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Salk and Holley's Four at Four - Rivalry Edition - 11/21/13

Nov 21, 2013|

We tackle four topics centered around fierce rivalries in Boston sports and beyond.

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-- And now -- -- Silicon Valley store already roller board or the -- Fun game. -- -- We solved Kelly and its -- W. Four for -- by Marvin windows bedroom where is our theme today. Theme today is individual rivalries -- talk a little bit about me -- Manning vs Brady. But as Brady's real -- she really be chasing Joseph Montana instead of Peyton Manning. I'm not sure I understand. Explain Super Bowl rings instead of stats he's clearly got the -- advantage over Manning. McCain has. -- advantage over Brady. Why Missouri play good shape but he's not chasing right competing with. Demanding chasing him. I'm depends on what you mean what's important is that this is the yards with a touchdown completions. Or -- but how many complete report is Joseph Montana rank in terms of completion -- the -- nobody cares nobody really cares. Because -- Montana I look at him and Super -- they say was four -- are proposing never threw an interception in the biggest games. -- in the biggest game he did throw interceptions in the playoffs and that's that really defines. So I think. When it's you know when you're playing at the same time -- that guy. That's your right -- -- Brady's night chasing Peyton Manning he's competing with -- continuing Manning and Montana's not as rival. It's it's it's the closest comparison but there's no rivalry between. Montana and Brady. Brady won those two of movement in his match in the conversation Arnold Tom brain box if it was five and oh in the Super Bowl. I did at that point there's no conversation right it just ends at that point he's just better than Joseph Montana artists. I bet all eyes are ball or throw hard five and -- in the Super Bowl before one -- -- -- -- it exactly right however. It's not a simple as that is still not where it is as simple as well comedy. -- balls Terry retro. Or right wreck coming loose. -- -- Nobody would that would be five and -- plus the points but missing but Joseph Montana gets more -- Terry Bradshaw to those guys. Undefeated and -- in the Super Bowl if a five and -- would be never before done I mean it never happened before Brady if he'd been able to pull off by the -- Plus to do it essentially with two different teams. I don't know. Like all the rest of the team changed over and he won with a couple groups of guys. We're still young enough to maybe win more along the way it's a hang up that I had to get over but thanks for therapeutic. Don't like to be better than I have poster Wonderwall and just -- mud on my abdomen and the only guy -- like that is George Foreman and and I'm not a huge Jordan Valley was the guy was -- -- -- but when you think of the greatest. It's really hard to imagine anyone somebody got better than Jordan. -- Not part of the four major sports -- many fans we'll sit down and watched tiger burst filler Nadal vs Federer. So again not including the four major sports which all time individual matchup is can't. Yes -- like that question like going outside the the four major sports -- probably tennis but it's not it's not the group that's been currently playing and it's probably not even Sampras Agassi although those were some great match -- It's probably go back to the eighties right they think the combination of McEnroe. Connors Bjorn Borg when those guys were going after each other in the late seventies and then even throughout the eighties. I was can't miss any time McEnroe Connors faced each other I mean that was awesome. I'd look at it this way -- -- -- you know Brazil plays it's -- stopped. And when they face Italy in -- matter who the players are younger and Brazil and Italy that we're about to Brazil and it's great is yeah the technology to other picture of how do you know. It Serena and cheerful. They he'd probably the -- Serena and Venus. They love each I don't -- each of its rivalry -- out of rubber mound you don't think that's a -- now they seem to like. That love each other too much for the rivalry. You know was a great rivalry in women's tennis was was Chrissie Everett and and -- that was true hatred that was true eight and it was a great -- after doing. Can obscurity -- now you know I didn't -- Serena Venus loved each other to what they think Haiti too little too much. Yeah like beyond tennis I mean they just represented everything different about but I mean everything imaginable differ there was march -- and and prescient. But a stone cold Steve Austin -- Igawa. Tripoli in waters. Electrically chickens what's the what's the current what's the current and current Ruslan rivalry. Randy your neighbors are and -- -- we forget this is big shows one of the top two names and wrestling right now. He just was fired. Some really -- in. 420 we forgot boxing. About Hagler Leonard you know Hagler horror. Leonard Duran. There's embargo on back to -- -- probably room right there ward -- Work audio advertise that they fight the retired three times now. -- -- These numbers if you that's what it was a bit to do what I hear it's warranted if you've got to be pretty -- you know Mike you like the gauntlet and Brett Favre to answer. That's enough. -- cell phone. Herbert had a lot of rivalries in his career Nazis most famous ones with Magic Johnson but in the video game world he took