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36 hours later and the Pats beating the Broncos is still hot topic #1

Nov 26, 2013|

We continue the discussion of Sunday Night's improbable comeback for the Patriots.

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Would you drink -- line and I like Sunday night when it was freezing Gillette Stadium I would think so that is that. You know maybe that was on the broncos' bench I would think in a patriot and maybe explains what happened between in -- -- after the beginning of the he might have thought he was reaching for the Gatorade or something else to warm them up. Actually gone into the -- -- maybe that explains what happens on the final part you know what Bill Belichick yesterday not exactly he said pretty much straight up. Let's Wes Welker responsibilities and I was everybody a lost art I was thinking about this awhile ago that told you. -- well last night in the sport the -- that that Troy brown and Ty Law says that Wes Welker was scared cat okay. I said devil's advocate guys Wes Welker was never known for he was never known to be the a fearful guys I would over the middle recap that does not someplace like five the date listed at five whatever it -- the matter -- -- -- shorter. And probably five or ten pounds lighter than whatever is listed weight and I tightly. Goes over the middle takes the punishment fine. -- talking about just he is some guys the big moment. Afraid of the big moment. Where I don't think receiving apart. They're calling for a fair catch is it is just not on NFL films and other music -- yesterday right there -- -- slow motion. Waving everybody coffees waving everybody off and he received this -- safely -- if you if you wanna make the case that he dropped the ball in the Super Bowl because the moment was too big. Or drop the ball in the AFC championship game yet at the moment that you gig to make those and to make it. Could you are are you thinking. We're about to get the ball three minutes left the most about me for Peyton Manning. -- this is gonna add to his level the only gonna add the methodology he hit the ball what 301 left right I would want someone pretty minutes and a second that -- -- -- three minutes after the game. And Peyton Manning has the ball at the thirteenth fifteen whatever the yard line it's going to be. And he goes down and he leads the Broncos either to me a winning touchdown or winning field goal and -- regulator cold night. They blew a 24 zip lead but. Peyton Manning saves today -- has not with Wes Welker that was a pressure on him come -- also that when they say he was afraid because of the pressure of catching a punt. Or was -- afraid of being hit. I think he was afraid of of getting up there and in getting. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We had such Rory and tie talking about why it didn't happen. So they can they can speak for themselves -- form but. I know -- made went out of his way to say hey he's Troy Brown you know Troy Brown did that you know Troy Brown I don't think -- a mistake he made her audience a free. Not to go -- catch the ball like Troy we're talking and before we got owners say it. -- element caught everyone his pet putts he was there he wasn't afraid to catch it and you would eliminate it. -- situation is right there if you were just haven't caught the ball because he airplane enough time to catch. I don't think it's fear I mean that that may be their read on it and it was a battle of serves than at the time. Wes Welker did not have the nerve to -- -- catch the ball and that's where it came down to if you really want to make a statement that everybody noted you can count on me. -- caught some models balls and I'm a big -- smoker after I'm a fan and I thought he was tremendously in the -- -- But I say I wouldn't read it that way I might -- read it -- his brain -- I might -- read it as just bad decision made by Wes Welker and a big moment. Didn't think he had a better shot of running up to -- chip but he kinda drifted back away from it. It doesn't make sense that Wes Welker would be afraid to catch the -- It makes sense that he thought with the spin on it it was gonna bounce and go forward and going to the end zone or something. And he thought that was going to be give them better field position they take it at -- when he instead of that twelve yard line maybe he thought something like ours -- -- but we're the largest Kuroda. May I don't think what you -- to some extent that he would think that makes sense that you would think. Either just lose track of where he was which again. Would would be indicative of somebody who had a concussion the week before clearly wasn't in the right spot when he caught a third down pass about two yards short of the sticks. I mean that would that -- would that surprise you would all -- a week later Wes Welker got a little confused as to exactly where it was specially on a football field that out without actually would surprise me less. And Wes Welker being afraid of the moment. Yeah I I don't know if computers if he was confused you believe that you think the whole league policy league protocol is via. I think that if you wanna get beyond that you get beyond it because you should not be able have a concussion when we complete the next that's not supposed to happen. Right it's not supposed to take three days four days five days to come back from a concussion. But everything that the NFL is trying to change and this idea of what Wes Welker off it was gonna get back out their toughness is not supposed to help you. Pass