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BBWAA voting fail

Nov 14, 2013|

Dale, Gerry and Kirk opned the show reacting to the BBWAA voting failures. They discussed the two voters who left Farrell and Francona off the ballot.

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It's Dennis and Callahan and kind of bizarre preparing to get through airport greatly he is doing the right thing with the inclusion discipline. Will be prepared and we ended the year as far as payroll stayed up there on the table for any of them. He made -- -- the players yet. I would say more about you know what I'm -- -- payroll went to the bone headed by your -- Atlanta. Good morning -- the body validate their own I hear all that but bomb. On Sports Radio W. All of a sudden California. He's pretty Smart. We are going down not all of a sudden. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- A full and -- I'm jealous -- -- of beautiful might be a couple of different colors but it is all we did this Monday and it's it's that digression to be sure that mimic him a good one. I'm like I asked. -- jealous of specific people see -- didn't get the -- -- to -- and she. My I'm jealous dale in May be -- the -- -- break a waterfront and some and I travel on jealous of those people who consent in this seat just. Labor I'll put their head Beckett sleep so it's like a six -- -- light they get a hole I sleep center from which they can do that's true I even tried it when I went to Scotland. I tried sleeping pills and red wine as I am gonna do this kills. -- off a play like a national here and I took a red lines to go. Six I was laid -- Out. I couldn't do to bring a book on your minute -- -- -- -- group one I have yet I'm jealous of people who truly believe in god I really am I would love to have that thing and -- are going to have epic when it's over is you guys do I think -- go -- on on the -- normal people have doubts in -- I felt right. -- -- I think and and Mother Teresa. In nine days -- voter doubts everyone has doubts whether year. Mother Teresa -- year. Bill -- Right you have doubts in your belief but you're right sometimes seeing these people and they -- believes they zeroed out my in laws like that go to church every day they they believe they believe that we don't know they might have doubts and quiet modem is maybe 99.9. Percent of people have doubts. As a matter which wreck you've fallen but I don't you you have doubts that maybe when you'd. They'll be something there and you'll be a little beat him with -- -- I don't really is battleground slaying of the gets forever ago that might coming out that week maybe that notre talked about being jealous you're jealous of -- Them -- type who's given this some thought I really believe you have -- I mean I I am jealous of people. Who know exactly. Where their light is where it's going I'm I'm one of those public reading at all. Situated. And and nickel and anal I think that's probably true and and I and I am and jealous of mantle so I've never -- that's a different that's ridiculous it's always -- actually it. Guard -- on the guy. So so what is it that that jealous of the mid day guys Raymond what what -- Pelham Maloney. I'm listen this is the most amazing on those beautiful and hear all that's true and east and -- know I'm glad I'm tall and short as -- -- feet. Most jealous of not -- I hate I. Would you what's what's the acceptable to decide. If I if somebody said OK you can be. Yeah I'd be like 51160. Job I'm have to -- my height and weight you know what I hate it it's incite TP. -- were on the set which are told his port and a a little off that they have me stand right and and the -- and by the way it's it's like literally it's an inch tall but but the whole idea is. You know when I'm working with -- Berrian with Billy Jaffe in the disparity would look funny on the screen so they stand on the blocks he. -- on this night and somebody could -- and took a picture of an tweeted I thought the restaurant sales and what -- -- -- they'll never deny it. We'd -- you know you know more like that I had this look what -- it's not like. You're Tom Cruise on the stand and it with a leading lady trying to beat her boots. But. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And -- abundance and it was a lot and I would just go -- really cool place. -- on the arch that he's got to wait in line again and little applaud people. The company's windows but it didn't interest me never has -- men and either and that was not happen with us now. He wanted to share the experience. I don't think he thinks we have amazing potential -- -- but what you know today guys had one of the great interviews. I've ever heard on the station one of those in that stops you in your tracks that keep peace and you are after here. And it was relevant it's obviously topical current I -- the whole thing well I mean it would make a bench at the other stuff and rocker -- That would be the worst in all right history of the state I I heard the very end of it I called the producer Jose about it you got to replace the twelve and one and I heard that when they replace its entirety it was. Astonishing astonish astonishing because it was it affirmed every suspicion we had someone that these people that. -- the two people who left -- Farrell and Francona off the balance. To launch a clue perhaps climb. Debate did they release her from the Alec Baldwin trial because our medical you know do an interview with -- -- -- Yeah and then and then later we pharma choose the twelfth juror on the -- determined that -- -- also Lewis who was