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NFL Sunday Goes "Around the NFL" for Week #10

Nov 10, 2013|

The NFL Sunday gang look at all the games set to kick off for Week 10 in the NFL.

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Number three NFL Sunday Sports Radio WEEI bottom of the hour Tom. CSN and -- dot com will join us we'll get his take on. Some of the things going on as the morning has progressed some of the stories have changed some of the story lines of changed. Big story from not Ian Rapoport of -- nfl.com is that. Apparently. Ben Roethlisberger may be looking to ask the Pittsburgh Steelers for trade in the off season. Frustrated with how things are going it by the way just from salary cap perspective going to be difficult for the Steelers to do whether he wants -- or not. The thing he's he's got to give whoever is interest -- -- force in some sort of cap relief I think it's a fourteen million dollar hit and they think you have to treat it accordingly but I think that there is have been to the idea out. But he would do. I think that you know you look at he's ten years in -- you have you know. At the recent refresher -- -- minutes ago you few people let their put up the fact that you know might be a good fit and hers -- Missile offensive coordinator a pretty good wide receiver to go to a field if he ended up there would be some -- don't we feel like Larry FitzGerald has sort of withered on the -- somewhat because he's. Never really had a great. Quarterback in my little leery of where O'Leary's because people know Danica how much of factories these are bad quarterback quarterbacking or as a principal for his personal play. When he hits at the wrong time occur to a tough to tell. Ready muscles the situation like -- -- -- his performances in in debt and are in in Oakland probably people goes on -- Oakland thing or is that a -- -- read anything it was proven otherwise be away but I don't think you know in each and every instance. I'll stick around the National Football League and look at all of the games -- tenth forces started on Thursday night. Thursday night football Mall of America feel the Minnesota Vikings beat the Washington Redskins 34 to 27. Turn our attention but the 1 o'clock games they will start at the Georgia Dome in Atlanta. Where one of the NFL's most disappointing teams the Atlanta Falcons candidate to win six play host -- the 81 Seattle Seahawks. Pete Carroll is looking at the falcons' roster it's kind of strange to see where they find themselves in the standings. In such a great team at home as well over the last couple years as a surprise to see that the shuttle that this time. But we also know that. They have the volatility they have been trying to stand in looks to be really really good football team the players are there as good as you can get it that's the key positions quarterbacks fantastic tie -- -- here. The running back Stephen Jackson coming back as a guy that we have had great respect vote. We shouldn't -- feet under who served. And an -- world or any coach in that situation. Where they would just say you know what. They're just they're just not performing as well there's a host they do we need to you you you would think it. Going forward this team with. It would would have a lot more attractive view these two with a final fourteen -- -- last year but that the falcons are not leave them there before you know what -- how much of it is. The injuries how much of it is odd that Ryan how much of -- -- -- coaching but it just hasn't really -- to -- reform lesson you wanted to -- on a message to a player that neutralized with Taylor who's gonna -- toward Gonzales -- -- don't care what -- for record that's. Soldier Field in Chicago the five and three Chicago Bears host the five and three Detroit Lions a game from the old black and blue division. Brandon Marshall is excited that Jay Cutler is returning this week because he's the key to their success. My dad Jay Cutler he's bad you know the Dixon was right. -- like seniors right now I don't serious note. You know -- -- on the right track I think he's going to try it this week. What exactly but -- up with this to make it out -- person -- codes and say he's our he's our leader user that affords it takes business. So -- ago. Sneaky good game of the week this week there are really doing and a game between two teams with unity community and -- ignored that I'd like with the sort of done object to that list. I like with the president the benefit the one being able to. The kind of bounced back and if they get up and healthy public record in the future. Lambeau Field in Green Bay, Wisconsin five and three Green Bay Packers host the -- by Philadelphia Eagles. Chip Kelly says it's no surprise to them that nick -- is making it work with the. The ball and I think he's got great touch great accuracy he's a big guy's gonna take on. Not like all of a sudden just started on the ball the opinion like while the clinic in due time and we see that this country I mean. He can rip it to big strong dude and can and -- the ball. Sales were pretty good distance. Dangerous relative to what you said that's going