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Fantasy Football Podcast: Week 11 Sits and Starts

Nov 15, 2013|

It’s Week 11 of the NFL Season and many Fantasy Football Leagues are entering the Trading Deadline. With that in mind, Jim Hackett & Pete Davidson hit the correct steps to take in assessing your team’s needs at the Trading Deadline and help you find the players to target and potentially move away from as you look to deal. Also, Jim & Pete hit the top most searched names in the Fantasy Football universe and offering insights and a best guess in terms of what you can expect from those players. Trade targets, strategy and players to watch are in abundance in Week 11….

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This is the fantasy football. My kids and Pete Davidson in the -- Does he flew home. Presented by a Mohegan Sun -- and don't. Welcome to week eleven of the NFL season this week's W. EI and off podcast by our friends at Mohegan Sun world the plate -- Jim Hackett and joined as always by our fantasy football expert. Pete Davidson chief Tennessee football writer for -- Audubon dot com it's faster active fantasy football domination welcome back -- -- -- -- do alright man of value. I'm really tired. So you know it's really good thing I'm done doing this right now. Let you know it's gonna you know it's between the the political structure in my house and Thursday night football tournament -- right now it's just the truth. It's stuff we till Tuesday and Monday Night Football that's Carolina immigrants on a -- into it. She's Broncos instead it's going to be if you late nights in a row. We have so little confidence. He got -- streak there you go that's -- Saturday toward the exact. They sell. It's let's jump and so a couple of things a lot to cover this week. You know heading into what a lot of fantasy football leagues coming into it is the trade deadline. I know I'm in a couple leagues and it's the trade deadline is right here week eleven. All right we do this week. Yeah so -- -- we got different people with summit next week but armed fighters which so regardless it's coming it's either right now or it's it's it's imminent right so. It's a very deliberate and you know it's but it really doesn't matter which -- great because I mean and if that trade -- deadline passes. And -- equipment switch up. You know -- good portion of us as people -- shuts down when you don't negotiate trade anymore and obviously you you know if you have a team with any imperfections. What you do have -- You know this is your chance. It's it's it's it's it -- into it and -- so there's a lot to kind of look at when you're assessing new team and sorting things out as -- hit the deadline and then. And -- also becomes important is free agency because it got you know the last couple by -- -- here are some people still going to be getting like kickers and the fences and. Absolutely want to trade deadline passes that's all you have -- Yes that he -- you've got a couple weeks of replacement parts. And the only kidding greens is not what it was a month ago. Now because it's been -- pretty clean at this point in most weeks. Sure and and you know -- got a couple weeks of replacement parts but this is where I think you know as we can talk a little bit about. How to position yourself during the trade deadline time also I think it's a good time to talk about. The watch list article again -- -- reason being. Is that my guesses is that this week and next week's free agent because as I said is replacing missing parts that they might be -- on the that you can grab so. You know couple weeks ago I -- Michael James that might turns into something for me. Lastly can grab a sharp math is now that -- has turned in the something from the -- was spotted at the bottom line. Right right yeah I -- I got to grab Matthews myself. It obviously not in the league that -- course it has been together a dumb. Yeah I mean that's the other thing that can happen over the next couple weeks if if history is any guide is you know the trading deadline to pass. But by week's end. And you know essentially it would happen is all those players that have value from week for the roughly week twelve. You know the they become somewhat worthless you know those black rebel players those you know receivers outside of the top. Forty year 4445. You don't running backs outside of the top thirty tight -- outside of maybe the top sixteen those players become much. Less valuable without the bye weeks stated that necessitate they're used to that so so what happens is when you're looking at that. The other free agent wire what should happen in the next week or so is anybody who's worth a darn thing is going to be go. Because because people no longer. He did don't player for a kicker they don't need to dump the clippers defense that you know they don't need to be play calling that bench to deal with short term needs. So you know players that might be hanging out there. Course some guys like quarter up -- -- -- -- that they will be -- players on people's roster where they work before so this is -- -- act especially if you're ahead and you don't you know you are rewarded at the next couple weeks. Get those players now before other people that you know. -- -- -- Especially like you know Friday Saturday before this Sunday's games because what I find. Is that. But you know try to people who don't have anymore I -- problems and who has. And maybe you're winning games and number. It is a great example a good way to segue into the trade deadline talk because you know luckily got -- -- in another league I'm right in the hunt so. In the league that are out this is the time in the on the waiver wire in free agency that I kind of pick up the scraps you know any means so. Differences is a couple of really big giant. For next year Natalie. And didn't early on these players which is great. Right in this undated -- some to some really top heavy teams in the league and they cut good people. -- Iranians are now so. Yes so so the so that the point is is that. If you see someone on the watch list that this probably -- depending on where you are where you fall in your league that might be some scraps you can pick up that might be able to help you this year. You -- you'll play. You -- really good point which is at this time a year to year sometimes are out there watching -- the free agent wire as much. You know what's out there terms of -- or trends or whatever I keep a really close items being cut. Right I look at the transactions will be released you know because just like you said players you know teams are forced to make some tough choices beside -- here. Mr. hood in the Bible to you but you weakened position. -- as we -- running back the right. You know they might go get into the third running back on the team that you -- you might get a couple carries him and get them at the goal line and cut a wide receiver for. I I -- one kicker all year so if I -- that you know I got my ticket I Wii comes up late the year so I either. Cut my kicker for another kicker -- to cut a player off like you know I want to keep my kicker -- not the kind of player that cycle and out and -- make -- move next week. You know -- which you can sit there and you know a -- if I had to let go vote you know one dollar mark he's good when you're there to pick them up. Yeah exactly exactly so no -- but -- content but. So it's interesting but -- so. Doing your play a lot this week by the way let's let's switch to a sixty job to do is sit out Robert Woods is already out so a lot that's going to be an interesting matchup against the jets secondary because -- -- the jets are all on the speed. Yeah and the and in buffalo on the jets is an interesting game from the defense is simply because again talking about the waiver wire. Yeah you also played match ups -- defense is and actually this case at this case. Offensive against potentially we quarterback. In this case to have to play either of those defense is week in and out yeah. Exactly. So so talking about like you know where your position in terms the only -- Yeah as how to -- free agency in the same rule applies. With traits and that rural bug dot com this week he wrote an article again about trade targets would -- This Ohio on to buy low on but. As we're coming to the deadly let's assume that most of the leagues that are out there have a trading deadline of this Saturday or next Saturday. That this is really when you