WEEI>On Demand>>Woe is me! It's tough being negative in the City of Champions! Dan Shaughnessy, the heroic anti-fanboy!

Woe is me! It's tough being negative in the City of Champions! Dan Shaughnessy, the heroic anti-fanboy!

Dec 18, 2013|

We break down the Dan Shaughnessy woe is me column in today's Globe (why the front page?) and poke holes in his straw man theories and name calling.

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Our did -- disease called today in the globe says your sports columnist is here right not to root. He gives his credentials forty years twelve books thousands columns millions of words. And asked very simply do you want coverage do you want celebration. You -- objective commentary and analysis or do you just want. Writer and fans rooting for the local teams to win. It goes on to say that he was in Florida over the weekend with the patriots and talked to many patriots fans and they kept asking him. You want the patriots to went for -- believe apple whatever -- that apparently kept asking him do you want the patriots to win in his answer he says is unsatisfactory. I don't care if they win I don't care if they lose I love sports that loved football loved the story the story can be great win or lose but I'm not emotional. About the outcome sometimes it's a good story even if they lose patriots or ravens on Sunday he says is a good example. The living on the edge patriots win it's off to the playoffs if they lose to the surging hockey world champs the pressure mounts it's a good story either way the game suddenly bigger than it was like you wait for the game and I don't care who wins. This part. I totally agree. At that point. Totally agree with -- I understand that as a columnist he shouldn't go in -- necessarily. For one team to win I'm not I don't want him to be the ultimate homer when our reports in the rose. I'm looking for that either I just we have somebody says okay he says on I'm not looking -- -- -- -- either one. I don't we I can't wait for the game he says and I don't care who wins if that's the case. NATO if -- him great idea I don't I'm not rooting for anybody but I can't wait for the game I love sports on. He then goes on -- with a couple of you know a good comparison to Tommy Lee Jones in the fugitive. And then he says that the -- economy Jones in the fugitive was he. The US Marshal right -- just like to -- incident series I'll be right have a theory it would -- entertainment well not -- -- it was a movie yes but I upshot is that our jobs at the toy department don't think so c'mon now now -- If that's me I write the stories I care about the stories but -- my head hits the pillow at the end of the day. It does not. Matter to me if the patriots won or lost in this comes and and he explains why. This is how we -- trained as we were trained a few decades ago we were instructed not to root for the home team. Just delivered the story in the analysis. We stop here but you don't believe but he doesn't do that well that's true. Why don't -- don't duo. That you know. You're you're not just delivering this is a long time against arms he's been a column columnist for a long time forty years twelve and books thousands of call -- -- at war -- have been a columnist for forty years been in business for about forty years and -- wasn't that long. It's a damn good countless for a long time and -- if you don't think he's damned damned good columnist he's doing exactly. What good columnist does this day's news at all he's irrelevant just talking about it who still I can't stand Dan Shaughnessy which you which is still freedom. Read them all the time. That's his job he's got longevity and he's good at that. What do not. Insult me by telling me you're not rooting for something. Figure out how these people. -- trying to -- especially in sports. Stop trying to claim objectivity in sport you're not objective. Even when you say you're rooting against that team or you're rooting for. In particular thing happened that's not objectivity. Look up our writer look up the definition of objective. You'll have some. Are -- -- hardest and in some way. If you're not eight mentally it's his word -- not a fan boy doesn't mean -- objective to major on the other side of the street. It's subjectivity. Dan Shaughnessy is written twelve books ever written twelve written for another one in the works I am more news about that bill coming up yet and when it works for an but he's I've written for. He's -- twelve. Always root for my books. Always if if I read about. Terry Francona like he did. So Terry Francona 2007. I knew that book I was working on that book one of the Red Sox to win the World Series makes the book more successful they won the World Series -- He is ready for Terry Francona last year in Cleveland -- the book it's better for the book. Curse of the bambino you don't want the Red Sox to win the World Series. When the curse of the bambino was -- that to validate your whole. -- You're rooting for something. There's just don't and you're not ready if you're rooting for storage and that's subjective you want a particular thing that happened. C'mon now. And it if you are if you're not rooting for the patriots. As the as a person who lives and dies with the patriots in your you're upset at work on Monday morning right that's one type affair. But if you are in radio newspapers TV. You tell me -- is that good for business. When the Red Sox win wars are bad form to its good for business we make more money when the Red Sox win we make more money from the Boston Globe make more money when the Red Sox yes rewarding for the Red Sox and so you can stop that. I don't I would say that's true you don't get -- really cares what it does scare his his company makes money or not -- I don't know whether that's on his list -- -- -- look at this kind of different ways and we both have our own problems of this and I hate everything about this I think there's some interesting points. You know Dan is talking about how things have changed in the in the actual press box. Where he used to be only the secret guardians people worked at newspapers classically trained. -- how to be objective it's better and he says you know now it's just because of the Internet there's fans who were in the air. -- man -- going to go and press boxes and I don't see that. I don't I don't see a lot of young fans were working for some brag on the Internet that find their way -- -- people who were trying to aspire to be. Like in Shaughnessy -- working for the Boston Globe as a columnist I don't hear people cheering and yelling and screaming at a press box. They may prefer that the team wins rather than -- and there's an element of trying to connect to the audience which Dan doesn't care about he'd rather go the other way and that's fine in the -- I don't necessarily see it the way he does but I understand why he sees it that way lesser programs like their ballots are all below that I'm getting too -- I think is bigger than this after spending four years in Seattle. Which is. Different which is very very different the media there's not -- The media there's not angry. The media there's not critical the media there doesn't do very good job of holding the teams accountable to anything and because of that you've got a lot of bad bad years for all of their teams this year Seahawks notwithstanding -- watch Russell Wilson on TV behind. They're