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Hot Stove Show, December 5th 2013

Dec 5, 2013|

Rob Bradford and Alex Speier are back witht he Hot Stove Show. They talk about Jacoby Ellsbury signing with the New York Yankees, the Red Sox signings of AJ Pierzynski and Edward Mujica, and wrap it up with Red Sox starting pitcher Jon Lester, who talks about the World Series run, losing a teammate like Ellsbury and looking towards 2014.

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This these -- it's still it's yours for all the offseason moves in the world champion Boston Red Sox. -- and -- here we. -- Home. Well Alex over indeed those explosive from dad goes pretty deafening. Noise volume is dropping in my head right now and hot stove show another -- -- last week Thanksgiving. Celebrate my ancestors coming over on me flower. Now mind of people -- Thanksgiving Alex this is the hot stove show would be talking all things Red Sox all things throw all things baseball offseason and I'd like the first couple shows were record kinda creeping into it. No more creepy Alex thanks to one very very contrasting Tuesday. There is no more -- in the hot and hot stove season over creepy in the offseason. Also we should note this awesome show it but do you like -- distinctive clothing and the beaches so. What Myers instead -- we we look forward to be in -- -- in a couple months and there's going to be some different faces were down we are taking steps toward that and I don't know if you heard this talk about that Tuesday a few days ago. And I don't know if you heard this. -- mobiles there's no one Boston's. -- -- live episode or twenty years after the fact they were like. Kennedy was killed in -- you know reliving it and guys if they come across some guys that. Now I'd just just -- you front about Johnny game because of the Yankees but he goes Jacoby Ellsbury and view the Yankees it well. As well and we're gonna talk about that we haven't talked about the new acquisition of the Red Sox this today relief pitcher Edward. Who he -- he Colorado are pretty good -- yeah not bad right Uga you are the expert when it comes to waiting relievers pronunciation. You got him now and Uga coach you are -- coach. The vote -- Mostly rain didn't work so we're gonna talk about Ellsberg we're gonna talk about movie -- And very special guest is gonna enjoy it at some point in the show we believe sooner rather than later. And that is Jon Lester who obviously. Is intriguing. Name to bring up intriguing got to talk do. For a lot of reasons one of which. Is the exact reason why we're going to be talking about Jacoby all right Alex. Absolutely and the question of can you keep your own guys and it was interesting I had a conversation with Lester during the during the post season I think in Detroit. Looking at him Pedroia. In Salisbury and it was kind of like three pats divergent. In terms of what their relationship had been like with the Red Sox since they were all part of that first World Series winning team in 2007. Lester actually was not well I guess that the the order extensions was. Pedroia signed his first Lester signed -- shortly thereafter. Doctors and I've been out a -- do this -- very did not time it's unbelievable. Dad here you're just (%expletive) blowing my mind drop but you go back to Lester extension and -- is a good point because we remember Pedroia is first so -- extension -- second one obviously last year. But Lester. Was right after Verlander is that right. Rick before right before right before Verlander record for Felix. So Lester defined kind of one category of -- of extension because he did his very early when he had like. Two years of service time and rightly. In those -- the guys I think had three. Yeah and we could talk to him about that a little bit later if you wanna join the conversation. You're not so hot stove show. 61777979837. Or did join the eighteenth -- tax line. 37937. Nor of course on Twitter. I can't say that I have might at Bradford teacher on right now out because what do I have line. My Gould's distinctive clothing is it is highly distinctive rob I'd tell you -- Marvin in last they hooked me up they've been a -- up ball long -- storming right in the winter meetings. But we should also note your Twitter handle. At Alex beer is not -- teacher SPE I yards to the matter of time this is again the hot stove show 617779. 7937. So first -- out of the gate let's get to the biggest news of the week. No questions asked which is -- -- -- going to the Yankees and I know that we've talked about this you've talked about the radio I've talked -- radio with our current winner. But still it is a fascinating fascinating. Storyline. That not only does this guy go the Yankees by. How he got there what it means for the Red Sox what it means for the Yankees what it means for baseball. What was your biggest take away when you heard that what the first thing. They came to my entry. Well to how fast it happens and that yet he clear that he clear the Crawford bar which was the big question would teams look at Crawford. And kind of how disastrously that ended up for the team that signed him. In shy away from that -- that sort of deal for a guy who and when Boris and Boris is entrusting his sports use the Crawford bar right outdoor sports -- Crawford bar and then. He said he said. Crawford. That