it's it's it's it's the day of reckoning in terms of assessing your team where you are and how that affects. What you gonna gulf war in any trade so. I'm gonna ask you from your perspective you know old. How you go about it in looking at it is easier team out of it. -- in the hunt yeah I don't want runner. And in hiding it under no idea how do you look how do you approach it. So that you just edit content with that what you just said. Yeah I mean. You break down your team's situation. There's three basics situations you don't want to -- exactly you just said either out of it who in which case. And if you're out of it. Mathematically if you can make playoffs at that point -- on the big proponent of not making trades but it people are gonna call you don't make offers. And lesser mechanically. Body can really -- but. -- -- draft league I don't know I just only being that guy who gives away a player when my team has something to gain. And maybe mess up the lead for the people who are doing well let's just tell. We had the -- Average sale the week I think everybody's seen that had been somewhat cheaper forward -- leagues so you know. Again just don't be that guy that would be my recommendation -- -- important want to be the second leveled the in the playoff chase -- you know you probably have 56. It's 456 wins something like that. In your -- you know you keep your team could go either way. If -- in that. Area you want you know make that determination to -- haven't seen that needs to make the kind of -- that get into the playoffs right if your front runner. Under different situation than you were at liberty to consider. Players who might have schedules that have strengths in weeks 141516. -- weeks 111213. Right. And that's actually what it's about about diagnosing it seemed and then once you figure out. And obviously most -- -- -- diagnosed but you know what you need to do that what you -- got to -- to move into. -- diagnosis. Yes I was gonna say -- -- let's let's break down the you know old in the -- category in the -- category so that if you're in the in my assumption and my guess is how I look at is -- -- where I have depth. I -- I'll I'll play you know I I'm pretty current. I'm pretty confident in my ability to fill depth on the waiver wire or another trade. I would like to rather move some depth to get that part in my lineup they can maybe make an impact they assure me or give me the better chance in the playoffs. You know that. Yup they'll definitely I -- I get I can hit a three step process is that your team you can go out. What team are you out of it obviously text in the playoff chase. You're looking to maximize your impact in the next couple weeks do you have a bye in week eleven or twelve. That's a player you really wanna consider trading. Obviously to get help if they're not playing -- armed. So you know it. Assess your roster. Associate -- once you've done that. Then you get into roster diagnosis in terms -- potential you know what are my team needs to have we as a running back that weakness at receiver. Once you figure out what you need -- then you have to figure out OK what. What can -- trade away forward to deal. What's a -- what's potentially attractive zones and respond to. Ideally it's attractive but they don't whether to track it or not. Yet determined what -- you have access -- -- -- sometimes it's great sometimes you're gonna have to -- lipstick on that big book but whatever the case it is that's what you got. And -- three would be assessing. The -- -- the other teams and this is something you know I mean I I -- and I've talked about this. Many times just personally you know it's annoying when you can tell some and so -- the trade off for a -- looked to team -- they don't really look for your seems to what they want it right you know and I mean -- You know I don't know that they ought to expect day loving and -- trade relationship protect the type. By the same token you know that's not a productive. Usually -- time to send me an offer that. Just doesn't make. -- look at you and I made a trade a few weeks back that made perfect sense to me you know isn't you know first place in my division of the epic game. In a tight race but down on points to the person beneath me just about a record. And -- I was a position right to take a longer view you needed something all the more immediate sight of a gamble on Shane Vereen. You know. Trading for -- a good news and then hopefully that this week I can use. I don't forget marine is he's a guy that's been our art our trade for a list for awhile now on and and that's pretty much the scenario that -- That we were you know. Lining up for furthering. But -- it's important to look at the other team's eighth to identify the players that you need because you you you know you digitally look at need running backs OK now permanently. Who has the not who has the running backs -- -- yet that's important but who was in the position to give a running back -- This guy's got seven running backs -- pass the by. Right and he is not pass them by receivers so that -- -- guy can deal. Right so you know you go I would again you go through these you know these three steps -- steps that -- assess your team and your team's situation. Assess your teams. You know roster and and assess the roster of other people's teams and now you should start seeing some fit. And some players you -- target what you what you culpable -- the pleasure or target -- start going through the schedule and trying to see you know. Where I can get guys that I like and again. Did you know what you're looking for the schedule has everything to do is step one assessment guarantee if you -- in the chase team. -- you really need to do well in the next three weeks just to qualify for the playoffs obviously you. You need to move guys in the -- we -- need to bring -- guys -- -- match ups in the next couple weeks if you're seven into. Are 73 you're 82 or whatever and you know we'll make the playoffs you pretty much already made it. Then you're starting to look at. I have I -- or not. It probably if I -- I'm not a lottery too and I feel like. You don't have got to cream puff team let -- let scheduling no woman to win nine or ten games. I feel like a -- I came in which case I am really looking at two weeks. Look at -- two weeks of looking at weeks fifteen and sixteen bit that's all that matters to so I'm more than willing to take on people's problems I'll take your Bible teacher Shane Vereen. You know. I'll take all that stuff because they're going to be worth something when I need to. So again you know horses for courses understand position your -- And then go make some deals you know what you assess your team -- you figure out all that stuff you know go to wrote -- we do have some ideas to some trade targets we we breakdown and schedules and these guys. I did -- schedule grew up last week. Monroe auto body confided in the road Obama. Early action -- the -- out the element Jonathan on that to the right now. The last couple weeks -- articles on -- dot com have been really helpful because what he's identifying players that you can move for our beat me it might be advantageous to move for. One place the place to move away from what he's giving you was a little bit of a grid of their next five games like right there right familiarized here's the flare. He isn't easy to read form with the games are and why I think what I think really valuable in share. Dizzy on the line to try to get your info -- that that can't serve. Any -- listen to this podcast and he batters so alive while on again. That's definitely intent on -- of course I can sit there right. You know as many hysterical but I want the reality is it's sort of like when you're doing a waiver wire article you know you do best you can -- He can't control people situations you know and it doesn't help me to tell you that ex players on the waiver wire excellent -- nearly right but we don't know that from our and so. You know but I'm throwing that -- thrown out of those trade articles are players that to me. Community service they're sort of sort -- one way or the other you you know here's a guy who just. He just screaming bounce back court Chris Johnson you know to scream bounce back the -- thing about the -- and aren't. But Chris Johnson took about sixty points the last three weeks you know after. Doing what we thought was fairly predictable which struggled with the brutal schedule the first half this season