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Decision day for the NHL discipline committee and Shawn Thornton comes on Friday

Dec 12, 2013|

We debate the hit, and what Shawn Thornton deserves to get and will get for a suspension from the NHL when he faces his discipline hearing on Friday for his K/O hit of the Penguins Brooks Orpik.

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Feels awful that wasn't my intention that outcome. But no Brooks here a -- -- normal velocity -- or skip them in the summer through locker. -- and a couple times it's awfully tough when. Was not -- here and it wants him. I was -- torn his hearing will be tomorrow direct your call 61777979837. John Rhode Island I jumped. Dude it's -- John. Eight you know. I think -- it would probably not see very you know call a play by play guy like obviously but look at him break down. It's just -- -- and -- starts it's eight now. -- that we -- behind pipe so really it is. What three credentials. Are right at him yeah he was out of these more head to head up high tech what's behind a great. And as you know when -- called it dead pop -- it's called. Stoppage you know that's unpopular -- that popped out now works. All of my job tomorrow and body what nobody say the puck in the pocket not actively they're not playing there you know he's a cult cult like a stoppage at. You said Jack you said Jack average that your favorite thing Jack ever have no hockey lingo. It creates it creates shock you know John I don't let's not let's I'd say probably about economy and -- the minutia but -- -- big picture the big picture -- Jack is what you disagree with. -- his take on John partners take on Eric well. Just like -- okay personally. Who we are at opposite pocket books -- took -- Adam took on any. Trouble in did not seem to break the code talker practical. Low. Not enough and stop it it goes and what it can get I punch each other and -- Crap all the time and -- looking up OK look up to. Actually last -- with a -- and sell the same thing you know different no carry a stretcher. What part of the -- point I think it. Anyway and they would you -- Yes he was the people gadget guy with -- trying to fight and we went up to -- pulled down and ended up on the -- You think that happens all the debt capital -- you're really -- -- sometimes guys negating one extra cheap shot and that's why how does achieve shall and that's why I'm surprised to hear Jack talk about twelve. -- he's got to get a suspension. He thinks I am not defending. Shawn Thornton Wentz on the one won't even defend him so job -- -- narrow little and that doesn't doesn't. -- perception cost than I mean the guy obviously he didn't meet. Oh. -- an article. I don't know how that's not not -- gone up double hop on the another road prophesied wrote us on the main road here. You said that you happens you know you don't think Shawn Thornton did anything wrong John -- says yes I did something wrong. Called -- says yes he did something wrong or do you -- and that's. Bad. Guys -- all about a couple of his head coach the hospital and we don't. You don't -- head coach would say look it it -- too far and and are guided and you know our our guy who really didn't do anything wrong in the culprit say that. Do you believe that. Perception or reality all we don't think in Indian closed doors closed fan page on. He did -- -- need to do. -- get what you do not I would like Jack offered this job I just want you to back off that this. Sequence happens all the time hockey what's up between John -- and Brooks corporate and -- -- -- All I know I totally okay -- all doesn't it -- -- doesn't it just doesn't. We -- -- agreed to disagree -- -- -- saw it on a slight upper John does not happen all the time what's Paramount hockey. They happen occasionally where there are shot after that you know a white should be stopped and summons on the ground we've seen them we've seen cheap shots. Usually after a fight. We don't usually see a guy who won't fight dragged to the ground smashed in the head and then hit three or four times without fighting back. We don't see that I'm sorry man we just don't see defenseless players. Being pummeled I think that I don't happen that's why it's such a big Arnold is going to twelve games or not but whatever suspensions on the -- -- you come with some description and in the -- Shoulder work they'll -- some yes like that you know this is why. Mr. Norton is getting you know on the -- let me about a day Iraq back to -- 61777979837. Re in -- -- I have a strong opinion on the -- situation -- sort them by inspector that an opinion -- going to -- but in the NHL. The product you are now -- that -- but it's not leak. And I think -- got that action at the legislated out I hit it. Did you go back before and I deputy -- that not that they resident for the players that care and by the you know it Corey how accurate. -- course set up by. And have a tune in now I'll let you ended up a situation players that aren't part and ended -- fighting goon it up -- in orchard. And and then into the what if you get a penalty into the situation that we had a via the art where the team did not. Protect them immediately -- -- up by their they had that child at a higher quality David. It just leave output as -- I think the administrator that politically get together and say we won't -- -- we really need to get that element I am not gonna try to eliminate biting. But you're like hey your team. There are certain ratio of net I think I'll -- the calls but I'm productivity metric they can use. We're gonna take a league. It's it's I understand where you're sand and and actually you know what