they are not held accountable by media by by by. I am -- and so. There's a lot of mediocrity at best in that town Seattle could use a -- honestly absolutely -- -- I was there big big basically thought I was Dan Shaughnessy and I'm nowhere near our Matt Knoll are you I don't think so my -- not -- it's wavy. Let's not really early the way his -- as is that. This was -- this is the -- paragraph that stood out to me. Trust me he writes when I tell you this whole thing has changed when I came into this business in the 1970s it was okay for sports reporters to be skeptical and critical. It was not a crime against humanity if you suggested the patriots or Red Sox might not win the championship or perhaps might not be serving the best interest of their fans. It was OK to occasionally poked fun. And he would Sullivan or Billy Sullivan of course the X owners of the Red Sox and patriots here's a problem -- whole paragraph one it's still OK to be skeptical. Nobody and especially getting skeptical and critical nobody in this town -- saying hey don't ever be skeptical critical and nobody nobody is. Ever said that in this town -- ever looked for radio hosts or it's columnist. To be the biggest cheerleaders for their fit for their teams that's won they've got a -- now -- John doesn't and that's my point is mentioned John Henry doesn't mention Bob Kraft. He says it was OK to poke fun at Sullivan -- Sullivan -- no kidding. Those teams would have been better off road bike Gilbert Sullivan of Sullivan and Solomon are horrible to the worst owners that ever existed in sports they were disasters. For their franchises in many different ways is Bob Kraft. It is three championships and five or six Super Bowl appearances is John Henry it is three World Series championships in just over a decade. -- that you're telling me that you were supposed to rip those guys the same what you did he wouldn't be elite. It doesn't make any sense so what does -- saying I wish it was like the old days with eighteen socked amicable ripped -- because the that's the case you just miserable. There there are few things one it's a tricky -- I believe this I believe of all the jobs at the newspaper. Short of being the editor and and happy that you answer to a lot of people and having to. Having to Wear a lot of -- as editor of the paper but. To me being a column not necessarily -- sports content sports columnist and developing your columns but in your opinion not here at 34 times a week it's the hardest job at the paper right. They are for the most part the best paid people with paper. There. Most widely read. You'd think about newspaper sometimes you identify with there with their columnist whether it's sports or politics or natural whatever it is. So it is a is a tough job to have overall. Exports out and now let's get the sports. It's that it's a tricky thing because you're not as Dan pointed out not talking about. Wars. You're not talking about advances in medicine or science and if you are you talking about Barry Bonds the wrong kind of advances in medicine and science. It's it's funny -- to support department for a reason. So you don't have to be. Woodward and Bernstein if you are those guys you're probably. He'd probably don't have the readership you probably don't have the popularity that Dan has today right. You can't compare what you do other parts of the paper are journalism -- you are a journalist. -- -- -- With the with a journalism degree or something like that picture. Those guys what's that threaten that is the problem when one paragraph here he says that the way it is and other departments of the legitimate news operation journalists who cover politics science medicine labor international relations asked to put their agendas on the -- told the story the report covering the Romney Obama election is not supposed to be an -- candidate. Why isn't for them to be different for us wait -- -- the globe. The difference Andy he says why is it presumed to be different from possible answers his own question. At the end he says. In the spirit I submitted the -- I submit that the thirteenth -- to -- to unfortunate ending the season please don't -- this is negativity it's an opinion it may be wrong but it really won't matter if I'm right or wrong it's sports entertainment. It's fun and it's not gonna change your life -- -- one way or another. Right if there is no question sought to going to be why is it different. Because this is like it was definitely wait those are different kind of different different because -- that was different if you've got to be subjective anyway. And it being objective at that look at that. If you're going to be subjective. Why what is what is the harm right in wanting the team to win the -- you don't think it's all of the teams to wait and do you not go out -- it's possible. About Bryant made a career out of it. And one at the Celtics to win of course he did but if if if the Celtics were the Celtics were lifting the Celtics were in trouble. About -- tell -- yes -- sports -- absolutely were dropped he obsolete and that's what's so interesting but this time right now is that people feel like you have to be divided up. To homers and and trolls but there's no in between either you like the team and so your homered everything -- do is is because you're an excuse maker for the team and apologists or your troll who's walking around saying everything the team does stinks when clearly it doesn't stink. All of the teams in town and -- are starting right now every ballot pretty good I respected Johnson dale he's a very good writer I've enjoyed is called I think he can be very funny. I think he's got a great mischief history he sees evil where it's out parent tries hunted down and expose it. Find it he's got an investigative. -- to who -- is on the book he wrote with -- a great example of it. I think there's a lot like about the answer honestly that it is part of what gives -- reaching character but I don't understand this I don't I don't understand where it went from. I love the team and I want them to win. And I'm so I want them to win enough that I'm willing to point out what they're doing things wrong because ultimately I understand the fans want them to win. Where to go from that the thinking that people want them the winner in boys. Where does that work failed poisoning I just. What a difference. If they envoy in a fair word or explain now what happened what happened last year went up this time last year. Was being criticized not Red Sox fans. At their boys and girls and boys Red Sox fan boys and girls this time last year hated who. They said they -- ownership Larry Lucchino. John Henry Tom Warner they were disgusted they were very disappointed at going into -- the beginning of this year the very beginning January or February there was skeptical they were critical. They're -- to the Red Sox but the Red Sox. But also critical of ownership both things can exist. You can exist you can have. So early you can be critical because you want the team to win so confused -- -- I hear from you guys 617779. 