Syria it's and it's funny how people could. I literate people twisting his performance last night well you know he disappeared in the second half stuff but if but I just one point for the monopoly at all. Templates you know that the truth of the -- the titans disappear in the second half. I mean just -- -- -- -- -- -- run in the second. But. A funny team. -- one of the most competent to do it just it just tough to get arena like they did the sometimes in the that they do a lot of things right. They've got a lot of people contributing in other times just look at their constant in the mud just can't get anything. I looked like they need a coaching change and that's usually -- to talk just a good guy but he just doesn't seem. I don't know I doubt that there's that if you if you watched that offense the last couple years -- I have. There's just told. You know it's a little bit like Carolina -- sometimes you just wonder what they're trying to do. -- and Chris Johnson. You know everybody talks about him as being an effort problem I really think that -- his lack of effort is really overblown. If you watch Chris Johnson played he's not a bad effort player in fact watch him in pass protection. He's very good at bats and throws -- body around the mean. Chris Johnson wants to win I think you know I think the problem with Chris Johnson if you wanna put it on him. Is he isn't as decisive as you should. There are times I think where he doesn't like what he sees any just waits hoping something will open up. But you know if he can turn a lot of his two yard losses in to just one yard gain. It would make a pretty big difference. But you know -- -- home run hitter and I think he's a little addicted to making those long runs and he hopes up gonna open up at the and that's coaching thing. It is out in dangerous for him as he gets older and older too because those more explosive plays are gonna you know. It lets us. I had a guy is going to be a good back in his -- united Chris Johnson you don't want to speed starts ago he might he might be done. But he is an underrated runner I think in a lot of ways and I mean once you get Chris Johnson to the second level from the there there's really nobody better but they're very you know the problems getting in there and the titans the titans of the horrible jobs. You know getting to the second level. There are classic -- need suddenly need team that shows you some things they give you an -- and yet our fans they would give you. Hope and in this crash hopes within weeks of each other. Yeah I mean you know much accept a bit of a bad run but I mean you know. It's it's his regime that that that took Jake Locker so. You know liven up blockers he's he's sort of their Sanchez and a lot of ways but he he had health issues but that. That would Mark Sanchez so that's the only ones yeah they're using -- is just geno Smith the new -- accidentally used. I'm using negative. References and analogies is only one Sanchez. -- really like it should. It -- -- George. -- All right say let's let's take a look around the league. -- -- -- -- It is the winner out of my children at the jets yeah. Accept what's it take a look around the league we'll look at of the week's games coming up where the the match ups that are of most interest are but also. A trend that we've been doing in the podcast -- couple weeks that I like that that makes sense is looking at the people. Who all across all the sites are being surged the most because that's what the stories are right. And there there -- few players. Lots for the same reasons who are being search quite a bit rated on the list Percy Hartman. He's a guy that has been out all year that might be coming back Shane -- another guy like that -- for a long time coming off -- are. There we go the other way Cutler. What does ankle Vernon Davis with a concussion. Trent Richardson -- huge question mark -- of what that's going on there to get the Ben Tate. I thought Richard can I put Richardson looked a little better last night yeah. Partnerships and problem as the colts it's. You know see. And I mean that it you know again -- he's seen -- really care about Austin. You know with the rams where it's you know you don't do that if you don't know what you're gonna do with the player and it sure seems to me like the colts made a move without a real clear idea what they wanted to do with them. On the front I think the -- smarter and smarter than they did that. That night I was sitting at the restaurant located. I was moving ended genius territory yeah it was tonight and not to borrow -- if you go back a robot we were talking sense the next day. Yeah you don't do we were told it like folks this is not a terribly good in fact it might not be good in my bat and it didn't bat. You know what you were difficult to into harder schedule. And he went to a team that's in the system that was built around him so you know I mean I'm not saying he would have done all that much better with the browns but. Certainly dispute does does that change it seems as an outraged and how much is clear. What they get it together and a number one pick a couple tech. They gave up the first rounder next year for a terrible move and it was a bad -- -- the -- -- podcast I'd move at a time when they did it you know running backs just. Unless they are exceptional. They just don't merit first round picks and if you're the colts and you're trying to build around elite quarterback who eventually you're gonna have to put over a hundred billion dollars into. You know getting -- you know giving shiny hood ornament is not to move -- it really isn't this big they're continued offensive lineman on the team. Now look at the paths in -- Ridley is look what it's the second round or third round. They're very. And -- organic number one if you if you like the player the -- to -- ago spent a number one and a guy like Richardson who's already hit his second year in the league. In the middle of the season. It's just in particular pick. You know it's Jim Irsay had to -- it is a very good owner we've talked about before it it they wanted to make a splash move all the right. Well I mean it's one of those guys who you know he's daddies can. You know he's like all the people all the people who -- all my favorite sports teams will be -- and didn't regular votes being born into it Jeff Wilpon you know we're used to say -- guys -- thirty thinking get a triple so. That -- expect. That's the and the kind of people who are a lot of export and they're not as -- made no -- look at the guy who wrote the garden Jimmy Dolan and his dad is dad the Cablevision guy yeah. Jimmy -- would never made it. In the back I -- so where would never -- sports team. Obviously it is quite -- are going to be working for him but you know. Quite frankly I wouldn't. I don't I don't I don't wanna be associated with a -- -- and so you know wouldn't that have been in New York -- what we have we have collateral ownership all of -- change really. -- -- -- -- -- Mixed I had to run the Yankees anymore instituted the -- Itself. Like the Hussein's sons I think. -- that article -- so let's we've got good ownership appear. You know what I tell you what did it help Austin for the tourists into this. What you just -- don't SpinRite and you have no idea how lucky you are to have guys. Running your teams who actually care plus years and do actual successful individuals on their own. You have a -- certain age you -- you know exactly look at the Red Sox for polio for awhile the digits is terribly owned for awhile. The Celtics for a short while had data ownership with thanks dad of those guys. And the brewers can't tell donor yes exactly you can clamored to get rid of a gamble when you got a bad owner. You know let's let them winning when he -- bad mother in law. Winning breeds winning tickets they -- competitive you know and -- -- so it's good to good situation here. But you know what I mean look I think. Certainly Woody Johnson has a competitive this stiff and he wants to win. I just don't think he has the chops to do it yeah whereas Kraft. Again I'm I'm not the biggest Bob -- -- in the world but. The big because a successful individual absolutely he's going to go to the arena and compete I give him credit for that. I don't think the people who owned sports teams in New York right now are equipped to compete. And I think. Yet and -- self made like the news yet -- so let's -- up what's up back on these guys and wanna get your input on