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Headlines, Headlines, Headlines: Objectum Sexuality

Nov 13, 2013|

The top stories of the day as recounted by Kirk Minihane. Today they discussed random people who fall in love with inanimate objects.

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Headlines is brought to you by precision fitness equipment shopper the pros do precision fitness equipment and I do all the time -- Last night's entry of logos once fitness. It's all -- as expected men and did not go for a swim. At three hour hearing. He said. Yesterday said tomorrow in almond like -- I'm gonna go for a swim it tomorrow at 3:30 AM still sore hamstrings the little sore the alarm went off what time. 326. So you gonna get right out of bed and go right to the pool and shower and then come here again here -- five. So what what deterred you had to switch cold outside everybody get up -- -- -- -- their for -- -- after alarm set for 326. -- -- One -- 330 attorneys said your file is too weird numbers like that to you yeah. -- just kind of fits it to move hundreds of -- and more really yeah isn't even number I'm OK with the -- numbers even. Really couldn't electric only seven on on on a -- That's bad luck. Tomorrow you swimming at 3:30 am. And tomorrow I'm gonna go -- all we're gonna do it never tomorrow it's never gonna swimming and we're going to Connecticut tomorrow right. We're going to Connecticut yes yeah well we you and I don't together built into that hotel short -- do a decent laps there. Who seem -- speeds the G spot. I've never been there you should go to not spot a piece off. -- I don't I don't think actually existed I'm sure that's a -- hot -- -- it's a minute work on your oh yeah hamstring absolutely. -- don't do that G spot greatly if you figured out what -- is abandoning associate. Yes you can access I was told to announce that you don't do what you told -- you don't do what -- told. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Simple reason you and that's -- oh that's an. I don't want to do this but because I have a commitment on Friday were had to be at the airport at 11 o'clock in the morning and I can't do our show Friday from six to ten. And be at the airport to go lot of talent going to Florida which you can do Russia tomorrow Thursday. And you're not. They want me to do the show with -- since. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well of fast and -- dale all yeah on Michael that's what you like each on again they gonna -- of -- again. Really -- around your -- Dale I think as the -- tomorrow details -- estimate that he won't be the least cheerful he wants us and all the other way to do we turn this loose and a -- as opposed to swimming this morning Gerri do you what he did. Rahm slept late came here an eight Dunkin' Donuts I punched it did almost eight months I can almost hear you getting fatter more about it again beyond cinema to sit ups yesterday -- -- yet and I scientific -- -- what do you think the more popular -- the latest. -- chocolate slightly close. Talk -- picture it correct. Incorrect I bought 2 dozen this morning and I -- what blazed. And twelve chocolate. There are nine chocolate left and one ladies left so whatever sampling and -- please if you have a couple of each homage to a I had a two glaze -- not a single -- you have chocolate yeah I majored. -- I didn't leave anything when he didn't know what is there and whose line. -- -- -- regulators. And -- imam if you archer. TV last night he said. If -- -- -- -- watch out while I'm on him you know watch news but it's all Obama care all the right -- coal and often. Last night's logos what that's a documentary series focused on. Objective sexuality which describes humans with. Romantics -- feelings for in the objects was on last night due to -- and -- know it's on -- you know the logos want a shouldn't -- full what did you Tiffany. I note on last night you know what it they shared the story of Erica with more Eiffel who married the Eiffel Tower. Also is very strong feelings for the Berlin Wall. -- had a woman in love with a monopoly board. Well with Asperger's syndrome who -- the statue of liberty. A dime of this car he never seen this Null but I love scarves here before and clicks the car he strokes the -- pumps the car and that's what I want to just make us yeah yeah. And is is their clinical evidence. Brown no I'm not objective sexuality. Yeah object dumb -- -- object -- sexuality objectives so we have Linda. Duke army I think his last name. Duke -- duke -- probably not -- -- blow her part affection. Is the first real Bruce. She previously married had tuned up and and remarried. Via a former Catholic priest who's in love with the sound board so they -- -- -- marry a Ferris wheel. Why you get you can't just gets any state or just to mess just Massachusetts Massachusetts -- the south of that. I was completely alone. And I started facing some some health issues and she's not feeling really well. I