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A.J.Pierzynski reportedly agrees to deal with Red Sox

Dec 3, 2013|

The guys discuss the breaking story of Pierzynski agreeing to a deal with the Red Sox.

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Question for you get a Major League veteran of 37 years of age and sixteen years in the league. Change his spots reinvent himself personality wise becoming a different person. No but. Winning cures all you could be the biggest in the world well he may see if things are going well if you plan and you're winning then you're not. And a -- but what strikes you as odd about this and I know they're looking for one year deal its only a one year deal. Based on how everybody I mean just the fans ultimately but -- Maryland bench Harrington ownership and and and each other. Embrace this camaraderie. And the -- seamless not what what was that done. Said to us on on on a duck boat today. The first summit played on the -- almost Dempster the first time I've played on a team that did not have an a hole. On board we're talking about the reds they do now. And Asia now they did a -- why that change of policy when they had other options before AJ Pierzynski it would represent somebody who would kind of assimilate himself more than this guy rightly will. Our he's one of these guys though he's an old he's our -- -- he's indicted team is it seems like it's mixed but you know this has listened to a hundred players surveyed men's journal. A year ago deal -- June of 2012 yep you got 34 votes. Next guy tent here's a quote from a nationally 4% to 3100 pluck -- players' arrests. 34% to 34 so guess. As -- most hated player in based -- presents to his players has nationally player. Likes to talk a lot of stuff and I've heard he's a bad team. He's been meaning guys and so pitching staff basically if you haven't got five years in the big leagues he treats you like your hasn't he kind of that's one it's one guy got the Sports Illustrated story about him right around the same time in 2012 budget teammates say. He's available we'd like he's he's on your team you like these on the other team you hate Ortiz. I escorted -- a teammate in Minnesota with a five years -- So that what. And didn't we hear the same thing about Jonny Gomes. Who's the one that hated Gomes before he played together PB -- Gomes to live played together and -- loved him sounds like that kind of guy. He's definitely an extrovert he has been in big markets has been in big spots. He knows what he's getting into. I think if they win any place everything's fine and. What -- because of some destructive. Disruptions -- cause definitely possible -- or just said he he bitches and -- about his role whether they -- to go to DH -- -- he'd just like in terms of how he's being treated. Is not afraid to bitch and moan about I don't think there was a lot of bitching and moaning in that clubhouse about roles and responsibilities under John Farrell. Right but he's got a pretty defined role I would think coming in here I would think I don't -- -- jury -- Alec Ross because Ross is gonna catch a lot of games Steve I think he's gonna be the number one -- part to play a 110115. It's probably play gets writings and then Ross plays against lefties and may be a little more he becomes. You know like -- his personal catcher or something but. Lot of geyser obnoxious or annoying things aren't going well and things. -- maybe they'll go will broaden and we'll see but -- it is easier for a year right conceded. Want to bring in a bunch of good guys though -- -- the big big part I think victory albeit in this guy is not that that does not. I -- 134 game Lester did 272722. OP yes. Seventeen home runs and oddly enough. He's looked and here it's ten points higher against lefties that he does -- might not be just right Richard is repealed your next. There liability -- And gay is a great picks for the rest -- He. For a while brave behind that plate in you know a 100%. He got it -- he Ron -- -- greatly but in practice playing -- in Iowa Minnesota in European big great great effect but the rest are. And nick couldn't get better catch -- veteran waiting for those are young guys develop. Know what repeat what -- that problem in the clubhouse that they avoided last year and by the way. Conceded that that had a lot to do with their success. Well it like you get sick or deeply well I used in Minnesota he loved that guy. And American integrate take a look Brett -- -- in that. Is that the mentality. Cool cool for difficult player under -- it -- -- steel for years and in doable in and they got the back cover rolled. What better Obama Arab. We sure know what your deal. I'll ask their estimates 3637. Laid out a deal last year Churchill when you deal in Texas last year here's the thing that. Right now bench Eric and some power great mom look wonderful things less leeway at this last year this were coming off a bad year 81 and 81 year. It's a movie might