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DJ Bean joins The Danny Picard Show

Nov 23, 2013|

DJ Bean joins Danny Picard following the Bruins 3-2 OT win against the Carolina Hurricanes to break down the victory and discuss Torey Krug's injury.

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Bruins defeat the Carolina are -- Original and all the time and you are right Ed David -- you with the patients. Her home again lower than ice -- at the stick in the neutral zone to get that puck out of the guys. After it was in the -- Johnny boy chuck with the heads up play. To recognize there was a line change gone down his left wing. Hold on of the block and then find -- again the Bruins win in overtime to talk more about his game. And the team as a whole right now maybe a little injury update -- brilliant. DJ. Dean from WEEI. Dot com Bruins inside of the W dot com DJ first off. Thank you for stepping out of Miley Cyrus birthday party -- -- to join him well. Cool yeah you know what yeah god that things are getting a little -- air so I think that. I was I was in the -- -- excuse -- -- out of there. All right you're at the garden today and at first up I gotta ask is an injury update on -- crew he took a shot. Off the foot as we know this team has some injuries on the Blue Line. -- Seidenberg and McQuay dollar lower body injuries they cannot afford to lose another one. Torre -- what's the update with them and this sport is he okay what ever. Yup there it is within the boat the media our. Every single player on this brewer he's going to be called up from proper. I kid. Our group said afterwards. I think get a chance that he whether he told the contour of the Boston Herald. -- you it's okay. So that's the good news he at least thought you went down -- -- block that shot but. Back on the bench afterwards. Hugh Hewitt and down their -- it was back on the bench he can get back into the game. But I mean who knows -- they're only two shifts and overtime before the before did look a -- here for the game -- so who knows maybe you would be available where for overtime but he says he's aren't so that the huge sigh of relief. For the Bruins because although Torre crew is is probably they're -- the site and it's a when you lose him offensively -- not -- look an awful part of an awful lot different monopoly does. And just give it all the -- that this defense already huge Farrelly for the Bruins. And I think crude showed -- You know -- you try to take a gamble on that play in the third period ended up on a breakaway. Get that a minute put. Before that an auditory review it look at that -- power play goal DJ and and he's at the top of the point we've seen as so many times the confidence that he has. To be able to it to try and could make some some pretty stick work up they would block and daddy gets a passenger sort of perhaps it. Redirect that back over the Lucic and I thought that was a huge play. His confidence level that's something that that. This team. You don't really need right now given the fact that you have Kevin -- then you even have bought costumes done a lot for this team itself fog when -- NN. But as we just stated it if the depth shot was. You know what quote -- to write it up. With everybody LP but -- you know would not be in this whole crew is certainly in a huge part of this team right. Oh certainly -- in -- got perfect school policies he's got more goals than the journal didn't -- up or gold. What David Karachi oh a lot of big guys -- be a lot of big forces seem. Kruger has outperformed. At least in the gold department. Yeah you know you could have a couple more feasible for today did any. That app download Carl -- front in the opening at the beginning of bird missed -- that -- We're out. Optional pulled out of the storage -- Got a -- that was certainly other big to -- -- couple minutes from the -- -- golf but that's. -- the rebounds. It's that a lot tried to bury -- -- it took a -- so. You're competent recruit bigger than that because -- does make it a -- A -- decision making will always be the biggest issue. For guys like that -- -- And who. But are there -- -- sent out -- instead of their for how to keep the pocket what they wouldn't get that so. -- who -- -- certainly get probable that over the Chris Noble and he made a mistake. But there is a particularly plays its accord Julian even got that as -- adequately. He did not want -- recruit change one bit you ought to keep doing what he's doing because. It's a give and take a toward crew and nobody can make some plays and you mentioned like today that aren't open a breakaway. But. What he brings offensively -- ways that I think the group recognize yeah. And -- would DJ being WEEI dot com DJ -- when. Eight mentor group makes those mistakes they still tell you play it as I don't be afraid to make mistakes and that's one thing that he says is one of the coaches that's as. But you know I think we're all -- now will be at will he be available in the next couple games movement -- said he did return to the bench didn't play. Did day to day. Let anyone to believe that maybe he wouldn't be available the next couple games that we expect him to miss Todd Connell. No no I think it unification. With great I think that -- the execution -- that they let him talk they've made him available to the Boston Herald. If they're ready source and very you know the Bruins their air -- organization but we try to keep that under routes they're trying to figure out what's wrong with the player. The fact that he be back on the -- the fact that I mean look at that it held in the which -- so early but. And who knows -- would you're -- quote Jordan playing want to partners are in York are period. The fact that it available to any of the fact that -- back -- but that's