the NFL's concussion tests I talked about it last week. There's -- -- over the their degrees of looking you know how how severe was this concussion. I don't look at the brain injuries Brady I know other people did what they don't ever wanna hear the words severity or degree just say that's why am I am not a change Adams and -- it is a brain injury right. So I don't I don't wanna I don't wanna gloss over that and -- dismiss it if the brain it's a Wes Welker had a brain injury. In the Kansas City game. How severe was. And ethically. We can talk about degrees of severity scale well of without -- without dismissing right I just I. It just look at surprise me that he played a week after a concussion no I don't really buy that the NFL's concussion protocol is on a percent legit and that can't be Baiter gotten past. And if you telling me. That I have to choose between Wes Welker who everybody watched here for as long as they did being afraid of a moment. Not even not not not -- just catching up -- Being afraid to catch a pundits in the air vs Wes Welker being a little confused and traveled a week after his his concussion. And -- the latter it makes Morse and big picture to me even if it certainly appeared to a couple of guys who played the game and have a lot of respect for both of them. That that he was afraid to catch the ball -- and -- well. I know this is what makes it. A little more plausible. Hearing hearing Bill Belichick talk about the wind yesterday in talking about. You know how it looks. How personal how the wind was blowing really made it sound like anybody you used the golf analogy. If you're gonna attempt a field goal. You're gonna have to wasn't just. Getting up there and kicking the ball like he normally do. There was gonna have to be some artistry some additional artistry to getting the ball on the upper right there's the distance aspect of it and it's getting it to the upper right. Expect the wind was making everything pushing everything up to the writer pushing it to let depending on where you were show. Receiving a ball like that that is. That that is tough to read anyway. In the wind made it a little trickier and I would say ease up. Afraid for his life maybe it's just fear of I don't wanna screw this up I wanted to come back to knowing what they're chanting my name. I don't wanna be the guy who cost my team and he what is. He ended up in -- and -- running away from NN and allowing allowing. The ball to hit the other player here Tony Carter I don't know man. You guys to jump BMO certainly take your calls as well 61777979837. And all of this is nothing more than speculation were not inside Wes Welker and out we don't know what went into it in that moment disease as he's. Camp under a ball decides to turn around run away from it clearly it was the wrong decision. Clearly it cost this team. I guess I just you know he hadn't played well up to that point. Was -- the pressure of coming back to Foxboro. Was it that the patriots did a good job of taking him out of the game Kyle Arrington and others I did a very good job. War or was not a 100%. A week after a concussion and my gut. Tells me it's the third of those three and the other two it's up to do that also. Promise that I got goes -- in the other direction just because. This is a concussion that we know about it got a lot of publicity. And and many many players who were injured now. What they get the publicity that that that he that they never got before because this is an issue it's a hot button issue. OK who's hot button issue in the league and it wasn't. Necessarily five or six years ago. I Wes Welker has played with. Several -- And accused of multiple concussions and done just find some of the games that we talk about what Wes Welker and they remember when he did this number than some of the 99 yard play and that was the beginning of the season. But remember that play that play that connection and eight catches here and -- there Wes Welker is the. Poster but yea you're right he's gonna tell their regular boy well but I mean personally you're absolutely right on that but the second part is don't think add up over time. And they isn't that yet another reason why he shouldn't be back playing a cup with seven days. After his last concussion. I mean Michael -- -- -- great point you make that Welker a lot of hits that they had before and there's an expectation that he has played through it before he probably should've. But that's all the more reason to say hey after seven days the concussions continue to get worse right it's an exponential thing. Which -- what you've had won the next one is worse than the next one is potentially worse etc. Now are the maybe he's got his bell rung a little bit which is. Everything the auto auto hauling all the cliches. Right you know -- after -- your -- has a concussion argue even more nervous and more careful yes and shouldn't the effect be potentially worse after each additional concussion why is Wes Welker not subject that it's not like he's he's. Mean mr. spurs are both tough guys he's a tougher than Bergeron you'll never convince me that Welker is any tougher than Bergeron Brad Bryant. And yet when Bergeron has a concussion you know make sure he stays out long enough that the majors career doesn't and so if there's a -- a little -- I think more or. I don't think just yet it just to compare the guys in in your right. Patrice Bergeron one of the toughest guys in sports definitely what -- -- guys in the NHL but it beyond NATO. I think the differences. Bergeron. We saw it happen we saw. How concussion