was good contract I'm paraphrasing here -- -- contract. But that was a few years ago out -- the -- we're beyond that a lot of free money for teams to deal with from the you know from the new TV deal and everything. I'm so yeah he cleared it and I think that it spoke a lot to the degree of necessity in different organizations the most that the team that has the greatest need. Combined with the greatest resources means they're gonna get them right gap and Vick and the Yankees the Yankees farm system in the upper levels is hurting they have. They have a couple of interesting best they have you know they they have some power but it's not the outfield they don't have the athletic outfielders. And you know granderson was a free agent and they didn't relate they did Carolina so we want him as the as the centerpiece guy. They needed to lull a guy like Ellsbury and they didn't have a replacement a fallback option if it wasn't him. It is in trust you brought up the timing of that was the first thing that you thought of in and that's a great point. If I was surprised when some of these people came out when they signed Brian McCann. All well -- -- what I thought no it shouldn't have been what you thought because of Bryan -- and thought he was going to do better. Then he would've waited another couple weeks for brightly Candace -- and when he did in the middle of November when the top tier free agents held view that. Brian McCann and his agent were like wow same thing with Jacoby Ellsbury -- like wow and we know now that. Read the difference between the Yankees in the Red Sox were probably. Ed and I heard you earlier on -- and Holley -- talked about this might have been five and eighty but it was probably gonna go up a little bit less to say. If he ends up with the option year at 169. It's gonna be sixty million dollars right. There's there's a very good and very real chance well certainly there would have been a distinction years because it's hard for me to match from the Red Sox going beyond night I don't -- wanna so there is even. Even for -- for a guy who they knew at that kind of money now it's different thing with Dustin Pedroia. Because he's getting. A hundred million dollars -- spread over you know over the life of so many years of that contract. Dated you know represents a very while tolerable thing on their -- -- and the importance of that we seed because when you look at the annual value. Why he's well he's of thirteen going to be hovering around thirteen bright and then you have Salisbury at 22 bright. And it did what what a difference in what a difference that it means in terms of building the team. Right unquestionably bright the -- the things you can afford to do within you know that's when you have nine million dollars to put around while. That's the Red Sox bullpen upgrade this -- -- absolutely and again we're gonna talk about the new acquisition for the rats like. Edward who eked out a little bit later -- it in as they say Jon Lester majorities some time here we think it's going to be sooner rather than later. But up until that we have the calls lined up here Alex and I never went pretty passion about what's going on this week the lot a contrast in and this lets face it now it's a whole lot different than any view on the hot stove shows we've done because actually it's tough it's happened. Yeah I mean. I thought that Peyton how it was a significant development but sure I'll say that a result saw that I was all about they'd throw it throw it dated for two weeks store bought into Orlando the swan and Dolphin hotel lobby in upbeat docking -- and pop right up until Mike Napoli side. But this cracked through some of these calls if you wanna join the conversation again -- -- Tex -- a good way to do it. 37937. Or -- called old line the full right now we keep calling keep jacking them up to really cruise on through this. Again number 617779793. Several -- start things off with Steve in the car Steve -- doing. McDermott I don't -- That back when I got -- got a little bit and a couple here a little bit formal -- -- -- final stretch. You're absolutely hop -- malaria and you Papa and it it was odd but he bought the ball. That that was that would -- the -- -- so yes it in there but which should have been to Buffalo by five aren't you but you know what. It's sponsored -- Steve thank you by response by five hour energy and the game of baseball because it was just a great time to talk about. Baseball Saudi -- what you got. Note -- and block it or not. But -- really quick. But it's been interviewed or at. -- all like. You know better you -- it up. I liked that I I. Right. -- you know Steve one of the things he said when they asked him about his approach to the plate. He said I'll do whatever they need to do I've tried taking more pitches in the past I've tried walking in the past. Because he is he swings at everything he puts a lot of contact on the ball. There was a great fan graphs article would have liked it broke down his streak of fourteen consecutive pitches one it was -- so I'm guessing Stevie you as you said he's saying all the right things. But be ready this guy's going to be swing -- People are all that yeah sure. -- But he hit it actually hurt I they don't go out ever. Know that. Al. Third very seriously as David in in thanks for the cause it's Alex he did