on there and then -- NFC central Green -- is in the spot where they need to keep pace of their -- Philly team -- to maybe people is that nick -- performances that just though and you know -- -- -- its own good you just don't know that the -- seven touchdown passes and -- -- -- I'll say this though in in the packers' case with all due respect to whoever the -- -- None of armor Aaron Rodgers him and when you lose and a guy like that I think it might be hard it. Tread water for awhile -- MetLife stadium in the meadowlands of New Jersey -- two and six New York football giants. -- -- three and five Oakland Raiders Eli Manning says he truly. Only it's. The giants' offense is on the cusp of breaking out. You know we're just just inches away from having touchdowns and as that I completions on some things -- But still feel good that we're we're making progress toward getting better camera continued through. West Coast team company's -- in 1 o'clock game is different before. -- the raiders in the situation that does both well -- -- regardless the -- in but the giants -- -- bit different -- -- -- just yet again -- -- -- wanna -- if there was a -- not good but giants again that that no -- really gonna divisions there was no reason for them up to be right investment Matt and I were talking about it during the break that we're watching Terrelle Pryor going into the stadium. There were saying you know it is this going to be the guy going forward I felt I was the under the assumption there is no I don't feel for the race. They've got to wake up 1 morning and change their mind that match went out there available. Kind of made sense. LP field. And that's thank you Matthew I appreciate that we put this together LP field Nashville port for Tennessee Titans. Pollinate Jacksonville Jaguars he writes Greta my sheep know cut. Exactly like drive bank and -- -- the wiped off the stage ago Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis group disclosed by the way I know that because Jim -- 30 tweeted out this morning at least six into Indianapolis Colts host the three and six St. Louis Rams. -- Lexus they've been working on starting game stronger and moving the ball on the first. -- we know we need to execute better. Much better start -- and policy can't survive your mistakes and you know forever and cents. -- focus on it then. Try to try to improve. Colts -- latter really easy schedule for the second half of the season they've gone for -- team to reach the playoffs last year. The -- -- to fourteen through the second half the teams that meet the postseason there's statements to do that and that the team right now for being there. If everyone stays healthy they'll look at that -- important to so scary because that's still sort of show me another alias. Yeah sure until you have a playoff game and believe I was gonna say a playoff game without Reggie Wayne Gretzky. Which I think is going to be tough for them Boston College. Means available Leo yeah yeah he's out there M&T bank stadium in Baltimore the three and five Baltimore Ravens. -- the six and three Cincinnati Bengals Ray Rice says. If anything about the first half of the season they just need to win games in the second half. We got eight games left and that's my focus now I've been working on my -- my hope is there. And house time to keep pushing for these next three games and win the ones that we have at home. This is gonna be really fascinating to watch down the stretch and since then because they don't have -- lacked in the so they're gonna take a step back defensively. Could -- be interesting to see what this team is made up maybe from a mental state of what they can finish out your strong going to the playoffs on a bill. I think we got to tell what to do it it's going to be. It's going to be you know NC deductible and -- similar to add Andre Carter thing that we got Jay Ratliff. -- women in the so -- in the idea that -- gonna bring in somebody Namibian -- down but it might offer whatever else they got going off. Heinz Field in Pittsburgh with two and six Pittsburgh Steelers host the three and six Buffalo Bills Ben Roethlisberger says. That no concerns that his teammates are giving up on the season. I'm not worked by equipment that that the senate first formal. It's more -- I'm not -- quit you know and I'm gonna make sure that legislated that game last night everybody was -- to the last place and I wanna make sure that keeps going. Probably not the week I don't -- -- and then the irony is five days later Ian Rapoport reports that Ben. Apparently is gonna ask that the Steelers get the heck out of dodge in the offseason I mean much here expected Buffalo's -- mean you'll back though I wanna see how he's gonna be able to kind of did that buffalo offense have been protects our because they do think there's enough talent there it is to make things interesting down mistress nothing they're gonna count for the division but I think. They have an opportunity there to make some noise in the river itself. Candlestick Park in San Francisco a game that we will probably be keeping an eye on since it includes next week's opponent for the patriots the six into