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Buster Olney, ESPN: ARod storms out of arbitration hearing

Nov 20, 2013|

Buster joins Mut and Merloni to discuss ARod storming out of his arbitration meeting, Robinson Cano, and if Salty will be back with the Sox.

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Let's talk some baseball their buddy buster only of ESPN hot -- continues to up percolate not -- him by any means it might not crank until Orlando. Couple weeks from now buster -- Lou how are you. I definitely better until Alex Rodriguez stormed out of his arbitration and -- that basically announced he -- gonna participate anymore that that. Just you know I'll be there for -- into the circuit now going on around them. So that was this. Like it'll last minutes he stormed out of a meeting that was taking place today right pastor -- That salary and then then I'm not fair -- -- following you know the great tweets from. Law he met -- work with the ESPN and and he got a short story happened -- stormed out of there when the arbitrator essentially refuse to call but really to the stand. And then Alex you know stormed out of there and and that obviously stepped up the potential for. He legal challenge the arbitration process which just means it goes on and on and on. Well at least he showed up and being called sick bluster and -- he added that last week he give that is. It is it it's it's -- so maybe should expect to kind of the effort not to go smoothly I guess but meanwhile yankees a tough spot right -- -- what the hell's going. Well there -- their -- really. I didn't no question about it which is why I mean I heard you guys like about the knows we're coming into this. On the bottom line is is that they're not gonna sit back and wait. For connote a make up his mind could you guys remember that when it would Carlos Beltran with a free agent. Leaving the Astros the Astros waited waited waited waited and and -- to get in early January. Well and good players to come off the board all around Beltran to said he was so the Mets and the Astros were sitting there are without any alternatives and the Yankees are such an important off off season. Because they didn't make the playoffs Mariano Rivera retires they have no idea what they're gonna get added Jeter going forward. The television rating to down attendance is down and so there's a lot of pressure on them. To do something it's winner and that's why I say I don't think you wait for -- no and I think eventually he still want to going back to the Yankees. But the old go out there I think can be aggressive on that Carlos Beltran. Potentially in a Brian McCann on a -- cannot go whatever -- post. Because they know that they have to find ways to win even though they don't know who's gonna play third base. They don't know what Jeter's gonna do. And do they have a lot of uncertainty -- canal. You mention the you think he probably ends up back with the Yankees buster what are the realistic other options today do we have any years it too early. To make that sack list and if not yankees here's -- -- Owens out. It really feels like we're back into where we were with Prince Fielder. Two winters ago where we where where is Albert pools. Where we're sitting here trying to can -- different scenarios for different teams. And it's only possible you know that have ended. It an injury happens like -- Victor Martinez with the tigers can you get aggressive owner and suddenly -- jumping and maybe Texas. -- that came. Right now I can't see any and -- when you have the Yankee -- saying you're asking for more than a hundred million dollars more than what we offered. And we don't see any other bidders and where the Yankees with his sports franchise in the world. Leave we waited Stewart is gonna go better business and will be here when you guys are ready to talk. And I do think in the Yankee perspective because of that the presence -- JPG. And the fact that he goes into this having really put some pressure on himself. Because he's made Robinson and -- signature client that you want to get -- a record setting deal won't share. The Yankees don't know. -- it's unpredictable force on the other said the negotiating table which is why another reason why going to be. So aggressive in in pursuing some of the other guys to make sure they get somebody. Go bucks it's early in the process in every -- kind of how it works -- you mentioned. You know Beltran in -- -- McCann New Yorkers that makes sense right they can use that DH spot too but this Red -- -- -- How long before electric Red Sox fans are you start to -- -- concern on the weight right now you know but they don't start catcher. -- don't first baseman a shortstop and -- really obviously thin in the outfield. We -- terrible Beltran actually tickets it's a good fit here he can play left field three year deal short term. But 323 hitters and marquis gave three years to. Opened back up the case Ortiz goes down for a couple weeks getting old he can DH. What point -- there's settle accounts and okay -- filled some of these holes. I think it's going to be. In a couple more weeks because when he talked to agents when he talked in general managers they say they're steal a feeling out process that's going on. So there won't need a sense of urgency that he's been a little bit of panic you know Mike Napoli goes to taxes in the end. If they'll try and goes in the Yankees and I really think that it becomes out of bidding war between the Red Sox yankees over Beltran. I think is much greater need with the Yankees and there -- with a red dot now look at the red -- that Ortiz. In other parts of the -- -- there are there alternatives on the marketplace. And you mentioned catcher. I think the guy who's gonna become a focal point. Among actually pitched the at least three American League east teams and and maybe he's the division -- Ryan -- Who no longer has to play through the red he's very highly valued first defensive skills. He was high and 8% these guys and every year of his career lead at the last year when he hit a responsibly you can speak to that. How much that can affect you offensively. But I think the Yankees the rays in the Red Sox are all looking at hand again