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The Bradford Files: Catching up with Mike Carp

Nov 19, 2013|

With the Hot Stove well underway, one of the most intriguing players on the Red Sox roster is Mike Carp. The first baseman is under contract with the Sox for the 2014 season, but is drawing significant interest from around baseball due to his age, potential and power. Rob Bradford and Carp talk about everything from how the 27-year-old arrived with the Red Sox, to an unforgettable World Series, and finally how he views his lot in life heading into 2014.

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It's time for -- Bradford trials right now phone WEEI dot com. Welcome to another edition of the Bradford files. Asked Bradford files Richard -- LaMont yet. Are you about the Nazis it and it was really interest is really interesting if you go back to that it -- the -- The future -- Saltalamacchia talk about what he expected. What was forthcoming for him the offseason because now we see it here Carlos Ruiz is not the market. Now this is when he comes. This is one that he -- there's all this is where I think you ought to start a lot of positions it's going to be vastly vastly run. Should also mention that Bradford files. Privately to beat. Do you buy rules distinctive clothing enacted the beat Ali who -- that the clothing. They are great -- a -- to -- -- -- let mark Lester but you know. -- -- But before we get to more about the -- Let me just to. It is it is our pleasure to break down the key positions. Of the autopsy Olerud at first base. Mike Napoli is obviously he -- in the target that it happened our great. It is for lakers. Defense our. -- ball -- over the years ago ago will teams go a little bit more that's really for us to meet its most interesting. About this offseason is well let's let's be able to execute their strategy -- short term deals to the three year contracts. Even though there's so much money in the market. Other teams might be coming in and it might say hey you know what. We're willing to go maybe extra year of extra dollars that we were willing to go last year. It's the first base we're honored today -- our special guest mark -- My car is first -- growth beat them. Also plays you know he comes of very very interesting piece of the puzzle in this whole scenario. We understand. Reflects my -- now so when you turn from the last year it might be Nick -- that was going to be huge rate. -- this time not so simple earth based market illegally then. Big bite the Red Sox and he might go way it is I hate. Or alternative just like at shortstop Stephen Drew Clark we have in -- Jacoby Ellsbury -- can fill -- with Jackie Bradley. Well first base they might already have their answers so they don't have to get -- bidding war those answers number one maybe not. Played about eighteen games at first base of the union that is pretty well but Mike Carp. My car. Second that he -- it. Showed that he I think that you can be every day first baseman in the major leagues. And not only be -- first baseman. But provide something that is so typical line in the world will be -- league baseball right now and that is power. This guy to supply power and that is why. Teams are clamoring to get my car keys are calling about my car right now. If you supply power he's 27 years old. You can feel for his -- beat the guy who wins -- he was on the open market right now we jump to the goal line or close to the -- line in terms of -- not yet is to war. Wanna users. Noticed not wait around longer. -- you go here's my car or Mike thanks for joining me here in Bradford files and it's been a pretty quick turnaround from the World Series -- how things go. Aren't -- -- China to put my life like -- -- -- that's great to drop you know winning a championship in. Cooperate. -- overnight -- -- ago. Definitely are kind of shocked to surge up here. You know we've talked to a couple guys in in I liked asked in the question what -- -- government. I'm not talking about ridding the world users are talking about the is having the rate is -- moment that you're gonna remember the most. Your teachers are unifying after after the the -- are bombing. It was just carried over intimacy to it yeah we're on the same lock down orders is Herbert. Just to come back here I think captured. Eric Allman. It -- crowd there is first of political selector in. In about it now. Workers here at burger. That it would pop these speeches and you know hold their -- which is just special city of austerity in the ought. The people. And injustice city in general. Because those of that happens and it -- take you back even further and take you back to. Cover it would you rate right. OK so back then take me through exactly. What was going on review at that point when you're going through up until that point you what you're going to be with the Mariners. Did you find no human Red Sox your initial thoughts when you did I know it's. Bogey and a new. And got later in Austin right on my my I don't that it matters and our -- it worked out something to -- You -- team that element -- play let me you know he backed. On opening track -- missile or be mean or. You know it is here that it's a Red Sox in the wake up. The it detonated figure -- partners. It and it later trust for wake up call from venture. Magistrate -- -- -- rents are. We're thrilled that it is our organization -- -- sister. I was I was really excited. Him before. I had no little but it would be like the -- It's epic it's very where -- We're aiming to win now not ability or future. I was on the that the. You know it's it's I was doing a story on the -- -- what it. If they don't get this guy if they don't get back in and found out that. Right now plea was obviously differs. -- that they were go to media Nick Swisher but then there are gonna have to go portrait -- first -- said the -- were