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Heath Evans, former Pats FB: On the Patriots and Jonathan Martin

Nov 18, 2013|

Heath Evans joins Mut and Merloni to talk about all the latest news surrounding the NFL. The former fullback discusses the Patriots and the play of Tom Brady. He also talks about the Jonathan Martin situation in Miami.

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Continue to get to set for Monday Night Football patriots and Panthers -- -- 937. WEEI we do so one of the best in the business former patriot former saint former dolphin. I see on the NFL network and their body heat seventies but -- -- -- you. I believe -- that's also been put in the Seattle people are always so we don't include the -- week -- we trade out that team now. It's like an embarrassing moment that you wish you take back your name. You got it ripped fuel it's been way too -- he -- a lot of things to talk about and that's a league issues again until wanna start. With this game tonight Monday Night Football we have compared spent the last week comparing this -- front seven. To some of the really good front sevens in football I would say the jets in the ravens are right there. In that list is is -- is this panthers' defense is good. As those front sevens -- over hyping them heading into Monday Night Football. Well may have that you can't override -- -- -- that and I think from car. That chip or seven -- get over hyped and I give a lot of upgrades are rare for. How he boos -- probably ships on the rally on -- and all the stuff that. Goes inside the game plan to have been accused players. I think at times -- better than what they'll war you know I I I look at this Carolina for the way Iran. Rivera hasn't played Beazer did you got to -- -- man -- you know that. I mean star wrote whoever they are starlet to lay. Out that way isn't a the guys play be either exceptionally well. Charles Johnson speaks for himself but then I can't. -- -- equally I can spend an hour break this kid down I believe he amazes me every cup by external -- used. He is spectacular to watch. -- -- we've upsets of patriots fans we talk about physical teams in physical front fours and sevens are given a patriots and struggles in the past. But they have and that's why this game is interesting because it looks like to have all their weapons back offensively and will be Sheen brings first game back but this is the type of team. A front for the can put pressure on Brady. How important is it for this team to go out there and show that they can still get it done against some of those teams. Well it's huge but it just didn't even the race is paid they wanna be here well obviously you're always fight for all -- the best picture fight for -- -- fire fight to win your division. But I think it's more important that you know -- chapter of by figures help future going to be you know -- overall supply and injuries. What we know. A military band Connolly went Bellwether more top players but they're the underside of the arms -- -- to get taken advantage of but. The scheme based on what doctors Carter you know our coach do I know will be good enough to win which -- so let's caught here see this so our. Despite the injury you have no bill doesn't care about these desert no excuses. Let's let's find a way to -- handle our business -- left off you know two weeks -- -- that work. I wanted to dial back to what you do so we don't have an hour obviously he. Our but I do wanna get your take a loop weekly because when you said is maybe -- is I'm -- listeners are what I heard your your voice just peeked up there something about him. That jumps off did the tape to you what is it and who do you compare him to some of the really good linebackers he recently in the National Football League. Although let's go look goes straight home base who -- great Tedy Bruschi. Art while the mental the mental monster that he was -- big Teddy was always two steps -- of the well. He can rush the -- -- cover. It was always call out formations he was called out plays you know both for the ball was even remotely close to -- In yet -- equally. You know I think Teddy would probably agree with me it is more physically gifted that you know he's definitely straight line speed faster. What you take all those Teddy Bruschi -- attributes that you know guys that look that you could find guys that are. More you know physically gifted from the good lord above. We just have that mental ability to dominate the game -- this kid just get it and is all skilled in the past game. His understanding of the route combinations is understanding of what's coming out. Based on formation that you've seen him cheap stuff on film all the time because he knows. What what routes are coming in he's all right in the play is that you know okay -- -- film study but ever want that it's self described as a gift for this game. A -- of understanding that is it. It's super special visibility that they tackled in the back field of view of space. There's there's literally not a weak point this cute game and it's just gonna get a lot better. Is that is that a matchup -- watches -- Chansi -- he's up with rock. A lot in this game and. -- well I don't know what you are playing against. Ron Rivera all the years you know he was in San Diego so I don't I don't actually will actually start to. You know what time did what does he feel watching this philosophy on. You know backers on the current target of truth be told me that audio gates was -- we want for so long. Did Gonzales the you know Bronx could -- matchup I don't think your best waited. You'll be able handled wrong you know with 101 match or not not for very at all you know you've got to. Gotta keep guys underneath you gotta squeeze in the got a -- -- you gotta try to well multiple -- -- -- I don't think that the one -- job I wouldn't be surprised to see periodically throughout the game plan. But that there's not a player mean