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Figuring out scenarios where the Patriots beat the Broncos... this ain't 2004 version of Brady/Manning

Nov 21, 2013|

We discuss Denver at the Pats, and how old records and rivalries might not mean much come Sunday night at Gilette Stadium

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While our aerosol can Ali a lot of opportunity to get you guys on the phone 61777979837. Taking your thoughts on. Sunday's game against the Broncos Michael asked me how I thought the patriots win. Return the quest he really think the best way for them to win the parachute -- yes so like a game in the thirties or forties I look. If you have you go with your strengths and play to your strength. We keep talking about Brady vs Manning. -- got Peyton Manning got Tom Brady. Now law -- opted to keep you gotta keep Peyton Manning up the field alone for the Broncos got to keep Tom Brady off the field. The strength of their team right now is there are often the strength of the patriots right now because of their injuries myriad injuries. Is there offense. So you try to expose. The Denver Broncos. You you look at their weaknesses on defense and try to attack. He would happen if keeps going and scored just look at what the patriots have done so far this year and I know it's not exact because they've gotten gronkowski back to -- -- back their better offense than they -- throughout the year. But they've only done that one time this year really exploded that was the game against Pittsburgh where the Steelers just didn't -- often patriots were completely different team that day. But by gain point wise 2313. 23. 36. Thirty when he 72755. The -- wire and twenty but they've been in that sort of 22 27 range. Pretty frequently -- the last 45 games as well last four games have been 205527. And 27 okay. -- he can score 127 is about where they are outside of the one crazy game with a score fifty. They scored 27 points you think that's enough to beat Denver. It figured if you're trying to play and up and down a shoot out what you're not and -- 1270 -- got each. I'm guessing you're you're not trying to play an up and down game you know trying to do that you don't say OK I our score not you score -- what you're trying to do is try to attack them. And so if you attack them and get 27 a thirty point yeah maybe it's enough to win. I one of the problems those of your plan that kind of game where your quick scoring your put your defense right back out there and right into the lion's mouth Peyton Manning's 6177797937. Mike is in Maine I'm. Hey guys. Stopped I think. I think you crazy. That birdie chances are it's not good and I mean -- harm it did. Denver Denver has so far -- pretty much cupcake schedule they're 23 in the league in scoring defense in the past -- seven. And -- granted I would the past maybe haven't played the best in the league but they've had a -- scheduled in Denver I I just I I don't think that's even going to be a game. I did as you know and Mike and just good to had something else to your argument there. It's not just the Denver defense. But who's that who's the coordinator of the Denver defense Jack del -- -- -- real interim head coach. In their defensive coordinator you look at the patriots vs Jack Del -- defenses. It's been a lot of big days form a lot of success so. -- Mike I don't think I don't look at it the same way you do I know you think I'm insane but we you're talking about points against you're right I mean you look at how many points teams have scored against the 2723212040. And eight Dallas 1933. The problem is. In those games. The Broncos were scoring 494137525135. They were getting into shootouts -- those teams couldn't Witten. Right Mike but I agree but it. It's not a hard look at the defense is -- -- that -- -- -- number two a bit and and the past yes they've been killed on defense with the injuries but it. They're still pretty good defense they're not given up a lot of points against some pretty good teams. I just I I think gives it Brady couldn't hook up with and would Dobson and then dot as an adult helping him cropped out there and marine stays healthy yet that I. Get a lot like that this we're discrete you said you don't think is going to be -- is going to be a tough game for the patriots to win a difficult matchup for. A defense that doesn't have. What we all thought they would have. A couple of months and you don't yet have that's going to be as can be tough form but I don't think and I'm with you on this might. There's not going to be afraid. Offensively. You look at you look at them Patriots offense -- the Denver defense there's nothing to fear you gotta get two point. And and you may have to Emeka down you may have to -- I don't know why I don't I don't know that I trust anybody winning shootouts against Denver yes it's possible I don't think it's the best way to beat them it's funny look at pair. It's hard to read Denver stats especially their defense the stats and say okay. -- get they've given up 279 yards a game which is 28 through the air. But only 92 point seven yards on the ground rushing wise. But who's running the ball against them at the end of the game -- the problem is Denver has raced out to these big leads and other teams just the -- trying to catch up and keep up with them you're not gonna beat them that way. He got beat them by running the ball successfully early keeping them off the field. And scored touchdowns went to get into the red