targeting. What is my car. Did you because you've had any conversations with them about their previous impressed. For the actually -- I want when I got traded over nationally out of Fort Myers as Thursday or edit or errors. Different interest in the others. They try to -- order. You know try to work out of -- available and I definitely. I've heard about this situation. A lot better hustle or out of it and you know they -- -- or god is going to be. -- spring in accurately is sort. So there you go into government re showing a recurring story was -- number. So congratulations on being the first player workers and number. If it. And then it meant you dropped in the o'clock. Am. Still competition. Lyle Overbay is still there. Novice really had made his mark yet what was your perception on. Where you might -- Right when. I knew from the get go to unit told. Or upper. -- added that the players first base out there which is its paper or is it for her sorrows be interpreted the children's also. Come that have that opportunity. Felt OK it is replaced you know they -- Saw hope in -- -- contractor and Tyler from those core group of guys that there's no huddle and as things. -- well last year. Was here before that you know bloody strategies in -- oh won the World Series -- alert from don't agree experienced post. But he -- to be in whatever role possible. Could you tell right away that it was going to be good spent. Yeah this is special idol ever strike came in ten days later. It just. Moderate for the guys and Artie just sort of and just joking around and that the confidence that you know we are very good team. And we're gonna let you approach -- from the deck out their news whatever it -- in all the talk about that solely to preach hero. So now we go compared to what happened this year with a red stars to what happens yeah. And as you said you have injuries and a push -- down their depth chart -- why do you think that you were able to. Take it to another level with a Red Sox is it as simple as you're healthy you knew your role and you've you've got that sort of thing going or you. Do. You -- combination of a lot of things you know. -- evident in the year 2011 on. -- away you know coming excited. Over an -- to be -- our actual article as a player readers. And to have you. The jury heard opening night you know that we plant we expect that kind of battle directors lawyer and hope that they -- -- -- stronger. Player immensely just -- -- It was a lot of those. You know those that -- -- you know really really help me lost a game where understand how how things work -- Especially the Mariners -- a lot of learning our producers that. Just just to watch go to that this was. They have a position is different to hear from a on my perspective in I think ever helped a lot to just get help in general back the next she's kind of a fresh start there was you know warriors and -- an opportunity to play in an autumn on the Red Sox. Who would be about that. Well boy you know it's one thing to feel good and feel and feel if you healthy Pulitzer productive feel what you. Learn a bunch stuff. But then you have to get into the rule that you were Red Sox were there any concern about that you were can be able to adjust to that particular role because it wasn't everyday. Yeah. It was understood -- especially spring training your your your reserve role. And -- guys beat out of -- -- it's Arafat to throughout this. Argument for the union. And in -- sometimes it's early in the morning -- -- in my first sort of that so they'll fire after. Six after an. To so title or another just. You know coming in late trailer. That the clock is out of go to other business and justice just have. -- -- that -- it was a rough. Well our -- greater. Curt Schilling never ending later on wrote. You know it's it's. At what point you. I think OK you know what I bit through spring training like you said you feel that comfortable -- to -- the team. At what point in the course of the year that you feel like all right I have this figured out and I -- like I can be very productive. I don't you think. Opening night if you elect opening -- The difficulty in dot. The hitting coaches and some clicked on opening night just as if realizing -- this special currents are opening night. Really -- -- turn on lights which are perceived as greatly. As rush break up. Orchard. They're not articulated earlier so -- color drug. Come on the last days -- -- -- and go to -- I think that it is where a lot of these are states and do everything. Possible to make that happen and you know to get an opportunity. Archery traders are. Now in Austria it's ever told the rest here. You know you that your -- signature moment but the one -- -- these programs. In -- NC news where you feel like. You're before that you would have been able to execute that like you did you as you pointed out before your first Major League that was -- locker. Yeah yet but you feel like that you would have been able to do what you did on that night a year before without the experience you went through. You know North African -- I don't even I actually elect. There's a very special rights for reaching here from off the bench interfering in a percent for four plus hours and is it a tunnel that you're ready and nobody occasionally clean. In the camper. And you know once sling it. You know fifteen days later about the field we're seven four liters and it's really unbelievable. I'll tell you what you went through the year you put up great numbers Soviet I think that it. What people should understand is that you were secular with humans like percent. And we understand the run that you went on in terms doubles and home runs its there was a run like I don't think a lot of people on our home. But you finish the year with the second best laying there on the team and you get to this point you get to the offseason and you understand