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Milan Lucic chats with Danny Picard about yesterday’s big win

Nov 24, 2013|

Lucic joins Danny Picard to talk some hockey after the team’s overtime win against the Carolina Hurricanes. Danny asks Lucic about David Krejci’s game winner yesterday and hockey outsiders that are trying to change the game.

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Maryland's big -- and -- that over the Carolina -- and it's. And all the time at the TD garden. We'll talk patriots today Jerry from hostile sports he's gonna join me. Acts. 11 AM. It's all will get into that I'll give my pick and prediction. That a little bit last night I was on at 9 o'clock we will. Talk more patriots I want your predictions -- -- against 61777. On seven. 937. I'm -- till 1 o'clock page article and will get into more of the patriots at 11 AM -- me on AT&T hotline. Com. Mean on the budget Boston Bruins pull me along -- will join me in just a moment we got on right now -- sports Sunday on W -- To George and AT&T. I don't. I'm doing good I congratulate -- yesterday. You guys have not won seven of the last nine and really. Could very well be -- last nine guys played very well against Saint Louis began before. But from the middle of the pack in the Eastern Conference out of the top spot with 32 points. What's the key to the success yet seen the last couple weeks. Well at the we were and that brought -- you know when we lost more apartment. Possible. You're going to not play in the way that we warm player that you know. You know are a sports you'll common activity in the -- it's a partnership in the book warmer double amen to start articulate better. You know perhaps you didn't have really good start -- -- being able to get overheated. And stuff like that -- coat -- dark. Plenty of room group thought we were one you know considering their way it works. The plane deployment unit and but in the report were such success in the possible and -- perverts are the last couple here. Yeah and yesterday you and -- Krueger a pot of two goals one. Foot yacht demon and one -- for Carolina on that miscue. In your own zone in the third period but -- croak I mean we know he got -- -- the puck off his foot. He did return to the bench but you know when he does come back I mean one thing about this kid's game and and just to go get a tough -- to successes team the last cup which it's a rhetorically is -- type kid. -- that. He's not going to be rattled by something you know and it sort of miscue you know we saw the game in Ottawa I mean he's had a couple things have gone wrong for him but. This is the type if there's one thing that is knock -- effect this game it's his confidence he's a confident kid he's not gonna get rattled by by something like that right. Yeah exactly or did that religion really good players that it -- here he does -- -- -- -- call -- -- I think that's what brought them an NHL and be able to play at a little bodies complainer. That because of the culprit I mean. It's never easy it and I've got to. You know. You know that the particular level and then -- you're -- -- -- Other classical repertoire or out of -- -- and -- also the news. There's so watered here in the character that it happened in the call a city and earned. Obviously you're going to. Go to a couple of declared. Port numbers here what was considered protect corporate mark set. That you look at that's what -- of court Carolina or. They're not soccer rattle their opener baccarat what you policy. We were able to respond and get a -- what mattered in in in in overtime and earned. Continue. To bill carpets so why not -- -- And it's been going Milan Lucic air on sports on it WEEI. The line. Do you enjoy. The defensemen jumping into the play as much debate as they've jumped in this yeah I know that's always been part of close game plan. But it seems as if this kid bit it's stretched a little bit more is that true and if it is I mean. How is that is that an easy adjustment to make as a -- especially mechanism or responsibility known they -- the defensemen jumps and the wing has got to know somebody is one of the affords us the noted jump back do you like. Defensemen jumping at the play as much as they do. -- it's only been a part of our game it should not have them jump up and you know brought on the Russian give us another option is -- there with the on the coming in late in the with speed and they're able no -- -- Russian partner hope I'll look forward with a -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- with a lot of assists on the or to get it -- yeah. Well regardless of their corporate up with the player -- saw. It and change what's there. We would start the peace. Other offensively you're responsible about that's always been -- are working. It's there are reports he deserved was responsible and I think if you look at. You know look at one of them -- in the past -- because. Our our structure. And our our defensive player from -- forward. Has become a lot better not president puts -- here for the commute from the assessment that the more and more -- Bernard. Earned nor consider their report workers are. How about you nine goals seven assists tied for first team with sixteen points is this the best you've felt this early in the season and manage opera. But like I the early years we're third I had and goal play at seventy games so. I would I would have -- there -- so I took all we employed by Google though. This is my seventh here in the league. Obviously have a lot to look. Look forward to it ought to -- Look at sports and about actually you know it's the C block certain rule. -- Well at all but because I was able I would -- well and and obviously. One. Every candidate come back and and play at a high level which you know you shattered. And you know we we have a great team and you wanna -- your soapbox to where we were a lot and -- senator Arlen. And -- former so you wanna you wanna be the best you can be sure hope that your church human. But -- completely dead and -- work you're doing here you know sort of opera. I think you look for everyone who bought the book opposite. A promotional. I -- still pretty popular and no one you know keep circle in particular though. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- They're glad you didn't have to answer questions about shootouts yesterday. -- -- -- You know especially because. -- said that that that's a lose lose game we -- so like that was probably one of our best game of the season and unfortunately end up losing it and there's in Chicago so. That we were able to get the job done and it in overtime before there was this you know and and and -- are answered questions that reluctant. Yeah and Jerome again he factored into -- -- and all the time at first I'll talk I want to talk about him in the transition plan on -- within its second putt. In overtime is today close did an interesting that you put three forwards up there with one defenseman. On the four on four that was basically distress we don't wanna go to -- shootout right. He he. -- which felt like we had a lot of woman children and we really wanted to score score back also that's vote. Note that was Bill -- I was police report -- there on the world or elsewhere you don't. We practiced before offshore and in practice and it is because the you know loose -- which let you -- -- that are only being sixty. It also plans there and be in practice. In a report in the you know our our -- -- all or not that we can play at a report on reform or are not fortunate to work for. A -- again obvious you know he's not the fifty goal scorer. Like he was anymore but he's obviously I think has delved into that line and -- pretty good and it. Even when he's not put the puck in the net and when he is may be a little snake -- at the post yesterday but you wanna stop the puck in the net. It seems as if you know he just fits on that -- just fits on this team. He seems like he's almost the perfect fit. The Bruins hockey do you agreement that and and what's the transition been like to play on -- on align with your home again overseas. What our future. I think you're right I think he's you know he used separately. Bruins -- player in the cardinal center dark. Let's play that physical silent. And you know it's beauties to actually sit and while there it was search even and our line I mean. Obviously. Like he says you know he's the closest and maybe -- got all the goals scored success you know we're we're -- crosses but I Essex. What's -- -- -- circle would have sold. I do believe you gonna give back or where you're. You know. I worked at the legal guys have put you know it asserted they're oracle so he's certainly got. The only you've got -- got that drive competitiveness. They'll let them that he ought. He in -- doctor regarded within NATO so it's it's great to see him very well. Spiegel in Milan Lucic here on sports Sunday on WEEI. Roger -- I had some comments to Sports Illustrated about how they she's fighting should be kept in the game. Outlook why -- askew is an I asked I -- -- this a lot. Is do you get angry. When people outside of the game. Tried to take something away from the -- that of people that are involved that will never be in the locker room -- -- her -- to get angry people outside again try to change the game. All over the series civilian and ordered. You know this because it lets you send notes to Paul -- The game that the little simple -- you know the game which they've ever. Been in the game there go to. -- that long -- opinion on what. Are being I agree with Jerome that there are there the place where hockey in the game and -- -- It doesn't get taken no. Because you know I feel like it is such subtle part of the game I think the players be complete insult them there and hopefully it'll. There will be it'll still remain in the -- well court. Did you give did anybody. You know. Give Shawn Thornton. You know anything about that pond that he gave up the goal that anybody -- of them about that -- at a celebration. And the goal in New York. No I know we will have that you know he's. Are a huge blow up or like that are -- and these two exactly rewarded with a goal like. You know any -- her goat cart deliberately. Wore her. Yet he needs the work on the -- -- think a little bit. -- all -- although a bit but you went to see people go talk -- pops is that it surprises a lot of people. Because they look at him as an -- but if you watch practice every day and I'm not trying to say that he should be a top to explode beyond what. I think you guys see and every day. He's has a lot of -- you guys -- surprised when he does something like that right. No we're not surprised legal we know and clinical quote. We know we don't yet he is morbid distraction courts reporter -- player. Quite a bit longer -- for a long time -- -- Or that we're not surprised we're able who -- quarterly so. Remote shooter. Though hopefully in the -- through it and -- Merkel. I mean a -- I know you do a lot for charity with a softball and different raffles and -- stuff on the you do it celebrities with charities. I also heard this year you've been donating your private suite the charities to help them raise money for their causes. Tell us a little bit about how that works. -- you know are much sultry slow massacres were you you know we regret the Bruins. Awful all we've been able to raise a 160000. Dollars in return our growth period being. Note during people opportunities to -- prepared and also. Are donating -- -- to not other event itself order able that are you know raise money order. Order of events and an answer to you know let that stuff so. -- -- -- -- -- So far so and also. We're. You know root for the plot strategy coming up. -- apple dot org we have. You know sports tickets are -- For a Friday coming up and in the -- And no later said that apple dot org and we are prepared. Are fired -- record with here in Little League record 2 o'clock Friday against so. Or not an awful lot of organs much set everything quote security. I got -- on did finally for illegal here. There's two things going on it tonight is a four big football game at Gillette Stadium but in your building at the TD garden is also. WW is survival series be honest with me how many guys don't Gillette Stadium tonight and how many guys are going to survive a series. Her partner her partner all of a gore artwork that Richard you know he's going to -- survivor suitors. But I I think I think more guys. Our. I think understated because we've got to give that you extra or more also does ought to be getting home too late. Peace -- thirty each its star. So put -- to Washington -- -- -- sure. Good answer what should get a predictable football game tonight. I think they're going to be. 18 or 41 speaker. I had no holds to that meanwhile Lucic Boston Bruins fall forward Milan that's a lot a great job and hope to talk to against him. Aren't they cute I mean John Lucic it's a great stuff right there they're on sports Sunday WEEI.

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