more. I guess out of the -- the twelfth -- we'll hear from writing headlines this -- -- and if you have heard. I heard it first at the culture was a little -- I missed it until you gave me that the pricey. This morning. And I I was dumbfounded that this person exists to credible but she got through the process and landed on mr. It's this and it might prosecution should get the -- and that I mean she obviously didn't sure true colors. When the handles screening process she couldn't told she could so crazy that can't believe she's able to hide that go ahead and I differ credit and she voted to convict of course like anyone and that she changed your mind that she shouldn't -- And her explanation is just one. Insane. She's -- much crazier than this ultimately much -- I don't think that -- -- one girl who who didn't vote for Franco or. Or Farrell and who voted for the same -- if you -- polite and she else. So when you hit as well as she's gonna keep us or those senate homeland was a little remarks that you can vote for the senate next year. It's probably well. I often and I think you do this to -- defend the baseball as they take pride in there that'll product that's Christina Carl did bull -- research before her vote right I've read her explanation I disagree with a completely. But I thought she had chapter and -- this is what I did what it's -- -- right I said I disagree so I wrote the blog as I tweeted that I -- tuchman is that you wrote a blog and I kept what is seen argument against Farrell. The Red Sox were supposed to win quote unquote and they did it. That was her -- well but but she was wearing involved -- that she she added the part that I thought was a selling point for her. Was talking about the number of quality starts for the Cleveland starters and how many -- and moves the Indians had to make over the course of the season which is really. Where manager write their money I mean that's really holiday of you know how they run their ship. I thought her argument was compelling even if I disagree I yep that would say to her and think Michael or -- that -- -- this is that. Part of the reason -- was brought in was to improve the starting pitching and it was better because of Farrell and manager that's a good point which last part of the factor at best argument against Iowa expectations right outside she's dead wrong I don't know that the expectations where you know. Maybe he'll -- -- -- -- -- we need it she said my expectations -- wouldn't get to my expectations weren't high but there's work like -- teams -- but when you -- they thought that we're gonna -- ninety which isn't saying we look at Jerry -- -- I'd agree with -- that she was wrong but it's not the kind -- thing he says he -- this woman providers woman of her vote. Forever it's gone -- the sideways to -- this this lady can have a vote is it's -- -- come back and vote again next year. -- -- -- Every event. We have to play like the questions and it's discussed that with these clauses. And that -- that -- -- the connection she's now it's not her it's our first point. But it's the language I don't I don't I don't I know I'm but I mean that's part but. -- explanation or a website in English a bit the American version of the website is that what she works for. No she works. -- an -- right now. Yeah I think it is a Japanese company that it and end the website sort of weird jiji press because. Good luck finding the sports section it might as well have been released in 1998 and frozen if you look at it it's one of the worst web sites have ever seen quieter. And it's. It's it's it's it's baffling to me out. Bradford doesn't get a vote right no it's not a member because he's worked for website. Yet well but -- Christina Karl well that's my point. I think Robin so did it's those that. You have to have ten consecutive years covering the team for -- we whips that newspaper. The age or beyond doesn't -- the company WA. Just to know Brian MacPherson right for ten years -- I -- -- for fourteen years I don't think that's the ten years they got the it's almost like -- different. That's different but anyway which by the way we only have to wait seven more years for a super brown -- -- how does apply for my vote for him. I positive and yeah. Is -- -- -- let's be honest what the expectation the ratio is gonna vote for the whole thing she should be allowed to vote for president in all seriousness I'm not even being I'm not even being hyperbolic for the sake of making the point. -- the BB WAA right I would say I'm sorry. You can't vote I would I would literally pull her voting privileges. It's similar to although not as if she's even -- member of tell me what that sort of Pedro for the MVP because. Pitchers have their own -- and -- and he says idioms that okay that makes sense. And then they looked in the -- for pitcher of the year before right right David Wells and an older -- way there's nothing that says pitchers can't. The MBP anyways -- But in her case she has made up her own moral rules. She's just she just she's not pregnant and I I I am voting for the manager of the best small market team in baseball. Except she voted for our children and ninety million dollar payroll I know I'd. And and hit ball and. And by the way do you defend Christina Kyle who used to be -- -- I disagree with it completely but I thought her whole argument was compelled. She she -- Tampa. And her on -- post season. She picked pivotal in the division trying to go as well cut and get to the World Series. So the best she had Boston was third and I think she probably I don't -- Or -- like all