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Salk and Holley's Four at Four - Epic Sports Rant Edition - 12/18/13

Dec 18, 2013|

We tackle four topics revolving around the most epic of all the classic sports rants.

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Now word excel and holly story. All -- Fuller report or the -- Time cleaning. -- -- We solved it. And -- W. Wanted to do was ready to clock they're ready to go on this from the moment I woke up this morning and read it steal my thunder. Or four brought you of course by Marvin windows -- All -- ramps that I all the rain -- and we've got some of the all time classic story last night -- talk really talk radio -- Talk about -- Leo who all know and easily don't talk show hosts. Last night variance in southern Illinois men's basketball coach went on a rant for the ages. Guys didn't listen that halftime I just told radio. I'm struggling with is currently Olympic coach -- -- drama coach somebody that put your head down. We're soft. We've been able for whatever reason. About almost always right. Marcus often it often -- more general and Marcus was absolutely all. That's about as PG rated as I can say it. He was -- our -- all our three starting guards had one assist and seven turnovers but let's think it's a tax credit. It's unbelievable. How are starting guards let us talk about -- big -- -- let. It did go to that time. Can score more than -- -- only eleven shots because I don't mind why will it shocked by what. Those guys are listening current coach -- to me when you've got a young team it's like hamstring but you don't. You know what we don't. Just show up at all. -- -- you know in the city. -- -- slot on the that don't you don't -- as well we just an average. Initially. We just fallen. My gosh not a pretty half court. Two guys are -- half court it was unbelievable. There and I would she maybe she'll do six was active in our guys come -- we just nobody. -- I don't agree. We make three turnovers where we just came down at the ball I swear -- Well one time that one of our players and -- -- I thought about it yet. I thought I thought they sound package. I think Shaq because you just came back transfer first thing when you first published. How about this I've spent has argued what's your question about governance are ready. Here comes the question now that is a great rant by head coach of the team that has a great ran the press but where does it rank amongst the all time great and what -- -- elevating our laughter. I don't want it is so fresh it's hilarious. And -- -- quite -- funny part where he threatened to ask about rebounding. He served as a threat to my wife size doesn't matter what. It's all heart -- like these guys are absolutely awful if you ask me about him saying he was absolutely awful weird guy sniper. Sniper and -- report spellbound what he's a confident his wife would pick it up think. -- -- -- make the you don't have to do not have no issue okay that up to -- about it -- it just repair of an opponent who's number one recruit you know. Particularly great and all bear river development of the duress that's -- that's the best. He's still don't feel this negativity that's in this town sucks. We're about to get to that with Dan Shaughnessy here about ten minutes helped perfect what do perfectly it and I think get this greed is the most overrated rentable -- -- -- good ones don't like but it's overrated people give it much more critical to organized country. Mike Gundy what I'm Amanda import and a man that's good but it doesn't Dan Hawkins is my favorite guy Colorado when they were. We have that. I -- your -- to demonstrate. That they make him because up. Next thing. God -- the attack in an amateur actually are doing everything lot. And anyone I don't know about I don't think right and the downgrade. Really had I come after me and yet I'm. I'm not yet quite -- about me. It's great and why haven't we just you can point you start off time you start off their rabbis say are we knew we had to -- forget the actual paper and -- said. 75% of -- what's in the papers in -- -- -- to agree to a Dan -- you have Dan Hawkins. He's. My dad might decide it salute offers little -- demanding. -- you little example. In this letter. -- bombed out this year. The boys only get two weeks off. They start their summer can do. You treat it well we gave a weak start especially rather than anybody here about four. I love ballad that's that's my Smart server I love these guys they keep your fingers off -- don't know we keep. Avoiding the elephant in the room they don't compare it to like the real world in my case -- vacation is you've gotten that you guys get. Aren't the guys who cover you have fulltime jobs are getting paid it sort of you're worried about you guys keep avoiding. You expect a lot out of them because you're paying them to -- the guy short covering your. Table later they'd rather go play in -- murals. Not only do you coaches and managers rant but so -- players. It's been a lot of great ones but I think there's one that stands out above all others but what was your favorite player. Well the one that stands out is probably Allen Iverson got that it's hard drive -- -- Idaho in a practice it's just its soul it's. -- in the house will be France actually and we India talking about practice. I'm me witnesses we tell -- -- practice not a game rather gain that it Gary and I thought we talking -- practice. Not a game. Not a not not to -- down. Guardia and and doubtful. And play every game like is my last not to -- know what's what about practice man. I mean how silly is that we -- malpractice. I -- possible is beating analyst was lead by example. I know no Obama does not yet on Saturday you know like you don't mean to actually you do nonetheless important and I -- you know is ultimately you know. But we talking about practice man Brian what are we talking about -- on what your leadership and all the things you -- -- jail and out that you don't worry about the great part of a great -- interviewed you are. That's what. That's. He said publicist did better practice. Really. And third round -- the lines of the days where the equity follow that up pretty by thing. He said practiced more there that he actually did not practice. That's the one that clearly accidental but if you're just asking very personal favorites and something that is underneath Allen Iverson. Anything McEnroe related I love all the McEnroe rants any time he's demanding an answer from the -- -- No mistake about. 