I don't think that's the worst idea that we you know when you say NHL. We knew we. And and -- and at all what you're saying I think it makes sense. If you play in the NHL he should be -- play in the NHL you should be able to on your own merit. Ski on at least a fourth line and be able to hold your own maybe it points to two early minutes. I actually think that's a really good idea I I don't have a problem that. I don't want guys in the NHL who were there who can really skate play hockey or score or sister or do anything to help their team. I think it's hard to determine who determines that. What are -- doesn't each team determined Mike who who belongs in the NHL or not Markota -- -- what -- got -- and is if you can't if you're not a good hockey player you're just a fighter. -- camping in the post route that would that's but that's what but I think I don't have a problem with that because it's it's each GM thinks. Look at this guy is ripe for my team. But Oregon whatever is but it but but what he's sane as you have to change like if there's a ratio is not that you can't have guys -- your team can fight to jump Orton would be fine. How important produces John -- -- good player in the story and you have to come up with the right metric in ratio to that you're not getting rid of of everybody. But Shawn -- would still be allowed to play. That's made America harm because you're American as apple equipment Pacific. -- United States of America you can forget. Can do whatever you want it was gonna determine. And he can't be under taped him if I don't think you've got -- hockey no I don't think he is showing that he's not determine how it's that he. The ratio would determine that a ratio of why you said either goals to tough fighting a war that's -- -- to fight and others about their role on our team. It's like saying -- outdated and like Heidi it's got to be part of the -- there's an update on the -- there's a standard three position artistic thing in basketball -- your point guards that can average six in the happens at -- game. That he should be in India now are not quite like well you're you're you're taking a specific element of how do you determine it do you determine whether a guy with a -- coming out. Ridiculous because there's no. There's note template. For what to do what's best for the awards may not be Bethany with a -- here's the rules made up that -- still retain eight jobs. And I and I am happy that it will not -- and adding that it won't come in the past they hate Johns. Items are you only have one goal on the year in fifteen fight -- might just another goal you're not allowed to fight that's the way it goes. It's really about a position of moral authority. If you examine. The source of the hue and cry. And and the righteous indignation about what a horrible thing important DA the books or -- that that just goes totally off the edge. That is all coming from players who never heard that the war walk. On the bench -- Jack get her to join us earlier about the jump or suspension which will be handed down tomorrow after hearing. With the NHL powers that be. Jack was a little all over on that answers on and try to boil it all down to exactly what what he really feels about. Orton twelve games and that's how it feels yeah and he said he -- he'll get it he deserves it thinks. Know give them credit you know a lot of times. Of these guys -- Jack Edwards or. Tommy -- it and for you know I'll be years wherever it is. -- -- anybody. You know who would see that play by play guy or -- analyst fourteen. You talk about it and he listened to their comments and at times they would it's and it just because. There on the payroll. Are they saying that because it's this week if they don't want to upset anybody vote jacket -- the play by play guy you know no one loves the girl went warns Jack. Body's. Telling you how he feels and what he thinks is is not a popular position. -- with the Bruins well I don't know I -- what is -- that he'll get I don't know you'll get and deserve. It's interesting because that you know that's the reason I ask Jack the question the way did about whether or not his opinion has evolved since -- happened to now when he said it has with all the things he's watched since then. Has what it happened and he was silent. He was clearly shaken by the fact that he knows Brooks orbit has known him for a long time I was watching them lying there on the ice seemingly unconscious he was not but seemingly. Unconscious I mean -- it Jack seemed really shaken by it and really upset about what you are important and down at the time. Since then I think you hear the whole picture from Jackie doesn't like what -- did export who doesn't even like what he did direct but he recognizes that or epic had some level of responsibility in this it doesn't justify it. But it helps explain why you got to the point you've got to. Corporate caddie questionable hit potentially dirty certainly viewed as dirty by the Bruins on Louis Ericsson. Doug Hamilton tried to fight and he said no thanks -- or tried to fight and he said no thanks James -- went out -- Brad marsh ends -- I had with his -- in a cheap shot and then -- -- still wouldn't answer the bell and eventually. -- -- lost that now we can't lose that. You can't do that you can't bash people's head into the ground into the ice the way he did an -- and have them end up with a concussion and not expect to pay a hefty price. But there was more to this story than just Shawn Thornton went crazy and a hockey game. -- you know if there's more to a story. And he still wound up doing what -- do what he did it almost doesn't matter as much analytical -- on. It's deja on that it doesn't matter doesn't matter nothing nothing matters and no context. I don't wanna hear timeline just look at which are -- did in the story out of -- I'm not -- that the extreme and that's crazy. But yes there's more to the story but ultimately if Shawn Thornton did what he did. You have to focus on that and go -- which is why the -- -- eight games yea and didn't go with let go what the penalty. Eight to ten game really and it's not a huge difference and we let go at a state -- -- eight to ten is about right twelve. Raise an eyebrow. But it is out of the game for work I was never -- -- -- hope it's not fifteen or when he or something where you're looking at -- it's one hole. If Brooks corporate could play right now. If he was. Still out there giving interviews to people like -- on -- Pocket watch TV -- in dark rooms all the time is really difficult I think the penalty would be. Approaching twenty plus 61777979837. As the number you weigh in on this bench -- a caller who wants to take all the good ones -- -- hockey said that earlier by. A ratio where you have to score enough goals in order to it to be able to fight outrages I thought it was an interesting idea on the -- like -- gonna call the NHL board governors and support the damn thing but. I thought it was an interesting attempt and another -- that you could try to do it with a racial ice time to fight that I basically guys are just coming out. All the time but no other mission other than to fight less government actually have to be hit a a hockey player aggressive no I haven't actually gets out of hockey player you're gonna be on hockey team. You're trying to and that's not really the case here this is more of a big picture. -- you know I think what we've said the last you 12530 minutes you know on one hand you have a guy with the idea of the ratio whether it's ice time war. Know how many goals -- or whatever. So you want to take out fighters. You know just if you're just simply a fighter picked about the game right. And that that's all you do that's you're you're what you're one skill and you don't belong the National Hockey League but on the on the flip side. They're people and I hope you're in this category are not defend yourself you're not. There are people who are saying -- Brooks or -- it's your fault for not being a fighter while he's saying I don't wanna fight he did not want a fight. And and and there. Is a segment out there are you with them or not it's not there's have a problem with the guy who didn't wanna fight. Well I think that there are. It's not that I have a problem with and that's not really there like I don't hold them responsible. That's an unfair characters that's going too far. I do have a bit of a problem the way handle that'll tell you about it next and we'll get calls as well 6177797937. Salt and W media. All this hour it's going to be -- Collie and you as well watch your call 617779792837. And -- -- a lot of different topics today in the once that one thing that seems to have you guys most passionate is still shot important with the with the hearing scheduled for tomorrow with the possibility of 8121520. Games suspensions -- 1 o'clock we don't know what we're gonna Knoll. He's got a passion on both sides and I understand why because there's a lot of gray area here. -- everybody you know do you hear a lot of people on both sides I think are our people depending. We had one guy who defended torn but he was. He was loopy on Israel he said this happens all the time and NHL it clearly doesn't. The capital that that that type of fight you do have fights and -- -- of course to me it's part of the game and I don't think is going anywhere anytime soon. You know taking hockey out of the game of taking fighting out of hockey but. You don't the those types of fights on a nightly basis in the NHL you just don't and you also you mentioned so Colleen you. I've got to be a -- thing for many things. But it it certainly applies to this someday we've talked about that you're there Halladay now. At at Mohegan Sun you're excited about it well you know I think you're going down today I'm going afraid -- that go to Carolina tonight but I would. -- thought he would have put my buddies or meeting we can't meet me until right art while Mohegan Sun we have heat in football viewing party yes. Go bears patriots dolphins we will watch that game. We will talk before the game during the game. After the game not so much is that -- talk -- more at 1 o'clock one rocket okay. People wanna -- people do all all -- they will be solved once and at the blackjack table and talk -- -- it'll be my third day there civil see just how much -- Beckham problem -- but that is it best place to be if you wanna watch the game in and talks and stuff. With the -- and -- -- do it on Sunday and what if there's a blizzard are we going down it was. Mostly right I mean I think that is the now one caveat I know tennis is no land there what is your we'll reschedule what is your ways or. Cut off like at what point do you -- -- not driving. Six inches us about you know about this -- good. It all comes down to visibility. 