the plots that. Being he would be available certainly I would assume. -- owed -- that I would assume that you'll -- -- -- orchestra does not. Any update on Seidenberg and McQuay it is the navy when we think bill goes to will be back. Then gave a quick look closer and I certainly don't think Kevin Miller and threatening. Job but I think that -- -- he played very well I think that ordered played well that the Bruins are in no position right now to Russia back. As it is not Seidenberg as a but weaker position where he can you guys back in the lineup. Let me cover the blue -- without. Any. -- recorded gonna get hurt again it's -- it's never happened -- you derby you get 67 games out of the year. So you can be extra careful -- you bet that the injuries or body injury which whether or something else. He is that it orchard church you can play through that pain if they heard other gamer to. -- -- But -- kind of a little bit more they can afford -- -- Kevin -- it has played well now I count today it's kind of the extra game that they gave. -- So I would say it on the possibility. That are certainly goes if you weren't say but I think that equate getting -- -- -- Luckily that didn't get about a week. I've ever injury but that was that was they work so. You look at it maybe early this week I could have skated it but he didn't skate today would suggest. He stole at least a few days away. I would guess -- Steinberg maybe a little more than a leak out from the injuries so so maybe pack for Arctic but. I'll probably yearly. Yeah and I'd say even have to grow delusion there's no reason to arrest record back I mean you write you this team and all is that. The department I mean he's he's not. It dates and -- I don't want -- to tell you what this all on you know these are -- other -- that wording he got a -- Great value goes so it but it hurt to get called a week ago. I think they know they need and that's the post season and and I don't give you wanna raise but Toski and he has played well certainly. And -- has has -- cost and in games but you know I think this team in the visit Khaled they would want to play in the post season. As good as vocalists you could play if every defenseman on this team -- -- I still think that -- -- -- is the odd man out. Probably -- really uncertain -- Archos. -- -- -- the -- situation record third -- A lot. Of the blows smoke up players here but I I. They -- but he's an -- HL dot -- cute legitimately. Be immediate -- Fordyce so. Our cookies in a tough situation to his credit -- dispiriting. Particularly in the he's he's still like a good team guy he's still cracking jokes mr. where he's still taking shots that. Everybody in your instinct so that you want me this is about. Where the NHL ready should he play. It will be played most of his situation. And -- at the right attitude about it. So kind of unfair for our part husky but you do it with a -- about. I just think -- that once it does it help you have to find a way to get our mortgage. So we -- -- once every ten games or whatever it and that's where our help side of the quake got her. Stay with Vijay being a Bruins it's out of the W yeah I'd dot com. DJ this. I guess we're called on the third line because that's just what that's what we used to call them but Kelly Smith and Soderbergh is certainly not plan. Like a team's third line right now there are certainly nights in the last week after weeks where I've watched this game and I want them on the ice more than any other line on this team. It seems just -- I think of one either or maybe wait for academics and it's been very good all along is maybe sort of -- -- -- -- Soderbergh. I needed to about a month to look at this hidden and realized what -- try to figure out what they have with them but obviously. He's jello with this line -- -- with this system and his skill set to go along with those two guys and smitten Kelly. Has certainly made this -- -- Soderbergh line. I mean arguably his team's best offensive line at the last couple weeks. Well this I think it. I think Chris Kelly had some bad -- that are or opera or whether or not that's as a guy. With so -- there are a lot of myself included. Forget the toll however part of salt whatever is -- what sort of a lot of the deficit -- -- and I was like -- bottom. Value it will lead the -- -- what -- -- well as -- cable or so you've got that. Certainly it's certainly not in itself but the guys who can be the leading goal scorer. You are the go to guy so. With -- really big guys who. It was tops a lot of places but playing on the earth wind out of the group you don't -- it -- -- -- all these wonderful things. Well I mean they're very close -- -- -- that the boy -- I mean. Let's go to Byrd is kind of like. Where would you apparently were out of guys could do a lot to say but he's also probably play a little below where shall be. If I mean if a guy goes out in the top six for the Bruins -- -- next couple -- sort of bird in these regards you want a -- playing. Other parts of Florida and seeing what you can do with other little guys without a player you know it's certainly a good bit of target -- the sciences where -- is whether it. From at least being over here for a little bit last year but. Given what he came in with a was it was right after the marathon bombing are all these different moving parts and does he can have such a weird situation unusual situation. And that was thrown at iron in the cup finals in -- -- profit and you'll -- blood in the country this season. First couple weeks -- not very good but he's getting over a leg injury or injury. While -- -- to get a big -- Singing group would have like they've seen certain should only get better from there they didn't. Getting back that they thought they were able to use than last game