San Francisco 49ers host these three excuse me five and three. Carolina Panthers all -- Smith 49ers linebacker says it was tough to lead this team midseason but it will probably work in their favor. In the long run I mean of course I don't wanna be away from. Or. But it was good -- -- and you know. Did mama and together and work -- adjusted to -- about it via. Anybody listening and incidentally -- lives bigger crime -- a lot of you so we're talking about now. Port 25 University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale before and for Arizona Cardinals host the two and six. Houston Texans. JJ watt says they're top priority is hoping Gary Kubiak recovers and is okay. Next they can use it W the start some kind of run in the second half of the season. First thing is always healthy your coach was sounds like he's doing all right that's the best thing that. And then. The desire to move on next thing you know it's a real tough situation learned from a loss to learn from the things you know we need your own. Central focus of. You're getting into a situation here -- Houston. Really a must win status because if you look at attendance six -- you can't afford to many more losses you're gonna get the ball rolling down your second of the season went. The obligated to Justine didn't get this season to this point it's -- surreal enough this off. Historically weak AFC east is got a couple players in the going to be the ones push them out the door for an alternate route can I say something. Gary politically incorrect here well and and and I'm gonna I'm gonna tread a line that's a little tough. I think there was a very real possibility. Houston Texans we're gonna move on from Gary Kubiak. And now it may be hard for them to do. Now a football decision. May get set aside because how heartless the duplicate your coach collapses on the sidelines. At half time. And and suffers what apparently they're calling -- mini stroke. And you firing if you please let. I think that some do I think it's going to be hard for them to make -- -- that I think they were gonna make in the offseason and -- is enough. He's an interview -- -- you ideas you the news release from the hospital Tuesday is expected to make a full recovery we still don't know when he's going to be able to be done to actually -- football -- is not going to be on the sidelines right today -- like I got a -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- when you see his situation in -- what John -- went through -- -- -- -- the week before. We talked to bill. Belichick about that this week that look -- know things about them comfortable with my work schedule at this point but. It does bring up a good question about the workout with the coaches when going -- Which is to. Qualcomm Stadium in San Diego before and for chargers both the seven and one Denver Broncos speaking of coaches on the sidelines -- their coach John Fox. Had a heart procedure done he's not going to be back for the foreseeable future Antonio Gates says they always get excited to play the Broncos but this is a big one. Because it can put them over 500. It's always important you know we've got a division opponent. Like the -- referred as like the game and a half. Just because you know it is a division game and -- -- you know get going in the right direction. Powerful -- starters. Now we tried now we want to do and how we -- -- but it is what it is that's directed so right now -- -- look forward to getting things turned around going in the right direction. In -- the continuity how much do you think the loss of John Fox for an extended stretch. Is gonna effect that teaming up Jack Del -- we're keeping -- from head coach he's been such as successes they had utility guy -- that let you seriously -- -- -- yeah I mean he knows he knows how to commander room he knows how to coach across the board when it says you know. Defense offense special teams the whole bit I mean he's. Familiar with the all the logistics involved but I just wonder how much it is going to be -- hall where fox had some. We're Del Rio was able to take bewilderment why would imagine at del -- much of the defense of leader because that's kind of his background -- that office has -- -- -- as much as by the coach it's down so there was a situation -- felt we could probably whether that it sounds like it would -- them. Sunday Night Football football like America Mercedes-Benz -- New Orleans these six into New Orleans Saints host of five and four Dallas Cowboys I'm actually looking forward to seeing this when the -- this could be pretty good game Drew Brees saints quarterback says. They've been able to adapt to certain teams and schemes during the game. And that's the mark of good team. There's been plenty of occasions were we going to game we've got a certain games. And then early in the game. That second quarter you realize that man we are able to take advantage of this match up or. This deficiency in the defense delivered -- -- and you just start and maybe that wasn't necessary for the game plan but. You've got to be -- make adjustments on Iran. Which in effect due to problems that happened this game these