793 so what do you make of this what he make you -- to see what he's had to say today the picture by the -- great to see the picture. I did it's if Larry -- talking and this is giving in the stink -- from across the table it's awesome 61777979837. Your calls next rockaholic WE yet. -- say get a life. Text message you're 379837. Says they envoy just -- rose colored glasses all and is realistic line art final by now. And voice in this area there's some. But -- Is that the reputation and makes it sound as if that's the majority of fans around Boston fan boys eternity century uses to. Beat down any positive -- right. And can still a positive opinions of their team right they like them they want them to win there critical when they lose and are not doing things right not on the -- succeeding. I -- does that become thing Campbell I guess that. Unless there's a straw man involved -- -- men involved when you have brand more prominent panel right now announce it when you when you mention that you mentioned fan boy that means. Some straw man argument. Is about to happen and let just let this get ready to hear what it is I'm gonna say make up the fan but I think we're but. He does have a point in this if you are me. If you're writer. And you are in Boston. You do -- your your journalist working for some publication. You do have a couple of things you have a couple of things that you think about the fans down. You're you're thinking about. That angle that you're gonna write your thinking about the masters you have to tell all depending what you jobless -- -- both sides of the stories reasonable flexible facsimile of both sides of the story. And fans don't have to think that way. Yeah yeah you can't you can't think of at the same way that they do urine. Yeah you're in the same position at parent but not really. And that's what's great caught in a fan a fan boy -- not. -- started this. What are supposed to let. You're a fan of a team most of the time they go over the top when their team is doing well. And they are irrational when their team is doing poorly there's there's no ballots and there's just -- that's what -- demands hate it also just this whole thing sounds like one polarized extreme. Talking to the other where most people who like sports listen to the radio and read the columns are somewhere in between -- -- on the cape 61777979837. John government. -- Ali -- you know dropped from the -- and what's up man. Mike I know you think I'm a one trick pony and I just talked about the lineup and I don't I don't I think not like you -- subjects like your passion of mine. What are you guys occupied. -- write a book you you listen to me right now Dan Shaughnessy. It'll happen in the state in the media has been that it felt from the -- and I. -- you guys. Each team to promote their work routine account -- golf ball. I'd bringing -- and you guys have a month off off on the bill until we joke you think you're gonna about it here. When you guys included in honesty and world -- -- outlet I -- we can do what caught. Wanted to come out slow entry into. Find out eagle project. Art school Lee. -- you no. Driver -- group without the you don't country Colombia OK you guys are all it would be eighteen and you guys are checked. And -- it might not paying enough. I don't John -- I don't want to hang up NIC do you hear me saying I'm an objective. How prominent an objective reporter I'm not. Not what do you aren't you judge your -- you know what I sent. I have never claimed I've got this job. I've got to listen to my god John just not talk to talk about Canada I like John a lot in dollars to element of its past every time Eackles. You know made the decision probably when I was twenty. At a news internship. At the Cleveland plain dealer I was covering cops. -- covering sad story drownings of house covering up community meetings I was eight news reporter and I made the decision. At that time. The year before it was sports intern that's what I wanted to do it they made me. Managing editor should have gotten it was a bad history of the good news to be an internship and the paid internship great it's bad news. -- -- -- sports reporter but your sports reporting to learn how to copper fires and cops news new rules will break out and I'm gonna give you a -- was internship. And I decided at that point sports with a lot more fun. Sports reporter. So you'll are allowed you. Right with a little more player little more color of your opinion and the fans expect at the fans demanded for a for a columnist. And at times. If you are covering a successful. Team more successful area like Dan Shaughnessy is. Objectivity is out the window. -- as he would not have twelve books. In forty years in the business of -- in Kansas City. We are journalists we are entertainers plus radio. But for him -- I think he has a journalist. There's an entertainment. In the type of journalism look with journalist that he does your internal thing about it and he's a columnist. This is sort of that year did. In between -- you did the job outdoor journal you're you're not you're not a beat writer -- all -- -- I mean I understand the -- that writer I mean it's OK I'm not root for the team one way or another mama beat writer my job is to give -- the backs. And I'm doing my best to be the -- day in day appearance job does not give you the facts. Are they were it's to provide -- thought provoking entertaining column every a couple of days that's going to further my interest education or something. With sports it's not that different from what we're doing here on radio with it. Is it that different it's offering some level of an hour is some level of farmers Amish and ask him because he bleeds -- I don't I'm sure it doesn't I don't I guess I don't see it as being that different I know there's a lot of different ways to do both of these jobs not every radio host -- name. Doors every columnist the same but I've never thought of the two jobs. As being that different from each other. They're clearly different from reporter. I don't think that different from each other you've -- mumble yeah -- that Internet salt and all the poster calls WE. Our answer me that question Michael what is the difference between being a columnist -- quite glittery and -- a radio host as your -- It's a great questions talk of thinking about it. During the break and what have come down to would have come up with is. The medium is just the media -- the style to dissimilar job it is similar thought process right mind that you're reading is very. As solitary so if you start out with the premise you have a column right. In my case took a long time and guys are really quick writers it was not an inning and I am not -- right quickly. And you know an hour later a couple of hours later. You have your column and then you -- years you're done for the day. And radio he -- -- position at 2 o'clock your column position so to speak at 2 o'clock here. And years. Spout relate to fifteen to 3235 to four for. The caller who says something they kind of gives you pause maybe it's -- what yeah that happens a lot or maybe it's the a guest a big future co host whatever that says something. That makes you think okay wedeman. That's another way -- looking -- that's interesting I disagree with that part I agree with that part. And now your column has your your opinion has been strengthened -- areas has been -- in another's. And you come up with something different so it's more fluid in radio that it is. In -- But the idea of starting a tape coming up with a thought trying to entertain your audience. Giving a little bit of your personal life in your personal opinions right I think there's a lot of similarity there and it's I read this. And I don't