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Buster Olney, ESPN, says the Yankees aren’t in on Stephen Drew

Dec 11, 2013|

Buster joins Mut and Merloni live at the Winter Meetings in Orlando. Buster explains that the market for Stephen Drew has cooled off considerably and executives around the league believe he will return to Boston.

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Let's not our mock salute -- 37 WEE we are here in Orlando. It is set for the final they will be here when -- meetings. Joining us here's one of our favorites joins us every week he joins us live here on location is -- work -- author Mario a good good although today my -- start a little earlier 3:30 in the morning screaming in the -- somebody got fired I don't know who was with some. It was firing them and the bury it started at 330 -- 3:30 in the morning loud enough to wake me up in my room. I saw that week did you meet street -- I at all. I -- -- earlier find out exactly who was it just just people scream at each anywhere one on one person in particular is doing a lot of screaming. And I'm guessing since it was 3:30 in the morning that the maintenance and extra fuel in the conversation. On media here they're screaming make a move somebody somebody like that trading asked about let's get some action here and it's at that that's the thing rightly that we lost -- year right now he's running showed dead years I want. That I want to start with some moderates advocates stuff first because you know people but the reports that type stuff it's on the wall -- -- -- -- -- What is the Mac -- that the reality of the Dodgers. And in the medical's and of risk reward great player how much money and eat would really want him full what's the deal with the -- any chance talks in. First of all when you're talking about players have a lot of money on their contract most that time it's well how much want money -- -- going to be willing T. The Dodgers that's not a factor. They're basically and this is not just at you know assistant GM GM levels highest levels of the organization the levels where the Red Sox and the Dodgers made their trade the Dodgers are communicating the other team we will see money. To make it can't trade or eat your trade. Just give -- enough -- that or will it is back to decent prospect. So they're willing to eat out on the money they just want a decent prospect in return it's sunken cost. They want augment their farm systems that will facilitate the trade however. In that -- case what I'm hearing from a lot of teams is multiple ankle surgeries he's you know walking boot now exit shoulder issues in the past that -- 120 million dollars. What easy what is his value no one can really define him. And that's why yankees' situation will drag out longer. Is teams wait to see how he looks and spring training pottery here can be defined right now and that's why I think he'll be the more likely got to be treated. He's healthy he's -- less money 71 half million dollars so be -- -- as -- talent Mac camp that's the case where. They feel like he's the best chip to get back prospect -- Automatic is a player it's been that good for them in that ballpark in that count. They -- they wanna keep that superstar that play well. I mean you know last couple years. If it hadn't it you know last year didn't work out. And I think also. I've heard this and dodger people when that ownership group bought that team it was. To grab as much balance posture now there into more refining the team they have on the field. And the bottom line is in that camp is not pure center fielder they wanna get a pierce center fielder and got one Jack Peterson in the minor leagues I think they would like clear the decks. To put in -- center fielder. Let's go to Stephen Drew now because the market street -- beach drinking. Or alt visit Saint Louis here maybe the Mets they get a free -- maybe the Yankees but. Both Steve and Joseph wants that position -- be part of the whole got to push Jeter out shortstop whatever it is. What what are we hear from him flat out from people within the Yankees organization last one -- they are not on Steven drove he's been a lot fun out there that Iran's even drawn being told. They're not on him. You know they've got Derek Jeter to have to play out and again I agree we give you look at -- -- perspective. Does he wanna go any situation he has no he's going to be the shortstop. The and try to put him at second base so and a top that I'll beat the Yankees -- that enthusiastic about it. The Mets. I don't think there that enthusiastic about yet they have indeed. But would it be enough with they were going to pay him something that would be attractive for a player who turned down a one year. Fourteen point one million dollar deal the Mexican asylum would have to be -- twenty to thirty million dollars I don't think their enthusiasm those that level. The great unknown in this whole conversation. -- all players free agency is what's in the medical's. And Stephen Drew is coming back from an ankle injury. We don't know exactly what's in there but I can tell you talking teams around baseball it doesn't seem to be a market for Stephen Drew in the expectation among rival officials. Is it eventually you'll go back to the Red Sox Jamaica's best deal more about the medical's buster about that first round pick hatched in the loose talk all that quite a bit that it giving up a first round pick for players gonna