and corner all Paterson. Don't think cougars got a really good chance to getting the second -- Ben and I I think he's got hit again he's a guy were could come out -- you know. Fortify at this point say yes he's got that low potential troops guilt of could not score a couple times. Does he hasn't had visitors in a score in bunches you know. Yes and I think this is a weekly that certainly could happen -- got a whole match up of -- big game for the Eagles they definitely want to right the ship after last week which terrible. So to me and again. You go to try to break into Q3 guys that -- -- Cooper did not start but for most people I think Riley Cooper you know you're a twelve team league pretty strong third receiver. Yeah and and that the super strong flock to safe slacks. Yes yes and no which it deflection and dangerous work as we throw around a lot of other people do as well when -- says he's strong flexible twelve team league. That doesn't mean he's -- third receiver that means he could afford perceived right. Because a lot there are leagues that use the -- as you're third receiver can also be -- running back. But we're we're talking about -- we're talking about a -- starter yet we're talking about in addition future receivers and your two running backs and one tight that the exodus of people understand that. -- that's important clarify and I think any of the guys in reciting now Riley Cooper Eagles vs the there's Emanuel Sanders in coral passable fit for different reasons. Sanders like you said -- he's a guy who. Aren't out yet -- a lot like Cooper in that if you're a fantasy -- you can look at him and like he can score. He can also kind of go dark on me but. The latest actions really it's singing Jimmie he has called dark barely at all yeah let me last week was a bad week for Sanders but I think he's still put up about five point. Yeah he's actually he's he's he's steady. And very steady a steady that I really thought it would be and obviously -- You know but he had a -- -- hey -- you know patriots are stupid they offered a contract for reasons. Yeah and actually Pittsburgh's offense playing better too which is a factor in brothels are and a lot better than he was. Absolutely you cannot double the outside the wake Autry and Miller plan. There they've been you know it's this is Steelers you know it's -- built steelers' offense but they've been pretty good up. In other -- that markets we try to get on the field they can't get about the NL. So then but I stood by the way I still really feel strongly that we will be they're starting receiver next year. Sure -- -- mean look we -- of our economy yeah absolutely we've found with tackled this before which is you know oftentimes run to bonds does such. A deep dive on scouting and finds -- guys sometimes it's -- you know so when we -- to talk offseason -- -- we might be a got to look at and again and ms. Emanuel Sanders might be to get his stuff -- status out. Sanders. Particularly national security Lance. Yeah you know it's gonna have a lot to do with money obviously community like the jets step would wanna go like that the -- I don't see right. Should people what -- are -- less serious injury it's I don't see the patriots going after anything offensively other than maybe a tight end or offensive line. That it -- They definitely need offensive line up and it's been a big issue all year. Some security even with a pitchers didn't need Italians now it's a -- always bring and multiple. But it doesn't have a draft items because they're the patriots that shook. The Celtics and a -- -- dog right now with. I mean I think if -- patriots thing archipelago the idea of the contest is gonna come back and the idea is gonna come back and still be good football player -- and you know I think that's probably going to be the case but at the same time. I think for those -- you know. You know there were people -- self contradictory -- just said bad -- well let's -- it's going to church but yeah. You cannot count on Robert cast it was 64 organs were you just can't. Period it's sad because I think he's one of the best football wasn't of the scene appeared on the side of the ball but that's a fact. I probably government decided eulogized you but yeah he's a heck of a player and you know if -- the patriots. Now I think moving into a different category he's not a guy is gonna get you to the playoffs again you really want to make sure he'll be when you can't help. You know you need to find a way to do yet. You know -- did to bring in the weekly groceries without him. And tend to be able to take care and and you know it's. I have to say I -- watching gronkowski. You -- since she was in college. And over the last couple years she seems to me to be one of the players she's been hurt the most. By the new rules in the NFL. In terms of you know you can't hit up top right you can't go down low and he just takes shot. Aftershocks. That -- I need region. And but again I'm I'm sort of talking out of my backside here but it judge it without the stick gut feel kind of thing but he's one of those players where. He just seemed to take an inordinate amount of shots. I've been saying since the first time I saw him play as a rookie. When he was really making an impact in like this and did you act the yards after the catch and just dragging people with -- -- just wouldn't I just. -- I want to actually did when you're a popular dragon people you leave yourself open for some other let's in the injury was one of those times. I want to wrap his -- -- bubble wrap everytime I like to pick up the -- you know -- -- this is so. That we used to -- to try to that would Pennington on the -- That in this. It was a body and then the horror. Everybody loved having him but even the offensive -- world bit discouraged with his frailty sir David -- was the can. Yeah. -- -- -- You script that we got we got far. So Pennington could go to the dolphins went division title but -- Really thought about all