030 yards of visibility Knoll a hundred yards and his ability yes it's it's win -- is everybody all the all the networks who have the all the states as another storm coverage and have a nice little graphic for it. Covering the storm that people on the scene. It's what is that moment. When somebody tells me. Don't drop and that's when your can't get it sort of comes down to. What do I know he's not a weather -- I believe anything this this guy tells me if Jorge Quiroga says. Stay off the road the -- would do -- go out there to a storm covered a lot of he does everything look at a lot of portable race of the of the Red Hat Shelby yeah. Stocks closed -- Scott right but she still do that. I haven't been back for a winter storm that's that's like that's modern reporting is that it's one thing to do from the wanted to from the studio right. And I don't wanna just be outside. Of Garnett got to be outside doing some things that you're not supposed to do to to get the point. The road fox studios. At the ruler. Let's. -- -- There's not a surprise they've got me the point now where 34 -- I don't believe them at all like right now when there's no there's going to be a blizzard and mr. freak me yesterday there was going to be blizzard. Right now all right now I think ratings right now I think -- we are getting you excited to that you have to watch news for the next three days but I EU. That they'll actually be a blizzard when you get up to like I trust them gay but trust them leading up I think aloft like afterwards there's a lot of -- -- -- -- Cattle waiting for the blizzard -- should worry. Everything's. Everything and holding pattern right channel seven birdies master of of the four stations here but they do the mostly. Lost in blizzard. Yet on how. Aaron graphics program that they have more hype than fox went five bogeys that that you're going that seven is number one never -- Ox number two yeah all abide channel for the Delphi yet talked to say that it is yet they candidate can -- the -- -- understated. Are under Arafat let's go to matters in the car I'm now. What's going. Bit roadblock and whether plot but -- that's right -- don't. I'm meteorologist. Rob I'm not out now our -- our outlook it. -- got. Up like. I don't we treat them like moderate -- The other elements. And he's not a do you think that he's being treated like McSorley. -- could go back of all about a mile or made you got to that stage programs on that usually. Tropical back lot and it did look at it I. They've got a lot of work comment I could -- -- -- got -- is in a lot out of our house. Peppered and that that repair it or what they saw I know what are -- well okay we all saw that the -- -- a lot. And note that garbage out the image of what happened initially it would it would believe them -- -- okay guys well. You said you know what you thought about I'm not sure I know your opinion sort your opinion of what Shawn Thornton did what should happen to. I currently in the -- -- Gothenburg large right now -- clearly. Out. Although I bet she you do about that look of concern. You know they only shot to maybe -- You know -- other very well. Yeah I get it do you think it was a dirty it was a dirty play dirty yet -- hits -- a -- yeah yeah. -- -- Yet we're still dirty mimics a -- -- passion of the moment -- but it was filthy dirty mean you can't you can't go. Out there. Oh yeah. I did and and I can do that here I mean that illegal LA court -- sure what to say that bottom line eight games ten games 1215. Opera. You know what do what do you the ball well you know that does not at all about -- in -- OK it was instead he shot caught it and right right yeah I think it was seven earlier this year. Greg -- and let's not -- -- question was that haven't Apollo one problem on yeah they're rare and how much there with -- I. I think we're right there together in terms of what he probably deserves I think he might get more I think that there you know they -- they're continuing to make any sort of any issue with the head. They've got to continue to send messages to players that hit shots whether they come in -- in in from hit from behind. Or a punch like this -- to a defenseless player on the ground. Just as the NFL has done and you cannot have head shots and you cannot continue to do things that we can penalize -- just gonna get that the league sued I don't. Like the. And it's and it's grandstanding. To a degree. I think leagues do care about. Player safety. Oh boy who I I think they care about it but. It's now that everybody's who watching when everybody's watching you like you would discipline if you're just disciplining. -- -- Privately. There's a long way of dealing with your your reasonable you're listening if it's a it's a civil conversation. But win the whole sport is watching you out and waiting. And and they got -- and they got tweet deck up but they're they're just ready to respond to anything -- -- they're ready to rip anything to do. -- -- at the moral high ground goes up. Even higher on people what don't we won't -- that that National Hockey League home run that you get the shot Kovacevich it's not stand for this. And you have a guy. Who doesn't have a history. Of a big -- And that's not that's not part of his make up -- -- -- have that history he does something everybody is waiting for a ruling and so you wind up getting. Or 56 more games and you would normally get I don't agree with that either I mean just call it for what it was wickets on the one look at this history. Look at what he did look at what he said after the game. And then judge it from there I could do it that way engine is going to be -- I imagine a conversation when they hand on the ruling were Shanahan or whoever actually talks to says. -- -- I know that you don't deserve as much as we're giving you with this is what we've got a bass sole engine that's what I -- that -- -- on if it was up to me I give -- eight. But I got Italian it's going to be twelve. 