bat. In the bottom thirty order something teams don't wanna do right well and you know you're exactly right and I should prior to prioritize that ahead of it. We saw last winner Carlos was left out there because the draft pick compensation Michael -- it was exact same situation. That's what's happening at. According to executives today with Stephen Drew. And aroused because there are teams and we saw the Red Sox to a less wonder -- say we are not signing a player who will cost this draft pick. And you know it's wanting to -- Robinson -- and give up draft pick Jacoby Ellsbury -- -- players Stephen Drew was not regarded as an elite player. Now they're starting pitching markets kind of slow we Elmo live because it was wait to see it and -- it's posted and it sees the top doc and once. He goes and maybe some of the guys will fall here today. Is that kind of what the Red Sox maybe -- pitched in -- some of these guys he's back gimme BP B Horry oh lord Dempster. Does that have to shake out before they even think about other teams that kind of. Both pieces around I do I think that that things have to happen there's no question that Scott Feldman contract with the Astros completely blow up the market because. You know for example the Phillies offered in two years -- fifteen -- they thought okay we're gonna -- the top of the market we're -- sign this player and -- three years and -- -- you know with -- right right -- -- they thought that they would take them -- at -- -- twice that amount from Houston so I just literally -- maybe you guys and talking with an agent who was telling me. He represents a pitcher he came here as well. I have that look for the Feldman deal for a few days and -- because of that we have all these agents here saying. Well we need to get more we need to ask for more and I think that -- and the process you mentioned agents and forces the guy that you wrote about today it's called and espn.com and as it relates to drew you mentioned coming back here and talked about the money. For Seles client on that -- is a superstar agent Jason Varitek sky represents who turned down salary arbitration would have paid him eleven he came. -- crawl back to Red Sox and took a one year five million dollar deal. That would force is gonna have to do that contract look like if -- if -- ends up back here lost IE. Can't answer that and there have been so many times that's you know on the record. Get on the record so many times that we all but there's no way Scott is sure get this he's been in trouble Prince Fielder to winner's yellow that's 214 million it all works out. I'm sitting here reading the market based on what I'm hearing from executives and I think he's in trouble and I think he will go crawling back -- the Red Sox. You know we'll see who knows an injury can change things somebody gets hurt during them during a winner work out but changed things I would imagine that in order to burst off. When you look at Scott's contracts that he wanted structuring. There's always a little. There's some magic involved in other words. Nobody could have a five year deal they'll announce it at fifty million now there's an opt out from both sides after year too in the true -- twenty million. And that to me is where we're headed on this thing where. You could imagine him getting something in the race when needed 25 million dollars guaranteed but I can't imagine -- we saw the Red Sox hold delighted to hear it Saltalamacchia. -- -- -- coming up with. You know concerns about drew. A long term coming off the ankle injury -- can't imagine they would make a long term investment that's why the one you tender offer was such a Smart move by the Red Sox. I would bubble around us the vision New York Yankees you know the impression that there really were serious boasting 129. You know and maybe they can still do obviously in the Iran help but. You look at the money that it did vehicle down to some bats now they get Kuroda in line await content knocked out look at their pulpits and they need some help while -- well. They're gonna be better I think if I tell agree with you it might be that that might be in the cycle of overpaying Prius now being NC -- knows. But they are gonna be better what's left for them a much better are they gonna be. The 189 million dollar figure as Brian Cashman said yesterday that general manager is -- goal. You know that. Part -- pickle -- hello Louis -- I -- -- Coldplay. Of wrapping up about OK got it compares -- And and I think the Yankees there are in that -- with this. Right now when there looking for help I think most of their conversations about trees which means that trying to work within those parameters. But it pushed them to show up at the end of the winner. If they need help and it's out there financially. Where they're gonna have to spend again I think it will because. I mean you know part of their conversation -- Robinson can know about his values team was when he was saying you know he's a brand -- star was. We had you centerstate that your ratings plummeted in television arts and it went down the opposite of what an important uses for them. Their brand is built around winning. And they can regarding in this winner to win again Austral ESPN has joining us -- in the Yankees. There were some reports they may be wrecked -- for Justin Masterson now with it when they. When they brought -- -- bury my biggest question wasn't. Why -- to wreck or the way he plays in that