kept him out it to prevent him from playing for a long time any time. Going forward. When Patrice Bergeron has a concussion I think the fans. Are are kind of like his family members you know -- guitar -- -- is that we remember what happened before right and it wasn't your fault it was terrible hit. From Jones and -- the best one who who had a and and we're we're we're not gonna do it. Take your time. With Wes Welker -- history there have no history of seeing him. -- Oh yeah right it's it's like okay -- he took ahead he went to the sidelines -- second -- was back -- a couple of plays later they keep going west. That we just don't understand. NFL. Concussions. I I think we have. It was getting better there's more information number I think we have less. Less understanding less sympathy is is that even break. I think are probably dressed up for football players say it is -- like this tweet from at Paul Deaver says Welker is injury was bad enough. He forgot what teeny -- four and the result of the game I don't know but the patriots end up winning based on the way they win. Based on the way they defeated Denver on Sunday night are the patriots now the hunted team in the instinct I think now the team that ever I'm like are they looked at that what you look at that. You look -- circuit another best team in the AFC they knocked off the Broncos and so now the patriots and the team that everybody's got a four. Or was there something in the way it happened in the -- they beat Denver in the type of team they are this year. That steel gives people pause. Before saying -- about the number one team in the AFC at two everybody's chasing answer that question next what's -- call 617779793. Sevenths alcohol WB. If you pick just Obama doesn't play anyway I presume one of them gets in the circus in the ball yellen Peter -- when you pick us in the ball to. And -- a car would definitely saw Wes Welker -- and then there wouldn't even came in the place of the descriptive field the punt. Regardless of the conditions we've done immense though games nobles when the games you gotta be able to do a man in -- token this pack. Soon. -- That Peter. And Peter Peter Peter. There's probably a really good reason. It is something I don't know we can talk radio but the good reason. And it didn't feel it probably -- -- -- at a price doubles was. When I heard. What I think that. And I hear he was. He absolutely -- that during the game on on as collateral the if that is if you cougar -- link. Them. I'm assuming -- left side right yet it it Rita. It sometimes Ringo and lackeys and time. And right. So the defense. Arabs -- on them were exactly. Right. Is that. My body probably but it depends which college you're our product called Hewitt and -- and recline on shore. -- went to cougar and not only opened Tuesday. And then we're going to conversation because. It is gonna open up a completely different. Remember when Bill Parcells got trouble and now. Talking about surprise play. In the NFL except he columns surprise. Pink Pearl Harbor yeah. Yeah yeah but the needle out did not go out that deals by ms. McKinney also they're Wendell and -- there yet and yet know if there's a guy who hits to his right. But you know that's like bill don't say -- every about the things don't say oh okay. You know you're okay and aren't built like there's this. All the papers avatar and about. I was always. -- it could answer answered. The question. The way you intended it to. Are they seen as the best team and I felt that -- -- -- -- contract question. And I think it people look at Denver's -- They are the number one seed. They look at -- -- that he -- not so much because -- injuries to Houston and -- My -- from Africa and by. In terms of the patriot -- -- page and it's just so much hatred for New England for Boston. The success. Bill Belichick Tom Brady they win all the time they're always in the conversation for that reason alone why would there -- to always be the player. -- -- legitimizing. The the general point the bigger point made by our friend from Denver last week. John -- Wright who say to me he got a terrible evidence as to the reason why people hate the patriots is half the things he said were were just debunks myths now but. He's absolutely right that America -- rooting for Denver he's absolutely right that American roots against the patriots -- general on general principal. But the thing now look at the patriots as being the best that we may see. And I don't think they deal maybe it's because half of America goes to bed after the first half of the game and doesn't see just a good comeback was short and on Sunday were those ratings may be nobody to -- maybe it's because -- their TVs and -- TVs watching him sleep -- with a great -- well. At first thought that maybe true I think a lot of those TVs were watching people sleep as the continue to get that -- but whenever. I think people just generally believed that the Peyton Manning high flying offense thing is superior to whatever the patriots have going on this year. And so yes to a point they're gonna now get -- bee grudging respect from people. But I don't think that they are all of the sudden in a vault. To the power rankings of -- of of Joseph fan. Who now says half forget about it the patriots are often running. I don't think that people outside of maybe here and even here to question mark have fully bought it 6177797937. Wills and Rhode Island highway. I didn't want to make a point that you get him and totally right. That. The patriot don't have a target on their back on a -- because. We've