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Stephen A. Smith is jealous of Boston

Dec 20, 2013|

Stephen A. Smith joined the show and discussed the Celtics trade rumors. He added that as a New Yorker he is jealous of the success of the sports teams in Boston.

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We always look forward to our periodic visits with one of our favorite people from ESPN's first take. Principe ice -- joins us on the AT&T hotline. Christmas happy new year Steve how are you. -- -- happy new year -- -- we're doing very very well we're were kicked out a bunch of stuff today and I was just about to make the point and there's much discussion about whether David Ortiz who signed through next year should be given another year on top of that I said no in fact. I would rather spend my money my Max money on Rajon Rondo. Be the centerpiece of this Boston Celtic. Rebuilding basketball team and extend David Ortiz does it. Sets in your mind you data can figure out whether Rondo wants to be the face of this franchise going forward the reward him with a Max contract you and it. Well I would pair Max contract because I don't think either Mac play you debate -- point guard. He deserves a lot of credit and and that but he's not exactly box so -- got the different than you'd you to open as somebody. I have always had my own viewpoint on -- way you did did did the difference between stars and superstars. And then it's -- neither superstar really that got that up these could be as blocked all and all that with the exception of say 810 Duncan. You know he just went so you win multiple championships so would have proved that he's black being. You can get over that because he delivered -- Not to say that Rondo not audible ring because -- at the end championship wondered where they would ask you. And he's an elite point guard in this game that's our focus earned and deserved a lot money. But I wouldn't label him a superstar. And I don't think you necessarily Warren maxed -- would go back. -- the top point guard in the NBA Chris Paul makes eighteen million as does Deron Williams Derrick Rose is making seventeen Russell Westbrook is making fourteen and Tony Parker making twelve and a half. Would you slot Rondo underneath Parker -- above Parker well. -- -- I would I would I would I would I would give him more than twelve but that. They -- I think that -- deserves more than he's getting but I would give Rondo more than twelve million. All I don't think it Darren Williams deserves -- dollar because he even though he's the big top talent. He not proven to be box office. Now once and more importantly you know he doesn't have that championship for the -- debate so it depends on the situation where you understand why -- -- doled out. Dollar but it terms of what it's worth I don't think so when you pick about the apartment Chris Paul. Chris Paul would not just in the league point guard but he box because he's orchestrator. All the -- it. And that's what -- a lot to do with that that would have a lot of them in the removed at Staples Center and have somebody interest -- a product that Donald Sterling Google being. Also we understand that when you look at it Russell Westbrook is that let -- of the results that charge you see what Oklahoma City went to disable. That combination of it and and Kevin Durant what they bring to the table at night in night out basis that you simply can't imagine of course he's worth the money didn't get it which you look at a guy like why don't. Rondo is the big top one daughter and orchestrated no catalog -- but he's really really limited that aware of the shooting. Obviously stepped up the big moment -- -- I think none of the denigrated because I want why I don't Rondo on my team any day of the week. I I'm not saying the Mac play. -- -- Oklahoma city's example and those -- a team that team was -- with really high draft picks between. Westbrook and Harden even enter ramp and keep grinding and -- -- social situation where this team is over achieving any bad division in the theories here. Stephen that they're going to pick thirteenth fourteenth that's sort of you know -- spot to being a professional sports than -- the first round the MBA. Each year can you rebuild the becoming a really good team again. By doing. What I don't think he can let you get really really lucky you I think you really need really to. Out there except that rule and you know a little bit later wanted -- you can spot the people they -- -- -- export. They. Brett the does it does not in exceptional young coach I'm on the big -- I think Danny -- did an incredible job. Giving and that the next coach of the -- -- -- -- where it was and I think what you -- even though -- mediocre. It's still more than anybody expected the product -- the man that would coach young man. When you look at he's got into the world colleges in the world and others. They played really really ought to go out in the -- available. And they fight and that's really what you wanted anything you just need a bought talent -- -- take over the edge. I don't in -- that play I didn't want to make them better. I think -- can help the sweep into the playoffs. I've -- in the league point guard on that level what you're talking about the championship. -- you cut the to a championship contention that. Mature content globally -- this rock you're not going to be on that bubble there's no doubt my blog about that so you'll meet you may need to you don't want -- The kind of packed it in to get better. Is down the world that the -- add extreme value. To quiet. And yeah once that he ought -- Speaking of looking for a championship let's turn our attention to the lakers in my opinion Stephen -- that we at war without Kobe they are not a championship basketball team. Why did it make sense or bus to give him. 48 and a half million dollar maybe unfair question asked the morning after we find out he's out for another six weeks at least. Well I think it's fair because I think you know that I disagree -- got it Baylor. Wouldn't say you get paid for what you can do about what you are not the combination of all of those. I think when you're spot on chip in your former league MVP scored champion. You've done that and that Kobe Bryant has done -- We show the world as a commitment and dedication