outfield defensively and helps on the base that's got an -- lineup. Every single day when they eventually do with Brett Gardner I can't imagine they would trade him unless he get -- pitcher in return I got to believe that it would be. The situation they -- -- orders made beacon whose that your weight free agency they probably know that probably not going to be able am really good yeah. I got to believe it would be getting -- back you can help them right away. -- Justin Masterson think him and told flat out not true. Indians are listening Masterson but they're not close to anything. I think in their perfect world they would resigning too long term deal got a quiet outside of that these two teams -- -- Baltimore Tampa. Toronto -- to the substances you know Batiste is the new year. That it just blow this -- elite yet Iran is trying to get involved in a lot of things but there limited for example there trying to get involved in that David Price conversation I don't think the -- -- it trading division. The rays I would expect in the next 2448 hours resolution James -- my guess is he -- of going back there. The Orioles are -- Because they've not expanded payroll we saw that beginning of that last week when they dumped in Johnson closes there looking for a lesser -- there. There conversations with a lot of players that are a lot of cheap players. And I think that has situation as -- the possibility in Baltimore. Pestering back into what we've seen the last fifteen years what he's meant to be the elites that David Price is it seemed to be because -- If he's not sign an extension somewhere buster right we've ever gets traded in -- So you think there's a chance he gets -- I think it's very hard for him but -- full value for him if they're talking to Seattle or whomever that teams have like yet talked with agent. It's not expansion out of work that props well you know I just talked about McGinest and wrote a reporter about 45 minutes ago that. It biomechanics and told him he will not negotiate with Seattle specifically you'll also was asked the question which you talked to other team -- it yes. It's not only about. The Mariners so for example the Dodgers the team to trade form possible that they can work an expansion. Right I don't think temple in the 72 hour window beat with a trade is done which you guys now. These conversations happen off the record before deals are made where you today if the Dodgers in the team they might call me and say. Have left it at -- former science award winner to be looking for. And I think you can work around those rules. Speaking of Seattle in. As -- reported article came out a week ago so -- Eric -- very different mind when he speaks may be still too emotional both some of the dysfunction that's going on there I don't know. But I love the guy so I look at that situation say OK good at Felix. You -- a coma you get to know. Low but -- what else that we do and here -- try to be players when they suck now it's you know what this team could be reaching offseason they may have to go almost. And all in scenario really go crazy here are the but on breaks right now we're they don't. Now they're gonna do more. And I wrote a piece couple weeks ago we're general managers were looking at them saying get the sleeping giant baseball because that they have this great. TV contract it's -- net them a lot of money. Going into it and in -- negotiations their number of dollar. Obligations beyond Felix -- 2014 beyond. Zero. So they literally had this -- to fill the -- whether GM saying they should be the team signed Robinson you know which they did. I think there in heavy on Nelson Cruz been looking for right handed hitter to help balance out. Robinson to know. I think that you know they got the rest their team and you might disagree with me a lot of complimentary type players. Other based. I agree but I'll take my house -- that you might find itself back there well might find himself back there. But if they. And I know there's is that you know guys like Ervin Santana you bald men is that going to be. Can't outside their agents outside the mayor's offices. And look you're the one of the few teams that would take on a guy be required draft pick to maybe by the end of the winner and that's just me speculating maybe they want to know Nelson Cruz. You bald and men as. Fernando Rodney. And you put that with the guys they have. That's not a bad team to I think it good enough note we think they're crazy given the order of forty million dollar contract absolutely. The tigers were good enough a year ago they've gone -- change things on their roster. Wait that the way it relates via the Red Sox is what Max Scherzer buster because. You know he does the reports today not close an extension not gonna sign with a lot about Jon Lester what that would mean for Jon Lester Lester heading to finally -- steel. If -- ever got locked up somewhere Lester walking in the free agent market as the number one picture he went walking in and maybe not Zack Greinke money but close to that per year what do you expect apple wishers here's a chance that. Jon Lester goes into the free agent market as number one guy available. He's as Scott Boras client your injuries and you guys know this exit with the exception Jered Weaver almost every one of his clients this close to free agency goes into the marketplace or sisters yeah he's got -- so you know he's he's gonna go to the marketplace in in regards to