zone and by the way you talk about those weapons at the patriots have now you're right they allow more weapons than they did. But the thing is those weapons are great that are continuing to move the sticks. Necessarily great deep threats it's taking 33 and converting it. We're just talking yesterday about how many more shots they have now on third and short with the -- with gronkowski with him and -- all of whom are guys who were great -- just moving the sticks. Just move the sticks do it consistently find a way to score in the red zone and score touchdowns I think that's how you beat them and I think they're very capable of doing so. But they have guys who could move the sticks then they got some play -- got some explosive guys to the patriots Gradkowski is one of them he he's vote. Move the sticks were Gradkowski big plays with gronkowski Aaron Dobson. You can get some good plays even -- -- big plays on him and the dole has more removed the sixth guy and the idea that you heard that -- doesn't Witten. To change your mind now it change in my defense on the trigger -- -- he has a great game on Sunday night the mania will now even before Sunday you'll accept about it you think about it in you'll see that does Steven -- he he does -- your best if he happens -- if he had not fumbled again on Monday night. I would say he's like one of the biggest keys to this game. -- Steven Ridley is able to have a great game if they do go back to many has a game where runs for a lot of yards keeps the ball on the ground doesn't fumble. Then then I think that they are you beat Denver I just don't know that I trust them to do that if you turn the ball over against the -- death. Get turned the ball over against paid manager can't do that you got to find a way to score and definitely can't -- short field -- in the car bomb. I guess at that blocker. I think the captain a no win situation when it comes to actually as far as albeit. It creates haters I mean it turnaround and that gave you had -- grab. Steve Schmidt in depth and quality. Intercept the outlaw all pink Indy kept that same quality apps when it would be complaining about that children get that out there and know what situation. And that the call go against them for them and it it's where whiny. Other pats got lucky. I think copies -- -- stated that it no matter what we do. No matter what he does. And I didn't think that you know nobody out the clearest and so. What the rules are and an innate instinct at all called a one way or the other and into the gulf for it to -- for the -- then. It's -- a lucky atypical against them being good. Kind of like about it. You -- like that. Yes -- did that number you're right Bob I think you're absolutely I mean we -- and I think. Bob is that tax that being beautiful because we're. I know all about it Bob I know all about it not entirely but nobody had -- you register Roger -- that's right you know Iraq and my card again. Shot around New Bedford Jerker that distorts the but Bob -- at. I think what happened to go to mr. McNealy who just the second. This is what happens with the Yankees man looking guy yankees what happens with the patriots right now the Miami Heat are experiencing it the Celtics did their prime lakers. Same thing. No matter what you do you're one of those -- international team your great. People either love your -- in the patriots in that category. How do you have on a children's show. Somebody with a name last name like with -- -- -- I seriously don't you ever are today if you put on and Dora the Explorer some like Matt. We saw. Mr. make you lead us to victory he'll pocket a little kids be like no way no how or even -- Fred Roberts himself. Why I mean he's creepy a little bit in a little today's world into the his tour of our activity in that you reported that if you start out it didn't have a voice to moments to recruit. The same guy. Really. Now one. Stuff out there yes yes I think I and I got our budget you know but I think. Yeah it could he get away with that and mr. McKnight late eighties talk a little kiss and make it eight. They come on -- in New Bedford. -- -- -- A MIT's I'll get a back connection you're gonna circuit. This spot. Was -- I'm like. Yeah you're good guys and speaker did it take resolve that degree we can better conversation. -- Internet radio -- -- things are going to rated -- come back to Mike Astride key can Rhode Island psyche. They are all proper and Logan Sunday I think. Single parent who could control the middle field we know. The obvious to turn the whole world doesn't protect Brady or Manning and probably lose and -- my best buy. Green alternates Welker and -- Crocker take over control you know -- then we're gonna win that game I think you know ramadi gonna. How well they want. Are so we've been a cab or the Marriott. By the you know appeal Seidman. That would throw it won't be so critical of the -- -- Well that's the case. My electorate yeah he brought a dinner its name earlier you think he's gonna play in the zone. And then look like he's got a plan because you -- -- that seems enormous to me your -- I -- -- -- -- the -- -- good point right to -- while controlling the middle of the field the inside slot receiver there's a dark Red -- has offense as the difference of having dinner and -- on the perimeter and Ericsson insides right. Or Harrington replacing dinner which is not his area of -- Is it important enough for you need to have Arrington inside no matter -- Like is is is the Welker and