know that you need to be over the top objective to be radio host I think you need to have some level of objectivity. It's the great mystery right it's -- great degree oddity of this career. Everybody who's in that press box got into because they love sports. And in most cases they love the team that they're now covering not every case but in many cases. We all got into the cause we love sports writer or if we if you don't they are in the wrong this pastor and -- loved I mean really largest sports crazy about sport but it was the most fun thing about like the sport that's why you dedicate your life to. But then you get into it you go to recovery team in and you've been on -- -- delegated to the radio. And the first thing you find out as well. I can't really be -- -- the same way of this team I can't root for them to win or lose the same way I can't. Certainly not gonna walk in wearing a Red Sox baseball cap in the Red Sox clubhouse because you people look at you like you're crazy yet that's not your job you're not our job to be quote unquote fan boy you gotta be a pro. But there's got to be once you leave that reporting angle once you leave the beats. There has to be some sort of a leveling off. Where Ari you're no longer eyes wide shot -- who just can't believe anything bad would ever happen and their team is the greatest thing in the world you're wearing your -- teacher paint your face. You can't be that guy. But you also hope you're not so jaded that you started to -- the teams and hate everything about Israeli when I read -- column today. And especially when I read earlier about I was OK to occasionally poked fun it would Billy Sullivan. What I read is I'm mad because the teams are now good. I'm mad because I have to do this. You have to be able to hate the teams and I was right this is a cottage industry federal rights and now I sound like a fool because I'm still pull it out the same crop. And yet the team you'll definitely life. It's working for dance dance of I'd like him personally I think he's a good columnist in his own way. But I think this is bonk I think that the -- sit around saying all I can't believe things are what the good old days we have he would Sullivan. -- man. What is it that it is it just hit -- it may now be pocket all. If someone like. A description and maybe most of you have been here for a long time. And you read the Boston Globe for many years -- you remember when -- started as a column columnist you remember. When I'm Michael Madden was right constantly mock those writing columns all the stuff yea it may go back even further rate FitzGerald so you don't need. The little introduction -- what it takes what the job is. But what if you had a new boss. What he had a guy. Who wasn't really sure you what the jobless that would have your boss. Has other interests like Liverpool in the Red Sox and you're trying to explain to him what it is if you don't. And he can't stand you and you can't stand him so maybe you could -- do what you read a column justifying and you are learning this as an audience of one I just like -- -- that we are they read this but he's right to -- another possible absolutely it's an interesting question 61777979837. Nick is in Wilmington -- I expect club picnic all I agree effort that went well Michael did a -- back -- -- Portland going to be. I like Nazis. A lot of my adult -- and it read it. Articles I don't always agree -- but I respect the whole life I -- actually read this article it will in all. Let. You know you get sucked -- -- -- suggested that -- does -- cup or the fact that China and there are a bit like -- -- You know -- Copper and ensure that their potentially. Well like. -- -- he has let. Ability to be as objective is. Would like be. Or or Schuettler has the right to be and it it it's an audience -- -- really really cannot detach them from. Why is that good point eight Mickey said he feels this way feels that way he's right to feel that way yes it is absolutely our. You're compromised. -- when John Henry is built -- if your boss and you work for a newspaper. And you cover the Red Sox and he is the owner of the Red -- Yes of course. Yeah it for content so that you see him leaving potential conflict enters an easy shot necessary you know oil and arms on August on his term is turning I don't wanna do this I'm gonna go try to work out a deal to write for The Herald. Did you see Dan -- don't of The Herald I can't I mean in this day and legitimate difference I mean I did you read in the physical paper anyway Kennametal so everyone not. How many people gone from one -- the other in the last decade -- -- I'm still getting used to Paul Pierce wearing the bottom and are already pretty not a million -- Brooklyn nets Jersey. I can't imagine that it does say Americans are imagine Bob Ryan Ryan let the globe for a while -- who work for channel five at the two words. Fish out of water if it is not a lot to a man Bob Ryan Boston Globe if -- owner of the of your paper dishonestly Haitian Boston Globe in Jonas ESPN boston.com six -- RWE EI -- I don't think it's. 61777979837. -- in his car. And I agriculture. Two point. Arctic char you just always about here. The conflict the collapsed -- talked about are happening now with Henry -- election locator. They're doing more of that going on -- Barbara Germany's so whatever he was calling somebody. Yes. Right traveling on -- playing hurt the team -- -- We had a lot of stuff going on back Spanish are. Tickets European exchange or direct call about it. Part and the call them get certificates that do whatever they were called -- stricker. Kevin you work in this business. You had a thought I had a feeling maybe you were to the newspaper business. I did fact that in my second point which you and blew my mind even more I'm one of those preamble Yahoo!'s in the press box now. I have we have our own. A little deal here. And who we do currently level we don't make a dime on respect for -- it's very categorically that there's a bunch of Yahoo! screen Democrats fox. That have no objectivity. These completely. Out of my. Kevin reveal yourself who are you in what is what is your -- what is your -- publication. Not that my brother and I don't often -- And again we don't because we love -- great and we've been -- it now for thirty years. Again when articulate Paramount of the bank -- we -- for the love of it. And for -- to cast aspersions. On people in the in the media gather a lot of young people in the media block. And other right that they are ready for -- you you can't call them airborne that you can't categorically say that things are much worse now back and look around here that this is its -- -- Let me let you are in the great idea that their parent you're right get in the business has changed I think a lot of fans made it to the fans really. You know you might you ask me. With the biggest difference between. Writing for a newspaper newspaper columnist being newspaper columns and being a talk show host will -- You don't have to wait. For the response that the wait for the reaction. You know it's it's right here they are telling you. What they want what they don't want baby what's happening in in I don't know if he's uncomfortable with this and I happen but it was happening is. People want more. And more passion. They want our. I want more subjectivity. And they just wanted to know what you think they know what you