you want me to even greater was that's part of was a depiction of -- -- to -- a two part to a team trainer so that really just completed the whole wonderful. Experience picture that it suggests and then just -- content that we should do the opposite. Opposite jets. Saints of the DeWitt that again we got a dialogue front a little bit but. You know for all those reasons be it in his back to Sanders for a minute. Is that -- -- really need the defense ministers the field so. Despite. That's -- yeah. You've got it did abiding but did you did everything they need to receiver they just need to get it open. You know if you got voice Dobson and kemba -- and they Amendola Angelina went quite frankly can be used to act. And I don't think that's good enough I think it's. Just flat out good. It just needs to stay on the field stay out. Obviously he needed gel all these players are fairly new to the patriots system with the exception element which is one of the -- been leading on so much yeah because you know everything's still go absolutely. So -- to me. I'm sure a lot of pitcher since. -- out here. Obviously my level of sympathy is very low. Because you know I root for the police could provide. -- you know to me that it should have had a really good year. With the exception Gradkowski. Sense that that's a gunshot there's no doubt -- but apart from that to me the patriots have while waiting. And that's the key right. I mean that's why the pictures of the patriot and the jets the jets and the bills the bills because we rebuild it pollutes the the patriots rebuild what winning ten games. That's impressive. That's what they're doing they've brought it all these new receivers -- -- that I'm sure the patriots were playing with anybody who -- the playbook. But they got through it they won games they've figured out and now we get through -- when you get this group of receivers. Through the off season and into next July and August. I thought I could be wrong but I have a feeling the patriot offense is going to be really. Nasty and pursuant. Race yet you saw pieces of it with Allan green and awkward together and unfortunately Johnson. -- Tompkins and boys weren't playing at that point I think you're right that there's enough there but. Will seek out his. I think what -- the patriots become more dangerous is when they have. Rather than have lost. Or gronkowski. Or some big stud player that they lean on they might be even more effective when it's just waits. We used to cattlemen's. And options. And settlements excuse me and him and dole is just just they just can't comment yeah yoga students who which guy just hit us we don't know it's no one of those boys guys they've got a probable. That's the patriot offense I think this scares me the most -- Because I can't take a single player away. Yeah it's. It becomes the Brady offense and that to me that's the most scary isn't breed out there and your tendency free that's when everybody knows what's going on that's -- I'm close to that sort of cut. Yeah does is it that's -- that's when he thrives you know. Yeah I mean obviously you want to help because don't get me wrong but the idea you know what we saw as a football fans. I have to say. Root for the patriot but I have to say I watched every game this year yet and I just continually impressed. At the way today just. Go in. And you know what we saw this year was. The learning on the fly. No matter what happens next year terms injuries that -- indicates. It's gonna have guys who don't have cable company to be it needs to be the starting point for next year going to be a problem. -- so I. As a -- fan I mean I you know if I'm the jets general manager drug synagogue folks we got to get on the stick because these guys up north. They're again they're not fall apart yeah where we have to catch them they're not coming back to. Keeps on sure writes what I want as it's actually kind of a good tease for the offseason but before we do. I think a perfect where. You know ha -- As -- That's right -- But a perfect person to kind of -- with that as a final start to talk about at the receiver position -- Cordero Paterson and the reason it's not about him. For a couple reasons one. We talked about how -- -- dot com. Oftentimes fines players that. Aren't on the radar screen is a little bit early on the and -- kind of qualifies for that but he's he's shown himself this year finally Minnesota gave him a chance you know they they untied his legs. And let him kind of do a little bit it was gonna do and in here ER in Vietnam incredible week for fantasy football week sixteen. Yeah. And down here are in the -- week. And you've got to listed as a sit rightfully so on W dot com stats and say it's. Yes -- so I start I -- does -- start but I just that's Elena skates and some jump in a little bit. And talk about because it's different Dwight Decker why Randall like Cooper my standards are starts verses like Patterson stuck so. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Tucker I think is there a wide receiver to. You know Randall we think it's three with two upside Cooper Emanuel Sanders are solid series. Patterson's -- -- more of -- You know but. As I say in the in the border. Garbage time counts -- for us into the don't sit there and give you half points 'cause it occured when the game was already decided and I kept the same as you know from a couple of years ago -- development. Fisher kicked out and while that is certainly did you know it was. You know giving Chris Johnson you know -- when they were down 100 point yeah at least 78. Rips off seven yard touchdown costs. Tax very key wins you know that Tennessee football it's real it counts so a guy like Paterson. You know if the vikings are down. 35 to forget. Or twelve days just beginning. You know so. He's definitely got -- I'm not afraid to play this week in it deeply if I'm looking for flex option. You know I'd rather play him at a guy I don't think it -- upside control we don't -- course -- this week. Or about -- so again practical application -- a guy who's been helping you at at running back like Stephen Jackson if he's not a running back to a new team maybe he's a flex guy. Paterson vs Jackson. That's closer yeah you know that's that's that's definitely moving in the gut call territory. I'd probably -- a poet Paterson yeah well the upside you know as we embark Randall let me -- we. With a guy we're cardinal before I think Randall rejections pretty close to. Clear -- -- which is interesting about like you know Stephen Jackson. And in what his son Jacob look like purses. What -- Patterson's is gonna look like if Jackson's gonna scores probably going to be early NF Patterson scores it's going to be late. -- -- or really anytime you don't need it stepped into Paterson to look at it you know it seems out of that and clearly gave me. A commitment to making sure this guys can get snaps and touches. And you know some guys like OK it's possible for five times but what does that really mean comparisons case. It can mean to seventy or school and I end up that you want to be in the world in the week they won't get to them. To change or kick it to the twenty yard line. And letting you know letting one of linebackers returned to thirty rattling -- cracked the as a Smart community. Yeah well it's it's just reality I mean he just made it -- too darn easy for this couple weeks of the season and I don't want -- don't arched up. You know so it's. I think I I eat people can probably totals and now I get excited about quarter of Paterson I can't help it does when you watch much football as I do any cease to. Few players with visibility. -- it is it is that it did you -- last year but why would I would say this I think -- I think on. On Sunday when we do live chat you will. See his name and a couple questions at this to to assailant yet you know. And at any -- he definitely has bust potential because Minnesota is not. You know they're not the special offensively. And the match up against -- stuff but you know what if Cincinnati its intraday defense -- -- -- injury we don't know but the act and -- -- -- -- have a place where they might give up some place that's probably outside. Yeah and in in -- castle like the throttle. He's found him you know. Capsule look at and -- support good genetics but yeah. And it did -- by the way you know Greg Jennings is playable capsule and -- not playable anybody else and -- anybody and Greg Jennings of -- -- the reasonable explain this week. That's you know -- put him in there. It's anything else -- time. I was gonna say just a couple minutes of -- that that I think that's a good rap on on starts and sit and you know good luck to everyone that's out there this Ali. Yeah I you know bring it -- go get it in dumb and and finally before we. Sign off for those -- view. Who what you Tennessee football fix but maybe are not the ball this week our apologies but. There's a great offseason ahead and jumpy at at Audubon is going to be. Providing content in the off season. The entire offseason -- right up to the draft through the draft. And then in preparation time few draft so let's take the floor -- -- -- talk a little bit about what our listeners can expect her conduct on. Chart thanks I appreciate that I think one of my fears is that when people and their seasons they turn off the -- for awhile. And then you know what that's great if you -- kind of person who wants to immediately jump into your fantasy baseball preparation. I get it I the united I can be that -- myself. And -- -- -- it's it's ironic because when we started wrote about four years ago we want it should be. The fast -- to fantasy football success we wanted we wanted to help people who jumped into their stuff in July. And we want to make Smart as quickly as possible and I think we did that pretty well. But the one thing we kept getting from people is we want more but you know we got a lot of emails saying you know. You've got to do so we're starting lineup or why it will how communicating these reports during the off seasons so -- we thought I woke essentially we'll show you -- And people seem to enjoy that we enjoy it and it did definitely brought traffic to the site more than we expected and we're gonna try to do really awful. You know -- scouting program this offseason rather than you know last year we did about twenty guys we felt were underrated. We're gonna we're gonna just got a report from all the guys we cover this time and so for people who were real football geeks for people who. Just you know fantasy football something you. You really don't want an off season. Where -- where therefore that's you can stretch that fantasy -- any time you want erode -- and it's been interesting if it's not just. A couple of idiots talking about fantasy football it's -- You know it's not fact that they're telling you stuff that's really gonna matter next September. It's real stuff and if you want to get a sense of that go on to wrote a bond dot com. Hit the scouting reports to take a look at -- Paterson who were just talking about an in depth analysis that Pete provided in the video real. Which it really didn't need anymore commentary I saw. It -- example and because you know he he he music guy where a lot of people just willing to. And I can't rule. Whenever the you know what is -- basically calls and people out like -- you can't just say. It's sort of giving complete which is a lot of people wanted to do. It's actually have to push out there and say well yeah he's inexperienced. We still think he can do it. You know and and and you know it was sort of like Cam Newton. You know I would number one number one in the draft but he still had so many doubters really did and keep I think it was if I'm thinking it might have been the first. It might have been in the first. -- article we have -- for the I -- I think a lot and we said you know that if you call came out its first -- -- And nobody's saying