inside passing game so such a big part of this one that you just have to maybe say. Arrington -- unique to be the strength you need to be the rock in the middle we need you in the inside and if it means that somebody else may be occasionally gets burned on the outside the Soviet but we can't. Let those guys -- probably should do that for a couple of reasons one that Arrington has battery inside. He's he's actually pretty good at it and then to. Start. Nice playing with he's playing with injuries and that gives you a lot of credit in the locker room with your teammates but when you win your injury. Prevents you from making a tackle. A tackled at least here you miss a tackle and lead to a touchdown. Can't say what the hell you doing these terrible without their characters that you are hurt are your -- and you get it so don't you it's a way of playing to a strength and protecting them Santorum likes in New Bedford -- might. -- might opt. -- -- Laura and I wouldn't wonder is is Julie August playing this weekend Natalia. He -- he probably will. -- right or their families you know and eight ego I don't think -- -- for the year two yeah. -- -- that they can ball in our current that you are now on injury aspect. I think it's going to be a high flying game up a immunity and of course we've. And that meant it. And then I am I think you I got angry and -- -- -- a little in the middle it would prop eight the impact you know. Well Mike you bring up the point of of injuries and those are those are great point let's just admit this at the Mike in Maine another -- You look at what Brady has it has been able to do against. Jack del Rio's defense is that not a different location for Del Rio put. He's got he's got the additional. Responsibility of being in her head coach and instill coordinating their defense. -- -- They know what the plays are going to be it's a matter of execution just like you're in the other game but I think they have enough experience in the not competent going against. Del -- schemes. And they're doing pretty good about being able to score now that took apart. The bad news is. Probably not feeling great about shut down. Peyton Manning's off. Now they have the keys appear that this crazy -- it's almost like. This is Apple's made for talk radio it's a special teams just go out Chatham -- into the house tomorrow or are not -- a -- to say yes and am having match and gonna take this. This is made for talk radio -- is. Wes Welker play. Key is defending Wes Welker. Because if you -- that the replacement in the in the patriots are our prime in this out to a degree. Wes -- but the top of the game when it comes to slot receivers are easy pure slot and maybe Victor Cruz not a -- slot receiver. So you wanted to say somebody's better than Welker in the slightest crew chief he can completely thrown out subtle that you play inside -- right. Wes Welker in terms of slot receiver that's what I do. He's the best in the business and you take him away. Well what a tremendous loss. So for the -- we started talking about this earlier let's come back to it now buy it if Wes Welker is -- -- -- it Wes Welker is the key in of Wes Welker is the best slot receiver in the business of the patriots significantly worse right now because Wes Welker isn't on the team new team now for nine weeks. -- -- -- been in and out of the lineup and yet they've continued to win the seven and three right Aaron Hernandez wasn't in the part of this thing anyway so. All the other injuries they've had on defense are they significantly worse team. Without Wes Welker. That's because the belief heading into this was Wes Welker is so important that if they don't have them this year he is going to really get hurt them that he's not here. Are -- much worse evil little worse than they would've been if Wes Welker was. If I increased juror you're salary by 15%. Right now. With that is that significant. Course yet okay so so fifteen for 1015% yet worse because you have another went. Oh absolutely and another when you look at you look at the games that they -- okay at a very evident three RD eight. The three games that they've lost. What have they done now the best the best they get on third down and in a loss was Monday in five of ten. Look at that jets loss. And you look at that Cincinnati lost they could not pick up a third down what was Wes Welker third down specialist or he's a specialist in many ways but. Third down you want to but the outlet the the the placed Brady's gonna go on third and 33 and four. Either Crocker Welker gras wasn't available -- an -- cry about that put. Welker. We have Welker in a situation -- -- -- when I think so. It's so funny I mean you may be right it may be the difference of one wins so far. It's also funny though if it Vereen was healthy you might be the exact same win. Right that of that third down is the -- -- if you're talking about those that that need to complete and and convert but I'm -- with him I know you I got here I don't know I don't know are -- with -- you know when I know what I have of the reasons they're projecting. I'm guessing what Shane Vereen is going to be just don't know what he's gonna. What he's got to become an hour you'll see later to gave us this year he's been -- house and everything in has been a first two games six years I mean I flip side is if I don't know I I know Wes Welker is a very good player. I don't know that he makes every one of the great catches -- Danny -- -- -- the first game against the