felt that I was dying from the inside. I was there and only site I didn't have the time though the Bruce even exist in. This this Brennaman -- -- and -- of said he would help me find another one. And within a few hours. He was able to locate some hands and and one of -- -- -- -- and my heart stuff. And I drove through miles this is the -- Just another runaway banks got an engine you know all of Jack's Rabbani was laying on -- smelly and it was awful play. But it was still -- us. Bruce was a Ferris -- screen yet and a first look like. Read on crossed the country's 3000 miles -- fix it up in the -- she married she owns GO what mother married. And so and so she believes in mind that she is now less lonely. Advocate because of Bruce's life personally that is in Iran has its show its tundra. -- -- It's -- guess what some are probably daughter did that Wanda and her affair with. Expert marital affairs and some strange people out there -- -- -- could see you know human tragic car and your guy. The -- -- right and went to Paris to. Right. It's a for a woman maybe should sort of sensation of the bouncing around and -- -- people afflicted with this. Disorder -- -- it's -- now I'm advocates dozens Dino de does sexuality I don't predict granted 300 when you -- people you're settled -- with a in this inanimate object you know what would be. Did I spot I want to -- on the card thing I love my I think our problem my -- and congress dowdy. I had a girlfriend and for three years in high school section -- I think that probably appropriate to go back to my old girl source. Salk very knowing sauce that's associate counsel -- and a sock spot. Bad news bad again where -- this is does the dirty power by the bad news in the form I mean I'm talking tragic news in the porn world here. California bill EB 640. Is meant to protect the pornography industry. They want porn stars start wearing goggles now. During sex. Goggles. -- something transmitted protective gear they're worried about transmission through the eyes. Which -- happy he gets guys and girls guys and girls can see that every guy -- look like but only in certain seems yes a jacket that you do yeah. Well obviously yeah but so what but I want realist. It's bad enough that they were condoms during that day. Preaching hate that. But now they're gonna Wear goggles Buchholz for the for the they're all gonna look like the Red Sox in this moment in the clubs after -- -- just now I understand there are shots a toddler it would help them. Listen you always like now you're an NFL rookie. You going today. You know concussions -- part of the -- yeah it's the reality if you're young eighteen year old girl off the bus from Kansas and you're going to. California you know the deal point you're going to familiarize you just he better keep the goggles and avoid any. Contact with the guys but some guys like that. Some guys have six Ferris wheels too butch -- have -- limitations I suppose that's that's being -- drug. To this point the -- but evidently I guess or sexually transmitted diseases for her isn't there is currently a body of work out there. Of pornography and satisfy all your. Elections I'm telling -- front out of Internet. Yeah yeah. Get pretty close things get pretty close but -- up about -- wants to make a working actor actress or director rather. Or. But John Williams composer. The port business the business. There that the goggles. While watching the guy and a girl Wear goggles well the hope to be said in a wood shop now that's terrible stuff like. Wisconsin man called 911 early Sunday morning asked for assistance removing the story woman from his -- Please report Benjamin doubles 41 -- police round 4:20 AM. To say he wanted quote -- female removed from his bed adding he was not sure she got into his apartment he -- -- reported -- let the woman into his home and she just went to bed. In fell asleep the woman he said the historic train in the locker. -- -- We've got that sense that makes more sense than calling 91 cosmic nuggets -- right all right I. And I want -- -- accounts woman and she snoring really loudly and you get around. Yeah -- said he -- know how she got there so it didn't matter if the coming -- yet anyway -- arrived he revealed they drank together had relations she fills -- now he remembers right. After repair after going back to the living room. That was returned to Belgium cannot -- a storm woman some call police the -- was found five medically. Just don't sleep apnea the cops told at least one woman's that was not a police matter since elaborate to his home. Doubles was not arrested -- provide the comfort his coach for the evening directed to work out issue in the morning. Diego that it that's different A-Rod believe it or not is even in more trouble but it was a few days ago and he's deepened to write this. Suspension buried deep into he has a record -- step toward the dark side explained that when we come back.

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