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Tom E. Curran, CSNNE, Joins NFL Sunday to Break Down Pats/Browns

Dec 8, 2013|

Curran calls the boys live from Gillette to break down today's game against the Browns. He thinks Cleveland will be a much tougher opponent than most. He also gets into the Ridley situation and if the Pats will look to sign Edelman.

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Coverage until. Back here on NFL Sunday Sports Radio WEEI we'll now bring in. Tom. CS and and you probably let us until a cellphone craps out which should be. Pretty much any minute now Thomas what do you by Tom's here doctor doctor Robert -- call 1800 get -- good morning mr. current. Say I win. -- Not that accurate that ever -- what are -- that is not now. -- You mean Matt and Chris. -- minutes on. It's it's actually not that unpleasant out there at field level today is it. No it's not too windy it's certainly a cold but now the wind is not going to be accurately in the early stage in the game for all up. I've waited right now not a big deal -- we gonna see Steven Ridley and if so how much. I think it'll be a measured amount. You know I anticipated you know prior record two people mentioning that he woods. Likely to be active that would be the course of action anyway that they would start to ease him back in after a week there's -- point earlier. You earn your opportunity to be on the field. And -- you know people say he's their best part about what. Big component of being out of running back useful models also hard to beat him down that static if there's sometimes -- all your -- The recent -- runner not the best carrier. On occasions so I started surprised what match that I I totally agree with -- Indian. The factory's gonna happen earnestly backup the depth chart. What. This is a week where there's been a lot of huge. Injury stories are there any kind of swing positions you're looking at going into this game in active stuff like that with the patriots roster. But how much -- think there is concern because as we saw last week with very conflict outside. It's just not his -- -- the clear outside the numbers and one dog once he you know difference between you know better thought it wise -- significant -- smaller. What does look -- in small areas. -- sit and answer catch -- steepener arrogant meets or effort to run at top speed maintained contact with receivers. Better have another. Another -- to her to drop on foot and that's what makes him a little bit better outside was trucks sport you know their. You need. Everybody to be able to maintain contact the -- and should be ignored either so I think those are. That to me is the one big key is his availability and I think they're. You know. -- -- And it's interesting week in terms of being away -- Thursday and Friday -- not an injury. Certainly no guarantee you they've seen enough from him know whether or not. He's going to be you'll be called upon. Fully after last week missing the game he. Used to Tom do you bake cookies for Cleveland today other than I mean obviously you know any given Sunday of interest -- -- Absolutely great. We're Jason Campbell under center. They have been a team that can be. A -- If you look at the match up. And I spoke to book turner for about ten minutes of human on the field. And these -- their club has been inconsistent cute quarterback position caused by. The fact that they've had a lot of tunes on that -- lawyer -- you can Campbell or you know. Printed recently had a number of quarterbacks on the bottom line is that that lacked continuity is what turnovers. And turn it felt is that they've maintained that that's the ball in terms of not turning over. They will be in on a lot of coaches are going to say that but. The match up that I look at. It makes -- threat. Is more Cameron Jordan and it is George Gordon because we've seen. Covered problems with the linebacker level -- who would clearly gonna pick people anfield patriots elect met weighing in on this but I would so that probably -- Who keeps safety is Paramount to guard against Gordon. And back -- what journalist -- -- -- let's get a little bit more room. For Cameron Jordan work over the middle against cuts and spikes who might be the worst cover linebacker -- -- And doctor hightower who for whatever reason. Probably the 270 pound he carries is not a cover liability as well yeah will. I think what that'll swing on. Is what personnel grouping -- you know be if they're able to. -- keep them in regular use of keeping your your spikes in hightower on the field and I don't agree exactly with. A good -- they are covered but I think it's certainly not a strength in there they're there to to bang and run as well supply after effects of quite a bit but. What I would say is in the event that the -- if they are able lean more Jordan Cameron and bad environment now that they they send them in the nickel by Brigham you know more receiver every packages which is -- what Cleveland does. That would activate I think some of the more nickel linebacker guys from -- the matchup isn't quite as dramatic that means. Maybe Jamie -- -- anymore -- luxury it appears that the patriots we have made that move. But they but they played a little bit more of the of the regular stuff against the Texans have that kind of makes you keep those kind of guys on the field because the runs or threat. The issue Cleveland passes they don't have agree running game so -- it's and it's. Even when we're human beat up to two run. Given the risk and so the front entrance the last couple weeks -- they don't run for a period but technically it's a right now. From guard to guard I was here earlier this week. They are seen. With those carried over right guard. For smalls who left guard at them are. And then not doing well populate their their goods and we're very broad statistical. Things and on you know so. Step compilations site. But you'll quickly and say you know what screw it let's run that and only don't like -- we gotta run that if that's where there. Having -- I think part of. That's who is who's on the sideline I mean as marches. If it's their best way to score against that deep thoughts are it's