some of these guys specifically. How are you look at exactly. -- Percy musically Sunday and if so what he's probably. It's Monday he'll probably be at a snap count and I would expect him to make a big player to against the vikings who he probably just despises at this point. Yeah he wants to get them did you -- That was -- I appreciate that they're the vikings and I don't blame them. But that's when I put them this feeling is mutual I don't blame them either because I was one of those just ugly marriages. Are glad it was just ugly. Yes and did you do you -- gonna unleash him a little bit at some point this year Peter gonna. A -- -- you gather -- -- aren't -- yet yeah you well you think they can think it. -- -- -- husky easy if you don't it if you shift if you're not in the position of leadership we shouldn't be on the field. You know. Especially for us Seattle I mean if he's not ready to play and they're playing and are out of their mind are certifiable. That he was eligible to come off what -- top after what we gate. -- It was -- that first opportunity so I don't. Not sure attack but but it he's been lingering so he's he's gonna start up this weekend to think he's playable on the. I think last week with a for a -- -- Injured reserve designated for currency should have been last week just a country brown the only reason Marines coming back this week. Is because the pitcher to the -- last week. Write it down. Do you think -- -- -- -- is worth playing fantasy football -- he graduated we could do. To general questions. I mean -- sure. But. Very risky play. Yeah. It's just the explosiveness he brings its intriguing. We have a yeah I mean I agree with that but I haven't seen it. -- -- of play exportable all of the vikings so you know I mean it -- if if I'm sitting there looking at playing. You have some some guys is Stefan doesn't have a chance to do anything like maybe. You know when you I got Brian hardliners like that right. Here I'm I'm definitely attempted to put -- in their but I understand the risk having it this this could end up being like getting his feet wet kind of thing. I mean you know like at its XPS so called fantasy expert but you know what that world guessing at certain things you know anyway when they bring these guys off the injury when these guys are. Questionable and an active. You know -- you know it goes last year they said Calvin Johnson was active and starting to put it two steps. And another thing to consider it is. Yes and another thing to be considerate Ivan to Seattle I mean like you know Golden Tate to me is clearly -- -- isn't there is the playmaker. And he's erratic you know they sometimes he's the star sometimes he's a no show -- -- Seattle have to about it. That's true a lot of receivers and you know but I don't -- over there you would Sidney -- and gold contained. Doug Baldwin and whoever the -- else I don't think apple product being consistent critic its product the system -- I think -- system yet. Right there on first and yet yet in the -- of around. What do you think with dashing green this week and how does that impact. And answers -- and I mean that you there's no way to tell what Belichick's gonna do I think -- going to be anything from a I snap player. 240 except player and he could be anywhere from and -- yards to. You know. Seven receptions in the under total yards and a chance to score I mean he could be. You know he he to me he's just like carbon but it -- differences. I think brain is not playing he's not coming back from any serious injury when the patriots are worried about the rest of the league. You know I think they're probably more worried about him doing some other type of injury did not good enough shape. You know I just think he'll be limited step wise because if I'm not mistaken the practice ruler that the his first official week of fall practice is would've been this week. About the matchup with Carolina in a very strong front for a strong front seven. In the short passing game kind of. -- I I don't you know one thing that annoyed by continually put in this position where I'm defending the patriots but I. I'm just I can't help but I mean their team that I I happen to believe in in terms of their performance I think they're good week to week and I you know I think there's one thing New England really good at doing its weekly preparation I don't know of any team this week to week game planning better than the patriots. How to grinning it two weeks -- this go around them. All right yup and so you know people are so they're talking about Carolina's defense and by the way don't talk about Carolina's defense a month ago -- well we were blood. You know I mean it's all the -- -- is big bad thing that can't be dealt with you know -- good. That he. You know -- -- -- a bit like the jets actually they're imperfect defense that's gonna tend to play well most weeks. Arm and -- you know I certainly they can have a big week against the patriots and play well. I just. You know when people look at this game and they go look at they did -- DiFrancesco. And on the Simpson's golf fan I like Obama I think Japanese good player but if you cannot compare the 49ers the patriots right now. Yeah and it -- to that -- -- there office completely disjointed. It's decimated entered this country step back yet they lost. Vernon Davis earlier that game to a concussion -- hasn't done anything since week one delegates. Yes a cap which struggle -- huge struggle and east of debris was struggling before going to have to keep track of that and I told ya so you -- Catholic is struggling and he -- you know unless they let -- run more. It did from finished this into perspective. You a little bit Dicey right now because if you had to do everything put his arm and he doesn't have Crabtree and and and Davis now that's a that's a tough road hole. On the patriots side. Caroline has got a tough for a seven. But look what they have to deal with this week. -- OK so now that's got a handful right Demi burned Davis Cup but truck after the much had a match almost all world OK so. In but in addition drug and the -- is now. Looking healthy and coming off a bye weeks it -- about as fresh -- inability to get books yet you know you'll contribute gave -- a broad look at this week and right as Indian cook you know couple in the fact that. To me inability got to look at this week because. It on the patriots -- get the ball out of Brady's -- yeah I'm trying to dictate our offense I'm not trying to drop back and have Brady -- the field all -- I'm looking to -- make -- set up mismatches get the ball other quarterbacks and played down hill at like ten. Well that's why I thought three would be a really good matchup this week. I was getting to that and provided I agree with you I think the problem is that. You don't know what he can give you this week in terms steps and I don't see any reason why the patriots would go. Too heavy in terms of prioritizing this game given their record in the fact that the division -- week. The patriots are not being caught I'm a huge jets -- global they're fighting for the rockets and patriots. Now in -- happening. So with this into let's let's let's go from the top but action now we -- Let's principled police to -- an adult adult and terrible in the wars in diluted. It's you know it's it's right now the dolphins are getting the bad side of what we talked about it August. They did a quick rebuild they did they do with the credit card and other trouble. Yeah -- it's a death sentence let me -- the table on this pats game -- in just in terms of what you won't miss seeing where the upside is in Amendola. You know maybe marine navy blatant depending on -- snap count and worried about reload -- Couldn't keep it -- arena I think really helps Jimmy is -- -- helps breed. Let me go to -- options as he came this week maybe probably -- -- but I think for the patriots. For the patriots don't -- they're gonna be able to target Marines steps to help them the most. You know so on this key third down but thinking makes a huge difference -- been great -- -- better. What he's moderately worried about him. Am not really can't tell me a bit. Why would I be worried because for -- its biggest job. Another says it is job but I I and think it justice just. Specifically for this week with a match up. Where I think that mean I'm a hypocrite -- this week yet the show up -- worried about during. That really -- it just short passing game lends itself to that the