bills I think they still probably win that game with Welker instead of -- -- but he was unbelievable how many ten catches all -- on the final drive -- just. I'm just for all the hand wringing over the fact that they were gonna be terrible without I was -- they haven't outing and I said it would be terrible. They do worse than it was a loss does either one -- point to get the jets get their replacement. The replacement for Welker. Whether you wanna say that person's Julian adamant or that person is -- -- -- or am I don't look all it takes two guys replace him have they replaced him. If you combine their number's -- -- short if you combined. -- and Lola and and cattlemen. You know that's. About eighty -- Compared to -- 6062. Are so they got there. But he combined touchdowns still not. The nine bill Welker had that's for sure he's been a touchdown machine in the -- and then -- the institutional knowledge -- -- -- just knows the offense he knows what Brady's thinking Brady knows what he's thinking that's my point to the jets game right where they have the short week of practice the offense all went -- the young players all collectively went into the tank to once Brady was mad. I'm maybe that game goes completely differently if Wes Welker on the team but I have a -- That this season goes all the different with Wes Welker here a 61777979837. A lot more your thoughts on this we get ready for Sunday Wes Welker. You know -- I thought he would be the main storyline heading in he hasn't been this week a wonderfully will be by tomorrow alcohol WE. Huge other -- never told before her. -- play at home. Twice a year -- -- few players play also the other in our division at one point. Back in -- back in Wimbledon 2000 morgues so. But they're both finished first place in the division a lot. Should look I shouldn't go there a lot. It is the question coming up here in fifteen minutes or so Mikey Adams will be let us just Texas 37937. Meantime we have some good to give away yes we do it's Peyton Manning or could -- Manning and Manning is so great. I keywords in the is that it's an interview shop at these -- -- -- meat I'm telling you are buying. Peyton Manning. Stand. A -- by the commercial. SNL appearance with. -- -- -- -- can't even look at shoot a lot of course could deport eleven tournaments. Right stay. By the interviews. Me no matter always -- and I can be shelter for yet again Michelle that's a good question you know thanks a lot Michelle could see you again. Bob got dropped pixel -- mob like a shot -- -- and thought of that before that point. Holcomb. -- -- At 617 actor went 0937 and went to movie passes for the official 2013 World Series film at the weigh in senator. This Monday celebrate the Red -- championship the official 2013. World Series film. Featuring exclusive access running game footage in war. Visit mlb.com and order yours today by the ninth caller. Right now you'll win 617931093. You know and maybe -- was Mike Napoli one mr. That's outspoken smoke is Mike Napoli image -- era software picture. Of course yes he has yeah he goes back put -- -- -- And you know -- -- -- -- they're gonna trade John Lackey for Howie Kendrick who moved first its. Well it Lackey leaves out all right and if Napoli leads it may be forced to do something that but I -- like it or not going to be that trial. May be released that makes more sense than second base and federal got a cigarette smoke again what was that. What you think Napoli is via. You said he's not a Marlboro Newport is no -- think so. Efficacy you know the nonsmokers ago -- -- I don't know him all him though they don't rate of smokers don't go home and Amanda walks if you huffing Marlboro. He -- man. Andy the man while he's there and as many decent and good luck user fill those holes -- the streets -- -- smoking you think he's a nonsmoker. This smokers especially. Wait -- perfect holiday is the first -- for many years and smoked in the dugout he don't you know national actually you know play basketball for a living it is -- -- the truth about the bambino. Any innocent ones bomb tomorrow. He really yes Kenny Anderson and I got a cigarette packs a -- America -- kind of -- by car or. -- you know Roger was my favorite smokers and happily go back I just everything about him moves smoker -- and -- town -- game. Well well. Here and she just -- production and it's. -- more productive in the end. To attract attention. -- so probably just look at it. -- We got out better numbers you back augur well I. I think -- -- good points I just think in the patriots are seven and three so they've lost three games the question is of those games how many would they -- would they have one of Wes Welker was there. What we've actually done is your right I mean the good player is probably conceive a mean and dole is barely played so. He's been he's better than what they've had out there the question is how important was it really has enabled win. Well I mean that's -- for seven to read about what. But -- 77%. Of the time now Welker has been screamed at by Tom Brady before. But generally over the a slight miscommunication every once a lot. What Welker brings you in those losses. Cincinnati in the Jetsons and actually. Is a knowledge of of where to be when to be there what Tom Brady's thinking. It's not over communication is not over analysis is just what we've always done so I would think that would help. May be to the point they pick up an extra. Or down or two or three. Which -- to win. Yeah look