defense support in the last year with Dallas -- -- -- -- New Orleans does he have any sort of be inside knowledge that's going to be able to -- -- you think things -- just turned over so much to a point where. -- him and I think you'll understand approaching -- here likes to use the office to I think some looks -- valuable you know the issues with height and how best approach them the best we've played. You know different things. The thing on mattresses and mrs. I was in my column this week I talked about turn over their virtual just alluded to the -- the patriots -- where they stand about. One of the top few teams in the fell in turn over the age differential a positive way is Dallas. Except that the Tony Romo reckless with the ball narrative team that doesn't turn it over -- they've actually done a little bit him though that they've actually done pretty well about Roma both sides of the ball and I think that's what kept him sort of in a competitive situation you know -- so with Romo is when they come they come in bunches and you know they do resist -- -- that our government available but just that the worst. -- exactly yeah. It's kind of funny in this regard Monday Night Football we turn our attention. To a game that -- of interest to anybody. I mean ESPN continues this run of having horrible Monday Night Football games and now everybody's going to be watching. As the old 18 Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Raymond James Stadium hosts before and for Miami Dolphins. Kyle Miller dolphins tight -- says in his mind nothing that happened in their locker room with quote on quote over the top. I never witnessed attitude is crossing the line I don't know if you do. But from what I've seen him from what I've experienced. That I think that's why would the confusions there than we ever witnessed experience of bowling ball. You don't from a football perspective. At least from the outside it appeared that Miami was headed in the right direction before the last couple weeks because they were building something new if you really I thought impressed me a number of levels last year. And over the first half of this season. Again the appeared to be going in the right direction I wonder how much of what happened over the last couple of weeks what's come to light of the last couple weeks. It's gonna cause him to whether any further general manager be fired their head coach. Or seen just undertake to complete -- this and I just wonder how they react to this reminds me that Tom Jackson situation years ago or real supposedly paper coaching rule is sort of rally the locker room. You hear the comments for a bribe our line intended -- at Cameron Wake they're sort of book. Us against the world thing going on down there and they feel like they're being painted into -- incorrectly. -- might rally the troops side of the options they can go either of two ways from here on out that's the thing I think we're going to be able to see some sort of mental toughness from that team because those. Patriots seemed to you referenced 2000 Israel also -- -- to 2007 team in there as well. There were able to weather the storm and circle the wagons and kind of understand that look it's just -- 53 guys in the locker -- this is all we have going for we got to play for each other again I think your way to make excellent points he could go one of two ways that could -- run or for your. Things could sort of -- to bad we quickly. I'll -- this in the last few minutes Mike Florio pro football talk dot com has posted a new story. In which he says overcome with anger extremely indignant. That's what the word apoplectic means per a league source that's what dolphins owner Stephen Ross he has. Ross is only comments and tackle Jonathan Martin left the team thirteen days ago related to the -- hiring of Ted Wells to investigate the situation. -- his team getting plenty of national attention for the worst possible reasons it's unclear who will get the blame and more importantly the -- When the dust settles for the final report from Ted Wells could have a major impact on the decisions made by Ross. Here's the kicker line there's a growing belief elite circles that both coach Joseph Philbin. And GM Jeff Ireland will lose their jobs. Meant Ireland should. I'm not sure if Philbin should Ireland. November and you know it's true I will say this every every. Experience that I've had with that -- dolphins ownership group I've talked to some people the front office down their. Has been good you know it'd be seem to be good high character people we talked about Joseph Philbin haven't achieved this it would Joseph Philbin is a Massachusetts guy. He strikes me as the kind of guy. Who would be in control of the situation like this I don't know I haven't haven't had much contact with Ireland but it's going to be interesting to see what the upshot of all of -- -- that. We'll take a break we'll talk Tommy currency SN any dot com at the bottom of the hour. This is NFL Sunday presented by the plants the insurance at the plants keep they -- so you saved. Visit the plants -- dot com today.

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