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Salk and Holley's Four at Four 11/15/13

Nov 15, 2013|

We tackle four topics at four oclock.

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No word excel can -- school. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- More fun cleaning. -- -- Well we've solved it finally -- on sports radio and WDE. I do agree. Well we know Ford four is sponsored by Marvin windows young and modern -- younger end. We got there. Well last night Angela led -- stage another comeback win against the titans this season. There's an iPhone posed in less than stellar as the NFL need to get rid of the weekly Thursday night game. Yes it except on Thanksgiving did it out of here with a right bi weekly -- -- get -- cup cup and I. They'll get it out here right you know what I don't think you can talk about player safety. And doing all you can to protect the product. And you have these teams on a weekly basis play on ours is their bodies are not ready for it. Gonna have a lot of injuries and now they're not meant not only about eliminating birdie on the -- and adding that the couple had. They're talking about two different things have a question here ever that the inability to -- really means it has -- -- that's a quality product. I think if you look at the most recent weeks the games have been on the uptick in terms of quality. Now we've talked about player safety I don't disagree people were talking about the NFL it's constantly growing its brand it's constantly trying to maximize. Its revenue opportunities and if you look at the quality of play it's on the -- Generally speaking and as my final point -- Why are you talking with your right yes I thought I was gonna dominate -- a minute fifty minute segments and to dominate yep that's your eyes close and focus on a great afternoon Jessica. -- says dominance in the eyes closed -- And making a point with -- pointed fingers -- Ramallah while he's doing whatever he's doing Imus and no. It just needs to be massaged the got a better way to do it may -- teams come on -- by everything now maybe teams coming out of them by because. You want. It's clearly a part of your business plan to be playing on Thursday to make a lot of money -- used it maybe play two games packages all the -- now they're talking about Netflix and Google buying these games and this is an expanding business empire wherever I wins to maximize the revenue but. You -- him you massage tweeted maybe you've -- maybe every team has to come out of a bye to play on Thursday night. Then they're not injured because the quality of the play is directly tied to their bodies -- the red player out there all night to play in the NFL general. Sox like because they don't have enough preparation in the offseason. And the hitting is -- -- -- right back to crest Thursday night teams should get Abbas and the previous that's what -- it. Previous Europe and you are going shy up -- The Boston Celtics -- history. Note to two run to grow so does this every day it's -- -- just when you're here. The Boston Celtics have been built in socket at times that is exactly what they've been doing. There's some fans of the team are okay with them sucking so they can get over the top college players. Will you be disappointed at the Celtics somehow make the playoffs yes. -- be disappointed because all I hear about and I'm no college basketball expert is that there are pretty phenomenal talents and maybe 68. Franchise type talent -- one of the other teams get turned around quick I wanna be turned around quick I wanna be competing for a title up 88 seed loses in the first round one. Done and the heart -- quote I wanna be turned around quick. Well anyway hey where can I. Don't expect at a I want to be from the Oklahoma City Thunder stumbled quote last. Couple nights ago is playing now Oklahoma City in the clippers they sit at number two overall pick that worked out. And that's witnessed it myself you know how often mr. -- Parker's been -- Williams's. I'm curious riddles to work out kind of frequently so while I will -- to -- Celtics have the opportunity for at least three of those players. They've made the playoffs I'll be happy they're in the play and always. False false false now in a weak draft you're right. Mean I don't think greatness was not forecast -- -- -- Warren or. Go away to be going way back machine to meet the same thing Ford way back they members these candidates. In all I. You know Missouri thing anyway. You all are these are serious. Healers on various players isn't that great draft. And I will be disappointed upset what the Celtics tank. But I will be disappointed they make the playoffs. Because these guys are phenomenal I -- -- line needs one of them and I'm not about him today what today's date November. -- In what may thirteenth. None of these guys will be a plus not a single when the Pentagon using the colts -- gone after block Grant Hill a lot of back quarterback we're at the top five Parker they will all -- stars you know all the lottery