you know be careful look at too excited a little like and a -- Excited and go find -- caught on your freaking team and secondly your roster and it would now how do account people who drafted him. But obviously a lot of people who listen and and you know once we saw played for -- I think it'll probably it'll habitable learning curve now. Not so much. So we need to. Take pride. A lot of pride in the not dodging the question. And if he sometimes that's not fund -- -- yeah I can see why people are scared at risk if it is the time and sometimes we say. Wouldn't. You know and sometimes caution courts can -- example we executed now that's stupid to -- and good player. The guy's gonna need probably runs 47 of the -- coming it would seem the sort of get an aerial Alexander Malcom Floyd and -- -- broad. This thinking yeah this is probably brought here for keeping them. -- as the responsible thing to do is to not pitcher wagons to. Exactly but. But an -- Alexander ACL injury count Malcom Floyd hit injury and all of a sudden you got yourself a primetime players so. You know it's -- a guessing game but you know you're always getting -- Everything we got you're never gonna get. Information that it's us trying to protect ourselves our reputation would always gonna put a lot for it and -- -- and he go back and look what we did last year trust. You know you're gonna you're gonna read about Dobson Google Voice -- about him before they were patriots. So yeah it's it's so we. We we take a lot of pride in. And we really enjoy it. Out out out a -- audited as an art no science to it and I think one of the differentiators you get with -- -- vs any other site. Is that you get both you get the art and the science is science to it. In -- football line in his analysis of the team there wrote upon but there's also our. Choices and is amazing and but the it is hard -- in terms of like you know knowing football. And knowing what is gonna translate from the college level to the pro level and why and you really do get -- wrote a bonnet and dare I say don't really get it anywhere else. Kazaa I see it IC people in different sites copying the content that -- wrote a bomb puts out there and. We do accusation that -- did what you know what it looked in -- we got a guy on our staff who coached college football. You know I think that yeah it's a high level. You can't teach. You can't make that up you can't he can't go -- -- somewhere -- there's nothing I can do just that to myself I'm lucky I have access. To somebody with that kind of technical. Knowledge and you know when it comes down to me loading and actually. It's nice to have a guy they're controlling water on me sometimes the there's a couple tactical things don't like about this guy. You know that's something I have been a lot of people don't and I'm lucky. Yep so check it out so you don't go and go to -- bond you know right now. I think Kevin is done sort of catch up in it what's gonna happen is folks when the season ends. I'm I'm reliably take a little vacation because I am running on empty -- but once we get into the new year in January you're gonna start seeing. Scouting reports popping up. They're gonna pop up slowly at first you know you'll see maybe one or two week but when we start getting closer to the -- after construction of popping up every day every other day. And there's going to be information their information it's gonna help you in principle of 2014. And -- it I mean I can't tell people enough how much we enjoy. The -- part of a bucket yeah and it's no different for every day you know you -- two -- fifteen offensive football season. You're intensely into it because there's so much at stake up but you're not seeing something new every every day. Right that's why -- avoided chamber ring today as we talked about him. Yet we don't need anything let you know what else do we need -- achieve great. But yes for me Christmas starts in January. I'd rather different player every day and it's fun. That's great that's great well so identical wrapping up now Pete in give the we'll come we'll tell tell policy analysis would have advised. Which is you know first and foremost the the rankings. Four Tennessee football quarterbacks running backs receivers and tight ends are up and active in live at Radovan dot com will be updated on Saturday and Sunday. When it was into the podcast here check it out on and on another page you can also -- back to WEEI dot com with the starts insist that we talked about today. Are up and live and then come back on Sunday football Sunday 11 AM live chat at WEEI dot com people take. All of your questions help you out it. Dive a little bit more into what we talked about today what you'll see in the rankings VC in the stars who sits on the -- dot com. And that will be updated if you'll be all over the Twitter universe getting information from across the league. To help you out to get questions in early we say that every week it's getting bigger and bigger live chat WEEI dot com. On a Sunday this Sunday and to all of our fantasy football owners out there that are still alive. Go get him. Get that titled good -- Lean on Peter wrote -- -- lien on the that did the job at the live chat on Sunday hopefully we can help you out. And dominant big thanks all season long to our friends at Mohegan Sun are presenting sponsor. A great place to go great place to play and have some fun. You can do that -- check out football action all week and all for the rest of the season. And big fixed everything that a group than listening to -- fixed UP from the content you've provided Eddie I'd dot com the season. And I yet thank you Jamie for doing the podcast what does send my thanks also good to -- -- for helping us present. This contest and obviously. Once again thank WTI for bringing wrote about it it's been a lot of fun. The home all right guys go enjoy going to leagues and we'll talk to you soon. --

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