agents as well I. -- just will go to school wrote about it go to go to the running backs yeah political -- -- you remember the exact number but. Yeah I've got Ridley is my 23 back. He's been it's not fun is that it's updated and Alex. They're just barely on the edge of being an RB two and a twelve team league. And any -- that's more because of the match -- and Bernie coming back -- -- my my personal take on -- it you know you can. You know tell me what you think. I sort of feel like -- what he had he's gonna keep. For the most part. And I don't think court Marines get to do is come it'd take all the steps away from anyone who's been getting back of snaps apart from Ridley. I think it's going to be at -- dream backfield I think Brandon Bolden is. -- up a whole lot. I don't think Twitter board election talking about the last two possessions of the huge blowout is gonna play a lot. I -- the clock eating closer than he's got that. If you get in that situation you have because. You know why why why take tread off for the younger guys tires just -- deer blood. So you know to me it looks like I've got to get try to predict belt what belt system -- you can always go broke doing it. But. Immediately Ridley marine backfield and you know if you told -- which one I'd rather wanna own. He'll probably -- justice here as a head injury problems right. You know who has the most upside I'd probably -- -- I think he's the one -- gotten monster game potential if they decide to open him. You don't start playing a lot as to where we put it on wrote about was we felt like he had -- one potential playoff. Yeah yeah which is -- that could be that's worth the money. So -- treaty immediately menu you gotta get that team and do that that's the trick to put -- put. Folds of the operational throughout the weekend don't we don't. That's not gonna come a long running backs it serious case of the Houston Texans. With Aaron foster's injury. Nightmare it is -- -- to get Dennis Johnson. In in them in the background there. And as you Kareem yeah they're back if they would just say really carries and same day. QB great trick located at these four cracked ribs. Which you know and again you know by understanding of crack ridge -- to play with them but obviously it's some type of -- It is Monty Python you know very very small cracks up -- -- -- -- displays them for a couple weeks and they say it's healing so. The rational take a case for this week could be that he's probably at RB one -- decorate match -- -- -- -- -- like the raiders up. And you know it took to the XT advocates can get any rest I would think Dennis Johnson the guy. He's a guy you know if you distant such as he could easily put a -- and experience today the published account that. -- then takes a guy who in 2011. It got it produced a lot for the role that he had and every right every time since when this opportunity has arisen for him is he hasn't lived up to. Terrorism for him but I urge restraint eloquence has been a chance like I disagree Arnold last year you -- does not -- streak dropped out -- it is a sad -- -- I think the talent is obviously -- is there. The running styles they just can't seem to. -- -- -- -- I would I would disagree with that I think it's fine it's just it's get a chance to think. I don't think -- -- -- when he said the opportunity at. Not and I don't mean emotionally I mean. -- Self identified as I could be ambushed. Now -- performance wise I mean I think today. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Who was there before attention and number. Okay I actually don't -- -- it's it's a good question asked did you get to a point of all this which is. The protections that have always been good you know -- -- don't take for reasons that some turnarounds and. They wanted to finally -- feature back -- exactly you know. But did he did it mean all the no name guys who ever ran for the Texans. You know did pretty well. So you know I don't I think. But I'm having trouble remembering -- -- -- back like 45 years. Tugged and pulled an epic dedicate the -- to speed who I was on the top of last year I. I'm. -- -- -- -- a table welcome back you can play you can pop up in Rhode Island and by the way if you're listening this is the guy who ultimately to a recent. What it let -- get to a couple QB's that people were obviously searching lot this week couple and his ankle and. The capital. Partners have that's fine I think our audiences it. Let it's tightening a little bit about Cutler about Manning was demanding on Sunday night. Maybe -- should play yeah -- just some kind of step back and practice. Cutler right doubt he would play. You know because they say it's a high ankle sprain. You know when any when you deal with high ankle -- and and you know in the there's there's no reason to let him go out there played. You know it's 50%. When the -- they've got to. Make those complaints so well. Yeah he's doing is still in this funny but it weapons they're just it's -- the ball in the right people's hands. It's a playmakers there. Back to some dysfunction. We -- but the 49ers few minutes ago. But I -- can get it going to miss Crabtree intensive. You know there's there's say there's a chance he could play. This weekend. I I don't see it but yeah I think Crabtree got tight my guess would be probably on the original timetable. We Thanksgiving something like that -- gets a cup of coffee before that. Do you expect anything come from them. Particularly the way that I offenses. You know it's so hard to say Bob and you'd just don't know what what with an injury like that. It's just it's it's so hard to tell. I mean you're talking about a reconstruction. Of an Achilles. Tendon and sometimes the burst takes a couple weeks to get back. And you know every wait a minute Steve Slaton -- soldier. Hi I admit that the that's Eliza yeah that you have one big year tiger -- -- -- -- -- That's the Houston Texans back -- look -- -- ridiculously. Yes and Miami dolphin oh yes I. It's pathetic. Where were Cutler. It's not remote and Crabtree. Yeah I think it's you know I think this thing about Crabtree is he injury prone when he village percent. You know you but it got pretty disposable local -- Achilles so you know my thing with Crabtree and yeah I want to be under persona gets back I want to stay that way for awhile. You know that this thing that's gonna complicate complicated Crabtree situation for the 49ers lost couple tapes. So it's it makes your question very reasonable because they're going to be tested more so that I would have expected. You know I sort of figured they would be. You know at the top of things right now but they've had so many problems that roster. -- the end all be a lot of people don't realize. You know quit pat I think was really heavy and their plants. Sure that is a watch list guy. I mean -- wait wait for -- -- -- you know big you know he'll come back now probably as a third receiver is probably coming back right around Crabtree. But you know. If they can just get all those guys back back to beat Cuba LT Crabtree Alfie Patten a healthy Vernon Davis and you still have told them. In a reasonable Manningham may be. The right -- -- won't help and they've got the running game with a quarterback who run it about that offense will be just fine right but it's getting all that stuff. Wind up right now they've got sort of a patriots think. Going -- you know you gotta get these guys healthy. So. With with the dean Vernon Vernon Davis. -- thank you and I can't I can't -- that. Speaking of Davis you know we talked about it entities the next phase of podcast which is to. Look at the watch the watch list addition seven on -- on dot com. Still some other like -- or talk about all the annoying commercial. So I did that bother you detect that if -- go to pat Ramsey died. A commercial out there. Because you like comes over to his house he throws although. The orders around scares go abroad and on the couch and screams of the TV outlets. I don't know what is in our community in the commercial the guys like I want you were definitely I hate you were at if only you Volkswagen with a new credit hypocrite. My question to you can be visited Norway argue folks ability to patriots fan. Yeah Arabs -- -- no -- about the I. I did I can't commercial like. Why the media top offense a -- into it and tell -- what's so weird DNC doing. And the Broncos fan news crew crawling up from under the dungeon with which you live -- I cannot. -- -- crystal