not make but they do it's like the patriots patriots can afford to bring in bad apples because they surround them with good leaders and but there's -- the shape and a doesn't always work but it works in some cases and works Corey Dylan and not with. Necessarily with the company's North -- but you get the support staff this foundation here. We can't command and disrupt things things are going to well you get good leaders. In Ortiz and Pedroia -- Victor Reno and you get in on good a good manager who's. Coming awfully brilliant season so you think about it. Can't commitment to the big big in the world and saying am I need. Things to be done -- so why envision a spring training if not sooner meeting where David sits down with -- AJ Pierzynski and says there's an opportunity here. And this is the way we do things around here it probably enough to say it probably understood should've talked hurting him in with 4% of the people of Major League Baseball survey. Think this guy is by far the biggest A hole. That's 'cause he's a trash talking catcher so we have that up close and personal relationship with them and probably yeah apps. At hitters on occasion but. Again some people thought Jonny Gomes was -- -- Does anyone -- more than than Pedroia. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Jackie Bradley is and a -- wanna keep them on schedule we -- about moving on we of the next. Generation. Stopgap for a year -- here so you say we only when you deal that's signed -- 34 years. It screws up the plan -- baskets to those who delighted it franks and sandwich frank but he got. I -- I had to do that. I it's -- and -- -- the one about once every set he kind of died. That we on the other team you were carried out. But it keeps on your team you -- -- slightly Iraq. Yeah. And I got a great line yeah it is notorious opium that you at least from from what we're told. As naturally got says that he's been to his teammates and if Europe not a veteran then you're not part of his inner circle. Bills and polio filling out. -- at a small -- go to government you don't want your children -- -- sort of wondered fuel and -- a little harder extra burden to local aren't quite. Especially important small part on the graduate level they're -- -- examples but. Important to turn public -- To normalize the -- what Arnold probably has. What sort of into -- -- America. Tweeting like -- a progress. Bush says so that they think -- -- may not be the answer or at least may not be the answer right now does this is another year for him the despised I think if they've. You know Cuba directly on point Dubai ports and try to play ever implied he would have a lot of respect him on the direct level. And what are or aren't social met. I'd be interested to know more liquid water is -- your -- -- and also maybe double or triple our guards. -- kept a particular political Florida. Certainly are all -- yes it all the art or art or. Obama's. Almost as old put Crennel I want whereas if next August he's 27. I think his dime it's as well I think they've yet if you that you decided they only does that I liked him but I have no problem of the -- -- -- -- he's so freaking slow. I and I know it's unfair while ago as a slow. I want my my guys my young guys to get in the box and hit you don't want them then in employment their gloves look we'll run windows does that affect you think. Up to them I don't think is -- -- like slowed it down at eight what would be your estimation your least favorite thing to do hung over. The morning after rank walks with -- never bought into the hair of the dog ever but then never tried it I never wanted to try again but look at. How pulpit saying here have you -- -- -- -- don't know that's I don't know if I weren't -- period to commence I would not want a more like could look at like whatever bureau alcohol and -- never touch that again right element have a bloody Mary until the next thing you're doing that would not one -- nice flight the next day that was of buffalo area that we really felt bad yeah actually did feel bad we didn't get hydrated flights anyway well you know. My new crowd on -- You can't move around candy that you -- drink -- you want and and the flight was full. Well what if you have to throw up you can go in the -- -- for the bag the bag rate there it's a little earlier this -- to seal it up and syndicate in the pockets and I. It's -- -- is not a good -- play in baseball hung over AJ Pierzynski. You're on what number of games want a general number of games that injured president has. Played hung over. Man acts that that's hard to say because. There's been a few -- give me an exact number but I'm playing a lot of games and I'd say most -- -- not hung over but there's been a few good men. -- Yeah lot of occasions the fall -- from in -- delicacies which is well like booze have you ever smelled like -- out -- out about what. The batter hit it a -- is not there -- certain umpires season. And on every day