been playing at a high level for so long that I think every team out there better. Thirteen to beating. Yeah I think you're right and -- it's an interesting measure these days because if you look at the Patriots defense. It you almost don't recognize it up for a NN is coming interest in the see how they approach this NC get into the playoffs. Now they are able to get by and sometime to get by and it's not always pretty. And again do I give up yards regardless to the Broncos but the fact that they gave up almost 300 yards on the ground. Was not an accident and part of it was a function of game plan OK I would rather see Peyton Manning hand off the ball and throw it but the party is. The numbers that we can get we get some yards this way. We can attack them they're they're they're vulnerable right up the middle and and you go back a long time to think about a patriots team. That was that I'll open up before events even even before -- you know Ted Washington. You know Keith -- Richard Seymour you know they. They were detained now that you could just cash. Do whatever you want us. Hold all of that -- About it doesn't happen that you and I are on the same page that the 280 yards or so they gave up on the ground was more a function of game plan than anything artists and sort of build build not just wanted -- -- ain't never had seven men in the box outside of the red zone Miami it was six guys playing mostly nickel or dime coverage. And and and if you wanna try to run because you've got the advantage fine where it'll let you attempt to run -- made you pick up six yards at a pop but you're not going to pick up fifteen or twenty. So you are an and that regard I agree but this is Wes Welker was scared. To catch that bunker there would you make the exact same skirt argument about Peyton Manning has thrown the ball. The -- what 35 times in the game 36 times in the game in five quarters of football. And if you're gonna and with all the wrongs that they had. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- At linebacker effort to 22. To seven and that was the other route twenty to twenty. Osborne tutorial is a thumbs up to one goes over 220 I think. Having at 227 but anyway -- know John Marino was run and all over the field so I'm not gonna face Peyton Manning was scared that's one of the others. And in a note. Bill Belichick broke down Tom Brady's mechanics or why he's good you know it got big hands in the -- tight spiral. And and to be able to better as -- shot to 222424. OK art -- So a lot to that is a shot that. Peyton Manning. It was more -- look at my guy like look at this is why my guys -- played in cold weather plays and don't win championships. Eat frozen a good football I'm glad he's our quarterback. Peyton Manning. Even though he was throwing some crazy passes during the game a lot of fluttering. Took a long time he talks about it so what they are -- -- some are like -- just kind of hang it up there. What he really heated through that have to -- President -- there's no doubt about -- -- there's no doubt that was a great throw one of the best throws. Now when didn't flutter and all but but can he do that consistently he hasn't really ever shown that he's able to do that I did take his little bit of shopping hours that a left unsaid. Everybody wants compare these two guys you know that one guy's got a great record in the cold the other guy doesn't let me tell you all the things that my guy does well. -- -- you can go think about how whether or not the other guy can do any of those things Jason's in his -- -- Hey hey guys -- -- some great. And that set the record -- I guess they period. The patriots they're always going to be a target not gonna change that but I don't like because of that game that the patriots are your are you that the number one being. A ticket or gave. -- -- human aspect where in the Super Bowl you know European in New York it curriculum that that. Thought about that where the cold weather could affect the more. So let's say that that -- goes on to the Super Bowl. Did he let in the possible. At all. Whatever element and it's a topic Manning's play. -- -- an interest in pointers in a marriage is there any leads me to this guy and thought about the Super Bowl. Do you think. As. Well. Rated as that game was and as as dramatic as it was. If the Super Bowl is like that you have eleven fumbles in the Super Bowl. But -- -- have a close game what people care I don't think so you don't think so. -- -- people especially if it's a really bad weather game. People love bad weather games the theater of it is so intense threat nor were they score there's a require a lot of wants to write that you don't want a 107 right that -- you don't like the pouring rain bad weather game where everything -- sort of able to remotely right was -- that patriots Baltimore game from back in the day I always think that it was a -- scoring game actually was but. It was one of those or four while the writers got the kind of turn on the sixth the regal for most of the game like that. I don't think anybody wants to see that the Super Bowl but if you get the theatrics of this noble you get the theatrics of cold and we Indians in the there is something amazing about that and I think a lot of it is especially with the cold is just can't believe they can go up there and do that. I totally sort of a show with a yesterday Michael we -- a show for four hours and fifty degree studio yesterday which pretty damn -- would be an inside look at my blood was not right. Until I went to bed last ice freezing had to go to