actually almost funny it's like it's like it's like 50% flooding it except come on none of us are gone back down. To the basement. No I really looks like that either it's a precedent and it's a little bit more amenable. To. Excellent and Italy. I don't know what kind of let the commercial studio they've pulled them on them but they are still in the wrong spot. You've just got to tackle lottery on the podcast that they'll exercise and I can't take these commercials anymore once they start play in the had a bad day things in about a week. I'm going to be done until I don't sit there like I'm like -- between brand in the slow windshield -- already did just. You -- -- shield guys just brutal. Yeah and rot on the lots is back on T-Mobile to those are actually certified -- No I don't know anyone right now I am not so let's go let's start tearing the -- image of -- does seem to -- Let's let's just let's start let's not curing people ZD Vernon Davis and I'm curious -- -- -- So much stuff that this. Could. Trade. And consult our audience consult their Tennessee football position now someone has been appeared on the watch list but. Yet. Was -- analyze this for several weeks now. Is the backup tight end in San Francisco's fans McDonald now. What's what's the situation with Davis is concussion do you think he'll play in the relevance the -- -- roomful. It is painting -- -- not relevant because he's he's you know he's one of our few misses this year you meet either guy really expected more out of you know I -- cut because some slack key piece trying to fit into an offense that's struggling and and quite frankly they're using improbably the block more than anything else got so many problems sir but the thing about McDonald that's puzzling and he's played so many snaps. But he's done so little as a receiver and when you look at his college career he was primarily -- -- to do more receiving. They needed blocking series setting a little bit of a role reversal saying. I still think long term is going to be a nice offensive player. But this year he looks like he's stuck in that role -- -- -- -- Davis went down last week MacDonald played the bulk of the game I think you get one target. How much of that time -- making him pay his dues. In America and learning the little things that you need to learn to -- line. I think it's probably more of what you just said I think it's -- the -- and I think it's probably swim and a little bit and you know there. The one thing you can count on from our boss is that that team is gonna be a royal couple who wrote oriented think right. So get a job one for him is. You know do all those little things that they needed to do he's definitely being taxed immensely in ways that he was not when he played at rice. So yeah I mean he did have some drops. Any not a guy he's got that air and so he might be swimming a little bit but the good news I think for as long term value is that he's playing guitar and. Yeah and to your credit to you you've had a history with -- bonnet of getting people on the radar and Tennessee football radar specifically that just aren't. And and sometimes -- -- be a little bit ahead a -- Had been ahead of the curve on that which is you know I think kudos to you know it's it's more of a compliment than it is. A it might seem like a backhand -- but it isn't. It's not -- you could play I think if there's a mistake we -- too frequently it would be. Getting ahead of younger players. You know if we make a mistake that's where we you know we err on the side of you know -- sometimes talent. -- -- and unfortunately the you know the one thing you can't see from our perspective is what's going out on the inside and you know you can't -- in the player meeting rooms and you can't know which guys are picking up the playbook quicker than others and you know that's that's what makes interest and yet. Exactly. Well let let's let's let's look at one of the people that I think you're you couldn't have been. More spot on about which is quarter -- Paterson. Minnesota Vikings now -- all along pardon me has been someone to to -- So little remorse bottom. Well I pulled his his -- like Annika played a little -- demand at a higher interest there is a goal and I. All along and I drafted in the league following. Exceeded all along I'd seen him as someone who's gonna see his -- week ten. And I just kind of held on my -- the whole time until you and I really come to a deal -- they do -- just a little piece of sweet low that you need to dig it out. But I don't long suspected that we ten week eleven he was noticed after a merger -- -- -- -- I've been I still don't allow -- -- I mean I I I honestly thought he would do more than he's done so far you know I. The decision I didn't expect. And again this is politically correct when I was just saying about you don't know how these players are good and these teams are in the you know what you can do with these players. To me. If you look at. You know -- you you and I talked about this in the precinct judge -- by their actions site which it is the safest way to do it mean everybody wants to. Play a guessing game everybody wants to be Colombo -- democracy thing to do is judged by their actions to. It is hard to do with these coaches. Yes so you know you look at Minnesota's actions -- -- trade away person you are limited to draft picks for the good defense in the draft the didn't put into the first round of trade back into the first round for a third pick they take matters okay. We like them. Right so what now forget about the fact that we like -- a lot. They wrote about the we scattered that we were already really let's look at the situation judged by their actions look at. To me. What I see is to keep going okay would we got rid our because you don't wanna pay and he's injury prone. We're gonna get a younger version of them. Good to require a lot of people are speculating that they were gonna -- a particular lost yeah. You know you know obviously alternately at age which I'm sure they didn't expect the other end up getting Paterson so. Logically it sure seems like they're grooming him for the sort of -- our general. Think they don't you already exists to their offense that only they need to move the furniture around and -- and I and I do. Really petite but when he got in there they -- now what will play but split then that's what he's gonna do. And that's it and I and I talked about the podcast in August 1 -- don't. But -- the irony. What they do with -- now. They're moving them around. The putter and brought a particular bank of and so you know why they try to pigeonhole him into it why do you trade up for a guy. To turn it into a glorified kick returner. I don't know but now they're they're they're warming up to it now obviously because she was. More than the touchdown last week the thing that excited me was seeing him actually getting to run pattern down on the field. They're using them like he can be used -- He's an actual receiver yeah it's it's it's an amazing -- so you know if the -- game and I surely get a nice twenty yard grab the touchdown. Look at that. They do stuff like coaches NFL coaches -- -- know that the -- at a time instead run a little bit too late that's on May activate it they intend them. Cardboard box these guys which I don't get. You know let's let's and the vikings this for one more minute because I have another question and then we -- about fifteen minutes. -- since it was absolutely drove Agassi was the -- but. It is not a Smart that you know this is a little bit every. Man yeah a bus load so let's -- of one -- -- guys have to lock up on the bottom week. Yeah whatever effort they gave you know reduction -- -- RD week. It's it's a soft organizations going out -- thank -- -- -- personal time daily. It's not right. It's not it's not a league that leads the league and Manson that's Fisher but. And neither do their coaches and GM's oftentimes we go about we have you know close to close that. And so -- between 1015 minutes left what I wanna hit the starts and since that WEEI dot com today and it's featured. On the being promoted on the home pages go to the home page you'll see it if you don't go to the it is what it is blog WPI dot com to find this -- week eleven starts sits. By your own. We always talk about running backs to let you know that the Carolina Panthers are running backs do as a quarterback Stewart Minnesota. And there which is. Don't want that that's that's like a -- of cat