also their best way to keep the bought -- I mean that's I think that's a big factor because they simply can't be. Relied upon to be explosive if it is a B and thirty. You know thirty points to thirty points and a game there's no it'll get there. -- may be running a simply a way to keep in our hands we'll keep looking looking for that gap that the patriots may have been right integrity which. Is gonna creep up when he got a lot of inexperienced guys up their film on -- portion. Tom real quick wanted to jump in we just got the inactives Stephen Ridley is active today the following guys are inactive -- hardest Aaron Dobson. Michael Coleman -- doing Marcus cannon Jake Beckett. General Tompkins in Brandon -- So did the two rookie receivers that's Dobson and pumpkins are both down is as -- as -- and so we're gonna see -- that if we see Zach. -- that'll be interesting people out and colleague. Get some reps he's been brought him back this week. -- the knee injury against Pittsburgh went down with -- was released most likely -- an injury settlement. I'll -- pumpkin stop on the opens up response always come back in in place where wonder who will be an alternative as well. -- Just to refer back -- and again I'm not surprised on a retreat entirely suspect because it could be the -- but here's return to -- You know serious -- within the context of the offense but. -- you mention the -- was on the other side of why I picked north turner being a very pragmatic insipid he most like that is well very pragmatic approach. They're not a lot in here as well -- trying to keep in the team's. They're gonna understand they've been in the and so long enough that the patriots general. Track record stands at Brigham who equates war for 35 points that are trying to well. So actually just watching this so I would guess to the public trying to throw and trying to keep up and and not say well. If -- maintain possession. Will always be in a better position because I just think that they are very realistic given their time in the NFL they score we that's what we can't get into this hey let's hope to keep the downsides that. Yes and I again my my thing would be not necessary he would not attempt to give points but if you simply. If you throw on every down you can you can short series as the clock doesn't move. And and I think Jason Campbell's history is pretty good pretty efficient doesn't turn double overtime. Provided he's not drop from back to throw it 55 times so I think they'll have to strike a bounces you're -- gonna have to keep up they have no choice that think the patriots left. A really good shot it that thirty number as they always do. What I think if you see him in the gun for 55 snaps you can -- -- -- the pitcher was some someone tweeted out earlier today and I believe it was Mike GR a year your colleague it's CSN any. That Aaron Dobson was seen with a a -- on his foot. Outside his dogs out there yet another and a different kind of boat than that so that would doesn't surprise me. But the the F Tompkins once surprises me as far as I know there are no physical issue all right hip EDD yeah I ended up probably at its flared up the last couple weeks so I mean other out. -- -- -- -- -- ice storm I think that initially happened when he reached -- we a couple of weeks ago many state now I think that was against Denver and -- -- again last week Chris correct yup I'm prepared yet but I think that might become a lecturer. Think. And it's again that was struck the vote. Earlier today as those -- and was. You know. What kind of tactic -- going to be and who's going to be on the field. -- comfort stingy against the -- what does it does help my eyes feel that he's not on the field given that he finished last week's game. I can't Houston and -- factory it to a degree. Do you know any issues with Dobson that. And I believe it was Michael referred to this earlier today. So all of our thoughts and yeah I. I know that it is not going to be higher circles. Without. Oh what he's gonna live. Don't you go live the -- so -- in the city church. I think it. You know activity. In -- there's going to be -- big problem. And -- -- at some wicked but I think -- It is a short term thing but. Don't expect to. The senior director -- Jason lock on for a reported last night that he was gonna have new information today on the pregame show on CBS which begins here at the top of the hour. Concerning the punishment. Two. To Mike Tomlin the coach of the Pittsburgh Steelers these -- even find a 100000 dollars there were reports that there could be draft picks. Involved in this punishment as well based on what lock in for a was saying last night it sounds as though there there definitely will be some sort of draft pick penalty as well. Yeah -- heard as well. I think -- deserve it. That it will be in the impact will be measured in. How the gimmicks and out -- himself. One more local impact. You know those kind of -- had that would have. Aren't we are teams finished up by the one interesting aspect to me is it's not just like almost. -- between Mike -- And the officiating mistakes in the game. And for it to Antonio Smith. Just throw -- up against a wall above the patriots who would bring in kind of fishy. -- I think you know -- has a real integrity issue right now in terms of perception. -- Soviet tortoise that's in there as well because I think it's irresponsible political let that type of thing. Go unchecked. Yeah well he's just well not you know what. You do -- consistently. What are you allow guys to bring things that are unsubstantiated. The table against one teams. Perhaps. -- You wanna check that out and -- to ferret that out and make sure. That -- later. Can either back it up were called on the carpet. For alleged that the integrity unit it would compromise. That's -- -- so it's better to better job of that -- you have a coach impacting people wait in Prague for. That's to me is reprehensible. And had my -- when not one in the press club which is basically what he did it and manipulated. The media. To his credit. He won the PR battle by the way you operate -- -- There I think things would have been more typical form but -- Mike Tomlin did in 2013. Would -- Belichick should department 2007. And it's gonna blow over it via a blip on the radar. I like to point Tommy gist of the idea that. You know the integrity discipline they always hammer in the idea that we don't. You with gambling because just the information that the might be something now that it's not on us. So when players sort of do that with a unsubstantiated and coming not just come down house I'm not bigger than assured -- doctor the wrong pair of gloves are those kind of things. And the other thing that I would touch on them I'm curious about is just the effect that I see this kind of jokingly the kind of not. How effective are these in a film animals were they warn you about the upcoming things we keeps situations where the stuff they warned about advance. Make their way out in the field of announced the situation of Tom and out the white was something that they had actually. When you know it warned the coach is about to come on the recent enough on them. Right and exact same thing of the European from flat -- level. Yet during game 2007 that we -- as usual problems are not -- the right response to me -- read what's gonna. I don't know you know it's -- across make it but -- Talk box get a check job full top. Victory at a low level sometimes but different coaches. Including Bill Belichick is capable and -- rule though it would we will what are we on this week. Tom I know did you hit on this this week you've -- you wrote about this this week and we are talking about it on the show that but earlier with. When he figured Julian element is worth in the open market this off season. I think slot receivers in general how hard time making a bit a lot of -- and whatever reason -- element. Has not made to cash that he had to look over the offensive Wes Welker for a period of time and then. He had the misfortune of having broken -- billion dole brought it sort of one roundabout way saying that. Given that there -- of interest in him last year. The patriots I would probably say him. Three years nine million. You re an -- of the fact that there wasn't an in season deal done. Are sort do you read anything into the idea that there wasn't an in season deal done assertion proven that -- -- production either stole months ago but. He's a guy that I think there were question marks as you mentioned for health issues as much as what can -- be in now that yes this big. Big jump in production it was something we discussed earlier that you know maybe he's one of those guys like -- Ninkovich steel like the people that you locked up so they don't go to the open market. But your point -- there was a dearth of interest anyway but now these healthy maybe that changes. It was just so -- for him I mean the giants I think that was the route that they were even interest that I think that was something that. We generated by. Is agents to get him in some -- to try and rise raise some some interests among patriots and he in my boot your punt return. And as a result -- could -- quick punt return seven or 151000 dollars. Which some -- I just opened the slot receiver position in the windward and we saw it with Wes Welker. Is valued. A player that's system I don't know we have the quarterback of the scheme to do that we're going to be everything. Around our slot receiver make it that they could cause I mean we saw with Welker -- to go hat into the Denver Broncos to get a deal. It is going to expand so drastically to eight million dollars to cancer capped a political or -- do what you gotta either and that since we could market cap number. What we're gonna have to what you go. And I wouldn't be surprised the reason that I argue. That the patriots may not -- what was chewing settlement has a -- any ability to Erica. Financially. I don't to the patriots in Ellis but what seven and operate million dollars into the slot receiver position because they had a hard enough I'm doing it for one year. With the best what receive reverend Wes Welker. I just think -- look at how much we -- in this kind of player. And they'll say you know what up until I think and eight cents. I think my argument from that side of the table from there with Julian is I don't play slot. I -- right to be on a site -- -- to feel with. -- Dole's delegates and I don't play it communal attempted to tie in sets he's extend from formations. But that's difficult you always get in the -- mean if you you think of him as one as you can get the market to think that your something that. A look at the tape. That's a format but you know I mean that's that becomes a difficulty is sort of -- New York who they believe your. And that's Arctic about it because I looked at it trying to make the comparison because of your time. I'm in my writer in my Iran and he -- -- there are many occasions. Including against the Broncos where. He would on the field settlement but operating on the slot not what -- -- it -- I guess if you're his agent they would practice if she's. Step step up the line of scrimmage and -- unavailable. Or on the other side of the formation -- I think overall it's just a great player -- patriots I don't know who could not hear about the patriots understand what it's -- well. Aren't meant take chances the -- I before we let you go you made the case earlier that the Cleveland Browns could win today you don't really believe that -- Not necessarily but I wouldn't follow up my chair if they did. It really wouldn't I just think the patriots have played. Three -- -- in a row and I don't think that's not such as you know performance last week in Houston makes search it hit single at this point. I think appear advantages offensively. In Jordan in -- could be enough to get them some points that's all I don't think that it's likely I don't think it's beyond the realm of possibility. -- we appreciate time it's always enjoy the game -- that's our report. They have in -- America what did you borrow regarding. Speed it -- -- brought you by Tom current chair doctor doctor Robert Leonard call 1800 get there. This is NFL Sunday presented by the plants -- insurance at the Penske shops that -- say is that the plants -- dot com today.

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