Lester. I can't see given how the -- -- operate their team in the last fifteen months circle back to the Dodgers trade. That they would be that team to give Jon Lester 150 million. I would I wrote in my column today that maybe he'll do with the giants did with Matt -- which go to MB for the last year and say you know hundred million with that work. If he goes into the marketing can actually get a 150 million just based on how the -- a two run their team I can't see it although I did teachers are downstairs and meet with JC. So I'm not necessarily where that's gonna go this offseason -- Owners static surge DC Connecticut involved here if you heard it take a vote now vote -- it at all and now I I. I mean they they view that is wild card and other yankees when they went in the negotiations. They hadn't sort of no idea what they were dealing -- And and I think. What we always said in the past still holds all it takes is one owner. And that's what happened with Seattle like that when I -- Brian Cashman yesterday he had a great way to describe me and he said we were out Yankee. By the Mariners with you know the Mariners did does what we've done to a lot of teams. I mean the difference was 65 million dollars and I really don't think it has anything -- -- JC I think it has more to do with the fact that Mariner's attendance dropped by 50% twelve years. And they're looking to reignite the fan base to the cost the dam was beyond the acquisition -- knows more about getting fans excited again. -- my last question for you was where we start our show today at 10 o'clock we talked to Mike Hazen assistant chief of the Red Sox were -- month. The question Lou and I debate it was how would you grade the Red Sox off season to today you know they didn't make any throttle. Blue jays type deals -- when you do you winners and losers list of these meetings here at some point this week and ESPN they won't be there they brought back Napoli signed catcher. But to me they stayed disciplined. They didn't trading in the major prospects didn't spend eight a lot of money on any one player. And because of that I would give -- that -- would give him somewhere on a B minus he lost because they didn't acquire talent get a -- them out. Put this morning the Red Sox offseason how would you look what they've done for -- -- and those who knew a minus. -- I think staying disciplined is such an important thing now to be able to say I mean in recent years how much to be lauded the cardinals. For saying note Albert Pujols how much we -- the Red Sox for making that massive trade and I think. To be able to do that even incrementally he's really important because it leaves you flew it to do -- the things down the road. And we seen the giants in recent years they win the World Series they overpay Aubrey Huff. You know they overpay -- -- zero they backed themselves into a corner because. Of the emotion excitement winning World Series I think that rats that and a great job. Holding off on that now you know next summer if they're looking for lead off hitter mid season and Jackie Bradley junior as an established himself in center field. They'll at least be able to go out and do the things because they didn't. Go crazy -- win this winner finance you know I'm in that emanate you know financially yet it. Personally I ate my initial caught up on is the Bradley Bogart's middle Brooks thing and I say you know -- seventy increased the joy. In no way you can introduce Ellsbury can bring a -- connectors a -- we'll introduce all three units are considered the middle brooks' young. That wants you know what happens you know lest they want as the depth and I feel like -- -- that really it is probably complete but still. If if Bradley in middle books at 180 and April. Who -- connect well I tell you what. Between. When you look at teams that are successful around baseball now the cardinals the rays. You know probably the two best examples what do they do. They keep the prospects in what's been happening with the Red Sox and all these different moves they've kept their prospects you know they moved Iglesias. But I think -- different. They -- their core intact and that's only -- enemy. If you have that. Highly chips and funny with a prospects it's still important maintained because you work from position strength in making choices and rats -- done. It's out on this final once got forced to speak -- would second like to see. At the -- ready to go free bus when you show up here that appears that you binder here's the Stephen Drew biter battle after that go to those is lunch with the best at 10 he's not just -- I gotta say that -- -- comes it's the biggest crowd in yeah the winter you know. I can no pitch he'll appear in it would be 13 the -- Scott. Spots gram he's by far the biggest enemy teachers it would of these conference rooms I've been in those drugs are part of the elephant out of where's where's the you know the the political. Gram balls all right at a ballroom that that bit -- an elevator with eighty people like it here this is that it is there -- such -- But -- state shall it right let it -- that there. Yeah MLB would really be -- Joining -- couple I'd Foster great that was always appreciate talent to back to work IE is the best up westerly at this every week and join -- live here in Orlando spot do you. By DCU digital federal credit union what can DCU. I'll save you 61777979837. 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