think more than ever. That's how would dance and he's saying it's the opposite these these two this is what -- heaven there's just documents is naturally the Internet is a good source of explanation for the new dynamic the web gives fans an infinite form fans. Have a place to read like minded people it's like one giant sports talk show but with no -- interrupting can imagine it turns -- that fans love reading other fans -- naturally -- all of their teams what -- surprise now they expect everyone else to love a team. It's the wild west of fan boys and so the industry has changed the press box is peppered with colts who were working for the teams that the league or other fans and wool was -- lie in the punch bowl who dare interrupt the fan fest celebration of flying a punch but I don't know I think I don't got -- he sees -- -- why aren't -- -- one lone man of object. -- any longer than it is crap you know it's not true the business hasn't changed that much ball lie and why before there was an Internet. Before there was. Four hat talk for a sports talk radio all the time -- full time and Boston nor Chan head. Damage Dan Shaughnessy writing for the Boston Globe -- a columnist people reading him. Now with the Internet with Twitter with FaceBook you have Dan Shaughnessy columnist for the Boston Globe. People reading you of course you're gonna have strong reactions. Positively or negatively to what you write and that. There's a sign that still. Wait five years living as a comes -- partners who. They replaced -- -- with. Shaughnessy and Bob Bryant. But both those guys talk about -- succession as -- -- hot oh -- 24 I think 1989 somewhere in there so. -- 24 years. In doing that right and everything has changed right landscape restraint but essentially. You're a patriotic guy. And people are responding to Europeans and the difference is there's more competition now there's him there's other types of opinions you don't have this guardian that the newspaper business -- always been. In some ways I understand what he's saying. There's got to be a role for the person who's looking at it the other way a person -- contrary in a person who says wait a minute there's corruption over here Bob all right I mean there's. And there is credit and Shaughnessy is partly that I'm seven cult about -- -- who won a game of -- he's the chicken and they're right it does a good job with this stuff falls on him and also the celebrity -- I thought he did a good job with -- dancing with the David -- article we talked about it earlier this year. I -- -- a lot of credit for that there's room for him in this city to do lots more columns in pieces like the one on David Ortiz. I think the object to the objection here is when you're making some when you're making up. When you're making up making him that he would it doesn't need to be there just for what the sake of your column that day. Oh I can't believe I'm not allowed to attack John and are able why would well here's the thing I can't believe I can attack Bob Kraft he's not like the Sullivan's. Why -- -- Christmas has done -- -- -- and to you and yours are still I don't understand -- throw something arsenic and thanks -- Out of the -- comes from banks that gas and we have actually personally it's hysterical that's Gary you wanna rip them go ahead. I smell a smell. Want and what I do know not only are -- ripping in on -- -- the problem okay. So he knows. That when you are strong when you are very opinionated people are gonna come matches that gonna disagree and -- gonna disagree passion right nothing has changed. So what -- A breakfast thing I'm all over it now. It's it's a -- accurately read into this 74 mile per hour fastball. Right. Down the middle of the free can play -- -- -- see it. The only thing that's changed. If the ownership. Of the paper that did everything he's saying he knows this team knows this and it's flight. He knows how people react he knows about random either it's. -- a but it had a letter to the boss or. What else to write a column about it up there that's went out of fifty jackets and -- hijacked. And guys. My fundamental problem with what Shaughnessy is not to be negative because. I don't care because of a point of view we supposed to do I think it the issue with him that he's simply not fair. And I don't think John Henry would have a problem which honestly if criticizing the Red Sox. Yet. There was a basis for these -- because I think and that management would probably say to themselves are right. You know let's say that he is he's -- color space stayed here let's address whatever the problem. I don't know I don't know about that you heard the -- clubs and I think when you are you have a business and I think most sports teams. -- they don't they don't really understand the role of the of the journalist they would prefer they have if they had their druthers they would prefer that journalist wrote great things about them all the time. Even if it if you have a journalist is being fair columnist is being fair and he's being critical. Space that I think about us you know. You would rather somebody say nice things and not. Now I think I think they're the same I even if somebody being fair. Even prepared. Mail and always wanting don't wanna -- and I'm gonna here I tell you how many times -- said something and somebody. From a team a PR person comes Lawrence's hey you know we give me the other side of that -- like. Yet no I knew that I just don't think that what you're saying is accurate or enough to trump what I've already said negatively about your team. It just doesn't cut it. They always wanna get their message out that's what they're -- always went and Dan's right there are some some organizations. That are out there really is PR wings of every team. But there's also a lot more there till he's got a texture -- freeway exit tweet there right here from Al Franken says Shaughnessy is wrong. Boards and social media are nothing but negative -- just taking shots at each other. -- is much more about hate. And I think he's right about that in -- in general has been split up many people are all about how they can come up with the greatest lying to rip their own team because they want them to be better. And just wanna be funny and how many people are are on the other side of that and is once everything is roses no matter what there's got to be something in between the guilty pleasure -- were going on board message board yet you're crazy yeah I know you don't like it now politically. I -- I can put that I want to go to Google offer a couple of minutes and -- And you're asking he -- at. Tony -- okay one more. Our reserves were from. You know ball buster 44. You could put a -- since in my actual sports calls here with a dangerous guys are our rules Patrick is in Maine -- insult I've Patrick. There's so you're dead after a personal car destroyed port open or open our mind that was kind of it probably gonna continue it won't recede and this portrait -- Mike. I know I think we don't know where you're at right. We we want to -- right that's what -- absolutely tackle tank that tank job well. Based on -- does -- explain it's -- it's probably not gonna happen here you agree. I don't know. I -- any age seems to be hell bent on making it happen this season is still a young what's the latest from eight latest from major what -- from Yahoo!. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That that may weaken their team for the short time. I don't disagree and and really what got my point is it kind of it's by the I don't know what happens all the history is okay but what what I wanna point out is Mikey he seemed like your -- if we don't tank. There -- trapped and called block and composite dropped and he's pretty much. Not think that that's that's an exaggerated. But it right at that impression that I got your probably right that he got urged -- I don't wanna help you out a little bit I think that there -- to drop from being lowered to lead your team that can make in the playoffs. Greta we're talking it has -- he can understand that but getting. The playoffs was I mean I think there's some players on the scene that I think we can build around I mean you agree that. There might be and and I -- happy for them to have some of that experience yet but that's trump -- -- -- got to have the stars man this is the NBA you've got to how the stars. I do not disagree on trying to there are some positive to take out there and foresee was -- players. If we're gonna build on them or built around each other we're gonna keep -- -- -- I mean. Yes it yes Patrick I think that's -- what helped Patrick you're right I think that's stuff would be great but I think it's completely overweight by the other thing. I think it's completely overweight by how much -- you could be. From finding yourself your next are you gotta find that star. If you wanna be championship team again you know what's great about the -- that what is too too big subjects on today's show Shanken tank. Until we got three regular bank and we got shank the big day in -- on your own the number there too ignorant to the back just in a car hi Jeff. I don't know what. You have to Greg are still OK -- Subtle delay of course over the middle -- it got this please dump this dump the school. On the shot yeah I mean what Bob obviously great -- -- action. How can people -- all the scenes are achieved a goal in all it it and it's -- shot you'd think orbit that sell papers. -- -- to work. You know it all you know although you know our opposition. So -- -- -- that -- about school. And you know I actually saw it. Eat -- under -- which which say a little earlier. But. And it beat before they've targeted separate sides want to get that Rachel really regard really compete at. Mike micron it and number first. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I hope -- next book Mike equals about. In our current and historic at the -- great salt. And start -- I survive that. They're everybody connected that kids are dying you know what you want and we're not as if what I survivor Natasha if you're gonna start doing Beckett Schilling on the phone for -- that -- -- -- to go we -- -- succession plan. Oppose open Mike you don't reveal a little while but. Are pressed even as. I think he sold me a whirlwind to -- -- just showed no emotional like that let guys know. Huge Celtics again. It would that they do to act does not the notre -- the -- going to be -- you know the ball drop of one another -- I like what's going on. The -- -- Apps had eight or leave it you know that could play like I'm so lucky. And Angel. Good player but what eat out. Yeah I think you know and Jeff thanks for the comments and and in the basketball to open a -- he's he's gone and Brandon Bass. It does or -- much of Xavier McDaniel on the keys on that level it if they can trade -- -- we were trading Brandon -- Court annually. And the clippers at first round -- who. For O'Meara -- -- -- -- -- loose short term and win long term effects guy hitting the findings can help you lose this year to win long term count me in for that 100% historians and it's going to be a series of deals it's gonna be -- -- pre president are -- special I like it I got. It. It still afforded -- playing going for us and Rajon Rondo got to deal. It here Donny Marshall early -- mark you're just sitting here hoping to held added that Jordan Crawford is is included in this happening don't be a first round pick form he's playing great Jordan Crawford would play. Three point Carty to want a great job -- that that -- we had from my Donny Marshall earlier. Justice Donny Marshall thought it was he was on a month Lou earlier but he said this on Yahoo!. That he believes there's a deal in place listen when it. He is likely -- -- I would just of the folks I talk to I would say it's it's pretty much a done deal at some point. It would be probably a mixture of of youth and athletic schism whatever that may be for the Sacramento Kings. So Donny Marshal says Rondo is going to a team on the West Coast that he was more specific -- at the Sacramento Kings in that rumor is true. Where you got Isaiah Thomas in the I've been -- -- more and got a couple of first round picks for Rondo if they would actually do that. Let's hope that the rumor is not true. And you are I would use -- -- after about an idea that's a look at your Rondo. There your your book of the -- account holder to candidates and I are not -- something else and that's I think that helps them or not it helps would like to make your city a little bit more negative also aren't more your thoughts on -- -- a lot of guys one away in there I again. I like -- I I enjoy talking to when ever seen in my really do I think he's an interest in sports mind you use the game differently and I think there's room for irritants out there. I just don't understand all of that I don't understand -- refusal to adapt to the way the world in the city's changed. And it's something that just boggles my mind 6177797937. -- policy on the table Bruins on the table Celtics on the table. Patriots Red Sox make it try to get a -- all three of the last half hour of the show assault -- at W media. Are six or 77797937. Bunch of things as I said were we're into here dish on his column today in. What it is you're looking for from your sports columnist and with a gain -- actually that I mean. I think we are looking for subpar for some objectivity I think we are looking. For somebody who can be in Europe and the question is are you just mad because things don't stink the way they used. All I can rip on Haywood Sullivan anymore oh I can't take shot at the Sullivan's on the patriots anymore. -- I have to deal Bob Kraft who knows what he's doing and is built success but shouldn't be a bad thing. I think that's the thing that's confusing and we -- of the Celtics and there. Up proposed trade in the power relates to them tanking Bruins who continue to win no matter what goes wrong for them to -- year calls. Paul who was in. -- -- -- -- -- Well the content they write it read in Hawaii act like sports journalism trigger. You're earning more I get healing you keep current and have been -- it doesn't matter it also matters the most. That experience in terms of like you know -- Celtics are gonna say that it really matters like -- and he does someone like hate it daylight. But like that you know argued here so much about sports and somebody write a column that you know incredibly negative or commodities like Charlotte it. Apparently -- part of you that -- the outrage you know get involved at the op. Who does not real outrage right. Right as that we talked about hate right I hate the Yankees I hate Derek Jeter and I really don't personally yeah I sporty Derek Jeter I don't actually you know. I were encountering him as