61777979%. And that's what I imagine James in his car ride him. Is that -- got a radio what's up man. That's -- did you did you have them if. Actually get a -- -- that I don't look at it in myself. Bottom line is he Eric I think he acknowledged that one -- and iPod I regret that we work volume there. Enforcers in the -- kind of stood up for sure I'm in terms. You know look that stopped that. I hated the event it all up first. In an Ericsson and I yet you have an acting again it is the record. And he has typically played with him lie but I think Enron and on that up at bat. He Carolina the eighteen and idol the late in your true. And -- that is interest in Mexico I think -- not let the other main on. Colonel and the other rookie Miller. You know that that was the exit and I was actually get to -- all happening. Of course I go back -- heinous crime Matt or. Yet from Motorola by the enemy here what are packed -- and analyze. It's a shocking isn't it -- and it wasn't even -- long ago it is it was like 56 years ago now. Is three years ago that if there. I guess it's your took place was bouncy house that's all right that was three years three years three years ago was 2000 terribly. That's amazing. And Oprah thank you agent there was only 2010 with two guys and they won the next year in 2011. Wreck right. That's crazy -- -- its order for hockey seasons ago but about three years ago just over three years ago. That's and it was having was that the the rematch may have been in March. And wanted to have the promise that possibly not penalized. I mean how is it possible that that's the way the Lee -- that. And now you're looking at potentially eight to twelve games are shot important fills in the car I felt. I know -- -- on him. Idea what's going on Michael I'm gonna have to get Jorge Carrillo director it on the air and tell you not arc -- That's your life you know I've ever Hornaday does that I'll do it filled if -- a -- you need to do to -- we need to be compelling guy that. All right good deal. Elected I -- You brought up an ultra hot there is a level response vote goes for it as well. -- -- stand up and take our ability I hate MacBook. Stood up. At a moment when the time was right up the bad it is here. Oh well we -- what damage caused by a -- -- them or. -- -- -- Such anger frustration at what -- Iran air -- Wal-Mart. Made a terrible record. We haven't disagreed yet we have a great -- -- got to disagree I think we're gonna disagree with that with the bottom line let's get to the bottom line. How many games do you think Shawn Thornton should be suspended. I I think it's worker and and inspect them -- -- -- the disagreements or play. Or in -- brilliant you know or all it. I think the disagreement is on what you said earlier what do Brooks corporate just doesn't fight. Does he have to answer the bell he's just not interest in -- being a fighter got the better ever feel as saying Israel is that hey if you wanna run around hit people the way he did it sorry you are going to have to answer the bell and and and and be willing to fight every now and again even if you take your lumps. Yeah or -- or -- computer a note of that situation. -- -- really not stick or other about that in the historical. -- -- -- -- -- -- And -- corporate accountability. Here and I haven't escalating. Well. Brokered. That's fair I do I think you should have to answer the bell. I do think so committed so well while in Ann Arbor every clean play well but I was gonna say and I don't know -- the course Wimbledon where you where do you draw that line now do you think. You think or pick. You've do you think he had hit. That was just so obvious. Note. I told you I thought it was what I thought it was border so that's sort of you know lied about it but the first thing that happened was that Doug Hamilton came over. I mean you know if you don't you've seen how these things go -- interference in Sidney Crosby get after each other they don't need to be five minutes of trading punches. I mean it -- able to comes over you grab him yet also a little bit you wrestled to the ground fighting anybody OK I'm not your job -- -- allowing but it is not -- that if you just to do what he needs -- Christina is not okay if that's what you what you need to do for your team. About like I know it's not popular position here to. Look at it from the perspective -- Brooks orbit. But OK if you are the Bruins -- Doug Hamilton absolutely you do that. If you're Brooks were part is that look at this -- Coming over to me. Is he as important to his team. As I am to my team. Why should allow him one why should I allow him of virus about the true. Is that a -- credit it's just -- look I just had a hit it was borderline and that let me answer let it LSU doesn't that I know I've got to know it's borderline he may -- he may think it's it's on the clean side of borderline. But he knows it was close. -- know you have to know was close -- is in Manchester Akron. Yeah desperate. So I don't want the hero quicken and how would you guys and that it. I think that they like they are so important and get -- ten -- But important thing is I think that's the part of the dog and pony show that the NHL is trying to -- at the told the not how we do it anymore. Especially going on the Internet phone concussions right now. A lot to say that I think that for a -- my personal opinion is took -- -- It was sport not -- absolutely but I don't think for acute which unconscious with a concussion my opinion. But the rule -- keeping unspoken rule that you will let you guys are saying it is. Sport needs to go in front of everybody everybody so everybody in the arena can see solar PV can see it and drop in the closed Wednesday. You got this comment where ought to do this and he's an estimate the decision that okay a -- don't take my lyrics or to take the public embarrassment. Of