a great job before the show a little insider radio. Getting Meet the -- -- Edward -- cat's -- really nice drop that was your best one so far and so for the college -- bring up his name or maybe they're going to a friend's house right now. And want to talk about relief pitching how Alex should you break out this guy's name -- -- first syllable move like a cow. Second syllable he'd like dude and then the third -- just can't move he got married Yahoo! week now are right just keep things roll and Bob. You are in Portsmouth I don't Tom. They're a bad reaction to Mike call yeah at -- -- I had on my roto team last year and you just start to like can tell you all about him he thinks that sinker ball pitcher. As a matter of fact he and -- in the last year Milan -- -- back here before. There are essentially the same guys -- were eighth inning guy to start the season. They throw killer. Snooker ball. That's their -- And made both became remote booed because people worked -- -- -- closer role and that will vote for let's recap it. The problem would move because it was if you look at his numbers from the beginning of the season at the end of August. -- -- -- -- -- -- In September. You ran out of gas -- base -- the -- Injury in and not -- trust him and he's gonna take is going by you're right on your right on the money dom. -- scouting report in it but only about one of the most important things which is. He's a strike throwing a absolutes right through energy preeminent. Via yes. I don't seem to one strikeout to walk rate against lefties last year. -- talk thanks for McCauley it's you know Alex we were talking about this before the show another thing we're talking about before the show and you bring up a good point which is if you look at this guy is -- argue. You looked at acquiring this guy knowing he was going to be a free agent is gonna cost you a whole lot more than two it just over nine. Yeah because I -- a -- younger you'll Evans -- as -- know and -- know starting with the all star team. And he had the 188 batting average against this in the first half point six saves. And to your point -- me do what he finished up walking three guys. Yeah he's he's been he's long been one of the greats strikeout to walk guys in in the majors and he's become a little bit less -- a strikeout pitcher as he has embraced the two seamer that bid dot. The color was just talking about he's also he also has splitter that he uses to get swings and misses mixes in a slider occasionally. But he's showed today he showed. Throughout the year 91 to 93 and he just had a bad finish to the year during which the Cardinals decided they were going to go with the hot -- route. Trevor Rosenthal that's that that's a pretty good arm dad and -- made that move but. He's he should've been signing for big closer money. And instead he's getting less than Joseph Smith got with the Angels and then you know you look at the ball -- in comparison and you can compare him. As a pitcher. But in terms the acquisition remember when Lance was acquired. The view narrative -- here is your closer right now. There is not the desperation for Edward who Rica to be even the seventh or eighth inning guy you could you could be be Koji. -- opening day last year and start him in the sixth he still gonna have value because you still have to dollar you still Miller used to while -- I didn't think all along and I think we said this -- the first show of the season offseason. I do think that this is one of the things they needed they needed another. Potential eighth inning guy the fall back clothes are in now they have -- they another eighth inning guy but also the guy who what if Koji to a hot guys not healthy throughout the course of 2014. As US 2013. Now you have an all star closer as your fallback option which the Red Sox tried to do year after year and now they have won yet and there's no obviously no guarantees in relief pitching. Fickle mistress on and off. As good shot in Braintree shot I don't. I'm doing great out -- do a great. I wanna talk about starting last now -- -- there's a lot of talk about. You know the -- talks a lot to me you're not signing aren't a big big deal and yet. But I think Perl guy especially pitching pitching a premium. We're gonna come out I think you have to go side or what -- you guys. But he is gonna cost you more than. I'm curious I've because Lester is someone who was going to compromise is you know his his absolute earnings. In order to sign their first extension it was path breaking. To me that's kind of the starting point number because you look at guys like Jered Weaver who signs -- five and 85 type deal. And -- couple of those -- guys gave a -- discount when they were staring down the barrel of free agency. And I do think that for Lester it I think there are things that matter more than just money yeah money's important. But I I think there's there's more than just I I agree with you and you know I think that that's cover misperception with -- Ellsbury to I think he did wanted to stay here. And I think that if if the offer. Maybe wasn't quite with the Yankees at offered. He might have stayed a year if if it'd been seven in 27 at twenty or 21 -- then that's a very different story than if the Red Sox were offering. By Canadian never really you know we're going to ago. And it was very clear that they