at Europe maybe is why I I think a price agreed to a 21 win that it's probably the jets game I think they they lose the Carolina game either way because of the way it ended I think they probably lose. Cleveland Cincinnati game either way they just that there was something about them in that game they were not they were not the team they've been for the rest of the year I thought that day. But that the jets game was such a weird different Al liar where nobody knew the offense and it's not like they. He just needed like that one spike. Stone right. That one piece of normalcy for Tom Brady in that game to maybe calm Brady down and get them back moving on the right track again go to David province. So guys. It was. It would corner guys -- -- one do you chime in on this whole Welker thing. And casino where I'm coming from -- need Denver Broncos seen in the last 32 years of my life. And before they drafted a way I understand in only a little -- -- like routine because an alternate whatever or that's -- and but I'm also a -- and because that -- here and I would like the patriots. After using and that now that's confusing music back 32 years and I'm going back to the orange crush and all that stuff Sammy winder at three amigos got a a loss and then and then you just -- But I'm also patriots -- can. I mean it. Yeah we like it won't even become a -- own -- just not actually a lot of girls here. I don't know when he likes you but it's a good idea and start pumping you should you give that. Your life you like to our global policy schoolyard and so. Isolate those -- I like I don't you know I like pajamas when all the NFL you know local -- that -- but then -- just -- it. We're gonna affect your point is like that. All right so who is fortunate that I am a lifelong and when this time content can handle it. When the peaches and brown Clinton match up by the -- your -- sparkle church teaching second only me that thing you know I'm I'm look into the darkness. And what idea. This year -- can actually a lot again. That the patriots had given were well -- to me that was Christmas. Is you got to be kidding me you so much. And in the bottom line for me is I don't think the Broncos to beat to teach it to be tempted to teach you to her -- team. And they always that we have to leaking like he did last week such a tough game on Monday Night Football. But he won possibility. Of the Broncos stealing the ski. Is it Wes -- yet because he's gonna go in there he is gonna show. That entire peachy -- what they lost its as simple as that natural beauty and reference. Whether or not he can play in getting here and steal this. Now we'll see it be just very curious to see what what Bill Belichick has in store for Wes Welker right. And one thing about Belichick is is nobody takes away one thing but one thing you wanna do better than him. I wonder if he determines that Wes Welker is that one thing and does everything in his power take -- Wayne if he does. What is method of doing so I mean nobody would know better than bill right. I don't know that would be west would be west's I don't know. I -- maybe he just says I I had Welker -- team as long as they didn't know. Let him beat me across the middle that's fine when I'm worried about is Julius Thomas while worried about is the Marius comedy maybe he just looks at it says. -- the product. If it's hard to imagine. That he did that they -- doesn't creep in the Indians say I cannot let Wes Welker BI because it would just be so personally embarrassed. He said he discussed like LeBron goes because the -- field. Haven't there anymore that better low -- -- -- a -- that a better logo the old Broncos at the orange I prefer I don't like their new year ago. Like their old uniforms on -- much either really. Am an old LA ones are and there and that are like them much I like him why he likes. Both an old brown -- Which ligament -- -- -- the -- you know that striped socks at the brown of brown and yellow yet. It's a bit better in the bumblebee thing that the this -- Steelers -- out there every now and against you it's just weren't even trying to horrible -- in the car -- -- Why are you actually. Yeah I just wanted to try and on the -- Welker and it should and I'm bringing your perspective. My old ball. Out don't patriots is the solution have been about 33 years. And I watched while Welker a lot on the ball and and out in all creatures. On nine east war action or warm up the box. And when the news broke that the patriots acquired Welker a shot and my friend. He's going to be dynamic. And great year and yet a dynamic duo. Where you will never win and -- What -- just say that. He says that aren't you set the time when they -- the patriots got Wes Welker why. Because after watching Welker so long and the alternates. I realize. That you're so good at the goatee or recruit beat bush. -- get in the playoffs. And the pressure's ratcheted up and you're playing he -- other team the better playing their baton Welker. But -- me just as it and doesn't make the -- plays it should mean you'll which. And you don't make the hype about what they played they aren't open me and go to the pleased. That makes -- different. Only need to Michael Irvin -- Michael Irvin drop here and I hear you keep the -- you're lifelong dolphins fan I don't doubt that I do doubt that. You thought when the patriots picked up Wes Welker your first thought was. Tom Brady will not win and other people are. And don't I don't buy that for a second I don't buy it