you could put Revis circle part of your views got Crockett on what is going to be on -- property on the ball you can cover more one. -- of the direction Tom great talking to Heath Evans breaking down patriots and Panthers. Not tonight what's the approach your ear nose you've been in those meetings offensively you know how they attack teams. Like this are they gonna try to man them up physically with Steven -- in the Garret blunt or well this BA spread out -- quick and protect our quarterback Keith. Against this front seven you've been talking about so far. I didn't going to be -- what you do so I think it's going to be spread about rumpled ball goes well the mountain. Tackle with Ridley your blog you know I think you've got to pick your poison. But big bill probably have all the respect in the world that these shirts. Expression -- the the but I think you know and bill is gonna go in the district with a couple literate Bonser made. Probably extreme care knew -- cool off the last few weeks I'm sure belt build those that they're capable scored thirty plus points. But I think you're going -- so that they control the ball let's -- -- too risky decisions and in and really. Do we do -- setup or perhaps staying with our run game and -- were so we know what we've been since you know rob has been healthy and after a bye week with -- You know -- we've -- -- pick up consistently where you left -- -- Pittsburgh and then you'd you'd get you know Kimbrough Gordon you've got a lot of pieces here work you could run the ball that's all that could grow into. You know basically -- -- -- that -- we've never seen before that could be even more that Jack -- so I think cunard will be complementary football. Know that this this patriot defense could probably cold Cam Newton in this crew. Probably the -- points or less and then just know what you need to do walk off I think with the help these weapons. -- perfection is not an issue. Bad guys are on point where they need to be probably. I could see that BM you know thirty plus point game for incorporated. Or stories only get back to the game the first the leak question as. Let's talk a ball parity will look at the AFC east if -- generally teams are still available -- able to make the post season but. It has been some lovely planet Perry for teams that placed -- not making as -- -- plays that they are making. Do you look at training camp could that a lot people said the -- these teams just are prepared than up in a long enough look. You look at training camp is maybe the reason why the play itself on Sundays and admit might be down. You know I think you could definitely look at tackling. As an issue of the park was just something you have to practice it's it's not just hit the god wrapped up -- The angles you take. It the pursuit which you you go after certain players and certain schemes and so. You know when you can't hunkered down and hit as much as you know the coach -- look like it trying to you know. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You look at protection -- -- what I would what quarter kitten just lately this year. Protections one of those things that if you can't work at full speed you're never going to be your best on Sunday -- have a great kind of wily old lions accurately in the group that you know 81 quarter certain -- you -- with just the speed that just the schemes than you -- that that. You know there's just stop with the -- about practicing and -- that. Hit people you know looking here and feeling the blitz packages come here direction would come your way out of it up on the back full speed instead of just walk the temple now there are plenty of years in New England where we get beat up that we were so Smart as a team that you know we could we could walk -- -- -- -- because. Bill dark -- and Josh all do that. On Sunday the a lot of the running back we'd we'd get our job. But I think across the board you are your hurt. In multiple ways by the lack of contact the lack of all people. Yeah I would love Ahmad Brooks to be in the room when Lou asked that question it gives you what he would say. The tackling sucks because they won't let us tackled hit last night -- -- the 49ers. Ahmad Brooks gets a run on Drew Brees he gets an -- then -- would call -- shoulder high chest. Shoulder area he gets bank for fifteen yards at it erases a penalty erases -- turn over the changes the game. What did you think of that call on Drew Brees last night and is. Is that a call -- as you watch a former player you agree with you disagree with. -- would be here. All at all and I had the Atlanta -- game yesterday you know and I see -- -- -- Kuwait. Get a couple what I would consider bogus calls you know been one. You know Gerald got a couple around -- corner very vote of the brown currently getting blocked he -- the you know. Whether Matt Ryan released the ball or not he strategist -- that they could tackle -- for the seat in a change -- -- position good if you are dealt with. You know it regards to a lot of books. You know I would say let's just be candid here that -- Peyton Manning Drew Brees or Tom Brady. They're all probably doesn't get called or Aaron Rodgers I'd throw that. You know Barack call probably doesn't your call now we know we're trying to protect our quarterbacks. This league is very as a financial Bonser and the truth there's. Roger knows it's driven by the office of guys like -- Brady saying. These big names superstar quarterbacks and so they're protect them as long as they can't because that's what makes the business -- He team that you want a race the dolphins off your resonate you played there your part of their organization and they've talked about this a lot it's been a couple of weeks now. What went on there in Miami. Is that indicative of what goes on across the NFL do you think that is specific to that Miami dolphin team. Former Soviet summit there's probably. Different locker -- all crossed the