you watch it's the whole. Stats on the show. I don't know he's on the show -- -- between Atlanta tart in a -- of -- let her credit for this the only read tweets and tweets that kill him. Not scared yet yeah doesn't tweet I love your show I think -- really cool enough that gets some of the house. Maybe maybe not the only every at least the very critical ones I saw one yesterday that said. Every -- Dan every time your old man opens his mouth your journalistic credibility takes another hit. And he -- It's his dad in -- Marty Jones -- yes all off on every single day every weekday -- believe I'm the only way you could make that show worst would be dead money Jones to -- viewers every 36 jab in the nuts keep it. Really everybody -- maybe maybe here's what they did at times on. Fuller Clark currently support for. Older and move on. Taj OJ case in north Providence KJP good morning. If Anthony in New Hampshire the last -- we take a break Anthony. Regards hi Anthony that a couple statements oriental Allah is its -- sure the multi quick. The fire and then she goes I mean I expect club also got to police itself that the diplomatic. It can be -- let those guys put some some indication. Just destroy at all. The top of my head on his White Sox teams. Guess David Minnesota and Texas with a team leaders would have -- him it was -- -- that was an alpha dog or -- would be ideal but don't tell me. Connect colosio development team the day you Frank Thomas left there he was -- -- -- -- they liked when Frank Thomas left yet rallied. The floor court things. With the patriots in all the rest that it sees and that schedule I don't see the lows in the game but it's -- Every time you got a game we. There's no wait you think they could lose. One game they lose and that's appeal and that -- -- up this weekend. I could see them lose in the game but not this one does not mean -- -- Miami. Don't execute you know every year there's only one game Guillen never paid -- let the -- should be. It'd be the jets game this year already happened and what's amazing. Too bad calls away from being eleven and one right. Yeah it was a close -- to capitalize that game but they really bad I thought doable bad calls. Obviously got to score -- get the call your Sumi it was going to Carolina. But all the definitely when the jets jets game that definitely their 21 downs record a couple of passes away from Google -- -- correct Penske. They win that game this game coming at this they have to score from the one that's a sure thing that defense. But the odds I I put them at 6535. With a score so it was too bad calls and I think noble atrocious. Calls. They could vehicle heaven and we and one. With. When that -- pumpkins and Dobson. And Oman and Mulligan many many cattlemen and you know Jones and -- on all in the mean. In those old -- the whole Rutgers class of 2050 Dan in the defensive backfield -- I mean just. I don't believe this is the most amazing and ought to settle the Belichick wins them and coach of the year this year I think he's a candidate conflict. Well Ron Rivera variance Bruce Syrians Ron Rivera has set an NFL or tips. AFC year -- -- NFL Rivera would be candidate. He would be a candidate. -- everybody -- -- -- if -- -- not a -- now there and that's the most fraudulent nine of the claim that a twelve and whether or not I'm not and they're not and that was the most fraudulent nine no team no one thought that we're gonna hold it together they happened what do they go thirteen -- -- aka. Not to -- excellent article from -- -- -- He will win. -- -- There's unpopularity aspect announced he was -- -- a couple of times repairs probably good one with chip would have Chip Kelly runs table he might. He mice shanties in on that whole thing is very likable little things go -- with with it fools. In Philadelphia so he won't win but -- you'd be hard pressed to find a better coaching job than Belichick. And his staff have done this year extra points out that the Olympic -- father indeed died but he still on the show off yeah that's that's the funniest thing he's done it. And tomorrow propping up as well. It or think of it. Don't you want. The trick shot artist be quarterback just the sure orders for the Jason inaudible. Jason Campbell we Campbell again. With the Patrick Sharp missed. Alex and these guys were east -- stitches leave it to be mailed these guys working on didn't he presents every week it is that's. We're going to be showed up via shoe or target on the biggest gonna happen of course potential issues there with a morning person yet doesn't know right it's practically -- Jonny Gomes on signed and sealed. It with a game like a food on a threat religious at -- what wall hold on Iran that. But it appears it's keys already on the MLB network right yes already do in games and still why he wants to be in the -- he's going to be in the meat isn't AJ Pierzynski your new catcher we'll be right.

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