why would you ever think that when that when one team picks up the team and another player. No I've never heard anyone's paying now that they have in their screwed forever. If it Welker is -- probably just get rid of them. I maybe Brady can win a Super Bowl now that he's gone -- -- I'm telling you I thought our white receivers get a bad -- me just tell you what it is. It's it's well it is slot receivers if you happen to be a slot receiver happened deal like receivers at all. -- I don't -- Colorado definitely yes Google Google's blow right dot major -- does it. -- -- -- Mike Miller said it perfectly. Why would you compare Wes Welker Anquan Bolden. I don't even have out after criticism that crumbled up there were getting Anquan Boldin and they want to -- Wes Welker for what it would be disappointed. Okay I thought I was in one kind of got to get a different type receiver one guy is. Is 6861. But eight a barrel adjusted you know to whatever they list and rob Bolden has the lead at twelve to fifteen pound the big. A big guy not a big receiver in terms of height. But takes up space even when he's open even when he's covered thinks he's open. And he just grabs the ball from defense to back up power receiver -- police she backed -- come up with that name but Wes Welker completely different body type different game. While we've commitment compare I don't play very big that's a totally different position very productive. Receiver extremely productive -- his position for for many years travel more call here before is the question jerking about 510 minutes ago he can Texas 379370. Got a question. Josh is in his car hi Josh. And I I'm. Looking out there where this kid you know would be read and it stopped. I'm Bob. I hate to -- Bill Belichick but I'm really not focused on the rest of the schedule. -- they're playing what what is probably the biggest game of the year on Sunday night against the Broncos you're worried about what they're gonna do in week fourteen against the browns. My mother I don't know I think I'm worried about the Broncos that's the that's the interesting matchup here and if. And -- game form and will determine. Or start the start to bring some things in the focus. Are able to beat the Broncos here at home now the focus for the patriots is not just one in AFC's that the key guys party. Just assume that's gonna happen and rightfully so it loses in the B 740 with a there any trepidation at that point that the division has Bakken play I don't think so mean it and end it may be my below tighter. But that the patriot it's their division that the rest of the Skechers really they are what I mean honestly and by. I wanna talk about Davydenko Larry thick point three not you're thinking about. Top two seats and not let it one of the top two seeds and AFC but the rest of the. -- Houston which he thought it was going to be a great game they've completely gone in the tank Cleveland's not a good team Miami. That all kinds of problems they've had since -- -- you know style game in Miami right Internet and it added at least again a competitive game Baltimore has not been even close to the team that they were supposed to be this year to another competitive I fine but and the buffalo but you look at that schedule for the rest of the day. Does not not a -- on schedule that are not an intimidating schedule for the rest of the season for the pitchers are -- and met actress. -- -- -- Who wins the turnover battle on sat on -- on Monday not much under and I. Yeah you it and you're saying are deployed as whoever wins eternal battle where the game. It -- what a ball on the ground. Right you can't do it don't attracts more about what and I got it. And -- not rocket science that's all right. It's ORT so you don't wanna see much Steven Ridley do you -- everything you can not those turnovers you and you got a union should not rate. In any a couple of turnovers the back it would Unita. Some. It's not going to be -- -- forget everything else. Well they always they they say that that Peyton Manning against the patriots at least always gives you a couple of opportunities. They had a couple opportunities last game against Cam Newton didn't capitalize on them in their their streak. About forcing a turnover is over now and you -- he's long streak longest active streak of football that that's over now but I think they're gonna need at least one. -- the Broncos. At least. They usually takes that if you're gonna find a way to beat Peyton but the nice thing is as the season gets a little bit old as you get into the end of the year as the games ratchet up in terms of importance as he goes on the road as he plays in the cold. -- opportunities that he gives you specially at the end of the game if it's tight close. Well they're usually there for associate the patriots are able to take over. Were under and Steven Ridley a 105. Rushing -- 105 rushing yards under. Under I'll take the under. -- less than 150 start the game to play in the first half he does play in the first half I don't know the restart he does play in the first half but he is less than a 105 rushing yards in the game -- it's the question is up next. Any question you got will be here Mike he'll be here 379837. Text us whenever we got. Not just Mikey -- is tomorrow DNC starts to go to the question Burke's organs -- and Kirk Kirk is going to be -- this is well. Here and everybody said I was afraid hugged area until all at W media.

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