not just -- today but. Certainly if the blues Alley with a bit occurred there after they did very well so. -- -- who -- able that we kind of forgot that would be it. And it. Stay away from that -- I also wanna talk about -- we mentioned drama game early in the segment. DJ as. You know being snake bitten yet Apollo and one -- hit the post witness ought to -- got a -- happen again like even more us dollars to -- it wanted to get the post any wide open net. But he did make it a great play and all the time I talked about that puck down in the neutral zone take it down be patient and send it back to crate -- even though again look. Hasn't scored since what November 11 against Tampa Bay. I think that he still has has looked very good on this line with. That things that they brought him to do. Which -- not -- -- score anymore because that's just not what he is right he's a god it's gonna win battles along the wall and make this a tough first line. On that right wing and make the plays data needed. To be made it even don't beyond scoring goals -- you like what you see out of again lot lately even though he hasn't been put the puck in the net. Yeah I have I mean don't the last few gave up until this what -- you weren't is that skiing but on the whole I told the -- he did it. It's not quite like it but somewhat similar -- yarder yarder where he's playing Toxics rule is not scoring any goals. In the -- -- -- -- bottom because relatively taken off the life is very well. He's a lot faster he -- a lot better than yards. It was a lot better -- he's got he's still got a pretty good shot. It's about preparing like he said getting it on -- and Perry's chances but yeah I've got no problem with that line and although -- that that bit of a mini slump there -- you inside -- or. What this -- -- -- earlier this season it would leaps and bounds better than it was yours how was it important enough but -- -- -- and -- but it just. These without a -- better suited for everybody else because that drove the get what they're suddenly you have -- what is clearly motivating us to be at its best. And David Karachi Arnold at the age or what but up until the Lebanese want. He was very consistent throughout the season so all those guys they're fast as it looked pretty good. So. It's a line that. Giving the struggles of -- but not -- the circle but the uncertainty of the outburst -- outline. Early on the seat and was very good I think it started -- -- recorder get back to where it was before. That's funny you mentioned Nathan Gordon because this is a guy that would gold you know he would have -- of twenty games without a goal and we all be one or wanting to put the puck in the net. Again but again like even when he's on a -- the difference is one more one on Islam he disappeared and it was like even know what was going on the ice. At least get low when he's not in the parking and that is still one battles is still creating an -- that's Saint Louis game the other night the third period. That whole line and even maybe even again. More than anybody was the fastest guy on the ice and you know he continues to impress me. I don't people frustrated that he's not scorn but I have to think I think it's go -- beyond that with why you brought a game. To this team an even more so than veteran leadership it's I would -- wants to come. There's still things that again what does help this team I'm not sure you could -- that voted in ought. No you couldn't get ready elbow on the head when they support what he's scoring it wasn't. Why -- north scoring is where in the right. Or that she would disappear for stretches that are like we're talking weeks and -- that would happen any what was the other -- of all not that it would disappear. And suddenly you've got two thirds of your top line doing nothing and they're playing like a guy who. It pretty straight year this was. David critique so. -- one -- what wrong with that line you're out which hole out all our. It's not an apple with incurable deadline that you're not gonna be -- to curb the Eagles score was. Still get -- lapses. But the travelgate. Where he would vintage Jarome Iginla he's still tired and got some of that in it. Not to score fifty goals but he's not be complete player what he was. They'll go for -- look at a lot of skill so deliberately -- America that. On that so yeah I think out of the girl really -- but as liberal but it will right now. Let's see some -- -- of out of him but what you paid for you really can't complain too much. You glad you didn't have to ask about -- today. Yeah although it's funny -- -- which you know did play a large part of his game but of course goes with three forwards and one defensive. I think for the first time all year in overtime when you doubt about it why would use out why you'd done it after the game he came on said. I don't want to -- get to a shootout sought try to force the offense so -- -- -- played another role -- They forced the offense David Krejci with a game winning in all the time he's DJ gain WEEI dot com a DJ Ali get back to Miley Cyrus body. RT DJ being edged up right there as we talked Bruins you -- phone calls it -- something to say about the bees. All the time went enlisted DJ really isn't that Miley Cyrus are. -- -- -- -- Average -- 6177797. 9376177797937. We'll talk more Bruins into some Celtics they plan right now. In Atlanta and they trail late in the second quarter also does some baseball news that it could. Play a role at the Red Sox do -- moving forward this offseason and -- and also patriots Broncos who can forget. About the big Sunday night game tomorrow night what's up with the need to legally be plan. Talk about that and more -- until 9 o'clock the -- to cut -- Sports Radio W.

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