I hated Jim -- sports take -- And Jim -- and then I ran into when Orlando and he's like a nice -- and the -- -- -- for ten minutes you're -- -- united gently on and get to that meant I would've I just that I ended up out of sync and -- guy the that he didn't naturally because -- -- that natural Segway actually it was a -- conversation I can actually reveal the rest of the details of that they're they're secret. But the rest of the conversation was so entertaining that I couldn't possibly that's a fair point -- yes I saw it. I guess what my. -- put us on hold it is I thought you guys critical and I got another call up I guess I'm almost there what you're sick and raised I got Howie -- in the other line about Bobby is in ways so -- -- ice melt. They are the only guys about it. Just a question about the Bruins ratcheted up a little bit you're what are you guys think the future hold further young guns on the Bruins seemed -- guys -- in what he's been. What do I think what he's I think they got a great future for the Bruins they can stay with them and we -- to how -- Internet bill. A flop it and in the direction of the Bruins and shelved by. I think as long as they keep their act together. While Bobby and John he's ashamed of you right now -- -- boy and boy you like the direction the Bruins are going how dare -- there in first place they've been to two of the last three Stanley Cup finals how dare you like the direction they are going wanted to kill them. What you see that -- crude can't play defense what you say Doug Hamilton is just going to be a boss like all the other young defensemen they've had since ray Bork why you come out and say a body. Maybe not you don't have to because it's not term you're right that. Did you horse pretty good of course pretty good but you know exactly talks about the young players -- that question is if you look at. The the top players in the Bruins so Tuukka Rask not to worry about him signed in time for a long time and he's a young guy. Bergeron. You worry about the durability. He's also eased to 930 years is the crazy but the big question is Zdeno Chara or are they positioned. Is there another start coming do you need another star. Well on defense by Doug Hamilton is in theory going to be that star right I mean he's he's I don't know what areas -- -- think so. He's so young and as we know that's the hardest position in all of sports to play at least according to each act Edwards. There are times you watch him and you can see what everybody's talking about their advertisers like I don't know -- to ever really going to be there. I think given time he could turn into something very good is going to be special. I don't know you know much like to recruit the right he's not a defensive players not a two way player. I think he survives on the defense today and especially when paired with other guys who were more stay at home. But he's not going to be that kind of the players now they can be report on the defensive and so. I don't know I think what what I what I wonder about more is what Jack was talking about today and we were trying to figure out how the Bruins have. Have continued to succeed when so many games even with half their team out and Jack civil what an amazing job by the -- right by Bergeron and Charlie graduated and there's Steinberg to okay Fonda. Was it that or is it and maybe it's both or is it that you know the guys on the fringe competitor good. They are Miller stepped since I know getting out of -- issue with a legit stayed home defense. That's the issue with the team -- -- he has serving Bryant was our our previous callers and he asked about the the future of of of the -- with the young guys but maybe the bigger conversation is. What what is a franchise right now franchise yet stable ownership. There's probably going to be. Charlie Jacobs and running the team and he's here now companies if if Jeremy -- says and you know I'm not the owner of the team anymore I don't think he's gonna sell its -- Have Charlie and and his tourist gets run over or are yet stable ownership. You've got he he recognizable. And talented president in -- neatly you've got a regional manager. Who has up put together knows how to put together championship teams competitive teams are and I got a damn good coach. So you look at that and then what I also mention those three guys went to gut and Zdeno Chara and Bergeron. You're pretty good shape so what you know what goes. One of those elements is not there anymore you look at the organization it is good enough now to the point where you feel like. This can be replaced through that can be replacing -- ago. Why and and you've seen some of that right I mean that app for Adam equator a pretty good player that you like -- am Quaid brings. But then you see Kevin Miller come in and essentially be Adam Quaid for a couple of different career games. -- fine. Interference -- their right unfortunately park house -- -- Nauru. Nathan Horton we can -- replace that we can survive without you guys and you know who the next one to have this conversation about has Brad -- -- -- and I mean if he's not doing anything in the offensive and and -- kills penalties well he's good in the defense of party of defense part of the game but he's but he's taken bad penalties as often as he does. -- -- Can you play without Brad -- and I think you can certainly you're winning with him giving you nothing right now. You gotta bring something back I'm sure there's somebody else out there that would like him but you've got so -- young players and you see what's Boehner does when he comes in. And and Johnson and as -- -- every game they bring in some other young player who had no way looks lost in the -- The 61777979837. Kyle is in New Hampshire talking Celtics icon. They got to take Michael course. It the Celtics starter Garrett major I -- -- -- trying to understand where you guys coming from the let me just what you like that. The idea of treating run though. Already your other top players for that matter inkjet screen -- Bradley -- soldier. Go to that next but especially Rondo you're talking about. Getting worse now you can land -- -- -- or by traffic I understand the great part and great players come and now. Particular one of those players and -- built from there well if you -- And you are blown talented player that you have now in the mean time to get want to argue walked a teacher. You still have to -- pieces around or in the future. To make that team -- I agree now you're already have three or. Very very good solid pieces -- Rondo I would argue are. And talking about you basically talk about trading in their own authority are no. Why pay cable car where before you go on have you looked at the details of this round altered. The sacrament of the details and Ameritrade -- you've seen them. Yet local. I editor they're all about giving up a lot all day long. Are all day long advocates and your being here and if you don't like they don't get it you don't like -- like. And I tell you I'm Michael tell you why because Rondo. That you want. I don't think he gets enough credit this -- so uniquely talented he's -- like any player. Well the point guard by any player in the leak when you look at what you double play dot. And I heard it mentioned earlier I think it was. -- that mentioned it. In the upper ninth -- against the polls. When Garnett -- now he's the best player on