were never run buddy you know it when Jon Lester comes on us -- a little bit here you know he's practicing -- days -- gone stale while you nausea of course I'll take last stay with -- -- -- He does wanna stay with the Red Sox of course. -- When you get to next off season we said this before. Max Scherzer signed for the Tigers this Jon Lester sitting there on an island -- the guy down and you don't get to a lot of off seasons where you have one guy who separate him so much in the pitching market as Lester would seemingly be. If he continues on the path he's currently yeah and you know I mean you look at kind of the landscape of of what kind of starting pitchers are available this off season and it reinforces just how. Significant you would expect demand to be for Jon Lester who did become free agents -- -- Would you guys agree that it has worked you know -- break in the short term velocity. And given him -- I. Think that five years is the short term philosophy with Jon Lester yet. By bit by -- is an interesting conversation we can continue to have it because this is what it's about. It's about identifying. The guys that you wanna build around the foundation guys now the question is Alex. They -- that was Pedroia. But they also got a low a -- on him absolutely and so now are you which is going to be big guy. Who you gonna build the foundation -- three or 42 guys to whatever it is. Who you're going to be willing to kind of take a bullet on that they'd be little bit. You know if they didn't do with Pedroia no they didn't and they didn't have to this was about Pedroia has different values and that's been evident since he was in college and decided that he was going to give his scholarship back up. So that Arizona State could add another guy on a scholarship. I we're gonna talk take all your calls Jason Joseph Steve Charlie Rocco I see you all lined up. The Jon Lester is going to be joining us at some point during the show the hot stove show this is the hot stove show. But you by -- distinctive clothing and the beaches of Fort Myers considerable. I'm rob Bradford WEEI dot com's Alex spear of the same organization were to continue all the conversation we're gonna get to you call right after this. We know them the expectation going in the spring training is going to be heightened from what was a year ago. Are my focus from my standpoint is okay how how to we insure that we don't get complacent and we don't -- while just because the woman's World Series we've got. A longer leash that would be foolish on my part to -- fuel force on anybody's part in uniform because. What's done is done and everything right now is to put this to build the best team to compete and win it again next year. That is John Ferrell in -- at all yesterday -- promote regents on this that the hot stove show up rob Bradford. WEEI dot com -- -- spear the exact same organization. What's what they've done is done Alex what is done is done. As pros in this strictest and most literal sense that certainly those shows that we did a few weeks ago those -- done. There are great shows but we're moving on -- remove -- get through some of these calls that we said we expect Jon Lester -- calling some point. -- to show -- to run all the way up until 8 o'clock we get atomic calls here so if Jon Lester does call we apologize in advance we're gonna have to take him over your call. But we'll get through his many years we can't right now during the conversation 61777979837. For -- the ball old goat to Charlie in -- It's that might call into question about brought it in a little -- you had Indian side on air relationship Wear them. It is that the stability in his -- here. Then my second question is the not human ever scorer bring in a span. Denard Span. And the link Bradley rival majors -- -- I'm not in -- -- It is usually clock on a -- and six year -- ops. Not years growing thanks. Yet Charlie great call it double great names to bring up and it's funny you said that because that was our exact conversation during the break Roger I Davis so. Alex what continued to conversational spill on over the -- what do you think of them to rethink that we were that -- -- bugs like Allen gallery really everywhere where -- open book but yes I think that -- Davis is a really interesting name because he's right -- he does have the ability to play all three outfield spots he's a great base stealer. 45 for 51 last year in stolen bases so that would offset that particular attribute of -- buries it in some respects if you potentially. You know I kind of top of the lineup option against left handed pitching which he -- I said he would be a good complement to the likes of of -- Of of Bradley certainly on and give you some versatility and depth which I think the Red Sox are. Certain you know that was such an important part of what they did well this year -- I think it's going to be something of their prioritizing but. I think there's an interesting question for the Red Sox it's depend nine. You know to -- end up bringing back Stephen Drew Ian or Mike Napoli in that will dictate whether or not -- -- center fielder Jackie Bradley junior who could be Major League dad. We Illinois absolutely me it's this is the fall back there we've talked about all along ever since Els Barry's name starts surfacing -- leaving. But you bring up a good point because I