food and dog actually you know it's like to -- -- Guinea pig dog and cat food together. But of the three if he had to eat one dog would probably the best so let's talk about Josh Freeman. -- do you think he wants to somebody and obviously there's some talent there. What it's gonna happen their vicinity it's only just guess -- -- deep in he's got obviously as the upside that's why is on the watch list but yet he's gonna get -- stamps. I had no idea yeah but it goes it's you know Barack. I I honestly think -- the best quarterback up there but I mean you know I mean I get a huge minority in terms of taking the Christian Ponder comply at all so. Frozen ice ball but I wonder about the the intestinal fortitude and sometimes. I I'm -- it's that I think you know the thing with power under the -- protection yeah. And you know it would it would certainly help but we have more guys open. You know I mean he's the guy who became manager and I think it's a little -- to be a game manager when you're out of your lifeline tied up you know like it. But again I think I a lot of these teams seem to be putting offices together where the pieces don't really fit right you know it's all -- -- To use in the way that they could. It's like when you're a kid you know you had erector sets in Lincoln logs and Legos and eventually got to age were you -- any of the pieces it was all in one box. That's sort of the vikings. Because our whole bunch of games thrown into one box team you know I did it just doesn't. But you know there's not enough cohesiveness the united -- They go after Paterson but they didn't really know what they wanted to do with the you know -- -- me -- they're doing really good point turned development development with -- than -- they should be doing but. I don't know call me a cynic I'm not sure -- that's what's happening. You know it's literally look at the patriot I guarantee you they -- think Campbell probably not be playing a lot the last couple weeks. I get accused of being ignored the practice so I guarantee you they're bringing him along he still part of long term. I think we'll see -- again I really do. I don't think the vikings merit anymore right time but and I forgot before. And it's true -- though of -- before we get to the starts and -- them we had a lot of dialogue about. Assessing where your team is that the trade deadline we talked about some some people were current and it was well we didn't talk about is an article you threw up on the thirteenth of this week which was Wednesday. An updated trade targets article and there are some players. Worth looking in terms of players to buy in in whereas maybe to -- Almost insisted on the players to buy is that some names up there. We talked to Chris Johnson earlier we like his back season Mac matchups. I see just those talked about a lot but this couple guys on the is a little bit deeper on and shivering we've spoken about. But a couple guys on this article with a deeper down that are -- Which is you know Matt Forte is -- top performer pretty much all yearlong. Who's gonna sticky quarterback situation but he still getting production that you like him. As a guy to Byron do you think his value is a little bit lower than it should -- is that land there. Parties coming up about a week had a convention that yeah. But no I mean that's you know sometimes it's I think -- -- the point of trying to make -- Forte is. Not all trades are going to be nice and neat where it's like oh here's my players to trade there's quite clear to acquire. I offer my player to trade for display to acquire we have -- -- but we're not need to help. So sometimes you're gonna have to just -- What -- guys were. You know you're not gonna give you got to make a good trade didn't trade. You know it's got a little bit. You know the other guy's gonna do well to -- -- -- -- and open trade that would -- it's you know so you know there's nothing wrong with making a trade it's fair. This sometimes I think official party to remember that -- fair trade is okay if you're treating surplus to. Facility an area -- -- the yes sir if you got Forte. You know the reason that put them of the west I think media Forte owners right now yeah maybe the fuel they shouldn't. But maybe -- annual -- and he just settle -- -- one bad game and. It's inconsistent quarterback situation at quarterback -- Right -- might be able to get. Writes that a little bit about it kept their -- Even if there isn't a disc jockeys are worth acquiring if what you need is a high level running back. -- and in this article you you have the next six games of his schedule there. You know he's he's he's a run and catch threats that they got the ravens. It's actually not that you wouldn't call them heavily schedule dependent player yet because function and bad. Match exactly as you can do a couple different things. It. Yeah. Yeah and yet at the body but isn't he is the whole playbook on the field and he's the gods or else they're really bright. Pushing him so that that's. See you don't feel a lot of big backs with his overall skills that. Yeah. Yeah like them for several years in the league. Let's talk about Reuben Randle on the Johnson which is an interesting case because the giants which you know it's a fully wants only twice lonely street as well as many times you wanna fool me. They've looked as bad in the beginning of this year as they have any year. It felt a little bit different this year but it's not here -- the giants and and and Reuben -- the guy who could be a big part. Of what they're gonna try to do down the stretch here you know you'll like him as a potential that. I like good little player yeah the well I like Altria the -- fleet receivers players but I you know I feel like what the giants are. And -- -- took -- -- giants are people just refused should be completely affected us. That innocent you have got to facility injury not vikings game would force totals three and it's like no wants to win ever. They just you know possibly don't capable of winning at the interview one of those well who doesn't lose that -- who's got the most wins this thing is over and it might be unique. It's about the cardinals off that division Republican ones that's totally -- it very competitive right now. Carson Palmer do -- can do. Yes sort of but Randall's a guy that you can maybe add and wouldn't cost you a whole bunch but might give you some production that would be. If you aren't worth the little difficulty they had if you look at this week to week production I mean he disappears and when he disappears -- -- -- -- He also attempt to put up ten points for most weeks up. That is the -- player I mean -- obviously has no real intriguing place to have him and keep the league because of mixed flies the -- he becomes he could be. He's the guy yeah he's the guy let's look at staying on receiver there's and adjusting. Situation in Denver where Eric Decker and Wes Wes Welker are both very talented. And football players and they're very productive Tennessee football players but the volatile -- lately. But you know obviously not clear as to dismiss you if you like it was a go get. QB there's -- really used that pumps and -- but yeah I did -- markets it's -- nature of the Denver offense I mean -- more on any given week anyone of the four monsters on that team you know could be four for fifty. In any given us your interest or whatever and you know series and possessions in the day. And we talk about a candidate. He can do a whole weaken once series and as he can go a whole week without doing much just. After the game because of games well and because Denver can get way up -- seems very quickly so yes there's always that risk you know but. Yeah I mean it's didn't -- -- -- roughly what we expected. You know broker obviously it's been a little aren't even. Especially so creepy good early. But you know this is the natural progression Welker scores whatever it was eight touchdowns in four weeks I guess what. You don't look at him now that doctor to get those kind of looks anymore would teamster pension upon him hey look what happened they started Dutch steps to Decker -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know it's it's it's like when you're trying to sleep with one of those little -- blankets. There's just no way to do it is a question what did you do it's easier edited your feet are going to be called. It. His questions. So that there's obvious reason to treat for those guys and at any given