via via. Yeah but you're still gonna -- is 36. Coming our guys up and that's below the factory. According to our own rob Bradford the Red Sox are still according Stephen Drew. That is game six home runs a distant memory -- be disappointed if they bring drew back. Well I don't necessarily may have -- comes back it's insurance young bears. You have through playing shortstop you have -- third in a short. To have Bogart that third and if he struggles. He's not ready. You've got drew admitted -- So. It when you're that when you're the Boston Red Sox and got a high payroll. -- you can do things like this and other teams he would do and I think that was -- a good point to vote against. Per -- -- -- that was -- -- -- clear about his resorts I want to play. In your little theories link they're okay there if he's playing I don't know why if it involves anyway where he is not playing full time -- noticed a listener. We'll open you have to pay him a starter. He had starter expectations coming back here reflects. It's great to be of veteran utility gas cup or specific -- that's about. At least adequately but it's a have to make sure that we is which of those. You just can't you just in the people's thing you know amen. I was taken scored four goals last night for the Dallas Stars Emma was approved your players like him. -- is currently on a three game scoring streak with a straight eventually be looked at as a disaster for the Bruins took the stars do right. And what the Bruins do. I think it's too right now it's fine to the Bruins in second place don't care through -- well. Position for the playoffs and Stanley Cup -- you know than ever mr. appointment to the one left and actually the better of without -- down and return to -- player of that. You know ticket can be one of those things where you had to trade Tyler -- to get better how to treat. Because he was doing something that the Bruins and give them credit. The Bruins have. Let people know the people covering the team they've let them know that something was going on in -- giving news. Drips and drabs -- will probably -- they haven't. Come out okay and that he did this he did that did that so. Whatever it was he was doing. They felt like it was not gonna get better. With a little time with a little distance when I get better with an offseason was going to get better after years they had to move. I I am I'm sure more. That is some will look at that straight in three years and just look at it on its -- -- -- -- I would say lawyer wrote this entire -- At that point three time all star. That's that's that's Jeff Bagwell for Larry Andersen and Marian Anderson helped on the stretch -- -- you -- -- that ninety yeah. I still say it's all about the long as the Bruins are competing Tuesday. OK when you start to wonder why are we -- -- and he said in a bad trade that's one of the reasons. But what he's doing a 46 goals and -- I think people look at it that way I can see that this year. But I think every year so whenever your -- far. A complaint you know weeks we started this from New England fans are negative and cynics and they're always looking for something to complain about and get picked. If you're losing or your not competing apple W expect to be. Then Tyler say look up and the tree comes up especially if he's having. Not only individual success but if he can do anything in -- first architects are supervisors passed -- the president really talk as if they look at. That's young -- downstairs asked me to put it on my -- as a winner during the entire program failure of this. My name is -- aren't you doing. And here in order in and drew. Says as a -- -- Thomas yeah we got a phone call has -- through -- with -- -- Are but so if you could have. -- -- But he had a tatters a January forgot about a -- not -- it gets 404550. Eagles please let me say our state that season MVP of the league. And the Bruins are in a place to three years from now that can immediately. Opened people's now people can't shut up about it. At the Bruins at that place in first place coming up a Stanley Cup when they want. But the Bruins about what the Bruins do and are doing at the time when Sagan is -- what -- that went up to me. And by the way island during the pacing after the guys for -- base for -- He. Wore a part argument was that all. Year. Part of that -- -- current -- car and you can't compare Mary Anderson and Bagwell. Erickson -- 27. Years -- not not. Good point -- throw 58 now. 6177797. -- 37. We are talking about football -- the patriots. Before we deport foreign our apartment Tyler Sagan and Celtics not that good stuff it's just that the fact that in in Doug band said this earlier we were talking before the show he said. I think the reason people are counting. On a patriot so far is because they don't they know they can't win the Super Bowl. So wait a minute. There are a lot. I don't know about that that they pass another numeral. They can't win at the ship I don't know was buried in Obama care. Well. It was a on the obamacare -- -- a coupon to