think a guy like Davis. Is a guy that you can't just jump and it now if if you miss out on the bigger bat the Napoli. Then he is and you have to you get a little little more reliant on having to go out and get. -- that bat at that position unless you're comfortable with the idea that OK what if we go with carpet and then mid year we can probably find -- first base -- if that becomes necessary in order to have that -- by Davis is an interesting guys as you said this because the relationship with -- and -- and he changed kind of how he helped to shape some of what -- was thinking in terms of base running philosophy so I think Carroll likes him quite a bit and insisting you bring up spam because I think there are people in the Red Sox organization. Who even back Tuesdays with the twins do you regard him very highly as well are -- -- up Rocco and province bako are you doing. Upgrade Alex route that you still watch for the covered that you get to baseball could not survive you -- you -- that it I guarantee you good. And well that you experts on the weaker side I replied love it I think he's great and perfect fit there are a lot in so many ways and I didn't get a. -- The deal the Red Sox were able to strike for and I I think it's it's a bargain. And I can't believe that they stole this guy out from under the Yankees shirt or been willing to pay ransom for the guy I mean. Given that the condition of their open. You know bako is when I went down to the GM meetings are trying to identify some guys -- -- could potentially and I did feel like that one of their priorities heading into the GM meetings might be. That eighth inning guys so I was asking around about a week a little bit. And it didn't seem like the Red Sox people I talked to didn't seem like the Red Sox want to spend a whole lot of money on that but to your point they didn't spend a whole -- on that. Oh they did not mean it's it's I mean. I I guess it's market it you know it's it's what the market poured it right and I feel like. And it within another few weeks I think people could have been paying close to double. What they -- and it probably what have you acquired a third year so I think they're the timing was impeccable and the and the lucky streak continues to venture into the lighted up. No I think I just wanted to ask your opinion on his. It to say that the Red Sox are loaded it's herbs and all Major League starting pitcher and it. Got to look like they're right there -- just about ready. But at the foray level basically. I just feel like trade coming maybe not in the offseason maybe it's you know it's it's in the spring and early cellmark. What I feel like a -- coming in -- a what are your thoughts are you guys at the pick. -- -- Water to be of these of these young arms and I only include buckle and enact a quick frankly. If you recollect we're gonna send somebody I'd like to keep -- to go under and you know like I know he's got great talent but. I don't you negotiate and I IQ he may be great you watch him pitch I mean not. On what what you know when you think it would package up and if you let particularly not on our radar got to -- hearing about right now out there. But direct effects could be targeting for a long term prospects you know certainly it makes signed to a long term deal would it be at all what my gratitude again -- -- -- Guys -- operation could call. -- -- Alex well a lot of a lot of parts there certainly well let's let's start with this start with. The trading of a pitcher out right because this has been a conversation throughout the offseason. Do you trade one of these pitchers you prioritize tree when he pitches before you answer. -- I'll say this. That number one you you have this is Europeans against the Yankees. They can get Robinson can now that you keep getting these guys they still have disadvantage against the Yankees not only pitching. But pitching depth. So you better find the right deal if you argument trade. He's sure I think well for starters I think that I personally I think that it's probably important for them to move either Dempster or peavy. I just think that that's too much salary if it's going to be committed to. Two guys who you know two guys were kind of may be number four starters. If that you know on number four number five starters. You might UPD is as being better than that but he's still an awful lot of change. Thrown into you know that's committed to to a place for you have six Major League starters this isn't Tim Wakefield who was affordable four million dollars a year he could stuff in the bullpen. You wanna stuff Ryan Dempster in the bullpen at thirteen million bucks a year that. I think you need to you need to address part of that salary for other needs so if you make a trade -- he talked about some these names it's hard because that always needs government service. But a trade that was made today by Kansas City. That's an interesting name right chart a rookie a -- moving from the Brewers to the Royals I think it was very interesting certainly a guy. Who's a pretty good defender who gets on base. So I was like huh that's kind of interesting in the outfield market is moving Dexter Fowler yeah moving over from the Rockies to the Astros that's interesting in so you wonder if the Red Sox. Would indeed use some of their prospect surplus especially. Given you know