league that would tolerate. Racial slurs from a white player Q black players just because of the respect level actually respect on both. Just because of the understanding that the white players not a racist. Now there's a whole bunch of locker rooms or whole bunch of individuals sort -- -- the league. That would have no tolerance for that whatsoever. In regards to the whole situation I never want to excuse. In either language or the racial slurs or anything of the -- veto. Text or voice mail that we have. Read a transcript I would love to hear the voice mail because the players that we spoke to -- my -- blocker and basically said at the end of all that was. Our -- -- tomorrow. It was kind of like. This. Back and forth banter of two friends in my last point of the whole situation is this about defending either player. You know obviously this -- you know I have a real issue is the might get fired oh well built job market -- mental issues he had to step away from the team. Know what to do it at Stanford game the other night on national TV in front of hundreds of thousands of people you know ever smiling whenever they -- like it if you were so distraught. It -- in matches where I -- tread lightly on the mental illness issue because. I don't like it being belittled. Like I kind of feel like it's been done in the situation. Because it is a severe issue that needs more tension -- there are people that need desperate help because of those type issues. It seems to be just such a backwards thing about Michael back with a lot of the locker room of these situations are always right. It when the locker room comes out in your old distance. Of Richie and got -- -- -- You know and I'll be highly surprised. They will probably never know the full truth. Beat with everything that will be exposed as exposed I'm sure we're gonna probably see John Bart editor for quite -- -- see Richey can't go that they like so to speak. Thank -- Richard passed. Really hurt them here and rightfully so because -- all fired. There's been plenty of blame in the past and there's no backing what he's dead or. All those type deals. What went right -- comes -- says -- where if you ask us a week to dole who was -- -- we would sit -- -- -- -- Bryant are quite comes down to. What does the same voice -- that you know John that was lapping over we are all over you know few months ago so when you start getting guys the you know in -- Mike Wallace coming -- defensive retreat continuity. When you have. Black players defending your so called. White racist player. There's something there that just not right. In -- all the guys that was signed two weeks we'll be looking for their work groups aren't. I just think that it kind of got blown out of proportion to some extent understand why -- -- -- take them seriously. But this all these pieces -- this I just don't add up -- -- I'll let last want from me Heath this game tonight. In your opinion and no relevancy right as far as who wins a Carolina trying to. Make a name for themselves was more important for is Carolina is -- -- Well welcome this. I think you know duke and Carolina and their -- your your game behind. The states submit a chance to win that division you know I think they'll Carolina you know not beat the patriots lose this game. It's still Bill Belichick and Tom Brady of all the -- you know they're gonna find a way. To get the there at the end they'll probably makes it always give it with a suitable this year eight I don't know if I would say no right out of school for drop -- -- -- issues that or injuries no I don't think they can't. But I think this is definitely more important character and -- He's great step is always appreciate your time on all things so on the legal for a talk these vehicles and a playoff time and I don't think you got fired today I think we're okay I think you just aggregate aggregate. Thanks -- He is the best Heath Evans who was on the call for falcons about yesterday's -- NFL network nfl.com. I'm joining us here on the AT&T hotline eight -- in the nation's fastest now the most reliable forgy LTE network HD -- Forgot -- that dolphins team and I gotta tell yeah I could not agree with Heath Evans more when he talks about the play last night. And by now you've seen it you've seen the 49ers. And Ahmad Brooks. Get Giroux breeze I again I know they called -- neck. And at one point his arm went into his neck -- What that was a shot at a guy at his chest he slammed him down created turn over should've reported on a ball. And called -- a penalty. I. It is frustrating because I've been one of these people probably more so by pissed off listeners beat some soul. I'm so fixated on trying to get the concussions on the game weather's been hockey -- felt you guys call me soft for that right I get it watching yesterday. I couldn't help but say now -- know -- defenders feel and that's one of those hits where. I disagree with the rule a discredit the ruling on the field and felt like that was a football play that should have been allowed to be football play -- the 49. I agree and I think in in football -- hockey there was so protective of shots to the head but a ticket has more to do with. The original point of contact. But what is the contact. -- job the -- hit somebody square in the chest. As a tool you go down there will be content probably helmet to helmet but was that the original contact. And I think that's -- -- when he -- it over and over again becomes are on the right side but he gives him the forum I don't think it was a close line. Is I think close around the neck helmet I think it was more just to shoulder neck got a on the shoulder you diminish shoulders. And for a priest reaction right its head neck snapping back the cartoon yes so it's a he gets the call. -- stuff because we can watch a replay over and over and over again be the referee standing back there these guys to move pretty fast. It outside that when you review it. I don't