the garden which is great thing to warm up I was so -- from doing the -- the idea that they can go play fifteen degrees. It is is it's impossible for me to a match I think that's what would -- is -- that the awards show for that game I believe on Sunday with -- six below both the went to a nursery area. About about a 12520. Other recalling five to myself 5758. Degrees in their plus the EC blow. Like it's pretty chilly -- blown. What -- -- -- -- here you don't know anything about it Nixon bridge are whining about buying AMOCO gas by two guys in Iraq told no one I don't mind that I government. They got I wanna -- 2.0 I think the majority and the New England are over reacting to release tumbles. One need is set up culture awesome beyond and running back after a -- which I give or take. I don't situation and the other would eagerly at an artist kudos for three years before that never fumbled as opposed. Yeah attribute your I have much outside of -- not. Well not just him -- go all the way back to when this whole dynasty started in the Antowain Smith is that he is. Is that really his claim to fame to not humbling I fumble he fumbled a bit. If I hold on occasion remember fumbling in that Louis game that in 01. He was not a fumble or what kind of not a fumble our. I think in buffalo but it was among linger but and he. You know he had hit the -- fumbling problems during the second Super Bowl run and and Corey Dylan. He was so great that you can glossed over play like 45 fumbles. In 2004. So they've had they've had guys who have -- fumbled and -- name that stuck with them I think with Ridley. -- you don't space them out who -- -- and that's deep doghouse material from them and and Antowain Smith in his career at New England by year fumbles 421. And and then what we got three years -- where I was 31. 2003 fumbled -- about what you must been a won here it was in order fumbled four times if we're still not I mean that's a fairly low number for an entire season for running back it's not what a free -- differently three straight games -- -- -- freedom public and for the rest of the health what 56 was on. -- -- lost but he's put the ball on the -- you're right it's about changing is about. Costing your. -- it'll it's about giving up the football by giving it up is turning it over he has certainly done don't turn it over the patriots now the best team in the AFC six or 777979837. Calls ex alcoholic WB. Play action on those down Manning throws that it's intercepted. Picked up my little -- that the thirty. Turnover. Throws the pick -- Ryan's second of the season and doing what's got it at the Denver 39. And a Smart quarterback and now we know we don't come on and then and showed it to shale leasing it to us and they don't run off. Ellen -- -- -- -- in the game -- running morning utility. -- Belichick. Or are every -- Thanksgiving got what more and more keep Talib showed it to actually releasing it to us you don't run off. Ellen Ellen -- plan in the game running morning utility. Are you hit it is snapped up online Francona liked. Soda into us here at least he did to us -- they don't run Boston. I think Belichick gave one of those of it was Brady somebody gave one of those in the post game press conference the other day. You before on -- but tell we're a little in the game. You have got to -- to leave the thanks bill thanks -- -- -- that would. Somewhere in -- lol -- Awareness of -- -- Bills can grab ever have a -- nice things about the quarter write that quarterbacks alto he was told that it. Except he said it well you keep to -- not like me which is you can obviously cooler you can never have enough to keep to lead -- you have enough. We just had a lot of may play in manly we try to go it won't let it time and we take it from brightest and gang just one minute time. Feel like -- stepped up and thanks -- million. They weren't paying bills and then but certainly we just had a lot of late may in manly we try to go. Won't -- time and we take it from Friday's. He snort like Tito like -- -- I love it got out of my suggestion clearly thanked those who want to be fair he just played three or four hours outside fifteen degree weather -- when more -- More quickly -- want one more. -- Cleveland Indians and the other whisper. Particularly the -- man that believed whispers. He'd hit me were request. The last war its -- offered this now we get whoa wait a grabbed on. Come -- -- in his car I don't. Dawn. Yes they -- yes yes yes I am done what's going on dot. Guys I opened slot but he particularly. Eric artfully Arturo I'm not -- -- But. Anyway I'd just like the -- quick yet I think yeah the patriots are definitely the number one team in the AFC. Humble side that scored the other night. -- last time he saw a new team give up you know 24 points against another league teams don't come back to win the game. And as far as the -- The Broncos coach Wendell -- somebody -- cannot -- 24 point not be able. They got ticket pointed interest in -- look anatomy and unfortunately the patriots were words that the the margin of victory was so -- the enemy in a ball bouncing off. A guy who's blocking on -- -- and who knows what happens if they tied the game Don do you feel the same way that game ends in a tie. You still feel like the page to the best team because they were the ones that came back. It's essentially didn't hit commitment that that close. I mean ever should welcome -- like point four points. Denver may same mistakes as the wind and they both turn the ball error which allow the other team to get back into -- the patriots have their