they have they have six starters for Pawtucket next year as well they have six for the big leagues and six for Pawtucket. You know so you think we would they give up and Anthony were not a whom they regard who probably is is behind at least in terms of internal perception. The guys like had Rio and certainly he's viewed as their best pitching prior. I just don't he had in the names about do the talking McRae we talk about Ryan Dempster retired about peavy and everyone's still gonna bring up blaster. Lackey and -- because there's cases you can you can make a case for each one. But my point is that. This is the advantage that you have you moved none of them -- you Jimmie you moved none of them they're too good there -- stab pushed in the big leagues they're important and they are really affordable right now. Lester is a bargain against her abruptly nine million dollars against her luxury tax threshold. That's hard to replace that kind of production Lackey regret represents a significant time for this year next year he's 500 grand against the larger taxed at all. Can't move him because he's going to allow you to do a lot of I think that the authorities played the free player well think about this next year if -- -- Lester did twenty million dollar a year extension ten million then -- right there at those two guys average out to be ten million dollars each exactly Jason and -- you doing Jason. A guy -- -- What are we kind of thought about that the senate bill paying respect to Bradley. Or not I wanted to say you know I'm I'm. Not -- -- and -- gone section of the money. But of course Jackie Bradley -- If you big guy I mean obviously that he knows. Well they won't say it. Obviously they haven't -- -- Jackie values are and fielder but they're looking at other option right. That's why I told me that third or not quite sold object Bradley as they -- -- you know. Maybe they were maybe a year ago. No you know he potentially beat. You know what he could be moved because he'd be you know it's not -- Talk -- want a prospect but it on the back of their minds well maybe you don't see him as a long term it as that field. And that that point I kinda like. I hear a lot of strong camp out a couple of feet under you -- your side of things he gonna cost -- last question here like money. Is not an injury prone as strong and a lot. Watch tiger while I Shawn Kemp -- given night Perez all the parades -- -- he's got hops up but with the Sonics back and why you Matt Kemp of course began play music is good it's good points by you me and the Bradley things it and trusting one. But before Alex get really into it I will say this is not -- not they don't think that Jackie Bradley can't me and that position. It's and -- I can put a vote of confidence behind a guy right now. On and what's today December. Right December 6 sickness fifth fifth okay. Right before that even before the winter meetings have started you can't save that you can't do that you have to explore all your options there's the reality they're comfortable with Jackie Bradley in center field if they're able to -- the other right pieces for the lineup but. He's not going to be right now what he's going to be in 2015. He's not at the start -- fourteen there they expect growing pains with him. And so do they make Bradley a depth option for the short term their preference has always been in. To allow injuries to open up those avenues rather than to commit to these younger players they like -- kind of allowed to happen quote unquote organically if possible but. From everything that I've heard and I literally talked to more than a dozen evaluate -- -- in the last couple weeks about Jackie Bradley junior. I'm Matt within the Red Sox organization there is significant comfort. In the idea that he is a Major League caliber starting center fielder right now. The question is whether or not you can find someone who'd be even better than him for the short term and long term I think they are still very much on the on the Bradley vote. With regards to camp Matt rather than Shawn Shawn has broken down and really not useful power forward anymore and it does it it's so every city it's always match. Yes but that's a -- -- yeah I I am terrified by Matt Kemp right now I think that is a shoulder late -- can be a death sentence in terms of hitters approach if you look at guys like Adrian Gonzales let guys like BJ -- they were never the same. After they underwent shoulder related surgeries are would be quite -- that in I was talking to and evaluated today who is looking at the Red Sox situation. And asking embodied here is a bit. And noted number one he's a strict platoon guy can't hit against lefties number two. How much better team than -- on the -- right now he's paid more but is he that much better he was also deal and some injuries last few of them heard the production by its. There's flaws in both those guys in terms of acquiring both money and and physical issues -- But it's a good conversation to have AB Stephen's cell that night doing Steve. Element oriented things. Good I you talk about America the Japanese pitcher and all that necessarily. Or that the -- effects will be involved in that now with the new posting rules that we'll be approved where each -- turned. Who are from actual data twenty million -- that they should get them in the running and