declining slightly in front of everybody. And I know you're just gonna get -- -- -- as exactly did right. The decline he declined the first time -- -- didn't drop the gloves because otherwise would have gotten a penalty but did cross checked him a few times he tried to go them -- now. Thornton ended up getting that Hillary -- more on that panel. -- -- You see everybody I know a lot of it took an L I try to -- Because there's no comparison between. McSorley and an important to look at. Can you put together because you talk about head injuries in the big but are now discussion in the -- now. The line that was crossed nobody broke the code of -- And started the fight but -- wasn't really an honor. Just my opinion I think a lot of it is the suspension is going to be first show. I don't think the lead really believes that sport like to model built. An acre site -- what you want to see that what happened -- -- and you are sisters critique an apartment. You know also just my opinion Belichick. About all the -- Chris I think you're right -- -- and everything so I mean. That was my worry about some of the way this was being described as if it was like Bertuzzi coming out of nowhere with no context it is -- it wasn't like I mean there was something that led up to it and I do think corporate played a role of what happened. Is -- -- fraud was he speaking on the ice. I'm pretty unwilling to go -- It was breaking mania. It it's not a history against the -- right out of their leader hasn't been afraid. Extreme element to pretend like come out -- out here if that's the case you want to hockey players don't do that I'm sorry man wreck that he wanted -- Well as some people would say hockey players don't turn out I think Brooks worked while they do sometime -- that I mean the whole thing about I mean they never wanna be taken off the stretcher they always -- be able to skate -- -- never wanna be carried off and and that's it's it's a huge badge of honor amongst hockey players elicit less than they're Canadian. Well I mean Roger do you play from -- -- -- and I think I'll let the body may be anyone Canadian and hit different than if you wanted to be really want to screw the Bruins he wouldn't travel but the thing that I Pittsburgh to Boston has now they just turned out I'll stay overnight I'll go back -- -- and our half flight -- children to screw anyone but I I think he was stout and. And after. Barry borderline hit. On Louis Ericsson. Didn't answer the bell twice or three times 61777979837. -- -- W yet. 6177797937. Numb or your calls here for the next fifteen minutes or so. Until. Mikey Adams comes in France to the question always know -- dale. Jenny was pretty good on this question what he brings his own. Lawyer yeah usually -- screwed out of -- next Thursday for the rest of the winter. Well what's what's next -- is removing -- -- at 6 o'clock and my keys and notes seven. So it's going to be as it Robin now -- Boring rob Bradford you know that you're born daddy did you sort of down on daddy's -- so called -- and fiscally. Column is it boring to be good golly if your dad boring but you did dad you don't. Dads are liable. Ex Janine asked. India and number. Register and Ian Ian Jennings -- what you write me you have -- house. Let's go to amber -- to use I know plenty of people want to use just asking you which color with the wife and I were so. Apparently he is the number yet. What you. -- -- -- Shining light from -- -- that particular. Year that rings and air over in the sports -- confuse me with then even thrive. Excellent that's not the picture I use them on 979. And Matt in his car with a man. Element caught a dollar from Pittsburgh angle -- you guys had sought a little bit earlier. With you know the cook hit three years ago now there is no penalty there and I mean gold through the years there's Ben. Many com. Point in Pittsburgh could -- -- to weasel but they don't look I don't like that because. They can shoot the puck you got a team all the all stars -- they superiors -- -- yeah I mean look at last year. With a smoking I would Bergeron how how flip flopped in that fight right there. I mean come on and and has -- we sit there and our nightly weekly departures we formed back in our dog -- -- demand. Or pick. Yeah he is partially to blame. If you wanted to participate. Don't go flying around the ice and people like the way he did Eric yeah -- You enter into what you're saying as you can entering tacitly enter into an agreement that if I'm going to be hitter. Then I'm gonna have to and I gotta I gotta pay the -- there there's more to their game and I don't wanna be hitter don't be there skater on the ice and just you know don't kind of avoid contact -- Sergei Samsonov. -- and I haven't. -- I mean. You know look at that -- cannot and I can't stand Pittsburg area I think they're so old they you know that there are good markets and but they're just -- up until we will I mean I look at the cap and you know -- -- and he should be called. You know Crosby the child not syndicate. Eat eat is poking Charl last year and he's he's gonna -- -- look in the -- But federal rates and you'll McNamee the uproar would have -- a charm you know put him in his place and and it would what what. You know what you -- supposed to put that they don't expect any repercussions. -- we value to your your quarterback it's yet to your to your point you remember in the playoffs. Where crowds with the game what a game to worries -- -- trying to harass -- yeah. Not enough -- -- you. What you're doing article -- That goalie but he was your guy -- law that mean if he was -- -- me after he was on your team out like some help I think he's mine -- -- because it is an example and out. You'd like the skills that -- Guys is the best player and head across the problem I'll eat you like the skills that. But there's a guy on the Bruins. Who having growing experience have a love hate relationship with that march -- In the heat that got a bit but when he scoring nobody has the heat part of the -- okay Wendy's we were or when we're not going he's I don't know it's worth it bloodiest day in your eyes elders saying the Bruins fan will just except some of that stuff and and clearly. That's not the case let's go to Robin main. -- talk to a round. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well hey -- Walker absolutely yeah Arab war -- -- that's right yeah. People caught her suspension. And not an outlet to walk here and gore. I think -- like the winning. That's right though the series whether that's right I have got to -- six out of a game six. Nothing happened of the game game seven. It over to -- strike got by Tim Thomas correct. That's why didn't get an -- or I'm never thought about what the. Scott weren't you upset about that at the time. In the -- you would agree that the NHL screwed up with Scott Walker right. Right and so what you wanna see them do now I'll meet you wanna see them make the same mistake with Portland or do you wanna see them say look -- -- game is at fault in the last few years. We gotta we gotta do right this time. There are similar -- and a bit and the other but. It was wrong to want to change. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I can't. I can't -- no apology. That a hurdle or. I mean it is like keep -- and -- -- expect our our. But I'm quite honestly you really are a couple oh yeah not an accurate -- You know -- like -- people got out. You ought to I thought he knocked him out because his head hit the ice whether it was during the down ordering one of the punches that it wasn't a punch it was the fact it is it was an inch from the ice and not to heading to and I think that's the problem you know there was a -- yet you think it is right then and that's when he got knocked out of. It must have been if you look at it and in this is. We didn't these these discussions. This kind of comment it's with that but -- out what to take -- -- for what went with route -- When -- look at. Initially and then went back and everybody in fifteen times 20/20 five times. I've seen more savage. Being yes. In hockey -- I've seen wars savage take out I was surprised. That he was out so quickly yet and so I know that we had a we had. Caller who said he was faking I don't think he was breaking into surprise -- -- -- C a ticket for that. Where was that big arena and maybe I need to slow it down not -- -- where was that big punt that did it. It's so funny my my down. The way it seemed to me when I was watching it for the very first time was -- dragged him down. And I almost I -- people city slew footed him and see that I almost thought the takedown was he pushed harder than he really realize and all the sudden the guy was on the ground right. And then he went to punch him a couple of times and after two or three realized that the guy wasn't fighting back at all and oh my god something has gone wrong and -- like. At that point or try to get off of them and get out of the way that's how it looked to me. Now I mean it's it's so hard to tell and none of that excuses a fact -- was punching a guy who's lying on the ground defenseless but that's what it looked like to -- That's how I saw go to Scott car -- got. I am right and really the problem here was the route. Didn't exercise and -- the judgment. -- there ever been hit by a war there. Could have been called interference then made a judgment call it -- was close enough okay all right. What it called chart where it eat at little penalty and that we're a map the political shortly thereafter. And what at the all important for rock and or when he went at -- -- to coordinate what -- what he should have done. -- -- -- on the idea that now that part and why you -- let -- we're gonna it yet panel that he. We've been rewarded for protecting -- an option. And then. Equipment power plays that aren't sure what important but it's welcome to get a penalty anyway yeah money. What direction just thought that that the Ericsson to hit on ericsson's clean and I got that that's what it boils down to and they were defending what they saw. There. And it's Obama's rewarding at the just they were defending we thought that was the clean air when he wanted to give -- -- -- They missed and I think northern border line and in their view it was clean in my view it was just on the dirty side of clean you know I mean it's. It's it's it was not elect the patch ready hit earlier in the week was borderline in my view that was clean more clean and dirty. In this case about it was more dirty than clean but it's not like the Matt -- one where you just say obviously dirty I can't believe what I just saw. Yeah I'm I'm I'm and I've been watching this this hit again. Display for for the which Tony ninth time. -- verses or. And then you know some of the descriptions are in this is where. -- we talked about earlier. The Twitter verse. And Hockey Night in Canada and everything everything everybody is focusing on this and they're looking for the NHL to it to right or wrong especially if you're outside of Boston so. You have descriptions like if this one look at one video Shawn Thornton attacks. Look sort. Shawn Thornton takedown. Of Brooks -- so it is that type language here you really. It is is gonna take somebody really getting into a room and seeing it. I've heard enough