at 833. Is being a potential stop gap. Here's the issue in all the teams have been talking with the the red in what they're getting back in the -- is yet we're gonna trade him. But will get back -- and we feel like the asking price going to be I know that in the -- that you're talking Saltalamacchia. You know you have viewed as diet and Navarro he could also speak it. But I think the number one guy if you take McCain at the equation. Right now among these teams handing in terms of a competition. You what is the Carlos are resigning due for the Jarrod Saltalamacchia market buster. Well if you think that it did it would be a natural. -- a natural. A guest comfort level with some of the rising dollars at the position. You know I don't know what the red -- to offer my guess is keen to proceed into for eighteen something in that range in they wouldn't go to a third year. But as agents in general managers saying what we're seeing in these first days you know with the Hudson thank -- release signing. We're starting to get did say that definition and in terms of the salary structure each of these positions. And I think that makes it better for Saltalamacchia but let's face it I mean I really. I believe -- all along I think -- the Red Sox who really wanted to site Saltalamacchia. They would put a number on the table and sit here you go. I think -- -- gonna continue to be consistent with -- gonna say. You know we know lot about you. We -- you in the postseason during the World Series. We might have you know X concern -- -- gonna put a number on there and if it works for you great but it doesn't that we'll get somebody else. You know the Red Sox have a sea of people have been instant in their rotation and they and they should be with some of these guys you know I could see. Dempster NPV with one year left the new deals. Agassi interest in John Lackey age because he's good and he's got a good contract elect's two years I've started whether it's ducks would deal. John Lackey do you think there be any movement in this rotation in the trades this what are. Well there definitely is interest from other teams that Lackey because the contract in because he's so good because his track record. I really view I think the -- such inclination is to keep pitching and let's face PD and Dempster now adopt their trade value. Lackey woods -- and that let me just give you want to have purely speculative scenario that a threat there today we -- tools are out there looking for pitching help. They have march Rambo and Howie Kendrick. And Chris Iannetta indicted they're out there marketing. For example I've potentially would be the best fit for the -- that may be trade. A Lackey for a Howie Kendrick and you put Howie Kendrick at first base at Napoli leads. That would be pretty good hitter to get India lineup but I do think that -- there and believe me the Red Sox have great pitching coming up through the system. But it's not quite there. And they still have it seems like another year where they gonna reliance on these veterans may be another three or four months the next regular season. And that's why in the end I think they value -- -- pointed to keep them. -- the the market referred Jacoby Ellsbury. We always -- would take a while. Any happened the last couple weeks have changed your opinion at Seattle ends up being one of the -- most involved a Jacoby health care. Well you know I gotta say admitted he -- doctors say that the right now the Mariners are are not focused on -- -- at all. They're more focused that adding to power hitters. IE in the yet how many times -- -- the -- change direction last five years three or four they went from being LB sent to delegate power. The air in extremely unpredictable presence in the marketplace. And my question is yes. The Mariners are involved in the Rangers are involved some of the things we've -- the last week. Well then didn't who's gonna compete with a Red Sox for -- Barry I don't think he's gonna have a high volume market. You know I think the Yankees. What you could find reasons for them to look elsewhere but they have Brett Gardner -- a lot cheaper. And you know they've got Alfonso Soriano under contract much more cheaply in left field they're talking to -- on another very serious about him. So why I suspect they would be looking at cheaper alternatives that old -- so again. The Mariners and Rangers are out it doesn't seem like he's going to be much of volume form. Bucks on a league note here we all -- the television money whoever it was pretty much been handed over check was it almost thirty million dollars baby who's definitely drivers -- What happens if payrolls don't go up. All of the all of the league with a league looking into. A team with a forty million dollar payroll it's a check for 2530 million dollars and appear on -- 41 million this. They look at it and say that's an issue. What they have in the past. You know I didn't think -- the union in the last year it like it surprised me for example that there wasn't more. Focus from the union. On the Houston Astros who by the end of the year. And what their payroll in the actual -- with summer on eighteen million dollars or twenty million dollars. I think it's worth mentioning that you -- right now he is in a typical place because the list of Michael -- He had so much time spent by Genesis last year. I don't know exactly why there hasn't been a ton of focus on teams like the Astros in the Marlins. But I would suspect that's one of the reasons. Buster -- up is always a couple weeks away from the GM meetings in Orlando the winter meetings in Orlando -- talk to you soon. Muster only BS PN who started the conversation. By saying he was doing good until this Iran thing happen I got -- -- a state of -- -- I wanna read we come back. Is a rod did indeed storm out of his arbitration hearing this morning and he's released a statement. But how he feels about that -- I wanna get your thoughts site you -- buster speculate we love that's speculation. John Lackey for Howie Kendrick Chris Iannetta. With -- happy deal the Red Sox -- think about the couple follow baseball should we give back in a football as well 937 WEEI.

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