moment. They can go off in when you -- but isn't there a flip side argument that because it's so unpredictable in its. So up in the air at that. Isn't there and an argument to be made that. Maybe -- -- move them for someone who's in more who's who's more do you go to guy and offensive began. Well I mean you know who we talking about me when -- move and move it to cover Calvin Johnson yeah it would remove them for Torrey -- Maybe there will be another similar I'd probably rather Decker. -- -- Vincent Jackson. Robinson Jackson ranked ahead of Decker much less so you write -- appreciate and so yeah -- did you do that. But I mean it's -- to their football player -- their their deckers. And I'm just gonna think I'm -- I mean I'm not coming up at the right player. But I see your points -- gonna. I do but I've never I have never been a big proponent of trying to get these players and add up -- for a government should they even exist the beast beast. Eight to twelve players instead of a guy who is 51 week any -- the next you. To me it's Serwer editor argument I'd I'm I'm fine with having a bunch of guys who could be five or 25. -- -- Do you want the guy gonna explode at any given week when it like. It's to me I look at the scoring average I can't start getting caught up in -- well disguised you know you're -- feast or famine but you know what if -- I'd give me enough guys refuse to for haven't. And I'll -- most weeks. -- you know. You know. So it's been dealt this and there are archetypes or you can get into this you you opt to -- I can help help you there's scenario maybe. To sort of illustrates what you're talking about. I had -- Julius Thomas. In the what are my leagues which is point five particularly. And I just trade Julius Thomas. And I almost order admit when I traded in for an arbitrator -- pushing very Sharia law which was a lot to give up for a guy who hasn't played north. That is different that tend to good backup tied it up and gronkowski up slots. And Jordan reed -- -- boy -- right so I was in a position where I'm playing too tight -- every week and killing people that I've got either gronkowski read. Which really comes from the bench every week and executed it well. I -- I needed to end at well and I've had cut at running back injuries that David Wilson and Aniston doses for all the other stuff. So you know I'm a lock for the playoffs and -- of. Bounce summer roster so in that situation I'm like well you know what. I -- -- and Jones. Issued -- and Thomas. So there is some risk of having two receivers the saints team and your team to -- they can't be torture at the same time. And like you say there's only two guys so you know I I didn't minimize that ability will -- people -- -- in the same week. So when I would trade one of those tight and they traded Julius Thomas verses reader broadcast. That's sort I think speaks to what you talking about which is you know you don't want to buttress -- place. Yeah. Exactly so they came actually sorry -- -- Now that's exactly that -- got going yet. But that's key to good. Not and I you know I really deplore or too loud but that seemed the decent example of how -- Obama works. Because my draft. And you can look at the first eyebrows of my draft. There's no way you would simply have to let you go oh my god you must be -- intent because CJ Spiller. David Wilson yes. Do you eat seafood and start playing until week 50 because of the concussion gronkowski. And it was. Available to accept what I got out of my first four picture the first four weeks Nelson. OK I kept. So basically competing with what I can do from the first round -- nightly news outlet but because he drafted well and -- the -- are graduates are you out. Did Julius Thomas I drafted you know I got Decker laid up and let you know Jordan reed in. Yeah you know I got Robert Griffin -- deleted -- quarterback in yet unfair and it's going to be okay but you know. That's what kept drafting can do. You can really get hurt early and you can still compete. So. And that's that's Smart that's -- we're we've come to a point or running out of time -- and who wrap it up with one last we're just kind of on. The topic of what you're talking about we give it a real life scenario what's interesting in this trade targets. Article from -- -- the third team this week I'll move on dot com. Is ceased Cecil shorts is a play it by and -- to -- at a restaurant it's an interesting paradigm policies of sorts though. It's just interesting but talk a little bit about that don't want to close and up. Shirt. Like I did that was church to try to make a point. And the point is that players can be postings based on the schedule if you look at Cecil shorts is scheduled just. Thinks. You know he stinks. For this for the stakes in the schedules stinks and and at that point I make I believe in the article I don't know an affordable right now. But if Cecil shorts not a black and gone. Keep a clear number one receiver -- up. If you look at the schedule basically keep a good quarterbacks. So he's gonna get those number one corners with what you know of the blackboard or else it's -- last Cecil that was shot the black levels which around whatever. He's supposed to be the you know Peterson's going to be -- -- you know so the next four weeks are going to be tougher and that's ahead. Weeks fifteen and sixteen are very nice yeah. So if you if you could you go back to that initial thing we're talking about on the podcast yeah -- are you. -- -- you're talking about eighteen assessment if your assessment is I'm trying to get into the playoffs I need to win the next three games or two out of three. -- -- short of players trade. But the other hand if you're 918 flooding like -- I -- just -- third receiver spot I'd have a perfect team. Well Cecil shorts and got a good yet. I think this is a perfect perfect way to end it because that that is. That is a perfect wrap around to what we're talking about the beginning weak but it Bebo and time up at the end so well done. Gallup does a great insight is always the and I. Have to in. You know great second -- is always beaten in into our listeners. If you get more of this in depth stuff and hopefully using the podcast as a review in the content that he provides on WEEI dot com and in more depth on -- -- dot com. You can look at the trade targets -- -- go look at the watch list -- of the podcasting kind of get a sense of how it's all coming together how Pete thinks it's it's it's a really. Interesting and unique perspective and constancy footballers all the time so. Do yourself a -- head over to Radovan dot com get. The full menu of everything that he puts together at -- dot com. And and check back here WEEI dot com one thing we can get a chance to get to today at the start and sets that's posted that's up the lives of it was into the podcast. You can click over to the it is what it is -- Get this week's week eleven starts exits. There are starts for quarterbacks running back wide receiver in down tight and sits as well it's all matchup -- as you know and obviously can catch this. Podcast here WEEI dot com and their own time and time that you want it also come back to WEEI dot com on Sunday for the live chat. Which happens at 11 AM. It's it's a great time as the impact is starting to come towards the end of the line chat. -- questions generally people answer as many as canned. And it's all really relevant in terms of who would play. Who's got a better match up and who may or may not play due to injury or went out views so the live chat 11 AM on Sunday -- questions -- early because. It's getting more more popular it's getting flooded and -- -- trouble kind of racing through all those who do his best to do that for area. And then over the weekend will be updated rankings for all the positions quarterback running back receiver tied and on Audubon dot com as he gets more information moves people up and down the change. And then now lastly a big thank you -- are presenting sponsor Mohegan Sun -- world that play. Check out WZ I dot com slash play and to the Mohegan Sun Tennessee football sweepstakes to it weakens they -- him he can -- great spot. Just do it it's fun to have a great time and you know gets offensive football knowledge along the way from all -- sources so. That'll wrap it up the week eleven they -- tuning in. Check back on Sunday WEI dot com for the live chat in real answer your questions XP. All right.

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