to be in the best that you can be you're not only have the requisite skill that you also have box office. Appeal and that felt that have been set that. -- -- For the lakers still in the arena whenever they -- -- the world because people want a war could be achieved cult replies if something to be shipped to the state is obvious there. Because people wanna come the end. That's something to be said about being bench role. In the end of that magnetic attraction. At the of the individuals. Ultimately wanted to become a part of legal lol what they've been with Kobe Bryant in the aftermath and the goal at that that -- -- have back. Then I'll -- dead just the -- a -- but the other thing is that got to remember what we got injured last year. You'd have 27 would you want game that you -- -- so because you -- Europe. Guys that both the regular Skywalk in your letter -- the middle -- that's one. But as Ray Allen and various other individuals have proved it. When your game becomes predicated on your ability legal prowess as -- aware -- -- -- play and you're not necessarily as well why it. Upon he let it stood in the way that you want more. That is no reason to believe what you're fundamentally sound fiscal ones as knowledgeable about the game is that what that that -- he's. With the ability to excel from the perimeter. There's no reason to lead. States he can't continue to come back induce an average twenty to twenty the game with didn't let them that we expect such. And I think as a result of that. It just spot making -- two year commitment to him on that level that's just my thing. I I think I probably know the answer to this question metal basket anyway which team do you think is more lost the lakers for the knicks which has the bigger fix in front of them Stephen. I think that it had that the knicks so. It ought to put in the world. On and it's incredibly -- to have this conversation would abort the greatest thing because I'm a native New York. What about you guys respective stations are a -- the fact that about it and let them go -- -- -- I'm eligible for. Until a suitable spot right now the reigning defending World Series champion until all the until the what dad bought this because dammit if you look at that -- that apple is like that they. Above my head in it and when you look at the New York Knicks. There are definitely. At the top -- -- that are built a team of frank that that is great shouldn't they do. Make sure what -- It is forty years it has been Ortiz. He went -- that the New York. At at eight championship. You did I don't get me on the first round -- the player of the first content -- that actually would have fit these forward. You got everybody. In this -- at least from the standpoint of being competitive. Lying. He -- that the believe that maybe just maybe you will compete for a championship. And you start out like this that put etiquette putrid as awful. And -- -- this topic is the new York at the one of the worst thing and it's -- it's mind boggling that these record when you have. Assault like about it they I don't know what is it about it like a black -- Wear that around quite chairman of the injured -- chaos that. Suspended Raymond Felton is injured you know -- itemize these shot only. And we did it seem to know we're pleased that site. It quite. Pressing saying and especially around christmastime because the reason the NBA's schedule makers thought it was cool. That it playing poker today and that that -- -- I just don't get it. I don't understand that it is their plan against Oklahoma City so we know that the law but it is what it is. Along his -- and survive. You know a very good week to week off. If if I had sources tell me dead when they blew out the Brooklyn -- a couple of weeks ago on a Thursday night. -- what they had not won that game. You're that far that we. Obviously winning that game and but but thirty have been beating aloud about thirty the -- you know a couple of nights later. Granted in the water -- but even then they came around it stunk up the joint -- about 41 the ball. And that is that is eradicated. Them over the previous two games. And then and then may be -- -- it was the other night went. Key and the play is. Made Alicia terrorism with the timeout and everything like that all of a sudden even on a block against it so now maybe walking it dated -- It's week to week Lockett news that. I don't see him being in the coach connection here. Because they didn't re up in Connecticut the option you know that third year that contract assistant coaches. Did it at -- contract extended their contracts and that and that he does as a result all the bad I think that in writing is on the wall. That organization is clearly going to move the different directions. After that he's an -- I just don't know whether or not they'll give Woodson told this year but they'll let go of. Stephen you mentioned the a requirement a lock to be championship driven and so -- go with my final question with this is there a palpable. Fear in the NBA and specifically in Chicago the Derrick Rose will never be the same. That's probably if the probable -- -- because -- -- and his game is so predicated on the -- to. You know you -- -- -- -- considered the two most athletic point guard. In NB a it's a regional effort Derrick Low at this speed the quickness. It just wouldn't -- -- he added that the had a deep problems. All of it's it's -- great concern to that organization because he's the threat. He's the closest thing you act of Michael Jordan. And if he goes down it's like starting all over again. It's a devastating blow to this organization because we all know what they tell you -- world. Chicago Bulls -- championship contenders. And without. It's just that they obesity. See I always a pleasure talking sports we -- thanks Rick at some time for a Merry Christmas and now talked he'd on the road. General Eric I bet you have a good day today with the government had and Dennis on the AT&T in the nation's fastest and now both reliable Ford GLC. The network. Did you happen in buffalo. I I've I have yesterday I have heard tell not talking about the hockey no lie about the hockey game. A lot of behind the scenes from a lot of stuff cool yeah I did hear this will it would happen it was ugly.

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