then -- -- -- -- a free agent that bidding war. And I didn't know the report to give him about the matter how that might affect -- if you -- Yankee computer. Really need a pitcher like him aren't there are smokers who sort of pitchers going in the Mexican. Yes Steve and arc is a good conversation and and you're absolutely right the Yankees do need him they desperately need pitching. And knocked out because of the new posting role. You would think that the Yankees actually now. Might have the upper hand although a all of it it sounds like he's not he might not even be posted right well first of all a case of -- the if then if he's posted it but know this this new rule about letting the posting -- kills them because. It means that more money is gonna be channeled into his salary if there can be a market. That drives them you'd they're going to they're going to bid twenty million dollars and as ever once -- have been twenty million dollars governments interested parties so. This will hurt them in terms of how much impact the luxury tax -- speaking of pitching we are happy to be joined by Jon Lester. And Haas though shows rob Bradford John I don't. And Alex Spears would be as well they jump. The doubt how long did it take you to feel right again I -- -- you're injured but you threw more pitches than anybody in baseball this season. So you must you must of got away you must to have some sort of vacation. I wish. In. I really felt the opposite -- You know our thing. We're aware of surely feel thing in the not -- to sit down and relax a little bit. -- -- -- -- -- We'll start working out or go. Back in the -- thing. -- itself or about the all star throw here or -- -- So you've been I'm short changing diapers for awhile now that you've been open all that stuff but -- you know how. How how shocked were you when you saw you know Jacoby going beat you and I talked during the post season about the idea that you and Dustin Jacoby spent. Basically your whole career starting with the 2007 I mean even before that but in 2007 you guys were linked to that last World Series now you go through this one. The idea of going forward without Jacoby was that more startling or where the numbers the thing that really just kind of you know caught you off garden -- turn your head away from the diapers. I thought that what they're saying you know I. Ever but he -- a doubt about it over the back. The whole -- guy in and no I thought that that sucks for. Him back but obviously. Were awful lot. And yet you know that old rubber for Creighton -- that's. That changed -- art form. The would have liked to have. A little bit in order to. You know it is what it is and -- -- that is -- That's why. -- that side as we go. Forward though wish all the best effort and it'll go there. Do you look at it live tonight -- the future all they have this is this is the reality right every week you talked. Before it wasn't real because there was an option sitting there. But this is the reality went around Boston after Jacoby Ellsbury left everyone started turning the Jon Lester doc. For you did did you think about that at all. All of -- that there are a lot of hard that it that. Said that although. Also got what are your future it will go better or side at all our our culture. Are so formal initially. You know I would imagine probably for -- training. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Obviously spots are all all well thought. That's. All water belt. -- -- -- -- -- I took over there are a lot of factors but it felt our. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It sucks that it it was divestitures. -- Sometimes. Out or let that -- -- here. There. Back when you signed your first long term deal with the Red Sox coming off -- first kind of breakthrough season in 2008 you you probably were well aware that you're leaving. Some money on the table if you look at the history of the Red Sox ability. To get those long term deals every time the players had to probably. Leave some money on the table that he might have found in free agency is that a difficult thing for a player to do. -- -- and so I think -- or are. Hurt or for a vote for. -- There are guys that are that half of the year. Thrust themselves. Back. But -- numbers or whatever. Those are -- here or or -- -- -- -- -- 00. Of -- -- -- obstacles that horrible whatever that happens all of them -- back -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Are set up so you don't realize others. Possibly dollars. Or are. There all of our awkward but. Don't think they -- so there -- A sponsor. How about that they'll start -- or -- Well like they were able. Like I left the probable able put a lot bigger stronger. That. That. Is -- at that point. A little options. -- -- that. That it that it should. Or what we have -- -- More. To go back to undergo back in Jon Lester joins us on the hot stove show peel back the beginning of the year value back in spring training your very determined. You had a great spring training that are great month deal but it'll bump in the road in middle but then obviously we know what happens straight through the World Series. Going back to spring training being determined one thing but being able to -- is another what is the biggest thing you think. Was that allowed you to do what you did all throughout the course deceive you get where you were at the end of October. I think certainly it is. -- -- -- -- -- -- About working on the right -- you know we're we're talking. About -- or order for your career. After starter. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Or in the battle and a lot of what this far. Off our commitment. I thought it. Go back or about. Opera. I'll go to the well -- or elsewhere. About well. Well. That's where it is all about what -- -- to right now where we chart so -- Out. -- -- -- Sort of aren't for -- over -- So. I think that the Oilers. OK let's stop crying network about all of I know what. What are parked -- for what parts are better. We had a game plan every day that was. Whatever or whether they would not throw across it settles all. Around. Soulful also. -- out or it'll work Parker also. Our first start the -- or whatever or. Or -- remarks that sort of able to order or are. Well but it -- regularly -- or or or or shot. Well of course it all our worst our format -- well. Well that's where I thought so that's what's so. On our folks back on. A that. Remember. There. Actually. There are there excuse. Or it. -- -- During the during the post season run bench Harrington kind of took stock of the body of work that you had that you had in said. You had been dominant really one of the best pitchers in baseball for a number of years in one way it you know -- Kind of in one fashion meaning you know you just had overpowering stuff. Obviously the ability to execute as well but he thought that you were kind of entering into this into a new phase in which. Your understanding of yourself as a pitcher was allowing you to take. A different kind of a different approach to the ability to dominate similarly effective. Different kind of dominance do you see that or do you see yourself as being the same guy you were 20082011. Thought -- all of lot of -- for that are well obviously the work that body -- work out. There are. I don't have the same stuff but I -- out. Five for its. Well I don't or your realized that. But that. And that that there. -- excuse especially girls are a lot there that -- all awkward shot. Ninety you know. All that we are. That. Well that's our current spot for so. About it there. Strong looks for all all well. That realization that I don't have that I all -- that. Are out. How how it. Well or an effect. Yeah. There. You -- there picture that. All. Such concessions. That. That's for that last. I don't know about that. Well I won't -- it all there's a lot of that. Well. -- -- -- public that sort are out there it. Goes out that your. It's -- for a partner. That. Less questioned at all last John it in terms of now that you've seen Jacoby -- you've seen Jets also much believe in AJ Pierzynski. Signing how much attention are you kind of in thought you giving to OK so now how we fill out these roster positions going forward. A little bit shocked they're for. Bigger -- or later guys. There title spill or spot. A little bit there server. Side of it was -- -- or for that. Well here or there. It -- force out there there. Questions for our our. I'll -- venture back out there. Those guys that are -- and they also. All. What are helpful also back at those guys have control. Of control girl at all. That. That trust realized that guys are all for that. They are less this. By all and hopefully. It'll work for it -- guys. Also like that that we don't go there as they do that they're able themselves. Also at or self -- awfully awfully bad or. Eagle or second. For the force. Well and I fully expected you do this and you from a -- stand because I do now. I do know that you carry a cellphone and trees to interact. You let it a little dark. Yeah now legally so it's all about if your goal -- like it. Well though so thank you for the patients in and thank you for coming on depreciated in you don't talk you have a great holiday season. -- Talking to John thanks. Well -- Jon Lester pitcher for the Boston Red Sox Alex spear us with some good questions to -- humans of good answer some very interesting answers. I'll give you my take away but he laughed. I've never I've never heard Jon Lester laugh in and you I have seen him -- in Louie Tiant is yet again we go apnea. By what was to be taken way out I thought that it was I thought is very open I think fit his awareness that. This is this is how you how an extension has done if you wanna stay in Boston you -- some money on the table and you prove it. I thought that was pretty significant data was and you know what Alex this was significance out. If this that this is truly the time off season to -- heating up. This is why we'd do this show the hot stove show brought to you by the beaches though Fort Myers it's in a belt -- to -- the clothing. This is why we do that joke because the weeks like this because -- interview like that because of people like do you Alex. At Brad felt at Brad from Iowa thanks everybody for joining us. Will be back next Thursday we have a fill in for because I going to be chatting about. Might be a fill in for me to be -- that might be jetting about or hot spell both both well look how they showed a little bit -- have a no -- so thank you productive Jon Lester that you patio day -- the best in the business. And will be back at one way or the other next there.

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