68. Yeah. I stand here. Agree that the ball is clearly. Ouch that voice cracks on it I love McEnroe back in the day I don't really know line is -- -- -- OK I love it. Our Lola art art heard. Since I moved to Boston. Or heard John McEnroe anywhere from. Twelve. 219. Times a year sometimes 2526. Times a year -- loud obnoxious new Yorker. That's what -- -- that it got I don't know if you're not that no he's not dead -- is where it got even that had all the Libor holiest. We don't much more of its annual. Courts that you thought what Clinton of new York and he didn't know that's your brethren. I always loved them loved him as a kid loved about the short -- can be one where Ryan refused to resign now. -- And I just as good as you never count on this one I'll go and after -- zero staged. Whatever the following. Carmakers who were. Okay Chris. Bernard -- and there's. This victory. Technology has revolutionized the -- by allowing athletes to express their thoughts on Twitter. There's been some eyebrow raising Twitter -- athlete which sticks in your mind the most. On Twitter. On Twitter. -- and that -- I'd like -- response. To Jim Brown bag we okay. Is it set up for you congress has the I'd -- -- Thank you so much for bringing that up. Don't -- great players of fullback he's grateful open. Let the game early. On -- wanted to greatest players and -- -- annoys me. No way by his saying. Goals that effort like he has turned into. Hitless. -- -- hired here. Early in his career. He was all about. Empowerment. It was all about. Justice. But he's just turning to an old hader. As if you hit you don't jump around his position now is if you don't do it my way. If disagree with you effective with your methodology. That somehow you're sellout. But it would have ripped Kobe Bryant got out what is. Why would any -- Kobe for a black and Rabin -- players like Kobe responds on Twitter Kobe Bryant says quote global African American is an inferior shade to an American African American. That doesn't sound very Mandela doctor king's there. Great record behind and a great response Colby has the high road here Kobe wins this this debate that there was some debate is wrong but -- All in the category of Mandela or dark. Ashamed of itself goes after everybody doesn't agree with them. Athlete Kobe Bryant case you're in Italy so you don't understand what fly. Michael Jordan. Tiger why would anybody who is you -- -- Jim so Jim Brown we have to go to Jim brown and rob Parker to figure out. Who's really black or not they got to get a it's like that the black Ellis Island in the CK. Look at what we elected her not on my back and go back change your name -- OK a couple of got a black in Europe prove you're not a topic. -- is there anyway because he brought. -- if you call. We're forgetting one that recently happened toward Boston teams this -- series were. Mister David Price. Threaten America -- -- -- now. Now whether there should be used for good journalism. That was the right way -- Most of it and I do your players. Right away. -- -- -- had its instances where. We're having and it's just -- emotional. They're really got the best of me. It would I was thought Twitter was for listing earlier accomplishments now -- everything. But I did everything he's ever done Little League my mom said this about me. Or that you didn't put in there was references available -- request for a typical for a job. The. What are rants may be something new in game tirades are not something new. There's been many great ones over the years but what is your favorite in game tigris. I got a couple law. I do like but my favorite though is the mind of the braves' minor league manager -- to grow in the grenades there that is the best sneaking up on second base and then hurling grenades is with a resin bags the best -- -- -- -- -- -- is about afforded me. Did you found -- way way too -- while looking for these economic and put them Minor League Hockey. Assistant coach who grabbed her sunglasses and a hockey stick uses as a and Texaco pipeline mean for -- Think it's awesome game that's great. Whatever they're never heard them or see that it's -- Mike -- anyone. But I was. My number one ranked. Most rants. With afterward that -- count or to my coach is coaches are even Hillary is a player in August and now entering game. You want senator Max one. Center for sure felt it was after the game right were restarted there have another donut that was right after the game is that it's in the I was service between peers that's great. About a net loss of classed them first game of the season. The day in the life but that is -- that gave his life and it doesn't count got to go with the but what McClintock still in the days. Took the -- left with a good record in. The pirates like gave him that he split the Clinton did that wasn't it -- got one MVPs of the year he took one from bonds. Terry Pendleton thank you very much and Terry Pendleton. Walk off the field -- -- protest in one of his guys I think he wanted to pitcher. And a response that you gotta hit this guy happened. And he he basically walked off the field in my Herbert and I remember that I know there's one with. Was Ryan Sandberg couple years ago adjusted something completely insane with his minor league team. I go back but that was that was in 1993. Some -- -- -- and what what happened what the situation you have to -- middle of the game in the middle because he was mad at what is pitcher hits somebody is that correct. They're really if it has the capacity to Brad. Hopefully nobody's ever lost all the way George -- -- -- look at the right and I just pure unadulterated hate and anger is that your guns as he's ever run right -- it is time to get the penalty one -- got hit in the pitchers would. Right -- -- right so he tournament. -- with easy Alcan to guarantee to run a ramp on the -- tough fighting move it's definitely crazy and kind of awesome -- -- own way but -- -- that's a flight with the other team. -- -- grieving and angry when he does to real -- that. Probably not mention like Earl Weaver. Those guys go out there -- Earl Weaver. Just saying you. They're still legendary Earl Weaver Tommy was to order -- -- guys covering up the covering up the the plate she didn't put -- dirt on original belly bumps. So much we can do more palatable. What do that show up just. Body I think a manager. Should be thrown out of the game at least twice the front right it's just two to five times it just keeps your -- white. And twice a year it's good for business.

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