there's going to be some Euro. Once you get to this offseason what's your mindset right. You know until transmit to take it there's this -- -- and Arafat try to come back down reality realizes that -- -- allies and but it is back after her for Bashir on -- list -- recent changes in the chamber goes -- -- Key phrase is hopefully it's came back but yeah unfortunately that is where it. I was in. There was whatever players that. On -- power back you know without their careers over the did you do it again but I just support. Come on back roads -- and try to reduce -- against. Now from America I hear your your -- in the not due to the -- a guy who checks these things do you view monitor MLB trade rumors view. You cover understanding. -- how the market is viewing you viewing other players tracking Mike Napoli status any one of these guys. You know I try to Uga on baseball -- general Pulitzer. -- -- -- you know what you currently do you know obviously with our team Arnold. Let you know every every did their best to put them best picture -- series player replaying it. In October or or jury that it looked -- The whole world watching your. And you know he's huge push yourself in the position that it is best player command or whatever it may be aware there's a lot subsidies and figure out and demeanor and work work my butt off it is healthy and trying to put myself -- position to -- -- -- -- you know and what. Pocket change you know regardless. I think her traitor or anything you'll come back legal or alters -- national -- up knocking it back to back after after picture. Like I guess is that the lesson be learned in -- having gone through what you did last. And worrying about all the different things where you know play mariners Ewing you. And now earlier this the position where you are approaching it if not in the five year career and you don't know what your role is going to be. Is that how low having learn what you went through last off season you just got to take its -- I might be ready to be an everyday player right now but I just have to prepare the best I can't let the current quality man. Yeah I mean we're we're not really control him go out there and do we can do as a player that you wanted to help the team and at the end of the day it's. -- about it earlier in. That before ideal -- they want to play ridiculous or in. You know David Ortiz. At nine under you know. But reports that often -- -- lot of guys you know you gotta wait we turn. And now it's like arts or replace in just -- -- -- conference you know. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Was it was the playoffs like you thought it might be. If it is such a -- I guess they were so confident. About -- -- business in order out here. Every. It is elect bush on. Keep on turnovers their organs left is. Not. And -- seniors sit there crazy. Especially such a place -- at that Detroit's pitching -- we want to be answered through that it has. I think it was pretty evident over there taking. We're about to thirteen. Lots of things that Europe. You're picking your spots when you're playing at the start there and you have to pinch hit here. But to do it against us level that you would imagine this is not -- this is must be unnerving. It has been it's been asked Italy learning. I've received a lot of guys urged -- never -- gaga that many days haven't. You know in thrown into the -- situation in my life. That's Castro is crucial on raise scores Robert -- -- happened so. Just as central -- -- and -- from it worked out really well in all -- other currencies in the first -- but it. But my last question is just a moment from we talked about moment this season identified the marathon bombings and -- helping the city recover from that. Within the playoffs are within the World Series was their moment of behind the scenes moment that you'll always remember every week we know about David Ortiz -- sure. Or was there anything along those lines that it really define for you. What happens throughout the playoffs and ulcers. -- It is there's so many big moments in -- and you open it when it during the playoffs and you -- guys stepped out later in different. As they are to import and just this year that's file out but I'll opera. The way throughout my whole life should be located on top of -- live event. Whatever Israel all the guys at that -- you know that Leo through -- -- you know. All those guys can be a part of that because open sores in my career is article currently -- answer that accurately while you know. There at the pinnacle of what must -- -- the crystal what are putting added Alice go try to do it again. -- yes like this development course because you mentioned rushing the field jumping on the pile because it's the pitcher this image that we always out there in the season and and your right as a kid you remember that you kind of BO what -- gonna do this situation. Was that feeling like you thought it would be in indeed you executed like you had hoped he would. Here -- -- I'm if you look at it in Syria right now. If -- chain victory know enemy Lugo drove. Spectacle that he. The ninth inning. Before our eyes sorted our top and I started. It is I didn't picture right so hard with a small camera that -- -- -- of the footage because I got right what Aaron. And election no. Well -- this year -- production and everything is out and open up usually it's right there on the your post article. -- Yeah I'm excited to get that it copy of that because actually orbit so. I still can't wait districts are are. So that would. If you feel -- -- you could pass that on. Board with. But Mike thanks so much for joining us and into the offseason and you're adding that he beat the you know as charity golf tournament that's not a bad way to panic yet. Well I had definite look important. That's not what he has.

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