three fumbles and Denver has a fumble and an interception you know I don't like coming at the end. Because we -- we've talked so much about. -- that the passing game of football how to passing league we've we've heard that over and over right well because of that. It seems like look I think there's a big difference between pro football and college football. But the college football element that is creeping into pro football it is not just some of the -- to formations. Is the ability to come back in college football parachute team if we're if I'm watching a couple of top 25 teams go at it. What I'm gets a 21 -- on the game's over. Still come back. I've seen it more and more often in the one that stands out the most patriots fans is against Peyton and the colts in 2006 or 21 to six halftime. And and you come back in the -- they came back and they win anyone their game but the last year in the post season. Atlanta I was up. What do you zip on the 49ers in the NFC championship game erupt zip and foreigners in FC championship game. They come back and win that game -- a lot of a lot of seeded -- before with the Atlanta right now they were up big on Seattle in the first half an -- -- Seattle came all the data that came back out to win the game and -- Atlantic came back to the ticket if you -- the theory -- you see a lot network company it just seems to me out of all that's anecdotal or not to look at the numbers. And come backs are up by you know 12%. It is anecdotal you're right because I don't have numbers on it but it does feel that way and it makes sense given the changes to the rules. Given all of the elite quarterbacks given how much passing and how much instant offense is now available in the NFL. I would agree on that and because of that maybe it's a little harder to close -- game these teams are built to run out the clock they're built to be to move forward they're built to get big chunks of yardage they're not built necessarily as well. To grind out 345 yards per carry. And just try to basic game that way now. Tom -- today. Now I'm not enough. The people yes yes differently do you buy his argument about Brady and Manning that brought one of the reasons Brady is better and is able. To -- engineer come back like that is that he inspires more and his teammates than Peyton does. No I think it's. With his great energy in the fact that he's so animated and I think that Brady Manning does more for his team and. You know what it is -- -- would I think we can we keep. Trying to break it down year after year try to come up with a new stat a new line in new wrinkle to this Brady Manning debate. I'm guessing that most of you made up your minds of the goats. Let's say five years ago or five years ago Brady -- 31. And in Manning who is 32 I think -- your part. So when they -- in their early thirty humiliated decisions and help people and doing limited is -- that. -- if you're new Englander and you are a patriots fan you probably go -- Brady and then same thing in Indianapolis on nationally. I multiple made up their minds either brave guy -- Manning guy. And they're both very good but you'd take you'd have your preferences just like anything else. Try it if your Peyton Manning fan you can you can come -- with a lot of examples of how he's inspired his team and how he's made guys who aren't that good. He has made them better -- Brandon -- better you know it would Austin Collie with healthy made him better. Dallas Clark is good he was better with Peyton Manning. A Reggie Wayne is outstanding and he's been good with Andrew Luck but I I'll bet she's thankful that he played Peyton Manning so. I don't think that's it I just think it's a matter style. One guy played the dome one guy took every single dollar available to him that's patent. The guy northeast plate for a California guy who played his college ball down in bad weather. Latest pro ball in the northeast and has he not taken every single dollar available to him to have a more complete team -- it's funny. It turns Brady and so if you're trying to figure who Brady is like that he does have some of those same elements has patent does -- the ability to make all the decisions at the line of scrimmage the ability to -- Pinpoint passer and and and and roll up often the numbers especially in good weather in the dome it's that are. He also has that Brett Favre element to me out running around like Favre. But that hey its cold weather this is my time to shine I don't worry about the elements on the you know that the outside tough guy type that Brett Favre had. And then he also has one other element and I'm not sure who the right comparison is but it's the safe -- -- maybe it's almost an Alex Smith -- that's not good because Al Smith doesn't have that kind of and I'm I'm I'm trying to think -- the right name would be but somebody who stands -- doing the with the safe thing instead of always going for. The kill shot -- Brady throws the ball out of bounds off from when he supposed to especially early in his career. -- for that right on the quarterback is -- add in but I think he's got elements that may be all right Phil Simms or phils got a good one yeah maybe Phil sent -- both the Phil Simms Peyton Manning and Brett Favre that you could take out some of the positive elements on all of them. But some of the positive elements of all three and end up with Tom Brady pick a lot -- your calls patriots at targets on the backs. Now that they are or are they the best team in the AFC soccer -- WE. Now I'm not at all.

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