think he should be fine. No one of those things where a penalty is called when they review it it's a fine. That was a penalty called an interview I don't think you should be fine I think you should be. Initial point of contact -- and I think that the league has to be wary of what we're going for here right you're trying to protect your players. You -- we talked about this last week. When who can caution we spent -- most our show Friday talking about concussions in football we said it became flag football the NFL would still want to wanna keep quarterbacks healthy I understand that. But I Ahmad Brooks got Drew Brees dead to rights he goes for the part of his body that is exposed. Most of the chest creates eternal over. And that's not all fired because -- you say it was a clothes line and he's not the only one. I was driving at NASA did you keep your driving home at that point was reliant upon the play by play announcers who have not. Portion of the names I don't know they work. But they explained it like it was a hacksaw Jim Duggan. Old school WW have closed one. So I get a moment's thought you can imagine my shock when the art comes across the upper chest area gets him in the shoulder and aunts and that's a close line. That negates -- Gimme a break. National Football League and it got to the line and he got real protective. Once something like that was the intent clearly is to get a guy not -- -- not ahead but the upper chest. They pick the game away from the defensive players there they take it away for an offensive player to make that sort of call. And it is frustrating missing. 61777979837. Your phone number -- -- New Bedford who have a saints is called before immediately be brought this up with -- that he joins the show. Aaron how are you doing very well and if so what's up there. I I just wanted to stay all right I I understand the the whole you hold off -- -- -- unity and only get the leeway in a flight deck. I I watch it. On number of times and equaled wind. You know -- -- -- -- like kind of like any -- when you've seen it when you see in -- company called flying debris. And finally hit bottom of -- while that ultimately around where about intrepid on the side you -- -- them down I mean. The referees probably didn't see GAAP book. The -- and an apology because being out there on the side of caution you know what I mean Anne and Mike. Thought -- been hearing a lot of I have a lot of forty not seeing the need to cry and be texting me all like a cent last night. So -- and I am trying to explain these guys -- like. New wallet like I'm a -- and die I like I watch every game I pay attention so it. And we we. We -- quite a few games over the past couple years -- questionable call also. It that those still a little bit a little bit gratifying and I want I don't worry retreat gratifying -- that's kind of like all global. I play although -- outlets have to say if it is saint Liam back or around the corner -- cock cap predicted that spot errant. You would be calling up they would the exact opposite take you like it because it worked out for your team asking to be neutral for second and in -- think it was the -- was that the collar bone. It was of the collarbone that back I mean that's still the rule says -- clearly he went into the neck after he hit him he. Yeah upper chest -- -- air which is not covered. In the head or neck area rule twelve point two point nine in the NFL rule book. Yeah I don't think I that they said that. The referee saw Nicole what I mean I think if you call lined somebody could be near the goal in the NFL they might call the penalty you know what I mean I mean maybe maybe not maybe maybe a couple of I just think. But I know what happened -- -- I think with the running quarterback. You can't give the Dietrich a little bit more leeway when no rush the quarterback young ones are -- yeah -- big game and yet you've got to get it. You know Bob -- a pocket passing yards. It's it's -- got you know what they don't want don't pocket passer winter and pocket they don't want you getting at all. -- running quarterback Russell Wilson you know what Dick back in the day when they get pulverized body clocks back isn't -- big say -- They're not gonna -- not at -- like at the I hit all black. To hear little in the playoffs armed 49ers and eight great game we lost. I'm still upset about it ball. About one. You don't -- it in your helmet Jeremy can go back over the 49ers to get a fumble call. Against the giants couple years ago Ahmad Brooks and it'd hit it with my hand or my helmet I basically bear hug him. That's just how football is played I think this expletive. Is. Bull expletive. Football the way they call the stuff these days it's watered down -- real no more. On that call I agree Obama Brooks I watched it fifty times here on -- -- It's in the collar bone which is not hard to judgment call that the of the judgment wrong I said the initial contact crucial shall agree you know -- and again it. Guy comes the quarterback and drops his helmet. -- square between the numbers. Eventually you know when you're in the initial contact is square in the numbers that -- gonna ride up. It hit his helmet at some point. Was the it personal contact or not. And that's for premium with a helmet but this you know. This call -- he city don't like it but it's it's probably gonna be called 99% of the time in the NFL and more now than it was five New York 61777979837. Your phone number. You can Texas right now on the eighteenth -- -- one. At 379837. You got salt and holly to a pocket patrons at the tonight. Out all your phone calls and two non football thoughts AA catcher. Carlos Ruiz off the market for the Red Sox were they in on Carlos three sounds like where we'll talk about that and what did you set about Jeff Green mentioned this earlier interest in quotes today in the Boston Herald well it's of those these stories next.

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