come out of the -- you can not win the Super Bowl area where no one believes they can't. Miserable right. While the young young been believes that they can't win Super Bowl. It's -- I think part of it is what you said Andy before with the whole analogy of the -- to get a hundred on the test I get ninety three's it's an -- but still it's a different looking day but I still may be valedictorian of their smartest kid in my class and how the 93 -- -- opens we -- too much competition mr. Seven into the -- it's been 72 after nine games many times. They've been in the conversation be one of the best teams in the league many times right now that number two seed AFC if the playoffs were yeah that's correct and they also always finish strong either go eight in 07 and one of the second half but we've never seen them. Like this so long even in almost six Reche Caldwell Doug Gabriel. Jabar Gaffney second half of the season year. The offense started to click eventually. We have you seen him struggle like this on third down before. Not only talent ready here's the thing can if you can sleep so few of his passes no -- they will -- 2000 bucks. Thirteen for a stretch of time than they ever did in 2006. And that includes a shot out by the Miami Dolphins -- knicks' David. But the reason then is. They didn't have. They had Troy Brown was the extent of the offense Ben Watson was one that we pass receivers OK. Was a running that was at Heath Evans production. And Laurence Maroney who wasn't weren't Larry Mario was -- cross road -- or so and -- Toyota. Was clocked -- cordillera so there 3455. He Monica. But if you look at this patriots team. You have one of the most talented slot receivers in the league if he's on the field you have. The most athletically. Gifted slot receiver and we -- in Danny -- you have the best paid and in many people's minds terms of versatility you still have one of the three best quarterbacks the week. You have a tremendous running game unlike the 2006 patriots so what we're gonna see is a patriots team. It is probably gonna scored 271. More. Quite regularly down the stretch and they're going to get better into the playoffs and be much more of an X-Factor -- -- war. In years where they went seven and 08110. And two to start the season. Ron Rivera said at the other day. Yesterday as a matter of fact he doesn't know what the hell he's going to be looking at Monday night. Because so many weapons are coming back in terms of -- and other ones like gronkowski and -- -- all -- improve week this is what's unique about the patriots in 2013. There are an unknown quantity right now. Even to themselves most likely to Josh McDaniels because he hasn't had a full slate of games to figure out how to use them but -- now the cynic in me would say. -- are all those guys gonna be here. In late December and early January. Has all of them have issues staying on the field and I'll include drunk in that mix late in the year obviously -- and -- -- Help is an issue will you have your weapons late in the year when you're looking to -- let's talk to Ryan he's in Maine hey Brian what's going on -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And as -- talk about patriots and it. In the Austin and in our armed. The good Boston sports and life I've been around in the Red Sox to help excite I remembered blood. All of that. And I just out of that AFC championship in share. I just feel like all the fans just need to chill out in light. Appreciate what they have in Tom Brady and Bill Belichick because it's not gonna last forever and they're probably gonna structural long time. The Celtics got -- twenty years in the Celtics are getting lucky again this year. With -- and how all the same players that are in it. And they're just gonna get lucky and. Are there are here right -- the counterargument. From a lot of fans that we hear from the counter argument is. We absolutely appreciate Belichick and Brady we know what we have and Belichick and Brady and that's why we're going crazy. Over the weapons. The lack of weapons because it's not gonna last that long and how much longer is Bill Belichick gonna put up. -- with this watered down NFL. And the guy in and Fidel Goodell the commissioner of the league home was gonna put up what was a rallying cry about. 200320042001. Patriots in contrast to the colts they worry starlets team. That Peyton Manning could have Edgerrin James and Marvin Harrison. And later on Reggie Wayne. And not win Super Bowls with the patriots could with Troy brown and David Givens. And Daniel Graham I mean so what's his alleged weapons. The weapons the weapons the weapons people pummeling on its not the weapons as much as it is. The scheme in the way they are important but they are sniffing around every single season -- Super Bowl win. And as gentleman pointed out an hour or so ago there a bubble gum on the helmet catch a way. And you picked the play from the 2000 elevenths who global wanna make of the safety the Brady took a.

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