on Michael Jordan one on one and he also took on doctor G day. Now outside of Magic Johnson who is Larry -- biggest rival. We have chuck person that we have what I mean a rival a real rival other than magic ring you know doc I guess. But still all like each idol -- Come on its magic. It's match and it -- your kids or get any other anybody else is just as messed around you just you're trying to. Kamal what that I thought undercard well I mean they're soft with Dominique write him and have began on back and forth kind of right. But Dominic and went thing right below nomination and even win 88 Eastern Conference at Scotland. And he will be sent Moses brings the government's failure of Moses does deeply. -- That being night's undercard but -- that the number one and number two and number three is magic. It's just such a perfect going back to -- back that they played against each other call India the different route they took to get to the NBA -- just such. The fact that they were on the two most legendary franchises in the in the league and then faced each other in the finals as often as they -- you can't write a rivalry and pop up that footage. That in an HBO did the special hour Jack McClellan wrote about this in her book. Where they played on the same college team like an all star team. And it's magic feeding bird can you imagine. And if they play and I don't play on the same team in the Olympic right. Imagine four year eighteen. And a legitimate NBA team that's why this is is it's so funny about the decision and LeBron choosing to team up with wade and bosh. Magic of Larry Byrd decided okay to have magic from my squad. Right about if you don't need -- bird magic. It'll vary in that era automotive and I can't forget it. -- -- -- -- Larry and magic and an OK yes. Yes the -- -- -- I know he has but the -- -- -- he would have been. -- as much as magic to giver it was his team what he would just gonna let Larry ever have its own team we take that shot no way. They don't know if I had a rough that's why they're real vision -- different every -- I was two GB why don't guys could not handle. The whole idea of the decision they couldn't handle the idea of it being somebody else's team there's no way. I just can't imagine them splitting power on their two -- have to think that way either they both played with great. It -- great hall frankly got to the point is that but it was their team. Korean early. Are -- that was at the beginning it'll rain early in the woods -- was better than -- but then it became magic team -- one thing at the beginning of your career it's another -- once you've been the man but it's something no I think if you play with somebody who's your equal. Then you you can kind of understand you you at least you can understand where they're coming from right. I think they would have figured it out of him that would have been I'll allow it if I mean. It would it taken a serious case of putting aside. A lot of ego what about what all of those guys what you have to put aside what you really have to put a sudden you have the you have magic in. Magic and Larry on the same team what is that what is magic have to give up. -- -- just the title of whose team and the media that the main media figure that I don't know I don't -- as simple as that. That was my team as my team on the spokesman for our team. I mean look we -- pierce and Garnett. And Ray Allen all come out together right -- press conferences together sort of be those leaders together what as a racist bill was all -- -- pierce and Garnett pierce and -- final that left me out well let's get -- -- that's how it should -- -- by the way. -- magic and Larry I don't know. Maybe they could shared the podium like that but it would take and some special. The greatest rivalry between two cities Boston first New York. Angel of Republicans. Hello you -- game. What is the greatest individual New York Boston rivalry there's been a lot of great. I would have to say. Whose answers the idol arsenals Bill Belichick -- But individual one individual rivalry I would say Boston vs Clemens. When he went to New York upstate New York vs Pedro after the Don Zimmer situation there was is an outdated paper is that. Yeah that's the ultimate rivalry an old man so excited -- Martinez get after Coco yanking my -- But either of those individuals get -- -- I don't remember every Pedro Pedro Zimmer. That -- these New York. That Clemens vs. And you can think you can just look at them as presently Jeff Clemens vs Pedro in the a couple of times they matched up. That was pretty -- including games left Oprah it was -- it was an animus there between paid -- that we knew. Pedro and Clemens but I could put myself but if you have like an avid Cadillac say that's why -- say that represented the port of Boston is Dan -- right it is rarely. The entire city -- -- -- -- -- -- and and the representative for New York grammar but all of New York but if we're talking about -- that you talked about this month right does he. Amid that if that's what you're talking about it it's it's a month. Two guys that could not stand. There's wind at your regular that -- is -- -- -- there that a district and its. Old. Really -- -- avenues with which. Think at one like now on that. It's it's that. It's on a smaller scale but it's very very good friends and one sided if you threw for government and probably if -- -- -- that aren't on board for Tuesday.

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