of us and that she said. They were expected to win and they did so she didn't think -- did. Notable job. Our award were the job she's -- she's just wrong she's wrong they were no I -- back in the old days. -- we won world championships around here we used to really. Worry about it's like like Pedro get screwed -- the MVP really bothered us it doesn't really bother us as much anymore because you know you got the big ring at the end of the year. I'm not sitting here all upset because barrel didn't win the manager of the year even though -- -- he shouldn't. I don't think Terry Francona is a bad choice at all no choice that's fine for a while and went but when you least got a -- and I got to have some basis for making year. Your judgments and you can't just make stuff up. It's like it would be just as Smart. In a -- Brown's case if she gets it I'm not vote for anybody who's last name begins with the letter after that same reasoning I'm not I'm not -- -- name gets monitor app I I've they don't get arrival. You -- -- in the -- brown Mariner's search on Google and you get about. Two or three pages worth -- over I don't know who this person is so who actually as almost like. Who's in charge Iran anemic and a more -- -- was the president of this chapter local I don't know always some. Bill I'm Worcester. Bill -- Well billable and yes he's an old school right jurist -- they have to be disgusted but. You know what I think it's even more examples of the the world trying to be. Overly PC we -- includes some women some Asians some foreigners from whatever younger -- genre which sounded -- I think so -- I guess -- was trying to be politically -- big diverse I think it's probably the market to leaders trying to be diverse so they wanted to have some brain dead members -- they don't have isn't enough -- minus zero but -- some brain -- members if you wanna be truly diverse it's like the OJ jury. You need to have someone who's completely insane on -- -- just to have represent society. Our city is -- -- generally good things so they have diversity in the voting for these awards but anyway. One of the most amazing interviews that we were debating whether we should put the whole thing parts of it the best parts. It was astounding. Because we -- yesterday in -- why did these people this year wanna know why you Lee -- off the ballot. Why because she is completely obsolete can be -- that that that he doesn't mean mr. Cabrera -- a brown. I would survival was to play the whole thing because a some people may not of heard it would -- at this morning in its and -- -- -- -- -- montage I'm sure it's good but. I'm a 45 seconds or fifty seconds quite captures how. Clueless this woman is. Know why it makes it sound like we're just picking honor right but but if you actually heard it many of you did. But if you actually herder. You would just say I don't understand how this person how does that person have a vote and and I'll just say it. You know and and a guy like rob Bradford doesn't. Mean I don't Syria I thought I'd write a spear Bradford these guys -- -- -- brawl that we all their lives around the baseball for all their fault a fact that is one that falls they live their lives for baseball and MLB and you know. They would take it very seriously of course they would know Alex -- would would be it would be it would be like a term paper route out. Rob is a member I should say the BB BAA Pickett's second vote for the site on posture remember as we talked -- -- -- vote but being a member for three years and I hear it's not -- partial member if somebody on the explain some absolutely baffled this woman could be voting for -- BP. She can be -- enough diversity at the trends. So I don't think that's a factor and the whole thing that a lot of diversity that's what that was -- brown I think she was a member of when she was a man. That -- And I add them. You know I don't listen and wonder well why she did it. -- -- -- I don't really -- I have to I'm not last outing I would love -- they said one more question. Christina liked to do once you just human -- I would ask her -- you miss it. It step by that stuff do you miss it you keep it in the job -- -- not that's that's that's that's 240 yes that's that's but it you know go to Mars and things she had two stories in the paper looked at issue which is -- Chicago. And -- is that she she writes out there yet and it's always important into stores and one of them is why I voted for which you move forward and Rick Francona. Which by the way I can just the absolute. Why vote of Francona over here -- why walked off. Mr. happy over you which stores which -- very easily put the two together that's a natural tie. She voted for Francona Melvin Madden. Mad and she voted for left and had a one pot when that got you games this division with that team if he. I know in this policy committee is doing their best image and let everybody had voted for Girardi I wouldn't that's -- I said yesterday third -- expectations. Everybody I mean everybody at Tampa finishing at Boston. In the in the pre season brightens every my point is if you had Francona. And Ferrell then mad at a ridiculous now notes that pretty good story -- now what you think should say if you sit over here or why you changed from. Christopher Christie. After midnight last -- I would wonder. Mean Michael from the only time Internet became forget -- he became but killed himself -- story why he did it and house and -- passing -- because it's the most incredible decision you can have. -- shorts and it weighs on people where's the -- and become the ultimate burden -- -- about this from a woman trapped inside the man's body. -- only do this what it would mean that's a great human interest story -- at pictures of your music I guess want to look at -- big fund. I'll give you other questions -- there. Other questions and the big question has won these people left -- -- about public utterances sort and Christina -- Her answer was that there was supposed to win she's wrong she's -- dead once and for all other should keep. I -- late zooming in on that one line. More to decision and -- -- if you and I think she -- studious. She has no time -- everything. She says students would she looked back at sea with the predictions were for the the end -- you think because that when it's your argument the best you Lazard is all. It's dead wrong yes I option I agree that and just supposed to an opinion that's that's back I had great but it was more to act in the other. Woman. -- I had no I got -- up and I think that one's not if I got up my other questions are how much trouble as Matt Barnes and Matt Barnes and we get to the story. Matt Barnes during a game he got rejected went to locker room and tweeted. That's pretty bad right. Well actually what. -- -- and we've been deleted I promise that lives it is a Sacramento. A criticism of his teammates. But he didn't column teammates were born to -- guys. He called them. The inward is an eight tweet coming full assessment of their Kirk. Oh look at that retreated 70077. It was. Swapped him how to tweak it between 7000. -- I won re tweeted 2000. Which most. But in the tweet he calls his teammates the inward out right now. That's legal not war -- was more upset. We get to that Bergmann and the question would be. Holy -- apart 233000. To 3000 followers also and wars at the check next Tuesday. Which. You have don't you do you disease if you're hunting down understand -- might my explanation has been told you you seek it you can apply for it shows you shows up balls. If you work for the globe when he seventh all we've got your Christmas he worked for the EU nine of 35000 followers you really want us. In the would have done them with idealism Iowa that mean that you sounds like you really moniker that's what you -- you economy. For kinda guy -- in the afternoon -- needs a partner as Martin's riding camels it is normal partner is riding camels. So obvious so. Yeah today it probably could be lost a very nice to there's always ready it was a thing yesterday at FaceBook you have Scotch you're reading CC on -- -- -- glass of Scotch. And this is a picture got a Barack audited. Can't do that just anyway -- you know -- old partner and his -- all leads a partner. So they come up with a solution of taking -- off ratio shall issue. The money afternoons and you with us the balls. Elephants do what's the logic in that you get an explanation Kirk -- -- now deal today on Anthony's. Box it's really that's a big -- I don't have to get. He -- on hands and he said he was ordered all ladies we would go to hell. I believe a -- brown more than I believe -- saying that he was ordered to do afternoon RI is so excited for -- after party tonight after we have after the show yet. There's a thing for 79 -- seven and nine meet -- advertises -- and via Chinese. Arnold and tired of the good moves in and do you know accidents and he says ends awfully early. And he's not to show and tomorrow off to sleep. And -- off so he's part. In his suite all the cool cuter. He's matter Kirk and me because we didn't -- VP. To party with the beat six people six guys tell each other and a lot. You don't know where to go down to our box tomorrow yet are far and -- to us tomorrow. Image on my -- Well climb back he has that he was gonna ticked off anyway he's flying back for. Four for some guys going before a lot gotten up on the show right. -- the show but you know that would. -- it is like it is social plants whomever the MTV show my sweet sixteen those girls of this birthday party -- -- it was like right now he's -- -- sweet sixteen party at this you think -- is closely yes it is -- -- lining up the models agree lose access this is getting his hair down and thank you in this manicure pedicure today it's big night ignited the politics resort casino a -- quick break welcome back just minutes and and. -- I ask you guys a simple question as we go to the break. Why you're surprised I mean you necessarily but the general Liu wire any -- surprised at what's got for a sense. I'm an and an even beyond that let me give you -- a hit here. He's the unlike that Robinson can no -- it is that you would want 300 million dollars and everybody just laughed. Relapses got more itself. He gets what he says he's gonna get he always does and I know that's a look at Boris Said in the seven years 142 million for l.'s premier he's going again I an abundance and that I I I bet. Men hand and you know that he would get that six months as -- as Annan -- in the slump. He's gonna get -- he's gonna go somewhere else obviously he's done here it's gonna go somewhere else is gonna get it and they'll regret. The total regret will talk about that -- we come back just implement its its DNC. John is not here dale in for John Kerry will play better as well I don't -- play at all like Kirk what's plan all along is that six minutes is that we have a condensed version will play the most amazing interview that the mid -- shows ever help the state -- that up with one of the great interviews we've ever -- will Campbell. What -- great in v.s we've ever had on the station that we will play.

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