opinions and a look at it one more time wanna consider all of the evidence. And I'm gonna do is I'm just gonna go with what's right not -- The crowd outside with pitchforks saying it's got to be more -- got in that I think that's the case outside of Boston. -- you have people's five that we had at the lowest ever today at 5 AM of people -- eight and -- at recess twelve. Says that same -- -- room. Of Todd Bertuzzi did this is -- -- -- if he gets 25 I mean that's that's the thing that's -- handling really let you -- -- I think people will destroy -- feel like it's trending in that direction of people all that is -- can't have this is terrible with the worst thing about a -- we just so biased because -- Boston -- -- like -- -- because we know him because we know how much is -- but you know wells is -- know him and understand his -- -- channeling him. He should know all that same stuff about -- Knicks in the car and it. Settlement. What rule book that you guys plan by. Let's back -- a -- men that are and that and take a look at what. Or is Erickson went -- Eric and actually cuts our control of the park. Never bit. And there was a point of emphasis in the NHL a couple of years ago you didn't have apart. You'll way apart couldn't be cut. Or exit -- parent your reminder. Or minor or major. You know parents are charging that the black and white rule. Ericsson have to have the part of the -- In my life here is the raps blew it yeah let it get away from where look up look. -- right now and all right -- robotic arm watching it as you speak. I definitely it's definitely interfere -- got could have been charged or -- disagree with -- it -- but it was it truly dirty image looked -- catcher -- hit. In the Canadian game the other night -- what was what -- penalty but it wasn't it wasn't dirty. If I can jump back and try. Everyone knows or expand our help. Everybody knows he watched the player that labor doesn't wanna fight and there's an opportunity for the rafts and and I'm Iraq. Your pocket of the players on the guys. They know aren't pissed off I'm -- Well or are getting away with Russ -- gonna look we got it we saw or maybe it was or call that blue shirt now. But the bottom line that they've got to take into account that the wraps. Didn't make the right Holland actually and that's why look. I think we're we agree there should have been a penalty meaning he never -- the pocket could have been interference it looked like he leaves -- speed it could have been charging. We agree on that -- but but it was a dirty. The difference between a penalty and dirty. I think it should have been a penalty right to be an -- -- to -- I don't know dress truly dirty general the intent was there to get as high or whether even got as high. High enough up to the head to really call it a dirty hit as opposed to just -- a penalty it. I know historically what the right answers and it will always be right answer distort what to say 2013. History doesn't matter which is focused on 22013. Report -- currencies. It. Pittsburgh Penguins -- -- -- Canadian stop Alito asked after this year of course -- US if you wanna -- it Eastern Conference finals in close. Eastern Conference finals it would come close it would have more passion yeah. I can't Michael. Hatred for the Canadians goes I know what you are -- did he does it mean that's not to say that I don't value of the penguins but come on penguins -- I talked Zahn now winding up and they. -- just tried to play with the big dogs. And I want to do it I don't care all like. Of what your level it's not automatic that this is a date that this is every day for Montreal Canadian this has been happening for decades with the Montreal Canadians don't even try it. I have no way I don't know done this. I am -- I -- more. Hatred the word I hate from the moment -- more -- reactions -- reaction to this version of the Pittsburgh Penguins can't believe you're not can't believe your and I look. It's not to take away any of the hatred for Pittsburgh and the price and younger Bruins fans maybe that's how they think but my god. I can't imagine -- team more than Montreal Canadians in any sport. Emily's favorite team in sports in sport history on their -- on the Yankees. -- to get a keys Girardi yankees ESP on the Yankees and the jets the Canadians and their fans absolutely might -- -- around. Derek in the car Geithner. Derek. Hey what's -- man. Not so there is a perfect -- and why the NHL like they cast that instigator rule. Corporate want to get like that doesn't wanna fight. It is not an alligator that you saw that it are saying now. Does -- I need my shock and pedicure and support -- -- probably know. I can -- that instigate a cleaner game. I don't -- white you know the -- Go back in time Darren might Jericho back into why they put the investigator and they hit two wood to avoid what brawls. -- -- Basically they got to look from the beginning but I think -- instigator -- makes great guy how did it doesn't I don't wanna call it picked up so that that you're gonna play that would you can't. So what you're saying as you keep in so you would keep in the third guy in rules of the you don't have one thing -- two to -- and fights escalating into brawls. But. Not a man Randall Gay -- maybe just the insulator. And you are not worrying yeah so now. The NHL and you go on why you -- -- the flip side is you don't want some bully just continue going -- Sidney Crosby and trying to get him to answer for something that didn't actually -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- 37937. Any question any subject will answer -- -- WE.

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