the floor not important the next seat and after that. In the Orlando Magic here in in the cavaliers series in 2000 and he would that player on the flip a lot of us. It's so Kyle that Kyle just -- one of the Celtics in the thing that. Well why doesn't -- mean seemed to think that I mean he wanted Doc Rivers seemed to think that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- They're -- -- my Arianna what all all superstar what I think superstar think LeBron and that LeBron Kevin Durant what you think Rondo is on that level. Great superstar talent by the opinion that the importantly the -- -- doing gentlemen I don't know about that -- don't care at all about endorsements not W art director Rondo out it's not a cent level now. Now. Well okay what defeat he can you know what else they passed a say yes. But that's that's only part of it -- to -- two guys you know superstars do they have about. Well superstars play big give you about seven I'll say about seventy out of 82. Seventy nights ID 82 they're unbelievable they have off nights superstars have off -- but not many. Your superstar can -- is not about just what. What talent you you bring it. And sick and my team leader can do I went to -- on this Canaveral on this a seven time while you're not a ton usually can also shoot -- -- is gonna put out usually superstars can you. Every time. But usually superstars can -- but even though it is not us nobody -- nobody's talking about his nobody's talking on his lack of shooting when he mentioned 2009 a series of polls we averaged a triple double for the insurer in general -- but if if he can play like if you can play like that I -- guess sustainable. The ticket -- like that. 65 Saturday -- -- yeah yeah superstar parents in his car hi Darren. I got a and so did our -- -- but one shot. I I didn't read the column but I didn't get the sense that. He's kind of like the old -- report shouting it hit it off my lawn. I mean a couple of like health and the wind a little bit of wind is mocking him back lot. -- -- In my -- well what's funny yeah I mean I think you got -- right it's not just that he's the guy shouting at kids to get off his lawn there's no one of those long. But he shouting it nobody's like they have no one is on your lawn please stop screaming. Exactly immediately -- into the dog you've seen like late night talk show host lamenting that. George W. Bush and president was abducted from and -- price joked about and it's like well OK yeah. So well god you know -- -- Obviously -- -- -- that use a little trepidation about and reading the owner -- you know use you know use it could probably Europe -- and her job. I do not get the -- one day. They are terrible -- ever. Years ago. Well Campbell I got up from golf that would be the car and best -- -- -- the Cannes Film Festival and. Yeah. That's good good about it but unfortunately what's your soccer and to unfortunately I've never worked at a newspaper like my -- Italian -- everybody knows I've heard from every writer ever upset. Winning headline is misleading for their column. They don't write the headlines. Yet so you know now it's our body in Iraq outlines or whoever got. Probably. Asian hey I don't know you're the what did you use trepidation is on the air with out of LA as its -- just looked it up. But what a lot of capital and the he's got a real -- -- I'm looking and operating -- trepidation as it's an adjective that's awesome -- -- good job I think you learn earned and every day thank god they aren't -- -- shall we you get trepidation is hey -- the latest for the latest from -- wants to prosecute them. -- the winners tonight that number one basketball and border out there. He says that. The Celtics and rockets are still haggling over which future first round pick goes to Houston in the ash -- deal. Sources tell Yahoo! so I understand yes haggle haggle haggle haggle. Do not give up anything other than that clippers -- we get time for maybe two more call 21 more Celtics call won't -- Shaughnessy call. Shaughnessy. Is Shawna Shaughnessy call and then a Celtics called shot as a question of you got questions. I can start texted him now 379837. Giving Mike in a car and then we'll take David mica. Being gentlemen I don't -- well I think particular talent column on that was 100% on the spot when you're talking about dishonesty and he got probably read. To see the doctor. -- not Iran had not yet is it is the objective or subjective. The only conclude that it. He completely objective always knows exactly personally it's let's look at -- you can bring you look at the globe the belly that I don't want my com has to be. Homered in the paint but you know what I can put back in -- like Bob Ryan projecting McMullen who aren't going to be bad boy. But I'm not going to be -- Reading and Chauncey is like getting a call not -- you don't want to do it. But your perfectly happy -- -- -- -- guy all he does each hole. He used it. Didn't they let in the all of the media market. Predict area at eight championship since 2001. They've had. I'd rather keeping it appeared that over that time -- and -- on the -- you can. Scott did the B port -- Important -- getting I'm a -- putting the weight of your life is -- -- -- a laundry is rooting for your team is having a -- out your buddies rooting for the home team. And Charlotte the -- what you just wanna be negative and Carl and it ended and he everything that the bulk up. Still stuck on the colonoscopy. OK let me tell me why that figure years you're gotta compliment them even though you don't want to. Tell me why he's it's necessary. To read -- honesty since it's something if he's got. I'm not god not -- that -- I don't think. Okay do you rate of Gregory. I don't I don't -- win the last that would collapse have -- Dan Shaughnessy column. I would say wind it was went in the correct it you did even better. -- Couple that -- and I didn't I didn't buy the book. To me how did you read the book you read the books I certainly don't know when the book -- I got to read the book I don't read the book it's so good that. And and. But it's a good bought. Mike I mean look I think that's the thing is that Dan as much as I fault him for being over the top in one direction. I don't think we can go so far over the top and the other where we ignore the real good stuff because that is great. Desperately in a minute and it might read the book -- -- -- -- you read the book. I I -- Yeah opposite opposite I'll. Worry got a lot go to the Kindle. Is it. And I later. That -- -- they have like Willie Garnett they got the Bob Ryan you guys who want an employee and like and respect them because they don't. But when you look and -- -- believe -- when -- -- Mike Reid or read. Saturday or something like that they enter the union and the public can't call them and boy because it doesn't get cut back. That doesn't that kinda -- -- people are gonna right. -- that's that's that's and I've been saying all that Mike thanks for the call I agree with that times are good -- no reason to be a jerk right. Pitcher when things are bad. But things are good but it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Gets done they bartender plus a lot more about it tomorrow I'll get it to the question coming up in a moment 37937. Any question any subject. Mikey adams' in the building he'll be here next rockaholic W media.

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